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Filipinos and Chinese tradition and values:

Filipinos and Chinese tradition and values Presented by: Group 5 Friendly Leader: Chynna Louise Bonanza Members: Portia Mae Linga Mark Owen De la Cruz Alyssa Mae Clavano Karl Adug Jenicil Arsula Kim Shian Tan Oneal Evangelio Jerome Sarabia

Filipino Values:

Filipino Values HOSPITABLE- Filipinos are called hospitable because when they have visitors they make them feel at home. They are warm and friendly . They entertain visitors as if they are part of their family.

Filipino Values:

Filipino Values Bayanihan - is a core essence of the Filipino culture. It is helping out one’s neighbor as a community, and doing a task together, thus lessening the workload and making the job easier.

Filipino Tradition:

Filipino Tradition Mano po -  (the younger member of a family will take the elders hand and place the back of it to their forehead). Using of Ate or Kuya - to show respect to the elders. Holding a gathering or family reunion just to catch up the update of every family members.

Filipino Tradition:

Filipino Tradition Parol - The Pinoy symbol of the Star of Bethlehem. Bright and colorful, the parol adorns every household during the Christmas season. 

Filipino Tradition:

Filipino Tradition Sing-a-long-This is a clear proof of the Filipino's love for music. Everywhere you go, may it be in bars, in small restaurants or even in carnivals, you'll always find a sing-a-long machine (which can be considered as the modern version of juke box stations). Just drop a coin or two and pronto!!! - you'll hear the latest songs on play.  

Chinese Tradition:

Chinese Tradition Using Chopsticks- born of necessity in the earliest times, highly influenced the eating and cooking traditions still followed today in China.

Chinese Tradition:

Chinese Tradition Chinese Foot Binding-as bizarre as it may seem to our culture, to the Chinese people, it was the esoteric essence of pure beauty and signified status within the family structure, allowing young women with lotus feet better opportunities for marriage with well-to-do families.

Chinese Tradition:

Chinese Tradition Beijing Opera - is the most widely known Chinese theatrical style with over 200 years of history. Although the art form started in China's Yangtze River Yan’an region, it only became fully developed in Beijing, and that is how it's name came to be

Chinese Values:

Chinese Values Being Family oriented/ Close family ties- extended families live in the same roof or lived in very close quarters – sharing a common courtyard.

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