Lightning Safety With The Latest DAS Technology

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Many commercial and residential building are at a risk of lightning damage. Personal injury, loss to business and equipment is a huge expense for any company or individual to bear. Trust a lightning safety system with Dissipated Array System (DAS) technology to greatly reduce this threat on your business, residence, equipment, data and life. It prevents direct lightning strikes within the area of protection. Feel free to visit us at:


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Lightning Safety

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Lightning Safety Lightning is the visible discharge of static electricity within a cloud between clouds or between earth and a cloud. Throughout human history lightning has been a destructive force responsible for more deaths than tornados and hurricanes.

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Lightning Safety Lightning safety tips will hardly come handy when millions volts lightning directly strikes your home. Thus prevention is the best protection against it. Installing lightning protection system will prevent damage by providing a safe electrical path into the earth for li ghtni ng’ s destructive energy.

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Lightning Safety Lightning rods and ground electrodes. For years these rods have been used for collecting and controlling the destructive powers of lightning. Still some current does pass through sensitive electronic equipment.

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