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hygeinic system for food industry establishment


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HACCP What is haccp past, present and future ? What are haccp benefits to us ? How we can apply it in our establishment ?

Past : 

Past HACCP system was originally developed In NASA in the 1960s It was invented to safeguard against contamination that could cause illness to astronauts in space

Present : 

Present Haccp now is the most important hygienic system in all food industry Haccp is the most effective system that fighting the contamination Haccp is the preferred sanitation program of the FDA FDA recommends that haccp should be implemented for all food industry-wide basis

What is HACCP ? : 

What is HACCP ? H ~ hazard A ~ analysis C ~ critical C ~ control P ~ point

Haccp : 

Haccp Pronounced (has-sip) . HACCP is a system ensure the food safety (from the farm to the fork ). How this system works


HACCP Before you start in this program you must know how many one dealing with food in your establishment. Why ? Because the first step in this program is assembling the haccp team .

What is the haccp team ? : 

What is the haccp team ? This team assembled from any one dealing with food from receiving until service so every one know his responsibility . (responsibility sheet) What are the members of this team? Delivery, storing, preparing, cooking, serving .

Haccp principles : 

Haccp principles The seven principles of haccp are : 1- assessing hazards 2- identifying critical control points 3- develop critical limits for preventive measures 4- establish procedures to monitor CCP 5- develop a corrective action plan 6- establish effective record keeping system 7- establish procedures to verify the system

Principle 1 : 

Principle 1 Assessing hazards Identify hazards associated with foods and processes . The haccp team must analyze all food items and the way they are handled in your establishment

The killer 10 : 

The killer 10 1- improper cooling procedures 2- failure to rapidly reheat food to temperatures that kill bacteria 3- prolonged holding of prepared food 4- improper holding of hot food 5- poor personal hygiene by staff members

Slide 12: 

6- contaminated raw foods or ingredients 7- cross-contamination and mishandling of cooked food with raw food 8- use of food from unapproved sources 9- improper cleaning of equipment and utensils 10- inadequate cooking, under & over cooking, time & temperature

How we assess hazards ? : 

How we assess hazards ? 1- review menu and recipes 2- observe employees 3- seek additional facts 4- measure temperature 5- test foods for acceptance or risk 6- review records

Principle 2 : 

Principle 2 Identifying critical control points - CCP : are steps, points, or procedures in a food process where action must be taken to avoid a food hazard Two things need to happen as you identify CCPs 1- review hazards ( CCP decision tree) 2- plot CCPs on a flow chart (A&B flow charts)


PRINCIPLE 3 Develop critical limits for preventive measures - Now we should establish critical limits to assure food safety at each CCP. (examples) Time Temperature Humidity Level of acidity Amount of water Preservatives Salinity

Principle 4 : 

Principle 4 Establish procedures to monitor CCPs Once you’ve identified CCPs, you need to monitor procedures to make sure that CCPs are met Monitoring procedures are continuous, quick and effective Every procedure must be kept as a document in the system records

Principle 5 : 

Principle 5 Develop a corrective action plan If the violated or deviation occurs then we need corrective action plan Corrective action plan must be 1- accessible to the staff 2- clearly worded 3- easily applicable

Principle 6 : 

Principle 6 Establish effective record keeping that documents the HACCP system Your record-keeping system should: ** record hazards of each individual menu item ** identify CCPs and their critical limits ** outline monitoring techniques, corrective action plans, and verification procedures

Principle 7 : 

Principle 7 Establish procedures to verify that the HACCP system is working - The HACCP system must be verified to ensure that it is working

Finally : 

Finally If this system had been applied correctly and effectively your establishment well be safe from contamination and your food well be also safe

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