Edgewood Children’s Ranch

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Edgewood Children’s Ranch:

Edgewood Children’s Ranch Lindsey Penna EEX 4070

About Edgewood Children’s Ranch:

About Edgewood Children’s Ranch Edgewood Children’s Ranch began in 1966 when Juvenile Court Judge D. Arthur Yergey saw a need for a residential facility for young boys who had exhibited negative social behavior due to behavioral disorders, learning disabilities and family circumstances. This led Judge Yergey to John W. “Jack” Lynd, who subsequently opened Edgewood Boys Ranch in Orlando, FL. Later, the ranch realized that there was a need for not only boys but girls as well and so they became Edgewood Children’s Ranch.

Life At Edgewood Children’s Ranch:

Life At Edgewood Children’s Ranch Edgewood can accommodate up to 70 students at a time. The children live on the campus 24/7. At the ranch they attend school, live in cabins with “camp parents” and go to church daily.

Florida Association of Christian Child Care Agencies:

Florida Association of Christian Child Care Agencies Edgewood Children’s Ranch is a member of FACCCA, Florida Association of Christian Child Care Agencies. FACCCA is the authority that provides registration, oversight, training and assistance to child care organizations like Edgewood.  FACCCA was founded in 1984 and authorized under the Florida Statute 409.176. Please visit their web site.   http://www.faccca.com/

The Amazing Children at Edgewood :

The Amazing Children at Edgewood

The Farm:

The Farm




PERCEPTIONS OF DIFFERENCE At First I was nervous A little worried I wouldn’t be able to relate I wondered how the children would act towards me How I would react to them At the End I found myself enjoying each child I wanted to spend more time with them I learned something special about each child I felt like they enjoyed getting attention from someone new


CIVIL ENGAGEMENT Volunteering in your community is a great opportunity to give back as well as meet new people and broaden your knowledge of what is going on your own community. Volunteering in your community through service learning allows you to experience the different challenges in your community and strengthen your understanding of the needs in your community. Service Learning will also strengthen your classroom instruction in all subject areas to improve overall academic success, and will fulfill real needs in the Community. Through service learning I have been exposed to new concepts in learning and have developed a stronger sense of social responsibility and civic awareness.


FINAL THOUGHTS I have learned so much about my community and its many needs. I have made an emotional bond with children who just need love and support. I will continue to volunteer and serve Edgewood Children’s Ranch after this project because I enjoy listening and learning along side these amazing you children. I want to be a vital part of my community and help cater to the needs of the young people who I hope one day will continue to volunteer in my community because they will be able to look back and see what an important role the community played in their own lives.

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