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Waste Minimization Report Facilities Division June 2006

Continued Successes: 

Continued Successes Facilities Division continues to reduce a number of items for long term success. 1.Since 03 Facilities has continually reduced it’s recycling of oily rags by 60% from baseline. 2. An additional waste minimizations goal was to encourage the use of rechargeable batteries. The Division store department is no longer stocking alkaline batteries in sizes AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 volt. These batteries are only available as rechargeable. 3. All toner cartridges are recycled.

Continued Successes: 

Continued Successes All packing popcorn lab wide is recycled through our shipping department. Excess is occasionally sent to UPS. All tire and oil products from motor pool are recycled. Shrink wrap and plastic bags are recycled. Yearly about 3250 lbs. Disks and disketts and cd’s approximately 3000 lbs.

Continued Success: 

Continued Success The Cafeteria kitchen staff is now recycling glass and aluminum containers. Facilities Division only orders recycled paper. In late 2002 Facilities changed to Bio-Diesel. This fuel is 20% vegetable oil and reduces diesel consumption by 20%. In 2003 we used 39,931 gallons of bio diesel. In 2005 we used 30,998 gallons. Facilities had problems with the diesel tank.  The slightly corrosive nature of the Bio-diesel caused sediment to form in the bottom of the tank.  It was clogging our fuel filters the tank was shut down for about 4 months. The ethanol tank was opened on June 15th. 2004. This further reduced gasoline consumption.

The Building 51 Project: 

The Building 51 Project Between June 2004 and now the building 51 project has accomplished the following: Eleven (11) 40-yd dumpsters of recycle metals removed. 72 roof blocks, totaling 1,977 tons, were crushed to be used as roadbed. 15 tons of steel transferred to LLNL for reuse. RF Amplifiers transferred as property loan between AFRD and Rutherford Lab.

Custodial Green Products: 

Custodial Green Products The Custodial department has replaced all of it’s main cleaners with 3 green cleaners. Spartan Damp Mop Floor Cleaner has been replaced with Green Solutions COTG # 103 Neutral Disinfectant and cleaner. Spartan Shineline Multipurpose cleaner has been replaced by Green Solutions COTG#101 All purpose Cleaner. Spartan Glass Cleaner has been replaced by Cotg#102 Glass Cleaner.

2006 Accomplishments: 

2006 Accomplishments Dolphin Series Water Treatment Excellence. This water treatment system improves the operational performance of the water based systems to which it is applied. The pulsed power technology makes these systems more efficient and longer lasting by eliminating or greatly reducing performance inhibitors such as scale, corrosion, bacteria, biofilm, encrustation, and fouling. Besides saving water and energy usage, the capital cost of the Dolphin system is lower that the operating expense of standard chemical treatment considering life-cycle costs. The Dolphin System is chemical-free. It prevents exposure to and migration of hazardous chemicals. The system would greatly reduce the man hours required to maintaining the current system.

2006 Accomplishments: 

2006 Accomplishments Currently the Dolphin system is installed at buildings 62,37,and the new Molecular Foundry. The cost is $16,000 thousand per installation. Combined savings in chemical and man hours approximately $100.000 per year. The building 50 complex is slated for the next installation. The preliminary results are excellent.

2006 Goals: 

2006 Goals We investigated the phase 3 Oil Sponge that Los Alamos has been using successfully for several years. The oil sponge would have replaced the regular vermiculite absorbent to clean up oil spills, and that type of waste. The real innovation from the autoshop is the custom bin they designed to constantly reuse their supply of oil sponge . Since oil sponge makes its way from the top of the bin to the bottom, the petroleum hydrocarbons are digested so that the oil sponge can be reused for a very long time. Other properties of Oil sponge include: Biodegradable Suppress vapors Non leaching and pass EPA paint filter /TCLP testing. Non carcinogenic Water repellent Manufactured from renewable sources Oil sponge absorb up to 8 times fore liquid than other clay type products. Oil sponge is available in a remedial premium absorbent that contains hydrocarbon-eating “bugs” to break down the oils. This was determined to not fit the needs of our motor pool area.

2006 Accomplishments: 

2006 Accomplishments Facilities Division replaced CRT’S on most computers with flat screen panels. The reduces energy used as well as eliminates a potential hazardous waste. Facilities has finished installing low flow toilets and urinals in all buildings. This was a project that took several years and was completed in 2005. Facilities had installed low flow shower heads in all showers at the lab. This project also took a number of years and was completed in 2005.

2007 Goals: 

2007 Goals One of our goals for 2007 is to replace the plastic bags used by the custodians with green bags. Green bags are compostable. Green bags biodegrade quickly leaving no harmful residues. Green bags have no polyethylene ingredients.

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