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As air conditioners have become a common household machine theese days, the need for good servicing and repairing companies have grown. Priority is given to those who give high quality work.


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Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning is a premier residential and commercial service company, installing and maintaining systems from homeowners’ old hot-water radiators to giant industrial complexes. Shavitz has worked across the Midwest with a variety of commercial and industrial projects, including installing heating and cooling in 140 rooms of a Michigan Avenue hotel and a restaurant in Minnesota.



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New Furnaces

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Safe and proper venting, wiring, and ductwork sizing are just a few of the things that are custom designed and fabricated specifically for your home.  These and many other components play a significant part of your heating system’s efficiency, life expectancy, noise, and ability to heat your home.

Furnace Preventative Maintenance :

Furnace Preventative Maintenance

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A build up of dirt and dust can mean a breakdown the efficiency of your Chicago heating system. And these days, who can afford to waste anything, let alone fuel. These steps apply whether you are doing gas furnace maintenance, oil or electric furnace.



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Specializing in both traditional and high efficiency boiler installation, our professionals can help you get the best boiler for your specific needs. With our commitment to professional installation workmanship, top-quality boiler systems, and fantastic customer service, you can count on Shavitz when you need help with your residential or commercial boiler heating system .

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