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Lucey technology may consider products that have something to do with information technology, they may invest from time to time to your advantage.


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MEDXNOTE Using Medxnote’s clinical bots within Microsoft Teams doctors can save hours of clinical time by accessing patient records on their mobile phones. This clinical team can be release to patient care improving patient satisfaction ratings and in some cases result in discharging patients more efficienty.

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WALLBRAND Wallbrand  is a Social shooping modern chiefly North American term for a form of shopping precinct or shopping center in which one or more buildings form a complex of shops with interconnecting walkways usually indoors. In 2017 shopping malls accounted for 8 of retailing space in the United States.

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PIXALERT The plan is to create four such devices and each will be the largest digital cameras ever built. Each camera contains a 64x64 grid of CCDs of 600 pixels each to give the complete 1.4 billion pixel image.

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BOSCA BOX BoscaBoxs powerful Android based platform enables retailers to deliver a truly multi-channel digital experience in the store efficiently and cost effectively. Bringing digital in-store and delivering quckly and efficiently across national chains is a key component in delivering the multi- channel customer experience and re-inventing the retail space.

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ABOUT US A successful digital transformation is more than just updated technology solutions. In order to create new business and to position itself as the market leader a company needs to reinvent its ways or working. An organization needs to successfully implement.Lucey Technology is the technical skill to enable the computer services that have provided the range of services including design.developingscopingbrandingmarketin g and much more.

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CONTACT US ADDRESS:DublinIreland Mobile Number:076968 85488 E- mail:luceytechnology4gm WEBSITE:

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