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Suria Plastic Surgery & Medspa 595 S Federal Hwy #130 Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 338-3343 Plastic Surgery Boca Raton - Suria Plastic Surgery & Medspa specializes in Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa procedures such as Liposuction, Breast Implants, Rhinoplasty, Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Hydrafacial and more.


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Are Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Procedures Accredited It’s important to treat your skin before undergoing plastic surgery. It’ll give you optimal results. If you are overexposed to the sun skin care is an imperative. The Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery experts employ numerous modalities before performing laser resurfacing eyelid surgery face lifts. These include peels Microdermabrasion facials and light therapy. All of these depend on individual skin types and the type of surgery you’re undergoing. You need to remember that starting on a proper home care routine is extremely crucial part of the overall process. After making the decision to invest in plastic surgery to enhance your appearance it’s mighty important to follow the appropriate measures for insuring that you can maintain your skin post operation. The backdrop One of the most popular Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery practices is tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. It deals with the removal of excess fat and skin from middle and lower abdomen. The technique also tightens and strengthens the abdominal wall muscles. You have the ABMS or the American Board of Medical Specialties an umbrella organization of twenty-four approved and renowned medical specialty bodies granting board certification to the surgeons performing the surgical procedures. Then there is AMA American Medical Association an organization providing all the medication information to doctors and patients in the ambit. The approval and accreditation ASAPS or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgeons a body of board-certified and leading plastic surgeons specializing in the gamut of cosmetic plastic surgery looks after a Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery. You also have ASPS the American Society of Plastic Surgeons an organization of accredited plastic surgeons committed to the practice of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery taking your cosmetic goals to the next level. A popular surgery is to asymmetry which you use to describe the dissimilarity and disproportion of two generally like parts. Glossary of the procedures A very common feature of Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery is Augmentation Mammoplasty which is breast enlargement or breast augmentation. You can enlarge the breasts through installing implants. You have four entry areas to make the implantation. These are nipple navel armpit and from under the breast. The next one is Autologous tissue breast reconstruction. The surgeons use your own tissue to reconstruct the breast. They use a TRAM or transverse rectus abdominous muscle flap for covering the mastectomy wounds. They do so by removing muscle skin and fat from the stomach and aligning them at the new breast’s site.

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The other procedures They are adept in perform eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty. It deals with the removal of excess fat and skin from the lower and upper eyelids. Liposuction or body contouring is the removal of extra fat for improving your body’s appearance and rectifying the distorted or irregular body shapes. The trained and experienced surgeons can also administer Botox injection into your facial muscles to relax the excess layers of fat and help curb wrinkles. It has great results on crow’s feet vertical lines in the brow and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. If you want breast lift or mastopexy you can undergo it at the specialty clinics.

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Will Liposuction Procedure In Fort Lauderdale Be Conducted By Experienced Cosmetic Surgeons The trained and board-certified surgeons perform all surgical procedures in their accredited office-based ambulatory surgical clinics. The American Academy of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities or AAASF certifies the practice. The renowned doctors personally select the most seasoned surgical scrub surgeons and techs to do the job. They have the best the recovery room and surgical setting nurses to help in the mix giving you the safest and top-class experience. As with majority of cosmetic surgery procedures the anesthesiologists administer general anesthesia the local form or intravenous sedation pertaining to the appropriate needs for your Liposuction procedurein Fort Lauderdale. They make tiny incisions in the area from where they remove the fat deposits. The performance peaks The surgeons insert a tested a cannula a hollow blunt-tipped instrument that they connect to a suction device into the punctures or incisions. The surgeons strategically and carefully use the blunt tips to evenly and safely draw out excess fat leaving your skin unscathed and unharmed. They employ both employ micro-cannula and ultrasonic Liposuction techniques in Fort Lauderdale to obtain the best results. After suctioning all the areas they apply steri- strips on the small incisions. Depending on the body part that’s undergoing treatment they may place a compression layer/garment on it to reduce swelling. It will aid in faster healing. The liposuction recovery Depending on the quantum of fat you remove and the areas you treat the recovery window can range from a couple of days to a few weeks. You have to wear that compression piece of garment during this recovery period. It will impede swelling whilst compressing your skin and helping it to adjust to brand new contours of the body. Normally for a Liposuction procedurein Fort Lauderdale over-the-counter medications and painkillers are usually sufficient to alleviate any pain or discomfort. That feeling typically subsides within a few weeks. You may experience minor bruising after liposuction. It starts fading away after a few days. The swelling takes a couple of months to vanish completely. More on the recovery phase The ultimate result of a Liposuction procedure in Fort Lauderdale will be fully evident after a span of four to six months post the surgery. However you will discern huge differences once the swelling reduces. Most patients can resume regular work within a week after the liposuction surgery. Considering the individual needs of patients the recovery process and time varies from one person to another. You schedule follow-up visits with your doctor who lets you know whether it’s safe to return to day-to-day normal activities. Just make sure you keep those appointments to keep the safest and best results post the surgery.

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Summing up liposuction Liposuction can provide permanent or long-term results even if you don’t have a steady or clean diet or don’t do exercises. It’s absolutely normal to many countless concerns and questions about any cosmetic surgery technique. You can call the dedicated offices anytime for more information and knowledge about liposuction. The best way is to schedule a personal consultation with the doctor by completing an online application or by calling them on their facility numbers.

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Integrating The Latest Technology In Cosmetic Surgery Procedures In Fort Lauderdale When it comes to the newest of technologies to ensure smoother and lasting cosmetic surgeries blunt tip cannula injectable hold the key. The blunt tips are for fillers. Previously physicians routinely used sharp tip needles with injectable fillers. However the modern doctors are going for blunt tip cannulas pertaining to lip augmentations. The reason behind the viability of this Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale is that they are typically better and less painful. They have a variety of other advantages as compared to the tradition methods. You will find that blunt tips are generally more flexible and smaller than the sharp ones which means that they don’t need many punctures. They can cover more surfaces in one treatment. The ingrained benefits The use of cannullainjectables in Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale tend to touch and push critical structures and tracts out of the way rather than puncturing or impaling them. For instance if you place it adjacent to a nerve the cannula will try to push aside the nerves and blood vessels whereas a sharp needle will always lance the concerned nerve leading pain or artery puncture vein wreckage or nerve injury. Fewer punctures always mean less discomfort along with shorter procedure spans in general. The innate flexibility enables the doctors to be more precise and perfect with the injections. In addition to this most patients say that the blunt tip cannulas reduce your discomfort level during the incision. Shorter recovery period A Cosmetic Surgery procedure in Fort Lauderdale involving the blunt tip cannulas generally entail a rapid recovery window than procedures involving sharp tip variants. Since there are fewer punctures and injection sites and definitely less piercing of the blood vessel and nerves there is less bruising swelling and bleeding. You don’t even need anesthesia with blunt tip cannulas since the relatively painlessness they give. The surgeons at specialty clinics ensure that you are very comfortable. They prefer usage of the blunt tips for any lip filler. Cosmetic surgery procedures The Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale ambit entails a host of procedures. You have reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction. It includes three separate methods such as free nipple graft vertical incision and T-incision. The next one is Forehead lift or Brow lift which entails smoothing and minimization of forehead lines and wrinkles along with brow elevation. It reduces eyelid drooping. The adept doctors can do Malar augmentation or cheekbone augmentation to increase and reshape the cheekbones’ size through an implant.

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Many cosmetic options Contracture is a condition that describes the breast implants capsule. This may make the breast feel hard causing distortions in the breast. The surgeons employ a grading classification the Baker System to classify the level of contracture around the implants. To do Facelift or Rhytidectomy they tighten the neck and facial skin. They use filler injections for soft-tissue augmentation and collagen implants. They inject collagen into your skin to smoothen the skin reducing wrinkles alongside the presence of scars. They also perform Otoplasty or ear surgery to reshape the ear’s cartilage for repairing damage and reducing its size.

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Know the Revision Surgery Feature Of A Breast Implant Procedure In Fort Lauderdale Breast implant revision is a leading gamut of cosmetic surgery wherein the surgeon removes either or both of the implants in any one of the accredited and specialty Breast Implants clinics in Fort Lauderdale. The doctors have performed this advanced procedure innumerable times on patients seeking revision of their implants. There are certain factors motivating the implant procedure. The first one is a desire to change your bosom sizes. Majority of women want to increase the size while some opt for removal of larger implants replacing them with smaller ones. Then you have capsular contracture wherein the pocket surrounding an implant becomes tough/hard necessitating replacement or removal of the implant. The other factors In some patients especially in thin women the implants develop rippling which is visible on the breasts outside ambit. Next you have a change or modification in implant style. It could in form-stable to gel-filled and saline implants. Some might want to replace older implants. Although quality Breast Implants in Fort Lauderdale mostly last over 25 years they’re however not permanent products or devices. They might need switching out for maintaining the viability. There could be some leakage or chunk in saline implant or dissatisfaction with the outcomes of a previous breast implant procedure. You might also inculcate a desire to remove them altogether. Good candidates for revision surgery The skilled and experienced doctors frequently examine patients coming from other physicians’ referrals. They examine unsatisfactory results post breast reconstruction breast augmentation breast lift or breast reduction. The most ideal candidates are women who are in proper health and who realize the potential issues of breast revision surgery. Your doctor has the duty to make adjustments or slight changes in the presence of a noted scar tissue. This tissue entails the potential to contain or inhibit the change level the doctor will be able to form. Nevertheless the Breast Implants reversals in Fort Lauderdale that they provide patients show highly satisfying results. Performing breast implant revision The trained and qualified surgeons administer general anesthesia to perform a breast revision surgery. The accredited and state-of-the-art surgical suits are ideal abodes for Breast Implants procedures in Fort Lauderdale. You can go home on the same day they perform the plastic surgery. Depending upon all reasons to undergo breast implant revision surgery your doctors may take anywhere from one to three to complete the procedure. They place the incisions in the same place of previous incisions until you’ve had the original implants aligned under your armpit.

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Post surgery and recovery The armpit incision is called transaxillary incision which is a form of inconspicuous incision pleasing many women. However you cannot use that in future implant treatments. The carefully remove and replace the implants certain adjustments that entail a breast lift or sutures. Your doctor places a compression cloth over it helping it to recover within that area. You can go home after two hours of the completion. The recovery time is fairly quick and rapid. In the initial procedure you might experience some swelling and bruising that has remedies with over-the-counter medication and ice packs.

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