Tibetan Astrology

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Tibetan Astrology: 

Tibetan Astrology -David Pletcher -Andy Potter Colgate University Core 179 Professor Mansfield 11/9/2004

The Role of the Astrologer: 

The Role of the Astrologer Religious Calendar Advice Weather Predictions Birth and Death Rituals to ward off negative planetary influences. Timing of Medication

The Origins of Byung-rtsis Tibetan Astrology: 

The Origins of Byung-rtsis Tibetan Astrology Bon Buddhism China India Others?


Elements Shing (Wood) – Green - Movement Meh (Fire) – Red - Heat Shah (Earth) – Yellow - Solidarity Chyia (Metal) – White - Emptiness Chu (Water) – Blue - Wetness

Tibetan Animal and Sun Signs: 

Tibetan Animal and Sun Signs 12 animal years Tibetan Months Tibetan Sun Signs

Mewas and Parkhas: 

Mewas and Parkhas


Kalachakra Translated to Tibetan in 1027 A.D. External Kalachakra Internal Kalachakra Alternative Kalachakra

Kar-rtsis Tibetan Astronomy: 

Kar-rtsis Tibetan Astronomy 'Lo-Tho' Tibetan Almanac 'Dbyangs Char' Arising Vowel System


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