A Sparrow Legacy! Chapter 2.04

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A Sparrow Legacy Chapter 2.04 The Little Bird is Taking Off

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*Places finale block on the wall * Welcome back guys! With the 4 th wall officially repaired we can get back to work! Sorry it took so long but I’ve been kind of sick lately, its hard to write when a high fever is making the world spin like a merry-go-round. Anyway in this chapter we’re finishing up the Winter rotation of the family, after this chapter make sure to check out my livejournal ! I’ve been posting the rotations of the spares for each of the seasons. I’ve also finally finished uploaded the first 2 generations of the Sparrows! You can get them on my livejournal , generation 3 will be uploaded as soon as I finished uploading this part. With that out of the way lets get this started shall we?

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We start with me realising that the NoProtectDormies (I think that’s what its called) hack I have also always townies to pass out on my lot too. You learn something new every day. Pepper (I almost wrote Siana WTH?): “Mighty Plumblog that’s embarrassing. I hope I never do that.” Well I don’t know about you, but your cousin Taichi recently passed out in his food round Tommy’s house. Pepper: “Are you serious?! Oh I’m never going to let him live that down!”

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As I mentioned in Spare Update 2 – Part A, I always managed to catch the Ninja at least once. This time I managed to catch him 4 times, Phoenix got to him first and was successful. Shadow was the other 3 times, he got all 3 riddles wrong. Ninja: “You have potential, little bird.” Phoenix: “It’s Phoenix. Phoenix Sparrow. Only my grandfather was allowed to call me that. ” Ninja: “I am aware and I already know your name. I trained your Uncle, the one called Sylvester. I keep track of my pupils.” Phoenix: “You mean you stalk them?” Ninja: “Look kid, its hot out here and I’ve got other Sims to trick with my riddles. Now do you want to learn how to teleport or not?” Phoenix: “Lay it on me, Stalker Ninja.” Phoenix you’re terrible.

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“ Great wealth with rain upon you . ” Phoenix: “Is this meant to be funny?! Because I’m not laughing!” Maybe you shouldn’t have irritated the local Ninja then. He probably rigged it.

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Pepper: “ Urg . Itchy!” Poison Ivy is really attracted to the Sparrows, anything to do with Nature or Tours you can guarantee Poison Ivy will be involved.

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Phoenix: “How long do you think we can use the Tai Chi joke on Tai before he hits us?” Pepper: “I don’t know but I’m willing to find out if you are.” *Rolls eyes*

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Apparently all the way. Congratulations Paddy, you’re the first one of your siblings to get your First Kiss. Paddy: “She’s beautiful Comet. I think I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” Okay, how about we see how well you two get in college first yeah? Then we’ll see after that. Paddy: “Really?! Sweet!” Paddy’s new girlfriend is called Bethany Crowe and yes she is a tourist townie. At least I don’t have to worry about her popping round with warning. So while I had my attention on Pepper and Phoenix I suddenly heard hearts going. Quickly I scrolled over to find out that its little Paddy here finding love. I decided to watch him to see how far he’ll go with it.

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Vacations don’t last forever though. The time has come for my little family, which really isn’t that little anymore, to return back home. Pepper: “ Plumblob its so early!” Phoenix: “Why do we have to get such an early flight?” Coral: “So we can avoid the Captain Hero. By the time we’re back at Luna Lake it’ll be afternoon and the Captain Hero will be asleep.” Phoenix: “What?” Don’t worry Phee . Your mum is just a bit backwards on who exactly is the criminals of the world.

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Pepper decided that she didn’t like the fact her naive brother has got a girlfriend before she did. So I decided to use the Crystal Ball to find out who matched her. This is Koko Scammell and the two of them hit off great. Pepper even managed to get her First Kiss before having to rush off to work.

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Well that’s two Sparrows as overachievers and yes I am aware how silly it is to have Pepper, who only as 1 active point, working for the military.

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Bethany decided that her date with Paddy was so good that she would take the first plane from Takemizu Village to deliver a gift for him. Bethany: “I know Paddy will love this statue. Its strange and staring off into space, just like him!” Something tell me these two are perfect for each other.

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Coral: *Gags* Oh Plumblob . How could you let this this happen Comet?!” Hey! This is not my fault! If I had wanted you to have another kid, I would have made it happen. This is your husband’s fault. Coral: “We had a deal!” Well then maybe you should have controlled yourselves more.

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The amount of pictures I have of this family playing Don’t Wake the Llama is ridiculous. But it is the only thing the kids seemed to really enjoy playing so you’ll have to excuse me. Phoenix: “Now I’ve got to place this carefully on the right spot.” Paddy: “Oh hi Comet.” * Facepalm * Paddy don’t smile at the camera like that. You’re not supposed to know it’s there. Paddy: “Oh sorry.”

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Coral: “ Oof ! Guess there’s no denying it now, huh?” Guess not. Now will you finish that juice before you starve to death? You’re almost as bad as Sherri Goddard.

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Shadow is slowly conquering his new LTW, I mean slowly because thanks to chance cards he’s been demoted twice now.

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At this point Pepper’s aspiration was in deep red and the only way to get it back up was for her to go on a date. Koko was more than willing and together the two of them went to the Red 50s Diner. Things didn’t start off great there. Pepper: “AHH! I can’t believe you just dropped that on me!” Server: “I-I’m s-so sorry miss! That will be no charge.” Pepper: “I better not be charged for this! And you better get another set of meals for us before I talk to the manager.” Server: “Of course! I will be right back with a fresh serving.”

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The rest of the meal turned out great, in fact Pepper was so hungry that I even managed to get them to order desert as well. Pepper: “Its good right? There’s no other cake better than Red’s.” Koko: “ Mmm . You’re right about that. I haven’t tasted a better one, except maybe from the bakery in Bluewater Village.” Pepper: “I think that’s where these come from actually.” Koko: “Oh. *Giggle* Well that would explain why they taste so similar!” It was a Dream Date in case your curious, so Pepper’s happily breezing around the house in Platinum now.

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And that would be the finale two before overachievers. I don’t think Phoenix could have picked a better career seeing what his OTH is right? Paddy is also the 3 rd male to continue in the Adventurer career track. Its basically its own legacy now.

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I don’t know the name of this guy and neither does Phoenix. He came home with Paddy from school and apparantly believes that’s enough to flirt with a complete stranger. Warlock: “You know I always though you were pretty cute, Phoenix.” Phoenix: “Whoa buddy! Let me stop you there. First you’re the same age as my younger siblings, meaning I’m too old for you. Second I don’t even know you, so what made you think that would work on me?” Just a reminder that Phoenix here only has 1 Nice Point.

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Looking a bit cold there Shadow. Shadow: “I-I w-want-ted to build a s-sandcastle.” It’s the middle of winter. Shadow: “S-so?” *Rolls eyes*

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Almost freezing though does have its consequences. Shadow: *Coughs/Coughs/chokes* .” Right to bed with you mister. I’m not having you getting anyone else sick, seeing how no one in this household can make Grandma’s Soup yet.

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Coral is still writing her novels to the world. I actually checked the bookcase and this is actually her 4 th book, not her 3 rd . I decided to call this one The Fireflies simply because my big brother was playing the game The Last One of Us while I was playing the family.

Slide 24:

Another success! Well done Coral. Coral: “My words are like gold! Feed on them!” Okay?

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Raising creativity points for college. Do you like the art area I built? I’m finally starting to understand why the decretive items are even in the game. Pepper: “A flower Phee ? Are you not even going to try?” Phoenix: “Hey! Shut up! Just because you’ve got more points than me doesn’t mean you can rub it in my face!”

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Shadow! Shadow: “I’m sorry! I had to call in sick with work and the kids came home just as I was putting the phone down!” For crying out loud. You better not be spreading this round the neighbourhood, I’m not having this turn into a epidemic.

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Pip: “Don’t you dare cough on me, Paddy.” Paddy: *Wheezes* ”I’m trying not to!” Pip: “Well try harder! I swear to the Mighty Plumbob that if you make me sicker then I’ll kick you all the way to Jupiter!”

Slide 28:

Paddy: *Gasps* ”Can’t hold it! *Coughs/hack/cough* .” Pip: *Flinches in disgust* Pip for crying out loud, you only have 3 neat points! Your brother is the one who should be disgusted by that, not you! Pip: “It doesn’t mean I want him coughing on me while I’m trying to do my homework!”

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Right that’s it. Coral is now confided to the 3 rd floor until this is cleared up, I can’t have her getting sick while pregnant.

Slide 30:

Coral: “Shadow! SHADOW THE BABY’S COMING!” Shadow’s at work Coral. Coral: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I THOUGHT WE GOT OVER THIS WHEN HE GOT HIS LTW!” Just relax, you’ve done this before and I’m right here. So is Cocoa. Cocoa: “ Why is she screaming? Is this how they give birth? We don’t put up that much fuss or make that much noise. Humans are such wimps.” Thanks Cocoa. You are real help. But this is where things suddenly went wrong. Coral was about to give birth when suddenly- This application has crashed .

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Coral: “Wait! What’s going on?! Why am I doing this again?!” Well when you world crashed, it ended up causing a glitch where you would be about to give birth and then reset yourself. The only way I could fix it was to move you all out and then put you back in. Coral: “WHAT?! YOU MEAN WE’VE LOST EVERYTHING?!” For now yes. But at least Shadow’s here this time.

Slide 32:

Coral: “I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS! SHADOW HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” Shadow: “Hey! This isn’t just my fault you know. It takes too to tango.” Coral: “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SAYING THAT TO THE WOMAN WHO’S GIVING BIRTH TO YOUR CHILD?!” Shadow: “..uh..” Just stay quiet Shadow. Its almost over anyway.

Slide 33:

God I hate it when it says that, it means its either going to be normal twins or its my hack being a little sod. Lets hope for the best yeah?

Slide 34:

Coral: “Okay *Deep breath*. This is the last time Shadow! I’m not kidding!” Shadow: “You’re doing great baby! Just a few more minutes.” Coral: “I know what to do!”

Slide 35:

Coral: “Oh! Well hello little one. Who takes after his daddy? You do, yes you do.” Not to sound impatient but I really don’t think it safe to have him outside in the middle of winter, even if you are living at the edge of Luna Hillside. Coral: “Well he’ll have to hold on a second remember?” I remember.

Slide 36:

Coral: “Here Shadow. You’ve got another son.” Shadow: “Another baby boy. Hello there, what should we call him?” Paddy & Phoenix (In the background): “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” Phoenix: “Yes! No one can beat the game champion!” Excuse me! You’re mother is giving birth over here, how about you pay attention?!

Slide 37:

Shadow: “Coral?” Coral: “One second. We’ll think up some names when his twin arrives.” Shadow: “Twins? Really?” It better be just twins or you are so dead Shadow. Shadow: “Why are you two blaming me for this?!”

Slide 38:

Coral: “And we’ve got another little boy.” Wow. I’m defiantly getting major Déjà Vu over here, I’m sure this happened last generation. Oh wait! It did! Sally also gave me a load of boys and one girl. How about trying for something different guys? Coral: “Wait you want me to have more kids?” I never said that! Coral: “Then accept what I’ve given you!”

Slide 39:

Shadow: “Son twin boys huh? You got any ideas for names this time?” Coral: “How about Pluto? I always felt sorry for it when it lost its planet status. I think we should honour it.” I guess the pregnancy hormones makes her smarter, it does explain how she was able to take care of herself. Unlike Sherri who seemed to be more stupid while pregnant to the point where she almost died of starvation. Shadow: “Pluto? Well alright then but how about Pitch for the younger twin? Pluto and Pitch Sparrow, what do you think?” Coral: “I love it!” Well then welcome to the family Pluto and Pitch Sparrow!

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With the house redecorated, with minable changes, the kids settle down for something to eat. You alright there Phoenix? Phoenix: “Not really. The smell of that meatloaf is making me feel sick.” Well maybe you should go to bed then, you’re the only still sick at the moment and I don’t want anyone catching it. Phoenix: “Wow I can feel your sympathy from here, Comet.”

Slide 41:

Phoenix: *Starts coughing hard* Pip: “That didn’t sound good Phoenix.” Paddy: “Yeah. You’re chest is sounding funny, kind of rattily .” Pip: “ Rattily ? Do you mean you hear a crackle when he breathes? How can you possible hear that from over there?” Paddy: “Butter-Milk has been teaching me to listen to things properly.” Phoenix: *Voice hoarse *”What?” Right that’s enough! Phoenix get into bed now! I’m not having you get any worse than you are now!

Slide 42:

Phoenix sweetie please stay in bed. Phoenix: “I’m trying! *Gasps* My chest is really starting to hurt now Comet.” I know baby.

Slide 43:

The message just came through to me, its defiantly pneumonia. You’re going to be sick for a while Phee .

Slide 44:

Phoenix: “What? B-but that’s serious! I can’t be that sick, can I?” As long as you get some sleep you should recover fine. But you need to stay in bed and stay away from your family, I can’t have you passing it on. Phoenix: “I don’t feel like having company right now anyway Comet.” Get some sleep Phoenix.

Slide 45:

Coral: “Hello Cocoa. How are you doing today? Your babies doing alright? We’re looking forward to their arrival, yes we are.” It was at this point something went horribly wrong. I was doing my rounds around the house when suddenly Phoenix’s picture vanished from the side of the screen. Coral: “Comet? Why do I feel like something really bad has happened?” Because it has!

Slide 46:

Phoenix! Phoenix: * Gasps* ”Comet! *Coughs/Gasps* Comet I can’t b-breathe!” Phoenix no! You’ve got to try, please try and breathe!

Slide 47:

NO! Phoenix: “D-Dad! *Cough/Cough/Gasp* G-Get D-Dad!” He’s coming, Phee ! He’s running down the stairs now. Please hold on. Phoenix: “C-can’t.” *Whimpers*

Slide 49:

Grim Reaper: “ Again Comet? This is the second unplanned death of this generation, aren’t you getting sloppy? ” Hey, shut up Grim! I’m generally sad about this! I loved Phoenix! Grim Reaper: “ Well then maybe you shouldn’t have let him get so sick then huh? ” Oh just you wait. I’m going to get your babies in this Legacy, I promise you that! There’s going to be a whole generation dedicated to Reaper Clones! Grim Reaper: “ You are aware that means you have to kill a Sim to get me here right? That’s a dead sim for each pregnancy. ” Shut up!

Slide 50:

Oh Shadow thank goodness! Shadow: “Phoenix! No! Please, please give him back to me! He’s only 17, he was just about to leave for college! Please I’m begging you!” Grim Reaper: “ Plumbob, I hate it when they do this. Come on get up, get up. ”

Slide 51:

Grim Reaper: “ Right I’ll explain to you what's about to happen. What I hold here is Phoenix Sparrow’s soul, all you have to do is pick which hand its in. Sounds easy right? ” Shadow: “Are you seriously leaving this situation up to pure chance?”

Slide 52:

Grim Reaper: “ I can just take him with me now if you’d like? ” Shadow: “NO! Oh Plumbob no.” Grim Reaper: “ Then choose Shadow Sparrow. Your family’s legacy rests on you making the correct choice .” Sssh ! Spoilers Grim! He doesn’t know anything about that yet! Shadow: “Comet what should I do? What if I get it wrong? I’ll loose my little boy forever. I-I don’t think I can do this.” If you don’t you will loose him Shadow. Just go with your instincts, I know you can do it. Shadow: “O-okay. Well…I guess I’ll go with that side then.”

Slide 53:

Shadow: “Yes! I got it right! Comet I did it!” I never had any doubt that you wouldn’t Shadow. Grim Reaper: “ Plumbob I hate it when this happens. So much paperwork, I miss the days when Sims would just die and no one would plead for them .” Sadly that won’t be happening in this neighbourhood Grim. Now bring back my potential Heir! Grim Reaper: “ Alright alright . The next time you’ll be seeing me though, it’ll be to collect Blondie here. ” Shadow: “But then it would be officially my time and not an accident. Now give me back my son!”

Slide 54:

Phoenix: “Dad!” Shadow: “Phoenix! Thank Plumbob you’re alright. Don’t you ever scare me like that again, you hear me?” Phoenix: “Sorry dad. I didn’t realise I was that sick, I only got up to get something to eat.” Shadow: “It’s alright son. You just gave your old man a bit of a scare, I’m not as young as I used to be you know?”

Slide 55:

Shadow: “Now how about we get something to eat? I just got back from J’Adore Café and Gil gave me some of his Grandmother’s Soup after hearing how sick you were. That should perk you right up.” Phoenix: “I guess I could eat something. I really am sorry Dad, I didn’t mean to worry you like that.” Shadow: “I forgive you, Phee . Now lets get you better yeah? Otherwise you’ll end up missing the check in day.”

Slide 56:

Phoenix recovered fairly quickly after that. With him better it was time for him to go off to college with his cousins. Despite his run in with death though Phoenix managed to grab 4 scholarships under his belt. Well done Phee . Phoenix: “Thanks Comet. I’m just glad I’m able to go there.” Me too. Well its time to get a move on then, I’ve just got your 2 day warning.

Slide 57:

Phoenix: “Wow. Its huge!” Coral: “Bigger than the dorm I stayed in that’s for sure. This place sure has changed.” Phoenix: “It has been 18 years mum.” Coral: “You calling me old? Such a horrible thing to say about your mother. - *Dorm created by Xmathyx on Mod the Sims

Slide 58:

Phoenix: “I can’t believe I’m actually here.” Coral: “I always knew you would do it baby. All though you did give us all a bit of scare I knew you’d be able to spread your wings.” Phoenix: *Rolls eyes* “Mum….” Coral: “Now don’t you roll your eyes like that. Ever since you were in your diapers you were loudly shouting that you would be exploring the world with your wings spread wide. Phoenix: *Groans* ”Mum you’re embarrassing me.” Coral: “Sorry baby but I won’t be able to do that for much longer. I can already see the sparkles forming at your feet. Phoenix: *Looks down* ”Huh?”

Slide 60:

Phoenix: “Well these clothes defiantly have to go but it could have been worse. What do you think mum?” Coral: “…”

Slide 61:

Phoenix: “Mum? Are you alright?”

Slide 62:

Phoenix: “Mum? What’s the matter?” Coral: *Takes a deep breathe* ”It’s nothing. My baby is all grown up now. I can’t believe it. *Sniff*. Oh Phoenix, both me and your father are so proud of you; don’t you ever forget that.” Phoenix: “Oh Mum. Of course I won’t. I love you.” Coral: “I love you too, baby.”

Slide 63:

With Phoenix officially moved over at college its time to get the ACR twins caught up with the rest of the family. Which means early birthday! First up with have Pluto.

Slide 64:

And then Pitch.

Slide 65:

So here’s a quick look at my little surprises and I’m very irritated that Pluto ended up having a better mix of his parent’s features when compared to the triplets. Pitch on the other hand is simply a copy of Shadow, just like Paddy, except Pitch here obviously got the ears.

Slide 66:

We haven’t got time to loose though! I want these two joining the final group of this generation in college, which means we’ve got to move! Shadow: “Here you go little man. Drink it all okay?” Pluto: “Daddy’s a popularity Sim . ”

Slide 67:

With Coral at work and the rest of the kids at school it fell to Shadow to get the twins all taught up. Pluto was the first one to finish.

Slide 68:

But his brother Pitch wasn’t far behind him.

Slide 69:

Pluto: “ Plu’o loves Pit’h !” Pitch: “ Pit’h loves Plu’o too!” As you can see here they both got the Sparrow smile but Pluto has his mother’s nose. This is the last picture of these two as toddlers though as I once again cheated to get them to grow up.

Slide 71:

Pluto Sparrow Personality: 7/4/7/5/5 Star Sign: Cancer OTH: Sports DNA: ~ Light Blue/Custom Green ~ Black/Blonde ~ Skin 2/Skin 2 ~ Eyes & Jaw Pitch Sparrow Personality: 10/4/1/8/6 Star Sign: Capricorn OTH: Cuisine DNA: ~ Green/Custom Green ~ Black/Blonde ~ Skin 4/Skin 4 ~ Eyes & Jaw

Slide 72:

And I know it got very rushed there at the end but I am going to have to bring this to a close. So yes the ACR twins are roughly the same age as their cousins Daisuke Rudd and the twins Misty and Brock Goddard now so they’ll be in the same dorm was them. I’ve also decided not to do a heir poll this year as there was only 2 Sims this generation that was a perfect blend of their parents, and I only truly know one of them enough to write about them. So yes Phoenix is the Heir to Generation 3 and I’m so looking forward to writing about him when the time comes. The next update will be up A.S.A.P, remember to keep up with the Spare rotations on my livejournal ; there just picspams explaining what's going on but at least you’ll be up to date. Finally I’ve also uploaded the Sparrows for download! So if you want any of the Sims from the main family then feel free to grab one. Generation 3 will be up not long after this chapter has been uploaded. With that I draw this update to a close! Happy Simming guys! I’ll see you next time!

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