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From My Heart... Vol. No. 54 July 2019 The Foundation Newsletter M My dear Daughters friends and Well Wishers We are now suddenly in the middle of this year. It was only recently that all of you sent me New Year Greetings. How time fies Soon we will be adding the 9 th batch of our Lila Juniors. 200 plus little girls will join the family. We will also soon take the 9 th batch of girls to UK at ASHA CENTER for a 3 week training program of wholesome leadership development. What is interesting and making history is that out of the 24 girls that will leave in mid-August 7 girls are from Wardha and Amravati and 2 girls from our school program 2Morrow2gather who have been with us for 8 years since their 7 th standard. This is the frst time ever this is happening. We are looking forward to see how this experiment works. All these girls will soon undergo extensive training programs to familiarise them with British culture climate food and their etiquettes and discipline. More you will read about this in the next issue of Inspira when they will return and share their varied experiences with all of you. Here is a surprise for all my readers. Normally I share more about what is in the newsletter and some information about new developments and also giving you some suggestions on how to move ahead in your professional life. But from this issue onwards I am changing my script and take you along my personal experiences after graduation as a Mechanical Engineer way back in 1967. I started my career as an apprentice in Ruston and Hornsby. I got this job even before my results. We had no campus placements but had to make direct applications. This Company was in hard core engineering manufacturing diesel engines coupled with marine propellers and also with generator sets primarily for defence. I was determined to work on the shop foor and thus very excited when I got this job. My stipend was Rs. 250. I used to travel from Poolgate to contd. on page 2... Chinchwad in a bus every day 6 days a week. I never took any leave. I used to write my weekly reports of all that I did and all that I learned without fail and submit to my manager. It was so r e w a r din g as it made me recall and record all that I had absorbed that week. The engine specifcations and design including all quality parameters were coming from Ruston and Hornsby Manchester UK. My frst manager under whom I worked was DAD. He was quality assurance manager and I as an apprentice was made to report to him. I worked in different departments connected with manufacturing like machine shop assembly line quality department testing section packing section warehouse management and of course tool room. I did get a chance to spend some time also in drawing and design offce. Those days we did not have computers we used to do design of design boards with a Tee and we had log tables and slide ruler for doing the calculations. Of all the departments I found machine shop the most exciting. Here I had the opportunity to operate various machines like lathes drilling grinding gear cutting milling and honing. The best I liked was to operate multi drilling machine. I also very much enjoyed assembling an engine. I did this together with all the workmen. Not for a moment did I fell different from them nor did they treat me any differently. The most important thing I learned besides the technical aspects of an engineering company was time management and the

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2 importance of quality and team working. Without these 3 qualities it was impossible to manufacture and deliver any customer order as per the agreements. This frst job laid the foundation for me to know more about how a factory works what are the important aspects of running an effcient factory the importance of proper planning of materials production planning how an engine is assembled the importance of quality painting to give the product external glamour how much important it is to pack the product well so that there are no transit damages and of course the importance of tool designing for effcient and cost effective manufacturing. Till today these learning have remained with me and have given me confdence and an eye for quality not only of products but also of life. Read more in the next issue. Until then good luck and enjoy the onset of soon to arrive monsoons. Good luck and God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers From My Heart... contd. from page 1... The new journey towards the next young family of Lila Poonawalla Foundation was started by the UG Scholarship Award Function on 3rd February 2019 when 71 girls pursuing Engineering after Diploma were selected for the scholarship and welcomed into the grand family of Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF. It was the UG Scholarship Award Function and was held at Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology Nagpur. This grand function was split into two functions. One was organized in the morning from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm that is the Award function in which the Lila fellows were felicitated with the certifcates. It was honored by Mr. Sajid Anwar Principal of Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology Nagpur as a Chief Guest Lila Mom Firoz Dad and Committee members. There were 17 girls from Wardha 18 from Nagpur and 24 from Amravati. So that it will help to learn something new and encourage them to think out of the box. Lila Mom told the girls to take advice suggestions from their elder Lila sisters which surely will help them to grow up with confdence towards their successful journey of life. Mom told girls that “Not to let go back from your dreams just chase it grab the opportunity and fulfll all your wishes it will defnitely come true”. Mom requested the parents to allow their girls to dream big and let them fy to reach their destination. She thanked H T Parekh Foundation and HDFC for their willingness to partner LPF in this special program. Chief guest Mr. Sajid Anwar appreciated the Lila girls and conveyed his message by providing importance of education. Finally he expressed gratitude towards the foundation and immense pleasure of being a part of such a great and wonderful foundation. After the award ceremony the orientation program was organized for new LGs and interaction with MOM and DAD for the past LGs 2015 2016 and 2017. The function concluded with the vote of thanks and National Anthem. Aarti Parekh LG-2016 Wardha and Dimple Agrawal LG-2016 Amravati In the afternoon session there was an interaction program with the Lila girls. During this Mom welcomed all the Lila girls of the year 2019 to her grand and ever growing family. She told them to study well and attend all the programs that the foundation will organize for them. Mom and Dad interacting with Lila Girls. Chief Guest - Dr. Sajid Anwar Principal Anjuman College Nagpur Mom Dad and other distinguished guest giving away the certifcates. Special Feature Award function at Nagpur

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3 “Being of service to others is what brings true happiness to oneself” So much to learn from this beautiful line. It has all started with a spark to do something for our society but had no idea from where. Our girl Harshada Dhumke LG-2012 is working on her own project Firti Shala moving school. She completed engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Engineering Currently she is working in L T Infotech Hinjewadi as Software Engineering. One of her friend came up with an idea of “Firati shala” initiative and then their team started executing it in the slum areas. From there her journey begins with this family. Their contribution for children in slum areas would be in terms of education and personality development. Initial phase was too hard to stand out and fght for the betterment of the children living in the slums. They have crossed lot of obstacles since then to till now. For few days classes were conducted under the tree or in the shade of Ganpati Mandal and yet there is no fxed classroom for them. Nevertheless we have got many more things now from all aspects. Support from local community is a big achievement for us now. From 5-6 students now we have three classrooms of almost more than 50 students. Every time we try to bring out their willingness to learn new things by taking activities games competitions etc. Some programs like Cleanliness campaign Diwali stall Tree plantation Vegetable market stall Making Ganpati idol Educational gudhi a fag essay and drawing competition Sessions on Digital world Technology and human and lot more. They are such precious gems sometimes I think about the imagination power of them and it is too good what is to be done to make them shine brighter it to give them a platform to brighten their potential. Every Sunday we spend two hours on sessions and then after we gather for a meeting to know the loopholes and positive things about the day. We are happy to announce that we took admission for nine students from Pardhi Vasti who don’t even know the school practice and also the environment from where they belong is unimaginable for normal people like us. Because the wavelength is a major issue and casteism is highly rooted in their thoughts. It is too hard to work in this area due to unfavorable support but these challenges making ourselves stronger than ever. Our third classroom is individually for students belong to Pardhi Caste. We need to put more than extra efforts to handle and bind them altogether. Recently we have inaugurated Pustak pedhi a small book library and we have more than 200 books. Also to walk with the digital era we have bought projector. We have invited on Vidyavani Radio show to know about our initiative. As we need to develop their interest in education mostly we use learn with fun techniques. Our volunteers are putting so much of efforts. Some of them are working some are studying. Still they fnd and give their precious time for making the students stronger on their own feet. This enthusiasm to work for them taking us on next level high. We don’t have any strong backbone who will help us economically but for sure we knew our strong will to do the best for our society make it happen one day that each and every child from the slum area shine in their own path. Harshada Dhumke LG-2012 Living Life With Difference

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4 Rita Shetiya LF-2005 and PA-2010 Supriya Satwekar LF-2010 Chitra Sadanandan LG-2013 and Rashmi Sure LG-2013 feel fortunate for getting the opportunity to reach their dream peak by trek with Bucketlist adventure group. It is the Mount Everest of Maharashtra with the height of 1646 meters or 5400 feet is famous as the highest peaks. Kalsubai Mountain lies in the Sahyadri mountain ranges falling under Kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. It commands a beautiful view. Kalsubai trek is profuse with natural beauty. Climbing the Kalsubai Peak under the stars and moonlight add to the thrilling experience of night trek. If you happened to be there during the monsoon it is going to be double delight Our Lively Lila Rita Shetiya is expressing her lively experience. It was 26th January 2019 so they decided to start night journey on 25th January 2019 with group of 16 people 11girls and 5 boys all from different backgrounds and places. In these trek the girls showed the power of woman. Such treks purely check the patience to climb. The sound of fowing water and wind felt happiness of making correct decision to climb this peak. Atmosphere was foggy as we were heading towards top. As we headed up we witnessed more amazing views. Different shades of sky were the most fascinating and eye catching thing. While capturing this view in eyes I felt Trek makes you more alert while putting every footstep making us more confdent. This is the only place where one can talk to himself and no one is a competitor. It’s just you who have to achieve to reach the destination. The only thing that comes out is simply caring giving and sharing. Every one try to give support help and confdence to achieve the destination. Trek teaches us “If you take every problem as a challenge then nothing is impossible in the world.” Hosting our fag on the top is always proud feeling. While returning back we met our real heroes Vinod Rawat founder of “Convoy control club” specially challenge people which formed in 2010 with the single person and today they have 7 chapters in India. Vinod Rawat has passed the message “Don’t give excuse that you can’t just give your best and 100 percent believe in you.” We are so lucky and proud to host our fag with the real heroes/ strong souls during Kalsubai trek. We should be part of trekking and any sports. It always motivates you to do something different in your life. Trek teaches us no matter how much trouble comes in your life stand frm Fight it and don’t give up at the end you achieve your destination. Go and get lost in the magnanimity of Kalsubai. If you want to give relief of yourself from stress if you want to refresh your mind then once in a month do trekking its gives you peace and harmony. - Rita M. Shetiya LF- 2005 PA- 2011 Lively Lilas Kalsubai Peak Trek with the height of 1646 meters Bucketlist adventure group Rita Supriya Chita and Rashmi

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5 Health Capsule ACNE AND TIPS TO MANAGE IT We all girls face the problem of acne at certain age. Our own sister Dr. Shradhanjali Tendulkar LF- 2011 focuses light on our problem. She is working as a Senior Medical Offcer at Nyay Murt Ranade Memorial Homeopathic Hospital NMRMH Pune. She has completed MD in homeopathic Material Media and MBA in healthcare services. Acne is one of the commonest conditions affecting all the age groups both genders predominantly teenagers. It is supposedly the 8 th commonest ailment worldwide affecting around 633 million people globally. It is a skin condition caused to clogging of the hair follicles with dead skin cell and sebum oil secreted by the oil glands present in the layer of skin. This clogging of hair follicles show up in the skin in form of bumps of various types like blackheads whiteheads comedon’s pimples which are pustular or at time non pustular. Common areas where acne is noted are face chest and back. Clinically acne are graded from mild I to severe IV depending on the severity. Most of us adapt wrong ways to tackle it unknowingly giving way to dark spots scars recurrence of acne and infection. Due to cosmetic reasons acne has led to increase level of anxiety amongst youth and reduced level of self-esteem and in extreme cases lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. Causation of acne is again multifactorial in nature which are as follows: 1. Strong genetic predisposition 2. Hormonal imbalance 3. Improper diet and sleep is linked with acne 4. Increased level of stress 5. Infection 6. Environmental factors like air pollution How to deal with this • In case of strong genetic history of acne that means it is hereditary and runs in family such case should seek a long term treatment and requires a holistic treatment and they can choose Homoeopathy Ayurveda or Naturopathy. • For other causes we can follow few tips mentioned below which would be very benefcial and to a great extent avoid active medical help. • Acne might also worsen during a particular phase of growing-up namely adolescence and puberty. Hormonal imbalance during this time is quite common hence teenagers should be mentally prepared to deal with this with other physical changes they go through. • Adequate rest and sound sleep of 7-8 hours is very essential to reduce the level of stress and thus the sebum secretion. • Physical activity of 30-45 minutes in any form is required to help reduce the mounted stress. You can choose any sport dance or hit the gym or do Yoga but move. • Water intake is vital. Stay hydrated with adequate amount of water and choose water based fruits which will not only keep you hydration but also rich in nutrients like oranges lemons melons etc. • Control over the food you eat is also essential eating in moderation will help a long way however avoid oily food direct carbohydrates like refned four sugar and sugar based candies jams chocolates. Integrate good amount of proteins like curds buttermilk cheese soya and eggs fbre rich food like salads whole grained cereals and pulses to keep your digestion good. Not to forget our nuts which give all the essential oils and vitamin E. • The extreme weather conditions and Air pollutants have a bad impact on skin health covering your skin with scarf has become a mandate today. • Regularly scrubbing massaging and clean ups are good ways to show your love to your skin. • Right attitude and positive outlook is highly essential to deal with any problem so be in your good spirits always. If above tips do not work for you despite following it religiously then seek medical help. Conventional treatment for acne includes topical applications known as retinoid therapy oral antibiotics. Hormonal therapy in case of underlying hormonal imbalance needs to be corrected. Physical treatments are available which are costly which include use of laser chemical peels and cortisteroidal based injections. In few cases combination therapy is used. We can also choose alternative therapies which includes medicines from AYUSH system i.e. Ayurveda Unani Homoeopathy and Siddha all of them claim to be free from adverse health effects. As the old wise saying goes ‘A healthy skin is mirror of overall wellnesses - Dr. Shradhanjali Tendulkar LF- 2011 Grade IV Severe Acne showing infamed nodules pustules and scarring of skin Grade I Mild Acne showing few pustules and comedones

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6 Placements Pune Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 1 Shruti Vishwasrao LG 2014 Infosys as System Engineer with package of 3.25 LPA 2 Monika Somvanshi LG 2014 Dassault Systemes as an Associate Developer with package 5.5LPA 3 Mrunali Arute LG-2015 Uno Minda with package of 4.5 LPA 4 Ankita Nimbole LG-2015 e-zest with package of 3.25 LPA 5 Palak Barai LG 2014 Twin Engg. Pvt. Ltd. with 3.0 LPA 6 Aishwarya Navghane LG-2013 KPIT with a package of 2.7 LPA 7 Bhavana Salvi LG-2012 PA-2017 Hero Moto Corp with a package of 7.5 LPA 8 Delizia D’silva LF-2011 Giving Force Company as Business Analyst with a package of 10.5 LPA 9 Shinde LF-2011 Accion Lab as Sr. Performance Test Engg with a package of12 LPA 10 Pramila Shende LF-2011 Accenture company as Sr. Software Developer with a package of 10 LPA 11 Priya Sathe LF-2011 Infosys as a senior system Engineer with a package of 4.8 LPA 12 Shraddha Deokar LG-2013 Stiformix Company Hinjewadi as Safety Data Analyst with Package of 4.7LPA 13 Trupti Pawar LG-2013 Mindtree Ltd. as Software Eng with Package of 6 LPA 14 Tubanaaz Dalal LF-2013 ADP company as Member Technical joining will be from 4th Fab 2019 with Pkg 6 LPA 15 Madhulika Tripathi LG-2014 Infosys limited as a system engineer with package 3.25 LPA 16 Mohini Chandgude LG-2014 TCS as System Engineer with Pkg 3.36 LPA 17 Muskan Khan LG-2014 Persistent Systems ltd as a Software Developer with Package: 4.5 lpa 18 Namrata Sonawane LG-2014 Target Corporation Banglore as TTS Engg with pkg 11 LPA 19 Neethu Thankachan LG-2014 ZS Associate as DOA with pkg 7LPA 20 Reshma Dhamal LG-2014 TSYS Company as System Admin with Pkg 4.9 LPA 21 Shilpa Gore LG-2014 Zensar as Software Engineer with pkg 3 LPA 22 Shraddha Jadhav LG-2014 Compu Com Hypen Csi Systems Pvt. Ltd. With 3 LPA 23 Sneha Shirawale LG-2014 Atos Syntel with 3.10 LPA 24 Priyanka Devarmani LG-2014 WNS as Data Processing with Pkg 1.2 LPA 25 Pooja Sawant LG-2014 Howard Newborn Center Mumbai as Staff Nurse with 2.64 LPA 26 Gamter Sora LG-2014 Nanavati super speciality hospital in Mumbai as a staff nurse with salary 20000/ 27 Shweta Somwanshi LG-2014 Parshwanth Metal process Pvt ltd as QMS and Quality assistant with package of Rs.1.8LPA

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7 Placements 28 Shivani Yadav LG-2015 Tata Consulting Engineers LTd as Designer with PKG 2.4 LPA 29 Ayushi Mokati LF-2016 Admantmed India LLP with 2.1 LPA Designation:- Junior Associate 30 Shraddha Somoshi LG-2015 Barclays with package 4.4 PA joining as software testing Wardha Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 1 Shivani Mathankar LG 2016 Atos Syntel pune with 3.1 LPA 2 Puja Kolhe LG 2016 Infosys Ltd Pune as system engineer with 3.8LPA 3 Mayuri Ramteke LG 2014 Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune with 1.6 LPA 4 Komal Devurkar LG 2015 Christ Hospital Chandrapur with 1.2 LPA 5 Ritu Rinayate LG 2015 Meditrina Hospital Nagpur with 1.2 LPA 6 Yogita Hargude LG 2015 Vokard Hospital Nagpur with 1.4 LPA 7 Punam Bakane LG 2015 Aurius Hospital Nagpur with 1.2LPA 8 Santoshini Watari LG 2015 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 1.4 LPA 9 Manisha Tadas LG 2015 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 3.7 LPA 10 Likhita Parbat LG 2015 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 3.7 LPA 11 Ashiwni Batale LG 2014 Shree Krushna Hospital Nagpur with 1.4 LPA 12 Shital Chavhan LG 2014 Medicare Hospital Pusad with 1.3 LPA 13 Ashiwni Bhoyar LG 2015 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 3 LPA 14 Namrata Chavhan LG 2015 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 3 LPA 15 Namrata Bhandeakar LG 2015 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 3 LPA 16 Pooja Giri LG 2015 Bombay Hospital Mumbai 2.4 LPA 17 Ruhi Pasha LG 2014 NSL Arena Hyderabad 2.4 LPA 18 Samita Lawanakar LG 2014 Kisan Crop Care Company Nagpur with 1.8 LPA 19 Arati Bagwe LG 2015 Sindhuja Global Solution Ltd Pune with 1.6 LPA 20 Kajal Vaidya LG 2015 Ambuja Cement Wardha with 1.2 LPA 21 Poonam Kalbande LG 2014 SSM Formulation PVt Ltd Wardha with 1.2 LPA 22 Mayuri Bijwar LG 2014 Varroc Engineering Pvt Ltd Aurangabad with 1.2 LPA 23 Simran Pandey LG 2014 Tech Mahindra Hyderabad with 1.8 LPA 24 Darshana Bhasme LG 2014 Burow Hospital Mumbai 3.7 LPA 25 Komal Bhoge LG 2014 Shree Krushna Hospital Nagpur with 1.8 LPA 26 Mamata Vaitage LG 2014 Shree Krushna Hospital Nagpur with 1.8 LPA 27 Mayuri Hinge LG 2014 Burow Hospital Mumbai with 3.7 LPA 28 Monali Walke LG 2014 Vokard Hospital Nagpur with 1.4 LPA

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8 29 Prachi Welgandhwar LG 2014 Sarswati Hospital Amravati with 1.2 LPA 30 Pratiksha Thakare LG 2014 Vokard Hospital Nagpur with 1.2 LPA 31 Priyanka Bakane LG 2014 Reliance Hospital Gondiya 1.8 LPA 32 Rohini Somkuwar LG 2014 Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Akola with 1.8 LPA 33 Shabana Sheikh LG 2014 Oasis Hospital Nagpur 1.2 LPA 34 Shiwani Umate LG 2014 Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Akola with 2.16 LPA 35 Shweta Khare LG 2014 Getwell Hospital Nagpur with 1.44 LPA 36 Tejswini Wankhede LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with 2.1 LPA 37 Samruddhi Nandedkar LG 2015 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.0 LPA 38 Chitra Lokhande LG 2015 Money Plant Financial Services Indore with 2.5 LPA 39 Vaishnavi Rokade LG 2015 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.5 LPA 40 Apurva Bitra LG 2015 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.5 LPA 41 Pooja Chopade LG 2015 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.5 LPA 42 Pranjali Khond LG 2015 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.5 LPA 43 Rutuja Pandey LG 2016 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.0 LPA 44 Sayali Purse LG 2016 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.0 LPA 45 Dhanashri Bande LG 2016 Dynamic Money Research Indore with 3.0 LPA 46 Yogeshwari Bhoyar LG 2014 IKS Health Care Mumbai with 2.2 LPA 47 Diksha Marjive LG 2015 Reliance Digital Wardha 2.0 LPA 48 Divyani Khapekar LG 2016 Star India Research Market Indore 2.8 LPA 49 Gazia Afreen LG 2016 Star India Research Market Indore with 2.8 LPA 50 Suchita Bhoyar LG 2016 Star India Research Market Indore with 2.8 LPA 51 Saireen Khan LG 2016 Star India Research Market Indore with 2.8 LPA Amravati Placements Sr. No Name Scholarship Year Placement 1 Namrata yawale LG 2015 NCDEX Market LTDNagpur with 3.7 LPA 2 Chanchal Gondane LG 2015 AEGIS PVT.LTD Banglore with 2.50 LPA 3 Renuka Dev LG2014 Syntel company Pune with 3.1 LPA 4 Radhika Mahalle LG 2014 Accenture Pune with 3.5 LPA 5 Ankita Sachdev LG 2014 Renu CommunicationPune with 1.32 LPA 6 Anushka Tiwari LG 2016 Network research Indor with 2.0 LPA 7 Shubhangi Tambe LG 2014 Sahyadri Speciality Hospital with 1.70 LPA 8 Priyanka Raut LG 2014 CIIMS hospital Nagpure 1.2 LPA 9 Rohini Tembhare LG 2016 Syntel company Pune with 3.1 LPA 10 Priya Wagh LG 2016 T-Tec Motif company Ahmedabad with 2.7 LPA Placements Artist in Me

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9 Artist in Me Ankita Khandekar LG 2016 Avanti Deshmukh LG 2017 Kalyani Bawankar LG 2015 Wardha Raksha Deshmukh LG 2016

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10 Artist in Me Pratiksha Bande LG 2016 Pratiksha Gadia LG-2015 Sayali Chandanshiv LG-2015 Tejashree Shinde LG -2016

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11 Basic Nursing Skills Development Development Programs W hile getting into new direction of career one has many queries and questions like how can one prepare for that. Nursing is new opening for a healthcare career with many job opportunities. For that it’s important to ensure you possess some important professional nursing skills like effective communication fexibility desire to learn critical thinking attention to detail etc. ‘Basic Nursing Skills Development Workshop’ was conducted on Sunday 3 rd February 2019 by Mrs. Sarika Zende HOD of Surya Mother and Child Care Hospital for 2 nd year Nursing Lila Girls at Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing Education Pune. The program was really very helpful and informative. It will help nursing students in future as well in their present nursing studies. Lila Girls got lots of information regarding the emergency situations and even how to handle those. They got knowledge about various advance medical techniques which are used in this profession. This session helped Lila girls to learn how to manage and deal with various kinds of patients. The workshop was really knowledgeable and interesting. Basic Nursing Skills Development In this workshop trainer explained the girls how to control their emotions not only in personal life but also in professional life. Trainer taught the girls that health is determined by emotions and emotions are determined by choices. As they are in the nursing profession they came to know Emotional Quotient is as important as Intelligent Quotient. So the Knowledge they grasp they will never let it. After this Workshop they came to a conclusion that Emotional Excellence is a key to improving their Personal Effectiveness. Emotional excellence Work- shop was conducted on Sun- day 4th November 2018 by Trainer Mrs. Meera Natarajan for 3rd year Nursing Girls at Cummins Company Balewadi Baner. During this workshop girls learnt the ability to identify and manage their own emotions and emotions of others. It included three skills: emotional awareness the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving and the ability to manage emotions which includes regulating your own emotions and cheering up or calming down other people. Emotional Excellence A person with good health can put lot many efforts to do work in a short time. Precaution is always better than cure. Health Awareness Workshop was conducted by Family Planning Association for Direct 2nd year Engineering Batch 2017 on 3rd February 2019 at Seed Info Tech Kothrud. The session started with Gender equality and gender based violence which was taken by Ms. Pournima Salunke coordinator of Family Planning Association. She gave day to day life examples which helped the girls to understand the things in a better way. The next session was based on Changes during adolescent conducted by Dr. Deepti Dongaonkar M.D. in gynecologist explained about Male and Female Reproductive system. Pregnancy Safe abortion and contraception. Not only had this she also showed with the help of demo how menstruation takes place in a female body. After the lunch break the session delivered was on HIV AIDS RTI/STI taken by Ms. Archana Sasane followed by Love Friendships and Attraction explained by Dr. Vasudha Gokhale and the session concluded by Sexual Diversity conducted by Dr. Vivek Billampelly. Health Awareness Health Awareness Emotional Excellence Workshop

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12 Development Programs The experts say that students achieve or fail mostly because of their attitude. So it is important to create awareness about attitude and build the attitude which gives right outcome in life. Based on this thought process the workshop ‘Change Attitude Change Life’ covered various aspects of attitude building like importance of attitude cause and effect attitude and success building right attitude power of words and action steps. The program was conducted by Mrs. Meera Natarajan at Cummins India Ltd Baner Lila Girls 2017 direct 2 nd year Engineering. Through this workshop Lila Girls learnt how to react to situations in a positive way and also how to build Change Attitude Change Life positive attitude. Think feel and react were the three things they must follow. They could understand the difference between positive and negative attitude. It depends on us how we take the things in a positive way. They also learnt about the right attitude to be carried at right situations if the attitude is wrong then how to react to that situations. All these things have a lot of impact on our life and which changes the prospect of life. The change always starts from us. Lila girls also learned how to interact with people nicely even in bad situation and how to be happy in life. It was a brain storming session for the girls. Not to judge people by their behavior in certain situations. The session was very useful for our girls. Attitude Building In order to learn few mind mapping techniques and steps to being creative Foundation organized a training program on Mind Maps in association with 3DPLM Company. The Program was conducted by senior executive of 3DPLM Mr. Hemant Gadgil for 2nd and 3rd Year Engineering. The advantage of this program is that Lila Girls have a chance to experience the actual company atmosphere by visiting 3DPLM premises and interacting with their executives. Mind Maps by 3DPLM Mind Maps by 3DPLM Lila Girls learned from this workshop how to make different Mind maps with the help of different techniques. How to use brain effectively. Time Management Visual representation making story to keep the things in mind and also better ways to presenting ideas. These techniques are very useful while studying and making things easy to remember. Utilize memory and making proper mind mapping for memorize the things how brain works. Lila girls also learn functions of left brain and right brain. Corporate Readiness workshop by Amdocs Amdocs conducted 3 days’ workshop from 16th to 18th January 2019 at Amdocs premises for 3rd and 4th year engineering students studying Electronics and Tel ecommuni cati ons Computer and Information Technology .They focused on technical and non-technical aspects. 1st day started with the introduction to the telecom industry since Amdocs is telecom based company. Next session was delivered on Mobile Financial Services followed by Devops. Devops is a methodology tool that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity by evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. The session concluded by Interaction with Amdocs Leaders. 2nd day session started with the agenda of the day followed by Internet of Things by Amdocs expertise team. Innovation technology methodology Big Data Cloud computing

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13 Amdocs - Corporate Readiness Workshop by Amdocs Development Programs Leadership Lesson: Bee - The Lead TEDx talk. The most interesting part of 2nd day workshop was Corporate/ organization structure and foor visit. This is the unique activity which girls usually like a lot. The 3rd day of the session started with the topic of Design Thinking CSR Philosophy Corporate etiquettes Resume writing Interview Skills Mock Interviews Presentation Skills. On all the 3 days during lunch break one volunteer joined girls for lunch and would have interaction with them. On last day of the workshop all the girls those who were present were felicitated with a certifcate from Amdocs for completing 3 days’ workshop. Public speaking is the process of communicating information to the audience. It is usually done before a large audience like in school the workplace and even in our personal lives. The benefts of knowing how to communicate to an audience include sharpening critical thinking and verbal/ non-verbal communication skills. The Public Speaking Program was conducted by Ms. Anushree M.S. LG-2012 for Engineering after Diploma girls of Batch 2017. The program was all about how to Success in life has nothing to do with where one starts. Success transcends circumstances. Holistic grooming polishes the uniqueness and gives an EDGE over competitors by preparing you for success in your professional and personal life. The Secret to success program was conducted by Mrs. Shivani Naik Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2018 for 3rd Year Engineering Students at Hotel Pride on 20th January 2019. The workshop was conducted for 2 days. On the frst day the trainer gave brief knowledge about How Brain works what is Conscious mind and Subconscious mind and how does it works how our actions depend on it etc. Lila girls Article on Secret to success Public Speaking learnt how to Set their daily goals be focused on goals and make life goal oriented Imagine and visualize being successful. From this session girls learnt that they will succeed if they have a positive attitude believe in themselves build positive habits make wise choices set and achieve goals use imagination and persist. Keep working toward goals and dreams and so they can become successful in their career. The 2nd day was a kind of revision of Day 1 and most of the things were activity based learning of day 1 was implemented on day 2 of the session. The session concluded by a presenting Mind Maps. Secrets to Success communicate to an audience include sharpening critical thinking and verbal/non- verbal communication skills. Lila girls get to know about Effective public speaking skills can help them with their career advancement critical thinking skills Communication Skills leadership abilities poise and professionalism qualities which are very valuable for their career. From this workshop Lila girls got motivated self-confdent so they can achieve their goals. Public Speaking

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14 Sentiments Dear Mom and Dad I am Shruti Vishwasrao LILA GIRL 2014 pursued my ENTC Engineering from MIT AOE in 2018. I fnd immense pleasure to inform you about my placement at Infosys. I received an offer from them for employment as System Engineer with a package of 3.25 lakhs per annum. I am delighted to join them on 11th March for training and thus thereafter on given location. Whatever happens in a life of a daughter she fnds peace in telling her parents and so am I. Inspiration and Guidance are invaluable in every aspects of life especially in the feld of academics which I received from our foundation. My dream has now turned reality and I am very thankful to both of you and our foundation for being with me helping me whenever necessary. I still remember the scolding from Mom for not attending programs and also her greetings and gifts on my birthdays. I am very grateful to be your daughter and a little part of our foundation and will work further to enrich myself and make all of us proud. With lots of love from your lovely daughter. Shruti Vishwasrao LG-2014 Dear Mom and Dad The pleasure was all mine. It was a very different experience being a Guest of Honour of a lovely function. For me each moment that I spend with you is a learning. Being with you as a Lila fellow teaches something different than what it teaches while being a guest. Thanks a lot for giving me opportunity of playing various roles for our foundation be it as a guest of Honor or as a committee member. Being with and around you itself is a big honor. A huge thank you for the felicitation I hadn’t expected it at all The memento is a ‘life time achievement award’ for me. Thanks for all the love that you both always shower on me. Loads of love Sneha Nikum LF-2005 and PA-2008 Dear Mom I am fling very thankful to you for giving me your love and once again selected for the scholarship. And give the golden chance to become the part of our LPF family again. Once again I am saying proudly that I am the daughter of LILA Mom. Mom and Dad you are the best couple I ever seen. I seen that you are not only husband and wife but you are best friend of each other. Your thought are also same. I am so lucky for getting such a lovely Mom and Dad. Thank you Mom for coming in my life and giving the diamond gift like Dad. Once again thank you so much. Your daughter Pragati Dharme LG-2018 Amravati It is really nice to read such an inspiration stories of girls who have struggle a lot achieve their goals. And it is my pleasure to be a part of Lila Poonawla foundation . Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting me and other girls . Thank you Manali Tayade LF-2017 Dear Mom I am Kanchan Chandrakant Gaikwad from Amravati. The Moto behind writing this mail is that yesterday I read Inspira 2018 from that I really get one type of motivation and inspiration. Mom you give us all the information about how is our family growing day by day. How we help to those who were affected by natural calamity. And how our girls achieve their achievements and how they all develop themselves for achieving that. All and everything which is shared by you is very important to all girls to know. Really we all are very lucky to have parents like you. Thank you so much dear Mom and to dad too for such care and love. Love you a lots. Your loving Kanchan Gaikwad LG-2018 Amravati

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15 Dear MOM I am Firdous studying GNM 3rd Year in Sawangi. My purpose behind writing this email is to inform you about the deposition of scholarship into my account Successfully. Mom I don›t have any words to thank you. Because what you have done for me is more than a ‹Thanks›. All I can do is pray for your longer and healthy life. But for now I want to Thank you from bottom of my heart. Thank you so much Mom. Love you so much. Firdous Saba LG-2016 Dear Mom and Dad Trust you both are doing well. A big Thank you for your special birthday wishes for me in the form of greeting and accessories. Loved the gift you sent for me. I was glad to meet you Dad for the scholarship function and fnd you all in same spirit and enthusiasm as 20 years back . Thanking once again for remembering and sending wishes on my birthday. Wishing you loads of love and a blessed and healthy life. Warm Regards Jolly Varghese LF-1998 Sentiments Dear Mom I Kirti Kadu from DMIETR College Wardha. We met last time in Anjuman College of Engineering Nagpur in the award function ceremony. If I didn›t get chance to put up my views over there but now I really want to say that I am very lucky to have Mom like you and all LPF family and I am very grateful that you have arranged too many workshops for us and it was very much benefcial for us it plays very vital role for me because these all workshop and specially the trainers are very well. On 3 rd March 2019 I have attended the workshop on mind mapping by Mr. Mohammad Ujjainwalla and the experience of this workshop is very well. I am glad to say that this workshop was very benefcial for us. Thank you for organising such a wonderful workshop. Your Kirti Kadu LG-2016 Wardha Hello mom I am Pranali Nakhate LG-2017. I am from Vasudhatai Deshmukh College of Food Technology Amravati. I wish you a very happy women’s day mom. I feel very proud and lucky to have you in my life. You are the symbol of bravery and you are my inspiration Mom. I am always trying to be like you... the attitude the courage you have... love you Mom .. I am so blessed to have you. Thank you for everything Mom... Your support and help means a lot to me... Your loving daughter Pranali Nakhate LG-2017 Amravati I really enjoyed reading inspira_vol_53 magazine. And especially the moms message to all the daughters was so inspiring. Also I like the “Art in me” page where Lila girls and Lila fellows showed their creativity.It was a great experience reading Inspira. Thank you for sharing Inspira with me. Anshu Jamdade LG-2018 Firstly thank you MOM and DAD. Mom after reading your message I got inspired and came to know other information which is useful to us. This year I joined LPF family because of Inspira. I get more information about foundation and program which held by the foundation. And the girls with great placement is the best part in Inspira. Pooja Korade LG-2018

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16 Sentiments “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows and windows into doors… and a girl with mere subsistence got transformed into a woman with a great substance and a sustainable leadership and wisdom…” Lila Poonawalla Foundation is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and deserving girls through scholarship to pursue higher education. Since its inception in 1996 over 23126 scholarships have been granted to 8359 deserving girls. Beyond scholarship apart from the guidance in academics and placements the training and skill development courses that every girl undergoes which are arranged by the Foundation are “Facing Professional Challenges… Etiquette ‘Personality Development and Grooming Session’ and ‘Lasting Impression – Personal Effectiveness’ by Mr. Minocher Patel Ms. Cora Menezes Workshop on ‘Personality Development and Transactional Analysis’ Ms. V. Menon’s Workshop on ‘Presentation Skills’ ‘Look the Best Feel the Best and Eat the Best’ by Ratna Khemani NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Power Workshop by renowned NLP Practitioner Mr. Keki Darbari Mrs. Surabhi Banerjee’s workshop on ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘Thought Management’ Training Program on ‘Health and Nutrition’ by Arnawaz Damania ‘Finishing Touch’ workshop by Ms. Romilla Thakur and Mr. Deepak Thakur Training Programme on ‘Corporate and Social Finesse’ Spoken English Training ‘Celebrating the New Women’ – Learning OSHO techniques at OSHO International Meditation Resort Pune and many many more…… Padmashree. Mrs. Lila Poonawalla and Mr. Firoz Poonawalla are the pillars of the foundation. Lila mom and Dad are taking tremendous efforts and pains for Nurturing Dreams of Talented but fnancially challenged Girls. Providing essential skills through different kinds of trainings and development courses from school level to post-graduate level is defnitely not an easy task. Both are continuously working hard to enable socially deprived and fnancially disadvantaged ladies pursue professional degrees and become economically independent and confdent girls who can not only earn for themselves but also take care of their families. Today I can see myself as an independent corporate trainer and Consultant dealing with organizations confdently because I had been provided with all the skills required for a young woman to succeed in life with a problem solving ability to a greater extent. I have gained the humbleness and confdence to rise up myself as a good daughter and as a good human being. All these programs and initiatives and training are aimed at facilitating overall development so that girls could successfully deal with the challenges that life could possibly pose to them. Dear Mom and Dad the efforts opportunities and the new horizons and paths shown by you has defnitely made a signifcant difference in my life and million other lives….. Thank you for nurturing my ambitions fueling my dreams with your positivity and help and guiding me throughout to become an independent individual. We may fail to get inspire but you both never fail to inspire us. Love you so much.. To all my Facebook friends Lila fellows Lila Girls and near and dear ones…. It’s an appeal to you all to support Lila Poonawalla Foundation in terms of knowledge transformation training on skill development as a community service and fnancial contributions and donations for the development of the talented girls. Your contribution can change the destiny of a young girl Follow us on: http://www.lilapoonawallafoundation. com/…/ Appeal20for20Fu… A Journey of two Lila fellows…. Me and my friend Vandana Jha Belitkar……. From ……. a candidate for the interview for the scholarship for higher studies….2001 ….… the committee member for the selection of the girls …… 2011......and to……. the chairwoman of selection committee for the Engineering panel of my Lila Poonawalla Foundation …... 2018 “ HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY “ Cheers Pradnya Kashikar LF-2001 and Committee member Mom I read the Inspira really our Inspira is a very inspirational like it’s name “Inspira”. The information which is provided about breast cancer it is very useful for us. The information which is mentioned really we do not have idea about that that’s why due to that information we got more aware about breast cancer. Mom I have one request or wish it is possible to arrange an industrial visit for us And Mom I have one idea if we provide our Inspira to book stalls then more needy girls will get the change. Love you Mom. Your Daughter Pooja Indhane LG-2015 Amravati

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17 All about last Sunday... With Lila Poonawalla foundation family.. Something very close to my heart. I am always thankful for the help that I have received from the foundation. It is the place where I found my ideals where I have met many girls with variant thoughts and career aspirations. Thanks to Mom Lila Poonawalla and Dad Firoz Poonawalla for always being there to guide to motivate and to appreciate every girl of foundation. Personally I have learned many life lessons from you. When I became a part of this family back in 2012 I was very early bird who has just started fying in the open sky. Foundation has given power to those wings and has really helped in nurturing my dreams. Along with me it has transformed and transforming lives of many girls. It’s always a pleasure to get together having fruitful discussions go back to the roots from where we starts shining and to plan or to initiate something which will contribute towards development of our little sisters to help them achieve their dreams and to help them to become independent. Puja Borude LG - 2012 Sentiments Dear Mom When you became the part of my life at that point I came to know the strength of a woman. What a single woman can do I see a woman in front of me who change the life of hundred of women’s. The woman who feel that I am nothing turn into I am something special because of you only. You shape the life of hundreds of women’s without anything. Their lives change but few of them are unaware of the thing that why this change happened. But one who really knows why this happens they are very luck bz bz they got a world’s most best MOM and DAD. We know that we can’t be woman like you but we assure you that we will try are level best to became a woman like you. Swati Jadhav LG -2012 Dear Mom and Dad Thanks for sharing the latest issue of Inspira. It is immense pleasure and satisfaction to read the stories of all my LILA SISTERS. Always feel happy to read Mom’s message in Inspira Thanks a lot for publishing my story in path fnder’s. I am really overwhelmed to see it. Without your support and love I would not have achieved this position in my life. Your help made my path wonderful Look forward for more bonding with you and foundation. Lots of Love Bhavana Pradhan LF-2002 Committe Member of LPF Dear Mom Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sending the latest Inspira link. It’s really a good decision to remove the carbon excess print of Inspira. It is really good to see the evolution of foundation and inspira of course. My best wishes to you and LPF. Proud to be a part of it. Thanks and regards Aparna Bhandar LF-1998 Committee Member of LPF Dear Sir/Madam Thank You for the INSPIRA VOL 53. Great initiative by LPF... With Best Wishes Warm regards Shubhangi Dumbray Principal Tehmi Grant Institute Of Nursing Education Many thanks I pray that you continue to do the great work in the Service of our Girls in the next generation. Warm regards Avinash Gore President Business Area Environmental Hoganas Group

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18 Sentiments Dear Mom I don’t know where to begin I don’t know what to say thank you is a very small word for imparting skills that have shaped my career and professional life your mentoring has meant so much to me I can never really thank you enough.... Sometimes I miss your voice I miss your laughter I miss everything about you that time inspira make me fll that your warm smiles your encouragement your words of wisdom. Thanking you Yours lovingly Prachi Dahibhate LG-2016 Amravati Dear Lila and Firoz It is a pleasure to read that LPF has now become a movement. I am proud to fnd that we have now 8300 girls. You have made an outstanding contribution in your mission. All the pictures in your Issue of Inspira are beautiful particularly Lila and Firoz cutting the cake. I always fnd something new in your every Issue. Regards P. C. Shejwalkar Dear Mom and Dad Jai Shree Krishna I am Chanchal Swami pursuing B. Sc nursing from Amravati want to communicate with you and dad. On 3 rd February 2019 we met in the award function at Nagpur . In that award function I wanted to speak lot but I got less time and after standing I had spoke little bit different rather than speaking what I really wanted. I wish to know that whether our foundation has some training programs for nurses for their development some special that will enhance our knowledge related to our feld because of which we can give our best in our stream. Before getting scholarship I used to say that nurses are lagging behind as compared to engineering girls or any other feld but when I became Lila Girl I realized that there are my so many sisters from different felds and they have so many talents skills which we can also develop. After attending workshops I have gained confdence precious knowledge that had changed my thinking point of view. I’m taking initiative in many works in college either be at academic site or clinical site trying to become all rounder. And I know as a Lila Girl my dreams can be fulflled. From bottom of my heart I express my gratitude towards you both - Mom and Dad. Till my death I’ll be a part of this foundation and I’ll illuminate your name with my good works and results. I promise this Mom. After 15 days to death of my father I was crying in front of his photo but the suddenly I realised that god is too great I’m so lucky that he called my father near to him but father’s love and support he provide in the form of you Dad. Instead of getting love from single mother I have two mothers and fathers. I’m the luckiest girl in this world. I have promised myself that I have to become a successful girl so that my parents will feel proud. Love you Mom and Dad. Thank you everything. Chanchal Swami LG-2017 Amravati Dear Mrs. Poonawalla Was Lovely to read the Inspira Vol 53... You are doing an amazing job it’s a great feat to have now over 8000 girls beneft from the LPF... You are a beautiful shining star keep up the good work My best wishes always with you Much Love Farida Zaveri Friend LPF Dear Mom and Dad Happy New year to Mom and Dad. Thanks for the lovely wishes. Indeed an inspiring volume of Inspira 53 that encompasses all aspect from artist to an act of giving back to society. It is always a privilege to be a daughter of proud parents like you and a great motivation to get encouraged. Regards and lots of love Nilofer Glasswala LF-2011

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19 Dear Mom So glad to send this mail about feedback for Inspira vol.53. Another fabulous edition of Inspira an another year of success for all the Lila family. I am truly overwhelmed after I have read about the all the achievements of the Lila girls. I have read about the peace Ambassadors 2018 and I am so glad about their success and their visit to Asha center in UK. Also the surprise birthday party of yours was also great. The great help which is done for the Keralites after the disaster was also so kind. It feels so happy after reading this where several seminars and workshops were conducted on language learning self awareness menstrual health interview trainings and the industrial visits which were carried out for the girls. Congratulations to all the Lila girls who achieved the best in their life where Lila family plays a major role. Being a part of this family is truly a blessing. Yours loving Daughter Shweta Khare LG-2016 Wardha Sentiments Dear Mom and Dad Happy Holi Mom and Dad. I miss you Mom I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake with which I’II never part. God has you in his keeping I have you in my heart. Love you Mom. Miss you Always... Kajal Chhaniya LG- 2016 Wardha Komal Gotmare LG-2016 and Divya Kharode LG- 2016 Amravati: 1 st prize in paper presentation held at Panjabrao Deshmukh College of Polytechnic Amravati Priti Jagtap LJ-2011 LS-2015 LG-2017: Gold medal in intercollege model making competition named - Biotechcellence. Kalyani Bawankar LG-2015 Wardha: 2 nd Rank - 3 rd year basic B.Sc. Nursing Shining Stars

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20 Shining Stars Palak Shravagi LG-2017 Amravati: 3 rd rank in the paper presenta- tion competition organized by P. R. Pote Patil Group of Educational Institute Shainila Qureshi LG-2017: Dr. Rajashri V. Deshpande Memorial Gold Medal for scoring 100/100 marks in Mathematics - M1 and M2 by the hands of Padma Bhushan Shri Shiv Nadar and Hon’ble Shri Nitin Gadkari. Prachi Rakhonde LG-2016 Amravati: Selected as Girls’ Sports Secretary of Government Polytechnic Amravati College and has won second prize in kho kho at zonal level and now selected for interzonal to represent her college. Ashiwini Kamble LG-2014 Wardha: 1 st rank in Civil Engineering in Nagpur University and also received 3 gold medals. CSIR-Platinum Jubilee International Conference on Biotechnological Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development. Mahima Shende LG-2016 Wardha: Received certifcate of Excellence for her project- “Railway track crack and fre detection system” from Guru Nanak Institution Nagpur. Manjiri Pise LG 2016 Wardha: Felicitated in her college Bapurao Deshmukh college of Engineering for achieving 2 nd rank in university examination. Shweta Takawale LG- 2016: Winner in Badminton Doubles at Elan Fest 2k19 conducted by SGRS college of Pharmacy Saswad. Ketki Gatade LG-2016 : Runner up in Chess Competition conducted by SGRS college of Pharmacy Saswad at Elan Fest 2k19 Pallavi Zagade LG-2015 Amravati: She has received a list of awards in different felds. · Late Kalpana Chawala trophy and certifcate for cricket winner · Doodle art winner in zenith Aura of Arts · Popscicle art runner-up trophy n certifcate in aura of arts zenith medal for being convernor of Prajawlan cup 2k19 under Technical fest Prajawalan · Late Kalpana Chawala trophy for being top scorer in all sports to our department Ambika Chaudhari: LG- 2015 Amravati: received 2 nd rank in her 3 years duration course and awarded in her college - Government Polytechnic Amravati Vaishnavi Mamankar LG- 2017 Amravati: 3 rd rank in the paper presentation competition which was organized in Gode college of engineering in the technical event. Priyanka Pisal LG-2016 : Secured 1 st place in stone painting 3 rd place in cartooning 1 st place in vollyball and 2 nd place in basketball Dr. Neelu Nawani LF- 1997 and PA- 2008: Honored for Outstanding Contribution towards the growth of Biotech Research Society India BRSI at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Hyderabad during XV convention of BRSI and Chippy Kumar LG- 2013: Received Awards from Nehru Yuva Kendra Bharath Sarkar on women’s day celebration occasion and Kerala Kites of Kaumudy Channel for distinguished contribution in Bharatanatyam dance.

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21 Man ki Baat Ms. Vaishali Bhagwat country’s frst technology lawyer has been living an exemplary life flled with hope and confdence. She is a living example of how women are growing in various felds and making an impact in this competitive world. Ms. Vaishali comes with prior working experience in the feld of IT and then ventured in to IT law by doing specializations from premier institutes. Primarily working in the areas such as: Civil Criminal Employment Family and Banking law she also laid special emphasis on IT E-commerce and cyber security Data Protection and Privacy IPR in cyberspace and Cyber Crimes. While she is reaching new heights in her profession deep down inside she always wants to contribute towards the empowerment of women. Ms. Vaishali joined the board of Lila Poonawalla Foundation as a Trustee in 2016 and since then she has been working relentlessly. Editor – Inspira Rashmi Tare and Asst. Editor Pranali Tirkhunde got an opportunity to interact with her. When asked about the beginning of her journey with LPF Ms. Vaishali says “As a women we can relate to certain things as a subject. We want to give back to the society as much as we can. I come from a family which believes in community service. My mother MSW at Tata Institute has worked extensively in founding Institutes. I have also been associated with Nirmalatai Purandare who runs an initiative in rural India which is about training women for taking up jobs as anganwadi teachers. Working with such institutes and people Lila and I met at Women’s Day function at Sandvik. We spoke about our experiences and challenges we faced in our lives. We shared common trait of overcoming the challenges and moving ahead in our respective careers. Having known each other Lila provided an opportunity for me to be associated with the foundation introduced me to the kind of activities and causes the foundation supports. I was more than happy to be a part of the foundation as it is all about girl’s education literacy and certain things about which I have been passionate. Therefore I thought that LPF would be a good opportunity for me. This is how the association began”. Ms. Vaishali impressed with the LPF says “Lila has a corporate background and she runs the organization very professionally. This is the strength of LPF. There is a Set-up there is a Framework there is a policy guideline and everyone knows the vision and mission. Lila has an amazing skill of getting people together and getting the work done from them. That is what I think is the organization’s strength. At LPF we have multiple people doing their bit for a common goal and all believe in the vision. Lila and Firoz are the actual driving forces and due to this we can work together in harmony. While many NGOs face the consistency in handling operations LPF has excelled and always has been on right track to support its vision and mission”. Ms. Vaishali says that LPF also serves as a catalyst for her own growth and overall development. Along with contributing for a cause she has also grown to be a better and more confdent person. When she sits through the interview process and gets to interact with the girls from challenging backgrounds she feels very rejuvenated and recharged by their confdence and happiness. She says “These girls have taught me there is a certain way in which you can look at life irrespective of the challenges that life throws at you. If you believe in yourself you can achieve whatever you want. This just re-enforces when I sit with them during the interview process”. This is what drives her to contribute towards the Foundation as much as possible. She also conducts various training and grooming sessions for the girls at LPF. Being a Trustee Ms. Vaishali feels that all the Board members think very holistically. The discussions are very open and everyone contributes. Lila and Firoz are very open to suggestions during the discussions. The teamwork which happens at LPF is something in the best interest and really followed in spirit. Besides this all the trustees are so passionate about the cause that LPF supports That each one tries to do something that is over and above the legal expectations from them. Lila Mam’s energy throughout the Interview process is commendable. She has given a valuable message to the girls: “There has to be a sense of gratitude and always be associated with the foundation and assist its operations relentlessly. Everyone must appreciate the platform provided by the foundation that aides in one’s growth both personally and professionally. There are certain ways in which you could contribute to the foundation and carry the torch ahead. Even if each one of you are able to touch the life of at least one girl that will be a big contribution. This feeling of giving back to the foundation must come from within and not be enforced. Besides this on a personal front you should always be able to adapt to change and keep an eye on where you are going in terms of your career. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and achieve an all-rounded personality.” Pranali Tirkhunde LG-2013 and Rashmi Tare LF-2012 and PA-2016 Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confdence. – Helen Keller

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22 Special Feature Dad’s birthday celebration 1. MOM and DAD while cake cutting 2. Principal and Teacher’s of Bapusaheb Pawar Kanyashala celebrated Dad’s Birthday at LPF offce. Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing DAD For the rest of the world 14 th April 2019 was just a regular day but for Lila Poonawalla Family it’s the birthday of our beloved Dad. This year Mr Firoz Poonawalla Celebrated his 83 rd birthday with celebrations that went on for days. On 14 th April 2019 all the Peace Ambassadors gathered together for a surprise birthday party for Dad at University Woman’s Association UWA Hall. Surrounded by his loving daughters Lila Mom and the LPF Staff wished a healthy and happy year Dad was overwhelmed with joy. From songs to dances from poetries to skits Peace Ambassadors prepared various performances. But Lila Mom stole the show with her beautiful song and her graceful dance. The end of the day came only too early but not without a return gift from Dad which were snacks and a sweet and tight hug from him. This made all the daughters feel special and Dad was happier than ever. On next day 15 th April 2019 the celebration continued at the LPF Offce. The entire offce and Dad’s cabin was decorated with balloons and colourful rangolis drawn by the LPF Staff. The day began with the traditional welcome and the cutting of the cake. As the day progressed Lila girls Lila Fellows Principal and teachers of Bapusaheb Pawar School and foundation well-wishers dropped by the offce to wish Dad on this special occasion. Many cakes were cut a large number of photographs were clicked and the enjoyment lasted throughout the day. The day ended with a delicious dinner at Hotel Darshan Baner organised by LPF Staff along with Mom. The festivities went on to the third day with a beautiful program organised by the ‘Tomorrow Together’ team at Noor-Al-Bassam hall Pune. Mom and Dad were welcomed with an enthusiastic Lezim Performance accompanied by a Brass Band. All Lila Juniors 2016 from various Schools across the city were invited to this program. Dad was awestruck by the wonderful performances by Lila Juniors and Lila Seniors. Expressing his joy Dad said he is proud of the girls and urged them to work harder on their academics. He said that LPF is a family and the relationships with the girls are for a lifetime. He thanked everyone for the beautiful program and said that he will always be with them. Mom was happy to see how the girls are learning from them and have put up a great program. She said that all these are great memories for them and that she’ll cherish them forever. The program concluded with distribution of snacks to all. The birthday celebration was carried forward in Wardha- Amaravati as well with lots of love from Lila Girls. Another year gone another birthday celebrated but this birthday will always be a memorable one for Dad. Dinner Party of offce staff with Sir and Ma’am at Hotel Darshan Baner Traditional Welcome of Mom and Dad at Anjum-e-Islam

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23 Special Feature Dad’s birthday celebration Dear Dad You were there when I needed you To guide me along the right path To encourage me to learn How to face the world’s wrath. You taught me how to be brave How to take a few risks in life. You taught me how to be independent And you taught me how to thrive. Your lessons will be with me Till the end of my days. I want to say Thank You And wish you a very happy birthday. Rita Shetiya LF-2005 and PA-2011 Principal of Bapusaheb Pawar Kanyashala giving birthday greeting card to Dad. Celebration continued with Amaravati-Wardha girls Dear Dad I am Koyal Dnyaneshwar Rade Lila Girl 2018 form Wardha. On your Birthday I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration a friend and teacher to all of us. Happiest Birthday to you Dad Best Birthday to the most wonderful Dad who is hotter than the lighted candles shining bright on your cake. I love you Daddy I love you so much ❤️❤️. I am sorry Daddy for wishing you late.. Once again Happy Birthday to my loving Daddy. Enjoy your day️️. Koyal Rade LG- 2018 Wardha 7. Mom and Dad Releasing the bunch of balloons high up in the sky Birthday wishes for Dad from LG and LF

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24 Special Feature Birthday wishes for Dad from LG and LF Dear Dad Happy birthday to our loving ever caring and jolly dad. You are truly our superhero because you helped us when we needed it the most. You along with mom give us the care and support that is helping us grow into beautifully groomed and independent ladies who can confdently walk in this world. Dad I pray that you are blessed with all the beautiful things in this world. May God always shine his loving light on you. May you be blessed with good health beautiful thoughts laughter and smiles. Happy birthday once again. Love Your Daughter Dhaneshwari Girish Tiwari LF- 2017 Hello dad Wishing a very happy joyful and memorable birthday to a man who had made my dream come true by helping me and motivating me in my career till now. I Wish god will give you more and more healthy years ahead.... May this special day bring you endless joy and tons of precious memories.... These are not the wishes only i have but a small and a very nice bday gift is there....I have made thru all my heart...will bring it to you soon.I hope you will like it With warm wishes Yours lovingly daughter Anuja Bhujbal LG- 2013 Dear Dad Happy birthday Dad . May your special day bring you plenty of wonderful surprises I am lucky that I was given the best father in the world a father who truly loves me with all of his heart. Once again Happy Birthday dad Your lovingly daughter Priti. S.Sardar LG- 2017 Amravati Dear Dad You are the smile of many faces You are the inspiration for many people’s life You are the hope for many eyes Your are the father of thousands of daughter like mine. And how lucky and blessed am I I can’t even express with my loudest voice. Wish you a happiest birthday my dear Dad. A lot of love and blessings to both of you Mom and Dad. Love you. Your daughter Himani Kinkar LG-2018 Nagpur Dear dad Wish you a very very Happy birthday dad. Dad you’re one in a million. No one in a billion. Actually one in a trillion. In other words you’re one of a kind. The best most loving kind. Dad after becoming your girl and Lila girl I every time feel special that someone is behind me that supports in all my tough condition and also is in my all success Thank you dad for always being with me. Our foundation has blessed us with lots of happiness and knowledge which always helps us to go ahead because of all the efforts thats you and Mom and all our mam is doing for us has made me a very confdent Girl that will never shy in front of hundreds of people to talk with in english and share all the knowledge that I have gained these all becomes possible only because of you dad and mom thank you so much for all this my dear dad and momLove you both from depth of my heart Again wish you very happy and beautiful birthday dear Dad. Yours lovingly Komal Gotmare LG- 2016 Amravati Good evening Dad Wish you a very very happy and joyous birthday. I will always pray for your long life happiness and prosperity. On this beautiful day that is your birthday I want to thank you very much for being there for me and supporting me and my education when I needed it the most. I want to thank you for all the workshops and training programs that you and mom arrange for us because they help us grow I want to thank you for making me a part of your wonderful family. I feel blessed to be able to call you dad and Lila Mom. Thank you so much for everything. You are one of the most generous and inspiring people that I have ever seen and I feel blessed to be closely associated with you and mom. I just want to once again wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your day and the upcoming year. May you always keep smiling and remain happy.

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25 Special Feature Birthday wishes for Dad from LG and LF I am looking forward to celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow. Lots of love and best wishes Your daughter. Fatema Sanchawala LG- 2017 Dear Dad Wishing U a very happiest birthday You are the most coolest and charming Dad In the world. I feel so lucky that because of award functions of Wardha we were meeting every year and i really miss that..As I am passed out student and now doing job as a staff nurse at National Cancer Institute Nagpur as well as I am doing Post basic diploma in oncology Nursing here only. We both the sisters Shivani Battulwar LG 2014 wardha and Kalyani Battulwar LG 2016Nagpur are really very lucky that we are your daughters and members of LPF family we always feel so blessed for it. Thank you so much for everything. It will be such a pleasure to give something to LPF family as a token of love from us and we promised to do so through our studies and goals. Mom and Dad please take care of yourself hope I ll see you soon. love you both Yours lovingly Miss Shivani Battulwar LG-2014Wardha Dear Dad Wish you a very happy birthday Dad May this year bring you a lots of love and happiness in your life. A wish for you on your birthday whatever you ask may you receive whatever you seek may you fnd whatever you wish may it be fulflled on your birthday and always. I promise you Dad I will do hard work to be successful as you are . So that you feel proud of me . Mom and Dad I m so much thankful for this your blessings on me because of you I am able to take education. May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss After all you yourself are a gift to earth so you deserve the best. Happy birthday Dad. Love you both Mom and Dad. Thanking you Yours lovely daughter Sana Qureshi LG-2017 Amaravati Special Feature Parents’ Day Program Peace Ambassadors 2018 batch with Mom Dad Chief Guest - Ms. Rukiyah Khatun from Samina Foundation and Guest of Honour - Ms. Sneha Nikum LF 2005 and PA 2008 The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling and to know you are the reason behind it. The guests had arrived the stage was set and everyone was eager to witness the surprises that were in store for them by Peace ambassadors 2018 PA-2018 who had organized the annual Parent’s Day Program of Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF. The program was held at Noor Al-Bassam Hall Pune on 19 th January 2019. The hosts for this program were Rashmi Sure LF-2016 and PA-2018 and Priya Sankati LG-2015 AND PA-2018. The program promised to present the glimpse of the hard work and the training that the Peace Ambassadors went under during their stay at Asha Centre United Kingdom. The program was graced by Ruqaiyya Khatun as the Chief Guest from the Samena Foundation which supports the work of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation and our own Sneha Nikum LF-2005 and PA-2008 as the Guest of Honor. The program began with the entrance of the 24 Peace Ambassadors who made the environment musical by singing the foundation song. This was followed by the introduction of the Peace Ambassadors Batch 2018 by Ayesha Mujawar and Shivani Navalakha. LPF program is incomplete without its unique inauguration and this program was no different. The program was inaugurated by unveiling the curtain. During her speech Lila Mom expressed her gratitude towards the parents for letting the girls pursue their dreams and asked them to continue to do the same. She was immensely proud of the development of the Peace Ambassadors and was thankful to the Samina Foundation for joining hand with LPF for the Peace Ambassadors initiative. Saying that all the efforts for the program are taken by Dad Mom invited Dad to speak a few words. Joking that this was not in the schedule Dad said that

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26 Special Feature Parents’ Day Program Inauguration Ceremony by unveiling curtains. Surprise Gift for Mom and Dad from PA 2018 Calendar of the year 2019 with the memories of PA 2018 batch gifted to Mom and Dad Parents watching program enthrallingly happiness is not the art of taking but the art of giving and encouraged all Lila Juniors Lila Girls and Lila Fellows to learn this art. He advised the girls to aspire to become the Chief Guests at LPF programs. And as a little surprise the Peace Ambassadors presented Mom and Dad with a special calendar flled with pictures of Mom and Dad. Chief Guest Ruqaiyya Khatun felt immense pleasure to have been invited to the program. She shared that she wanted to join the Samina Foundation because of the amazing work that the foundation does with LPF. She hopes that the partnership between the two foundations not only continues and that they do more programs together. To the Peace Ambassadors she requested them to continue to bring about the change they have brought in their lives and also in the society. Lila fellow 2005 and PA 2008 Sneha Nikum said that it was an honor to be called to an LPF program as a Guest of Honor. She reminisced her days as a Peace Ambassadors and shared her experience of the same. She encouraged the Peace Ambassadors to share their knowledge with the society and to continue to be socially responsible citizens. The Kerala Relief Campaign was successfully completed by LPF. A highlight of this Campaign was presented during the program. The 53 rd volume of foundation’s magazine Inspira was also launched during the program. Lila Girls who won in Barclay’s Tech innovation Challenge by creating a woman safety kit were also felicitated. A beautiful journey to the Asha Center UK was arranged by the PA 2018 with their presentation. A classical dance performance on Ganesh Vandana mesmerized everyone. To make everyone familiar with the successful woman in the world a skit was performed during which the audience was taken to Museum of Woman Leaders. An exciting cricket match teaching everyone the importance of team work and planning was also played on the stage.A dance performance inspired by Mahabharata armed the audience with the knowledge to tackle their problems. A group dance performance on women empowerment brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Remembering the experience of their time at Asha Center PA 2018 managed to make everyone yearn for trip to Asha Center. They expressed their gratitude towards all their teachers at Asha Center and at home by felicitating them. Parents of PA 2018 also shared their happiness and thanked LPF and Samina Foundation for providing their daughters an extraordinary opportunity. They told everyone about the positive changes that had been brought in their daughters and were proud of them. The Peace Ambassadors also gave an insight on the various projects that they have undertaken for the betterment of the society. But as all good things must come to an end the program too had to end. The program ended with the National Anthem followed by a sumptuous lunch. Tazeen Shaikh LG-2017

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27 Trainer Ms. Meera Natarajan showing live example of girls how they should react in any situation Lila Girls posing along with Amdocs Volunteer for a group photo during 3 days corporate readiness workshop held at Amdocs Lila Girls practicing on the Excel concepts during the workshop of Basic and Advance Excel workshop Mr. Hemant Gadgil volunteer from 3DPLM delivering the session on Mind Mapping Lila Girls showing the Mind map prepared during Mind Maps Workshop conducted by Ms. Tanuja Thombre. Trainer Mr. Nitin Pol giving certifcate of the foundation to Lila Girl at the conclusion of English Class contd. on page 28... Trainer Mr. Vinay Malshe sharing tricks on Interviewing Skills. Snippets

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28 Snippets contd. on page 29... contd. from page 27... Trainer Ms. Tanuja explaining instructions of activity to be performed during the session. Group Activity performance during Time Management program. Ms. Chitrupa delivering the session on Social Etiquettes. One of the Lila Girl performing during Public Speaking session. Mr. Milind Ashtikar explaining the concepts of Personality Development Ms. Komal MohiteLG-2013 solving query of one of the Lila Girl during Machine Learning program. Bhavana Salvi L-2012 and PA-2017 celebrated her birthday with underprivileged kids from Bal Niketan by giving them Drawing Books Colors Pencil Sharpener Eraser.

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29 Snippets contd. from page 28... One of the group presenting during Presentation Skills program. Group Discussion activity during 3 days Corporate Readiness workshop at Amdocs Lila Girls keenly listening to instruction of trainer Lila Girls posing for a group photo along with trainer Ms. Shivani Naik and Mr. Kushal Shah during Secret to Success workshop. Trainer Mr. Balakrishna Bhandari showing demo to Lila Girls during Self Defense program. Group photo during English Class conducted by Ms. Sangita Belvalkar. LGs at Nagpur celebrated birthday of their Spoken English class mentor Mr. Rajesh Pendre

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30 P urva Ekatpure LG-2015 is a simple girl born and brought up in Pune. She comes from a farming background and is the only child of her parents. Despite of the fnancial conditions her parents wanted her to learn and had big dreams for her. They always did their best to provide good education to her. Purva being an ambitious girl always worked hard and gave her best. She scored 95.27 in her 10 th standard and stood 2 nd in her School and also secured 1 st rank in Mathematics and Science in her school. Later after completing her 12 th standard with 91.69 Purva took admission for Computer Engineering. She came to know about LPF scholarship from one of her friends. She applied for it and cracked the interview. She says becoming a part of the LPF was one of the best things of her life. Unlike all the other organizations LPF did not provide only fnancial support but instead was like a family. She says that the kind gesture and the care that LPF takes of all its girls is what it makes a family rather than just an organization. Be it a Birthday Gift and Card from LILA Mom the immense love and care from Dad Mom and all the Didis is what makes the bond special. She smiles saying “Lila Mom and Firoz Dad although being so busy are always there to help us in times of our diffculties. Inspite of their various meetings and tight schedule they are just a phone call away from us girls and that is what makes us feel so special”. The workshops like interviewing skills presentation skills Microsoft excel etc. gave her the confdence and helped her to become industry ready. The one year mentorship program in Amdocs made her aware of the industry requirements ethics and etiquettes. She says the techniques taught in programs like Time Management proved very helpful to her in day to day life to make the best use of time and manage academics as well as co- curricular and extra-curricular activities. The workshops not only guided her regarding industry but also helped to educate regarding self-defence techniques health nutrition etc. Purva says “LPF helped me go learn grow and develop myself completely by all means”. Throughout her engineering she always maintained good academic records 9.11/10. Her projects won prizes in BITS Goa Project Competition and also Tech Mahindra Hackathon. She did a training internship in CDAC Pune. She also worked as a Summer Intern in Siemens PLM Software Industry and later got a job offer there. She was actively involved in various activities. She is a part of IEEE organization and is working as the Meeting Coordinator in IEEE Region 10 Asia Pacifc Student Activities Committee Team team of 30 students across Asia and also as the Co-Sectional Student Representative of IEEE Pune Section Chair of Women In Engineering and Chair of Computer Society Chapter of her college. She also Path Finders organized the 1 day Student Track of IEEE R10 SYWL Congress 2018 in Bali Indonesia. She was invited as a Speaker in the IEEE Bombay Section Congress 2019 as well as IEEE Pune Section STEP Program 2018. Apart from it she was part of TEDx committee of her college and also works as a writer for visually challenged students. Purva believes that in today’s competitive world having good scores is not enough. Apart from that having good communication skills leadership and management skills makes a difference and hence Lila Mom Firoz Dad and the entire LPF family strives to make all the girls ready for today’s competitive world. She considers Lila Mom as her role model. She says it was only because of the support of her parents and the LPF family that she has learned to dream big work hard and has developed as a confdent individual today. She will never forget the role of LPF in moulding her and in the future wishes to be in a position of helping some other girls through the LPF family. Purva Ekatpure LG-2015 P ragati Prabhakarrao Meghe LG-2015 from Wardha lives in a family of 5 members. Her father is a farmer and her mother helps him. Pragati has completed her schooling from Marathi medium school which was far away from her home. But her father always dreamt for higher education for his children. For better education the family shifted to another town where her father was caught in an accident on the road which affected a serious injury to the brain but no one helped them and she decided to study properly and gained “I can do it Nothing is Impossible” confdence in her. It was a life time lesson and a learning experience for her she thinks. Her mother has studied till 10 th standard with no career knowledge but she has knowledge about how to live life with adjustments says Pragati. Pragati gets energy and confdence from her mother. During those crucial days the family land was handled by her grandfather but that supply was insuffcient for her family. As a part some of the land was sold to pay for house in Deoli town where they were living. After father’s accident she wanted to be doctor but due to insuffcient fnance she opted for B.Sc. nursing course. During 2 nd year she came to know about LPF from her senior and decided to apply for the scholarship. Meantime to overcome the fnancial problem her father borrowed the money from neighbors and friend. After rigorous process of selection she came to know about her selection for LPF scholarship. It was very satisfying experience for her which made her more confdent and happy. LPF is not only fnancial back bone but also it’s making her successful in both the felds such like life and education. Pragati says “I have learned from Lila

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31 Path Finders Mom that being a good is not enough rather need to help each other. When I look at Mom I feel confdent and wish a successful life. I have dreamt bright future”. She wants to overcome economical problems and stand independently in life. She expresses her gratitude towards LPF for fulflling her dream because of which she could complete her bachelor’s degree. She has attended many programs arranged by LPF to develop the personality to build herself capable of getting this opportunity. She says “Each and every workshop I attended was very helpful for me to prepare for future”. Till now she has attended workshops like spoken English interview training self defense and health care. She is strong on her opinion that Lila Mom and Firoz Dad are pillars of her success. The birthday gift with letter and card make her feel special. The words fall short when it comes to express her feelings towards Lila Mom and Firoz dad. Now she is going to appear either for UPSC examination or M.Sc. in Psychiatric and also wants to work in a foundation. She believes that her stepping stone of success is based on 1 aim of vision 2 more efforts 3 couragement 4take own responsibility. If I can’t take right decision how can my life go in right direction Pragati Prabhakarrao Meghe LG-2015 M y Hot Ideas Book-I write Doing “Social cause” be likely to be frustrating and surrounded by challenges. With little time in hand and immense responsibilities Sabah Shaikh LG-2013 has learned her own path to move ahead with landing in lives of people by creating a transformation. There is a difference between “To Be A Human and to be a Humane” with shattering failures and remembering every bits and bytes of her life- Indeed she is still a learner Neither forget once originality nor the footprints from where we come from. Sabah belongs to a family where every day father runs auto rickshaw day and night. Mother who constantly recites phrases of holy Quran to bring values between her daughters. The three siblings were born as daughters but grew like proud son. She says “I am someone who’s never able to answer the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’ the problem wasn’t that I didn’t had any interest but it’s that I had too many”. She has completed my schooling from St. Joseph Ghorpuri Pune. Securing rank one in schooling she planned her way to immigrate in science indeed her love resides working in laboratory. Her frst step in R D was in year 2011 where she was selected as “Budding Scientist” spending times with folks and sharing thoughts was her plan. DST-Inspired Science camp organized by IISER and NCL Pune developed a feeling of curiosity in her. A message that she received was ‘You don’t have to be an expert to solve big problem – It’s just reshaping what you have with you currently’ so that is what having optimization in life She constantly started contributing in scientifc project developing experiments and scaling up. Finally she entered her bachelor where she selected Pharmacy as a next step to explore. It was that time when Sabah and father had only ten thousand in hands for taking admission. That time she came to know about Lila Mom and Foundation a place that has reshaped and remediated girls to be powerhouse for society. She takes this opportunity to show her love and respect for the place which is continuously working on girls and bringing them to such a platform wherein they create their own identity in life. The kind of interpersonal and intrapersonal training events organised by whole team of LPF shows the dedication and true believe they have towards changing the society and it is seen to getting transferred in every girls. She thanks almighty for bringing her to this place. It was the support and believe that brought her in university rank list every year during her B.Pharm from Allana college of pharmacy. She has worked with the groups of microbiologist and pharmacist for developing formulation of determining the effective of various mobile microbes. Sabah has also presented the research work in 2015 at Herbal and synthetic Drug studies HSDS Pune for Anti dandruff and Antifungal hair gel. Currently she is working with Sciformix as a “Junior Regulatory Affair specialist” and contributes to work for Europe Middle East and Africa region. With global mindset she tries bringing various raw material from across globe for production of medicines. Identifcation of bottleneck in pharma manufacturing creates an intellectual activity in her and power to design and initiate a workfow. She has great passion in writing and is a blogger on Instagram. Sabah with her friends work in society and collect funds every year and hand it over to children with limited resource but with great thoughts. Her foundation LPF has brought few deeds and massive transformation in her. When she received the award in 2013 as “Lila Girl” she feels that she has got her way where she wanted to reach. Perhaps this place is tender and gentle never mock someone for their mistakes but brought the best in every girl. From programs she has attended like win with body language she has strong feeling that it runs with emotional intelligence LPF creates self-awareness. Thanks to the place and people for being real. Sabah Shaikh LG-2013

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32 Chief Editor : Rashmi Tare Advisor : Dr. Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Prachi Divekar Sunetra Biradar Tazeen Shaikh Contributors : Rita Shetiya Pranali Tirkhunde Sonal Mohite Offce support: Karishma Tanpure All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Editor’s Desk Hi all…. Greetings of the season… yes new season has just started. It’s lovable romantic but little scary too. But Lilas do not have to worry we are under the umbrella of LPF. It has protected us till now and will continue for sure. But now I feel it’s time to provide umbrella/s to our own LPF…. Its growing and on the way to become huge family. Like us many girls are waiting for the big cover. Can we provide The answer is yes Let us come together and help each other. I feel that many of us have got settled in life or on the verge of it. But like we spend much for ourselves and our family can we spend something for our LPF Let us come together and take the responsibility. Can I appeal you to contribute to LPF by any of the way you feel Kindly let I or any LPF staff know. Like we have learnt to face many challenges let us accept this as well as we are Lovely Lilas. Being Lovely Lilas itself is different than others. But how will others know Keep posting what you are doing in your lives we will cover you. Many of us may also want to share how they have cracked interviews or what to do and not to do. Does not matter what you wish to share. Keep on writing for yourself and others too. It might be simple and in any language English Hindi or Marathi. Inspira is the best platform to nurture not only writing but also artistic talent. You can be team member too. Language sentence framing is not at all a bar. Keep reading and of course writing……… Dr. Harshada A. Babrekar Guest Editor and Advisor Inspira Release - Volume 53 Ms. Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 5000 In Appreciation Ms. Sargam Mulay LF-2010 20000 Ms. Anushree M.S. LG-2012 25000 Ms. Nalini Sawale LF-2002 10000 Ms. Vaishali Halbe LF-1996 50001 Ms. Aparna Dharma LF-1999 10000 Ms. Sonali Hardikar Sister of Shalaka Sankpal LF 1999 50000

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