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5th Graders from the Denton Dynamos teach us about floods.


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Floods By Dev K, Shubh S and Andrew H

How Floods Occur:

How Floods Occur Floods are usually occurs by water, of course because the whole thing is just well... water! Hurricanes are the key of floods. The strong wind and the rain makes bodies of water overflow the body and starts to flood on land. Volcanos are sometimes the key of floods too. The ice melts from the magma and then it melts the ice and it starts to flood. El Nino is the problem.

Where do floods occur?:

Where do floods occur? Floods occur where there are large bodies of water like oceans,lakes and a body of land. It can also occur where there are Hurricanes and Tsunamis. Also where there are dams or reservoirs.They occer in the Pacific Coast and sometimes in the

The Starting of a Flood:

The wind and waves are getting stronger until the first few droplets of water hit the land. The water droplets soak into the ground. More water comes and then it overflows and then it starts flooding. The Starting of a Flood

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tap water If there is a flood near where you live it might break a gas line and tap water might not be safe to drink Usually news channels will inform when tap water is safe to drink and for some reasons use

Results of a flood:

Results of a flood The results of a flood are buildings get destroyed death or injuries land destroyed because of erosions and Homelessness.

Things we have learned from floods.:

We have learned how to build sand dunes and seawalls to protect the town city or house. We also use dams to block off water and we also use dams and levees. Things we have learned from floods.

Safety Kits :

If your home is destroyed or incredibly damaged try to go to a relatives house and be sure to have a safety kit, food and have plenty of water. Safety Kits

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