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The Voice of Native Americans:Through Hip Hop : 

The Voice of Native Americans:Through Hip Hop By Marcus Richardson April 7th 2010 Youth Cultures

RQ: How as Hip-Hop Been Used to Aid Native Americans? : 

RQ: How as Hip-Hop Been Used to Aid Native Americans? Claim: Hip-hop allows native address tough issues tough music (vent). Reestablish their identity Instill ethnic pride Preserve native culture Communicate overlooked or unknown issues to the masses (indigenous awareness).

Highlighting the struggle : 

Highlighting the struggle “What makes aboriginal rappers unique is their lyrics: they take on tough issues like residential schools, land claims, racism and poverty.”- CBC Statistics show that Native Americans are the most underserved community of people in North America. each day, Native children and culture are being lost. American Indian reservations and communities place highest amongst all minorities concerning rates of suicide, crime, high school drop out’s, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol addiction, gang activity, AIDS and etc Native Population Density

Native Clothing lines : 

Native Clothing lines Kanati Clothing Co Native Style Clothing Just clothing or cultural pride? “Native youth will often adopt contemporary dress styles,such as hip hop, but will modify it through a Native lens” -Brian Gilley

Artist of Choice : 

Artist of Choice Litefoot Teddy Orii (aka Redsun)

Litefoot : 

Litefoot Independently released 11 Albums Lyric Content -Native Empowerment -Historical Awareness -Political Motivational Speaker “Your words are your bow, your pen is your arrow” “Litefoot is the first Native American to represent in what has become the international phenomenon known as “Rap” music.” –Official Biography Reach The Rez Tour

Teddy “Redsun” Orii : 

Teddy “Redsun” Orii Target Audience Children & Elderly approval Lyric Content -Historical Emphasis -Spiritual message -No profanity My vision is to do music with integrity and to reach out to the youth with a positive message, without profanity, but something educational, about the Native American culture, and do just it in a way that has never been done before—through hip hop. -Redsun

Two Styles Similar message : 

Two Styles Similar message Each blend of indigenous culture with contemporary hip hop and rap. Empowers listener to learn and/or embrace their native American heritage.

Native American Hip Hop is Contrary to negative views—You be the Judge!!!! : 

Native American Hip Hop is Contrary to negative views—You be the Judge!!!! “Too many kids are growing up without a decent education because they are dropping out to pursue a record deal, live a thug lifestyle, or choosing to become drug kingpins in order to ‘get paid’.” Gary Toms- Hip-Hop's Negative Impact on Kids “Overall, rap songs are more inclined to generate angry emotions than heavy metal songs” Jennifer Copely -Rap Music's Psychological Effects “Rap music and hip hop, with their particular emphasis on sex and demeaning depictions of women, were blamed for encouraging early sexual behavior, leading to the spread of disease and underage pregnancies.” Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy - Mail online

Bibliography : 

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