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Logging Into the Web Site : 

Logging Into the Web Site Presented by MAREI

Starting from your Computer : 

Starting from your Computer We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer. It seems to work better with our web site. So click on your blue “e”

Then from your Browser : 

Then from your Browser Type in www.MAREInet.com Click Enter If you don’t want to type it in each time, be sure to save it to your favorites

Now you are on our site : 

Now you are on our site You can click in one of two places On the menu bar click “member & guest log in” Or the log in button.

This is where you can log in : 

This is where you can log in This is the box where you will enter your user name And password. You selected these when you joined online or if you joined off line, we emailed them to you.

Can’t remember password : 

Can’t remember password If you just can’t remember your password There is a button at the bottom “click here” This will take you to a password reset screen. All you need is the email you used when you joined. If that fails, please email a request to info@MAREInet.com.

Save Password : 

Save Password If you are working from a public computer, please do not do this, But if you are on a private computer, you can enter your username and password and click the box to “Remember me” and it will store your info

This is where you can log in : 

This is where you can log in So back to logging in Type in your user name and password Click “Login”

Success : 

Success Once logged in you should land on our calendar of events. From time to time you may receive a message just for members, but most often you will end up on the calendar.

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