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Graphing Linear Equations: Plotting Points :

Graphing Linear Equations: Plotting Points Algebra I Megan Arnold

California State Mathematics Standard:

California State Mathematics Standard Solve systems of equations Create equations in two or more variables to represent relationships between quantities; graph equations on coordinate axes with labels and scales.

Content Objectives:

Content Objectives Students will create a graph and identify the pieces needed on the Cartesian Plane (origin, x - and y-axis, quadrants, and numbers both negative and positive). Students will demonstrate plotting and identify points by playing Cartesian Battleship. Students will explain the importance of correctly plotting ordered pair (x,y).

The Cartesian Plane:

The Cartesian Plane The Cartesian Plane- a plane (meaning that it's flat) made up of an x-axis (the horizontal line) and a y-axis (the vertical line). Coordinates on the Cartesian plane are a set of numbers officially called "an ordered pair" that are in the form (x,y) Things to be sure of: Label your numbers on the hatch mark on the axes. Always label the x - and y - axis. Negative numbers are to the left and below the origin. The origin is at point (0,0).

The Cartesian Plane:

The Cartesian Plane

Ordered Pair:

Ordered Pair Ordered Pair are a unique point on the plane. There is only one spot for each ordered pair. Ordered Pair are always structured (x,y). Meaning you will find the spot on the x-axis and then either move up or down from that spot to find the spot on the y-axis.

Plotting Points:

Plotting Points To find the ordered pair (4,-2) – What’s the 1 st step? What’s the 2 nd step? To plot the point (4,-2): Move right by 4 Down by 2 Why do you move down by 2?

Steps to Remember:

Steps to Remember Look at the first number in the ordered pair. Move left if it is negative or right if it is positive the number listed. Look at the second number in the ordered pair. Move down if it is negative and up if it is positive, from the point you were at before, by the number listed.

Ordered Pairs are like Directions:

Ordered Pairs are like Directions

Cartesian Battleship:

Cartesian Battleship Turn your desk to face the person on your left. Put a binder or book between your desks so that you cannot see what you partner graphs. Be sure to correctly draw and label your Cartesian Plane (see notes for assistance). Number each axis in both directions to 15. Plot your 5 ships either vertically (up and down) or horizontally (left to right). No diagonal pieces. Aircraft Carrier = 5 spaces Battleship = 4 spaces Cruiser = 3 spaces Submarine= 3 spaces Destroyer= 2 spaces Once you have completed you game board and plotting your pieces you may begin the game.

Any Questions?:

Any Questions?

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