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From My Heart... Vol. No. 55 January 2020 The Foundation Newsletter My dear Daughters Friends and Well Wishers T his sure is a very busy time. From July to now we get fully occupied with planning for the new academic year Scholarships. In July the procedure starts in setting out the criteria for the current year redesigning the application forms uploading the same and setting out the detail schedules from opening of the scholarships to closing of the availability of forms for various categories and then the interviews. This needs to be done for all four districts Pune Wardha Amravati and Nagpur. The interviews of all categories take almost 26 plus days. After fnishing the selections we start to prepare for the scholarship award function. Award function is normally held at the end of November / 1 st week of December. Following the award function we have about 4 to 5 days of orientation for the new batches. At this program our new daughters are introduced to LPF and its Ethos goals mission and an overview of the past and plans for the future. They are also informed about what is expected of them and all procedures to be followed throughout their period of scholarships. All this surely is a massive exercise for the entire staff and goes on almost until end March when the frst claims of scholarships end and the New Year starts with preparation and planning for the school scholarships. I thought it is good to share with you all these details so you are aware of the effort that goes in every year to add on a new batch. This year it was the 24 th batch. I now continue to share with you my personal experiences as I grew up in the corporate world. After working in Ruston and Hornsby for just about a year Dad and me decided to get married. Since the British Firm had a rule that husband and wife cannot work in the same company as managers one of us had to leave. Thus I decided to resign as Dad was holding senior position and getting a better pay package. It took me just about a month to fnd another job. I was waiting at a bus stop to catch a bus home when my contd. on page 2... school Hockey coach passed by and stopped to say hello. On knowing I was looking for another job he informed that Vulcan Laval now Alfa Laval where he was working was recruiting apprentices and if I would be interested to apply. I jumped at the opportunity and immediately sent I my application. I was shortly called for an interview. My brother volunteered to take me on his motorcycle for the interview. At Mal Dhaka near Sassoon hospital he stopped at a traffc signal I was rather relaxed sitting behind as a pillion rider when the signal became green the motorcycle started and I fell off the seat but held onto the rear seat handle. I could not let go as there was a big bus behind and if I would have let go I would have been crushed under the bus. My brother was totally unaware and I got dragged for a good number of meters until the crowd shouted at my brother and he stopped. By than my right arm was totally damaged and was bleeding. I had two choices go back home and get my arm attended to or continue to go for the interview. I decided on the later. My brother of course left it to me to take the call. There was a big surprise for me as I entered the room for my interview. There were 6 managers all male in the room to interview me. All very inquisitive to see who is the young girl mechanical engineer wanting to work in an engineering company. One by one they put out their hand for a welcome hand shake. I was in tremendous pain with my right hand damaged from my fall and all of them wanting to give a nice strong hand shake. If I do not respond they would conclude ‘A girl cannot even give a nice strong hand shake how can she work in our company as an engineer. I honestly needed a lot of determination to go through this. Thereafter some technical questions followed and fnally the last question was really both very amusing and in my opinion very unfair . The personal Manager now the same work profle is called HR Manager asked me the most embarrassing question. ‘Miss Thadani that was my maiden name you say you want to work on the shop foor for hands on experience now on shop foor there are only male workers and there could be some diffcult situations such as one of the worker winks at you. What

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2 would be your reaction and handling of such a situation” I felt it was an irrelevant and untimely question to ask a young girl coming frst time in the industry and looking for making a career. I could have said so but that meant I would never get that job so I answered very boldly and quite innocently “Sir I would wink back at HIM” Surely this took the whole team by shock. Seeing the surprise on their faces I quickly added “Sir the other alternative is to come to you with a complain but knowing I am the only girl on the shop foor and that is creating trouble you would ask me to leave rather than take any action on your workers. But I want the job and thus I will have to learn how to deal with such situations”. I think my answer appealed to them and I got the job as an apprentice in Vulcan Laval. Thus started my journey from Apprentice to CMD of the company Alfa Laval. I have never looked back. More in my next dialogue with you soon. It is also time to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. We are soon going to step into our 25 th year of our beloved FOUNDATION. Let us line up a lot of new celebrations. Good luck and God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers From My Heart... contd. from page 1... Corporate Partner Engagement A n Industrial Visit to HCL Technologies was organized for Wardha Amravati and Nagpur Lila girls. LPF has arranged this Visit as a part of Industrial Exposure Program. HCL is a MNC spread across 36 countries and over 100000 of the world’s best-trained IT consultants. They explained about values of HCL like leading change Integrity Excellence Learning and sharing. The objective behind the visit was to make Lila girls aware about how a software company works various services available and job opportunities. Industrial visit to HCL was highly appreciated by girls who fnd it full of knowledge. Girls got to know working methodology of MNC Company how the people are working and gained invaluable industrial exposure on this trip. HCL visit at Nagpur The workshop was conducted by volunteers of Dassault Systemes at LPF Offce. The session started with the introduction to Dassault Systemes by Ms. Mayuri Kharde.Futher the topics included were Email Etiquette enhancing communication skills Resume writing and go beyond horizon were Mr. Kunal Vardhan Ms. Madhavi Gupta Ms. Charumati Deshmukh and Ms. Rudhi Kadam. Lila Girls got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Lionel Burgaud Vice-President Outcome-based engagement and Mr. Bijuraj Balakrishnan – Director at Pune Dassualt Systemes Services. Girls fnd the sessions more interactive and interesting. Presentation skills by Dassault Systemes We are so much thankful to HCL for enhancing their support to LPF. We look forward to stay connected with HCL and to take our partnership to newer heights for years to come.

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3 Mrs Meena volunteer from Seco Tools instructing LILA girls LPF organized a factory visit for the girls of Mechanical Production and Electronics Telecommunications engineering where theygot a chance to experience the corporate environment in the organization namely Seco Tools India P. Seco is one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling stationary tools hole making and tooling systems. The visit was planned primarily to give a frsthand experience about how a manufacturing setup is and also to add on some practical knowledge to get the overview of organizational structure and visit to various departments like Research and Development Tools Production and Inserts Production. This exposure visit helped LILA Girls to gain practical knowledge. The most amazing part of the visit was watching the robotics performing the work.It was a unique experience to share our knowledge with our future generation. Amdocs organized a wonderful Diversity Walk for 3 rd and fnal Engineering Lila Girls. Ms. Vidya Jayakrishnan Head of CSR at Amdocs took the initiative to interact with the girls. In this session she spoke about her own successes and failures. The main aim of this session was to help the girls stay motivated and overcome their fears. The session began with visit to Shinde Chhatri. The girls also visited the Car Museum and got the opportunity to see the vintage cars. It was very nice experience for LGs and wish to thank Amdocs for this engagement. Diversity Walk Sociothon An exclusive orientation session around ‘Sociothon’ was organized by volunteers and CSR leader of Amdocs Employee for LPF Scholars. ‘Farmer Distress’ was the theme and challenge statement was how technology can help farmers to come out of agrarian crisis waste management and how it can be converted into a resource. Another session took place in the month of October. Corporate Partner Engagement Path Finders S hivani Mathankar LG-2016 was born in the village of Pavani in Wardha district. Her father is a farmer and mother is a housewife at Pavani whereas for their will to get proper education Shivani and her brother live in Wardha. Despite of having a very low income their parents are working hard to fulfll the educational requirements of children. She had inferior complex due to fnancial status since most of the girls in the college belonged to affuent families which gave her different feeling. During this time only she decided to focus on her education and turn into a strong and successful woman. After completing Diploma with 80 she wanted to take admission for a graduate degree in engineering but managing the fnances was tough. Paying high fees of college for her and younger brother along with other expenses was next to impossible and found herself helpless. That time she came to know about LPF from one of her friend. She was over the moon after getting news of

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4 Aishwarya Navghane LG-2013 was born into a typical middle class family in Chinchwad Pune. Her father was a driver with no education and no fnancial support. He took up the responsibility of providing for the family at the age of 28 due to the demise of his father. However her father had bigger dreams for Aishwarya and her elder sister. He wanted both of them to become engineers. His hard work paid off when Aishwarya completed her SSC from Camp Education Society with a score of 80 followed by a 3 years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction and secured admission for engineering in JSPM College Pune. It was diffcult for her to pay the fees for engineering course. It was at this time that she found out about Lila Poonawalla Foundation and applied for it. Receiving the scholarship was a life changing moment for her. LPF is a unique foundation that does not restrict itself to providing scholarship to the selected girls. Once you become a Lila girl the foundation takes care of you in every way possible. They provide help not only for the academics but also grooms in your personal life. Talking about her experience Aishwarya says “When after good academic record I got a backlog in BE second year. Lila Mom asked me to meet and enquired about the problems that I had been facing in my personal life which could have led to the backlog. She then sent me to Ashwini Singh a counselor associated with LPF.” To relieve father’s stress Aishwarya got married in 2015 when she was about to start her final year at the age of 20 years old. It was the toughest time after marriage to cope up with expectations from new bride but she did not give up. She took a leap of faith and there was no turning back now. She thanks her supporting husband and in laws who not only allowed her to completely focus on studies but shouldered all her education fees and put up with a studying young bride. Despite all the ups and Khushali Umate LG-2014 has completed graduation in Computer Science Engineering from Wardha with great support from LPF. After completing graduation she was working as a Business Analyst in a company in Indore. For her wish to learn about new technologies she started looking out for different opportunities and pursued a course in Data Science in Pune. Being a vast feld it was diffcult for her to get a job even after completing the course. She faced several interviews but couldn’t clear them. For months she continuously prepared for aptitude tests and interviews and attended campus drives. Two months ago she came to know from the consultancy frm for whom she was working regarding IBM placements. She cleared all the tests and got selected as software engineer trainee at IBM. She moved to Bangalore for training at Manipal. She got placed in her dream company. She says “Lila Poonawalla Foundation played vital role in my success. They not only helped me complete my graduation but also helped me become a strong independent woman. They guided me at every step towards the right decision. Mom is my Idol and I want to be like her. She is generous helpful and an inspiration for all the girls. LPF helped me achieve my goal and now it’s my turn to help the girls in need and turn them into independent Lila fellows”. - Khushali Umate LG-2014 her selection for scholarship. Her parents were also very happy and were released from monetary stress. She could complete her degree in engineering computer science from Datta Meghe Engineering College. She says “LPF has not only given me fnancial support but has also helped me grow by providing workshops such as self-defense personality development grooming and etiquettes and many more. With each Workshop I became more confdent and focused towards my dreams. I have consistently passed each semester with frst class and also topped in my class. Currently I am in the last semester of engineering and I achieved 75 in 7th semester”. She got campus placement in Atos Syntel Pvt. Ltd. Pune with package of Rs 310000/-. She feels all of this was possible only due to LPF which made her a confdent and responsible girl. Shivani will always be thankful to the foundation for the support. Shivani feels to be blessed as being part of LPF and wishes to be a successful women like Mom and do something good for society. - Shivani Mathankar LG-2016 Path Finders downs Aishwarya completed BE with distinction. It was a proud moment for her and her father. Post engineering Aishwarya got a job as an Oracle Developer with a small-scale IT company with less salary just for experience. After 2 years of marriage and a year of job lie had started looking upwards for Aishwarya. However it was at this time that her father passed away. She credits her husband for helping her through this tough phase by being by her side and providing courage. In 2018 Aishwarya gave birth to a beautiful girl Anaya and she flled their life with joy and happiness like never before. Aishwarya had continued to work till the 8 th month of pregnancy travelling by public transport. That time God sent angelic help in the form of Lila Mom. She sent resume to Mom. Earlier than expected Aishwarya got a call from KPIT. Aishwarya got her offer letter in March 2019. There was one last twist in Aishwarya‘s life before she could have a happy ending. “KPIT asked me to join at Mumbai location and I had to leave my 11-Month-old daughter at home in Pune and leave for Mumbai. But it’s a small phase and will pass through. I joined KPIT last month as Oracle JDE Developer. I am all grown up now a strong and proud mother with a well settled career. I owe my success to Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Lila mom. She helped me not only with my education but also with my career.I would love to be part of the foundation for the rest of my life.” - Aishwarya Navghane LG-2013

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5 Joy of Giving “Life is process during which one initially gets less and less dependent independent and then more and more dependent”. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana Diwali 2019 was indeed a special one for the old folks at Swarnavihar Old Age Home. Peace Ambassadors of 2019 celebrated Diwali at the Old Age Home with the people staying there. The PAs distributed sweets and exchanged the thoughts about life and experiences by adding a little cheer and sparkle to the environment of Swarnavihar. M ary Rose McGeadytruly said that “There is no greater joy or greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life”. I believe that each of us has a personal calling that is as unique as a fngerprint and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then fnd a way to offer it to others in the form of service working hard and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you. I remember my mother always told me if you earn 100 Rs. Keep aside 10 and utilize this money for needy people or social work. The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. I always followed my mother’s advice. I have so much interest in social work. I am not only involved in Foundation’s social activity but also try to do a bit individually. For last 4 years on the occasion of Rangpanchami and Children’s day we I and Iq media pvt. Ltd. Dhankwadi organize an event called “khushiyoke rang bachhoaurbadoke sang” for Orphanage children Janseva Foundation Katraj street children and old age people. In this program we spend an entire day and celebrate Rangpanchami with these children and old age people. We arrange some activities where these students get chance to show their talent like singing dancing paintings and group activates. We also donate school kits and snacks. While conducting these activities playing rangpanchami with them we saw real happiness on their faces. We always fnd happiness around us. But the real happiness is a bird which shines in our hearts. Happiness is a butterfy which shines on our palms. Happiness is a spontaneous sensation that smells in the mind. So beautiful is happiness then why don’t we get it It is scattered around us “yatra tatra sarvatra means everywhere” and we are wandering like musk deer. For it which is in us is from us. It is in our hand to fnd the way of giving sharing and caring. Our team members are putting efforts to make this program more interesting. Some of the volunteers in our team are working studying but still they fnd and give their precious time for making the children and old age people happy. This enthusiasm to spend time with them make them happy is giving us more confdence. We always talk about inclusiveness this is the actual way to inclusiveness. - Rita Shetiya LF- 2005 PA – 2011 Diwali At Swarnavihar Old Age Home Khushiyoke rang ….

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6 Joy of Giving “S hubharambh2k19” is initated by Peace Ambassador 2017 batch. The inauguraton was done by the chief guest Padmashri Ms. Lila Poonawalla Chairperson Lila Poonawalla Foundaton and Founding Trustee Mr. FirozPoonawalla and CEO Ms. Prit Khare were the special guest of the event. The 2 day event had everything stalls with good food handcrafted items arts and craft dress materials and much more. The Peace Ambassadors 2017 raised overRs. 1 lac in this event and the amount was donated to Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Over 80 entrepreneurs small scale businesses and our very own LILA Scholars too had put up their own stalls.The Event also had a prize distribution ceremony where three stalls with the most sale won the prizes. T he Peace Ambassadors PA 2017 and 2018 batch of Lila Poonawalla Foundation provided a small helping hand to the food victims of Maharashtra food in the districts of Sangli and Kolhapur by raising funds. They donated school kits and sanitary napkins to Ashtvinayak Mitra Mandal Ambegaon pathar for the further help to food relief for Kolhapur and Sangli under the Project ‘HELPING HANDS’ and ‘HER NEED’ respectively. LPF has inculcated values of giving back not only within LILA Scholars but also family and friends. LPF along with LILA Alumni’s supported the food affected families in Sangli Karad and Kolhapur by donating new blankets sarees and food grains in addition to cash donations to Pune Jagruti Group for further help of food affected area. LPF has been supporting the victims facing challenges from natural calamities in India. A Mother of one of our PAs Rita Shetiya has contributed 32kg rice. - Rita Shetiya LF-2005 PA-2011 Helping hand to the food victims Shubharambh2k19

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7 Our Research Scholars E ducation is the most powerful that can be used to change the world. And it surely changed Revathi Nathan’s life Lila Fellow 2010. Revathi’s father was a scientist at DRDO and after his voluntary retirement he is working as a consultant for companies to ensure that they maintain their ISO standards and meet the environment safety standards as well as safe working conditions at the companies. Her mother is a housewife and a yoga/ftness enthusiast. Her elder brother graduated with an MBA is working as a marketing executive at Ashok Leyland. In 2010 when Revathi decided that she wants to purse a Master’s Degree in United States Lila Poonawalla Foundation provided her with scholarship. Talking about this scholarship Revathi says “Unlike many other scholarship programs the LPF scholarship provided more than just the cheque they ensured that the fellows traveling outside the country had a good support system and gave us a crash-course on how to live in the US.” Revathi has completed her Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. When asked about her research area she says “As a young high school girl I was fascinated by the night sky especially when we move away from the bright city lights. On a camping trip organized by my feld hockey coach we went to Panshet dam. It was here I was introduced to astronomy in a talk given by a research scholar under the starry sky. In that moment I decided that I want to go to space As I started honing my skills in mathematics and science my interest in space science matured from merely wanting to go there for learning the methods of building a spacecraft that will send humans as well as probes to space allowing us to learn more about this incredible universe”. For her Ph.D. research Revathi focused on two aspects of space travel frst an effcient thermal protection system that protects the spacecrafts and payload from the extremely high-temperatures that they are subject to during planetary entry and second in-space electric propulsion devices that are required to propel the human-made probes away from earth farther into our solar system once they are sent into space. To study these two important questions she came up with computational software that solves a system of equations used to model the physics at such high-temperatures. If we used our laptop to perform these computations it would take at-least half a century to complete on set of calculations. Thus to speed up the process of predictions required for designing effcient spacecraft systems Revathi used supercomputers those have more than thousand processors to solve the problem within a couple of days. Analysis of the predictions allowed her to the study the role of material microstructure on the rate of heat of transferred to it and then estimate the thickness of material required to protect the spacecraft from the high-temperature environment. Using the same computational tool she modeled the plume high- speed jet of charged particles namely electrons and ions to study how the plume species interact with the solar panel causing the solar panel of the satellites to fail. These studies helped her to predict the life-time of these satellites once they are sent to space. “From my Ph.D. research we studied how high- temperature gas fows through the thermal protection system material during planetary entry and predicted the degradation rate of these materials for a mission-specifc condition. This will enable us to optimize the material thickness required for designing the thermal protection system of spacecraft” adds Revathi. Explaining about how this research is helpful Revathi says “The research that I did for my Ph.D. will allow for more effcient in-space propulsion systems that ensure that the constellation of satellites maintain their respective orbit as they are required for GPS navigation on Earth. These types of propulsion systems can also be used on space probes such as Voyager 1 which visited Jupiter and Saturn and relayed delayed images back to Earth.” Every experience teaches something. “Two mains things: tenacity and patience. It takes a long time to fgure out answers to research questions. There are a lot of ideas and approaches that will fail. But we learn something from these failures and they give us an understanding on what might possibly work. It is a lot of hard work and requires focus and dedication. Eventually the right result will lead to innovation or new approach of solving something. It is truly an adventure and we should enjoy the process not the result is what I understood from my experiences” shares Revathi. Revathi is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She says that most of the skills that she learnt during her Ph.D. are transferable to other plasma-based applications. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter which consists of ions and electrons and have a collective response to electric feld. Some plasma examples in every-day life are the plasma displays in our TV screens lightning and even Northern lights – Aurora Borealis. Revathi is working on modeling plasma-based linear accelerator devices which are a promising technology that has a wide impact in the areas of energy industry science and medicine. The same set of equations that can be used to describe a plasma-based device can also be used to study pulsars. Pulsars are highly magnetized rotating neutron stars that are like a rotating light house in space emitting radio waves and gamma rays. The discovery of these stars by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her advisor eventually was recognized with a Nobel Prize in 1979. “There are some plasma effects that are still not well understood and we are using leading edge computing facilities to model these stars and the plasma environment surrounding it to understand the physical mechanisms that cause the emission of radio waves and gamma rays. My future plans are to continue my research on using computational methods to study plasma physics in devices as well as in the astrophysical

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8 context” answers Revathi when asked about her future plans. Initially fueled by curiosity and a strong interest in space-related science Revathi started her research on developing computational methods to improve the design on planetary entry probes and in-space propulsion systems. However the research that she’s now a part of modeling of plasma-based linear accelerators has a broader impact on medicine energy fundamental science and industry. Additionally the work on astrophysical applications will help us understand the universe that we live in better. Revathi believes that even though some research questions may not have direct impact on what we do the research methods and understanding we obtain from studying these applications can be useful to study other systems that have a require a similar set of skills. LPF has played a huge role in Revathi’s life. Talking about the foundation Revathi says “LPF is family They created the right environment for a seed to sprout and provided wings to fy and send their love unconditionally. Aunty Maya visits the US often and has always connected with us despite her busy schedule. Recently when my parents were here in California we met with Maya aunty for lunch and had a great time Lila Mom and Feroz dad are an inspiration” Revathi wishes to be a part of LPF programs that will motivate young girls to take up science math and engineering. She would like to meet with the Lila girls and introduce them to the beauty of science and math Our Research Scholars when she returns to India from US for vacations and show that its applications are all around us. “I would also like to do my bit in adding to the funds required for the education of our Lila girls” shares Revathi. Revathi wishes to say to Lila sisters “First of all dream big and go for it Be curious and don’t hesitate to ask questions to your teachers and mentors. Aim for excellence and give your 100 in everything you decide to undertake. I am biased towards math science and engineering since this feld is fascinating and leads to a fulflling experience especially when we fnd the answers to the questions that we have been asking. Also we need more girls to join the community and create a better tomorrow. So I encourage the Lila Juniors to stick with math and science and give their best and join the team of future scientists to design new computers new materials new devices that can be used to cure ailments and even travel to space Read a variety of books on a variety of topics and try out new things and stick with the topics that fascinate you the most. It is not always easy to reach your goal but sometimes you have to climb the tallest mountain to get the most beautiful view of the sunrise. Stay determined and disciplined about your goals and actions to achieve them and you will get there and go even further. Finally always remember the people that helped you get to where you are and be grateful for their help. I wish you all the very best in your endeavors.” - Tazeen Shaikh LG-2017 R adhika Dorlikar LG- 2017 has made LPF proud by securing the 1 st Runner up position at the Smart India Hackathon 2019. Radhika is studying in her 2 nd year of Engineering from Wardha. She had participated in the Hackathon along with her team members. The Hackathon was held in Mohali Punjab in March 2019. The teams were given a problem statement of the Central Ministry and had to propose their solution for it. A duration of 3 to 4 days was allotted to them to think over it. After this started the real challenge. They spent almost 36 hours coding for their proposed solution. With the Mission “To create opportunities and employment for rural youth” and the Vision “To provide healthy food for society” they submitted the idea of organic bag portal and their solution got selected. There were 120+ solutions to the same problem statement. Only 4 were selected and Radhika’s team was among them. The Hackathon was an excellent learning experience for the team. They got an opportunity to interact with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their awesome work. The Panel of Judges included people from various renowned IT companies like Infosys Persistent etc. The winning teams were also offered Internship opportunities by these companies. In this entire journey Lila Mom was a big motivation for Radhika. Mom’s hard work and dedication inspired her to give her best at the Hackathon and keep all the fear away. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This achievement is just a small beginning for her and now sky is the limit. Lively Lilas

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9 Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 1 Gauri Ghone LF-2013 TCS as Sr. Research Associate 2 Pooja Baravkar LF-2013 Engineering College Akluj as Assistant professor 3 Sayali Dungarwal LF-2013 Johnsons Tiles as Ass. Manager 4 Chippy kumar LG-2013 Birlasoft as Associate Functional Consultant 5 Harsha Khandelwal LG-2013 Tyient Ltd as Design Engineer 6 Prajakta Chorge LG-2013 TATA Motors as PPC Executive 7 Pranali Tirkhunde LG-2013 Seagate Company as Software Enggineer 8 Shalaka Mane LG-2013 Emerson Export Engineering Center Pune as System Engineer 9 Sneha Deshpande LG-2013 Machweld Engineers as Trainee Engineer 10 Srushti Pansare LG-2013 Deloitte as Internship 11 Suratshalaka Khatkale LG-2013 Copart india Pvt LTD as IT security intern 12 Umama Khan LG-2013 Biocon Company as Scientist 13 Ashwinee Wadkar LG-2013 KTS Government Hospital as Staff Nurse 14 Harshada Khenat LG-2013 Maharashtra Water Resource Department as Jr. Engineer 15 Pranali Devjilkar LG-2013 Pragati Offset Pvt limited as Sales Excutive 16 Priyanka Pailvan LG-2013 Maharashtra State Electricity Board as Jr Engg 17 Priyanka Bhalerao LG-2013 Altas Copco as Customer support offcer 18 Sneha Gujar LG-2013 Cognizant as Programer Analyst 19 Renu Yadav LG-2013 TCS as DSA Drugs safety associate 20 Kaveri Mali Ladkat LF-2014 Transperfect Solutions India Pvt Ltd as Clinical Document Specialist 21 Yashica Borges LF-2014 St Vincent’s Junior College as Physics Lecturer 22 Prachi Bhujbal LF-2014 Technology Informatics Design Endeavour as Program Coordinator: School Program 23 Mona Gunjal Kale LF-2014 eExpediseTechnology Pvt Ltd as Dot net developer 24 Aboli Katekar Babar LF-2014 CRISIL Company as UI developer 25 Shital Kakade LF-2014 Xento System as Software Engineer 26 Harshada Pimple Kamthe LF-2014 Tacto Pvt Ltd as Software Developer 27 Aarti Bhosale LF-2014 Calfost Company as Development Engineer 28 Snehal Shelke LF-2014 Ethic Technology Research Pvt Ltd as Software Developer. 29 Vaishali Javalkar Zende LF-2014 Sudnya Ecom Pvt Ltd as Software Engineer 30 Aishwarya Deshmukh LG-2014 PA 2016 Twin Engineers Pvt. Ltd. as Trainee 31 Ashwini Jadhav LG-2014 Muance Pvt Company as Develeopment Anayst Associate Pune Placements

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10 Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 32 Gauri Thakur LG-2014 Soft Tech Engineers Limited as . Net Developer 33 Harshada Jahagirdar LG-2014 FIF Global Software Compnay as System Engineer 34 Kajal Dhamishte LG-2014 AM technology as Designer 35 Mansi Todi LG-2014 Persistent Systems Ltd as Quality Engineer 36 Nahid Tamboli LG-2014 MKCL Company as Software developer 37 Nikki George LG-2014 Wipro as Engineer 38 Samruddhi Kawathekar LG-2014 PA 2017 Silicus Technologies as QA Trainee 39 Sanam Bodake LG-2014 Tata Technologies as Graduate Apprentice Trainee 40 Shivani Gaikwad LG-2014 Sterlite Technology’ as Trainee Engineer 41 Shivani Katte LG-2014 Prorigo Software Pvt. Ltd as Software Engineer 42 Shruti Minache LG-2014 TCS as Assistant System Engineer Trainee 43 Sneha Phadke LG-2014 TCS as Assistant System Engineer-Trainee 44 Sukanya Pimparkar LG-2014 Softdel Systems Pvt. Ltd. as Trainee engineer 45 Vaibhavi Doshi LG-2014 PA 2017 Syntel as Associate consultant 46 Yashashri Pachpute LG-2014 Versatile Premedia Service Company as Engineer 47 Farzin Shaikh LG-2014 Vidyasheel Public School as Teacher 48 Akshada Thite LG-2014 Bakul Tambat Institute of Nursing Education as Clinical Instructor 49 Arati Ichake LG-2014 Indrayani Hospital cancer Institite as Staff Nurse 50 Anuja Salunkhe LG-2014 Bhosale Construction as Draftsman 51 Chaitali Sulke LG-2014 Infosys as System Engineer 52 Jyoti Kulkarni LG-2014 Calsquad Infotech Private Limited as Data Analyst 53 Monika Shinde LG-2014 Alcimetrik India Pvt Ltd as Software Engg 54 Pooja Jagtap LG-2014 TCS as Associate System Engineer 55 Poonam Zagade LG-2014 Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd as Purchase Offcer 56 Prajyoti Sankpal LG-2014 NHRM National Health Mission by the government of India as Engineer 57 Shraddha Jawalkar LG-2014 Synercize as Hybrid Developer 58 Trupti Jogle LG-2014 Accenture Pvt Ltd as Software Engineer 59 Vaishnavi Dilip Kholamkar LG 2016 Infosys as S/w Engg 60 Neha Sanjay Sharma LG 2016 TCS as ass System Enggineer 61 Prachi Kachardas Shingvi LG 2015 BOSCH in Bangalor or Koinbatoor 62 Kiran Deepak Chavan LG 2015 Syntel as S/W Enggineer 63 Aishwarya Ravindra Takle LG 2015 AtOS Pvt.Ltd as Graduate Trainee 64 Prajkta Ravindra Gaikwad LG 2015 Congnizent as Programmer Trainee 65 Shabnam Anwar Shaikh LG 2015PA 18 Cisco as Consultant Engg 66 Nikita Vilasrao Jagtap LG 2016 Eaton Company as trainee

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11 Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 67 Leena Pramod Wani LG 2016 HSBC as S/W developer 68 Kajal Nandkishor Mapare LG 2016 2013 Persistent Systems as S/W 69 Shivani Sunil Yadav LG 2015 Tata Consulting Engineers LTd as Designer 70 Nikita Komal Kotecha LG 2015 Infosys Company as System Engineer 71 Diksha Sharad Deshmukh LG 2016 Congnizent company 72 Anuradha Venkatesh Kulkarni LG 2016 Persistent Systems as S/W Developer 73 Smita Seraphin Bendict LG 2015 KPIT as S/W Developer 74 Pooja Bharat Dhere LG 2016 Accenture Company as S/W Engg 75 Prajakta Shaligram Hiwarkar LG 2015 TCS company 76 Aishwarya Umesh Kakade LG 2016 Accenture company as S/W Engg trainee 77 Shweta Nandkishor Bhangale LG 2016 Wipro Company Designation - Project Engineer 78 Mayuri Maruti Saste LG 2015 Infosys as S/W Engg 79 Shruti Sanjay Bhendawade LG 2015 Accenture company 80 Sonali Balasaheb Phartade LG 2016 2013 Accenture Company as Application Asso Developer 81 Apurva Anand Zawar LG 2015 ZredPanda Innovation lab as Full Stack Developer 82 Ruchita Ramesh Dhanepkar LG 2016 Infosys company as System Trainee 83 Samruddha Uday Kulkarni LG 2015 PA 18 Eaton company as Associate Engineer Department research Development 84 Purva Prashant Ekatpure LG 2015 Simens Company as Graduate Trainee Engineer 85 Tejashree Macchindra Adlinge LG 2016 TCS as System Engineer 86 Tabassum Mehboob Mujawar LG 2015 Fiserv Company 87 Ankita Harish Nimbole LG 2015 EZest as S/W Trainee Engineer 88 Rukhsar Nasir Shaikh LF 2016 / 2012 PA 17 Allana college of pharmacy as a assistant Chemistry prof. 89 Sejal Dilip Rathod LG 2015 Congnizant 90 Pratiksha Sanjay Bhagat LG 2015 F.L Smidth in Chennai as GET 91 Mitali Dadasaheb Dhaigude LF 2016 LG 2012 Centium Consulting BanerDesignation: Quality Analyst 92 Harshada Anil Ekatpure LG 2016 Byju’s Company as Business Development Associate 93 Shraddha Vishwanath Sadawarte LG 2016 Accenture company as Developer 94 Manjushree Dattatray Shinde LG 2016 Amdocs as S/W Engg 95 Pratiksha Dilip Kale LG 2016 Accenture as S/W Deveopment Associate 96 Priya Senapati Sankati LG 2015PA 18 Life Pharmacy UAEDesignation - trainee pharma executive 97 Tejashree Sanjay Mane LG 2016 Infosys as System Engineer

slide 12:

12 Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 98 Megha Shivaji Shelar LF 2015 System Engineer 99 Rutuja Dharmendranath Chavan LG 2016 KPIT as trainee 100 Mamata Kailas Tayade LG 2015 Rackware Technologies as Trainee S/w Engineer 101 Tanjeem Juber Khan LG 2016 TCS companyas S/W trainee 102 Prajakta Sukhadev Gund LG 2016 TCS as trainee 103 Shivani Subhash Shete LG 2016 Tech Mahindra as Asso S/W Engg 104 Manisha Suresh Omase LG 2016 Tata Toyo Mumbai Company as Ass Engineer 105 Swatee Rajesh Kadu LG 2016 Infosys as System 106 Dhanshree Anil Shinde LF 2017 Infosys company as Testing Executive 107 Ashwini Shivaji Mahangare LG 2015 JCB Company as Graduate trainee 108 Amruta Suresh Warghade LG 2015 Amdocs Software company as a developer 109 Pooja Raju Jagtap LG 2015 Birla Soft as Associate S/W Trainee 110 Sayali Pramod Patil LG 2015 TCS as trainee Asst .System Engineer 111 Shruti Sunil Kadam LG 2015 Infosys company as System Engineer 112 Aditi Chimaji Patade LG 2015 PA 18 Reliance Industries Limited Motikhavdi Gujaratas Graduate Engineer Trainee 113 Pradnya Ashok Shinde LG 2015 Eternus Solutions PVT Baner as trainee 114 Dipika Dattatrey Amrutkar LG 2015 Infosys as trainee 115 Salma Jahangir Pathan LG 2015 HDBS Company as trainee 116 Apeksha Subhash Deshmukh LG 2015 Accenture Company as Trainee 117 Mayuri Shankarrao Gore LG 2015 Tech Mahindra company 118 Prachi Abasaheb Chandgude LG 2015 Accenture as Program analyasis 119 Chitra P. Sadanandhan LF 2016 R D at Enzene Bioscience Ltd Pune. as Research Associate 120 Poonam Kailas Pingale LG 2016 Eaton India Innovation Center as Engineer Trainee 121 Sumedha Yamaji Jori LG 2016 Wipro Technology as Project Engineer post 122 Sushma Avinash Jadhav LG 2016 Capgemini as Analyst 123 Pushpa Kandaswami Chettiar LG 2015 Quest Global pvt ltd. In Banglore as Associate Engineer 124 Sonal Rajendra Limbore LG 2015 LT Infotech company 125 Arti Bhausaheb Harde LG 2015 Walmart in Banglore 126 Pragati Raosaheb Navale LG 2016 TCS as System Engineer 127 Trupti Dattatray Lawande LG 2016 Vishrantwadi Barefooter PVt Ltdas web Developer trainee 128 Rutuja Ramesh Choudhari LG 2016 2013 TCSMumbai as System Engineer 129 Chaitrali Dhanraj Gavhane LG 2017 Citi bank as analyst 130 Rupali Nandu Rasal LG 2017 Simply Complete as S/w Developer

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13 Placements Wardha Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 1 Shital Fating LG 2015 Agnihotri College of Engineering Wardha 2 Surabhi Damodhar Moraskar LG 2014 Navi Mumbai Muncipal Corporation Mumbai 3 Swati Nagpure LG 2016 Genpact Hydrabad 4 Divyani Khapekar LG 2016 Genpact Hydrabad 5 Apeksha Dhage LG 2014 Sriyamsoft LLC Hydrabad 6 Shraddha Dambhare LG 2015 Money Plant Financial Services Indore 7 Bhagyashri Prakash Kumbhalkar LG 2015 Dande Hospital Nagpur 8 Nikita Gajbhiye LG 2015 VIM Hospital Nagpur 9 Namrata Chauhan LG 2015 City Care Hospital Nagpur 10 Diksha Mhatre LG 2015 Puna Hospital Pune 11 Namrata Bhandekar LG 2015 National Cancer Institute Nagpur 12 Aarti Kingaonkar LG 2016 Motif Company Ahemadabad 13 Aishwarya Rathi LG 2016 Conneqt Company Hydrabad 14 Afreen Ali LG 2016 Genpact Hydrabad 15 Saniya Sheikh LG 2016 Genpact Hydrabad 16 Ayesha Parveen LG 2016 Conneqt Company Hydrabad 17 Gunjan Tiwari LG 2015 Dynamic Money Research Indore 18 Pragati Bhombe LG 2015 Motif Company Ahemadabad 19 Anjali Mandal LG 2014 Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of cardiac Science Kolkata 20 Gayatri Gomase LG 2015 Epic Reseach Company Indore 21 Diksha Tarase LG 2014 Sprinkling Technology Wardha 22 Pratiksha Bhagat LG 2015 Conneqt Company Hydrabad 23 Aishwarya Tawar LG 2015 TS Assiciate Wardha 24 Kshitija Chawade LG 2015 Atos Syntel Pune 25 Jayashri Bawane LG 2014 AVBRH Sawangi Meghe Wardha 26 Kalyani Bawankar LG 2016 New Sigma Company Banglore 27 Krutika Deshmukh LG 2014 Burow Veritas Mumbai 28 Vaishnavi Kukutkar LG 2016 TCS

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14 Placements Amravati Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 1 Anushree Narendra Rane LG 2016 Solutions PVT.LTD Indore 2 Aakanksha Sudhir Bijwe LG 2016 Ripple AdversaryIndore 3 Aishawarya dambir LG2016 Dhudh Tranmession PVTLTD 4 Anushka Ashok Pusatkar LG2016 Cryptes TechnologyNagpur 5 Anushka S Tiwari LG 2016 Network researchIndor 6 Dolly Premsingh Dadwal LG 2016 e-Zest Technology Pune 7 Harshali Dadarao Chakor LG 2016 Redmi Company Andhra Pradesh 8 Jyoti Ramkisan Tiwari LG 2016 Connect Tata Business Soulution Hydrabad 9 Karishma Ranjeet Shalesha LG 2016 TRISTHA GLOPAL PRAIVET LIMETED Chennai 10 Ketki Prafulrao Bhuyar LG2016 Ripple Adverser PVT.Ltd Indore 11 komal Prakash Jamodakar LG2016 CMSIT Company Nagpur 12 Pallavi Ambadas Parkor LG2016 Money India Reaserch Indore 13 Prachi Sanjay Dahibhate LG 2016 Connect Tata Business Soulution Hydrabad 14 Priya Rajendra Wagh LG 2016 T-Tec Motif company Ahmedabad 15 Rohini Balu Tembhare LG2016 Syntel company Pune 16 Shruti madanlal rathi LG2016 Bonus Capital Indore 17 Pallavi Zagade LG 2015 e-Zest Technology Pune 18 Ashwini Uddhav Bobade LG 2015 Wipro 19 Ayushi Dhwajendra Singhal LG 2015 Ripple AdversaryIndore 20 Kiran Sanjay Mate LG 2015 Amazon Pune 21 Arpita Surendra Kalamkar LG2016 Bajaj Auto LTDAurangabad 22 Bhagyeshr Rameshwar Ghope LG2016 General Electric Pune 23 Dharti Shrikrusha malpe LG2016 General Electric Pune 24 Jyoti Ashok Nemade LG 2016 General Electric Pune 25 Kunjal Jirapure LG 2016 Bajaj Auto LTD Pune 26 shradha Ashok kharate LG2016 General Electric Pune 27 Mahima Prakash Pokale LG2016 General Electric Pune 28 Sakshi ujjainkar LG2016 General Electric Pune 29 Samreen Syeda Ashfaque Ahmad LG 2016 TCS CompanyPune 30 Arundhati Katolkar LG 2017 TCS CompanyPune 31 Samruddhi Manekar LG 2016 TCS CompanyPune 32 Bhageshri Mohod LG 2017 Cognizant Tech.SolutionPune 33 Sneha Pinjani LG 2017 Cognizant Tech.SolutionPune 34 Pratiksha Kurhekar LG 2017 Cognizant Tech.SolutionPune 35 Nikita Pachpande LG 2017 Cognizant Tech.SolutionPune 36 Aditi Nimbalkar LG 2017 Cognizant Tech.SolutionPune

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15 Polar Star L ila Mom a wife business woman leader philanthropist Padma- Shri and now a recipient of Royal Order of the Polar Star – Commander 1 st Class Royal Order of the Seraphim. Yes You read that right. Our Mom is now a Commander 1 ST Class Royal Order of the Seraphim. In a special ceremony marking the extra ordinary achievements of noted Art Corporate Literature Science and Philanthropic Leaders King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia themselves conferred upon Mom the Royal Order of the Polar Star – Commander 1 st Class. Indeed an honour to receive it from the King and Queen of Sweden the royal order is awarded to only those individuals – Swedish Nationals Members of the Royal Families across the globe Foreign Heads of State and to those who have made a signifcant contribution to feld of academics art culture and science. Mom received the honour for boosting the Indo-Swedish Economic Ties in Maharashtra amongst other noted personalities. The royal order holds an important place in the Swedish Royal Family. The award is to be worn as a ‘Badge of Honour’. Here are some fascinating details about the award. The Royal Order of Seraphim badge is made in pure gold. The medallion of the badge and the star of the order is made in blue enamel. The badge bares white-enameled letters ‘IHS’ which means Lesus Hominum Salvator in Latin which stands ‘Jesus Saviour of Mankind’ between the three gold crowns from the Coat of Arms from Sweden. Underneath the ‘IHS’ are the three gold nails which symbolize the Crucifxion of Jesus Christ. On the reverse side of the badge the letters ‘FRS’ which stand for ‘Fredericus Rex Sueciae’ in Latin and ‘Frederick King of Sweden’ in English are enameled in white color. The letters ‘FRS’ commemorate the founder of the order King Frederick of Sweden. The Royal Order of the Seraphim Order of the Sword Order of the Polar Star and Order of Vasa all form the Orders of His Majesty the Swedish King which currently is King Carl XVI Gustaf. The recipients of this award are treated as royalty in Sweden. Each new knight or member has their coat of arms surrounded with the collar or sash of the order painted on a copper plate. A selection of these plates is exhibited in Seraphim room at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. A little known fact of the Order is that when a knight of the Order dies their coat of arms is hung in the former royal burial church Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm and when the funeral takes place the church bells are rung constantly from 12:00 to 13:00 a practice known as the Serafmerringningen. Indeed an honour beftting of our beloved Mom. The Royal Order of the Polar Star – Commander 1 st Class Royal Order of the Seraphim Certifcate along with The Royal Order of the Polar Star – Commander 1 st Class Medallion Queen Silvia of Sweden congratulates Padma-Shri Poonawalla for her outstanding efforts in boosting the Indo-Swedish Economic Ties in Maharashtra. King and Queen of Sweden along with Mom and other dignitaries. Royal Order of the Seraphim

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16 Artist in Me Aishwarya Manjarekar LG-2014 Aishwarya Newase LG-2017 A’mQ Amho VwPo ho öX¶ Sm|Jam EìhTo ào‘ AgVo Vw¶mV J gmJam EìhTo VwPr ñVwVr HarVm HarVm ‘Z JXJXÿZr OmVo Vw¶m EìhTo ào‘ J ‘bm HmoUrM Zm XoVo Nm¶oV Vw¶m amhbr ‘m¶oMr Xbr gmdbr amñVm ‘mPm MwHbm Vy dmQ ‘bm XmIdbr ˶m dmQoZo MmbVm MmbVm ‘bm AmB© ’º AmU ’º VwPrM AmRdU hmoV Jobr VwPrM AmRdU hmoV Jobr Ad§Vr dmiMmio LG-2018 A‘amdVr Avanti Sunil Walchale LG-2018 Tejashree Dudhe LG-2017 Amravati Artist in Me

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17 Artist in Me Pooja Rajendra Indhane LG-2018 Saanchi Goel LG-2017 Deepa Krishnamurthi LF-2005 PA 2008 Dixita Jain LG-2016 contd. on page 18...

slide 18:

18 “T raveling for me is a passion since childhood. For me it’s all about enjoying a new place understand different people their customs nature beliefs and enrich my life with good experiences. I am happy traveling with friends family or alone. The most important idea is to travel whichever way it may be” our travel explorer Ms. Deepa Krishnamurthi LF-2005 PA-2008 shares her Bhutan visit. This time my friend Ms. Aparna Bhandar LF-1998 and I decided to explore Bhutan the land of thunder dragons. Bhutan is a mesmerizing place in the clouds with lush valleys tiered rice paddy felds rich forests and rushing rivers. A place that measures the success of the country not on outputs or fnancials but on the Gross National Happiness of the people who live there. It is ruled by King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk and Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuk. We began our journey by fight from Pune-Delhi-Paro. One can also visit Bhutan by traveling from Bagdogra to Phuetsholing and then to Thimpu capital of Bhutan by road. It is remarkable to know that there are only 8 licensed pilots in the world authorized to land on the Paro runway since it is at an altitude of 1.5 miles above sea level amidst towering peaks of 18000 feet. Post immigration we proceeded to Thimpu which is 3.5 hours drive from Paro on our way to Thimpu we also visited the Tamzhing Lhakhang monastery and the oldest bridge in the country. We also saw the Parochu means Paro river which was crystal clear this drive was completely beautiful and worth the entire effort. Here in the land of the Thunder Dragon culture and spirituality are at the core of everyday life. People in Bhutan are very friendly and can speak Hindi as well as English. Ngultrum is the currency of Bhutan equivalent to our Indian rupee and accepted by all vendors. We were fortunate to have Pubhshriing as our local guide he explained to us about gross national happiness GNH index. The four main aspects of GNH are sustainable and equitable socio-economic development environmental conservation promotion of culture and good governance. The government decides any reforms based on these principles so that the people are happy and contented. The next day we went for sightseeing around Thimphu where we visited the various highlights of the city. We visited the Buddha Dordenma Statue which is 177 feet in height and is believed to promote peace in the world then the national museum Motizhang Zoo where we saw different deer families and the national animal of Bhutan i.e. ‘Takin’ then the national library the handicraft market where we had an array of shops with handicrafts made from Yak wool. Did you know the traditional dress for men is Go and females are Kira in Bhutan We spent the remaining part of the day enjoying each other’s company and exploring the local culture. Early morning we made our way to Punakha. On our way we also stopped at the Dochula Pass where 108 memorial chortens or stupas known as “Druk Wangyal Chortens” by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk the eldest queen mother in honor of the 108 Bhutanese soldiers who died in 2003 military attack. After that we visited Punakha Dzong which has beautiful Buddha paintings and it has a temple dedicated to Shabdrung who was one of the pioneers of Buddhism in Bhutan. It is believed that this temple has the preserved body of Shabdrung and a relic brought by him from Tibet only the royal family has access to this temple. After that we had delicious Bhutanese cuisine comprising of Nake datshi a kind of beans cooked in cheese and ema datshi a dish comprising of chilies and potatoes. People in Bhutan have yak cheese and potato as their main cuisine they prefer organic food. Post lunch we explored river rafting in the punachu river which is the confuence of river Ponchu and Manchu. The next day we visited the Paro Dzong and the Ta Dzong which is a national museum comprising of different pictures depicting the culture of Bhutan and pictures of the royal family it also had different types of masks used in festivals. I noticed one remarkable thing people here celebrated the birthday of the king by planting 2 00000 trees on 2 nd June 2019. This shows their inclination to preserve nature for future generations. We also visited Kyichu Lhakhang which is one of the oldest and sacred shrines of Bhutan. The specialty of this shrine is a statue of Buddha with a thousand arms this temple also has an orange tree that bears fruit throughout the year. And now comes the highlight of our entire trip to Bhutan we visited the Chele la pass which is the highest motorable pass in Bhutan. The journey through was exhausting but after we reached the top the view was mesmerizing. Explorer Bhutan: The land of Thunder Dragons contd. on page 19...

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19 Chele La is a mountain pass located in the western region of Paro valley it is between the Haa valley and Paro valley. In the month of August the Chele la pass is full of blue poppy national fower of Bhutan. The scenic beauty of the place left me completely speechless We got back to Paro in the evening where we witnessed traditional folk dances like Yak dance archery dance song performances etc. each state has its own folk dance like India. Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. A true highlight of the tour and of any visit to Bhutan is the Paro Taktsang monastery Tiger’s Nest. This is one of the most highly rated walks in the world and you’ll soon see why It is believed that Lord Padmasambhava who was one of the pioneers of Buddhism in Bhutan traveled on the back of Tigress and meditated at this place for three years three months and three days. Tiger’s nest lies on a cliff around 10240 feet above the Paro valley. There are 8 temples situated at the top dedicated to Explorer Bhutan: The land of Thunder Dragons different incarnations of Lord Buddha. It takes about 2.5 hrs to reach the top and 1.5 hrs to descend. The view at the top is simply mesmerizing it’s about a 12 km hike with an inclination of 40 degrees and only physically ft person can do the hike. The trip ended by sharing experiences with travel companions and a promise to stay in touch. A trip to Bhutan is an eye-opening life-changing experience. This trip was one of the best of my life and I feel privileged that I got to share it with my friend. The beauty of this place is absolutely surreal and unmatched. Every day of this trip will remain fresh in my memory forever this trip has only further fueled my desire to see the world and I will defnitely be going on more of these adventures soon. - Ms. Deepa Krishnamurthi LF-2005 PA-2008 contd. from page 18... In Appreciation Sanvedana Khaire LG-2013 Rs. 10000 Gayatri Keskar LF-2003 Rs. 85000 Kumkum Shrivastva LF-2001 Rs. 35000 Manisha Deshpande LF-1999 Rs. 25000 Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 PA-2016 Rs. 25000 Manisha Advani LF-1999 Rs. 10000 Nalini Sawale LF-2002 Rs. 10000 Reshma Baravkar LG-2010 Rs. 10000 Poonam Shete LF-2010 Rs. 10000 Julit John LG-2010 Rs. 10000 Supriya Satwekar LF-2010 Rs. 10000

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20 Developmental Programs A one day workshop on “Cyber Security Awareness” was conducted by Mr. Swapnil Naher at HVPM College Amravati for LGs of Engineering after Diploma and engineering for 2017 batch. Trainer gave the information about social security. Girls came to know about confdentiality integrity and availability. They learned privacy related information. Privacy means personal data and social security number SSN. They also came to know about security related to bank account number credit card no personal health information. LGs understood the terms like security analyst security engineer security architect security administrator security software cry photographer cryptanalyst security consultant and many such. Mr. Swapnil also taught them data privacy protection including human value. The session would have been helpful for girls to adapt information about different phishing attacks with the help of practical sessions on few attacks. The kind of precautions to be taken while using Face book and what’s App how to track lost mobile and how to erase all the data of mobile online password policies and websites for cyber-attack complaints. Vaishnavi Wankhade LG- 2017 said “In the workshop I learned more things about cyber security are as following like phishing attacks precaution to be taken while using facebook and whatapps and social platforms I learned how to track lost mobile online password policies password generator probable consequences that can happen while dealing with digital world. Government provides security related to website I would like to thank Mom for such wonderful opportunity to join this wonderful workshop.” Cyber security “M ind Mapping W orkshop” was conducted by Mr. Mohhammad Ujjainwalla at Sipna College Amravati. Lila girls learnt too many new things in this workshop how to comprehend create new ideas and build connections in our studies. They learnt the level water in brain different sleeping positions conscious and subconscious mind. A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. Mind Mapping workshop It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information helping you to better analyze comprehend synthesize recall and generate new ideas. Just as in every great idea its power lies in its simplicity. Mind maps are a useful tool for making notes revising and organizing information. They are a visual representation of connections between concepts and ideas that are related to one central topic. F oundation had organized the sessions on Burns Management and Organic Brain Syndrome OBS for 3rd year Nursing Lila Girls at Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing Education Multipurpose Hall Pune. The session was conducted by Ms. Sarika Zende HOD of Surya Mother and Child Care Hospital Wakad.The contents of session were Organic Brain Disorder OBD which included Dementia: exploring history of Dementia types of Dementiaiatypes of histroy got knowledge about symptoms diagnosis causes and treatments and also Delirium:Hypoactive delirium. The another session was on Burns Management which included Morbidity and Mortality rises with increasing burned surface area. Girls got exposure to Alzheimer’s disease which is the most common cause of dementia. They learnt about the Delirium Symptoms of Delirium how it can be diagnosed. With the help of videos trainer taught normal skin anatomy Rule of 9’s and depth of burn which are useful in their academics. With the help of video trainer Sarika Zende explaining about Skin Anatomy and Rule of 9’s.

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21 Developmental Programs F oundation had organized session on Effective tricks and Cracking Interview for fnal year Lila Girls. The session was conducted by Mr. Manish Upadhay a corporate sector speaker. In the session girls were introduced to importance of interview and fear of facing it what is interview and its types difference between resume bio-data and CV. The points regarding pre-interview preparations were introduced Cracking interview focus on their dram job Vs requirements professional skills career guidelines FAQs with answers of nursing professional. Trainer also gave the hints in terms of eight steps of interview how to appear and tips on the day of interview and the most important are how and why to analyze the reason of rejection and gave the tips. The demo interviews were also conducted by the trainer. Trainer Meera Natarajan sharing her thoughts on the use of the preparation leave A pril and May being the examination period. Many students do not know how to balance the preparation and leave during the preparation leave period. This is the peak time and also important period which really increase your confdence level when it is utilized properly. You should be highly energetic and motivated during this time to prepare for long time. Our Foundation designed one day training program for our girls. Effective Utilization of Preparation Leave workshop was conducted by Ms. Meera Natarajan for Lila Girls of batch 2017 studying in 3rd year of engineering from all streams at Seed Infotech Kothrud. Since all the girls would be starting with their leave for the examination the workshop was organized keeping in mind the leave at that point of time. The workshop consisted many activities which help in the understanding exactly how one should manage the time and adjust studies accordingly. Overall the session helped girls in utilizing the leave at the fullest. M achine learning is an application of artifcial intelligence AI that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. The process of learning begins with observations or data for example direct experience or instruction in order to look for patterns in data and make better decisions in the future based on the examples that Machine Learning we provide. The primary aim is to allow the computers learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly. Machine Learning program was conducted by Komal Mohite LG-2013 at LPF Offce Baner.The participants included the Batch 2017 engineering girls of Computer and ETC Engineering. Komal explained the process of machine learning its basic concepts and its use in industry. The workshop was interactive and interesting.

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22 Developmental Programs according to it They were introduced to Nine technologies transforming industrial production its connection with mechanical engineering how to develop skill sets for the same. She has also given different insights in automation electric vehicles etc. And why and how to be ready for industry 4.0. L PF had organized a training workshop on Mechanical Engineering and Industry 4.0 for 3 rd and fnal year mechanical engineering Lila Girls. The workshop was conducted by Aishwarya Deshmukh LG-2014 and PA-2017. Girls came to know about what is Industry 4.0 and how is market changing Mechanical Engineering and Industry 4.0 V alues and Ethics workshop had different modules which primarily contained highlights on constitution of India civic laws ethical behavior diversity universal cosmic laws. The session was conducted by 4 speakers. The frst topic was on Ethics conducted by Mrs. Purnima Dubey. It mostly focused on the ethical behavior and rights and duties as a citizen of the country. The second speaker was Mr. Niranjan Upasani. He delivered the speech on Waste Management which is very essential now a days. The 3 rd session was on Values and Ethics traffc rules conducted by Inspector Rajesh Puranik. He gave a light on the new aspects of the echallan how the traffc police department actually works on online CCTv cameras in Pune. The last and the most important session was conducted by Mrs. Rujuta Barve on Values which helped the LILA Girls to understand the importance and implement it in day to day life. the overall session was very unique and added a lot of knowledge. contd. on page 22... Group Discussion and Interviewing Techniques T he foundation organized a training program on Readiness for Job Interviews for fnal year engineering girls for giving the guidelines to develop personality and preparation for the Interviews. The main objective of the program was to build confdence through conversational English thereby strengthening the communications skills. The session was conducted by Mr. Vinay Shetty Capgemini Executive. During the session group discussion activity of each and every group was conducted. Our girls gained a lot of confdence by this activity. The tricks on the interviews were found to be very helpful. It was an engaging session.

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23 “H ealth Awareness Workshop” was conducted by Mrs. Dr. Priya Chaudhary at Sipna College Amravati. Lila Girls learnt new things about breast cancer screening nutrition diet amount of daily water intake how much time for sleeping Health Awareness skin and hair care these all point important in life. They also learnt the difference between Zumba Exercise and Aerobics. They got some basic knowledge about health and nutrition. They came to know which cosmetics need to be used as per skin tones. Developmental Programs Man ki Baat H er journey with LPF started in March 2019 in a role of CEO. After working in corporate industry Priti was looking for an opportunity to work with a non-proft organization where she could utilize her experience and passion for supporting economically challenged children. She realised that commercial organizations can be enabler to support NGOs through their funds and employees’ engagement. Having experienced this she wanted to experience other side of the world and work at the grassroot level. During interview process she was invited for multiple rounds of discussions and presentations to the Board of Trustees and Lila Ma’am. And then a fnal selection came in. She calls it as her destiny although she has never believed in destiny before joining LPF. As a CEO she is working with Lila Ma’am Firoz Sir Board of trustees and LPF team in driving the vision and mission of LPF. Priti is accountable for designing and delivering on comprehensive fund raising strategy and is leading funding partners’/ donors’ engagement with the aim of cultivating growing and sustaining long-term collaboration and to drive the UG/ PG scholarship process. She oversees Marketing and Communications Skills Building Training and Development Human Resources and Administration function and LPF Scholars Placements. With team’s support and under the guidance of Lila Ma’am and Firoz Sir she has introduced many new initiatives at LPF since she has joined • 21 st Century Skills Development initiatives in partnership with many organizations like Corporate Readiness program Campus to Corporate program Artifcial Intelligence Attitude Towards Aptitude Mentor2Go- work based mobile mentoring Skillmuni – gamifed skills development and job readiness app. • ‘LPF Family Cares’ – A monetary give back program from LPF family. • Academia Connect in Amravati with HVPM College and Industry connect in Nagpur with HCL Technologies and Infocepts. • Enhanced marketing of LPF on social media platforms in the print media and through conferences. • Introducing enhancements in compliance related policies and processes. She says “It is an honour and a privilege to work with LPF in contributing towards an important nobel cause. Lila Ma’am Firoz Sir and LPF Team have been doing such an exceptional work for 25 years and helped 9000+ girls realizing their potential and aspirations. Their passion commitment energy and enthusiasm is infectious”. Like all Lila Girls Lila Ma’am is her role model since she met her for the frst time in 2013. Priti feels “There is so much to learn from her…her visionary and situational leadership style customer management skills negotiation skills detailed orientation assertiveness and people management skills loving and caring attitude. And there is so much learning from Firoz Sir’s drive towards quality at work detailed orientation minute to minute planning and ‘giving’ gesture. I derive tremendous happiness and great satisfaction each day when I start and end my day at LPF”. - Prachi Divekar LF-2005 and PA-2009 A Half Marathon runner and an Everest Base Camp trekker is our new CEO Ms. Priti Sanjyot Khare in Man ki Baat. Priti is an industry recognized leader with over 19 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility Human Resources Sales and Consulting and a certifed CSR Professional a Leadership Coach and a Speaker. She believes that ‘Being signifcant is more important than being successful’. contd. from page 22...

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24 Sentiments Dear Lila I hope that all is well with you and Firoz. Birgitta and I enjoy reading about the progress of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation in Inspira. In the latest issue we found it very interesting to learn about your experience as an apprentice in 1967. We receive Inspira both in digital form and by registered mail. Since we are travelling quite a lot we prefer to receive it only via email in the future. Kindest regards to you both from Birgitta and Jan Friends of Lila Mom Dear mom and dad Another year arrived another year of success of LILA foundation another volume 54 of Inspira another stories of achievements and I know many more to come. Every daughter of yours wanted to be successful in her life and to make both of you feel proud on them and surely I am also the one. To be successful everyone needs inspiration and though not directly but through Inspira every girl of yours is being connected and getting inspiration and getting motivated to walk through the path of success. This volume of Inspira is obviously a bit different from the other volumes as you share your personal experience in it but I personally feel something different while reading the articles in this volume. The various training programs always teach us many new things through this. And reading the success stories of other Lila girls make me feel proud to be a part of this family and the one thing of this volume that I loved is every story in this volume has a message and a motivating line which really inspire us for being what we are and what we can be in our future. And moreover it really feels very amazing being personally a part of Inspira and to be a lovely Lila. It’s a blessing to be your daughter who looks forward to walk through the path of success under the guidance of yours. Love you both. Yours loving daughter Shweta Khare LG-2016 Wardha Dear mom I am glad to give feedback of Inspira volume 54. I have read about your personal experience in job after the completion of your graduation. I have also read about the award function and I’m glad that our Lila family is getting bigger now. Harshada Dhumke Didi is really doing a great job of providing education to children from slum area through her project frati shala. It feels so happy after reading about several seminars and workshop which were conducted for the Lila girls. Also the birthday party of dad was also great. I like the “Artist in me” page where Lila girls and Lila fellows show their creativity and it is really adorable. I am truly overwhelmed after reading all the achievements of Lila girl and congratulations to all of them. Being a part of this family is truly blessing. Thank you for sharing the link of Inspira. Like the name it’s really inspirational. Thanking you Yours loving daughter Dikshita Ganar LG-2016 Wardha Dear Lila and Firoz Thanks a lot for sending me the latest Inspira copy. I have just fnished reading it and am really proud of the great work you both are doing. It is really inspiring to read the girls letters written with such confdence. It is all your effort that so many young girls are now doing so well in life. God bless you both with all the happiness in the world and good health also. Thank you for always including me in your thoughts. With many thanks Affectionately Mini.

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25 Dear Firoz and Lila Bhabhi The online version of the Inspira is superb. The presentation and the contents are truly inspiring. By introducing the print version generation of waste paper which is completely prevented besides making the issues available for a large number of viewers on the net. As usual you are both doing yeoman service to the society in particular the girls who were not only provided with higher education through the foundation but also provided with excellent placement thereby securing their future too. You both are truly their God Parents. Anjali and I wish you the very best for continued success in all your innovative ventures and pray for your long and healthy life ahead. Warm regards and love. Anjali and Mani Sentiments I love you Mom with my heart and soul. In my life you play a big role. The love that we share is truly unique. You are my strength on the days I feel weak. I know I’m fortunate to have a mom like you. You’re the best mom ever that’s obvious and true. You raised me well I will surely admit. My hugs and kisses wish to submit. Just want to thank you for all you have done. Having you in my life I know I have won. I love you Mom with my heart and soul. Loving you for eternity is my most easiest goal. Happy Mother’s Day mom Your loving Monali Mehare LG-2016 Wardha Hello ma’am I have completed Diploma in Computer Engineering. After reading Inspira I get to know how Mom and Dad not just helping girls fnancially but also giving us lots of knowledge about soft skills. How mentally and physically we should stable ourself. Everything professionally was taught. After education also Mom and Dad help a lots of girls to get job. I feel pleasure to have such a supportive organisation Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Mom and Dad helped me to peruse my education when my family could not afford to do. Heartily Thank you MOM and DAD Vaishnavi Chavan LG-2016 Dear Mom How are you Mom I’m so glad I have you. You’ve always been the perfect Mom for me. Inside of me is a special place that is reserved for those that mean the most to me. You are in that special place in my heart. My world is happier because of the people that I have in it that I can love. That includes you. Thank you for being the person you are and for helping me become my best self. Thanks for helping me achieve my dreams. Mom you are the marvelous creation of God imbibed with all His qualities of love affection and care. You are sent to the Earth in different forms to take care of us and contribute a lot in making us wonderful human beings. With your unconditional love and inevitable support people can achieve any milestone just by implying some brains and hard work. You are the one who makes home a worthy place to live in and in her absence everything seems to be just futile. Once again Happy Mother’s Day Mom stay healthy. Love You Mom... Your Loving Daughter Poonam Khairkar LG-2017 Wardha Chaitali Dudhane Lila Girl-2018 Wardha ‘m± Hs AO‘V go AÀNm Om‘ Š¶m hmoJm ‘m± Hs pIX‘V go AÀNm Hm‘ Š¶m hmoJm IwXm Zo aI Xr hmo Og Ho HX‘m| ‘| OÞV gmoMmo CgHo ga Hm ‘wHm‘ Š¶m hmoJm

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26 Sentiments Dear MOM You are my sunshine and my rainbow too... You are my anchor and shore too... There are many people in this world but no one like you. There is no one in the world who replace your place You are my lifeline you are everything The words are enough to describe you love You are the best gift of God for me Love u so much Mom. Thanks for coming in my life and supporting me at every situation. HAPPY MOTHER DAY TO MY DEAR MOM.. Yours lovingly Divyani Aher LG-2016 Amravati Dear Mom “I like the way you smile I adore the way you care and I love your every single step as what you are” ― Happy Mother’s Day Lila Mom. Mom I write some lines for you. eãX ‘mPo ˶mVbr mdZm VwPr Amho.... dmQ ‘mPr ‘mÌ gmW VwPr Amho.... Hmì¶ ‘mPo ˶mMr boIH Vw Amhog.... JrV ‘mPo ˶mVbo mob VwPo Amho... ‘r Va ’º EH eara ˶mVrb àmU Vw Amho mdZm VwPr Amho Zmi VwPr Amho ˶mVrb öX¶ ‘mP§ nU VwPmM A§e Amho... “M” is for the million things she gave me “O” means only that she’s growing old “T” is for the tears she shed to save me “H” is for her heart of purest gold “E” is for her eyes with love-light shining “R” means right and right she’ll always be Put them all together they spell “MOTHER” A word that means the world to me. Your Lovely Daughter Avanti Walchale LG-2018 Amravati Voar AmMb Hs Nmd ‘o ‘wPo h‘oem Eogohr gybmVo aohoZm ‘m± .... ‘oar Hm‘r¶mr Hs Cå‘rX ar Voar AmImo ‘o ‘oar ‘m± hmoZo Hm Jd© Eogohr h‘oem PbHVo aohoZm ‘m± ..... Voam nwar XþAm go am hmW Eogohr h‘oem ‘wPno Zm¶o aIZm ‘m±...... ‘oam ‘yh go ZrHbm hþAm nohbm bãP Voao b¶o Wm ‘m±.... Bg Ohm ‘o nhbo HX‘ Hs dOh Vw‘ hmo ‘m±.... ‘oao Xrb H nhbr XþAm Vw h¡ ‘m±...... Vw hr ‘oam gHwN XþZ¶m Hs gmar Iwer VwPno hr byQm Xÿ ‘m±..... H_A_P_P_Y_ M_O_T_H_E_R_ D_A_Y Sushankita Jumale LG-2016 Amravati.... AmB©... Vy åhUOo OmXþB© ZJarVrb narM Iar XoVog J Vy gmoVrbm Am¶wî¶a nwaob Aer g§ñHmamMr eXmoar ASMUrÀ¶m àdmgmV g§HQmÀ¶m dmQoda HVr ‘r Vr dmnê HVrhr ‘r Vr aVr Hê Var Vr nyêZM Car... AmB©... Vy åhUOo OmXþB© ZJarVrb narM Iar XoVog J Vy gmoVrbm Am¶wî¶a nwaob Aer g§ñHmamMr eXmoar OUy Vr gwXm‘mÀ¶m nmoømgmaIr JdmZ lrH¥îUmÀ¶m ào‘mgmaIr gmO Vr ‘m¶m ¶emÀ¶m eIam§Mr VwPrM AmRdU hmoB© J jUmojUr CX§S Amamo½¶ bmmo hrM Amg Car... AmB©... Vy åhUOo OmXþB© ZJarVrb narM Iar XoVog J Vy gmoVrbm Am¶wî¶a nwaob Aer g§ñHmamMr eXmoar.. Happy Mothers Day Rita Shetiya LF-2005 PA-2011 contd. on page 26...

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27 Sentiments Dear Dad Wish you happy Father’s day Many say fathers are like boats who hold us back when needed and sail along when the current is right. But dad you are my lighthouse. Whose love always makes sure that I go the right way I always used to do my work at my best but never became happy with that but after becoming a part of Lila family I got confdence on me and my work .And from that point it’s started getting me success and I understood that confdence is best thing to carry with our self . This all has become possible because of you dad thank you for everything Dad and I’m now glad to inform you that on 15th June 2019 Government polytechnic Amravati result was declared and in that I got 90.40 . My journey of 3 years of polytechnic has become successful with lot of fun and hard work and without any problems only because of you and our dearest Lila mom thank you dada for involving me in our family I evertime feel special cause I’m your daughter. Thank you my Dad . Yours loving Komal Gotmare LG-2016 Amravati Dear Mom/Dad Happy guru purnima mom and dad. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. Life is not always about to take something from others but it is about to give something to others. This I have learned from both of you. On this great occasion I will assure that I will always remember this thought. You support and developed me in such a way that I feel I am something at this movement and I can do much better than this in future. Feel proud and lucky to have you in role of mother father teacher guru in life. Loves you so much Ms. Swati Jadhav LF-2012 M s. Manasi Zambre LF-2011 has recently been elected as a member of Gram panchayat in Holkarwadi. An urge to do something different and work for the betterment of the society made her choose this path. Manasi along with her team conducts a number of activities to help fulfll the basic needs of people in the village. They study the factors that contribute to the overall development of the village and work meticulously on those in order to give maximum benefts to the people. Recently they conducted a tree plantation program at Kanifnath a hill station near Holkarwadi in Pune. Around 3000 trees ranging from large plants to medicinal plants were planted in this drive. They have also conducted other programs like cleanliness drive Plastic Mukti Abhiyan and Rainwater harvesting. There are also guest lectures regarding “Progressive Farming Methods”. These programs educate the farmers to adopt improved farming methods for increasing the crop yield. In the days to come Manasi aims at conducting programs for Women Empowerment in her village. She is also studying the various farming techniques that can help in increasing the yield using organic farming. After the abundant rainfall received this year Water Management is a task that she will be working on. She wants to make the best use of the water collected in the dams and the lakes for farming as well as domestic purposes. She also wishes to serve as an Ideal Leader and get all the Government grants. Manasi always wanted to do something for the society. Being a Gram Panchayat member has given her an opportunity to work closely with people identify their problems and use her knowledge and skills to give maximum benefts to them. When it comes to farming her in-laws are her constant motivation. She has learnt patience and hard work from them. Lila Mom is her inspiration and role model. Just like Mom she wishes to work for the betterment of the society and be a torch bearer in the journey that Lila Mom has envisioned. - Pranali Tirkhunde LG-2013 SocioFace contd. from page 25...

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28 Alishiba Ohol LG-2016: University topper for the subject Nutrition and Biochemistry in 1 st year of Nursing. Devyani Khapekar LG- 2016 Nagpur: Received trophy for the best player Female in annual sports meet of Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology –Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University ACET- RTMNU of 2019. Shining Stars Rita Shetiya LF-2005 and PA-2011: Received “Best Journalist” award with the hands of Nirmala Kute Chairman of Women and Child Welfare in the presence of Mayor of PCMC Mr. Rahul Jadhav PCMC councilor Ms. AratiChondhe Mr. DadaravAdhav and Ms. Shraddha Kotawdekar editor of Maharashtra news channel organized by Maharashtra news channel PCMC. Ashwini Abhimanyu Gaikwad LG- 2017: Received Gold medal in sports Throwball Gold Medal in Kabbadi Silver medal in Rangoli Monali Harpale LG-2016: Won Silver medal in 100 m running Gold medal in relay race Gold and Broze medals in throwball Silver medal in poster competition Runner up for Kho- Kho Palak Shravagi LG-2017 Amravati: Got 3 rd rank in paper presentation with cash prize Sneha Pinjani LG-2017 Amarvati: Appreciated for her outstanding performance during IOT summer internship training program RajaniJagtap LG-2015: Participated team received Gold Medal in All India UniversityRoll Ball. Ankita Yadav LG-2017: She is departmental topper in ETC department in her college with pointer of second year as 9.72. Komal Shelar LG-2016:Topped in college with 80.5 for B.Sc. nursing Gunjan Morade LG-2016 Wardha: Participated in State level Students Nurse’s Association conference and received 3 rd rank in poster presentation competition on topic nomophobia prevention.

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29 Special Feature Duo Incredible A unique joint biography ‘Duo Incredible’ of Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawalla and Mr. Firoz Poonawalla and a Marathi book ‘Agadh Lila’ were recently released by the hands of Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar Former Director General CISR Dr. S.B Mujumdar founder president of the Symbiosis International University Dr. K.H. Sancheti Founder president Sancheti Institutes of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation and Dr. P. C Shejwalkar Professor Emeritus Commerce and Management Sciences Savitribai Phule University of Pune. During the event these dignitaries shared their memorable moments spent with this Duo appreciating their contribution towards the society’s progress and wishing them a long life of togetherness. And messages from Mr. Rahul Bajaj Chairman Bajaj Group and Mr. Nitinbhai Desai MD Desai Brothers were read as they were unable to participate. Both the books have interesting fow describing the life journey of this Duo from the childhood to today and their commitment and outstanding contribution towards the society through Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF. These books are available for circulation at LPF offce and the proceeds of the circulation will be donated to Lila Poonawalla Foundation. An interesting twist in the event was an interview of Mrs. and Mr . Poonawalla taken by Ms. Vinita Deshmukh Senior journalist RTI columnist consulting editor of Corporate Citizen RTI columist Moneylife author and blogger and Mr. Minochar Patel Founder Director Ecole Solitaire India’s Leading Motivational Speaker Image Coach and Best Selling Author.

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30 Special Feature Mom’s Birthday celebration M orning of 16th September 2019 was special for all LFs and LPF team as it was 75th birthday of a great human being a guide mentor and a role model – our Lila Mom. The celebration at offce began with a traditional welcoming on the tunes of Dhol-Tasha aarti with 75 Diyas a fower Rangoli and a cake cutting ceremony. Diamond Jubilee birthday celebration along with her all enthusiastic and lovely daughters took place at Alpa Bachat Bhavan. Daughters made her birthday even more special. The celebration continued 500+ LILA daughters school principals and teachers well- wishers celebrated her birthday at Alpa Bachat Sankul Pune on 16 th September 2019. After cake cutting ceremony LILA daughters and Principals shared their feelings towards Lila ma’am. Some girls also sang beautiful songs for their beloved mom. Many Lila girls gave donations under ‘LPF family cares’ a giving circle program. The program was initiated by senior LFs and CEO Ms. Priti Khare. The concept was based on the many aspirational and deserving girls are waiting for getting fnancial need. We need to reach out to them. It would have been impactful and satisfying when each member of our LPF family steps forward and supports these girls to turn their dreams into realities. Initiating this program was a very unique and precious gift to your ‘Mom’ Lila Ma’am for her 75 years of remarkable journey All well-wishers LFs LPF team counsellors and visitors donated to LPF under this program. The total amount collected was around Rs. 11 11328/- Our well-wishers and LFs have conveyed the birthday wishes to Mom Wishing you a very very 75 th happy birthday Your age does not defne the strength that lies within Or compare to all the love you’ve shown to your children. We celebrate this day so you will hear us say “We treasure who you are today and every day.” Happy Birthday Mom May you know how much you are loved. - Harshita Tiwari LF-2017 Wardha Today is a special someone’s birthday. This person is my guiding start my friend a philosopher and my guide— it’s you dearest Mom. Happy Birthday to the most lovable mother in the world. May God let your life flled with boundless joy You are the best mom in the whole world. Thank you so much for all that you do for me. You are the person that I can always count on for support good advice or a shoulder to lean on. I love you so much Mom. A diamond is rare—but you are rarer. A goddess is fair— but you are fairer. An angel is pure—but you are purer. Most importantly you are my mother and I love you very much. Wishing you a grand birthday.

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31 W e LPF team wishes you a very happy 49 th Wedding Anniversary Stay blessed together - happy and loving for ages to come You have set one of the great examples as to how a Husband-Wife Friend and companion relationship can stay young and blossom throughout life Loads of respect and love to you Today is a day on which two pure kind and lovable souls became irreplaceable part of each other’s life. Those two souls are our Mom and another is person who always says that I am richest person in world because I am the Father of thousands of girls. Today is special occasion for us. Wishing you Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad - Nikita Choudhari LG- 2017 It’s in the way you hold each other’s hands and the way your eyes sparkle in dazzling joy may you continue to enjoy these for the years to come. Once again wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and everlasting love. - Kanchan Thakur LG-2018 Dear mom and Dad It is an honour for us to be a part of your anniversary celebration You both are incredible people who taught us to live with dignity. There are no words to thank you for all things you’ve done for us. Mom and Dad I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to have amazing parents in my life. Seeing true love through you both makes my heart happy. As your daughter I see perfection in both of you. You are the greatest example of a perfect couple. May god bless you with joy and happiness. Love you mom and dad - Bhavika Folane LG- 2016 Today is the wedding anniversary of a beautiful couple. Congratulations Mom and Dad Every parent should be like you. I will always remember your sacrifces for us. May this day be repeated many times in your life. May God bless this beautiful union always. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Thank you... - Dhanashri P. Walkar LG -2016 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. gmW X¶m AmnZo EH Xþgao Hm.... dmXm H¶m g§J ahZo Hm.... ZmZm dXm Omo H¶m EH XþOo gm.... H©ama aho ¶h aíVm AmnHm ߶mam gm.... Love you Mom and Dad. Your loving daughter. - Shalaka Kudale LG-2016 Special Feature - Bhagyashree Jagtap LG-2018 Dear Mom A very happy birthday Mom. May this special day of your life be as wonderful and perfect as you are If there is one thing I want to wish for you it would be good health and more years to spend with your family and loving daughters. My greatest wish is to grow up and become just like you. Once again Happy Birthday Mom and thank you for all of your strength and advice that has helped me become the person I am today. Mom throughout the life your valuable advices have led me safely. Your words are my guidance and your love is the most precious item to me. Now this is the opportunity to thank you for everything U did for me. Have a great time ahead. Love you Mom. - Sneha Pinjani LG-2017 Amravati The wishes have been conveyed by many from Wardha and Amravati as well by Prerna Gujar LG-2016 Kajal Date LG-2018 Yogita Chauhan LG-16 Manasi Takale- Zambare Anjali Mandal LG-2014 Aafrin Ali LG-2015 Dipali wath LG-2017 Harshada Jagtap Sneha Gujar LG-2013 Shweta Dindore LG-2017 and many more. Mom and Dad Wedding Anniversary wishes

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32 Special Feature E conomics is the study and research towards understanding how societies governments businesses households and individuals allocate their scarce resources. Further the study explains how they interact with each other in producing and maintaining livelihoods. The subject ‘Economics’ is intellectually fascinating and challenging. The discipline of economics has mainly two important features. • Economists develop conceptual models of behaviour to predict responses to changes in policy and market conditions. • They often perform statistical analysis to investigate these changes. The discipline of economics looks at mainstream economics in two major ways in terms of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. L ila Poonawalla Foundation in collaboration with the ASHA Centre UK started the ‘Peace Ambassadors Program’ as a very special program for developing future global leaders. 24 Smart scholarship recipients of LPF have been selected for this 3 week ‘Wholesome Development and Sustainable Leadership Program’ at ASHA Centre Gloucester UK. Through this program this 9 th batch of 24 girls got chance to develop their personal and people leadership skills through various workshops like Self-Refection workshops they learnt how to identify life’s challenges the art of listening to their inner voice Biodynamic farming the difference between empathy and sympathy fnding inner resources exploring the energy of change and learning how to build strong relations. This entire learning experience and exposure enhance their self-confdence. Till now 166 Lila Girls have completed this program and returned as smart enlightened confdent young ladies contributing to the society through various community programs. To top it all they spent an entire day at the OXFORD University. They have also got the opportunity of exploring London and some museums and historical places including London Bath Gloucestershire St. Anthony’s well Vertical Sky Garden London Eye Madame Tussauds Buckingham Palace and British Parliament. This program is sponsored by Samena Foundation of UK for last 4 years. This year the programme had an immense impact due to some of Samena Capitals inspiring friends being a part of it. This included Toby Malhoutra who organised a talk and tour of the Dynamatic Technologies’ factory in Swindon. We also had ex-England cricketer Owais Shah leading a cricket session and Lucia Labuzik running a workshop on building lasting relationships. On graduation day guests included Sikander Khan Principal Advisor for UNICEF Komal Syal Managing Director at Standard Chartered and Krishna Saraf Founder and Vice Chairman of Samina Capital who spent time with the young women and delivered motivational speeches. The young women were also invited to attend the home of Anil Agarwal Executive Chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited on their last day in London who inspired them with his life story. Peace Ambassadors 2019 ‘Peace Ambassadors - Leadership Program.’ Learning Economics If only economics was better understood the world would be a better place” - Richard Stone 1913-1991 “Autobiography” 1984 What is Economics and why understand Economics contd. on page 33..

slide 33:

33 Microeconomics analyses basic elements in the economy including individual agents and markets their interactions and the outcomes of interactions. Individual agents may include for example households frms buyers and sellers. Macroeconomics analyses the entire economy meaning aggregated production consumption saving and investment and issues affecting it including unemployment of resources labour capital and land infation economic growth and the public policies that address these issues monetary fscal and other policies. The major difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics is that Microeconomics studies individuals and business decisions while macroeconomics analyses the decisions made by countries and governments. Microeconomics focuses on supply and demand and other forces that determine price levels making it a bottom-up approach. A practitioner of economics is called as an economist. In the present time economists play a role at all levels anywhere and everywhere right from performing advisory functions to policy formulations and handling large size data in a formal as well as an informal setup of an organization. They also contribute to the development of many other public policies traversing across a wide dimension of subjects including health care climate change social welfare school reforms labour market dynamics economic development and efforts to reduce inequality poverty unemployment regional disparity pollution etc. Technology economic institutions peoples’ preferences and biology are some of the important determinants of economic outcomes. There were several economists like Physiocrats and Mercantilists who acted as advisors to the rulers of their time. Economists aspire for a better world where their subject will secure conditions in which all the people fourish and live with happiness. Economists also carry out independent research on various pressing areas and subjects related to upcoming areas as Institutional Economics Development Economics Industrial Economics Labour Economics and New Institutional Economics. These are areas and subjects of interest which play an important role in various sector of growth and development of industry and agricultural sector of an economy The study of economics helps a person in understanding human behaviour and behavioural patterns in cultivating analytical and argumentative skills that are crucial for winning job in the present-day job market. The job markets are based on the Theory and cyclical patterns of economic growth and on the study of economics. With the drastic transformation of the economy in the recent decades there is a growing demand for trained economists from diverse felds such as government fnance and banking social sector management business policy making and teaching. In the mundane world we are forced to make economic choices in our daily lives. Economics teaches us many things like how to make rational choices under scarcity how the aggregate economy works how to interact in society how to interpret events how to participate in a democracy as a responsible citizen etc. Studying economics equips individuals to take better decisions leading to increasing the economic security and well- being of the people living in the society. The role of Economics is thus multidimensional it focuses on the behaviour and interactions of various economic agents and factors and further it also analyses how the various economies work in the long as well as the short run. Thus we can argue that Economics is a social science. The subject matter of economics deals with the analysis of economic problems of people in the society and the satisfaction of their wants. With the evolutionary changes of the society and its civilization the subject matter scope of economics has expanded. Scope of economics can be looked in the following manner. 1. As social science economics deals with the economic activities and behaviours of human being assuming that all humans are rational in their thoughts and thinking process in the long as well as short run. 2. Resources are needed to satisfy people’s wants. So the availability of resources and their use are important subject matter of economics. Adam Smith has termed economics as the “Science of Wealth”. 3. People’s wants are unlimited. But the resources to satisfy the wants are scarce. Economics discusses how men can get the maximum satisfaction by using the scarce means to satisfy wants on the basis of priority. 4. People’s wants are related to production exchange distribution and consumption. Again currency banking system public fnance trade etc is also parts of economic activities. Economics discuss these issues also. Besides how economic development of the country is achieved through the means of economic planning is also included in the subject matter of economics. 5. Economics discusses the economic problems and economic activities and indicates proper solution to these problems. Economics also discusses about the value judgment of human actions and behaviour. Importance of the Study of Economics In modern times the importance of the study of economics is infnite. It is not only providing us knowledge but also helps to solve the different problems in real life. The importance of economics in different areas of human life is briefed below: 1. In the everyday life of people 2. In the rational and apt use of resources 3. In state of management and related services 4. To social workers and academicians 5. To the leaders with respect to Labourers - Sonal Mohite LF-2012 interacted with Dr. Anagha Mitra LF-1996 Learning Economics What is Economics and why understand Economics contd. from page 32...

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34 LPF Family Cares LPF Family cares - A Giving Circle Program O n the occasion of Diamond Jubilee birthday of Lila Mom Chairperson of Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF on 16 th September LPF has launched a unique initiative ‘LPF Family Cares - A Giving Circle Program’. LPF Family cares is a monetary give back program. It gives a great platform to all our LPF Family members who wishes to give back to the community. ‘Contribution of fnancial support to your very own LPF is helping many deserving girls like you to pursue their education and career dreams’ is the main moto of this program. It will be impactful and satisfying when each member of our LPF family steps forward and supports these girls to turn their dreams into realities. This is an opportunity to turn this imagination into realities with your gesture of giving and being an investor by contributing to the society. Over 1000 LPF scholars enrolled in the program and taken a pledge to donate to support girls’ education. This was a unique and precious gift to their ‘Mom’ on her 75 years of remarkable journey Over 600+ LPF Scholars School Teachers Principals and Well Wishers were present to celebrate Mrs. Poonawalla’s birthday and witnessed this program launch. They were given varied options to support education of equally aspirational and deserving girls to turn their dreams into realities. Mrs. Lila Poonawalla said “What I planted as a seed of hope 24 years ago in 1995 by holding hands of 20 Daughters is now blossoming into a LPF Family Tree with over 8500 of you as it’s precious members I always had a dream to keep our LPF Family ever growing Next year LPF will be entering into its 25th glorious year. I wish that you join me to take care by signing up with LPF Family Cares Program and nurture this tree for coming generations.” Let us join together for better cause Partnership with LPF LPF partners have extended their support in contributing to LPF’s mission of ‘Women Empowerment’. The partners have inked the MoUs and taken the commitments to next level. They will not only be supporting fnancially but also will be supporting either by volunteering or by taking our girls to those companies for industrial visits and much more. LPF wishes to thank all the partners. Our Continued partners 1. Atlas Copco 2. BNY Mellon 3. CRANE 4. Desai Brothers 5. Hoerbiger 6. IKEA 7. Samena Capital 8. Seco Tools India P Ltd. 9. Tieto India Private Limited 10. CAF 11. IDRF 12. Tata Technologies 13. Piaggio 14. Volkswagen In this continuation LPF has initiated new partnership as well towards supporting girl education. Our New partners 1. ABB 2. Brose India Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd. 3. HDFC ERGO 4. Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd. 5. Mukul Madhav Foundation 6. YoBoHo 7. Give India Foundation 8. Anys 9. Alfa Laval 10. Tata Toyo Radiator Partnership

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35 contd. on page 36... Snippets Lila Girls develop the art of conversation in the Scale up workshop Lila girls involved in the activity of presentation preparation Lila Girls preparing the Mind Maps Mock Interview session conducted by Mercedez Benz volunteers Trainer Meera Natarajan explaining the Importance of Attitude Building Trainer Monika Nair carrying out the demo of time management Trainer Tanuja Thombre telling How to adapt a Positive Attitude.

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36 Engineering Lila girls attentive during personality development Lila Girls introducing each other during English class Snippets contd. from page 27... Motivation Etiquettes and Grooming session by Minocher Patel Nursing Lila Girls keenly listening on the topic of burns management Chief Editor : Dr. Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Sunetra Birajdar Prachi Diwekar Rashmi Tare Offce support: Madhuri Nalawade Crusaders: Rita Shetiya Pranali Tirkhunde Sonal Mohite Tazeen Shaikh Prayaga Hoge Pooja Indhane Pratiksha Temgire All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Editor’s Desk Hello friends T here is reason to enjoy the season The birds are gone and world looks white. I am not even able to feel my feet sometimes. But still I love winter as it sheds Christmas with lot of fashion and coats. LPF gives us coat by arranging different developmental programs industrial visits make us Peace Ambassadors and so much but not to freeze. It gives warmness for our future path. The girls who have experienced this warmness are shining like stars and become scholars even get placed in different MNCs. To add to this Lila Mom has started writing her experiences since last issue in From My Heart. It’s fun to read but much to learn. Many things to do in personal professional lives. LPF is also part of our life. It has helped us at the crucial level where we were stuck. Let us give hand together for such many girls. ‘LPF Family Cares- a Giving Circle Program’ is a great platform for all of us for the investment for girls’ education. To know more please reach out to pallavililapoonawallafoundation. com. Keep reading keep meeting keep enjoying keep helping and keep wishing… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Inspira Release - Volume 54

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