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How to Build Great Looking Abs X Alpha Muscle X Alpha Muscle is the manufacturer listed on its site for X Alpha and several other products. They say that their products are clinically tested. In the test for the product men were divided into a placebo group and a group given the supplement with all of its actual ingredients. They were tested over a period of time and the placebo group didn’t see results. The group taking X Alpha saw more muscle mass raised testosterone levels and fat loss. X Alpha Muscle However there is no information about this testing on the Alpha site so you might want to contact Customer Support to verify this trial test was actually done. There is a Contact Us page on the X Alpha Muscle site with an email phone number and address. However be aware that the address is listed specifically as a returns address and there is no additional information X Alpha Muscle confirming that the address is actually the site where the products are manufactured and there is no other address listed as the place where the product is made. The address is located in Savannah Georgia but there is not enough information to know where the product is actually made and if it is made safely. If you are thinking about trying the product this might be something you can ask them about through Customer Support. http://purenitrateadvice.com/x-alpha-muscle/

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