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InternationalHigh-Performance Networking: 

InternationalHigh-Performance Networking June, 1999 by Steven N. Goldstein

vBNS Backbone Network Map: 

HAY San Francisco NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Center HSJ Houston DNJ Denver Ameritech NAP DNG Chicago NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications NOR Cleveland PYM Perryman, MD Sprint NAP MFS NAP PSC Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center C RTO Los Angeles C A C C AST Atlanta C C A C C C C C WOR New York City vBNS Backbone Network Map CHT Boston C WAE Washington, DC C SEJ Seattle C C* A C A C C J C C* J

vBNS IPv6 Logical Network Map: 

vBNS IPv6 Logical Network Map PSC VA Tech Trumpet (Australia) Chicago Reston San Francisco Perryman ODU

STAR TAP: Persistent Interconnect for NGI, Internet2, International High-Performance Networks: 

STAR TAP: Persistent Interconnect for NGI, Internet2, International High-Performance Networks Source: http://www.startap.net/topology.html Japan Korea Singapore Taiwan Australia France Iceland Sweden Denmark Norway Finland Netherlands Israel Russia CERN CA*net 2

The Many “Faces” of STAR TAP* : 

The Many “Faces” of STAR TAP* * Courtesy Paul Zawada


STAR TAP CONNECTIONS CA*Net 2 (Canada) 155 Mbps (http://www.canarie.ca ) vBNS (NSF/MCI) 155 Mbps (http://www.vbns.net ) DoE (ESnet) and NASA (NREN and NISN) share 155 Mbps connection TAP (http://www.es.net ) Abilene (UCAID/Internet2) (http://www.ucaid.org) SINGAREN (Singapore) 14 Mbps (http://www.singaren.net.sg ) TransPAC (35 Mbps from Tokyo--Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia...); potential for doubling capacity in ‘99 (http://www.transpac.org ); TAnet II (Taiwan, ~15 Mbps of a 45 Mbps link) MirNET (6 Mbps link from Moscow) expected by end of Dec 98; (http://www.mirnet.org ) SURFnet (Netherlands) 155 Mbps to New York, and 45 Mbps split off to STAR TAP NORDUnet (backbone connects IS, NO, SE, FI, DK) expected May ‘99; ~45 Mbps will be split off from 155 Mbps to New York (http://www.nordu.net ) Israel (~45 Mbps via satellite, Inter-University Computation Center) delivery expected May-June '99; Renater (~45 Mbps, France) is tendering for 45 Mbps, or greater, link to the U.S., portion to STAR TAP CERN (~20 Mbps) direct to STAR TAP; expected May 99 Already Connected: Pending:

Osaka University’s 3 Million Volt Electron Microscope: 

Osaka University’s 3 Million Volt Electron Microscope The electron microscope at Osaka University (left) and its control room (right). Photo ©1999 Osaka University.

Remote Operation from San Diego: 

Remote Operation from San Diego NCMIR Director Mark Ellisman at the "knob box" in the remote control pavilion at UC San Diego, operating the Osaka microscope. Photo ©1999 Osaka University.

3-D Electron Micrograph of Biological Specimen: 

3-D Electron Micrograph of Biological Specimen Object making its way from the center to the left-hand edge of the picture is a blood capillary in the 4.5-micrometer thick sample. The dark tree-like object is the Purkinje cell; the branches are called dendrites. Photo ©1999 Osaka University.

Electron Micrograph of 18-8 Stainless Steel: 

Electron Micrograph of 18-8 Stainless Steel Electron micrograph of 18-8 stainless steel studied by Hidehiro Yasuda via the remote link. The horizontal features are a group of dislocations sliding on a slip-plane toward the grain boundary (vertical winglike feature). Photo ©1999 Osaka University.

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