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An external website monitoring service watches over your website, monitors customer experience and notifies about problems.


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Website External Monitoring The ROAD to Successful On-line Business

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I don’t understand why MY SALES ARE going down! SALES SALES

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Average cost per DOWNTIME minute is $10,000 for E-Commerce site SALES CUSTOMER frustrations Reputation damage Lost trust

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Using External Monitoring service we will demonstrate how to increase ONLINE SALES

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MEASURE your WEB CUSTOMER experience at a REAL TIME Functionality Availability Performance Content Matching

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Discovers an actual cause of the problem before your CUSTOMERS complain COMPREHENSIVE monitoring of your website to avoid serious outages

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Guarantee Seamless Communications for your CUSTOMERS Live Support Emails Website

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Functional forms Provide Seamless CUSTOMER Service Important Content

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Assess your CUSTOMER Experience 24x7 Mobile Access PC Access

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Receive Alerts from “EXTERNAL MONITOR” not CUSTOMERS

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Follow the Trends to Take Corrective Actions

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Acquire birds-eye view of your website like your CUSTOMER sees it Availability Performance Functionality Content

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Urge for Exceptional CUSTOMER Satisfaction and Increase Sales Setup is EASY: no installations MONITORING starts immediately No need for software maintenance SALES Now I know what my CUSTOMERS Experience with my site and MY SALES are UP!!!

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