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Hurricane Sandy:

Hurricane Sandy By Shubh

Train Station:

Train Station Hurricane Sandy flooded New York subway stations. Many people had to use taxies to get to work.


Floods Hurricane Sandy destroyed many homes and drowned many people because of floods.

What does President Obama do?:

What does President Obama do? President Obama hands out supplies to Americans that need help. Like people in New Jersey.

What does Mitt Romney do to help American victims? :

What does Mitt Romney do to help American victims? Mitt Romney is helping American victims by giving donations to the Red Cross. Also he says to his supporters to help American victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Trees :

Trees Many trees fell during Hurricane Sandy. Several Americans in Long Island were killed because trees fell on them. People also died because they were driving in the water and trees fell on wires and then wires fell on the water and then people got electrocuted.

Gas Line:

Gas Line The gas station line was long. People had to wait for hours to get gas. Many people have been out to relative’s houses for power. Also people needed gas for their generators. Last but not least many gas stations were out of gas so then people had to drive to other gas stations for gas.

Electricity :

Electricity Many people had no power because of Hurricane Sandy. Many peoples refrigerators weren't working. So that means that people don’t have milk , cheese, ice cream, butter, ect.

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