Chapter 62 of the Obsession Legacy

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Hello, and welcome back to the Obsession Legacy! In the last chapter, Xenophilius married Juliette Capp, and they had three children together - Yuri, the nice and popular Xeno lookalike, Yridian, his prone-to-jealousy twin, and Yasha, their [fake] blonde little sister who looks just like Juliette - cute! But due to Xenophilius' selfish nature, his marriage fell apart and after standing Juliette up at a restaurant to persue his own pleasure, Juliette walked out on Xenophilius. We pick up just where things left off that night... Temporarily hosted as a PowerPoint while the exchange is down, but if and when the exchange is back up I will upload it. Enjoy! Ps. Sorry for any [i] [/i] bits that I forgot to remove, and weird text-sizes. ? Chapter 62 – Another Suitcase in Another Hall

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Juliette looked up at the white villa with hesitation. She wasn't sure why she'd come here. Of all the places to pick... She sighed deeply, and whispered to herself. "Juliette, what are you doing here?" But the memories of her argument with Xenophilius were hard to forget. She couldn't go back there, but she couldn't stay here either, not with the Montys. She turned on her heel and began to walk back down the pathway when a well-known voice stopped her in her tracks. "Jules? What are you doing here?" Hastily wiping away a stray tear, Juliette turned to face Romeo, and stammered out the truth - it couldn't be avoided. "We had an argument... I've... I've left him, Romeo. I've left Xenophilius.“ "What? Are you okay? Do you need somewhere to stay?“ Juliette's silence was enough of an answer for Romeo. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and lead her inside. "Come on Jules, it's alright. You can stay here, and we'll sort this mess out tomorrow, okay?"

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The next morning, Juliette found some old clothes in the back of a wardrobe, and tied her hair back. Xenophilius' insults and lack of consideration had stung her, and right now she didn't want to be reminded of that life, of the responsibilities as a wife and mother she had left behind. Romeo got up early too, and tried to take her mind off her troubles in the only way he knew how - video games. "Let's see if you're as good at this as you used to be, Jules.“ "Don't hesitate for a moment, Mr Monty. I kicked your butt before and I can still do it now!" She mashed the buttons furiosly and watched her car on the TV screen speed ahead of Romeo's, knocking it off the road in the process. "Oi!" He shouted jokingly, "you always were a total cheat at this game!“ "Yeah, well, when you have twin boys you have to play dirty to beat them at these games!" Her amusement didn't quite reach her eyes. Talking about her children was too much for her. She'd never been away from them for this long before.

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"Jules... I don't want to make you sad by bringing this up, but..." He hesitated, unsure how she would react. "But have you decided what you're going to do yet?" She nervously picked at her nails as she answered him. "I... I don't think I'm ready to go back yet. Not to him. But I want to see my kids..." As her eyes welled up, Romeo knew what the obvious next step was. "Juliette, why don't I go and pick them up for you? Then you don't have to see [i]him[/i] at all.“ "Oh Romeo, that's such a kind thing to offer.""And I mean it. I'll go right away if you like.""You don't mind? We'd have to... to stay here. In your house.“ "That's fine, Jules. They're a part of you, so I care about them too. I'll be back soon, okay?“ As he walked out the door, giving her a last smile over his shoulder, Juliette sighed happily. It might be an awful situation, but at least it was about to get better.

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She waited eagerly outside for Romeo to return with her kids, but her heart sank when he arrived empty handed. "Romeo, what? Where are the kids?“ "Jules...“ "Did he not let you take them? He has no right, no right at all! I won't let him keep them from me!“ "No, Jules... They weren't there. None of them. The house was empty." It took a few moments for the words to sink in. "They weren't there?" Her voice caught in her throat and she considered it - there was always somebody home, Yasha was too young to go to school yet. "Then... then where are they, Romeo? Where are they?!“ "I'm sorry Jules, there was a note taped to the front door, and the whole place was empty. The beds were untouched, and the family graves were gone from the front lawn. I think you should read the note, Jules..." He handed her a yellow piece of paper - Xeno's favourite colour - covered with an untidy scrawl. She had never even seen Xenophilius' handwriting before, but it suited him completely.

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She read it quickly, each word sending a sharp pain into her heart. "'Dear Juliette. I'm sorry that I hurt you, but I won't beg for your forgiveness. I always thought you were a decent person, but no mother would willing leave her children if she truly cared about them. You're obviously not the kind person I thought you were, and to be honest I'm glad you left because it showed me the truth. So I'm taking the kids, and I'm leaving. We're moving to a different neighbourhood, and you'll never be able to find us again. Don't worry about the kids - at least they've got one parents taking care of them now. Yours, Xenophilius.' ... Romeo, why? It's not fair! That's not true!" The rest of her words were inaudible.He place a hand on her shoulder and pulled her into a hug. "It's okay Jules, it's okay. We'll find them again. But for now, you can stay here as long as you like.“ "Thank you, Romeo." She wiped away her tears and looked him in the eye. "I don't know what I'd do without you..."

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Across town, marriage was a lot simpler. "Remus, can I open my eyes yet?“ "Almost... It's nearly finished...“ "You know, when I asked you to build a house for me, it really seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I'm just worried it'll look like a giant bar of chocolate...“ "Oi! Okay, you can look now." *Uncovers eyes* "Remy, it's... beautiful! It even has a turret!“ "Well, I wanted us to have a pretty house to raise our family in. Seven and Sirius might not be around to see it, but our new little one will be. So you really like it then?“ "Like it? I love it! I'm putting you in charge of all architectural projects in the future!"

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"And we're right across the street from the Legacy Lot! Oh Remy, you really do think of everything!“ "Only the best for my scarily hormonal pregnant wife. Now you don't have to stalk the Obsessions, you can watch them from the balcony instead!“ "And I can see Will Obsession's grave from our bedroom! I can gloat from here... HA HA HA! You are dead, Will Obsession, but my irrational hate for you is not!“ "... That's, like, our great-great-great-great-great grandson or something.“ "I know. I blame the hormones."

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"Isn't the kitchen cool, honey? It has a clock! And a whole cupboard full of chocolate!“ "I HATE MY HAIR! This sucks. I just want to die.“ "Lu, what's up?“ "HORMONES!“ "Wow, okay! You never had rough pregnancies before, Luce.“ "I don't think Veronaville agrees with me. I just want to RAAAAAGE all the time! Or just look at my hair. What even IS this bit of tied up hair doing? It's completely ridiculous. Urgh!“ "Come here sweetie, I'll make it better.“ "Really?“ "Yep. Trust me."

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"... You fixed my self-esteem issues by putting a helmet on my head?“ "Yep.“ "You're the worst husband ever!“ "Heehee, I was only joking! The real make over is next.“ "Yay!"

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"YOU ARE SO DEAD!“ "I think you look hot.“ "Haha, I am revoking your chocolate privileges, mister!“ "Noooo!"

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"But really, all jokes aside, you look great! And the weird bun thing is charming. Simply charming.“ "If you say so... Thanks for cheering me up, Remus. I know I'm being so fussy at the moment! I've never felt this bad before, maybe it means that the baby will be..." *dramatic pause* "evil !“ "... Nah.“ "I didn't think so either.“ And Remus was always being such a wonderful husband, arranging surprises for his wife. Such as cakes, flowers, and unexpected wake up calls...

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"Say hello to Mr Happy!“ *Gasp* "I know, these pants have Mr Happy on the front of them! I'm in love! Want to see my matching slippers?"

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But pretty soon our lovely daughter had been born. We named her Daphne, after Daphne du Maurier, one of my favourite writers. She has Remus' brown hair and blue eyes.

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Soon enough, a party had been thrown and Daphne has turned into the cutest toddler EVER! I forget her stats, but look at her! She's gorgeous! She doesn't have Remus' nose, unfortunately, but she is honestly my favourite toddler in the world ever. EVER. She's just lovely. And perfect. And will innocently break a million hearts when she's older. Aaw. /Proud parent nonsense.

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But, I hear you cry, was there a purpose for this little interlude? Yes there was - setting up of a subplot! "Prince! So glad you could make it to the party. What do you think of little Daphne then?“ "She's so cute, Grandad!“ "Aaw, thanks. How's your mum and dad doing?“ "Oh, they're good. Taking things slowly, you know... by slowly, I mean they woohoo whenever possible and talk about baby names all day long.“ "Oh. Lovely! Lucy will be so happy to have more babies in the family!“ (Lucy, off-screen) "BABIES!“ "Yeah..." *Sigh* "I wonder what my baby would have looked like...“ "Oh, I'm sorry Prince, I didn't mean to stir things up. It was inconsiderate of me.“ "No, it's okay. I've got to come to terms with it sometime. It's been such a long time since I last saw Lorin, and I'm just not going to ever see her again, am I? I just have to face the facts, however sad they are.“ "Oh, Prince... I wish there was something I could do... Would you like some chocolate?“

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So while Remus and I cooed over our lovely toddler, Prince was outside in our garden wishing the earth would swallow him up. "Urgh, why did this have to happen to me? Everyone else has moved on, and has been reunited, but not me. It's never me!" *Sigh* "I just wish I know what happened to you, Lorin. Then I could either keep on searching, or lay you to rest. I can't stand this limbo. I love you, darling. And I hope you always remember that."

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Prince decided to move out and give his parents more lovely-dovey space, but to do that he'd need a job. "Teaching posts, soldiers required, magician's sexy assistant wanted... Oh these will never do! Wait, what's this? 'The PRC, Pleasantview Refugee Camp, is a new institution to help deal with the ever-increasing number of people moving to Veronaville from the destroyed town of Pleasantview.' - Oh my god, Lorin might be there! 'While we have enough rooms to house all these patients' Patients? '- extra staff are required for the continued high level of care we provide. We are looking for strong, brave and strict workers to make a new addition to our team. Please come to The PRC on Bard Boulevard for further information and interviews from me, Dr. Chilton.‘ Oh my god, I can't believe this... I never knew so many people got out of Pleasantview! Why wasn't this in the news? This tiny add in the jobs section is all I've heard about it..."

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Prince walked over to the PRC almost immediately, and was pleased to see how cheerful it all looked. He could imagine the 'patients' helping with the gardening and playing in the sunshine while they waited to be re-housed. He took a deep breath, and walked in through the front door, hoping that Dr. Chilton would have all the answers he needed.

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"Hello Sir, may I help you with something?“ "Yes, I, err, wanted to know more about this camp.“ "Ah, interested in the job, are you?“ "Er -“ "That's brilliant, my lad, brilliant. Please take a seat, and I'll run through some of the basics with you.“ "Oh, alright then."

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"Well, Mr...?“ "Obsession.“ "Mr Obsession - Oh, one of them? Really? How wonderful! You'll find this place most interesting then!“ Prince felt his heart flutter - maybe Lorin was here, and Dr. Chilton had been waiting for him to arrive! "Yes, I might see a few familiar faces here.“ "Oh no, my boy. You won't see anyone you know here. They're all insane, Mr. Obsession!“ "Insane?!“ "Yes, insane. You are applying for the job of a prison warden, after all!“ "Woah woah woah, back track a minute. I thought this was a refugee camp for people who have come from Pleasantview?“ "Well, strictly speaking it IS, but you only have to have three words with these people to understand why they're here. They all have delusions on grandeur. Would you like to meet some of them?“ *Sigh* "I guess so, although I don't think it's right to keep people locked up!“ "Meet them, my boy, and you will agree with me."

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"Spock! I'm Spock! Captain, where did I put my phaser? Oh, here it is!“ "Okay, that's a bit strange Dr...“ "Dr? Where's Bones?! He's not HERE! Is this even Earth? Am I on Vulcan? Somebody answer me!“ "As you can see, Mr. Obsession, he's clearly insane.“ "Well, maybe he IS called Spock, and -“ "He thinks he's Spock Obsession...“ "But there is no Spock Obsession! I should know, he would have been my uncle!“ "Exactly. Delusions of grandeur, I told you. This man is not Spock at all, mearly insane.“ "That is a most illogical response! I am Spock Obsession!“ "You are not Spock! You're just an insane man!“ "... Well, I'm Sylar, at least. Sylar Obsession.“ *Splutters* "That's not even fitting in with the theme! Really, silly insane people, so stupid..." They passed through a heavy set of locked doors, and Dr. Chilton lead Prince up to the barred window of a cell. The corridor was lined with rooms just like it. "Now, go on, have a word with him. We don't know what his real name is, but he's convinced he's -“

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"Hey Prince, it's me, Simon! Remember? REMEMBER?!“ "Sort of...“ "Tonks really wanted to get married to me, but then I told her no, so she married that knight instead.“ "... I don't think that's what happened, Simon...“ "And I was the one who stopped Voldemort from killing Lucy and Remus.“ "That wasn't you!“ "And I'm the one who founded this legacy!“ "... Okay, I might agree with your treatment of this one, Dr...“ "Wait until you see the next one, she's even stranger!“ "Wait, no, don't leave me! I'm a main character, A MAIN CHARACTER!!" "Should you really be shouting at these people, Dr? Surely they can't help their conditions...“ "Perhaps, but some of them are a threat to society. Take this one, for example. He seems to be convinced that he's a main character...“

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"GRRR, I am not skanky! I'm a lovely woman who has a family and a husband and would never do anything sleasy - and I certainly never stalked Voldemort or wore a revealing bikini by my own free will!“ "... HAHAHAHA, yes you did June!“ "DID NOT, Prince!“ "Yeah you did, I saw you do it.“ "No! Lies! ALL LIES!“ "I think she's even foaming at the mouth, Mr. Obsession, hehe...“ "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!“ "Dr, as amusing as it may be to keep my old friend June locked up, she really doesn't deserve to be here. She's always been a bit mad, but she's harmless.“ "Oh, I couldn't possibly let her out. And we have a similar case with a couple, one seems to think he's the reincarnation of Harry Obsession!“ "...Fabrizio!" "This one calls herself June, and she seems to think she's a simself! Crazy...“ "Wait, no, this is June, and she is a simself! I know her!” "Oh, really? Well, even so, she's very mad. She keeps shouting about things. Listen, Mr. Obsession. Ahem, how are you today, Skanky June?”

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Dr. Chilton unlocked the cell and entered it with Prince, wanting to give him an up-close look at the 'Crazy People'. "Donitah, don't cry...“ "But he's come in here to taunt us again, Fabrizio! And I can't take it anymore! I can't take living like this!“ "It's okay, it's okay... Someone will eventually find us, and we'll be free. Just don't listen to him, block it all out...“ "You damn monster! What are you doing, holding people up here when they're clearly sane and just lost?!“ "... Prince?!“ "Yeah guys, it's me, and I'm getting you out of here!"

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"I can't believe nobody's shut this place down yet, but believe me it is over now. Let these people out!“ "Never! They are insane, and must be kept away from humanity!“ "Who the hell are you anyway?! What right do you have? Are you even a real doctor? Did you even go to university?!“ "Clown college... Then I was sectioned in an asylum because I illegally set up my own prison and kept people there...“ "Ah, so YOU are the mentalist? That's it, you are going down!“ "Oh no, please don't hurt me! I was only having fun!“ "Well, now you can have a taste of your own medicine - being locked in a cage!“ "Nooo!“ After the fight, Prince turned to Fabrizio and Donitah. He didn't even need to ask. "Two doors down, Prince."

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He inexpertly fumbled with the heavy lock. "Come to taunt me some more, Dr?“ "I studied English Lit, not Medicine. No Ph.D for me, Lorin. I thought you knew that, being my wife.” "Prince?! Is it really you?” "I always knew I'd find you in the end, I always knew."

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"I thought I'd never see you again, Prince! I didn't even know if you made it out alive...“ "How did you get out?“ "We found the hole in the barrier and got through that way, just before it closed in on Pleasantview. I never thought Voldie's magic would be good for something..." *Smiles* "Is it really you? Are you really here?“ "Yes it's me, and I'm never leaving you again."

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The 'prisoners' escaped, and were happy to finally see daylight again. Although Simon was the happiest of the lot. "I knew I'd save everyone! Didn't I tell you, June? Didn't I say I'd save the day?!“ "Don't talk to me. I don't want to be seen with you.“ "But... but I'm amazing! Am I too amazing for you? Is that it?“ "Umm, sure..."

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The two couples moved in together, and wasted no time in catching up properly - hence why they're all in their underwear! "I can't believe you were here for so long without me knowing it... I'm so sorry, guys. I should have found you all earlier.“ "Nonsense, darling. How were you to know? Chilton was a complete psycho, he wasn't exactly going to advertise his little scheme on prime time TV. I'm just glad you've found us now...“ "Yeah, Prince. Donitah and I were going mad in there... Being the reincarnation of Harry Obsession is good for nothing - he never broke out of any cells!“ "Oh Fabbie, I thought you were very heroic anyway. Remember that time you punched Chilton in the nose?“ "It was purple for weeks! Heehee!“ It seemed very strange to Prince how life could suddenly seem so worthwhile again. Even more so with the arrival of two very special babies...

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Donitah and Fabrizio gave birth to a lovely little boy, named Milo. He has his mother’s genetics, and the family black hair. I named him Milo to go with Fabrizio's Italian roots. Prince and Lorin welcomed their green (!!) daughter Eileen to the family. The name is very significant, being the name of Snape's mother in the Harry Potter series, and also the name of Lorin's founder from her Romancing the Apocalypse story. And although this picture is a mess, it shows how it was almost like everyone had gained two children - the families are so close that it doesn't matter who is related to who, they all love each other equally!

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And here are the little cuties! Milo looks very much like Donitah, which I think is really cute, and Eileen is a lovely mix of both Prince and Lorin. And if these two grow up with chemistry, they're so going to get married! :) Oh, and here are their stats: Milo: 2/9/9/7/8 Eileen: 3/10/9/8/4 Ps. Did I mention that they're cute? :D But elsewhere, happy endings were not so forthcoming...

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Xenophilius sat on the beach of his vacation home in Twikki Island, absent-mindedly running his fingers through the sand. "Why am I here?" He thought to himself, as a crab pinched him. "This is pointless. I should have stood my ground..." He flicked the crab away, and thought back to when Romeo Monty had visited him at home earlier in the day. What was it he had said? "Juliette and I are together now. She doesn't want to see you ever again. EVER. She regrets ever having been with you, and I don't blame her. You were the worst husband she could have wanted. And what's more, she doesn't want to see those brats of yours again either, a reminder of ever having been anywhere near you. She hates all of you. And if you don't believe me, just read this letter she wrote you. Goodbye, Xeno. If I were you, I'd just leave town. What's keeping you here anymore?" And there wasn't anything to keep him there. Siblings who had found their true loves, and dead relatives.

Slide 34: 

He watched the kids swimming in the sea. They still hadn't grasped what had happened. Juliette's letter, written in an untidy scrawl, had confirmed everything Romeo had said. She hated her own children. He could hardly believe it was true... But that was his real reason for taking the kids on this little trip. How would they feel if they saw their mother out in town, but she refused to acknowledge them? It would break their hearts. He couldn't do it to them. And he couldn't do it to himself, either. To see Juliette with another man, when it should be HIM who held her at night... He knew he'd blown it, so many years of being a bad husband, but it just hadn't occured to him. He sighed, and smiled at Yasha, who waved at him with a manic grin on her face while trying to stay afloat. This was the holiday he was meant to have taken with Juliette. And now he'd never get the chance.

Slide 35: 

"I found an invisible conch! Just like grandpa Will!“ Now a child, Yasha looked even more like her mother than ever. She particularly enjoyed the holiday, with the new experiences and sights that send children wild with excitement.

Slide 36: 

"'Riddy, do you like my dress?“ "It's okay.“ "Just okay?“ "Well, it hasn't got dinosaurs on it or anything, like MY top has.“ "But... it's got flowers!“ "I know, and that's okay for a girl...“ "Oh...“ "Anyway Yasha, I'm going to go and play a game of cops and robbers with Yuri now. You can watch us if you want!“ "Can't I play too?“ "No, Yash. You're a girl!“ "Oh. Okay."

Slide 37: 

"I don't know, just gone. I saw her walk off the lot last night through my bedroom window, and she didn't come back this morning!“ "... But she's our mum! She can't have left!“ "Why else do you think we came on this spontaneous holiday?“ "Umm, maybe dad wants to hunt for Snorkacks out here!“ "Maybe, Yuri, but I don't think so... Just don't say anything to Yash, okay? She's too little, she won't understand.“ "Okay, 'Riddy. But I think mum'll come and join us soon. I really do!“ "That's because you've got about a million Nice points and are so optimistic... I don't have that luxury, Yuri." "'Riddy, why didn't Mum come here with us? You said she wanted to come on a holiday!“ "Yuri, haven't you realised yet? She's gone.“ "Gone where?“

Slide 38: 

"Dad! Where are your yellow robes?!“ "I thought it was time for a change... What do you think?“ "You look good! Mum'll like it.“ "Yeah, well... about that... I don't think your mother will ever notice... Look son, I know this is tough on you, 'Riddy and Yasha, but... Mummy doesn't want to be with me anymore. And... that's her choice to make.“ "But dad, you can't let her go! She's our mum - your wife!“ "Yuri, don't make this any harder than it already is! I know I didn't appreciate her enough, I know I made a terrible mistake, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life paying for it! So don't lecture me about it, I already know!“ "Okay dad, sorry...“ *Sigh* "No son, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have got angry with you. It's not your fault, after all..." *Hugs* "Do me a favour and go play on that pirate ship with your sister, okay? I can hear her shouting from here!"

Slide 39: 

"Come on Yridian, you lousy maggot! Faster, faster! I want this ship going at twice the speed so we can get that buried treasure!“ "Yes, Captain Yasha!“ "And you, Yuri! We've got a stowaway, fight him!“ "Yes, ma'am!“ "Yridian, I have had it with your insolence! Walk the plank.“ "But, Captain -!“ "No buts, off you go!"

Slide 40: 

"Yuri, playing pirates really isn't fun with Yasha's zero Nice points!“ "I know, just play along - I'm planning a mutiny, even Volleyball Head Pete is on our side!“ "Oi, I heard that Yuri! You have to walk the plank too!“ "Noooo!"

Slide 41: 

"My wife left me.“ "Oh...“ "The thing is, I know I should have paid more attention to her, but I just couldn't. It didn't occur to me! I only thought about myself...“ "Hmmm... I've heard about something like this before.“ "What, a horrible husband?“ "No, zombies being selfish.“ "You think it has something to do with me being a zombie?“ "Well, tell me this - when did you fall for her, before or after you became a zombie?“ "Before.“ "And were you attentive before?“ "Yes. Yes I was. I proposed. She was everything to me... Do you think that -?“ "I can't answer anything else, zombie. But take this map - maybe you'll find a few more answers there." "Oh, a ghost.“ "BOOO! ... Anything?“ "Not scary, no. Come on, I'm a zombie!“ "Oh, I see! I thought you smelled funny. But tell me, Sir With A Pointy Hat, I see trouble behind those green eyes of yours. What seems to be the problem?“

Slide 42: 

“Excuse me, the ghost on the pirate ship told me to come and see you… I know you gave my father Will some foreshadowing, can you do the same for me?” “Alas, no, Xenophilius Obsession. But I can tell you about your past. You have lost the one you love, correct?”“Yes, that’s true! My wife!”“What is her name?”“Julie. No, Juliette. Juliette.”“And what colour is her hair?”“Oh, the most gorgeous golden blonde you will ever see!” “Mr Obsession, this is worse than I thought… you’re forgetting the very image of your wife. Juliette has red hair.”“Oh god, you’re right… What’s happening to me!? Why am I forgetting these things?!”“I do not know. You will have to find somebody who does.”

Slide 43: 

"Mr Obsession, I am no expert in these matters. But perhaps you will find your answers at The Three Lakes.“ "Please, can't you help me any more than this?“ "I'm sorry. It is out of my hands - and yours.“ Muttering darkly about the vagueness of holiday stereotypes, Xeno and his children packed and left Twikki Island.

Slide 44: 

"Daddy, I'm so glad we're visiting The Three Lakes too! Mummy won't believe it when we tell her all about it!“ Xenophilius felt a twinge of guilt as he thought back to Juliette's letter - which he could still remember - and her words to keep the kids away from her... "Yes darling, I'm sure she'll love to hear all about it! Now eat up your dinner, sweetie."

Slide 45: 

The next day, while the kids played on logs and looked at tree rings, Xenophilius asked around the locals to see whereabouts he might find someone weird enough to speak cryptically to him for a while. They all said the same thing - a little shack by a lake. Because there weren't loads of those in the mountains...

Slide 46: 

Strangely enough, he didn't feel sad anymore. His grief at losing Juliette had turned to anger. He had a cell phone, and not once had she tried to ring him. She didn't care at all about her own children, and that was shocking. He could hardly believe it. And when he thought about that Romeo with his grubby hands all over her, well...

Slide 47: 

His one Nice point disappeared completely.

Slide 48: 

So Xenophilius took the kids and starting searching all the hut-and-lake combinations in the area. After hours of searching, he came to a clearing in which he saw a very odd sight – a furry brown leg quickly disappearing into a shack. Something stirred in his memory – there had been a Crumple-Horned Snorkack sighting in The Three Lakes years ago. But he merely sighed and followed it inside blandly. Searching for Snorkacks just wasn’t as much fun without Juliette.

Slide 49: 

"Oh, I'm sorry. I sort of jumped to conclusions...“ "But I must say, it's curious. I've never heard of a, what was it? Crab-Horned -?“ "Crumple-Horned Snorkack.“ "Yes, that... Because my name is actually Snorkack.“ "... It is?“ "Yes. Very strange! Almost like... destiny.“ *Dramatic pause.* "As if! Anyway, a ghost and a Witch Doctor told me to come and see you. Do you know why?“ "I smelled it on you as soon as you entered this lot. You're a zombie. So I'm guessing you're suffering from the usual condition - selfish memory loss.“ "Which is..?“ "You forget everything that isn't directly connected to your own interests." "Hello.“ "What are you doing in my shack?!“ "Sorry, someone told me to come here! Are you a Crumple-Horned Snorkack?“ "What a question to ask! No I am NOT, I am a Bigfoot! We are loveable, and huggable, and soft to the touch. And do you SEE any horns?“

Slide 50: 

"Because your children are outside, and not on your mind. But tell me, what is your favourite food?“ "A sneaky brain sandwich, of course!“ "Exactly. You remember what you WANT to remember. Let me guess, you've lost a loved one?“ "My wife left me... after I stood her up. But I just...“ "Forgot?“ "Yes. I forgot... What can I do about this? I can't live my life forgetting things! Not with kids... I could forget to look after them, to feed them, to... Snorkack...I need someone to live with me. My parents are dead, and my wife never wants to see the kids again... Will you come home with us? I promise, you can have whatever you want - leave whenever you want - but just... help me?“ "Okay. I can help you get your wife back if you like -“ "No! That's not what I want. You don't understand, she's... changed.“ "Alright, I'll teach you to cope." "Tell me, what are your children's names?“ "That's easy - Xarantine and Xindi.“ "Reeeeeally?“ "Yes... No! Those are my sisters! I don't know why I said that...“

Slide 51: 

"I don't want a massive scary hairy beast to live with us! And I don't like bees either!"

Slide 52: 

When the family arrived home, Snorkack was waiting for them - and he certainly gave Xenophilius a warm welcome. "Xeeeno! Is that our house, the one with the turret? It's pretty! I'll carry you there!“ "Heehee, no, Snorky! Wrong direction! Don't go in there, your mind may be corrupted by what Lucy and Remus are probably doing in there right now...“ Yes... Jumping on the bed! "You know, of all the Snorkacks I've read about, you're definitely my favourite.“ "Aaw, thanks Xeno. Can I meet the kids now?!“ "Hehe, of course."

Slide 53: 

"Dude, are you... are you wearing any pants?“ "Nope.“ "Oh... cool.“ As you can see, it was time for Yridian and Yuri to grow up!

Slide 54: 

And look, fangirls! I posed them for you! 'Riddy rolled Popularity, which I don't think anyone has rolled for a while, and his LTW is to become a Media Magnate. Yuri rolled Romance, and wants to become a Rock God. You know, I did foreshadow in the previous chapter about him rolling Romance, but I honestly didn't think it was going to happen! Either way, both boys are lovely, but 'Riddy is definitely the most interesting genetically.

Slide 55: 

"'Riddy, I still can't believe mum never came back... She hasn't even written to us or anything!“ "Bro, I told you so, even if I hate to be right.“ "I know... I think we should find out where she is. I don't think dad knows, but if we looked we could -“ "Oh, dad knows.“ "How do YOU know?“ "I can just tell. He knows more than he's letting on, and I'd prefer to be in the dark about this one Yuri. Because I think... I think maybe she left him for someone else.“ "Yridian, don't say that!“ "But what if it's true? She could just be living in this neighbourhood somewhere, with someone else...“ "I don't even want to think about it, 'Riddy! It's not true!"

Slide 56: 

"It's not true, is it dad?“ "... It's true.“ "WHAT?! Why didn't you tell us? We were hoping she'd be back at any moment!“ "I'm sorry Yuri, I couldn't tell you the truth. You were too little. You wouldn't have understood.“ "I still don't understand - why did you let her go?“ "Let her? She wanted to leave, and she didn't want me to follow. She would have left me no matter what!“ "Well maybe you should have just turned up to that stupid dinner, and she never would have needed to find love elsewhere - you're pathetic, dad! And you act like she doesn't even matter anymore! You're a monster, don't you have feelings?!“ "Yuri, she doesn't want anything to do with us anymore. With us - not me, not you, not your little sister. She hates us. And that's why I didn't tell you - I was trying to protect you. But if you want to find her, she's shacked up with Romeo Monty, pretending she has no responsibilities or children. So maybe you should go and live with them!"

Slide 57: 

Xeno left the room. "Yuri, was... was that true? Mum doesn't love us?“ "I don't know, Yasha... I mean, I'm sure she does, but... I don't know.“ "But she's our mummy! She's meant to care!“ "Oh Yasha... She does. Okay? She does. I'm sure she'll be back at any minute. Maybe she just, err, forgot where we lived..."

Slide 58: 

"... So when mummy gets back, I'm going to bake her a cake, and then I'm going to plait her hair for her - because it's so long and pretty! And then I'm going to show her the pictures I painted for her, and show her the bugs I collected, and also show her how good I am at playing cops and robbers!“ "How do you know how to play cops and robbers anyway? Me and 'Riddy never played with you!“ "I know, but I've been practising. I bet I can beat her! We'll have a big game when she's back. When's she getting back, Yuri? Do you think it'll be soon? I hope it's soon. Do you think -?“ "I don't KNOW, Yasha, okay? Just be quiet about it!“ "... Okay. I'll just think it in my head instead.“ "Come on now Yash, it's time for school. And remember to give Snorky a hug before he goes to work.“ "Okay!"

Slide 59: 

But Xeno was busy talking to Snorkack at that moment. "Snork, I need help. What am I going to do? I need to be cured of this zombie memory loss, I can't take it anymore. I was painting a picture of Yasha, and... and... by the time I finished it it was a picture of myself. I... I forgot I was meant to be drawing her.“ "Xeno, I didn't want to have to tell you this, but... there is no cure. This is a part of you. It's in your heart.“ "In my heart?“ "You can't escape it. It's who you are now. This is life. You can only learn to deal with it. I've got to go to work now, but I'll be back later and we'll work out a plan - with pictures and notes all around the house, okay?“ "But it's getting worse! I can't remember... I can't remember... things. Yesterday at work, I forgot where I lived. I tried to sleep in my office.“ "Xenophilius Obsession, you are married to Juliette, and your children are Yridian, Yuri and Yasha. you live in the house infront of us. Keep repeating that, and I'll be back so soon."

Slide 60: 

Xenophilius didn't know why he was forgetting things more often. What scared him was that it wasn't his family he kept forgetting, but himself. He didn't even remember he was a wizard until he stumbled upon his cauldron and spellbook upstairs, while looking for a shower to wash his hair in as it was covered with leaves. But there was one thought he remembered. He'd had it many times before, and he remembered when he first thought of it - as soon as Juliette left. As soon as he saw that pain in her eyes. And the idea had only got stronger since he'd learned of his condition. So he scooped out a bottle-full of potion, and went to stand outside. That part was important in his idea, he knew that much, although he couldn't quite remember why. Or what all these slabs were meant to signify. With trepidation, he threw back his head and emptied the whole bottle.

Slide 61: 

It didn't hurt as much as the last time.

Slide 62: 

"Jules, there's someone on the phone for you.“ "Who is it?“ "I don't know, he didn't give a name.“ "Oh, thanks Romeo. Probably just telesales or something... Hello, Juliette Capp speaking?“ "Mum?“ "... Yridian?!“ "Yeah. It's me. I know you said not for us to get in touch with you, but –” "What?“ "Dad told us about your letter. You left because you didn't want to be near us...“ "No, that's what dad said to ME in a letter..." *Pause* "Yridian, what's going on?“ "It's... it's dad. Can you come here? Can you come back? Just for a while.“ "But your father doesn't want me anywhere near you, he doesn't want to see me. He said you'd gone forever, that the house was empty...“ "Mum, that's what dad told us YOU said. Romeo gave him a note from you.“ "He did?" *Pause* "'Riddy, I'll be there in ten minutes."

Slide 63: 

"No Romeo, I know what you told me...“ "I told you the truth! I went there, and the house was empty!“ "But then why does Yridian think YOU gave Xeno a letter from me, saying almost exactly what the one from Xeno said?“ "Umm, coincidence?“ "Romeo, what have you done?!“ "Oh, come on Juliette! You've always known he was a terrible husband, he never cared for you like I do! All this time you've been living here, I've been feeling something grow between us, just like before. And I know you feel it too. Does it matter that I gave you an escape route? You had left him anyway, you didn't WANT to see him. But me... you've always loved me.“ "Urgh, NO! I haven't! I thought we were friends?! Don't even try to touch me, Romeo! You kept me away from my own children, and my husband. But flawed as he may be, I love him!" "Romeo, that was my son. Yridian.“ "But I thought Xeno had left with them, ages ago?“ "Funny, that's what he thought I had done. Left.“ "Oh. What a mix up! But you have the letter, you know what it said.“

Slide 64: 

"But Jules -“ "But what? You really thought I'd forget about everything and love you instead? Have you ever grown up?“ "I told you I was impulsive...“ "This isn't impulsive, this is madness! Yridian is a young man now, I've missed a whole section of his life! Let alone little Yasha... Oh, what have I done? I should never have left! I should never have fallen into your trap!“ "You weren't complaining before.“ "I didn't know you were a psycho before. I love my husband, and that's that.“ "But, we can still be friends, can't we?“ "NO! Don't ever try to get in touch with me again - for once, that's something I actually mean!"

Slide 65: 

Juliette made the familiar walk back to her house, and immediately noticed something new. A gravestone where there hadn't been one before. It didn't take a genius to figure out who it belonged to.

Slide 66: 

"Mum? It's me, 'Riddy.“ "'Riddy? What happened?“ "He... he drank something.“ "Again?“ "He's done it before?“ "That's how he became a zombie, Yridian. He thought I didn't love him then, too...“ "You do love him?“ "Oh 'Riddy, this is a terrible mistake! When I left, I stayed with my friend Romeo, and he said he'd come here to find the house empty, and a note stuck to the front door, saying that I should never contact you again, that you'd all gone far away.“ "And we got one just the same... Romeo did all this?“ "Yes, and I didn't realise... and now your father... your father... Oh, 'Riddy!“ "It's not your fault, he did this for other reasons.“ "Like what?“ "He was suffering from a brain problem. Memory loss. It was due to him being a zombie, he couldn't remember things that didn't directly relate to him.“ "So he really couldn't help being selfish? Oh, what a mistake I've made of my life... Excuse me, but I need to be alone.“ "That's okay... I love you, mum.“ "I love you too. And your brother and sister."

Slide 67: 

She wasn't sure what made her go to look at Xeno's lab - probably because she knew it would remind her so strongly of his quirks - but she gasped when she entered it. It was perfect. "Xeno, when did you do this?“ Her eyes fell on the piano - a favourite hobby of hers, when she had the time - and saw a hand-written piece of music there. It was a song, and she saw for the first time what Xenophilius Obsession's handwriting looked like. It was beautiful.

Slide 68: 

As she played out the notes and discovered the song for herself, she imagined Xeno sitting at that very piano, creating it for her. She didn't even try to hide her tears. 'For Juliette – As my life fades, your memory grows, Like a thorn bush around a single rose. I think of the times I put myself first, All the time under this stupid curse... No wonder you left to pursue a happy life, Away from what I gave you - struggle and strife. I hope you are happy, I hope you are free, Even if you did rip the heart out of me. This room is the monument of my endless devotion, Of love - my secret and hidden emotion. You'll never see it, you wouldn't have cared, But through my death, the ones I love have been spared.’ "Mummy?"

Slide 69: 

"Yasha? Is that you? You're so big now!“ "I'm all grown up now, mummy. I knew you'd come back. Yuri said you wouldn't, but I knew you would. I've missed you!“ "I've missed you too, sweetie.“ "Daddy took us on holiday, and we made friends with Snorkack, and -“ "Snorkack?“ "Yes, he's a cool Bigfoot!“ *Smiles* "That does make sense...“ "Mummy, I'm sad about daddy... is he going to come back soon?“ "Of course he is, Yasha. I'm not going to stop until I work out how."

Slide 70: 

Juliette combed out her hair and found her old clothes again. She felt like herself again. "Xindi brought you back from the dead once, Xeno. I'm sure I can work out a way to do it again.“ She searched high and low for the Bone Phone, but she was pretty certain that Xeno would have taken it with him when he... when he... passed on. It was only when she was searching in his spellbook, which promptly attacked her, that she noticed the obvious way. Maybe in Aladdin a genie can't bring back people from the dead, but things were a little different here.

Slide 71: 

"I'd like to make a wish, please.“ "If you wanna make a wish, you'd better be fast, 'Coz two out of three have already been cast.“ "Huh?“ "I'm a genie with a beat, I got the best rhymes, I gotta to speak in quirky raps at all times.“ "I would like you to resurrect Xenophilius Obsession for me. Is that okay?“ "Sure it is missy, I'll do it in a jiffy – I'd say two seconds, but it'd be more like fifty.“ "Umm, thanks...“ "No problem, lady, glad to be of help, If you need anything else, just yelp."

Slide 72: 

"This was the story, of two star-crossed lovers, And their child, Yasha, and her two brothers. Romeo played them, 'coz he was so jealous, But when he put on the charm he was too over-zealous. Torn apart through reasons beyond their control, In this unhappy tale they both had a role. But the panic is over, the plot is done, And it's a happy ending for every one! Apart from Romeo. But nobody cares about him.“ *Disappears in a puff of purple smoke* It took about ten seconds for Xenophilius to realise what had happened, and who had done it. "Is it really you, Jules? You've come back?“ "It was all Romeo, Xeno. He sent that note. I love you more than ever.“ "I love you too. But I keep forgetting -“ "Then I'll keep reminding you. But that summer house... that wasn't selfish. That was selfless. Maybe you're not as forgetful as you think...“ "I can't remember what your kisses feel like...“ "I'll be happy to remind you, darling.“

Slide 73: 

"I'm really sorry that I forgot about our dinner date that night...“ "Xeno, that was so long ago...“ "But it was the last time I saw you. And I couldn't stop thinking about it. And I was just gonna come and find you when Romeo came up, and said you were passionately in love and that you never wanted to see us again...“ "I can't believe I took in everything that he said. I honestly thought he was just being a good friend. I'm sorry we wasted so much time, Xeno.“ "No, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I was a terrible husband!“ "You have a condition!“ "Oh come on, it's not just that, is it? I've always been selfish. Being a zombie hasn't helped the situation, but it wasn't the start of it.“ "Be that as it may, we still had good times. And we will again. Because I know how to deal with you now. I just won't let you forget me. Even if I have to put photos of myself all over the walls of our house.“ "You'd love that, you show off.“ "Oi! And thank you for this room, Xeno. It's beautiful.“ "Just like you."

Slide 74: 

Xeno and Juliette spent the next 24 hours catching up for lost time. "Mummy! Daddy! Look, I got an A!“ "That's wonderful, sweetie!“ "... Why are you in your underwear? It's the afternoon!“ "Oh, umm, your mother and I were just...“ "We were just doing some exercise...“ "And then our clothes sort of fell off...“ "Oh. That makes perfect sense! Can I do some exercise too?“ "NO!"

Slide 75: 

And of course, it didn't take long for everybody to settle back into normal legacy life. "OMG a girl!“ "Obviously I'm a girl, Yridian! Just because I’m wearing the same outfit as you doesn't mean I can't be a girl.“ "Oh, I know that, Sadie... it's just that, well, I don't think I've ever spoken to a girl before... I bet I sound really cool right now, huh?" *Blushes* “Aaw, that's cute 'Riddy. I would have thought you were up to your eyes in girls!“ "What makes you think that?!"

Slide 76: 

"Well, you know legacy boys...“ "... No?“ "Oh, all girls want to marry in! So they stalk the guys and pray for their love.""And that's what you're doing?“ "You wish! As cute as you are 'Riddy, I have better things to do with my time than swoon over Obsession boys.“ "Umm, okay." *Mumbles* "I guess I won't bother asking you out right now then...“ "Did you say something, 'Riddy?“ "Oh, no. Just wondering if you wanted something else to eat."

Slide 77: 

"Woooah! I never knew you were this strong, Snorky!“ "My fur hides my rippling muscles, but I assure you that I am very strong indeed! I won't ever drop you, Yasha.“ "I know you won't, Snorky.... Snorky, do you think my brothers would ever play this game with me?“ "Oh, well, I'm not sure about that Yasha. They are big boys now, and have lots of homework to do and girls to chat up.“ "Oh. That's what I thought... Well, you can play with me until they have time for me!“ "Okay, Yasha. Shall I spin you twice as fast?“ "Yes please!"

Slide 78: 

It wasn't long before Xeno and Jules' make up woohoo had resulted in a surprise. "OMG BABY! And I'm going to make sure Xeno pays attention to this one!"

Slide 79: 

"Honey, I can't believe it... it's like I really am getting a second chance! I tried really hard with the kids when you were away, but it wasn't the same as having been with them right from the start. I'm going to give this little one everything it needs - love, friendship, toys, a cool haircut - everything!“ "Aaw, that's sweet Xeno! You don't think the others will resent him or her too much, do you?“ "Why would they resent a little baby?“ "For being so much younger than they are... Yasha's nearly a teenager, and it won't be too long before the boys are at university! I've already seen Yridian eyeing up a lovely girl, they could be married in a few years!“ "Slight over-reaction there...“ "But you know what I mean! They won't stay our babies forever, but what if they feel upset if we baby this new one too much?“ "Well, they shouldn't. They've had two great holidays out of me, and have been in two chapters now! I think they have plenty to be grateful for."

Slide 80: 

Being a Romance sim, Yuri was keen to get started on some practice, and the matchmaker dropped Mallory for him to 'play with'. "You know Mallory, you'd be rather good looking if it weren't for the hair...“ "Oi! You can't just discard a person because they don't have the kind of hair you like!“ "I'm sorry, I just mean, you know, it doesn't match your dress at ALL...“ "Excuse me, this is meant to be a date! Stop insulting me!“ "Okay, okay... I love the way your stubbly head catches the light...“ "That's it, I'm out of here!“ "No, wait, please! I'm just not very good at this..." *Sigh* "I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me. Normally I'm really polite, but since I met you, I... I have the urge to be really cocky to try to impress you.“ "Yuri, that never works with girls!“ "I know, but I didn't know how else to talk to you! I'm sorry, can we start again? My name is Yuri, I want to be a Rock God, and I think you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.“ "Well, I'm Mallory and you may kiss me now."

Slide 81: 


Slide 82: 

"Lucky...“ "So how're things going with your Mystery Woman?“ "She's no mystery, she's Sadie. And not well. She's quite head-strong, which I like, but it also makes her so indifferent to me... I might just give up.“ "No, never give up, 'Riddy! She'll come around eventually, just keep at it.“ "Hmm, I dunno. I wonder if the dating scene is really for me.“ "Well what else are you going to do with your life?“ "Paint pretty pictures?“ "I thought you were supposed to be named after some crooked alien race or something!“ "Apparently everyone has forgotten... so shh, don't remind them!" "... And bro, it was as simple as that!“ "That can't be all you said, Yuri!“ "Truly, it was. I have no idea how it worked, but I guess Mallory and I just clicked somehow. We're going on another date tonight.”

Slide 83: 

But on Yuri's date, Snorkack decided to ruin the mood. "Snorky! Put me down! I was about to swoop in for a kiss!“ "No kissing before marriage, Yuri! I am doing this for your own protection, otherwise you will fall to the ways of bad Romance sims.“ "Seriously, put me down!“ "No!“ "What are you going to do, pick me up every time I go within ten feet of a woman?“ "Or a man, yes." “But what if I start coming on to YOU?“ "Umm... I hadn't thought of that..." *Drops* "Have fun, now!“ "Hehe, sucker...."

Slide 84: 

“Now, where were we?”

Slide 85: 

"Yes! I just beat Yridian's top score on SSX! I rock!“ Not really the use Xenophilius had intended for the computer in Juliette's summer house... "Well, it is pretty here, I just like pwning at computer games more."

Slide 86: 

"Snorkack? I just wanted to say thank you for helping Xeno through such a tough time in his life. I know I should have been there, but I'm glad you were available to help him.“ "Oh, Jules, it was no problem. I love you guys to bits, and the kids too. And it's not your fault you weren't there...“ "I suppose not... but I really think you helped to save him.“ "Save him? He killed himself not long after we met!“ "Oh, you know what I mean! You helped him see what was wrong with him, and how to get over that. And I know the kids adore you too. Thank you for being such a good friend to us all, Snorky.“ "It's no trouble at all, Juliette."

Slide 87: 

"Are you excited about growing up tonight, Yasha?“ "Yes! Then I can play football with the boys! ... I think. I hope they let me...“ "Aaw, I'm sure they will, when they're not chasing after girls! And you can help me when the new baby arrives!“ "Do you think it will be a little girl, or a little boy, Mummy?“ "I don't know sweetie, but it would be nice if you had a little sister to play with, hmm?“ "I'd prefer a boy. Then at least I'll have one person to play football with!“ "You could always play football with me.“ "Hehe, but you're a girl!"

Slide 88: 

"Snorky! What are you doing!?“ "Giving you a hug while you still may enjoy it!“ "Why wouldn't I enjoy it when I'm older, Snorky?“ "Oh, you'll be too old to show signs of affection to your family and friends, Yash. You'll be too busy chasing boys and putting on make up to care!“ "Don't say that, Snorky! That sounds horrible!“ "Aaw, okay then. I promise to hug you at every available opportunity in future, okay?“ "Okay, deal!"

Slide 89: 

Yasha waited to blow out her candles. Growing up felt weird for her: family life had changed so much since she was little, and what with the new baby she didn't feel very important. She didn't mind too much, but she sometimes wondered where she fitted in in this household.

Slide 90: 

"Hey Mum!“ "Woah, you grew up beautifully! Now you just need to change your outfit and you'll be gorgeous!“ "But mum, I DID pick this outfit! Isn't it cool?“ "...What?“ "Now I can play sports all day and be comfy doing it!“ "Honey, I love freedom of expression as much as the next person, but I demand you change your outfit right now!“ "... Why?! I’m a Fortune sim who wants to be a Hall of Famer!” "Because it's not girly and I hate it.“ "Oh... What should I wear instead then?“ "I'll show you..."

Slide 91: 

"See, isn't this better? It has a cool scarf accessory too!“ "But, mum - I just want to play sports.“ "Honey, I know, but... I just love it when you dress in pretty clothes. And this outfit is good for sports too, it's got jeans and trainers. Winning combination!“ "Oh, alright then... I guess it is kind of cute...“ "I'm glad you like it, honey... And I just wanted to say, I'm sorry for speaking to you like this when I was away for such a huge part of your childhood. I'll never be able to forgive myself.“ "Mum, don't worry about it. I had dad, Yuri and Yridian to look after me, and then Snorky too.“ "But you needed a mother figure during that crucial time in your life...“ "Mum, if you think that's why I like sports, you're wrong.“ "There's nothing wrong with sports, honey, this is about my guilt!“ "No guilt, mum! I forgive you for everything, so will you please just shut up about it and let me coo over your pregnant tummy like a good daughter?“ "Umm, okay then."

Slide 92: 

"Aaw, baby's gonna be so sweet! Yes you are! And I'm going to cuddle you lots!“ "But Yasha, you're so mean! You have no Nice points!“ "That doesn't make me a bad person. Anyway, I'm going to train this kid in the exquisite techniques of backwards ninja kung-fu. That's definitely a thing.“ "Sure it is..."

Slide 93: 

A note to all people who said I was "mistreating" Juliette: Autonomous kissing, ALL DAY LONG. At one point, when I was playing Jules in the Monty residence, unknown to me Xeno came on to the lot and I found the two of them making out while Romeo watched on in distress. ***No Juliettes were harmed in the making of the past two chapters!***

Slide 94: 

This can only mean one thing - Juliette is giving birth in the bathroom - AGAIN! "OMG, that lady's giving birth, and - wow, Yridian's sexy!“ "I know, look at that bum!"

Slide 95: 

And within no time at all, baby Yaxley had arrived! Named after one of Voldemort's Death Eaters, Yaxley is obviously not a very nice guy. He's got black hair like the rest of the Y Kids, and blue eyes like Yasha. "Juliette, he's lovely! I've never held a baby before, am I doing it right?“ "You're doing it perfectly, Snorky! Does it ever make you sad that you'll never get married and have kids?“ "Sometimes... but the time I've spent with your lovely family will make up for it, I've got so many happy memories of you all!“ "Oh, that's lovely Snorky! But remember, you are our guest here, and not a servant. So give Yaxley to me and I will feed him, while you put your feet up.“ "Thank you, Jules! Actually, there is something other than putting my feet up that I wish to do..."

Slide 96: 

"I told you I wouldn't stop!“ "Hehe, it still tickles Snorky! Am I not too heavy for you?“ "I can carry your father, and he's far heavier. You're only little. Any luck with the twins, Yash?“ "No, they still won't play sport with me... Apparently they don't want to get sweaty before seeing their girlfriends tonight... sissys!"

Slide 97: 

"Aaw, you mustn't begrudge them their love, Yasha. When you meet the right young man, you'll understand exactly how they feel.“ "I don't think so! I don't plan to fall into any traps of love, they only weigh you down from work and other commitments.“ "But what if you're picked as the heir? You'll have to be married then!“ "Perhaps... but I just can't see myself developing a silly teenage crush, can you?“ "No, I guess not. You're too serious for that! Anyway Yasha, you have a nice day while I'm at work, and I'll see you this evening." Snorkack kissed her on the cheek, and she watched his walk to his carpool, smiling. As much as she loved her family, she loved her un-official family member more.

Slide 98: 

"Malloy, what did you do to your hair?!“ "Well, I wanted to please you. I know you didn't like my old style...“ "I thought it suited you. I didn't mean to insult you, I swear!“ "It's okay, you were right. I couldn't have hair like that with a dress like this. Maybe when we go to college, I'll go back to my punk roots, but not right now.“ "Wait, you're coming to university too? YES!"

Slide 99: 

"Public displays of affection from my son... shameful.“ "And I am thusly filled with shame also, father!“ "... Guys, am I the only one who's enjoying this hug?“ "It appears so!"

Slide 100: 

After being ignored for most of his infant life, Yaxley was finally ready to grow up! "Yaay go little bro! “ "And be cute, son!“ But will Yaxley be cute? You'll have to wait until the next installment to see! I already have it written up in-game, but converting this one took me about four hours today! So by the weekend, we should get the conclusion of Generation Y, and the voting can begin! Thank you for reading, and I hope the new layout was okay. Not perfect, but what else can I do? - Lucy

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