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1. Introduction You would have received an email from Goodera with instructions on how to use the website https://app/p3fy.comand enter data. The email id on which you have received that email will always be used to enter data both on the mobile application and on the website. After you login using your email id and password the updates that you have to provide are as follows: 1. Academic Details - For all academic progress 2. Training Details Pre-Training and Post-Training – For all Training related updates 3. Scholarship Claims: For making a scholarship claim 4. Message to LPF: For any message that you want to give to Lila Poonawalla Foundation It is also shown in the figure below: To be able to enter data you need to either download the mobile application or use the website. The instructions for both are as follows: 2. Using the Mobile app a. To download the application please go to the play store and search for p3 by NextGen.The app with orange logoof p3 has to be installed.

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b. After you have downloaded the app and installed it on opening it you will see the login screen as shown. The username will be the email id that you have given to LPF. The password is lpf1234. c. After logging in the screen will be shown. Click on Ongoing Tasks. d. The tasks page as shown will open. Click on the Task that you want to fill data for.

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e. Screen shown will open. Click on Add New. f. The questions will be shown as below. Enter answers to all the questions. g. Click on Submit after answering all the questions. The same process will be followed for all the tasks that you have to enter data for. 3. Using the Website a. To use the website please go to Enter your email id that you have given to LPF as the username and password as lpf1234.Click on Sign In. b. On the next page click on the leaf icon in the screenshown. If the leaf icon screen is not shown and you directly see the Taskspage then see the step below.

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c. The My Tasks page will open as shown. Select the task that you want to fill data for. d. Click on Add Entry on the next page as shown. e. Enter answers to all the questions in the form that will open. f. After you have answered all the questions click on Submit. 4. Points to Noted 1. Your email id will have to be the same throughout your course duration. If you have forgotten your email id or it is incorrect please make a new email id and inform LPF at the earliest. 2. You will have to make an entry in the Academic Details every time you get a mark-sheet from your college or university. E.g. if you get an ATKT in some subjects in one semester / year and you clear that in the second attempt then you will get two mark-sheets for that semester. So you will have to make two entries for that semester in the Academic Details task. 3. Post-Training Feedback will only appear if you have filled the Pre-Training Feedback for that session. Your attendance for the training session will be marked only if you give the feedback.

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4. In the mobile app when you click on Submit you will see some symbols beside the entry that you have made. The meaning of the symbols is as follows: One Black Tick Mark Response is saved on the server Two Black Tick Marks Response is pending for approval Two Blue Tick Marks Response is approved and submitted Red Triangle with White Exclamation mark Response has been rejected

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