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From My Heart... Vol. No. 51 April 2018 The Foundation Newsletter M y Dear daughters friends and well-wishers This is the frst issue of this year. Yes it is 51 st issue of INSPIRA starting the 6 th decade. We have many new challenges ahead of us but like every year we will deal with each one with determination and zest to ensure that we achieve our goals. Soon we will start the selection of our new batch of Lila Juniors. This is the 8 th batch. We plan to add about 300 plus girls to our family. Our enthusiasm for this school program 2Morrow2Gather continues to grow and we keep introducing new initiatives to ensure we contribute positively to develop these young school girls into confdent young ladies. One unique program we introduced two years ago was to subject a few of them to an interesting 2 week camp. Ex-army people organized a camp for young girls and boys to groom them to become self-reliant both physically and mentally. They taught them swimming horse riding rope climbing team exercises self-defense and different types of physical exercises to build up their capacity and stamina. The camp was held in Sangli for 2 weeks. At frst the girls and the parents were reluctant to send their children but after a lot of persuasion very few of them volunteered to go. After their return and feedback to the other members the next year we got a better response. And this year we have got such a large number wanting to participate that we have to do a selection process as we cannot send more than a certain number of girls. The peace Ambassadors wholesome sustainability leadership program that is held at ASHA center in UK was started in 2009. Since then 120 girls have participated in this program. After return from their training they are required to take on some projects through which they learn to give back to the community. In the recent past the batches of 2016 and 17 are doing good work of serving the communities. In this period they organized a parent’s day function they spent time with old age home residents on Gudi Padva where they entertained the old people and played games with them Dad also distributed snack packets to all of them and the staff of the home. They visited the rehabilitation center of the armed forces and did a cultural program for the soldiers and once again Dad distributed snack packets to all the soldiers and the staff. They are conducting workshops’ for the LF and LG and also teaching Lila Juniors subjects like science and mathematics every Saturday and Sunday. It is very heartening to see their commitment and enthusiasm in doing all that they are doing. You can read more about their work in this issue as articles and snippets. Soon we will be starting the selection process for the 8 th batch of Peace Ambassadors. We hope we will be successful in selecting the most deserving and most suitable girls for such an intense and expensive program at UK for three weeks. We took one More Step towards modernising our scholarship processes. We have appointed an external agency as a Monitoring and Evaluation consultant to assist us in ensuring that we keep track of all round progress of our girls. This CLOUD based platform is available online on computers and/or as mobile application. Starting with ‘Baseline and End line study this platform will work as a reporting system for girls about their academic performance extra-curricular achievements pre-post training feedback forms and engaging with the Foundation till they complete the course and secure employment. This system provides customized dashboards for analytics and facilitates lifecycle management of the program. This platform- based monitoring will enable in identifying girls in real time who need mentoring support and issue- based counselling. Currently we have commenced monitoring and evaluating the girls selected in 2016 and 2017 batches. Going further we have decided to implement this system for all upcoming batches for effective measuring monitoring and evaluation of our contd..

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2 programs. Our efforts are on to try to bring about use of digital technology in our processes to ensure effcient and systematic working. Most of you who are in their fnal year be it Post graduation or graduation or diploma must have fnished your exams and waiting for your results. Many of you may have already received jobs through campus placements. But some may be starting to hunt for jobs. Every possibility some of you are also looking for a change. Therefore I felt it an appropriate time to share some of my thoughts with you as to how to make a good resume. You all must learn how to customize your resume. You should customize your resume for each and every job application in accordance with what the employers might be looking for. Remember the same resume cannot ft all the jobs for which you are making an application. If you want your resume to make a good frst impression tweak it according to your recruiter’s need. For example if Company is looking for a Team player Highlight the times you’ve worked successfully with other people. Do not confuse teamwork skills with situations in which you were the supervisor of a team. Make sure you’re using examples that demonstrate the former. However if the company is looking for a Leader you would have to demonstrate your ability to motivate and inspire. You must remember that it is possible to demonstrate leadership skills even in at an entry-level position. Just reference a circumstance in which you were giving directions whether that was leading a seminar or actually managing a team. However if the Company is looking for someone who thrives in a fast paced environment than you should bring up all the times you have juggled several tasks at once demonstrating that you can handle multiple responsibilities at any given time. This will give the recruiting manager confdence that you will be able to stay calm and effcient even when there are multiple assignments given to you. There is yet another position that of a strong communicator. Here you should relate examples when you got an opportunity to write or to speak. In general match the communication medium you use to the actual job description. If you are applying for an HR position in which you will always be verbally communicating highlight responsibilities that required speaking to other employees clients or management. If on the other hand you’ are applying for a PR position you’ll want to play up your ability to communicate over email phone or personal calls. If you come to know that the employer is looking for a self-starter point out times you have been proactive or successfully worked on your own. In general companies are searching for ‘self-motivated’ ‘driven’ ‘passionate’ or ‘self- directed’ workers who will not need to be micro-managed. Finally the employer may be just looking for an expert at certain technologies relevant to their operations. Find out what technologies they use which platforms what products and services they offer and build your resume along those lines. Describe the projects you have done using those technologies and tool. Finally do not forget to add in your resume that you are the recipient of The Prestigious Lila Poonawalla Foundation Scholarship and all the training programs and workshops you have attended. This adds great value to your resume. Good luck. Having got a job is not enough you also have to ensure you keep it and are successful in whatever you have chosen to do. You must be passionate of what you do. Whatever work you are doing make sure you add passion into it. Defnitely if you love what you do you would bring your best effort in it and will defnitely be successful in your life. You must want to do what you are doing and not have to. If you want to do something you will fnd ways of how to but if you have to then you will only fnd excuses. There will be times when you will fail in doing an assignment but remember success and failure go hand in hand. You cannot excel all the time and that is the destined part of the challenges to take. You should not get disheartened with the failures but you get ready to reach the next level more enthusiastically. It is also important to look after yourself physically. Defnitely an appealing look is the charm of the group and to remain physically ft de-stressed and more energetic it is important to remain physically active. You must remain happy with whatever you are doing. Sometimes you may get assignments that you do not like but the job has to be done. So start to like what you are doing to remain happy or quit and fnd another job if you have the choice. Express gratitude to people around you. Remain down to earth. Remember you must never forget the true people behind your success and should always be obliged to them this will bring a lot of positive energy in you to grow more and eventually you will alas receive respect. In conclusion learn how to perform your job well and with pride. Work hard. You will not get rewarded if you do not work diligently. Act professionally. Be honest to yourself. Good luck and God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers From My Heart...

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3 Special Feature Scholarship Award Function L ila Poonawalla Foundation welcomes 702 girls to LPF Family Joy tears and laughter followed by the loud and thunderous applause of the proud parents and guardians. Such was the atmosphere one could witness at the recently concluded Lila Poonawalla Foundation UG-PG Scholarship Award Function for girls studying in the Educational Institutes across Pune District. Divided into Morning and Evening Sessions the function was held on the 4 th of November 2017 at S.G. Barve Hall Alpa Bachat Bhavan for the new batch of Lila Girls and Fellows. Until now LPF has supported and empowered over 5500 girls in its 22 years’ Journey. Wanting to give every girl the recognition she deserves Foundation had not just one but three award functions with noted Corporate Personalities and our very own Lila Fellows as Chief Guests and Guest of Honours respectively. LPF awarded scholarship to 702 girls this year. achieving their dreams. He concluded by urging the girls to attend the Training Programs arranged by LPF so that they too can become intelligent like their Mom. Ms. Neetu Bhatia Lila Felow 1996 Chairman and CEO Kyazoongs. com 1 st ever Lila Fellow to receive the post graduation overseas scholarship spoke about how innovative business practices can be attributed to the female employees thanks to their ever present quick thinking and multitasking. She concluded by talking about how the award function turned out to be her home-coming and how great it feels to be back in the midst of it all. On 2 nd December 2017 the home stretch of the Award Functions now it was the turn of the Direct 2 nd year Engineering 213 girls to receive the scholarships. The Chief Guest for the Concluding Session Mr. Per Heggenes CEO IKEA Foundation spoke about how the association between LPF and IKEA has grown over the years giving 1000’s upon 1000 girls a chance to not only dream but also to achieve that dream. He urged the parents to let the girls study and attend the Training Programs that are arranged to help and develop the girls. Ms. Meenal Kane Lila Fellow 97’ and Associate Director Cognizant Technology Solutions Guest of Honor spoke about how In the morning of 4 th of November 2017 11 postgraduate girls were christened as Lila Fellows and nursing 110 and diploma 41 girls as Lila Girls to receive the scholarships. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Tarun Sharma CEO BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd.. While giving away the scholarships Mr. Sharma stressed upon a ripple effect a working girl can create within her family the society she lives in and the country at large. He also spoke about how BMC has taken steps to promote gender equality within the company. Dr. Poonam Pahari Lila Fellow 1996 and Scientist-BARC the Guest of Honor for the function spoke about the need of educating more and more girls so that they can be confdent and independent both mentally as well as fnancially. She also reminisced about the time she spent in Foundation learning and developing. In the afternoon of same day it was the turn of the under graduate to receive the title of Lila Girls i.e. 1 st Year Engineering 113 Science 76 and Pharmacy 36. Presiding over as the Chief Guest was none other than the Head of Amdocs India Mr. Rajat Raheja. He candidly encouraged the girls not to let anyone stand in the way of contd.. Mr. Rajat Raheja Head Amdocs India Ms. Neetu Bhatia Lila Fellow-1996 Dr. Krishna Saraf Dental Surgeon giving away the Scholarship Certifcate along with Mr. and Mrs. Poonawalla and other distinguished Members of the Board. Mr. Tarun Sharma CEO BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Poonam Pahari LF-1996 takes part in the Eco-Friendly Inauguration along with Mr. and Mrs. Poonawalla other distinguished Members of the Board. Mr. Per Heggenes CEO IKEA Foundation Meenal Kane LF-1997 Ms. Karen Heggenes and Mr. Patrick Obonyo giving away the Scholarship Certifcate along with Mr. and Mrs. Poonawalla and other distinguished Members of the Board.

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4 the LPF Scholarship has been a godsend for her. How it helped her realize her dreams and how it has opened up a world of opportunities for her. She urged the girls to make the most out of the opportunities presented at LPF. The old and new Lila Girls/Fellows too took to the stage to share their experiences. After concluding the Pune Celebrations it was time for Wardha and Amravati to induct the New Scholarship Awardees like its predecessor in Pune 2 separate award functions were carried out at two places. The celebration was doubled by awarding scholarships to 476 girls. It was on 4 th December that Amravati witnessed the christening of 239 Lila Girls which included Diploma in Engineering 36 Direct 2 nd Year Engineering 88 Bachelors in Engineering 74 Nursing 19 and Agriculture 22. And Mr. Per Heggenes CEO IKEA Foundation Ms. Karen Heggenes and Mr. Patrick Obonyo takes part in the Eco- Friendly Inauguration along with Mr. and Mrs. Poonawalla and other distinguished Members of the Board. Mr. Per Heggenes CEO IKEA Foundation Ms. Karen Heggenes takes part in the Eco-Friendly Inauguration along with Mr. and Mrs. Poonawalla and other distinguished Members of the Board. then in Wardha 237 girls were awarded scholarships for Diploma in Engineering 4 Direct 2 nd year Engineering 44 1 st year Engineering 89 Pharmacy 23 and Nursing 77. The Chief Guest for the occasion Mr. Per Heggenes CEO IKEA Foundation spoke about the how the partnership of LPF and IKEA has enabled so many girls to realize their dreams and spread their wings. He concluded by speaking about how educating the girls can help change the mindset of the society and how it can also help to develop the nation. He also urged the parents to let their girls study and work so that they can be independent thinkers. Offce database Special Feature Scholarship Award Function J ust after the Award Function excitement was still increased since it was time for the Orientation. Orientation a process where the newly christened Lila Girls and Fellows are given an in-depth look into the Lila Poonawalla Foundation and the different processes that the girls will have to take part in. Spanning over 4 days the LPF Staff carried out the orientation for all 702 girls at Noorah-Al-Bassam Hall Anjuman-I-Islam Complex. The orientation process was divided according to the different categories PG Science Pharmacy Nursing 4 Year Engineering Diploma in Engineering and Direct Second year Engineering. Each girl was asked to take a photo for the LPF Id- Card. The interaction process with the girls included the LPF Staff explaining the different processes such as the claiming procedure the result and achievements updation communication Birthdays Contact Details Website Information Face book and Communication Etiquettes. Apart from this the girls also received information about the different training programs that are arranged for them the confrmation process for the same and mandatory training programs and how they are benefcial for them. Senior Lila Fellows also interacted with the girls and shared their experience with LPF and also spoke about their relationship with Mom and Dad. The Orientation process ended with Dad announcing the talent bank a bank where new girls can share their talents for volunteering opportunities for LPF events and Inspira. The communication team also asked the girls to explore the inner writer and journalist in them by asking them to be a part of the Inspira Team. After the conclusion of the functions snacks were distributed to the girls. A similar Orientation Process was carried out in Wardha and Amravati. Orientation Program

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5 Special Feature Lila Poonawalla Foundation honours the War-heroes.. L ila Poonawalla Foundation has always been at the forefront of empowering and encouraging those who need it the most. Diwali is a festival of lights joy and giving is the perfect time to share with others the happiness and joy. This festival is a perfect platform to celebrate and honour those Heroes who are away from their families risking their lives and protecting the civilians and honour of our beloved Country. It was on the auspi- cious occa- sion of Bhai Dooj that the Peace Ambassa - dors-2017 had orga- nized a spe- cial variety e n te r ta in - ment pro- gram for the differently abled War Heroes who were injured on the bat- tlefeld. This programme was the brain child of Ankita Joshi and Bhavana Salvi Team Leader and Deputy Leader of PA 2017 batch of 24 LILA GIRLS who have just returned after doing a leadership programme at Asha Centre UK. This program was the Peace Ambassadors’ way of giving back to the society in a constructive manner. The event was very innovatively managed by Peace Ambassador Kashmira Deval and the Team of PA 2017. Centred on the Soldiers and those that have fallen during the wars one could witness a theme of Patriotism running throughout the program. The girls performed on a variety of patriotic and regional songs which showcased the diversity of India. Originally sung by Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar the girls sang their own rendition of the song Aye Mere Vatan ke logo A song which left the 1 st Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in Tears leaving the audience teary eyed. Praising the efforts which Mr. Firoz Poonawalla and Lila Poonawalla Foundation takes to empower and educate academically bright girls belonging to the lower economic strata of the society Brig. H.S. Agrawal MS D Ortho F ellow Arthroplasty Germany presented Mr. Poonawalla with a special citation in appreciation of the efforts LPF takes for the girl child. It was during this pro- gram that the whole and sole of the Military Hospital Brig. H.S. Agraw- al Comman- dant and the Staff were presented with a spe- cial Citation in appreciation of the efforts they take to rehabilitate those soldiers who were injured while protecting our vast borders from Terrorist Attacks/Security Threats. The program concluded with a tribute to the soldiers and those heroes who were wounded protecting our great nation. This function also included a visit to the soldiers at Military Hospital Kirkee. Mr. Poonawalla along with the Peace Ambassadors personally visited the soldiers who couldn’t attend the function enquired about their health and also distributed 350 snack boxes to them. Truly a beftting tribute to our heroes.

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6 Special Feature Parents Day Celebration A cultural event was recently held to showcase some personal experiences of Lila Girls and Fellows who went to UK for Wholesome Leadership Program which was carried out in collaboration with Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Asha center at UK. These girls have returned as Peace Ambassadors… Some passions never fade they just take more fervent forms with each passing day The chief guest for the function was Ms. Mrinal Kulkarni Writer Director and Actress and our Guest of Honor Dr. Krishna Saraf from Samena Capital Chief Sponsor of the UK Program. This event is organized to disseminate the learnings of all PAs and invite their parents where in the parents and the LPF gets to see how the girls beneftted from Peace Ambassador Program. More than 400 girls and their parents attended this event which also included the A woman is an epitome of beauty wisdom and care. She has climbed the mountains and dived into the ocean she has matched the steps with every man in the world. “There is no force equal to that of a woman” Doesn’t the quote above describe exactly how women are A woman is strong fearless and most importantly courageous. Laughing in the face of pain and adversity she fulfls all her responsibilities at her home along with the professional front with equal power and brains. Carrying this forward Lila Poonawalla Foundation is doing such a noble cause of supporting girls for their further education which enables the girls to boost their confdence and develop them to become strong independent confdent women. Along with receiving scholarship from LPF girls also are fne tuned under the guidance of their Mom and Chairperson of the foundation Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawalla. This all above mentioned is very well proved by our Mom and she has set an example for each and every girl. As said behind every successful man there is a woman likewise behind every empowered girl is her mother. “If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a girl you educate a family”. She spreads light of education to her family her children her community and also her nation. Even if a woman is not formally educated due to her circumstances still she values the Women’s Day Special: Women the Real Architects of The Society parents of overseas girls as well. This shows the strong bond between Lila Poonawalla Foundation and its family. The objective of this program is to share the learnings of PAs and also thank the sponsorers by presenting the learnings through PPT dances music and all personality development techniques they learnt in wholesome leadership skills development program in U.K. It also included some speeches by parents narrating the role of LPF in development of girls in all aspects of life and how LPF helps their daughters in becoming an independent strong and confdent woman. The well-wishers trustees and parents of Lila Fellows and Lila Girls graced and cheered the occasion. The event was followed by a sumptuous lunch thus giving a perfect ending to the everlasting momentous Annual Parents Day importance of education and being the best guide always inspires her daughter her to excel in her life. The women associated with Lila Poonawalla Foundation have a strong belief on the capabilities of women. They are intelligent hardworking and sincere what better way to celebrate it than to shine light on the ladies who have contributed to society with their talent perseverance and timeless wisdom. Lila Poonawalla Foundation had organized a marvelous function on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 10 th March 18 graced by Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawalla who handed over the trophies to the esteemed ladies working over the board our well-wishers and also the mothers of Lila Juniors. She mentioned that “We can do almost everything we put our mind to we can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak and also can face adversity and still walk dauntless. All we need to do is just be confdent in each and every direction of our life”. The occasion became interesting with cultural extravaganza and few informative sessions. The audience was overwhelmed on this auspicious occasion which was then followed by a sumptuous lunch thus giving a perfect ending to the everlasting momentous International Women’s Day…

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7 We are certain that you will be as pleased as LPF for receiving this prestigious Certifcate. CREDIBILITY ALLIANCE is a consortium of Voluntary Organizations. It is an initiative that emerged from within the sector and was registered in May 2004 as an independent not-for- proft organization. Credibility Alliance has developed suitable norms through wide-ranging consultation with and participation of diverse organizations within the sector. Credibility Alliance has developed an accreditation System based on the norms to strengthen and enhance the legitimacy and the credibility of individual organizations in the sector. Capacity building initiatives required to equip voluntary organizations to meet the norms are also promoted. Credibility “CERTIFICATE OF ACCREDITATION” Alliance also undertakes accreditation of voluntary organizations based on their compliance with norms. Credibility Alliance has gone through all our procedures and method of giving the scholarship. Credibility Alliance has praised for running the foundation with tr ansparency honesty and dedication. Cha irpe rson The Central Accreditation Committee and the Executive Director have signed the certifcate for good governance. The Certifcate R e gistr a tion number is CA/11/2018. It is valid from 02/02/2018 to 01/02/2023. Good Governance Responses received on award of Accreditation Certifcate to LPF Mr. Mandar Kulkarni Corporate Social Responsibility Mercedez Benz India Pvt Ltd Partner- Lila Poonawalla Foundation This is really great news and we are happy to know the achievement in your landscape We understand that such certifcation requires dedicated efforts and strong commitment towards social cause and LPF has shown the impact of its work meeting all such standards. We once again congratulate on this and wish you more success in future. Ms. Bhuwaneshwari Jayaraman Sr. Manager – CSR Volkswagen India Private Limited Partner-Lila Poonawalla Foundation Congratulations to you and Team LPF for this recognition. We are happy to also note that the foundation has received the highest level of accreditation among the three levels that Credibility Alliance offers.

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8 Goran Grosskopf Former Chairperson-IKEA Foundation and Biltema Foundation Thank you for informing us and this is real great. Congratulations to yet another achievement. Mrs. Padmaja Pawar Well-wisher Hearty congratulations to both of you for this honour. Your sincerity and frm belief in the cause of girls’ upliftment by giving them a helping hand is worthy of this honor. We congratulate you on this occasion and wish you success in your future plans. Nazura Sattar Chairperson of Vali Mohammad Dost Mohammad and Peer Mohammad Pune Trust Anjuman-I- Islam SchoolFriend and Well wisher Congratulations Long overdue. More strength to you. Anjuman-I- Islam Schools are privileged and grateful that their girls also beneft. Mr. Sanjiv Tare Vice President Goodera and Consultant-Lila Poonawalla Foundation Warm greetings from Goodera team Thanks for sharing this milestone with us. Our heartiest congratulations to you both and the LPF team for this splendid achievement. The lasting impact made by the LPF through its continuous pursuit of empowering girls would get further strengthened by this accreditation Dr. Sharadha Ramesh Director Symbiosis College of Nursing Symbiosis International University Pune Congratulations It is indeed a great award and you both truly deserve it. Wish and pray for many more laurel Ms. Janet Anthony Friend and Well wisher This is indeed a great honor and recognition for The Lila Poonawalla Foundation. May the Foundation grow from strength to strength under Ma’am’s and your able leadership vision and guidance. Mrs. Vasantha Ramaswamy Advisory Board Member Lila Poonawalla Foundation Heartiest Congratulations to Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Team LPF for this Fantastic Achievement. Your Dedication to Quality Performance to Standards and Strict Compliance to set regulations over Two Decades has been responsible for this accreditation. Congratulations to each and everyone who has contributed to this achievement. Wishing you many more. Mrs. Freny Tarapore Advisory Board Member Lila Poonawalla Foundation Thank you for sharing the great news. Congratulations. Both of you have worked meticulously systematically so hard and achieved unbelievable results .Managing Wardha and Amravati from here is not an easy task. With blessings from the girl’s parents and every one whose life has been touched by your kind deeds will certainly help the Foundation to grow from strength to strength. Lila’s story of LPF will serve as an inspiration to one and all. Mrs. Rashmi Tamuly In charge of Counselor School Project 2morrow2gether Heartiest Congratulations for the Accreditation This means a lot for LPF Congratulations again to both Lila Madam and yourself Ms. Manjusha Dole LF-1999 and PA-2009 Former Committee Member I heard about good news that foundation has received accreditation. I congratulate both of you foundation team and all others associated with the foundation. It’s a proud moment indeed for all of us. LPF and the team members... The seed sown by both of you has grown into a tree and has blossomed into beautiful fowers of Rose Lily Jasmine Daisy Lavender Tulips and many more. I pray that these fowers Lila Girls Lila Fellows continue to blossom and radiate fragrance into the world. Ms. Chitra Duwedi Former Committee Member Lila Poonawalla Foundation Congratulations LPF has been always striving to achieve the best both in spirit and in action But it feels good when someone external says so Congratulations Team LPF Mrs. Prerna Khole LF-1996 Former Trustee Lila Poonawalla Foundation Great news Not surprised though :- Indeed a proud moment for us all Congratulations to you both for being so dedicated and passionate Ms. Jyoti Otageri LF 1998 and PA 2009 This is such great news Words can’t describe the pride I feel about this stupendous achievement of our loving Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Extremely happy for the latest recognition of our beloved LPF May this inspire us all to continue on this path of philanthropy forever... “CERTIFICATE OF ACCREDITATION” Good Governance Thank you all for sending us best wishes for this achievement. Due to limitation we are unable mention all wishes but we really appreciate those

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9 A kshata Mayekar LG-2014 comes from a simple family where education values and respect are given utmost importance. She was always a bright student in her school when it came to academics co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities right from kindergarten. She is even an avid dancer and have cleared 5 levels of Bharatnatyam from Nalanda University with A rank and distinction. Dance is her hobby passion and it makes her happy. She lost her father at the age of 9 and life became a new challenge for herself and her mother and then they moved to her uncle’s place in another city. It was altogether a new and different life for them. Whatever she could survive before getting this scholarship she owes everything to him. Eventually she realised what it takes for a single mother to play a two in one role and raise a child with the same values without falling. She moved to Pune for pursuing her graduation in Pharma and medicine. Her life took a new turn with “Lila Poonawalla Foundation Scholarship” It was frst ever interview she faced in her life. But it was ‘the best things happen at the most unexpected times’ situation for after receiving call from LPF about her selection. During award function after meeting other girls she learnt that never consider yourself unfortunate and always be grateful for what you have. She feels herself fortunate enough to have Padmashree Lila Poonawalla Mom and dear philosopher Firoz Poonawalla Dad today. Dad’s frst ever words “Always be generous” are still resonating in her ears in his voice. The year 2017 has been a year of great achievements for her. She topped her examinations in college and also got selected for the long awaited dream of “The Peace Ambassador’s Programme” by the foundation. She qualifed the zonal level of “Avishkar competition” held by AICTE where she presented her research and last but not the least the biggest break of life so far- her France Internship. Akshata went to France for an internship of 2 months where she worked with her guide in the Biopharmaceutics subject. They did research on cell culture of Caco-2 cell lines i.e. opening of tight junctions of cancer cells of colon by excipients and a brief work on Probiotic encapsulated microparticles for the treatment of Infammatory Bowel Disease IBD. She always feels that she is in France mentally since she is much impressed by the work pattern the laboratories the people and the entire country as such. She stayed in a small yet beautiful city of Clermont Ferrand situated in the region of Auvergne. The famous dormant volcanic mountain Puy de Dome the prominent public square Place de Jaude and well-known gothic style Clermont Ferrand Cathedral were the major sites of attraction. During weekends she visited Vichy which is also called as town of spa because of the famous hot water springs in the Le Lac d’Allier river. Lyon and Paris are the metropolitan cities of France with many tourist attractions like the Basillica Notre dame Cathedral on the hill and international news centre Euronews in Lyon. Eiffel Tower and Louvre museum were other attractions in Paris. People in France commute via trams buses and underground railway. Despite language problem the French people co-operated very well and found to be really helpful in nature. Akshata says “My views regarding my career have changed a lot in these four years and I can’t thank the foundation enough for grooming me into what I am today. I am glad and immensely proud to be a part of Lila Poonawalla Foundation family and I will always stick around till the end by many means. The developmental programs conducted for us helped me a lot in my journey.” She feels “As you climb ladders of success in your career don’t forget to pursue your hobby as well. Be happy and do what makes you happy. Don’t be in a rush take your own time to identify and cross your milestone. Success is not a destination but a journey don’t limit your success by setting a goal it will only make you dormant after you achieve it. Make small goals in life and keep achieving them. As a woman do not forget. Never let any external factor diminish your charm. Know what you are realise your potential and let go off what drains you out. You are stronger than you know and you can do better than your own imagination.” - Akshata wrote for Inspira Explorer

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10 Health Capsule Urinary Tract Infections UTIs U rinary Tract Infecton UTI is the most common infecton in girls or women than boys or men. Every woman has 50 - 60 chances of acquiring UTIs in her lifetme. Various reports also show that the rate of UTIs in women to men is 8:1. Let us learn about urinary system causes of UTIs its diagnosis and preventon. What is Urine and how does it produce Urine is a fuid which is composed of wastes and is extra fuid in the body. The amount of urine produced varies from a person to person. It depends on many factors such as intake of liquid and food or amount of fuid lost through sweat and breathing and age. Children produce less urine than adults. Urine production is also affected by certain medications and health conditions. caused by bacteria for 25 of all infections in women. It can occur in any part of kidneys ureters bladder and urethra. Mostly UTIs occur in urethra and bladder that is in the lower tract. However if ureters and kidneys are affected by microbes then it is considered as more severe infections. Causes of UTIs If one has poor personal hygiene or other health related issues such as kidney stones suppressed immune system immobility for a long period diabetes procedures involving the urinary tract or if woman is pregnant or in menopause stage. Unclean toilets prolong use of sanitary napkins unwashed or dirty clothes or inner wear sexual intercourse with multiple or new partners some forms of contraception or use of spermicides and tampons add risk of UTIs. Also heavy use of antibiotic disrupt normal fora of urinary tract. Symptoms of UTIs: Burning sensation during urination a frequent or intense urge to urinate feeling pressure on back or in lower abdomen cloudy dark bloody or strange-smelling urine tiredness fever or chills a sign the infection may have reached to kidneys. Treatment of UTIs: If one has mild UTIs then it will automatically recover in 4 to 5 days otherwise one needs to seek doctor’s advice. Doctor may suggest antibiotics to treat a bacterial UTI but it depends on which part of urinary system is involved. Lower tract UTIs can usually be treated with oral antibiotics whereas upper tract UTIs requires intravenous antibiotics. Untreated UTIs It’s important to treat a UTI at the earliest otherwise untreated UTIs become worse and spread it to other organs. A UTI can be treated easily when it is in the lower urinary tract but if an infection spreads to the upper urinary tract it becomes more diffcult to treat and is then more likely to spread into blood cause sepsis which is life-threatening event. What is the urinary tract The urinary tract is the system which removes urine. Various organs such as kidneys ureters bladder and urethra are key parts of Urinary tract which move urine from the kidneys and store it until releasing it from the body. It is important part of the human body which works as flter and removes wastes and extra fuid from the bloodstream and ultimately from the body. It helps in normal functioning of both the kidneys two bean shaped organs. Kidneys flter about 120 - 150 litre of blood to produce about 1 - 2 litre of urine per day. It prevents storage of wastes and extra fuid in the body. It also balances the levels of electrolytes such as potassium and phosphate. It stables the hormones that help to regulate blood pressure. What is Urinary tract Infection Most of the urinary tract infections are caused by microorganisms which are small organisms and cannot be seen by naked eyes. UTIs are caused by bacteria fungi or viruses. The most of the UTIs are

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11 Diagnosis of UTI If one suspects that he or she has UTIs then one has to do certain urine tests. The urine sample is collected at the middle of urinary stream if there are a large number of white blood cells in patient’s urine it indicates an infection. In certain cases a urine culture test is done to check bacteria or fungi. The culture can help identify the cause of the infection which later helps doctor for treatment action. Viruses are rare causes of UTIs but can be observed during organ transplants or who have other conditions that weaken their immune system. If a virus is suspected special testing may need to be performed. If there is infection in upper tract it can be detected by complete blood count CBC and blood cultures in addition to the urine test. If there are recurrent UTIs or abnormalities or obstructions in urinary tract tests like ultrasound intravenous pyelogram cystoscopy computerized tomography scan can be done to get clear idea. Prevention Everyone can take the following steps to help prevent UTIs: • Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily. • Don’t hold urine for long periods of time. • If one is fnding diffculties in fully emptying bladder talk to a doctor. • Keep genitals clean and wash with water or soap. • Before and after sexual intercourse clean the genital and wipe it from front to back. • Avoiding multiple sexual partners that will reduce the risk of both UTIs and sexually transmitted infections. • During menstruation period change sanitary napkins / clothes after every 5 hours. • There are different skin allergens such as bubble bath liquids bath oils creams and lotions deodorant sprays or soaps which may disturb normal bacterial fora of the genital area. Please avoid its use. • Probiotics are benefcial microorganisms which can help to protect against bacterial UTIs. Lactobacilli strains are the best-known probiotics hence you can have fermented milk products mainly yogurt. . • Even research shows that Cranberry juice reduce UTIs. Stay Healthy and avoid UTIs. - Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 and PA-2016 Health Capsule In Appreciation Shruti Kadam LG-2011 60000 Rashmi Joshi LF-2001 25000 Swati Tarwade LG-2011 15000 Anupama Ramnavmiwale LF-2003 15000 Rajani Panchang LF-2000 15000 Bhavana Paralikar LF-2002 5000 Harshada Jagtap LG-2011 5000 Aparna Eratkar Parent of Priyanka Eratkar LF-2010 5000 Ankita Joshi LG-2015 1000

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12 Feedback Basic and Advance Excel Training program I n Basic and Advance workshop Lila Fellows learnt about the functions of Excel like how to create pivot ta- bles and charts using basic formulae which made them confdent in using excel in their day to day life. They got idea about using templates use of short cut keys for fast verbal language non-verbal language barriers of com- munication 7 C’ of communication professional dressing and grooming. It was informative and interesting ses- sion. Girls learnt about many new behavioral techniques in order to improve their personality.The session taught them how to interact with people and make the conver- sation run smoothly. The dos and don’ts while speak- ing how to behave and react in every situation how to express our thoughts opinions feelings. The session comprised of about the process of verbal and non-verbal type of communication how to build up confdence how to maintain the volume during a conversation. Commu- nication plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Overall the program was very useful for future. The ses- sion was conducted by Ms. Tanuja Thombre. Emotional Excellence Program working Flow Diagram number cell converting to char- acters transpose making our own formulas formulae and functions Conditional formatting data sorting and fltering Vlookup trend Pivot tables and charts data validation column etc. It mainly focused on new modern ways of storing and using data than traditional ways. In today’s world Database is very necessary. Therefore MS Excel is important aspect of Database. They also learnt the different interesting concepts such as condi- tional formatting data analysis goal seeks hyperlinks and also how to protect our fles from being blocked or hacked by using different passwords. The trainer not only explained how to operate but also how to apply in their day to day life. This workshop helped Lila Girls to improve their Excel knowledge. The program was conducted by Tata Pro-engage Team Communication Skills program In this workshop Lila Girls learnt about various ways of Communication. Communication skills and public speak- ing skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life. English communication skill is an essential tool to crack interview successfully as it is a business language. The key points girls learnt about the communication skill are Emotional Excellence program was designed especially for the nursing students. The program was all about to know the emotions and the empathy towards others. In this workshop girls came to know their Emotional Quo- tient EQ with the help of an activity which included number of questions based on Emotional Quotient. They came to know about their area of improvement in a bet- ter way. Nursing girls were facing lot of problems during their hospital duty but by understanding the 9/10 princi- ple they learnt how to handle and react to the situation and overcome their problems. In the group discussion activity girls discussed about the problems which they are facing while performing their duties after the dis- cussion trainer Mrs. Meera consulted them and gave the solutions to their problem. Thus this session proved to be very helpful in their profession. Spoken English Classes Speaking in English is mandatory in today’s world. Be- fore joining the English classes Lila girls were hesitant to speak English. They were shy and thought that they would end up in speaking something wrong. Lack of fuency lack of knowledge of the language were some of the barriers. But after the completion of the English Classes most of the barriers were removed to some ex- tent. During the classes Lila Girls also gave the presenta- tion on a specifc country and explained in detail about it. They became confdent to speak publicly and also came to know where to use the right tense while speaking. contd on page 13

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13 They could improve their pronunciation of words gram- mar also learnt new gerund how to make use of them in day to day communication or while talking. Now they are able to speak better without by hearting the things as before they use to do. They can speak confdently on the stage without hesitation. The method and content were very helpful as it added knowledge and new words to their vocabulary. Many speaking activities were per- formed to improve their confdence level. This is how Spoken English classes were very useful to them. Ms. Sangita Belvalkar conducted the session. Pune Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Mamta Shelke LG-2014 CISCO as Network Engineer With a package of 13 lpa Pallavi Chaudhari LG-2015 TIAA GBS with a package of 7 lpa Snehal Kakteekar LF-2015 Tieto as Junior Software Engineer with a package of 3.2 lpa Ankita Joshi LF-2015 Cognizant with a package of 2.5 lpa. Komal Khopade LF-2012 Sales Tax Inspector Gayatri Potdar LG-2013 Barclays with 4.4 lpa Jyoti Tekawade LG-2013 Kirloskar Pneumatic Cooperative limited in hadapsar as a design engineer in ACD DD Monika Ghogare LG-2014 Barclays with 4.4 lpa Wardha Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Samrin Shaikh LG-2014 Market Magnify Global Research pvt. Ltd. Indore with 3 lpa. Jagruti Dongare LG-2014 TCS as Clinical Data Manager with 1.9 lpa Puja Burbure LG-2014 TCS as Clinical Data Manager with 1.9 lpa Khushali Umate LG-2014 Market Magnify Global Research pvt. Ltd. Indore with 3 lpa. Shivani Deshmukh LG-2014 Market Magnify Global Research pvt. Ltd. Indore with 3 lpa. Nilam Muratkar LG-2015 Epic Reseach Company Indore as a Associate Financial Consultant with 2.6 lpa. Monika Panjwani LG-2014 Epic Reseach Company Indore as a Assoiciate Financial Consultant with 2.6 lpa Amravati Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Rasika Muley LG-2014 TCS as Assistant System Engineer with 3.36 lpa Mohini Bobade LG-2015 Junior Engineer with 4.7 lpa Rutuja Band LG-2014 TCS as Assistant System Engineer with of 3.36 lpa Pratiksha Rameshwar Raurase LG-2015 TCS as Assistant System Engineer with 3.36 lpa Kalyani Ganeshrao Rase LG-2015 TCS as Assistant System Engineer with 3.36 lpa Placements contd from page 12

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14 Shivani Kaktikar LG-2013 Artist in Me Prajakta Kadam LG-2012 Saloni Sathe LG-2015. Shital Jagtap LG-2015 Manisha Deshpande LF-1999

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15 Artist in Me Ultimate Success Mantra Development Programs The workshop was conducted by Ms Meera Natarajan for LG-2016 science students. Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up with goals so strong that obstacles failure and loss only act as motivation. The workshop taught girls mantra to be successful. Success is the most important thing for every student in their academic career. From this workshop Lila Girls learned how to set a goal in life and the ways to achieve it. In addition it taught them to believe in themselves and to be aware about inner voice and peace. The workshop also focused on the power of mind belief law of attraction gratitude and consciousness etc. Further it gave the importance of “Creative Visualization” as well as “Positive Affrmation.” Also it taught how our body acts according to the emotions and these emotions are controlled by our own mind. It also taught about the power of mind. The most important point “Vision Planning” was also a part of the session discussed in this program. In this way Lila Girls achieved Successful life by using the tool of Ultimate Success Mantra. Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 Pallavi Zagde LG-2015 Amaravati

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16 T he workshop was conducted by Ms Meera Natarajan for LG-2015 Diploma in engineering students. All people are born with great gifts talents and potential. What makes a real difference in reaching your potential is the ability to be a smart learner. Being smart takes work just as being strong takes exercise. You can’t magically become smart without putting in mental effort. SMART stands for Specifc Measurable Attainable Results- Focused and Time-Focused etc. In this workshop Lila Girls learned how to study and how to succeed with the right studying tactics. The session was focused on to the academic goals of the students which were very important Be a SMART Learner Interview Skills and Personality Development Workshop point of view for their career. The technique of achieving goals quickly was conducted in this program. In addition it was more on achieving certain goals as well as the importance of to manage the study with respective to time. Further it gave the various speed reading ideas for learning quickly and accelerated learning ideas. Further it showed the Memory technique grasping power and concentration on the work. In this way this workshop was very important for Lila Girls for their academic growth towards the continuous success. Thus the workshop was very benefcial for them. Development Programs T he workshop was conducted by Mr. Vinay Malshe HR of Semantic for LG-2014 last year Engineering Students. The main motive of this program was to enhance the employability skills. It mainly concentrated on how students should take actions during job interviews which will make them stand out. These actions include proper interview behavior controlling nervousness or asking intelligent questions. From this workshop Lila Girls learned about the interview skills. It also gave them effective Resume writing skills. Not only theoretical but also practical skills were conducted for girls by arranging a Mock interview. In additional the Group Discussion session helped them to improve their confdence and fexibility in a group. Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of thoughts feelings and behavior that distinguish individuals from one another personality emerges early and continues to change in meaningful ways throughout the lifespan. From this workshop Lila Girls learned about the Personality development skills which mainly focused on Body Language which is an important aspect of the growth for girls. In depth body language included the type of nonverbal communication in which physical behavior as opposed to words is used to express or convey information. Such behavior includes facial expressions body posture gestures eye movement touch and the use of space. Workshop also gave the positive attitude towards business environment. Self-Awareness Self-awareness workshop was conducted by Mr. Rohan Sachdeo CEO of Wise Willow for LG-2016 and the pharmacy students. The workshop helped Lila Girls to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. It was about having a clear perception of our personality including strengths weaknesses thoughts beliefs motivation and emotions. It taught the attributes of Emotional Intelligence and an important factors in achieving success. Self-Motivation is the most important thing that Lila Girls learned from this workshop. Girls became strong with a positive attitude. Further workshop was more about the assessment of oneself. They also learnt about how to build self-confdence. It also taught how to take own decisions irrespective of views from people how to face negative situation in life and taught how to behave and react on a particular situation and always say to yourself “Yes I can do”. Setting goal building self-confdence facing setbacks in life and moving on with a positive attitude are the important points learnt in the workshop. The most important message was having POSTIVE ATTITUDE.

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17 “I am one of the many grateful Lila Fellows who consider myself lucky to be a part of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation and receive scholarship during diffcult times. All my troubles just vanished after being associated with LPF” let us read through Anjali’s journey so far… Anjali Lohar LG-2011 comes from a simple joint family where her father and uncle work in a welding workshop. She was born in Karad Maharashtra where she was sent to a municipal school. Recognizing her potential as a bright student her parents were advised to enroll her to a better school so she could be well educated and have more opportunities to grow. Although her parents are illiterate they completely supported Anjali and wanted her to get the best education. She was admitted in Lahoti Kanya Prashala a semi-English medium school which became a turning point of her life. She was exposed to a healthy environment which nurtured her and provided her a platform to grow. She utilized this opportunity well and stood frst in her SSC examination. Anjali wanted to study science and she struggled to convince college authorities for a vocational admission as she wanted to become an engineer later but couldn’t afford the fees. Finally based on her SSC rank the college authorities gave her admission. She encountered similar problem to attend CET classes as the fees were too high yet she managed to get a waiver and secured admission in the College of Engineering Pune for mechanical feld. Living in a city like Pune along with the high engineering fees seemed like the biggest obstacle for Anjali and her parents. Her father managed to somehow take care of the frst year fees after which Anjali was unsure if she would be able to complete the remaining degree course. At this fateful time she heard of scholarships given by Lila Poonawalla Foundation and applied for it. Getting selected after an interview she became a part of LPF family and as she quotes “All my troubles just vanished”. She felt economically independent and her parents were relieved that Anjali was able to pursue her goal to become an engineer without any fnancial hindrances. Anjali says “I have greatly improved my personality and communication skills by attending the various workshops that Lila Mom arranges for the Lila girls. Not only has Mom provided fnancial support to complete my education but she has also given me a proud family to belong to who stand by each other and help each other out to excel in this world”. Anjali completed her mechanical engineering she has also completed her mini projects on ‘Pollution Mitigator’ ‘Electricity Generation’ using rotation motion of vehicle wheels’ ‘Design of Gear Box’ and ‘Jet Impingment for enhance heat transfer’. She started internship in ‘Cummins India Ltd.’ in Power Generation Business unit and later got placed in same company as Product Engineer. She states “I inspire to be like Lila Mom and would like to thank Mom for providing me the right support and platform to fulfll my dreams”. Yet another successful story of our Lila fellow Komal Khopade who has completed her education of her wish due to LPF. Komal Khopade LF-2012 considers herself a fortunate benefciary of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation scholarship Komal was born and brought up in Pune and completed her SSC examination from Renuka Swaroop School and her HSC from Huzurpaga Jr College. She has done B.Sc. in Electronics and has recently completed her MSc in Electronic Science from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Komal lives with her mother elder brother sister in law and a younger brother. She also has an elder sister who is married. Komal’s father was a government servant but they lost him very tragically due to a severe back problem which no one could correctly diagnose and provide treatment for. This was one of the most testing times for their family but they all stood by and supported each other. Her brother had just completed his Master’s then Komal was still studying. Her mother gathered herself and her family to tie them through this tough time she would make tiffn for girls and contribute to the family as they were living on small savings. Komal wanted to complete her Masters but fnances were tough her younger brother was still studying. At this crucial time Komal came across the LPF scholarship and applied for it. The day she got the call from the foundation informing her about the scholarship award for completing master’s degree that day will always be one of the happiest one for Komal. Soon after she got the scholarship she secured admission in Savitribai Phule Pune University for MSc -Electronic Science. Komal was overwhelmed with the milestones she was crossing in her life. Komal became more responsible after getting the scholarship by focussing on her studies and topped both years of Master’s degree. LPF had not just given her the fnancial aid she needed it had also given her the drive and focus in life. Komal also took Path Finders

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18 Path Finders part enthusiastically in all foundation activities and beneftted greatly by the various workshops Lila Mom organized including grooming self-defense interview skills body language etc. Komal feels LPF is her extended family and every personal touch made by Lila Mom like sending hand-made birthday cards makes Komal feel blessed to have her support and guidance at all times. Komal has completed Master’s degree and recently been selected as Sales Tax Inspector. Komal has many aspirations for herself and wants to do a lot for her family. She also wants to stay in touch with the foundation and Lila Mom throughout her life as she owes a lot of her success to them. We wish her all the very best for upcoming endeavors Merin Chacko Philip LG-2012 mentions “I have rarely seen my father in tears but saw him when I received my selection letter from the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. He hugged me and said now you can become a nurse like you always wanted. This moment is an unforgettable one and etched in my memory”. Merin was born in Mavelikkara in Alappuzha district Kerala however for many years her father has been working in Pune and hence the family has settled here. Merin and her elder sister were growing up together making many expenses come at the same time for the family. Paying for the education was getting very diffcult often people believe that job in a private company makes life easier but this was not the case for them. Despite a private job Merin’s father’s salary was comparatively low and taking care of household expenses plus the education of his two daughters was close to unmanageable. Merin proudly states “My parents always taught us to be happy with whatever we have. They taught me never to be bogged down by circumstances because situations keep changing. At the same time I could not see my father struggling so much so that I could achieve my childhood dream of becoming a nurse. I had to support him somehow and that is why I applied for the LPF scholarship as soon as I got to know about it”. Getting the LPF scholarship reaffrmed Merin’s faith in the thought that situations can and do change if we don’t let them get us down. She thanks LPF as her dream of becoming a nurse and serving as part of a medical team would fnally come true. “I owe all to God’s blessings and the support I received from my loved ones. The love and support I received began with my immediate family and then went on to the larger LPF family. Even now I wish I could visit Lila Mom and Firoz Dad more often. I do pay occasional visits but my work schedule prevents the regular contact that I would like to have with them. I always consult them before making any major decisions in my life” says Merin. Merin’s strong bond with LPF was formed during her undergraduate days when she was an active part of all the sessions conducted by the LPF. She proudly says “The training sessions are designed to build our confdence I feel that my personality has changed and that I am a better person now thanks to all the LPF workshops and functions. I attended many training sessions but I think the biggest boost to my confdence came from volunteering at award functions. The dance workshops and self-defense sessions were also good to enhance the other side of me I think it’s amazing that the foundation extends so much more than just fnancial support ” Currently working as a staff nurse at Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjewadi Merin’s childhood dream has come true due to continuous commitment to service. Her journey does not end here she says “I want to clear the IELTS exam and work abroad for few years I think that would help me support my family better. Once my family’s fnancial situation is stable I will try to move beyond my family to supporting LPF with whatever God grants me”. Here’s wishing you loads of success and achievement for your future. Sonal’s true goals can be captured in two simple words – learning and exploring. Listening to Sonal’s journey so far is quite inspiring… Sonal Kalokhe LF-2011 loves her family and is overwhelmed to talk about them she mentions “My grandmother is my best friend and I learn so many things from her about life culture people etc. and so is my mother brave and hardworking. She is a dynamic woman who handles all situations easily. My mother was running a tiffn service business for quite some time however due to ill health she had to discontinue the same unfortunately my father too retired from his job earlier because of blockage in his varicose veins but he continued to do his best and is still supporting our family as much as he can”. Her parents sister and her friends are biggest support system that helps and encourages her. Sonal’s life as

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19 Path Finders a child has been full of hardships however when you speak to her you would never realise this fact given gets easily hidden behind her smiling face. She mentions “When I started conducting tuitions I just had one student coming and later when the number increased to fve….oh I felt so proud of this small achievement”. Sonal studied from S.V. Union High School Pune. This school had a great culture to build strong human being than just focusing on academics with an open mind she made friends learnt how to be a good human being. The school conducted programs for students to perform household tasks in societies raising funds for charity etc. With social service sports cultural gatherings and academic work Sonal was grooming herself and was happy with life. She completed her schooling and moved on to studying in college somehow managing expenses for family and college fees. She says “My friends often told me about LPF scholarship but while doing my graduation I missed the application deadline. I fnally applied for my post-graduation and became a Lila Fellow”. After completion of her Masters in Computer Application Sonal is currently working with Parametric Technology India Pvt. Ltd PTC as an Associate QA Analyst. Sonal rejoices in her job indulging in performance testing on Windchill Product Analytics WPA on Automation using Selenium. Proudly expressing Sonal shares “Facing the corporate world during my internship with Parametric Technology India Pvt. Ltd. was easy only because of the constant LPF programs which I regularly attended. I can speak fuently and clearly the programs have helped me build my confdence and take a frm stand when I strongly believed in my decision it made me aware of many things around. Lila Mom has created a beautiful platform for all girls to excel in any feld they want to …Mom’s touch is like the golden touch of Midas... I will always keep her words in mind – ‘Always be a Giver because a Giver has a choice’. Being a member of the LPF family is like knowing where my strongest roots are LPF supports my family and me through everything I owe my highest gratitude towards Mom and LPF”. “Marketing you” means to working on our personal brand. The personal brand includes our qualities and skills. Marketing yourself means to present you for professional purpose. The Session was conducted by Ms. Rashmi Tare LF-2012 and PA 2016 by explaining the temperaments importance of temperaments and how to balance them by conducting different activities. From this program Lila Girls learned how to answer the questions which were asked in the interview. In this session the trainer had conducted one to one interview which was benefcial for girls as they got to know their weakness on which they can work out. They learned the importance of verbal and non verbal communication temperament leadership skills and qualities. It also helped to know their own hidden skills and how to make full utilization of it. Market Yourself In this workshop SWOT analysis was conducted. SWOT stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats. It was also helpful for achieving the leadership quality which is most important in corporate world. Further it took the difference between the hobbies and facts in our general life. In addition different types of communication skills were conducted like verbal sounds language and tone of voice aural listening and hearing non-verbal facial expressions body language and posture written journals emails blogs and text messages and visual signs symbols and pictures etc. The overall session was very helpful to all Lila Girls as they will soon be facing their interviews in their professional career. Development Programs

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20 Cyber Security Cyber Laws – IT Act 2000 H ello Friends Inspira is always been an easy medium to interact and share our thoughts and knowledge about different topics and areas. The purpose behind sharing this series of articles is to create awareness about Security Safety Cyber-crimes and Cyber Laws. In this last petal of the series of 5 articles I will explore the legal aspects of combating against Cyber Crimes in India. Information Technology Act –2000 India is the 13 th country to pass legislation on Information Technology I.T.. The I.T. Act received the President’s sanction on 9 th June 2000 and is effective from 17 th October 2000. Salient Features of I.T Act include Computer data accorded legal sanctity Certifying Authorities for Digital Signature established Digital Signature recognised Cyber-crimes to invite tough penalties E-Governance Police Authorities given powers of enforcement and Appellate authorities set up etc. Following are some important OFFENCES UNDER I.T. ACT 2000: Section Offence Description Penalty 65 Tampering with computer source documents If a person knowingly or intentionally conceals destroys or alters or intentionally or knowingly causes another to conceal destroy or alter any computer source code used for a computer computer programme computer system or computer network when the computer source code is required to be kept or maintained by law for the time being in force. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 200000 66 Hacking with computer system If a person with the intent to cause or knowing that he is likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person destroys or deletes or alters any information residing in a computer resource or diminishes its value or utility or affects it injuriously by any means commits hack. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 500000 66 B Receiving stolen computer or communication device A person receives or retains a computer resource or communication device which is known to be stolen or the person has reason to believe is stolen. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 100000 66 C Using password of another person A person fraudulently uses the password digital signature or other unique identifcation of another person. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 100000 66 D Cheating using computer resource If a person cheats someone using a computer resource or communication. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 100000 66 E Publishing private images of others If a person captures transmits or publishes images of a person’s private parts without his/her consent or knowledge. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 200000 66 F Acts of cyber terrorism If a person denies access to an authorised personnel to a computer resource accesses a protected system or introduces contaminant into a system which the intention of threatening the unity integrity sovereignty or security of India then he commits cyberterrorism Imprisonment up to life. 67 Publishing information which is obscene in electronic form. If a person publishes or transmits or causes to be published in the electronic form any material which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or if its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely having regard to all relevant circumstances to read see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it. Imprisonment up to fve years or/and with fne up to ` 1000000

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21 Cyber Security 67 A Publishing images containing sexual acts If a person publishes or transmits images containing a sexual explicit act or conduct. Imprisonment up to seven years or/ and with fne up to ` 1000000 67 B Publishing child porn or predating children online If a person captures publishes or transmits images of a child in a sexually explicit act or conduct. If a person induces a child into a sexual act. A child is defned as anyone under 18. Imprisonment up to fve years or/ and with fne up to ` 10 00000 on frst conviction. Imprisonment up to seven years or/ and with fne up to ` 1000000 on second conviction. 67 C Failure to maintain records Persons deemed as intermediary such as an ISP must maintain required records within the stipulated time. Failure is an offence. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne. 68 Failure/refusal to comply with orders The Controller may by order direct a Certifying Authority or any employee of such Authority to take such measures or cease carrying on such activities as specifed in the order if those are necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Act rules or any regulations made thereunder. Any person who fails to comply with any such order shall be guilty of an offence. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 200000 69 Failure/refusal to decrypt data If the Controller is satisfed that it is necessary or expedient so to do in the interest of the sovereignty or integrity of India the security of the State friendly relations with foreign Stales or public order or for preventing incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence for reasons to be recorded in writing by order direct any agency of the Government to intercept any information transmitted through any computer resource. The subscriber or any person incharge of the computer resource shall when called upon by any agency which has been directed must extend all facilities and technical assistance to decrypt the information. The subscriber or any person who fails to assist the agency referred is deemed to have committed a crime. Imprisonment up to seven years and possible fne. 70 Securing access or attempting to secure access to a protected system The appropriate Government may by notifcation in the Offcial Gazette declare that any computer computer system or computer network to be a protected system. The appropriate Government may by order in writing authorise the persons who are authorised to access protected systems. If a person who secures access or attempts to secure access to a protected system then he is committing an offence Imprisonment up to ten years or/and with fne. 71 Misrepresentation If anyone makes any misrepresentation to or suppresses any material fact from the Controller or the Certifying Authority for obtaining any license or Digital Signature Certifcate. Imprisonment up to three years or/and with fne up to ` 100000 Thus in the series of 5 articles related to next article of this series we had seen Introduction to Internet and Cyber Crimes Types of Cyber Crimes Malwares and Hacking IPR Deter-Prevent-Detect-Correct – Cyber Forensics and Cyber Laws – IT Act 2000. The awareness about all these topics and the legal provisions in the Indian Constitution will defnitely help an individual to maintain privacy and internet safety. Stay PROTECTED and stay SAFE and protect your data information and privacy - Mrs. Pradnya Kashikar LF-2001 Committee Member – Undergraduate Section

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22 Sentiments Dear Mom and Dad Every year I eagerly wait for my birthday not just to receive a gift from you but also to read the letter full of love and affection sent by you. Words are not enough to express the feelings of heart thank you for your kind words and beautiful wishes which makes my birthday a memorable one. I am very lucky to have parents like you. Thank you for being a part of my life and also for showering blessings on me. Your’s Lovingly Mrunali Arute LG-2015 Dear Mom I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for awarding me a scholarship. I was thrilled when I came to know about my selection for this honor and I deeply appreciate your support. By awarding me the Lila Poonawalla Foundation Scholarship you have lightened my fnancial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will able to help students to achieve their goals similar to how you have helped me any many others. Love Shivani Raju Jayde LG-2017 Wardha Dearest Mom and Dad Birthday is a time for lots of gifts but among all of them this one is very special and is close to my heart. It isn’t just the gift that you send but the letter that has your personalized note you sent along. Before seeing what the gift is it’s that note that I look for. Thanks a lot for remembering me always. That little note of yours is always very special to me. Loads of love. Sneha Nikum LF-2005 and PA-2008 Dear Mom Wish you and Dad a very Happy New Year and a wonderful year ahead. We had our frst workshop on personality development by Mr. Manish Upadhyay sir in Anjuman College. We learnt many things like how to build self confdence how to overcome stage fear presentation and communication skills and how to convert our weakness into strengths...etc. All the activities conducted during session were awesome. Thanks a lot mom it was really an interesting workshop and certainly benefcial for me and for all Lila girls. Thanking you Shainila Qureshi LG-2017 Nagpur Dear Mom Wish you a very happy winter.. I am writing this for informing about an event which was held recently in Sipna COET Amravati. The interview session was conducted by Mr. Anup Chaudhary sir a very good trainer and a good tutor too... I have learnt so many things and got knowledge about how to face the interview. The GD session was also very good and it was a great practical experience for me. I am very grateful to have a person like you in my life and that’s why I am getting these various opportunities to develop myself with good qualities which I will use in my life for my bright future. Thanks Mom for everything. Love you. Aarti Parekh LG-2016 Amravati Dear Mom I received my birthday gift a journal from Shiv Khera and it is really an awesome gift I ever had in my life. I just loved it the personalized note written by you along with it. I hope to live upto your expectations and give my best in whatever I am doing. Mom you are really inspiring and infuential person in my life... Thank u so much for your blessings and birthday gift...I am really boosted… Thanking You Supriya Pisal LG-2012

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23 Sentiments Dear Mom I received my birthday gift from the foundation. I really liked the gift it is very helpful for my interview preparations. I assure you that I will make best use of it. I am thankful to LPF you and Dad for giving me such a great platform which has been helping me gaining knowledge through various visits and programs arranged by the foundation. I feel very lucky that I became the part of LPF. I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you mom and dad Harshada Pawar LG-2015 Dear Mom I want to share something with you about today’s workshop which was held on a very interesting and important topic i.e. “Time Management”. It was a very interactive session with Laxmi Ma’am. She explained us the smart planning to achieve our goals and she rightly pointed out the factors where we get distracted and loose the track of achieving our goal. We had activities and enjoyed this activity based session. I’ve learnt something new and different from this workshop. Thank you so much Mom for giving such facilities. I’m proud that I’m a Lila girl. Yours lovingly Sakshi Pimparwar LG-2016 Wardha Shining Stars Akshata Mayekar LG–2014: Received 2 nd prize at the State Level in Avishkar Research and Innovation 2017 Competition under Medicine and Pharmacy category held in Rahuri Ahmednagar and was felicitated by Savitribai Phule Pune University for the same. Neha Chede LG–2015 Amravati: 1 st ranker throughout the Akola University in Badminton Tournament held in Dr. PDKV University. Snehal Kakteekar LG-2012 LF-2015 and PA-2017: Se- cured 1 st rank in M.Sc. Computer Science in MAEER’s MACS college MIT and got placed in Tieto India Pvt. Ltd. Ashwini Sutar LF-2017: Re- ceived 1 st prize in Poem Competi- tion held in Abeda Inamdar Senior College Azam Campus Pune and was felicitated with a trophy. Shweta Kulkarni LG-2017: Awarded with a trophy at a college level competition “Student of the Year” in Dr. D.Y. Patil institute of technology Pimpri.

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24 Man ki Baat A mdocs a leading software and services provider to the world’s most successful communications and media companies and Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF an NGO focused on empowering women have been partners since 2014. Mr. Rajat Raheja head of Amdocs India was introduced to LPF and Mrs. Lila Poonawalla in 2016. He was impressed with the kind the work LPF was doing to educate and empower women and increased the scope of scholarships from 15 Engineering girls to 98 girls in 2017. Mr. Raheja believes that education is the basic necessity of life as it helps lay down the foundation/ direction for the future. He said “LPF focusses on empowering girls / young women by bridging the educational gap and providing opportunities for economic independence. LPF not only just gives scholarships but also supports and trains the girls to become confdent young individuals and equip them with skills that are necessary for the employment. Economic independence further helps the girls to stand on their own feet and support themselves and their families. This appeals to me a lot.” “LPF supports girls from school level till post- graduation. LPF scholarships are merit-cum need based they give grants to girls with outstanding academic records and limited fnancial resources to pursue further education. The selection process and monitoring of scholarships funds seems very rigorous”. Mr. Raheja continues “It has been a very fulflling journey so far with LPF. CSR at Amdocs aims at empowering the less privileged through education employability skill and women empowerment and partnership with LPF contributes to this goal in many ways. It’s 4 th year of our partnership with LPF. The team is very professional in managing this partnership through all phases they are very responsive and involved. Supporting LPF by providing scholarships to Lila Girls mentoring and training them on corporate readiness and life skills are contributing to the vision of Amdocs.” Amdocs India supports LPF by sponsoring scholarships for 98 Engineering girls. Additionally Amdocs Leaders have been mentoring underprivileged girls under work-skills program by providing Corporate Readiness and Life skills training through one-on-one mentoring for a year long journey. Amdocs employee volunteers unit leaders Learning and Development and HR team volunteers also conduct Corporate Readiness workshops which consist of trainings on latest technology soft skills preparation for interviews and motivational sessions. Such training programs are important from many perspectives: - Help to build on the skills/ abilities/ knowledge in one’s area of interest industry requirement - Strengthen the skills/ abilities/ knowledge one already has - Keep up with industry changes – technological structural market dynamics. Training programs help advance skills and enhance competencies boost the confdence of an individual some programs also enable individuals to stay focused and enhance their productivity and outlook. In a nutshell depending on the type of training program technical or soft skills program it can have a substantial and fruitful impact on one’s personal and professional life. Mr. Rajat Raheja has given a message to all of us “Stay focused on big picture be professional be genuine and direct demonstrate your worth add value and be a positive and authentic leader. I completely believe in Sheryl Sandberg’s message ‘Find your frst job negotiate your salary and own what you are. Because the world needs you to change it”. - Dr. Harshada Babrekar LF-2001 and PA-2009

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25 Snippets The 3rd and last year engineering students posing for a group photograph at the end of the sessions conducted by the various volunteers of Amdocs Team. Brunda Manurkar an image consultant explaining Lila Girls of 3rd Year engineering about how frst impression makes the last impression on an individual during art and science of frst impression. The Lila Girls of Engineering batch performing group activity of bridge building in Time Management Workshop. Lila Girls enjoying the Group activity of self-awareness program at SKF Campus. The science girls learning the art of meditation for relief from stress as per the instructions given by the instructor Shrutika. The Lila Girls of Diploma in Engineering performing the team building activity with the help of balloons. A Lila Fellow walking down the fashion parade in the New Year Party themed as Bollywood.

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26 Snippets Lila Girls having a gala time along with their other sisters on the eve of New Year Party. Nursing Lila Girls waiting to hear the city to be bombed while playing the game in the New Year Party. All the Lila Girls of Direct 2nd Year Engineering posing for a group Photograph with their Mom and Dad along with the Halloween for the New Year Party. Our beloved Mom was felicitated with Times Power Women Award for 2017. The Trainer Anup Choudhary conducting an activity of how to spend time and analyze in Time management Workshop for the Lila Girls in Amravati. On the eve of International Women’s day the Peace Ambassadors felicitated Mom by giving a token of love at the hands of Dad Ms. Nazura Sattar and Sr. Lourdu Mary Nagothu

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27 Industrial Visit V olkswagen a renowned company known for its world class car. Our Engineering Lila Girls got an opportunity to visit Volkswagen plant at Chakan which was a unique experience for them. It was conducted mainly for the girls from Mechanical Production Instrumentation and Electronic and Telecommunication branches of engineering. They learned about the actual concept of manufacturing and production technology. During the visit girls got the view of the production and manufacturing of four different cars i.e. Polo Skoda Vento and Ameo. They learned its production procedure through different sections and could gain the knowledge of quality management. They could get an opportunity to see the automation and Kuka robot its technology the Programmable Logic Controler PLC and Assembly. The topic of chassis was the most interesting part. The DNA of Volkswagen is quality and safety. There were various departments such as quality control environmental testing production lines such as trim line assembly line. During the foor visit they also came across a section known as measuring section. It comprised of coordinate measuring machine. Overall the visit is very useful for our Lila Girls. Man ki Baat A s you enter our LPF offce you will be greeted with a gentle soft spoken lady - Priyanka who is part of the LPF offce talented team. Each one of us may have interacted with Priyanka sometime or other during our association with Lila Poonawalla Foundation. With a sweet smile on her face Priyanka narrates her story to us… “I was at home when I got an unexpected call for an interview from LPF offce to my surprise I was interviewed by Padmashree Lila Poonawalla. What an enriching experience was this interview and I was selected I joined LPF offce in 2010 and worked as an offce assistant for almost 2 years. Post my maternity break I restarted my career in 2014 with LPF and currently working as a Senior Executive - Process.” Priyanka was completely new to LPF concept but after the interview I got to know the cause of the foundation she was excited and highly motivated to join LPF. She feels extremely proud to be associated with LPF today. LPF brings out the best talent in the Lila Fellows and Lila Girls. LPF supports academically excellent and fnancially challenged girls by providing scholarships to pursue graduation or post-graduation studies. It aims to work towards mentoring girls and not just providing fnancial support. The foundation is creating a history in developing and empowering girls to fulfl and achieve their dreams. To achieve the same LPF is regularly conducting training programs which help in overall development and providing practical exposure to face the competitive world outside. “My role in LPF involves coordinating all the activities related to scholarship processes which include - planning scheduling execution control of complete scholarship process co-ordination with committee members preparation of initial assessment and fnal assessment report preparation of selection rejection letters ID cards for Lila fellows and Lila girls. Apart from the above responsibilities I also take care of updating and maintenance of scholarship software regularly updating scholarship awardees database and academic progress report. I often interact with the Lila girls/ Lila fellows and their parents when they visit LPF offce to collect or submit the application form or to attend the interview.” “There’s never a dull moment in our offce …every day is a new exciting challenge which brings its own set opportunities to learn and unlearn. The perseverance and zeal with which we all staff members are working is just fantastic. Working with LPF is an honor and privilege for me. I got to learn many things. It’s a pleasurable experience to work here. The energy and never give up attitude with which Lila Ma’am is working is just fantastic. Passion and zest with which Sir is coming to offce every day is just amazing. One of the very worthwhile aspects of my job is the workplace and superb group of colleagues and the blissful atmosphere in which I am working. The perseverance and zeal with which we all staff members are working is just extraordinary. With the time span I got exposure to new ideas of learning which are very benefcial to me in my personal as well as professional life. There is joy to be found not only in the good times but in the challenges too. This I have learnt from Lila Ma’am. Ideal and Idol… both these words are the perfect prefxes when it comes to ‘Lila Poonawalla Foundation’. I thank Ma’am and Sir for providing me this opportunity to work. Seeing the change that LPF brings in the girls is so inspiring and to contribute to such a noble cause gives me the kind of satisfaction that words cannot describe. I would like to extend my best wishes and success to the foundation” says Priyanka. - Rita Shetiya LF-2005

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28 Chief Editor : Dr Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Rashmi Tare Prachi Divekar Sunetra Biradar Contributors : Rita Shetiya Gayatri Kshirsagar Pranali Tirkhunde Sonal Mohite English check: Susan Johnson LF-2014 Offce support: Mayuri Kharche All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Editor’s Desk Hello readers…. I t’s my pleasure to present the 1 st issue of 60 th decade of Inspira. The journey of Inspira is fabulous and going ahead with new changes along with old columns. LPF is ever happening foundation by all means. The decade was full of programs and the most important with Award functions our Special Features. We have special news this time. It is well said that women are the architects of the society and Dad decided to celebrate the Womens’ day by felicitating esteemed ladies working over the board well-wishers and the mothers of Lila Juniors Lila Poonawalla Foundation. This was the unique and special event in all. In every issue the column Health Capsule is touching to new topic which is relevant to day to day life activities and helpful to all girls their mothers and readers as well. We Lilas are in born artists of our life and Mom is faceting us for the betterment by arranging different developmental programs. Our artists are also refecting in Artist in me. Also LPF is arranging various industrial visits to give exposure to the outer world. In today’s world no one can live without computers. But there are different facts and precautions to be kept in mind during surfng. Our own LF Pradnya Kashikar has written series of articles for Cyber Security which were defnitely useful. Our beloved Mom was felicitated with Times Power Women Award for 2017 Wow Mom… congratulations Girls we should follow her footsteps and we will also reach to some height. Let us try and do our best - - Dr. Harshada Nagar-Babrekar Editor in Chief I ISER Pharmacy and Science girls got an opportunity to Visit Indian Institute of Science Education and Research IISER Pune. The visit started with presentation on the information about IISER its laboratories courses and facilities run at IISER. Girls could see various instruments used in Physics Chemistry and Bio laboratories which they had just seen in their text books such as separation of gas Cryptography Ionization learnt about analytical instruments and various techniques of detection of components. Girls also learnt about the importance of those machines. To explore more on applicative work rather than only theoretical this was the most important aspect they could learn from the visit. The most useful thing in the visit was the demonstration and the implementation of each of the machines. They also got the information about the Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory MSL. The instructor explained them about the Instrument Visualization how IISER is different than other institutes and career opportunities at IISER. Lila girls got to see few instruments like the MALDI Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization and ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate which are the most important for them from future career point of view. Thus Visit to IISER was very benefcial to them. Industrial Visit

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