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Audience Feedback:

Audience Feedback By Luke Escott

Does our trailer fit in the Action/Sci-fi genre.:

Does our trailer fit in the Action/Sci-fi genre. Is it clear that our protagonist travelled back in time?

PowerPoint Presentation:

From the audience feedback we found out that people understood what genre the film was, but they don’t notice that our protagonist Trent had in fact travelled back in time as much as we would have liked. The way we edited our final cut was by instead of just having a fade to white, we overlapped the footage multiple times to create very fast cuts between the past and future, which really draws the audiences attention towards it. This should help inform the audience of the change in time.

What was the worst shot?:

What was the worst shot? In the survey, people unanimously defined the shot where the antagonist walked up onto the rocks the worst shot. This was due to them not understanding that this character was in fact the antagonist. In our final cut, we decided to use the conventions of different colours to help define this character as the antagonist. The way we done this was by applying a red tint onto the footage, and as red has conventions of danger, we believe this would help the audience identify this character as the antagonist.

Does the music fit the genre?:

Does the music fit the genre? We noticed from our audience feedback that over half the people didn’t feel like the music fitted the genre. The first change we made to our final cut was to add music to the silence we had at the start of our trailer. We added an upbeat song to the start. This should hopefully make it more clear that this film fits under the action/sci-fi genre.

Is the storyline clear?:

Is the storyline clear? From the feedback we found out that our storyline was not clear enough to the audience. In our final cut we decided to add in graphic shots to help narrate the story towards the audience. We also added voice-overs onto some of our shots to further help the audience understand the storyline. We also added the title of our film at the end of the trailer, making it easy for the audience to identify what film this trailer is for.

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