Magento Year to make Model Search Extension by FME


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Magento Search Extension ( enables your customers to find products on your website by Year, Make, Model or any custom attribute you can create with the help of this plug-in


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Do you know: :

Do you know : You can create year make model for your web store in order to search any thing related to your Products categories by year wise.

Why You Need to Create Year Make Model Attributes?   :

Why You Need to Create Year Make Model Attributes?   Year Make Model Attributes   provides robust solutions for automotive ecommerce, spare parts, electronic products and for any niche where you need to offer filter products by attributes functionality to your customers. Because:

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You can easily find things you want to search on your web store about your products. Easy accessibility:

Time saving :

Time saving Year make model can save your time by finding any things in seconds just by writing product specifications .

Make it simple :

Make it simple It make complex records very simple and easy to find.

How to Get This Model? :

How to Get This Model? There are different extensions available in market to get this Model on your web store .One of the effective and best extension I found in market is Magento Search Extension by FME , which makes Product searching easy and saves your time.

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Here are some Snap Shots of this Module

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