IT Support in London Should Always Be This Good


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HTLGroup was initially founded in 2009 by Managing Director Justin Dean, to provide specialist IT support and IT consultancy services to financial services sector clients. Since its launch, HTL has rapidly evolved to offer a full range of cutting-edge, integrated and flexible products and services to a worldwide client base across all industries.


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IT Support in London Should Always Be This Good:

IT Support in London Should Always Be This Good When you pick up the telephone and call for IT Support in London what have you come to expect? You should be able to expect to hear a friendly voice that understands your business, your computer setup, and is your partner in keeping your business running smoothly. The problem is too often we call an average London IT support provider and we hear a strange voice on the phone, need to explain our network, and waste time. It is amazing how hard it can be to find a company that really becomes your business partner and cares about how you do business. This increases in difficulty when you need support for products from top vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, and HP. It seems the harder a company works on keeping up with technology of top companies the farther they stray from understanding our bottom line needs. Businesses are not built for technology; technology is built for our businesses.

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IT Support You Can Understand Imagine having an IT Support provider in London who is down to earth, understands your needs on a personal level, but is extremely talented in working with all of the latest technology and brands. Someone you feel comfortable sitting down with and discussing your business model and processes with and they understand how to integrate the technology into your ideas instead of trying to push your ideas into the technology . There is IT Support in London with those qualities; it is just not on every street corner. It is interesting that one of the companies who provide this style of support also offers some of the fastest responses and most coverage hours of any support team in the metropolitan area. Fast Response Required When you need support you do not need it in a few days, you need answers right now. As you are evaluating options for your London IT Support partner check out their response times. The best companies in London offer 2-hour response times and around the clock help desks. They recognize just because the daytime work hours are over does not mean your night shifts do not require support. Losing one or two shifts of productivity can be disastrous for many small businesses. It is not necessary when you choose the right partner.

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Here are a few key items you should require for your support partner : 2 Hour Response 24/7 Availability Personal Engineer (Someone assigned to care for your company as the lead technician.) Flexible Support Plans – Not all companies need around the clock support, or help desk plans. Spare Parts and Loaner Systems Preventative Programs Look at that last item closely. It is one item which is lacking in the product offerings from many London IT Support firms. It is always better to have proactive and preventative maintenance to reduce downtime, rather than wait for disaster to strike. It cuts your costs and increases your productivity. IT Support in London can be easy, enjoyable, and effective when you choose the right partner. Have you found your partner yet?

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