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BA (HONS) BUSINESS (TOURISM MANAGEMENT) (TOP - UP) Session 1: Introduction to the “Managing Global Tourism” Module MGT Liz Argent Slide 1

Session Content : 

Session Content Change & transition What’s expected of you and what you can expect Module content Session structures (Lecture/seminar) Assignment, assessment and exam structure TIS Referencing ILP’s Tutorials LRC activity Recommended reading MGT Liz Argent Slide 2

Change & Transition : 

Change & Transition Level of tutor input Independent study Level of reading Referencing Time! Assignments & exams MGT Liz Argent Slide 3

Expectations : 

Expectations Attendance at ALL sessions Participation Assignments Out of class study/set tasks Exams! MGT Liz Argent Slide 4

Module Content : 

Module Content Aims To examine key issues of global tourism To evaluate impacts and challenges of global tourism To propose solutions to issues and problems in contemporary global tourism MGT Liz Argent Slide 5

Learning Outcomes : 

Learning Outcomes A1 analyse key issues of global urban tourism development and evaluate their socio-economic and environmental impact A2 identify and critically evaluate key aspects of aid, Government and tourism in less developed countries MGT Liz Argent Slide 6

Learning Outcomes (Cont.) : 

Learning Outcomes (Cont.) B1 evaluate analytically the meaning ad impact of sustainable tourism development, and the approaches to managing the development of tourism through concepts of policy and planning B2 define and analyse the key effects of crime and order on global tourism development and devise sustainable solutions for crisis management and restoration of consumer confidence MGT Liz Argent Slide 7

Content & Topic Areas : 

Content & Topic Areas Urban tourist development and regeneration Crime and tourism Dark tourism and media impacts Sex and child sex tourism MGT Liz Argent Slide 8

Content & Topic Areas (Cont.) : 

Content & Topic Areas (Cont.) Politics/policy and planning tourism Poverty alleviation Crisis management Ecotourism MGT Liz Argent Slide 9

Session Structures : 

Session Structures Lectures Seminars MGT Liz Argent Slide 10

Assignment, Assessment and Exam Structure : 

Assignment, Assessment and Exam Structure A1 – 50% A2 – 50% MGT Liz Argent Slide 11

T.I.S : 

T.I.S What is it? How does it differ from a dissertation? Structure Content Reflection Viva Timescales MGT Liz Argent Slide 12

Referencing : 

Referencing VITAL!!!! How is it different to the last two years? Handbook MGT Liz Argent Slide 13

ILP’s/Learning and Personality Styles : 

ILP’s/Learning and Personality Styles What? Why? To be completed during the session MGT Liz Argent Slide 14

Tutorials : 

Tutorials To be carried out on a schedule basis Appointment based Extra can be requested by student Group tutorials conducted during assignment and exam periods MGT Liz Argent Slide 15

LRC Activity : 

LRC Activity Crime & Tourism – Sarah & Maks Dark Tourism – Kelly & Jeanette Sex and Child Sex Tourism – Alex & James Poverty Alleviation – Davina & Gosia Crisis Management – Sonia & Rachel Ecotourism – Alex S & Crystal MGT Liz Argent Slide 16

Activity (Cont.) : 

Activity (Cont.) Highlight purpose of journal Main points of argument Your own counter argument Conclusions Feedback to the group WHY IS THE JOURNAL SUITABLE FOR YOUR STUDIES??? MGT Liz Argent Slide 17

Reading : 

Reading Recommended reading list (course spec) The Tourist Gaze – J Urry Tourism and Development in the Developing World – D J Telfer & R Sharpley Global Tourism – W F Theobald (ed) Restoring Destinations in Crisis – D Beirman MGT Liz Argent Slide 18

Reading (Cont.) : 

Reading (Cont.) Dark Tourism: The Attraction of Death and Disaster – J Lennon & M Foley Critical Issues in Ecotourism: Understanding a Complex Tourism Phenomenon – J Higham Global Ecotourism Polices and Case Studies: Perspectives and Constraints – M Luck & T Kirstages Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise? – M Honey JOURNALS!!!! MGT Liz Argent Slide 19

Slide 20: 

Q & A MGT Liz Argent Slide 20

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