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Blog: TOOLS OF A LOCKSMITH Locksmiths are professionals who are known for getting you out of difficult situations. They are your shields against the attack of angry locks that refuse to budge. They are the solution to your lost key problems. With Hollywood glorifying their skills in the form of lock-picking it deserves a mention the tools that these locksmiths use to get us back inside our locked cars. The first essential tool that a locksmith carries is a plug spinner. This tool is inserted manually inside the lock cylinder. It lifts and rotates the plug and pushes it back into unlocked position which opens up the lock. This is the first skill that a locksmith learns to carry on in the profession. The second tool that a locksmith carries is the electric pick gun. It is a fast-track solution to opening up locks. The gun looks like an electric drill which has a pointy end which goes inside the cylinder. When the power is turned on the gun forces the internal mechanism to shift into neutral position and opens up the lock. The third tool that these professionals carry is the key extractor. This tool is for the instances where the key breaks while trying to open a lock and a portion of it gets stuck inside. People who are in a hurry often end up breaking their keys while locking. A locksmith in Queens – an example of a busy city – is bound to get calls about broken keys many times in a day.

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