CHS 40 Year Reunion

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CLASS OF 1971 40 YEAR REUNION Colonial High School

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Do you remember??

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Remember cruising through Steak n Shake?

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Loved those Extravaganzas from Ronnie’s! (Sadly, Ronnie’s closed in 1995)

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Approximate Pricing in 1971 Average Cost of new house $25,250 Average Income per year $10,600Average Monthly Rent $150 Cost of a gallon of Gas 40 cents United States postage Stamp 8 cents Movie Ticket $1.50 Loaf of Bread 25 cents

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Linda’s La Cantina

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Top Movies of 1971 The French Connection (won Academy Award for Best Movie) A Clockwork Orange Fiddler on the Roof The Last Picture Show Nicholas & Alexandra

Popular TV Shows from 1971 : 

Popular TV Shows from 1971 All in the Family The Flip Wilson Show Marcus Welby, M.D. Gunsmoke The ABC Movie of the Week Sanford and Son Mannix Funny Face Adam 12 The Mary Tyler Moore Show Looks like Dark Shadows didn’t make the top 10

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Popular Songs from 1970

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Popular Songs from 1971

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Wow! I wish we could still get lobster for $2.95!

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Fiction: Love Story QB VII Wheels The Exorcist The Passions of the Mind The Day of the Jackal Non-Fiction: The Sensuous Man Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Civilisation Better Homes & Gardens Blender Cookbook

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CHS - Times to Remember. . . Mr. Larson

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I’ve told them…no fraternization!

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Remember the fundraisers to raise money for Mr. Jennings’ VW?

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Still crazy after all these years! The following slides show classmates who have registered or planned on attending. Stand up when you see your name so we can see where you are!

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Gary Bolyard Wayne Gibbs Mark Shafranski

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Remember the unveiling of the statue?!

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…and how we wrote our names in the sidewalk by the gym?

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Mike Painter Chip Langton Bill Sellers

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Do You Still Remember These Songs?

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Ken Bates & Ruth Maddox

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Cindy Chisholm Kathy Santomassino Barbara Funk

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Patty Baker Mark Warren

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JoAnn Harris

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Senior Officers

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Patty Baker, Susan Kubik, Barbara Brosche, Linda Kellam, Susan Freeman Pep Club

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Larry Hufty Patty Clinger Beth Williams

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Student Council Cabinet Front Row: David Larkin, Jeff Hunt, Duffy Hadler Second Row: Brian Crownover, JoAnn Harris, Debbie Vaughn, Vicki Compton, Shelly Simpson, Steve Pfieffer, Joy Willard

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Sigma Phi

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Keith Hinckley Ken Hinckley Both have been in the Army since 11th grade. Keith is retired and going back to Iraq in a few weeks. Ken (pictured above) has served our country numerous times in Iraq and will soon go to Yugoslavia.

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Patty Saeva Debbie Ossusky

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Boo Rosko Sheila Harrell Vicki Compton

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Bill Savage Rhonda Hullinger Linda Rudd

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M A R C H I N G B A N D Mr. Holland and Drum Majors, Bill Talbot and Gary Buckman

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Sandy Brown Roger Sweeney Pam Taylor

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AFS (American Field Service)

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Jessica Halford Jackie Cooper Beverly Williams

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Leslie Hutchins David Mikeal Dale Tryzbiak

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Geoff Ringer Georgia Kastrinos Donna Respess

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Cheerleading uniforms have changed since 1971!

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Classmates who have married other classmates ...and are still married!

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Classmates who have married

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Classmates who have married

Slide 67: 

Classmates who have married

Slide 68: 

Classmates who have married

Slide 69: 

Classmates who have married

Slide 70: 

Classmates who have married

Slide 71: 

Classmates who have married

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Welcome Classmates from Other Years and Distinguished Guests

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Sheryl Strohm Robert Taylor Darryl Hullinger Gary White Susan Piesch Welcome Doug Howard (class of ‘68)

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Paul Jarvis Welcome Class of ‘70! Dan Antonelli

Slide 75: 

Wesley Funk Welcome Class of ‘72! Artie Downs

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Joyce Kear Judi Ador Paula Taylor Rhonda Tucker Holly Ward Sharon McFarland Donna NaQuin

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Coach Eddie Sneed Welcome Distinguished Guests! Coach Jessee Lane

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In Loving Memory These next slides are to honor those who were taken from us over the last 40 years.

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In Loving Memory Rufus Jennings

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In Loving Memory Eddie Auman Paul Blaha Dennis Boyd Kenny Cates Frank Charcos Mike Cole Rick Crotty Debbie Duff Jennifer Gentry Yvonne Gomez Robin Gordon Debbie Graham Randy Guise Terry Haas Edward Hickman Teresa Hudson Thomas Lawfield Buster Lovett Dean Macchione Bruce May Jeff McCain John McFarland Albert Morton Laurie Robinson Lucy Savard Woody Story Sondra Sturgill John Thomas JC Turner Claudia White Opal Whittington Dave Wilder Linda Williams

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In Loving Memory

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In Loving Memory

Slide 83: 

Bobby Reagin In Loving Memory

Slide 84: 

Kenny Cates Mike Cole In Loving Memory

Slide 85: 

Robin Gordon Terry Haas Jeff McCain In Loving Memory Rick Crotty

Slide 86: 

Dave Wilder In Loving Memory Linda Williams NO PHOTOS AVAILABLE Dennis Boyd John McFarland

Slide 87: 

JC Turner Claudia White In Loving Memory Dean Macchione

Slide 88: 

Randy Guise Woody Story In Loving Memory Jennifer Gentry

Slide 89: 

In Loving Memory Sondra Sturgill Laurie Robinson Debbie Graham

Slide 90: 

Lucy Savard Albert Morton In Loving Memory Debbie Duff

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CHS Statistics Approximately 3814 students are enrolled Approximately 70% students qualify for free or reduced lunch 2010-2011 School Year

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Front entrance to the school CHS in 2011

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Still crazy after all these years!

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Have fun and make some memories!

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