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Local Charity group Founded in 1986:

Local Charity group Founded in 1986

New Ross Lions Club Members:

New Ross Lions Club Members Even the Lion himself

Used Spectacle and Sunglasses Collection:

Used Spectacle and Sunglasses Collection Members of the New Ross Lions Club Collecting the glasses

Collection taking place now in the Following:

Collection taking place now in the Following

French’s Chemist New Ross:

French’s Chemist New Ross

CBS Primary School New Ross:

CBS Primary School New Ross

The Irishtown PharmacyNew Ross:

The Irishtown PharmacyNew Ross

Burke’s ChemistNew Ross:

Burke’s ChemistNew Ross

Town & Country New Ross:

Town & Country New Ross

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Collection takes place until the end of May

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All glasses acceptable

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon

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Wine, Women & Shoes Night

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Contact us Via Facebook Via Twitter @ lionsnewross Via our website

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Around the World Service

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“Ordinary people doing amazing things”

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