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Human Development: 

Human Development The Significance of Character in Creating Fulfilling Relationships and Successful Marriages

Love and CharacterHow Virtues Sustain Successful Marriages : 

Love and Character How Virtues Sustain Successful Marriages

Character EducationRelationship Education Marriage Education : 

Character Education Relationship Education Marriage Education

The State of Our Unions: 

The State of Our Unions The Social Health of Marriage in America, 2004 The Marrying Kind: Which Men Marry and Why Survey of young men, 25-34 years of age. Men are delaying marriage until older ages Most men are 'the marrying kind.' Men from traditional, religiously observant family backgrounds are more likely to be married. By Barbara Dafoe Whitehead andamp; David Poponoe

The State of Our Unions: 

The State of Our Unions 20% of men, strong negative views about marriage, women and children. Midst of revolutionary change in the institution of marriage. The pathway into marriage is changing. The meaning of marriage is changing. People expect more from marriage today. National Marriage Project,


Communication Only 7% Verbal 43 % Inclination of voice 50% Body language

Character —Context for Communication: 

'When…courage, persistence, gratefulness, calmness, gentleness and unselfish love are …in a person’s character, it is easier to receive his or her words.' Gary Smalley Character —Context for Communication

Listening Skills Require Character: 

Listening Skills Require Character 1. States situation using 'I' messages 2. Reflects with empathy andamp; compassion 3. Affirm andamp; clarifies statement


'As I have observed many different couples I have become convinced that strong marriages are built on the virtues or character strengths of the spouses. In other words, the best way to have a good marriage is to be a good person.' Blaine Fowers, The Myth of Marital Happiness


Character Contributes to Lasting Marriage Divorcing spouses often report loss of respect for their partner

What is Love?: 

What is Love? It's a question that has challenged the most sensitive spirits of humankind. Love is passionate. It is powerful. It is obsessive. Love can seem cruel, but always rewards those in its grasp with pleasure at least equal to the pain. Love can be found in the smile of a child, the eyes of a grandmother, or the embrace of a friend.


Unselfish Love is a Matter of Character

The Cardinal Virtues of Marriage: 

Self-sacrifice Forgiveness Commitment Fidelity Respect Honesty The Cardinal Virtues of Marriage

Virtues = Lasting Love: 

Virtues = Lasting Love

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