A Sparrow Legacy! Spare Update 3 - Siana Daniel

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A Sparrow Legacy Spare Story 3 – Siana Daniel

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Happy new year guys! Welcome to 2015 and a brand new update from the Sparrows. This is actually my last spare update for this generation before he stick to normal updates so lets make it a good one, ne? First things first please remember I do have a naming theme going for my Spares and that is ‘Cartoons I watched as a Child’. There for Siana’s children will be named after Sailor Moon characters. Second I am going to have a little warning at the end of this part so please read it so that you’re update with what’s going on with me. With that out of the way lets start this thing shall we?

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First things first here’s the little house I set Siana up in, this is yet another lovely creation by Syndsey on Livejournal . I just loved the way the plants are placed on the front, I have the Perfect Plants hack so I never have to worry about accessibility.

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Once again I have made a big change of the inside of the house for my own needs so don’t expect it to look like this if you choose to download it.

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As soon as 6:00 rolled around Siana received a much anticipated phone call from Countess Whisper. Siana: “I missed you, Whisper. Those last few months of college were a nightmare.” Whisper: “How is everything in your new home? Have you settled down alright?” Siana: “Almost. I’m just missing one more piece.” Whisper: “What?” Siana: “You.”

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Oh yeah I forgot that Grand Vampires are rich, well that’s settled those two down for life.

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Of course I got them to all get jobs, despite Siana being Permanente Platinum she still wanted a job in Business, while Whisper’s LTW is to reach the Top of the Journalist career.

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Eventually though the perfect night arrived for the two to finally have their wedding! Whisper: “I, Countess Whisper Daniel, take thee, Siana Sparrow, to be my beloved partner and wife for the rest of your mortal life.”

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Siana: “I, Siana Sparrow, take thee, Countess Whisper Daniel, to be my beloved partner and wife for all of eternity.” Whisper: “Ana…you can’t mean…?” Siana: “You don’t think I’m going to leave you do you? I will be with you forever till the world comes to an end.” Whisper: “Oh Ana.” With that I would like to proudly announced the newly wedded couple Countess Whisper and Siana Daniel!

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Required cake shoving picture! And I’ve just noticed that I’m really bad at changing my Sims formal wear after they’ve have their wedding. I’ll have to remember that when I see Coral again.

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Hey! You can’t turn her yet! You’ve got to have kids first before this happens! Whisper: “Oh right. I apologize my love.” Siana: “Its alright, Whisper. At least now I know what it feels like so I’ll be prepared for it.”

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Would you two slow down? Siana: “But you said that I can become a vampire until we have children!” That doesn’t mean you should have them right this second!

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Whisper: “~ Dear Darlin ’, please excuse my writing! I can’t stop my hands from shaking, because I’m cold and alone tonight.~” This is the first time I’ve had a sim actually use the microphone, it seems to fit Whisper perfectly.

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Whisper: “ Oof . Active little thing, are you not? Mummy has to sleep little one so quiet down, okay?” Baby bump 1!

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Siana: “I now rule the Business world!” But you’ve only just started working a couple of days ago! Did you seriously get that big of a jump that you only needed two promotions?! Siana: “That’s right. I’m awesome!”

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Whisper: “How could this lot decide to glitch at a time like this?! I’m pregnant for crying out loud!” The hobbyist kept appearing on the inaccessible roof on the Music and Dance lot, he then decided to join in the Dance Challenge forcing everyone to freeze even though theirs needs continued to drop. In the end I just sent them home, bloody glitches.

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Why yes I do send my pregnant sims to work why do you ask? It probably makes this worse considering Whisper is a Vampire and almost dies every time she comes home.

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Matchmaker: “Married a Grand Vampire, right?” Siana: “What gave it away?” Matchmaker: “The bite marks across your neck is kind of a big hint there.”

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Wow I forgot how much time flies by when you’re playing a Vampire. Almost completely missed this. Whisper: “It’s pleasant to know you can just ignore it! I wish I could DO THAT!” Shadow? What are you doing here? Shadow: “ Photobombing !” Whisper: “Hello? Pregnant woman going into labour here!” Shadow: “Oh. Oh no. Quick get help.” Whisper: “YOUR SARCASM IS NOT APPRECIATED BROTHER-IN-LAW!”

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Come on Whisper just breathe through it. Shadow: “Yeah I mean after being a vampire for centuries childbirth should be a piece of cake for you.” Whisper: “I WILL RIP YOUR TOUNGE FROM YOUR INSOLENT MOUTH, MORTAL!”

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Opps skipped a picture there. Oh well when we’re this far along in Generation 2 it doesn’t matter anyway. Whisper: “What are you going on about? My little boy is the fourth child to be born for this generation.” For you maybe.

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I then watched as Whisper waddled her way into the kitchen. Another multiple birth huh? I’m really starting to think I should take out that hack. Whisper: “Ana there you are! What are you doing out here when I was giving birth with only your brother to help me?!” Siana: “Well I-?” Whisper: “Oh it doesn’t matter now. Here take your son, make sure you watch his head.” Siana: “Oh he’s beautiful, Whisper. What are we going to call him?”

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Whisper’s a little busy at the moment Siana can I take a message? Siana: “What? Oh, oh! Twins? Oh that’s great Whisper!” Whisper: “Talk to me after I’m having your child!”

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And Baby number 2 is a little girl. Congratulations you two. Whisper: “Thank you Miss Comet. Now what should we call them?” Well you’re family’s naming theme is Sailor Moon characters so just got with that. Siana: “Oh! I loved that show, if we’re going with that lets call them Mamoru and Usagi, what do you think Whisper?” Whisper: “I do not know this ‘Sailor Moon’ you speak off but I do know that Mamoru means Protect in Japanese while Usagi means Bunny. I think their perfect.” Siana: “Welcome to the Daniel clan then Mamoru and Usagi.”

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Usagi and Mamoru are named after the main character and also her love interest from the show Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a wonderful cartoon that surrounds a 14 year old girl called Usagi who despite being a crybaby finds out that she is a warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Together with her friends the Sailor Senshi , or Sailor Scouts in the English version, fight to protect Tokyo and also bring the Moon Kingdom back to its former glory. Hidden in the shadows ready to protect her though is the mysterious man Tuxedo Mask or Mamoru, Usagi’s main love interest and also the Prince of Earth Endmiyon . With that out of the way lets introduce the twins! Mamoru Daniel has Skin 4, which he got from Siana. His sister Usagi on the other hand has Skin 4.5 which I think is from Whisper but I can’t be bothered to check. Both though have Siana’s green eyes but Whisper’s brown hair. Not a bad mix at the moment but lets wait and see shall we?

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Usagi: “ Urgah ! This tastes gross! What is this stuff? ” Milk. It’s just milk Usagi, as a baby you should love this stuff. Usagi: “ I demanded Plasma Drinks!” I don’t have that in this game!

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Hmm. Its better to check the facts instead of just guessing something. Always check your information! Whisper: “Then I guess I will try and find that sight about his age.”

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Yes! Well done Whisper, you’re really flying up this career path aren’t you? Whisper: “Writing is my passion, just like singing is my heart.”

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Promotion and a new friend, good on you Whisper. Whisper: “Thank you Comet. Now I’m going to return to my coffin before I burn up in the front yard.”

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I would like to point out that Areika is the only one who should be getting high on bubbles. The other three are working, married parents. Setting a nice example there guys! Shadow: “We’re celebrating!” Silver: “Yeah! Soon my own little baby will join our family.” Siana: “We’re enjoying our last moments of free time. Don’t ruin this for us!” Alright alright . Jeez.

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Time does fly though and very soon its time for the twins to become toddlers where hopefully you’ll be able to see more of them.

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Usagi Daniel Personality: 8/9/4/2/3 Star Sign: Aries OTH: Science Mamoru Daniel Personality: 8/9/9/2/1 Star Sign: Aries OTH: Sports

Slide 33:

Mamoru: “ Super hug attack!” Usagi: “ Mamoru no! Can’t breathe!”

Slide 34:

Usagi: “ It won’t go in! Why won’t this circle shape got into this triangle shaped hole?!” …? Because it’s a cylinder, which means it can only through the circle shaped hole. Usagi: “ It will go where I want it too go, even if I have to grind it down with my fangs!” *Holds up hands and backs away*

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Before Mamoru here come along I was sure Sally’s eyes could only be inherited by girls. I mean come on, she had six boys and they all had Kacper’s eyes shape. Mamoru here has proved me wrong, isn’t he adorable? Toddler Life Skills Check!

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Toddler Life Skills Check X2!

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Siana: “Did you and Horsy have a nice bath then, Mamoru?” Mamoru: “No’ Horsy! Spot! He named Spot!” Siana: “Oh really? Well then did you and Spot have a nice bath then?” Mamoru: “Yea’!” Just to clarify he did take the toy horse into the bath with him, he then proceeded to carry it around the house for about an hour before it finally vanished.

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These jobs are too easy. Does any know of a hack that makes the jobs harder? Because my Sims are flying through these things, even the chance cards are becoming easy.

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Wow this update is just flying by isn’t it? See this is why it took me so long to do this, not a lot happened to the Daniel family that I could really use. Anyway it’s time for the twins to grow up!

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Usagi Daniel Personality: 8/9/4/2/3 Star Sign: Aries OTH: Science Mamoru Daniel Personality: 8/9/9/2/1 Star Sign: Aries OTH: Sports

Slide 41:

Seeing as the coat rack I originally I had to buy clothes started to mess up my game, I decided to send the family downtown to get some clothes. With a quick stop at the bowling alley though. Mamoru: “ Aww . I missed it.” He’s so cute!

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I’m still sticking to getting all the kids of this Generation friends with each other. All though technically speaking, seeing as this is the third day into winter, Pepper Sparrow and Tommy Ternynck shouldn’t have been able to come round at all. See Mamoru and Usagi were born on the fourth day of Autumn putting them in the older group. Tommy on the other hand was born on the second day of Winter and Pepper, along with her siblings, was born on fourth. In other words if this game followed time properly Tommy would be a baby and Pepper would still be inside her mother’s womb. Tommy: “That means it’s our birthday Pepper! Let’s celebrate it together!” Pepper: “Yeah! Happy birthday to us!”

Slide 43:

Sorry about that rant in the last slide guys. I had just finished the birthing chart for this generation and it amused me to see how messed up this game really is. Anyway seeing as I finally got rid of the Shorter Seasons hack, which I didn’t even realise was in there until I realised I wasn’t getting any bad weather, which means when the Snow falls it falls hard! This is the first Snow Day I’ve had in the game for a long long time. So do you know what that means?

Slide 44:

Snowball fight! Mamoru Daniel Usagi Daniel Ash Goddard Pepper Sparrow Paddy Sparrow Pip Sparrow Tommy Ternynck

Slide 45:

After warming the kids up, and then sending the strays home, Siana greeted the headmaster to try and get her kids into Private School. They succeeded by the skin of their teeth and I once again forgot to get a picture. Sorry about that.

Slide 46:

Mamoru: “Look out Usagi! I think Mamma Ana has just found your stash of Plasma Drinks!” Usagi: “ *Gasp* No! Mamma Ana I can explain, honest!” Mamoru: “ *Giggle* .”

Slide 47:

Well doesn’t this look a bit familiar? I swear Tommy is the most loveable person in the world, if he can hug you he will.

Slide 48:

I’ve just realised how messed up Luna Lake actually is, Silver is running the Military, Sydney is running the Medical along with Camryn, Sylvester the Paranormal, Sherri the Education and it was Sally before that, Coral the Illegal work, Siana the Business part and Shadow is slowly taking over all the shops. With Whisper working on the Papers it wont be long before everything is run by this family.

Slide 49:

Mamoru: “It’s your turn to push now, Usagi.” Usagi: “Nu uh! I just pushed it! It’s your turn!” Mamoru: “Nu uh!” Usagi: “Uh huh!” This picture makes them look angelic doesn’t it? They’re anything but, they’re photogenic though so they never look bad in these pictures.

Slide 50:

Another promotion! At least now it’s dark when you’re coming home right? Whisper: “I’m just burning up on the way too work instead of when I come home.”

Slide 51:

I think it’s time we start bringing this to a close huh? We need to get back to our main story anyway so its for Mamoru and Usagi to grow up!

Slide 53:

Mamoru: “Wow check out these muscles! I bet I can break a door with these babies!” Usagi: “I’ve got hips! Pick up your jaws, fellas . Usagi Daniel has arrived!”

Slide 54:

Mamoru Daniel Personality: 8/9/9/2/1 Star Sign: Aries OTH: Sports Aspiration: Family/Romance LTW: Marry off 6 Children Turn Ones: Formal Wear & Make-Up. Turn Off: Cologne Preference: Males (Homosexual) DNA: ~ Green/? ~ Brown/Blonde ~ Skin 4/Skin 4 Freckles ~ Eyes, Mouth & Jaw

Slide 55:

Usagi Daniel Personality: 8/9/4/2/3 Star Sign: Aries OTH: Science Aspiration: Pleasure/Knowledge LTW: Become a Celebrity Chief Turn Ons : Hats & High Cleaning Skill Turn Off: Jewellery Preference: Girls (Lesbian) DNA: ~ Green/? ~ Brown/Blonde ~ Skin 4.5/Skin 4 Freckles ~ Mouth & Jaw

Slide 56:

And with that we finally bring an end to the Spare Updates! Yay ! This means that the next time I update we’ll be back with the main family once more. Thank you so much for your patients guys and while I know this chapter isn’t the greatest it’s the best I could have done considering how the Daniel family is. With that I wish you guys farewell and I will be seeing you soon! Happy Simming !

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