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FIA Program News: 

FIA Program News PNW-FIA Client Meeting Olympia, WA April 4, 2007

National FIA Program: 

National FIA Program Budgets Data Collection Data Availability Accomplishments Expectations

National FIA Budget: 

National FIA Budget


FIA implementation status, 2007. Annualized FIA Nevada pilot American Samoa Guam Palau Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Federated States of Micronesia Republic of the Marshall Islands Other Islands (periodics) Not annualized


FIADB Periodic Annualized Data in FIADB in FY 2006 Am. Samoa Guam Palau Puerto Rico Virgin Is. CNMI FSM RMI Other islands (periodics)

National FIA Accomplishments: 

National FIA Accomplishments FIA Strategic Plan 2007-2011 Published 5-Year State Reports (NC, IN) Spatial Data Service Center – 347 requests National FIA database – 24,000 retrievals Consultations – 1608 (2.5 FTE)

National FIA Accomplishments: 

National FIA Accomplishments Scientists predict the effect of climate change on wildfire severity and outcomes in California. Historical forest disturbance of the Allegheny National Forest mapped by FIA and NASA. Rapid Assessment of Catastrophic Damage provides critical information (Katrina & Rita) Invasive plant taxa from forest surveys find increased value through Web delivery tool. National and regional forest inventory map products capitalize on new techniques

FY 2006 Expectations: 

FY 2006 Expectations Annual inventory in existing states Deliver data within 6 months 5-Year Reports for 14 more states Improved Data Delivery System Continue Analysis and Research on topical issues

PNW FIA Program: 

PNW FIA Program Budgets Data Collection Data Availability Accomplishments Expectations


Budgets FY 2005 = $13,673,000 FY 2006 = $13,464,000 FY 2007 = $13,464,000 FY 2008 = ?? Not fully funded for Pacific Islands Not Fully funded for Interior Alaska No Cost of Living Adjustment for 5 years in California, Oregon, Washington

Annual Inventory: 

Annual Inventory Alaska Coastal w/o Wilderness Year 4 Washington – Year 6 Oregon – Year 7 ½ California – Year 7 Pacific Islands No work in 2007

Data Availability: 



Accomplishments 2000 – 2005 Annual Inventory data delivered within 6 months – 2nd year in a row. 2006 Data edited within 2 weeks of receiving from the field Research Delivery – lichens, understory vegetation, fire/fuels, estimation procedures, sudden oak death, LIDAR/remote sensing, mapping/GNN


Expectations 2000-2006 Data delivery within 6 months Annual inventory in existing states, including temporal intensification on NFS lands in CA Increased safety awareness Delivery of 5-year reports for Oregon and California.


Expectations Planning for HI/PI and Interior Alaska Research Reports Insect & Disease information Wildlife Periodic to Annual Inventory Change Fire/fuels

5-Year Reports: 

5-Year Reports TIMBER!

5-Year Reports: 

5-Year Reports Biomass

5-Year Reports: 

5-Year Reports Older Forests

5-Year Reports: 

5-Year Reports Biodiversity

5-Year Reports: 

5-Year Reports Forest Health

5-Year Report: 

5-Year Report Invasives

5-Year Report: 

5-Year Report Fire Risk

5-Year Report: 

5-Year Report Forest Products

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