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Surge protectors are a common device in about every household. Small appliances and devices, when exposed to an overvoltage resulting from constant load switching up to a few amps, can be easily protected by a surge protector. However, a direct lightning strike of billion amps is other game. There are surge arrestors also called surge protection device specially manufactured to protect electrical and electronic items from overvoltage caused due to a direct lightning strike. Know more about us here:


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Surge Protector

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Surge Protector Surge protectors are a common device in about every household. They give you the liberty of more outlets offering different ports and some even have energy saving features.

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Surge Protector It is true that the entire lighting protection system – lightning rods cables and solid grounding provides defense against direct strike but with the help of surge protectors.

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Surge Protector Lightning rod is perched on the roof of a building providing low resistant path to the lighting current. It is connected to a down conductor which runs this current down to the nearby conductive grid buried in the ground.

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