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Aflatoxin M1 Test For Milk Milk Powder Pasteurized Milk Specs96T / box Tes�ng Time7-10 mins Regula�on CN / EU / RU / US Introduc�on Single Test Kit rapid to detect an an�bio�c residues in milk and dairy product by using colloidal gold immunochromatography technology. As soon as 7-10minutes to results Advantage •DETECTION LIMITS RESPOND EU • HIGH SENSITIVITY • RELIABLE ROBUST • VISUAL RESULTS • USER-FRIENDLY • COST-EFFECTIVE • Result in a Very Short Time • Flexibility – Tes�ng customized to fit your process • Rapid simple and precise • Robust and reliable: Perform the test in situ with raw or mixed milk and without having to heat or incubator.

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Applica�on For raw milk whole milk powder Pasteurized milk. Spicifications. 2. Limit of Detec�on Refer to instruc�on. Storage Shelf-Life At 28 out of sunlight 12 monthsr Compolents 96T / box Instruc�on 1 Tube 12 Equipments Op�on Timer Incubator Mini Pipe�e200μL Tips for mini pipe�eReader Operations 1. Specificity Not cross-react with macrolides trimethoprim sulfonamides drugs etc. 1. Take 200 μL milk specimen add into micro well mix with the pink agent 10 �mes. 3. Insert strips into the wells 4. Incu- bate 5minutes 5. Take out strips and read results by eye or reader. 2. Incubate 3 minutes 3’ 5’

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Interpreta�on Visual inspec�on 1. If C line visible interpret according to the instruc�on. T line compare with C line to interpret posi�ve or nega�ve. 2. If C T are invisible it’s invalid detec�on repeat tes�ng again. Results Illustration Add: 5F Building B No.241 ShangYe Rd. Huadu Gunangzhou China Tel: +86 20 3947 9163 Email: © Copyright 2019 - BALLYA - All Rights Reserved ballyabio2015 ballyabiotest ballyabio Whats App+ 86 137 6076 3792 Youtube search ballya Handhold Test Window Sample Pad Invalid N- T1+ C T1

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