A Sparrow Legacy! Chapter 2.05

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A Sparrow Legacy Chapter 2.05 Farewell Younger Days

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Hey guys! Welcome to Chapter 2.05 of A Sparrow Legacy! We’ve only got 2 more Chapters to go now before we finally head of to college with this generation so not long now. I’m sorry it took so long guys, 2 months is terrible even for more, but my attention was taking by life. Anyway lets get things started yeah?

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We start off by showing off Shadow’s recent promotion! Plus the fact I can now see what levels I am at with the careers. A nice slow start, especially considering all what happened last chapter right?

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Its summer in the Sparrow household though and the kids are taking full advantage of it. Pitch: “Wahoo!” Pepper: “Look! No feet!”

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Shadow: “Its 6’o’Clock Pluto, don’t you think we should go inside now?” Pluto: “No! Not yet, just a couple more pushes, please?” Shadow: “Okay but we’ve got a party to go to remember? So we can’t stay out here too long.” Pluto: “Okay fine but push me higher!”

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Hey there Sally! Sally: “Hey Comet. I thought I’d come and wish my son a happy birthday.” That’s nice but try not to get him to join you in the afterlife okay? I’m not ready for him to leave yet. Sally: “Yes well I heard what happened with my grandson.” Oh god that’s the real reason your out isn’t it? I’m watching you Sally.

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Yep the time has come for my generation 2 heir and spouse to become elders. What are you wishing for Shadow? Shadow: “Well if I told you that it wouldn’t come true, would it?”

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Why’d you stop Shadow? Shadow: “Isn’t that mom?” Oh yeah. Just ignore her, she’ll return back to the afterlife at sunrise. Shadow: “That’s all well and good but can she not take my daughter along with her?” What?

Slide 9:

SALLY! Sally: “ BOO!!! ” Pepper: “AHHHH!” Sally! How could you scare your own granddaughter? Sydney: “Hey mom. How’s the afterlife?” Sally: “ Hello Sid! How are your kids and that brother of yours? ”

Slide 10:

Pepper: “Oh Plumbob. This is so humiliating.” No one’s paying attention to you Pepper. Pepper: “I wet my pants at a party! My life is over! I’m never going to be able to show my face at school again!” No one saw it! Go take a shower before anyone notices.

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Good luck Shadow! Shadow: “ Ow ! I think my back just went out!” Like mother, like son.

Slide 12:

Shadow: “Hey that wasn’t too bad. My hair didn’t even turn grey.” Yeah but now I’ve got search through hundreds of hairs just to find the grey version of yours. Siana: “Happy birthday Shadow!” Paddy: “Wow! Look at all the pretty colours around dad!” Happy birthday Shadow. Shadow: “Thanks Comet.”

Slide 13:

As the guests wait for the next cake to be set up they suddenly realise what had just happened. Siana: “What is that smell?” Areika: “Oh god! I thought Shadow taught you kids better.” Coral: “Phew! What is that horrible smell? Has the cake gone off already?” Paddy: “Pepper go take a shower! I know you work in the army but none of us want to smell it!” The whole room full of guests reacted like this at the same time. You can just see Sylvester there in the background. Poor Pepper.

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Next up with have Coral. Coral: “This time I really am going to turn old right? No tricky loopholes like the last time.” No you really are going to turn into an old lady this time. You seem happy about it. Coral: “I’m bored of being an adult. Bring on the saggy and grey hair!” Well then the stage is yours Coral.

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I guess her hair doesn’t have an elder version, all though I’m pretty sure I got rid of that style of hair a while a go. Coral: “How do I look?” You look just fine Coral. All though you do need a change of clothes. Pitch & Paddy: “Cake?”

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Pepper: * Sobs* ”I can’t believe I wet myself at a party! This is so humiliating!” Phoenix: “Come on Pepper, stop crying. Its mum and dads birthday, you don’t want to ruin it do you?” Pepper: “But everybody saw!” Pluto: “Stop being a baby! Nobody was looking at you! Trust me nobody cared about the Princess peeing herself!” Pepper: “Shut up, Pluto!” The whole time Pepper sobbed Pluto kept giving this face. Not even Phoenix did this and he only has 1 nice point.

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And where do you think you’re going mister? Paddy: “GAH! Comet! Don’t scare me like that!” Answer the question. Paddy: “Me and Beth are sneaking out to Bluewater Village. A new club has just opened and we want to check it out.” Bethany and I. Hold up, how is she affording this? Plane rides are expensive you know, its not easy to go somewhere just to sneak out!

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Television: “ In other news the airline services of the Sim World have lost so much money because of the ‘allow quick teenage date runs’ scheme that they’ve decided to scrap it. With so many foreign teenagers trying to go out with their dates the airlines have lost almost § 2,00000. Mr Rogers has this to say- ” Pepper: “Well Paddy isn’t going to be happy with that.” Where is your brother anyway Pepper? The school bus is going to be here soon. Pepper: “Paddy? Well-”

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Pepper: “-Lets just say he’s catching up on some much needed sleep. ” Paddy: “No don’t take my ice-cream away *Snores*. ”

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We interrupt are usually schedule to announce the arrival of KITTENS! Now I’m not a Pets fan, it lags my game big time but every family needs a pet right?

Slide 22:

So as the popup said Cocoa ended up having twin kittens. I decided to stick with the theme I got going by naming the pets after food products so I named the female one Sugar. Sugar: “ Old man Sim is a Popularity Sim .”

Slide 23:

And this one is Spice. This is the last time I’ll be able to tell the apart until they grow up because they both look exactly the same. Spice: “ I can’t believe you called me Spice. How original of you .” Hey shut up! It was either go with Sugar and Spice or Salt and Pepper, and I already have a Pepper so it fell on the first option.

Slide 24:

Shadow is thrilled to have more pets in the house, with his business technically sold now and his job almost maxed it would give him something to do. Shadow: “I have no idea which one I’m holding here.” Me either. Is it a boy or a girl? Shadow: “ *Checks* Boy. So this is Spice then, I hope you’re going to look different when you’re older. Otherwise we’re never going to be able to tell the difference.”

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Coral didn’t grow up in platinum like Shadow, so she will be the one to go first sadly. But at least she finally managed to get her LTW. Coral Sparrow is now running the criminal world. Coral: “Captain Hero beware, because I’m going to stop you for causing havoc to this town!”

Slide 26:

I did eventually get around to giving both Coral and Shadow their much needed makeover's. The only reason I took so long was because they both rushed off to work before I had a chance. Here is Coral looking as gorgeous as ever despite being an old lady. Coral: “What are these stains in here? Don’t we only put biscuits in these things?”

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And here is our Generation 2 Heir looking like a proper Silver Fox. Glasses Shadow? Shadow: “My eyesight seems to have failed me in my old age, Comet.” I don’t mind. You look good with glasses. Shadow: “Thanks.”

Slide 28:

Kacper: “ How are those old bones treating you daughter-in-law?! Feeling achy? How about bathroom problems? Bet they’re not so great now! ” Coral: “AHHH!” KACPER! How the bloody hell did you get up to the 3 rd floor?! Kacper: “ No stairs can stop me! ”

Slide 29:

Pluto: *Shakes with electricity* Pitch: *Giggles* Those carpet shocks are powerful. That was almost like the poor kid got hit by lightning there.

Slide 30:

Just one more to go Shadow and you’ve have completed another LTW. Shadow: “I’m glad. This is getting very tiring, I don’t know how my dad managed to do this his whole life without retiring.”

Slide 31:

Of course coming home to a happy son waiting with a hug is probably one of the reasons why Shadow hasn’t asked to retire. Pitch: “Welcome home Dad! Momma is talking about saving the world to the magazines again and Pluto broke a mirror.” Pluto: *By the front door* ”You liar Pitch! You were the one who throw the ball through the window.” Pitch: “Was not!” Shadow: “How about we get inside and then talk about? Its hailing pretty hard after all.” Pitch & Pluto: “Okay Dad!”

Slide 32:

Shadow wasn’t kidding about it hailing. My game is very well behaved when it comes to weather, only giving me snow storms or thunder storms on occasion. Apparently it decided we were long overdue a hailstorm. Paddy: “Oh my Plumbob, what is this stuff? It feels like I’m being pelted by rocks!” Close, its frozen rain. Paddy: “I can feel my needs dropping the more I stand here!” Then get inside your carpool! This stuff could kill you, you know!

Slide 33:

Pepper: “Oh plumbob , its not another party is it?” Pepper just because you had an accident at the last party doesn’t mean its going to be the same at every party. Pepper: “You don’t know that!” Well what are you going to do? Its you baby brothers birthday! You can’t miss it just because something embarrassing might happen to you. Pepper: “Who says I’m going to miss it?”

Slide 34:

Pepper: “You’re going to have to speak up Koko, my whole family is round tonight so it’s a bit noisy. No its just my brothers’ birthday that’s all. What? No I can talk.” *Rolls eyes*

Slide 35:

Happy birthday Pitch and Pluto! Seems a bit rushed? That’s because I used SimPE to make them the same age as Misty and Brock, that way they can all go to college together. Pluto: “What to wish for? Well how about a chance to actually be a child?!” Ha! You said it out loud which means its not going to come true now! Pluto: “Damn it!”

Slide 37:

Pitch: “Hey that wasn’t too bad! The clothes are aren’t to bad either!” Pluto: “Speak for yourself brother. I look like a Knight that escaped from the Round Table.” Pepper (In the background): “I’m serious! You want to make a bet on it? Alright I bet you §15 that I have aliens in my family. Prepare to pay up Koko because I’m looking at 3 very green people right now.” Why yes Pepper did stay on the phone through the entire time her brothers was growing up, why’d you ask?

Slide 38:

Pepper: “You think I’m lying? Right now I’m standing between my Uncle Drake and his son Daisuke, both them sharing the same green skin. I’ll send you a picture if you want me to!” Daisuke: “Hey Pepper why don’t you tell her what happened at the last birthday party? I bet that’s a more interesting topic.” Pepper: “Shut up, Dai! What? Oh its nothing Ko , just my irritating baby cousin.”

Slide 39:

Pluto Sparrow Personality: 7/4/7/5/5 Star Sign: Cancer Aspiration: Romance/Popularity Turn Ons : Fitness & Zombies Turn Off: Custom Hair OTH: Sports DNA: ~ Light Blue/Custom Green ~ Black/Blonde ~ Skin 2/Skin 2 ~ Eyes & Jaw

Slide 40:

Pitch Sparrow Personality: 10/4/1/8/6 Star Sign: Capricorn Aspiration: Fortune/Family Turn Ons : Red Hair & Fitness Turn Off: High Logic Skills OTH: Cuisine DNA: ~ Green/Custom Green ~ Black/Blonde ~ Skin 4/Skin 4 ~ Eyes & Jaw

Slide 41:

Pluto: “Damn it! Why is this so hard?! This is Primary School homework for crying out loud! Maybe if I stick my pen in my hair that will help.” * Facepamls *

Slide 42:

Despite the fact it makes my game lag like a slow moving turtle, I love the small things like this that comes with Pets. The room dividers as well are awesome, especially when I have multiple toddlers. Butter-Milk: “ Hold still would you Sugar? How on earth did you get this dirty?” Spice: “ I’m all clean Father. There’s no need to clean me.” Butter-Milk: “ You wish Spice. You will be next just you wait.” Spice: “ Awww .”

Slide 43:

I can’t remember a time where I’ve had a set of twins that have been complete opposites. All the twins born this generation have been very similar in personality but these two couldn’t be more different. This picture shows this perfectly. Pluto: “Wahoo! Did you see that Pitch?” Pitch: “No. I’m studying, like you should be.” Pluto: “Oh don’t be such a bore Pitch. Come and play a round with me, I bet I can kick your ass.” Pitch: “I’m busy.” Pluto: “You’re no fun.”

Slide 44:

I missed them growing up! Oh well, look how well Butter-Milk and Cocoa blended into their kittens! Aren’t they gorgeous? Sugar: “ Why is your tail bushier than mine? Wouldn’t you prefer a thin one?” Spice: “ This makes me more like both Mum and Dad than you. ” The tails are the only way I can tell them apart. Other than that they are exactly the same in appearance.

Slide 45:

I got sick of seeing the same maid for another generation so hired another one. Except I forgot that pets will bother Service sims no matter what they’re doing. Maid: “One day I’m going to be a famous star! No more cleaning houses for me, soon I’ll have someone else to do it for me. Like that attention hogger Kaylyn . Maybe then she won’t sleep with everything that moves just to have kids.” I miss my old maid!

Slide 46:

It was at this point we say goodbye to Sugar. She is too much like Butter-Milk for my liking so its off to the adoption pool she goes, until one of the spares graduate and want a cat. Sugar: “ Can’t believe I’m being kicked out just because of my tail. ” Its only temporary! I’ll have Paddy adopt you as soon as he can alright?

Slide 47:

With that its time to see Spice’s stats seeing as he is technically the 2 nd generation heir to the unofficially Pet Legacy I seem to be doing. So here is Spice. Spice Star Sign: Aquarius Genius/ Doofus : Doofus Lazy/Hyper: Hyper Independent/Friendly: Friendly Aggressive/Cowardly: Cowardly Pigpen/Finicky: ½

Slide 48:

….Pip? Pip: “Yeah Comet?” How did you get to the Cow Plant enclosure when I locked the gate? Pip: “Well Mom is a Criminal Mastermind, it wasn’t hard to get her to teach me how to pick a lot. Besides Cetus looked hungry.” You named the Cow Plant after a consolation called Whale? Pip: “She picked it actually.” Well just don’t get eaten okay?

Slide 49:

Pluto: “Nothings better than a perfect smile!” Stop acting like a toothpaste commercial and do something productive! Pluto: “This is productive.” Brushing your teeth over and over again is not productive! Go skill or something.

Slide 50:

Butter-Milk: “ Thank you Pet Human. I will greatly enjoy this omelette that for some reason has turned green. ” Paddy, don’t chuck food on the floor. The cats have their own food, they don’t need yours as well. Paddy: “But he was hungry!” His bowl is full! He’s only got to walk out of the room to get it!

Slide 51:

Oh yeah that’s nice Pip, gossip about your dead grandfather. You know Pluto has never met him right? He has no idea who your talking about! Pip: “Exactly. To him I’m just talking about a stranger, not grandfather.” You are not at all helping my recent assessment of you being a Legacy Villain , you know that right?

Slide 52:

The cats are seriously loved in this house. I never usually bother with Pets because they always end up getting ignored, but the Sparrows love them. Pitch: “Come on Cocoa, get the feather. Are you seriously going to let yourself be beaten by it? I know you can do it?” Pip: “Has someone been sneaking food from Paddy again? I think you have Butter-Milk. Want to know how I know? Because you’ve never been this heavy before.” See those pair of legs? That would be Pluto waiting for Spice to wake up so he can play with him.

Slide 53:

Despite being a Knowledge Sim Pip actually finds it really hard to study for anything. Despite that though Pip has managed to pull out 4 scholarships out his brain. Pepper on the other hand only got 3 and that’s purely because she’s so lazy. Pepper: “Hey!” Don’t deny it Pepper! It was hard enough for your to get enough Creativity Skills for that Visual Arts scholarship. Time is flowing quickly in the Sparrow household, and it isn’t long before the triplets are ready for college.

Slide 54:

Coral: “So? What do you think? Big place right?” Pepper: “Its huge! Did you and dad really go to college here?” Coral: “Yep. Now Phoenix is in a different dorm to you but he’s just down the road, and remember that Areika is waiting for you in the Greek House when you hit your halfway point of the Sophomore Semester.” Pepper: “I feel weird.” Coral: “I know.”

Slide 56:

Pepper: “Mom don’t cry! Its not like I’m vanishing from the world! You’ll see me again at graduation!” Coral: “I know. *Sniff* My beautiful girl. I’m so proud of you, never forget that okay?” Pepper: “I won’t.”

Slide 57:

Coral: “I don’t know why you couldn’t just share a taxi with your sister. It would have made things much easier.” Pip: “I was still packing my stuff when she was walking out the front door. There was no way I would have caught her.” Coral: “Oh well, we’re here now. This dorm is only small, apparently there's only going to be 8 students in here and 5 of them you already know.” Pip: “Mom, its starting.” Coral: “So it is.”

Slide 59:

Coral: “Pip…” Pip: “Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be fine.” Coral: “I’m still going to worry, baby. You know its harder for you to skill but I couldn’t be more proud of how you haven’t let it hold you back.” Pip: *Looks away in embarrassment* ”Mom!” Coral: “Never forget that Pip. No matter what, you will always make me proud.” Pip: “…Thanks Mom.”

Slide 60:

Of course imagine my shock when its time for Paddy to count up his scholarships and it turns out he’s got 6 of them. Apparently my little idiot is actually a genius. Paddy: “It wasn’t that hard. Besides the quicker I finish skilling, the quicker I can do something I like.” True.

Slide 61:

Coral: “So? What do you think?” Paddy: “Its great! I can see a pool table through the window.” --- Dorm created by Babblesim on Mod the Sims

Slide 62:

Coral: “Try not to bet any money Paddy. You know you’re not very good under pressure.” Paddy: “Mom! We’re all family in here, you don’t really think they would take my money would?” Coral: “Tommy Ternynck would but maybe Ash might try and stop him, I know your siblings won’t be any help.” Paddy: “Mom you should say things like that about them! I mean what would they say?” Coral: “Well Phoenix and Pepper would laugh and call me an old bat but Pip would probably just ignore it. Now I think our times running out.”

Slide 64:

Paddy: “ Oof ! Mom!” Coral: “My baby is all grown up! Now try not to listen to the things the trees says, its all lies anyway. The birds are the worse gossips and stay away from Captain Heroes. Oh! And fish are always happy to help you eat, they’re all in dark places.” Paddy: “Okay Mom. Just stop staring out the window, the neighbours are starting to ask questions.” Coral: “But Paddy, we don’t have any neighbours.” Paddy: “I’m going to miss you Mom.”

Slide 65:

With his attention seeking older siblings out of the house Pluto here wastes no time grabbing his mother’s attention. Coral & Pluto: “Shimmy to the right! Let’s all Smustle through the night!”

Slide 66:

Wow you are a spitting image of Shadow. I am so glad Phoenix ended up being such a good blend ‘cause the rest of these kids have turned out to be huge disappointments in appearance. Pluto: “Did you just call us ugly? Mom! Comet’s calling us ugly!” I am not! In fact I’m calling you the opposite, you’re too pretty for my taste. Pluto: “What the heck?! How can someone be too pretty? What’s the downfall in that?” You don’t get to be heir. Pluto: “Well I’ve known that since I was born! Me and Pitch are just accidents to you.” You are ACR miracles and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

Slide 67:

Wooh ! Second LTW want completed! Well done Shadow. Shadow: “Thanks Comet. It feels good to follow in Dad’s footsteps.” Well do you want to retire Shadow? I know working is much harder on you than Kacper. Shadow: “Nah not at the moment. Maybe later.”

Slide 68:

Coral on the other hand is more than happy to retire her Criminal Life. Coral: “Can’t chase down the Captain Hero when my back keeps given out. He called me an Old Hag the other day, that dirty criminal.”

Slide 69:

With that though I’m going to bring this Chapter to a close. We’ve just got one more to go in the main household before we finally head over to college so look forward to it guys. Did you like this Chapter? Then if you’ve got time please comment, I look forward to all your kind words. I’ll see you next time! Happy Simming !

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