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From My Heart... Vol. No. 44 September 2015 The Foundation Newsletter My Dear daughters friends and well wishers T his issue of Inspira has come in the midst of our celebration of our 20 th year. Last two decades have been a wonderful experience for all of us who have been a part of this unique family. Hopefully as the time goes on we will be able to capture the experiences of some of you in this family newsletter. In this newsletter you will see that many new Lila Juniors have joined our family. As the process of selection of new batches in various streams goes on in full swing many new Lila Fellows and Lila Girls will soon become a part of our family. This year 20 th batch of Lila fellows will join the family. Indeed a very satisfying moment The function will be held on 30 th October. Our function for welcoming our new batch of Lila Girls will be held on 17 th November and for Amravati and Wardha on 6 th and 7 th December. Exciting times are ahead. More about this in the next issue One new exciting development has taken place. Our frst batch of Lila Juniors has entered a new phase of their academic career. We had 100 results. All 106 LJ of frst batch passed their frst Board examination and have entered a new phase not only in their academic life but have entered an adolescent life. They are now in 11 th standard i.e. Junior College and will soon give another board examination of HSC. These are important 2 years of their lives when we have to guide them to choose their careers and prepare them for higher education. This is a crucial time when they will take decision which will enable them to achieve their dreams and contribute to improving the quality of life of their families and society at large. Foundation will not miss this golden opportunity of guiding them advising them mentoring them to enable them to take the right decisions for choosing their career path as also the institute that they should attempt to join by putting in hard work. Extra efforts will be put in to give them assistance with additional coaching in the areas where they are weak to ensure they perform well and get admissions in reputable institutes. WE WILL BE HAVING A SPECIAL AWARD FUNCTION FOR THEM TO GIVE THEM A NEW AWARD and Identity FOR JUNIOR COLLEGE. They will be named as LILA SENIORS. You will read all about this in the next issue of Inspira. I am also happy to share with you that many of our Lila Fellows and Lila girls have received excellent placements in reputable organizations. There is never a day when I do not get a message that says "Mom I have got placed in XYZ”. This is very rewarding for not only Dad and me but to all our trustees but our partners and well wishers. Having said this I thought it best to communicate with all the girls those who are joining work as new employees and also those who are already working at various levels that it is important to be HAPPY not only when you are at home with friends at parties etc but EVEN AT WORK. Remember Happiness is largely a Choice that we make. You can choose to be happy. Sounds simple But simplicity is often extremely diffcult to put into action. Think positively about your work. Dwell on the aspects of your work you like. Your choices at work largely defne your experience. Take charge of your own personal and professional development. You have the most to gain from growing-and the most to lose if you stand still. Take responsibility of what is happening at work. Develop an information network and use it. Remember you are in charge of the information you receive. You must learn to request for Feedback. You are responsible for your own development. You may or may not love your current job but you must take a look at yourself your skills and interest and fnd something that

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2 From My Heart... you can enjoy doing every day. If you do something you love every single day your current job won’t seem so bad. One of the most serious causes of work stress and unhappiness is failing to keep commitments. Create a system and planning that enables you to assess your ability to complete a requested commitment and get down to doing it. Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversation gossip and unhappy people as much as possible. Don’t let negative people bring you down. 8. Keep your workspace tidy. 9. Do not waste time reading junk mail. Wasting valuable working hours at work will lead to increased stress and rob you of happiness. 10. Make the most of every work day. Even if you are looking for another position and just biding your time remember that your boss will have to write a testimonial or reference letter for you. If you are a happy committed and quality-driven employee chances are the reference will be a positive one and may just land you that job you seek Here I share 10 quick tips on how to be Happy at work and at Home in fact wherever you are. 1. Wake up at least an hour before you need to leave for work. Enjoy some “me” time before the rush begins. 2. Plan your day ahead of time. Check your diary and to do list for the day so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when you get to work. 3. Dress for success. When you leave the house looking good and ready for work you are well on your way to having a good day. 4. Make sure that you arrive at work at least ten minutes early. A rushed and bad start will minimize your chance of having a good day and feeling happy at work. 5. Greet all your colleagues. Greet everyone from the tea man to the boss when you meet them at the start of the day. 6. Smile at everyone you greet- 98 of your smiles will be returned. 7. Avoid negative people at all costs. Colleagues who moan and whine about personal or work issues will drag you down and prevent the workplace from being a happy one. You develop these good habits and be assured of a happy life EVEN AT WORK. I have implemented these and you all know I am always happy and enthused about my work and my life. Wish you all the best. Here is a fabulous recipe for happiness I share with all of you Ingredients - Friendship 100 Entrepreneurship 100 Experience 100 Taste enhances with a pinch of naivety and playfulness. One helping contains Visionary mind Devotion Determination and Energy to overcome anything. Recommended Dozes one tablespoon per day Vitalizes every Living being and brings joy and happiness. Warning - strongly addictive and Best Before - Unlimited. Looking forward to being with all of you soon in the next issue which will have many exciting activities to report. Until then have a great time. Mom to all LILAS and Friend to all other readers.

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3 Health Capsule LIPIDS: What to eat and what to not L ipids are palatable food source. In a lay man’s language they are nothing but fats. Fats are important dietary source as they are energy reservoir in the body. 1 gm of fat will release 9 Kcal of energy. But there are dietary recommendations which are to be followed. Lipids are also required for the absorption of fat soluble vitaminsvitamin A D E and K.Oil ghee and butter are the principal dietary sources of lipids. Blood has free fatty acids cholesterol phospholipids and triacylglycerol as principal lipids. The body can synthesize the most of the fats it needs from the diet. However the essential fatty acids EFA cannot be synthesized and must be supplied in the diet W-3 and W-6 fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. DHA is needed for the development of brain and retina is supplied via placenta and milk to the foetus and infants. It is present in high concentrations in retina cerebral cortex testis and sperms in our bodyTrans Fatty Acids TFA. If you are a good observer then you would have noted the food labels in the malls or grocery shops where you will fnd the t-FA as a constituent of bakery itemsthose who haven’t observe it next time TFAs are formed during partial hydrogenation or hardening saturation and deep frying of oils. This is used to improve the shelf life of vegetable oils. So TFA is a major constituent of baked foods like cookies cake and most dried foods. A clue is the word “partially hydrogenated or TFA” in the ingredients list. This t-FA increases risk of Coronary Heart Diseases by increasing LDL cholesterol and decreasing HDL- Cholesterol. Cholesterol when present in the excessive amounts can get deposited in the aterial wall and lead to atherosclerosis a disease of the arteries characterized by the deposition of fatty material on their inner walls. Blood cholesterol comprises of HDL-cholesterol good cholesterol and Non-HDL cholesterol Bad Cholesterol. LDL-Cholesterol is the major portion of the non-HDL cholesterol. HDL-C High-density lipoprotein is involved in the transport of cholesterol from the peripheral tissue to the liver where it is excreted as bile acids or get utilized hence good cholesterol while LDL-C Low-density lipoprotein is involved in the transport of cholesterol from liver to the peripheral tissue. For understanding the Lipid Profle blood should be drawn after overnight fast and alcohol should be avoided on the day before the test. The ATP III classifcation of LDL- C Total -C and HDL Cholesterol mg/dL can be shown as The most important EFA is linoleic acid W-6 as it is precursor for further EFA synthesis i.e. Arachidonic acid. W-3 fatty acids are α–Linolenic acid Eicosapentaenoic acid and Docosahexanoic acid DHA. EFA Principal Dietary Source Linoleic Acid Saffower Oil α –Linolenic acid Soyabean Oil Arachidonic acid Meat egg Milk Eicosapentaenoic acid Fish Oil Docosahexanoic acid Breast Milk

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4 LDL-C Level 100 Optimal 100 – 129 Above Optimal 130 – 159 Borderline High 160 – 189 High ≥ 190 Very High T - C 200 Desirable 200 – 239 Borderline ≥ 240 High HDL -C 40 Low ≥ 60 High The desired level of Serum Triglycerides is less than 150 mg/ dl. The Recommended Daily Allowance RDA for fats Saturated Fatty Acids should be less than 7 of total energy. The required Mono unsaturated Fatty Acids MUFA is 13-15. The Poly unsaturated Fatty acids PUFA has to be 7-10 with Omega -6 to omega -3 fatty acids ratio as 3:1 to 5:1 RDA for omega 6 is 6-9 gms/day while Omega 3 is 4-6 gm/day. The saturated fatty acid rich foods are – butter beef lamb pork palm oil coconut oil etc MUFA are olive oil canola oil sesame 40 oil etc. The sources of Omega–6 fatty acids are saffower oil soya bean oil cotton seed oil sunfower oil etc for Omega–3 fatty acids sources are fsh oils Heming and Salmon fsh fax seed oil walnut oil fenugreek seeds etc. Flax seed oil Linseed oil is rich vegetable source 55 of omega 3 Fatty acids. Hence two servings of fsh are recommended per week. Saturated fatty acids increase incidence of coronary heart disease while MUFA and PUFA decrease it. But ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids is very important as excess of omega 6 fatty acids and less of omega 3 fatty acids is not cardioprotective.Also omega 3 fatty acids decrease risk of sudden cardiac death risk of thrombosis reduces BP and serum triacylglycerol. Fats are very important diet constituent as they form the major portion of the cell membrane so complete abstain from the fats is never recommended. Hence now onwards check the food ingredients before purchasing them and be aware of your eating habits. Eat healthy and stay ft. - Dr. Rajni R. Shivkar LF-2012 Health Capsule A VVmU qHdm WHdm ho AmOHmbÀ`m YHmYHsÀ`m OrdZmVrb Iyn gm‘mÝ` eãX Pmbo AmhoV. Aem ASMUtda Her ‘mV Hamdr hm Amnë`m nwTrb àý AgVmo. AmnU EdTm VmU KoV AmhmoV Hm Hs Á`m‘wio Amnë`mbm Cƒ aºXmmgma»`m AmOmambm gm‘moao Omdo bmJV Amho Amnbr Sm°. aOZr edHa brbm ’obmo 2012 hZo CƒmaºXmmg§Xm©V g„m Xbm Amho. AmOHmb WHdm AmU VUmd ho Oam OmñVM dmnabo OmUmao eãX AmhoV. Amnë`mbm XaamoO AZoH ASMUtZm gm‘moao Omdo bmJVo. nU IamoIaM BVHm VUmd KoÊ`mMr JaO Amho Hm Hs Á`m‘wio Amnë`mbm CƒaºXm hmoD eHVmo dmTVm aºXm Amamo½`mg hmZHmaH Amho AmU Ë`m‘wio öX`mMo AZoH AmOma CØdVmV. Ogo öX`dHma ñQ´moH ‘yÌqnS ZHm‘r hmoUo aºdmhÝ`m§Mo AmOma B. gdm©V ‘hËdmMm KQH Health Capsule AVVmU åhUOo JaOonojm OmñV ‘rR ImUo AVVmUbm HmaUryV Jmoïr åhUOo OodUmV H°ëer`‘ AmU nmoQoe`‘ H‘r AgUo Xmê nUo OSËd H‘r qHdm HmhM emaraH hmbMmb Z HaUo ‘mZgH VUmd d¥ÕËd Yw‘«nmZ Sm`rQrg B. àHma : àmW‘H : `mbm Amdí`H CƒaºXm åhUVmV. àm‘w»`mZo `m‘mJrb HmaUo ‘mhV ZgVmV . Xwæ`‘ : ZmdmdêZM Hiob Hs `m‘Ü`o Hmhr doJir HmaUo AgVmV. Á`mV VnmgUr AmU CnMma HaVm `oVmV. CƒaºXm Ia åhUOo aºm‘Yrb OmñV Xmmer g§b¾ Amho. earamV aºdVarV hmoVmZm aº dmhÝ`m§da nSUmam Xm åhUOo aºXm. ‘mUgmÀ`m aºmMm Xm hm Zoh‘r àHw§MrV gñQm°brH Xmd déÕ dñ’maV Sm`ñQm°brH Xmd Agm nmè`mÀ`m ghmæ`mZo ‘br‘rQa‘Ü`o ‘moOVmV. gm‘Ý`mV: aºXm hm 120/80 mm Hg EdTm AgVmo.

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5 Health Capsule aºXm hm VUmd ddY H«`m mHs AmOma `m‘wio XbV amhVmo AmU Vmo ‘‚mmg§ñWm AmU A§V:ómdàUmbr `m§À`m A‘bmImbr Hm‘ HaVmo. Ooìhm aºmV Xm H‘r à‘mUmV AgVmo Voìhm Ë`mbm aºXm H‘r hmoUo åhUVmV AmU Ooìhm Xm OmñV hmoVmo Voìhm Ë`mbm CƒaºXm åhUVmV. `m XmoÝhr‘wio gm‘mÝ` Vo AVe` `mZH Ago AmOma CØdy eHVmV. aºXm hm Imbrb à‘mUo dJuH¥V Hobm OmVmo aºXm aºXm àHw§MrV Xmd mm Hg dñ’maV Xmd mm Hg ‘`m©XV 120 80 gwadmV 120 - 139 80 - 89 nhbrnm`ar 140 - 159 90 - 99 Xwgar nm`ar ≥ 160 ≥ 100 doJimAgm àHw§MrVXmd ≥ 140 90 aºXm AJXr gHmir CRë`mZ§Va OmñV AgVmo åhUyZM öX`dHmamMo PQHo `oÊ`mMo à‘mU ho gHmir OmñV AgVo. amÌrÀ`mdoir hmM Xm gHminojm 10 Vo 20 Zo H‘r hmoVmo Ë`m‘wio XoIrb öX`dHmamMo AmOma hmoÊ`mMr eŠ`Vm imdVo. Cƒ aºXmmMr bjUo: bjUo deof Aer Hmhr XgyZ `oV ZmhrV na§Vw Iyn OmñV CƒaºXm AgUmè`m§Zm SmoHoXwIr àm‘w»`mZo AmTiyZ `oVo. Aem ì`ºs¨Zm gHmir SmoŠ`mÀ`m ‘mJrb mOyg Iyn doXZm hmoVmV. VgoM Ord YSYSUo M¸a `oUo WHdm OmUdUo hr BVa bjUo AmhoV. Hmhr d¡ÚHs`MmMÊ`m Cƒ aºXmmgmRr qHdm Ë`m‘wio hmoUmè`m naUm‘m§gmRr AmhoV: HSZr ’§ŠeZ QoñQ bKdrMr gm‘mÝ` AmU gyú‘Xe©H MmMÊ`m Aëã`w‘Z EŠgH«seZ ga‘ ãbS `wa`m Zm`Q´moOZ qHdm ga‘ HoamQrZmBP Cnmer nmoQr aºmVrb ½bwHm°O bnrS àmo’mB©b h‘moH«mBQ Aem MmMÊ`m Hamì`m bmJVmV Cƒ aºXm Vwåhr Hgm Qmiy qHdm Cnm` Hgm Hê eHVm : 1 dOZ H‘r HaUo - Amamo½` gwYmadUmao OrdZH«‘ XmoÝhr Cƒ aºXmm QmiÊ`mgmRr qHdm Cnm` HaÊ`mgmRr Amdí`H Amho. Amnë`mbm H‘rV H‘r r.E‘. Am`. 25 Kg/ M2. EdTm Agmdm. XaamoO 30‘ZQ MmbÊ`mZo aºXm H‘r hmoD eHVmo AmU ho Va ghO eŠ` Amho . 2 OodUmVrb ‘RmMo à‘mU H‘r HaUo - XaamoO ‘RmMo à‘mU 6J«°‘ nojm H‘r Agmdo. OodVmZm ‘rR daVyZ KmbUo Wm§dbo nmhOo. bmoUMo AmU nmnSm§V nU ‘RmMo à‘mU Iyn OmñV AgVo. AmhmamV ‘RmMo à‘mU 4.4 Vo 7.4J«°‘ n`ªVM Agmdo. 3 D SH åhUOo AmhmamVrb Xbm§‘wio Cƒ aºXm hmoD Z XoUo `m nÕVrMm AmnU Adb§ Hobm nmhOo. AmhmamMo Hmhr AmamISo OrdZa ZamoJr AmU Cƒ aºXm QmiÊ`mgmRr qHdm ao hmoÊ`mgmRr Amhmamda a XoDZ Zdbobo AmhoV. `mV ‘rR Á`m‘wio earamVrb nmUr gmRyZ RodVo AmU Ë`m‘wio aºXm dmTVmo. åhUyZ earamVrb ‘RmMo à‘mU H‘rV H‘r RodUo `mda a Amho. VgoM OodUmV H°ëer`‘ AmU nmoQoe`‘ ‘¾oe‘ V§Vw‘` nXmW© Imë`mZo aºXm H‘r hmoD eHVmo 4 OmñVrV OmñV ’io nmbomÁ`m AmU HSYmÝ`o ImUo ‘¡Xm ImUo §X HaUo AmU H‘r Mar AgUmao Xw½YOÝ` nXmW© ImUo. Ë`mMà‘mUo Vwåhr MHZ ‘mgo AmU ‘m§ggwÕm ImD eHVm. na§Vw H‘r à‘mUmV bmb‘m§gJmoS qHdm erVno`o AgmdrV. 5 nXmW© OmñV Xdg QrHdÊ`mgmRr Or agm`Zo QmHbr OmVmV Ogo H ‘moZmogmoS`‘½bwQm‘oQ Oo Z¡gJ©HaË`m Qmo‘oQmo QmQo ‘eê‘ BË`mXr mÁ`m AmU ’im§‘Ü`o AmTiVo. Vo earambm Amdí`H ZgVo. 6 e|JXmUo `m ‘moS `oUmao nXmW© anya ImdoV 7 gmo`mrZgmaIo nXmW© Ogo Hs Qmo’y Á`m‘Ü`o gdm©YH BgmoâbmdoZmog AgVmV. hm earambm Amdí`H KQH Amho hm óËdmgmRr Amdí`H AgUmè`m BñQ´moOoZ ZmdmÀ`m g§àoaHmgmaIo Hm‘ HaVmo. 8 âbodoZmoBSg ho AmopŠgSZQ Amho Vo ‘w»`V: mÁ`m VgoM ddYàHmaMo Mhm Hm§Xo g’aM§X `m§V AmTiyZ `oVo. Vo öX`dHmada EH CÎm‘ Cnm` Amho. 9 g§Ìr Hoir JmOao Ðmjo AZZg QmQo Z Vibobo nmbH Qmo‘oQmo ñQ´mooar Am§o `m§V nmoQoer`‘Mo à‘mU gdm©YH AgVo. 10 gy`©àHmemnmgyZ OrdZgÎd S KoÊ`mMm OmñVrV OmñV à`ÝV Hamdm . 12 Oa Hm Vwåhmbm XmêMo ì`gZ Agob Va Vwåhr Vo H‘r HêZ XdgmVyZ nwéfm§Zr ’º 2M doim Va ó`m§Zr EHXmM ¿`mdo. Ë`mnojm OmñV Zmhr. Va ‘J ZamoJr Im AmU ZamoJr amhm. - ‘yi boI: Sm°. aOZr edHa brbm ’obmo 2012 B§pñnam-42 nmZ H«: 4-5 AZwdmX: Jm`Ìr jragmJa brbm ’obmo2012

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6 Manogat E ducation is the most important catalyst towards growth and development in every human being’s life” says Mr. Anant Talaulicar Chairman and Managing Director Cummins India Ltd. He belonged to a conservative middle class family. His father always believed in getting the best possible education and he made sure that Mr. Anant was provided with the same. Having completed his schooling and Junior college in Mumbai he did his engineering in Manipal. His father then pushed him to go abroad for further studies by the time his father had become an Executive and held good position in Telco. Mr. Anant says that he has experienced both ups and downs in life. Mr. Anant is working with Cummins for the last 28 years and has been associated with LPF for more than 7 years. He says “My experience with LPF is an amazing one and it has been great partnership with LPF. Cummins feels blessed about it since its values and beliefs are aligned with my own and that of the organization’s. LPF is an unique foundation because it not only gives scholarship to the under privileged or disadvantaged students but also takes the ownership of those students by taking them under the LPF umbrella and they become an integral part of the LPF family”. Cummins highly believes in corporate social responsibility and also supports students by providing scholarships. Mr. Anant proudly said “We have chosen LPF as partners because it is more geared towards Masters level education and thus students become inclined and motivated to complete their masters”. Cummins would also like to extend its partnership with LPF in various ways. Mr. Anant Suggested the idea of “Employees as Role Models” wherein the employees at Cummins would mentor the scholars offer summer internships conduct various seminars and sessions for Lila fellows. Moreover he promises At the beginning of 20 th year of the foundation we introduce a new aspect of column Manogat. Until last release we have asked parents to express their views about the foundation. We will now also understand what the partners have to say about the Lila Poonawalla Foundation and the girls. “ to help the foundation to in any which he can as he truly feels that the foundation should continue to grow and beneft students. He would like to convey to our Lila Girls / Lila Juniors / Lila Fellows that always have a hunger for learning. Also he talked about the Idea of excellence which means that no matter what profession you choose the way you perform your duties and your dedication towards it is extremely crucial. He says that learning and excellence allow us to contribute to other human beings. He put it very wonderfully saying that whatever we earn for ourselves does not help us after we die but whatever we contribute to others remains for their beneft. Last but not least he says that ENJOY LIFE Enjoy life in a way which is not harmful to self and others. - Rashmi Tare LF- 2012 and Dr. Harshada Babrekar LF-2001 and PA 2009 CUMMINS INDIA LTD.

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7 “Forget your own sadness by creating a little happiness for others because when you are good to others you are best to yourself” says Gauri Deshmukh LG- 2013. She is doing S.Y. Bsc. from Sir Parshurambhau College Pune. She is also doing S.Y.B.A. Public service externally from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharastra Open University YCMOU. She wants to become a Teacher of Physics and conduct research in physics. Explorer G auri has a brother and a sister she is the eldest. Her father is shopkeeper and mother is housewife. Her father supports her for doing higher studies. She believes in smart work. She likes travelling in rural areas and talking to people in those areas. She does not believe in the concept of GOD but she trusts in nature that makes us alive According to her there are some rules of nature and we must follow them. Gauri joined NSS in her college and did 2 camps of NSS through college in two different villages. In 2011-12 she along with her NSS team constructed the Bandara small dam in village Mharadkarwadi. They visited another village next year where they constructed Shosh khadde base of toilet and they planted the trees. She was awarded as best candidate in NSS in 2011-12. Lila Poonawalla Foundation scholarship was turning point in her life She said that foundation not only supports fnancially but also takes care to develop our personality by organizing various workshops. She learned a lot from these programs like time management communication skills self defense etc. She said that India needs people who are excellent in their area of interest and who have professional skills. She says “Attitude of Mom and Dad towards education and towards life inspires me. The process of fnding me is a start because of LPF. Mom and Dad inspires me to do smart work and live happy even if you have problems. Due to this scholarship I could join Chanakya Mandal Parivar 2013-14. Chanakya is an Institute of guidance for preparation of competitive exams like UPSC-MPSC”. ‘The study of problems in villages program was organized by Chanakya Mandal in collaboration with Chaitanya Self Help Group. There are many SHGs in Pune District. With the help of these SHG groups we were able to reach villages. 150 students were participating in this program through Chanakya. 4 to 5 students were selected for each village. Gauri was allocated with the village- Medankarwadi Tal- Rajgurunagar District-Pune. It was a developing village. On the frst day they met Shushma Tai member of SHG. Under her guidance these students interacted with the ladies in that village. They discussed about poverty and the life that they lead. These students conducted many activities to increase the interaction amongst the villagers and to gather them at one place. The objective behind this was to make them realize the importance of certain facts. After critical observation Gauri realized that the people in that village did not understand that they were not slaves of the government. Also there were problems like child marriage patriarchy illiteracy the schemes introduced by the government did not reach common people and hence could not beneft from it. After her fndings she suggested them some solutions for betterment of the village: Government should announce schemes in easy way so that villagers can beneft from schemes. Villagers can form small groups to discuss their Socio-Economic problems. The volunteers/group leaders could discuss the same with Sarpanch. Dustbins are the most important to reduce pollution due to garbage. Awareness could be created through Bharuds as people could relate to it. Rain Water Harvesting is the best way to save water as well as to solve the problem of water in that village. Gauri also aims to change the education system. She says “In our education system more importance is given to learning by heart and therefore students do not understand the concepts. Research feld is not given much importance. Children know only ‘learn and pour Ghoka ani Oka. Better colleges are very expensive. So there is obstacle in student’s education.” She believes that casteism should not be a parameter during the admission process. Thus by looking at Gauri we all can say that life has to be truly EXPLORED for the betterment of self and others in all facets. - Rita Shetiya LF- 2005 PA – 2011

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8 I t was 30 years ago that we had last shed a tear after my mother’s demise and now it is on this very day that tears roll down without much of an effort. Dr. Kalam was a great supporter of women empowerment and also of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. It was in July of 2008 that he came over as the chief guest for our foundation function. Aman of such impeccable character and intellect he came without much of a fanfare. A man of his stature he made everybody around him feel as humble as he was. “Tough but dignifed pushy but respectful grand visionary with extraordinary focus on even seemingly small things. A man who blended his intelligence with spiritual courage his knowledge with tradition his dreams with dedication” It was after the award function that we got an opportunity of spending some quality time with this Legend we guess it was our luck that his fight got delayed due to a technical defect on his way back. We remember it vividly we sat down at the VIP lounge for lunch discussing everything under the sun it was at that precise moment that he gave us a sound piece of advice he said that “The Lila Poonawalla Foundation should touch at least 1 of the overall women population.” He even volunteered to raise funds so that LPF should not suffer from any fnancial setbacks. Dr. Kalam was a man who had many honors and titles bestowed upon him but it was one particular honor that he held very close to his heart it was the honor of being the “People’s President”. He was perhaps the only President to have that honor. Extremely polite and down to earth. Anger egoism and proudness was never a part of his vocabulary. In today’s time where everybody and anybody stands divided based on one’s caste creed and religious ideologies Dr: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was a true Secular human. Perhaps out of context we would want to let everybody know that your beloved Lila Mom or the “Amma of Pune” as he affectionately called her worked with him for six years. Not just that she was also mentioned in a chapter of his book “India Vision 20-20”. It was the year 2005 we requested The President to allow Mom along with a batch of Lila Fellows to pay a visit Rashtrapati Bhavan. He not only agreed but he also let the Lila Fellows meet him talk to him and interact with him. He released Foundation Book “21 st Century belongs to them” a compilation of stories of struggle and success of 23 Lila Fellows. The book has a forward by him and it was he who had motivated and persuaded Mom to capture these Achievers in a book. He was the only President who not only invited us but also personally showed us some rooms. He had arranged a lunch served in the Cutlery and crockery of Rashtrapati Bhavan. What a unique experience for the Girls To make such a trip to the Capital to make this visit more memorable Dr: Kalam gave the Lila Fellows autograph as a token of remembrance. He signed each book individually for each of the girls. We shall miss him not only as a mentor but also as a great well wisher. May his soul ‘Rest In Peace’. Such a great man will never die. He will always and forever remain a part of India’s ethos. Farewell Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wherever you are you shall always remain an inspiration to all of us. With love and affection Lila and Firoz The Missile Man soars high into the Heavens “The day was 27 th July 2015 when we frst got the news that the Missile Man had joined the stars” Our Guiding Star

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9 Our Guiding Star

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10 Special Feature I t was in the month of May this year that LPF had the pleasure of hosting the ever gracious and effervescent personality Dr. Åsa Andreasson Director Biltema Foundation. A nomad at heart Ms. Andreasson loves to travel Åsa Andreasson’s Visit to India Dad showing Ms. Andreasson the sketches presented by the Lila Girls Ms. Andreasson interacting with the Lila Juniors Ms. Andreasson interacting with the Lila Juniors has made it her life goal to empower and help girls and women across the impoverished strata of the society. Taking a special liking to nurture and nourish the budding young minds Ms. Andreasson decided to support school going girls through the “2morrow 2gether” school project initiative by LPF. It was during this visit that Ms. Åsa visited the schools in Pune and Kamshet Area which are supported through the “2morrow 2gether” initiative. During her visits she monitored the progress of the schools as well as the Lila Juniors. The Lila Juniors recipients of the LPF-Scholarship through the 2morrow 2gether initiative and their parents too had a chance to individually interact with her. The Lila Juniors were certainly excited to talk to her hear her stories and listen to her experiences about travelling the world and living overseas. She too answered the question with equal enthusiasm. During the course of the interaction she discussed various topics relating to personal hygiene health and empowerment. She also had a brief interaction with the school staff teachers principals and counsellors where they discussed about the initiatives that need to be taken in order to give the girls a chance at better education and chance to explorer newer avenues. It was a little later during her visits to school that the Lila Juniors from Zilla Parishad School Govitri belted out a wonderful performance in her honour. Ms. Andreasson’s visit to LPF and the schools supported under the “2morrow 2gether” school project initiative has indeed opened up newer avenues which are yet to be explored. and explore new places. Though she began her academic pursuits by studying Law she later on realized that her true calling was to help people in need hence she decided to become a Doctor. A mother of four and a Doctor by profession she

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11 E ducate a woman you educate her family. Educate a girl and you change the future”. Doesn’t this quote just wonderfully describe what LPF has been doing for 20 long years It was truly a moment of joy and triumph as our beloved Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF celebrated its 5 th school scholarship award function helping transform the lives of 211 deserving school girls. It is under the tutelage of the “2morrow 2gether” school project that LPF extends its support from 11 schools to 4 more schools from the rural areas of Chandoli Pimpalgaon Thorandale and Maval. The event became all the more memorable thanks to the eminent personalities gracing the occasion. Renowned educationist Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar Director PNES/ Orchid School and Mr. Fredy Hutter Executive Director/ Vice Chairman Biltema Foundation graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. and the Lila Juniors. Addressing this issue she said “The students in my school come from somewhat affuent backgrounds and perhaps have little understanding of the problems and limitations that the rural children have. They normally come from educated families and thus have mentoring from their parents and family whereas the Lila Juniors who come from a rather impoverished background do not even have the basic amenities to survive and learn yet they have a gleam in their eyes to survive learn and to succeed in their lives. So by interacting with the Lila Juniors I hope my school children will shed their inhibitions and succeed with the same zeal that the Lila Juniors possess”. It would certainly be a win- win for both. Adding to this our Guest of Honour Mr. Fredy Hutter shared his words of wisdom with the young ones. His advice really came from his Heart. “I encourage the new Lila Juniors to please keep on dreaming go to school learn whatever you want be whatever you aspire to be and just trust LPF they will be here to help you and guide you for the next 10 years and beyond. Encourage your family your parents brothers and sisters to go on and move along with the changing times.” Special Feature 5 th School Scholarship Award Function Eco friendly Inauguration Watering the Potted Plant done by the Guest of Honour Mr. Fredy Hutter and Chief Guest Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar. Release of the 3 rd issue of the school newsletter “2morrow 2gether” at the hands of the Guest of Honour Mr. Fredy Hutter and Chief Guest Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar Lila Mom Firoz Dad along with the School Project Committee Members Counsellors and school newsletter team The function began with the Foundation Theme Song sung tunefully by our past and present batch of Lila Fellows and Lila Girls. The event was inaugurated by the dignitaries present in an eco-friendly manner by watering the potted plant. It was during the opening moments of the award function that Lila Mom welcomed the New Lila Juniors with open arms into the ever growing LPF Family. She thanked the Management of Biltema Foundation the Key sponsor of this project and expressed her gratitude by assuring Mr. Hutter who was representing Biltema Foundation that LPF will work hard at ensuring that the Lila juniors received all the support needed by them to groom into young confdent ladies. Ending her inaugural address Lila Mom asked all the parents present to encourage the girls to complete their schooling and their graduation. She also urged the parents to let their girl child spread her wings and become economically independent. Chief Guest Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar spoke about the stark difference between the students of her school It was on this very day that LPF also released the 3 rd issue of the “2morrow 2gether” school communiqué. Shedding a light on the purpose of the school communiqué Mrs. Yogita Chaudhary Manager School Project explained “The school newsletter is aimed to bridge the gap between the Lila Juniors School Principals Teachers Parents and supporters across the globe”. The newsletter spearheaded by Firoz Dad gives the Lila Juniors an opportunity to have their voices heard develop linguistic skills and help build a strong vocabulary. contd. on page 13 ”

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12 I t is with great pride and happiness that we announce that LPF has entered its 20 th year. Over the course of its 20 year journey the foundation has given over 5000 scholarships to almost 3000 deserving girls supporting them for their various academic pursuits. Not leaving the budding young minds behind LPF also supports the girl child in her academic pursuits under the sponsorship of the school project ‘2morrow 2gether’ starting from the 7 th std till their graduation. To commence our 20 th year celebration with fun and frolic Lila Poonawalla Foundation had organized a Cultural Extravaganza on the 9 th of July 2015 at S.G. Barve Hall Alpa Bachat Sankul. The Cultural Gala saw the coming together of past and new Lila Juniors Lila Girls and Lila Fellows who jointly got together to put up one of the best shows LPF has had so far. You could see one and all enjoy the foot tapping performances put up by the young in house artists. from the sea shores of Konkan. Whether it was the soulful Konkani tune from the Sea and Seafood loving Goa to the colourful Garba from the exuberant Gujarat or the Vibrant Gondhal from the Mystical Maharashtra the gala truly had it all. Special Feature LPF TURNS 20 WITH A BANG Extravaganza Cultural Program Ms Devika Daftardar Renowned Cine Artist and Lila Fellow 2003 giving speech in the School Scholarship Award Function. The Lila Girls of CES’s Utkarsha English medium school performing the Goan Dance. The musical Koli dance being performed by the Lila Girls of the Golden Glades School Kamshet. As always the function began with the Past Lila Girls and Fellows melodiously singing the foundation song it then moved on to the eco-friendly inauguration of the ceremony done by way of watering the potted plant. The inauguration ceremony was done by none other than one of our own Lila Fellow Ms Devika Daftardar Renowned Cine Artist and Lila Fellow 2003. It was for the frst time in its 20 year history that a Lila Fellow had graced the occasion as a chief guest. It was a moment of Pride for every Lila Fellow. The theme of the event was “Unity in diversity” and one saw Lila Juniors from all schools performing to a number of songs right from folk to the regional songs from the various states of India. From Kashmiri Folk Songs from the Valleys of Kashmir to the Koli Song The cultural extravaganza began by worshipping Lord Ganesha a “Ganesh Vandana” was performed by the Lila Juniors of Dr. Kalmadi Shyamrao high school Kannada medium moving on the Lila Juniors from Golden Glades School Ms. Pallavi Ragade sang a melodic song dedicated to Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. It was a little further in the show that the audience experienced a visual treat of sorts thanks to the performances put up by the Lila Juniors of Hirkani Vidyalaya Gawadewadi Golden Glades School Kamshet St. Clares Anjuman-I- Islam English and Urdu Medium and from Camp Education Society’s Chaitanya and Kanyashala Schools.

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13 The extravaganza conceived and choreographed by Ms. Mayuri Joshi LF-2009 truly had the audience and the dignitaries engrossed. Everyone present was clapping rhythmically to all the tunes including our chief guest. After the enjoyment it was the time for some praise the frst ever batch of Lila Juniors had successfully cleared their SSC board exams with fying colours and deservedly so they were honoured for it. As the event draw to a close the Guest of Honour Mr. Fredy Hutter shared his experience about his frst ever visit to India and to the schools supported by the LPF and he also promised to come back again before biding an emotional farewell to everybody present. The Cultural Extravaganza truly was a beautiful beginning to the 20 th year celebrations of the LPF. Information gathered from offce database As per the theme Unity in Diversity the Lila Girls of CES’s Chaitanya and St. Clares Convent School presenting a dance on Des Rangila Song. The Lila Juniors of Anjuman-I-Islam Urdu Medium listening keenly. The New batch of Lila Juniors posing for a group photo New batch of Lila juniors engrossed in watching the Function The past Lila Juniors Priyanka Mahale Pranali Kailas Watane and Siyona Rohekar expressed their gratitude towards Firoz Dad Lila Mom and LPF for giving them the opportunities that they otherwise would not have been able to get. Overwhelmed they also thanked LPF for providing them with an array of school supplies arranging sex education classes health and dental checkups counselling sessions as well as helping and motivating them with extra- curricular activities. The girls promised to excel in their studies and make the foundation proud. Lila Juniors from the batch of 2015 Anuja Gawade Bhakti Ghorapade Uzma Sayyed Pratiksha Bangar Alisha Tamboli Iqra Sayyed and Girsma Kawadeshared their excitement on receiving the scholarships and world of opportunities it will open for them. It was a splendid and unforgettable day for the Lila Juniors Parents Teachers Distinguished Guests and the Foundation. The momentous event concluded with a vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem. All enjoyed a sumptuous lunch before departing. - Information gathered from offce database contd. from page 11 Special Feature Extravaganza Cultural Program

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14 All Lilas always wish to know something different with usual questions like who how what and many more Inspira team members are always try to get something new for readers. Pranali Tirkhunde LG-2013 interacted with our school committee member Vaishali Halbe LF-1996 who is also member of various syllabus framing paper-setting and evaluation committees at Savitribai Phule Pune University. She is profcient in playing instruments like piano Synthesizer and Accordion. Face to Face B orn in a family with a great preference for education and values Vaishali Halbe LF 1996 was always very sincere and studious throughout her entire education. Her father is an Electrical Engineer with keen interest in the technical feld always encouraged her to opt for the feld of interest during her entire education. She was always a very bright student at school. Besides studies Vaishali also actively participated in different extra-curricular activities like music drama dancing and sports. . Her hard work in academics borne fruit when she scored 90.2 at SSC securing the frst rank in the school. This result strengthened her decision of pursuing the education in the technical feld. With subsequent sincere efforts for next two years her brilliant success at HSC paved way for her admission in College of Engineering Pune in the feld of Electronics and Communication. As it is rightly said ‘Luck favors those who help themselves’ it was a big dream came true. In her words ”Even the option of purchasing the admission form of a private engineering college was not acceptable to me. I had to study hard to ensure a seat at COEP ”. Studying in such a premium institute was a real experience. It offered her all type of opportunities of development. She continues “Throughout my graduation I participated in many Inter-College as well as Intra-College events whether it was Regatta boating event at COEP or competitions like Purushottam Karndak or Firodiya Karandak. I loved playing musical instruments keyboard harmonium and accordion. I thoroughly enjoyed my college life without diverting my focus from studies. The college years few very fast. My career started with J. N. Marshall as an trainee engineer. Very shortly I changed my workplace to Philips India. I got an opportunity to work in the audio development lab in Philips. I got excellent experience of developing the audio MIDI system right from design to its production ready phase. Throughout my working in the industry I have always received good mentoring from my seniors which made things easy for me.” “After working with Philips couple of years I decided to join teaching profession. I joined Pune Institute for Computer Technology PICT as a lecturer. As I had joined PICT during the early years when ETC department was getting set up I got to learn many things from scratch as those were being done for the frst time in college. It was an amazing learning and practical experience. ” “As it was important for the profession I parallel started pursuing my Masters in Engineering from College of Engineering Pune. It was during this time that I came across LPF and applied for the scholarship for PG. I was fortunate to receive the same after a rigorous interview by the panel of LPF board members. I am proud to be from the frst batch of LPF to receive a scholarship for my Masters. This really motivated me to study harder and also strengthened my determination. Life was very challenging for me during this period since I had to manage my profession studies and my family simultaneously. My parents family members and husband were great supporting pillars for me during this phase of life. I got a big award for all this hardship which was becoming the university topper in my ME ETC course. I really could assure the foundation that their choice of selecting me was right” “In 2004 I again changed my path to the industrial environment. I worked with Automotive Research Association of India till 2007. The years were flled with challenging projects in the feld of automotive electronics. From 2010 I decided to give more time to foundation and its activities. When I received a call from the Foundation asking me whether I would like to join the ‘School Project Committee’ I was thrilled. It was an opportunity to get closer to the Foundation and tighten my bond with it. It is an amazing experience to work with the school project ‘2morrow 2gether’. In my opinion it is one of the best project the foundation has given me the opportunity to work for. Under this project our little Lila Girls are picked up from the selected schools right from their 7th standard and nurtured for their education health and overall personality development. During their association with us they are showered with excellent training programs in every possible felds like language skills computers science camps mathematics improvement and even upto career guidance programs. The project has really taken very

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15 Face to Face good shape due to the great efforts of foundation and also the counselors who play a very vital role in it. The project has recently proved its success key by achieving 100 SSC results of the frst batch of Lila Juniors” “Lila Mom has been a great inspiration for me. With a wide experience in the industry at the top most position for years together her dedication towards work and professionalism is notable. Her enthusiasm and commitment towards the foundation is at the same level where it was way back in 1996 when it had started. Her vision for the foundation is vast. Firoz dad is a real great support in her mission and always behind us for all our activities. As we know ‘The world makes way for the people who know where they are going’. It is their energy and passion that motivates me to work more and more.” “Presently I am associated with ARAI for the projects in the feld of automotive electronics. I have dream to channelize my professional knowledge and teaching experience and become an entrepreneur in the coming years. My husband is always ready and enthusiastic for supporting such steps.” “I am truly blessed to be a part of Foundation now also as a trustee on the main board.. My message to the new members is to take an active part of all the foundation activities and make the best use of all the opportunities at their doorstep. You should always remember that the fnancial need for your education can be suffced by taking help from anyone but the kind of programs undertaken by the Foundation for your overall development cannot be found anywhere. Now it’s your responsibility to make the most of these programs and make the Foundation proud.” “I am so happy that there are a large number of proud parents whose daughters are reaching new heights everyday by holding the hands of the foundation and this number has no limit. I express my gratitude towards Lila Mom and Firoz Dad for their role in my life and also extend my best wishes to all the aspiring girls of the foundation.” - Pranali Tirkhunde LG- 2013 Donations From Lila Fellows Jyothi Narayanan LF2001 ` 25000 Manisha Kulthe 2011 ` 10000 Fatema Poonawalla LF2002 ` 50000 Manisha Deshpande 1999 ` 10000 Sonali Niyogi LF1997 500 Smita A. Kandekar 2005 ` 50000 Kavita Amit Kulkarni LF2001 ` 10000 Kavita Gaikwad 2007 ` 10000 Sayali Kulkarni 2006 ` 5000 Nirupama Navle 2004 ` 35000

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16 Feelings Rita Shetiya LF- 2005 expresses her feelings on Facebook after reading an article featured on her in Inspira newsletter Volume 43 under Leading Ladies column. hmM Vmo jU AmZ§XmMm CËgmhmMm AmU A‘mZmMmProud --- Ooìhm HwUr Vw‘À`m df`r bhV Vw‘Mm AmXa hmoVmo Vo Vwåhr Hoboë`m HV¥©Ëdm‘wio HwUr Vw‘À`mda dœmg RodV ‘moRçm§Mm Amerdm©X Vw‘À`m amoa AgVmo HwUmbm Var dmQV Hs Vw‘À`m‘Ü`o Vr j‘Vm Amho `m dœmgmZo - brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¡ÝSoeZÀ`m B§pñnam ‘¡JmPrZ ‘Ü`o brqSJ boSr `m Hm°b‘‘Ü`o Ambobr ‘wbmIV …. Feeling happy ...... Here is that moment of happiness enthusiasm spirit proud - when someone writes about me someone respects you and above all of this someone has faith on you someone’s blessing are always with you someone’s life changes because of you ...someone thinks that you have a potential and trusts you... Messages saying "I AM PROUD OF YOU" thank u so much dear Lila Mom. Lila Poonawala Foundation and Inspira team members. Dear Mom and Dad I Arshiya Shaikh Lila- Fellow 2014 want to thank you for birthday gift. Your gift is obviously royal in terms of value and price but it is priceless in terms how it made me feel …thank you. Thanks mom and dad for advising me to fgure out life’s tough problems all by myself. That is what made me understand that they were not tough in the frst place. When the world closed its doors on me you both opened your arms for me. When people shut their ears for me you both opened your hearts for me. Mom and dad thanks for always being there for me. Success is in my stride because I have parents like you by my side. With lots of Love Yours Lovingly Arshiya Shaikh LG-2014 Dear Mom I am very happy to tell you that I stood frst in 5 th semester ETC- branch in Cummins College of Engineering. I was also selected for internship at Cummins India Ltd for a month. I have successfully completed the internship. I owe a lot to the foundation for its support to me from the very frst year. It has given me many additional attributes as a person that helped me in every way through its various technical as well as non-technical programs factory visits that gave a close view of the company working etc. I want to thank you and dad from the bottom of my heart to help me reach this stage. I will have fnal campus placements in July and I want your blessings with me. I promise you that will not let you down. Thank you so much for everything. Love u loads. Samrudhi Kulkarni LG-2012 Dear Mom Wish you a very happy mother’s day. M- For the million things she gave me.... O- For shes growing old.... T- For the tears she shed to save me.... H- for heart of purest gold.... E- For her eyes with love-light shining.... R- For she is always right and always is.... Thank you mom for being part of my life.... I received my birthday gift too. It’s really helpful for my career. I would defnitely read and follow the book. Thanks a lot. Your loving daughter Chaitrali Nalawade LG-2012

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17 Hi Mom I am a Lila Girl 2014. My name is Shubhangi Somanath Kulthe. I am studying in the frst year B. Pharmacy. How are you mom I have just fnished my theory exams and practical exams will end by26 th May. All the programs arranged by the foundation were awesome and we all are thankful to you to arrange such programs for us. Each program gives us a new experience and a chance to develop our self. I will inform foundation offce as soon as my exams results are out. Love you mom and dad. Take care Feelings Dear Mom and Dad I hope this letter fnds you both in perfect health and happiness. There is not a single day that passes without the thought of you both. And like each time I sit to write to you today again I am falling short of words to express my heartfelt gratitude. All I can say is a BIG THANK YOU I also wish to let you know how great I felt to receive your thoughtful gift on my Birthday. Thanks Mom Dad. I dived straight to the page which read Lila Poonawalla absorbed every single word and then read out to the ones in my team too. Felt extremely proud and blessed to be a part of the enormous and extra ordinary life you both chose Mom and Dad in your letter to me it was the handwritten note that I went through again and again. Work wise I am doing good I do not wish to sound fattery of fowery- but just want to let you know that you both mean tons to me. You both have a big part in getting me here- where I stand this day Thank You. Julit John LG-2010 Hi Mom How are you This time Im writing this mail to tell you about my exam result. Ive scored 76.6 in second year B.Sc. fnal exams and I came 1 st in microbiology subject in my class. I want to tell you that this was possible just because of you the scholarship you are giving is just not supporting me fnancially but it also strengthen my motive to achieve more and more success in life. The foundation does not just give money but at the same time you are giving us love and direction to our life. Thank you so much Mom and Dad. Divya Shah LG-2013 Hello Mom and Dad I am Sayali Kamble. I am Lila Fellow-2013. I completed my M.Sc.Computer Science this year. I am very happy to share this good news with you that I have been selected for YOB India Pvt. Ltd. Baner as Software Engineer-Trainee. I had completed my academic internship in that company for six months. On the basis of my performance they decided to continue me as an employee from July 2015. This was possible only because of your guidance instructions and blessings for me. You arranged most of workshop related to career guidance etiquette in corporate life etc. that helped me a lot to improve my performance during my internship period. I also completed spoken English class last year June2014 to October 2014 under Mrs. Shilpa Vora this course helped me to communicate very confdently in offce. I will give my best performance in this company and try to cross each step of successful career. I am very lucky that to be a part of LPFs sweet family. Love You So Much Dad and Mom.... Your Lovingly Daughter Sayali LF-2013

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18 Feelings Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. I loved it a lot. You and Dad are always the frst one to wish me "happy birthday". I am very grateful to god for making me a part of LPF Family who are with me with my pros and cons. You were you are and you will always be my role model. Thank you very much for the blessings and love. Thank you for being with me. Once again thank you very much for such a lovely gift. Yours obediently Puja Jadhav LG-2011 Dear mom AmB©² Ka gwQV§ nU AmRdU HYrM gwQV Zmhr OrdZmV ""AmB© ZmdmM§ nmZ HYrM ‘QV Zmhr gmam OÝ‘ MmbyZ nm` Ooìhm WHyZ OmVmV eodQÀ`m œmgmamoa AmB© hoM eãX amhVmV.... ‘mV¥XZmÀ`m ‘Z…nyd©H ewoÀNm..... Thank You for being my beautiful mom. Nisha Gajare LG-2010 Dear Mom Youre a wonderful mother So gentle yet so strong. The many ways you show care Always make me feel I belong. Youre tolerant when Im foolish You give guidance when I ask It seems you can do most anything Youre the master of every task. Youre a dependable source of comfort Youre my cushion when I fall You help in times of trouble. You support me whenever I call. I love you more than you know You have my total respect. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Love you both. Sanvedna Khaire LG-2013 Dear Mom Happy Mothers Day ...........U r the best. With love Farheen Khan LG-2012 Lila Mom no matter how hard we try some things just do not go out of our minds and keep us frustrating and stinging us every day. I tried to write something on such incidences hope you like it... It was the month of spring as always.... The usual sun the fowers on the ground And the trees all dried up as always.... With all the serenity and innocence She began to walk the way as always..... Behind the sun remained hidden the souls of the darks Completely destroyed in their own masculinity as always... Those steps of despaired anxiety and fake beliefs Walking towards her crushing the blossoms of the spring She never thought of this as always.... The usual sun began to turn dark as they came And the song of the wind suddenly turned to a moan She knew something was wrong as always.... Too late to run and too late to fght She surrendered to their might as always..... Again a fower was crushed and a spell was cast To degrade the humanity at the lowest And tear a soul once again apart They tortured her body and killed her soul..... With an oath to stab the humanity in the back They never hesitated to chew her skeleton off What was left behind was a despaired hope and a silent wish to never take a birth here again As always.... Spruti Radgirkar LG-2012

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19 Making Of Next Generation A ryan Pradnya Amit Kashikar is a son of Lila fellow Mrs. Pradnya Harkare-Kashikar LF-2001. Pradnya is a committee member of undergraduate board. Aryan is an inquisitive child who is excellent in academics. He has achieved 10 th rank at State Level in Maharashtra Olympiad Examination. He likes to draw play chess and solve puzzles. He is interested in performing experiments and wants to acquire knowledge about space robots etc. He has successfully completed “Hobby Electronics Workshop for juniors” conducted by Computer Society of India CSI Pune Chapter. T risha Umesh Belitkar is daughter of Vandana Belitkar LF-2002. Vandana is committee member of Engineering Diploma and Science undergraduate committee. Trisha currently studying 4 th standard in Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir school. Trisha started showing her talents since very early childhood. She received best student award in her playgroup class. She also participated in a Fashion Show conducted by School Of Fashion Technology Students which had dress designing theme of uniform. On 23 rd March 2014 Trisha’s drawing was featured in Sakal Balmitra Aryan has also entered into the Mastering level of Abacus conducted by Horizon – Abacus Education and Mental Arithmetic. He has bagged the prize for “Good Conduct” and “SU-DO-KU” Competition for this academic year conducted by Symbiosis Primary School. He has also completed 3 levels of “Jolly-Read and Write”- International Phonics programme from Brainstorm International Academy with outstanding grades Aryan likes to solve Rubik’s Cube and enjoys playing Volleyball. He also loves to make simple machines such as pulley spaceship and fountains from the waste materials. newspaper. She has participated in State Council Chess Championship. Trisha received bronze medal in International English Olympiad IEO. She is Yellow belt in Taekwondo. She has even passed the 10 th level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Test. She is learning kathak under the guidance of Guru Gauri Swakul LF-2002 and a senior disciple of Guru Maneesha Sathe. Trisha has got frst class at the exams held by Akhil Gandharav Mahavidyala Praveshika Pratham exam. Trisha has bagged second prize in the State Level Classical dance competition in which she performed duet along with her cousin sister. S wanandi is daughter of Dr. Harshada Babrekar LF- 2001 PA- 2009. Harshada is associated with the foundation actively since 13 years and now working as Chief Editor of Inspira. Swanandi as per her name is happy go lucky and enjoys every moment of life and spreads happiness to all. She is just 5 years old now and progressing towards small achievements at the start itself. She received her 1 st prize in Fancy Dress competition in life when she was just 11 months. She received 1 st consolation prize in running at the age of 2 years. She is recipient of ‘General Profciency Award’ for 2 years consecutively during her pre-schooling. She stood 1 st in school for Nursery and Junior KG classes in writing and vocabulary examinations. She loves to have new things in life and has proved successfully by receiving 2 nd prize in Fancy Dress competition in pre-school. Swanandi performed her frst stage show of bollywood dance in the month of February 2015. It’s very diffcult to believe that Swanandi is equally good and interested in the cooking of 3-4 dishes on her own. She has also learnt almost 45-50 sholkas in Sanskrit and Marathi by heart. Recently she had participated in the ‘2 nd International Bhagwatgeeta Chanting Competition – 2015’. Swanandi has also been selected for national level drawing competition from her ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Chhabriya Nursery School’.

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20 Young Achievers Have a goal in life Take the challenges of your life. Then you will reach out to your goals. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Our young achievers are stepping towards achievements. A mruta Shashikant Nagtlak LG- 2011 is born and bought up in Pune Maharashtra. She did her schooling from the Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha Karvenagar following which she atended the prestgious Lakshmanrao Apte Junior College. Completed her engineering from Cummins college in Electronics and Telecommunicaton. Having opted for the vocatonal stream Amruta had already created a comprehensive base for her favourite stream. A conscientous and zealous student Amruta did exceptonally well in her academics. Getting through a good college like Cummins was all golden and dandy but arranging for the fnances was anything but “We had many things running through our minds getting an education loan was frst on that priority list but my insuffcient family income would prove to be detrimental to that. My father is a worker in a private engineering frm so getting a loan on his meager salary was next to impossible. A little while after scraping all of my father’s savings our acquaintance friends and family members took notice of my fnancial hurdles and decided to pitch in for my 1 st year of college. It was at that very moment when my brother too wanted to pursue his MBA but decided to push back his masters till I completed my bachelors since it would have been impossible for us both to pursue expensive courses simultaneously. He decided to work and support me in my graduation. After which I could start working and he would continue with his education” Says an emotionally charged Amruta. With the fnancial troubles behind she saw a poster for the Lila Poonawalla Foundation on the notice board. The call from LPF was an as Amruta likes to call it “A life altering moment everything from that point forward has been an awesome awesome journey ” . Everything about her four year relationship with LPF is still fresh in her mind. From the industrial visits to Harbinger and Seco Tools to the fve week training programme with Capgemeni on cracking personal interviews and group discussions is still etched in her mind. “We learned wonderful new things every day which we otherwise may not have had the opportunity to learn about. On one hand the industrial visits helped me understand the technicalities of how an industry works. On the other hand we learned about public speaking and offcial communication. One thing I remember vividly was our English teacher she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to her knowledge about the English language. Her command over spoken English was off course incomparable but more than that she seemed to know any and everything be it about the different countries cultures languages and even different cuisines. It was an awesome experience it was just fantastic giving us an insight into the superb world of the English language” says a mesmerized she. She is glad to be working at Infosys but feels like she has drifted away from her core area of interest- Electronics. Right now her only goal is to work as hard as she can so that she can make her family feel secure and stable. Once she is convinced that her family is secure Amruta will go back to focus on her own personal goals. She wants to do something meaningful for the country and she believes she can do so by getting into the Indian Electronic Services IES electronics is the base of IES IT and general awareness is secondary. Before concluding a vivacious Amruta remembers her LPF Family. “I can’t even imagine that and that is how Lila Mom and Firoz Dad would want it. I will always be associated with them how can I not” she quickly retorts. “You know the frst gift I get on my birthday is from LPF. They are my family and off course I will be in touch with them”. “The biggest asset for me is my Education” says Apurwa Gundarkar LF-2013. Everyone knows that hard times make you more capable of dealing with everything life throws your way. When you go through bad times you know who your friends really are. When you come across tough times you learn from them and fnd out where your strength and support really comes from. Apurwa has always followed what her father said “Do good to others and good will happen with you”. Apurwa is a Pune-girl who began her education in Pune from Mount Carmel Convent High School. Her parents had always encouraged her to work hard and live an honest life. It was their support and trust which helped her to realize her dream.

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21 Young Achievers Architecture and Urbanism from Architectural Associaton in London. Riddhi is a part of family of four born in Pune and is now currently in London and has been there for past 5 years. She never faced any particular diffculties being a woman and that’s only and only because her parents were always very supportive. They believe that education is the most important thing in life and they themselves went through a lot to make sure that Riddhi and her brother studied in the best institutions. Her parents made her an extremely independent woman since she was very young and let her try everything in life and learn from her own experiences. Before talking about anything else and before sharing the details of her struggle so far and her success story Riddhi is eager to talk about whatever Lila Poonawalla Foundation has done for her. In particular she is keen on talking about Lila Mom and Firoz Dad who have been instrumental in her success professionally as well as personally. She has mentioned that “Apart from the scholarship I received for my higher studies in London Mom and Dad always kept in touch came to meet me when they were in London and always encouraged me to go ahead in life”. She is extremely fortunate to have such mentors to look up to. Riddhi dedicated whatever little she had achieved in life so far to her parents her brother Lila Mom and Firoz Dad for their unprecedented support always. Through the course of her educational journey there were many things that did not seem to be in Riddhi’s favor. Yet things somehow seemed to work out for the best making her the working professional she is today. She is working with one of the biggest design frms in the world with about 5000 employees and offces in 43 locations around the world. Mostly she works on hospitality projects but is expertise in Digital Architecture and has worked extensively onfacade design using smart computational design tools. Recently she won an award for Best Conceptual Project category for her project “London Underline” in the London Planning Awards 2015 which are hosted by Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Apart from that Riddhi has been selected for the emerging leadership program called “NextGen” by Gensler where they select 24 candidates from across all the offces for a 6 month training program in the USA for young leaders. Her only strong message to the girls is “Never let go of your dreams and ambitions. It might not be easy but it’s never impossible. If you really like something and want to do something do it irrespective of what obstacles you might face because in the end it will all be worth it”. She pursued her Electrical Engineering from J.S.C.O.E Pune and aspired to pursue Masters Degree from USA. But due to economic diffculties she could not fnd her way out. One fne morning she found Lila Poonawalla Foundation which in joint collaboration with Hartford University USA announced special scholarships for female engineering students to pursue Masters Degree in engineering and she was the lucky one to fulfll all the criteria set by the foundation. As quoted by our Late. Dr . APJ Abdul Kalam “A turning point is required in every life” this opportunity turned her life completely. Apurwa says “It was by Lila Mom’s grace I was able to fulfll my dream. She has been kind like a mom and strict like dad when needed and now it’s my turn to make my Mom feel proud by being a responsible daughter and showing gratitude by helping my fellow LPF sisters”. Completing her Masters from Hartford University she gained confdence and improved her communication skills on global basis. Currently Apurwa is learning few software tools and targeting to see herself as a senior Electrical Engineer in the coming year. She also wishes to enhance her experience and knowledge for a few years and inculcate it in India. When she applied to study Masters in Electrical Engineering at University Of Hartford she was aware that she would be challenged to expand her mind. The university stressed on practical exposure and gave her hands on experience in designing her own circuits building them practically testing and running them successfully. She had learnt about the software related to electrical and electronic and recommends such software in our Indian education system too which will defnitely help our country’s development. She maintained a high GPA to get Graduate Assistantship and Teacher Assistantship. She also got an opportunity to work under the department of Chairperson. The highlight of her academic experience was when she was selected as an Instructor and taught three batches of undergraduate students an electronic design tool called Quartus. That gave confdence which boosted her spirit to face complex challenges. Apurwa gave all this credit to Lila Mom as just because of her she is where she is and ready to take of on an exciting fight. W orking as an Architect in Gensler an Architecture and Design frm Riddhi Parakh LF-2009 has fulflled her and her parents’ dream. Riddhi smiles at the number of things that make her feel warm and proud one of them being the fact that she completed her Masters in

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22 T ejashree Ghagde LG-2010 is an example of how the Lila Poonawalla Foundaton is helping young under-privileged girls to make their lives beter. Tejashree has never had the childhood blessing of being able to have both parents’ love and support as her parents got divorced when she was just 6 months old. Born in Satara district Tejashree has always lived with her mother. She did her schooling from Modern School in Vashi where she and her mother stayed with her mother’s elder brother. They then shifted to Satara and stayed there with her grandfather till she completed her HSC. Tejashree has completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Modern College of Engineering MESCOE Pune. She has done her fnal year project in Security in Computer Networks. She got placed in Composites Software solutions as a Software Trainee and worked there for 3 months July to September 2013. Then she cleared VITMEE entrance examination and got admission in "VIT Vellore Institute of Technology" for ‘M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering’ course. She also applied for the PG scholarship in LPF which she received hence becoming a Lila Fellow. Recently she has been selected for 12 month internship in Netapp formerly Network Application is an American computer storage and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale California. It is a member of the NASDAQ-100 ranked on the Fortune 500 for the frst time in 2012. Netapp was founded by David Hitz Michael Malcolm and James Lau in year 1992. Tejashree was always an average student since school but she was well aware of the responsibilities and burdens on her mother. Her mother works in ARK Company and is always doing her best to give Tejashree a good life. Tejashree adores and respects her mother immensely for supporting her. When she heard of the LPF scholarship through college she immediately applied for it as she did not want to burden her mother further with her education as she knew her income was limited. She feels immensely blessed to have been selected by LPF . Getting to know Lila Mom and all the Foundation fellows has changed Tejashree’s life. She is now greatly inspired to become independent and bold like Lila Mom. Not only has her fnancial burden been reduced but she has also got a chance to develop her personality and become a better person. She loves to attend all the workshops and programs held by LPF . She enjoyed the workshop on ‘Enhance your Employability’ and learned a lot of practical skills through it. Also the visits to KPIT Cummins helped her understand how work is actually carried out and gave her a better perspective on how to be a good Engineer. She is thankful for her life now post being a part of LPF and will always owe it to Lila Mom for guiding and nurturing her towards a greater life. She has learnt from the Foundation that with the help and blessing of people around you anyone can make their life better they should only be able to motivate themselves and work hard and the rest is taken care of. Young Achievers She is life member of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India APTI. She has published more than 17 national and international publications in peer reviewed journals and has published a book on Anatomy Physiology and Health Education Book Gujarat Technical University. M s. Deepa K. Ingawale LF-2008 and PA-2011 is presently working as an Assistant Professor Pharmacology at STES’s Sinhgad Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Lonavala since 2010. She is graduated from R. D. College of Pharmacy Bhor Pune and post graduated from AISSMS College of Pharmacy Pune. She is a gold medalist from Pune University for being topper in B. Pharmacy in 2005. She is perusing PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Nirma University Ahmadabad. She is recipient of various awards such as Indian Drug Manufacture Association IDMA Award Indian Pharmaceutical Association’s IPA award Sir Ratan Tata Trust’s Scholarship and Summer Research Fellowship Lucknow In News....

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23 In News.... Workshops M s. Sayali Shende conducted Soft Skill program. She has more than 12 years of professional experience across the globe primarily in the USA in the banking sector. She is presently associated with many companies as a brand strategist trainer and writer. She was a Radio Jockey on FM in New Jersey USA. E ach one of us is concerned about how we can utilize our memory in a productive manner and how to understand simple logic when it comes down to mapping. In order to learn few mind mapping techniques and steps to being creative and innovative Lila Poonawalla Foundation organized a training program. SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT Sanchi Gawali LG-2013 has expressed her views about the program. Ms Sayali taught a lot of things which are to be practiced in our day to day life. “Focus on your strength don’t waste time in developing your faws” were the most beautiful and meaningful lines said by her. These were the appropriate words to lead a happy go and successful life. Henry Ford said "If you think you can or you think youre not youre right" and this is what actually happens because we are what we think we are Also those 90 things occurring in our lives are due to the 10 of action done by us or our attitude. Few more beautiful things she told us were Watch your "Defnitions" they become "Thoughts" Watch your "Thoughts" they become "Words" Watch your "Words" they become "Action" Watch your "Actions" they become "Destiny". The Values which are moral ethical and professional attributes of our own character which were divided into personal and cultural values also came to know about the time management with the help of “Time Management Matrix". They are in 4 categories to manage our time and prioritize things: • Necessity: things which are important urgent • Effectiveness: things which are important but not urgent • Deception: things which are not important but urgent • Waste and Excess: things which are neither urgent nor important. Thank you dear Mom and Dad for giving us these beautiful opportunities which will for sure help us leading a better life. - Sanchi Ashokrao Gawali LG-2013 MIND MAPPING Mr. Pavan Bhattad is India’s frst triple certifed Think Buzan Licensed Instructor TLI. He is Trained by Tony Buzan inventor of Mind Maps Nobel Prize nominee Trained by Phil chambers chief arbiter world memory championships Speed Reading expert. He is a Thinking Coach and a Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping Creativity and Innovation Memory Speed reading. Anjum Patel LF-2014 feels Mind Mapping is a simple technique for drawing information in diagrams instead of writing it in sentences. The diagrams always take the same basic format of a tree with a single starting point in the middle that branches out and divides again and again. Another technique is by highlighting the important words by using different colour pens in our daily work. The workshop focused on the important ingredients for every one’s life be it personal or professional. Everyone has a problem in remembering the formulas theories and principles but these simple techniques helped us memorize things in no time. Each session of the program was very valuable remarkable and accommodating. Thanks you Mom and Dad for organising such programs for us. - Anjum Patel LF-2014

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24 Workshops W omen Empowerment program helped to build a strong community of women leaders on campus providing them with opportunities for dialogue service networking and refection. The objective the workshop was teach LFs how to make balance between work and personal family life to learn problem solving techniques are work place and personal life to make working women more strong to face challenges with a smile on her face to develop effective decision-making skills to improve negotiation techniques. Tarafdar ma’am not only told us about women empowerment but also focused on overall women health. She made us aware about breast cancer which is big cause of women death in India but she taught us to face this problem by giving important tips so that we can fght against it. So overall this workshop was a great experience. We girls learnt a lot and went home highly inspired. - Priya Takawale LF-2013 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT This workshop will be conducted by Mrs. Parvin Tarafdar. She had done BA Honors in Economics Graduate Post Graduation in Master in Personnel Management and Human Resources Development with specialization in Industrial Security Management systems and Total Quality Management Systems. She provides consultancy and Training and Development service to organization on Total Quality Management Systems implementation and People CMM certifcation Processes and ion Soft skills and on Management development programs. The full day session which was altogether different experience than rest of the workshops. Because of the whole session I think I could fnd the hidden power within me. Ma’am started the session by giving live examples and stories of powerful leading ladies which were really encouraging that time I felt that if these ladies can fght for their rights and can prove themselves then why can’t I Then onwards I started fnding my strengths and my potential. She conducted some group activities through which we were able to share our problems discuss and fnd solutions. This enabled us to learn that even though we have problems and hurdles in our path we ourselves are the path fnder’s for our goal. In the workshop we saw some video clips on meditation and learned to do this meditation which was mind refreshing and actually it is helping me in improving my concentration capacity. M r. Uday Oak is the Founder Director of Acuminate Consulting and Technologies Private Limited and COO of FinIQ Consulting I Private Limited Pune. He is also a corporate trainer conducting programs on Communication Skill Presentation Skills Group Behaviour Stress Management personality development and logical analysis etc. This program helped to focus on aptitude test preparation group discussion preparation resume writing personal interview preparation. PLACEMENTS IN IT INDUSTRY The program covered the topics like interview cracking group discussions and resume writing. Mr Uday Oak discussed the meaning of career development and also the approach to be kept while seeking a job. He shared his experiences with us which were very useful for us. He told us the key components while writing a resume while facing an interview and group discussions. He interacted with all of us and cleared our doubts. This program was benefcial for not only IT people but for people working in different felds. I got a direction to build a successful career. This program was indeed very valuable and gave us a positive view on how to succeed in landing ourselves a good job. Thanks a lot Mom - Priyanka Kulkarni LF-2014

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25 Workshops E nglish language profciency and communication skills are keys to success your career. It is for this reason that LPF organized English language courses for LFs. The teachers of Symbiosis college have conducted this course in Symbiosis ELTIS centre. This course was sponsored by Faurecia Interior Systems India Pvt Ltd. T he career orientation program “Success Keys for Cracking Interview” was organized in association with Barclays Technology Centre at Barclays premises. This one day program was conducted by the senior executives of Barclays. 45 Lila Girls participated in this workshop. The workshop mainly focused on improving the skills of preparing for interviews and also for resume writing. Barclays Team gave their best to all Lila Girls in very comfy relationship. While interview Girls shared all their problems with the Barclays Team and the team cleared their doubts. A detailed description was given by Barclays Team about the correct way of Communication and Resume Writing: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENT COURSE 20 Lila Girls were selected through an interview process for this course. The duration of the program was for 4 months 3 Days in a Week. Each girl was getting a chance to come forward so that they can try and speak in English. Teachers were helped them in building their confdence and helping to come out from their diffculties faced while speaking in English. The highlight of this program was the cosy conversation between Girls and their mentors. Apart from this the Girls also learnt the importance of proper pronunciation group discussions and face to face discussions and other language improving skills as well and also to interpret from the subtitles of the videos. The mentors helped in dealing with the hindrances and how to overcome the diffculties faced. The teachers conducting the program are very experienced which results in the increase of level of activities for improving English. The overall training was one full of eagerness not just that but it also presented a refreshing take on the professional as well personal aspects of life. The training program turned out to be immensely advantageous for the girls looking to learn the ropes of a workplace also to face the challenging world through the effective language skills and communicative competence. The program was well worth every second spent. Girls learned to Strive to be the best in whatever feld they choose to succeed in. Girls are perpetually grateful to LPF for giving this prospect. SUCCESS KEYS FOR CRACKING INTERVIEWS WORKSHOP Resume writing is the most important step in overall chances of securing a good job as it is our frst communication with the employer. Resume should be correct and this was the main point that was focused on by Barclays Team. While writing their resume Mr. SUHAS KIRLOSKAR and their Barclays Team guided to all Lila Girls on their mistakes and showed them where and how they had to correct them. In the interviewing skills session the trainers explained the girls the technique of cracking the interview how to greet the interviewers the dress code and many such important factors. Confdence is an integral part while facing the interview. Girls got an idea to answer a tricky question asked by the interviewer. After this mock interviews were conducted by the trainers. Each of Lila Girls got the opportunity to face an interview and improve their verbal skills and experience it which helped to boost confdence. The overall workshop was a great experience and all the Lila Girls got an opportunity to learn the technique of cracking the interview. This workshop gave the girls a chance to experience the actual company atmosphere by visiting Barclays premises and interacting with their senior executives. All girls express their gratitude to Mom Dad and the entire staff of the foundation as well as Barclays Team for arranging this wonderful and a very important workshop and giving them the opportunity to learn these things.

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26 Hands on Knowledge of machinery at Seco Tools for Lila Girls Mathematics Classes by Faculty Mr. Dinesh V. Prabhu for Diploma LG-2012 Workshops M entor Together’ one of the Mentoring Institutes from Bangalore did a One– on-One Work Based Mentoring Program for our girls along with one of the corporates’ Amdocs. The vision of work based mentoring is to create capable and confdent employees of the future. 20 Lila Girls were selected from a group of over 40 girls through an interview process. This program duration was 8 months. Each girl met the mentor once a week during this period. There was also good communication between the mentor and mentees by phone. Mentoring is defned as a professional relationship in which an experienced person the mentor assists another the mentee in developing specifc skills and knowledge that will enhance the less- experienced person’s professional and personal growth. It is a powerful personal development tool. Mentoring is an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular tool. It is a partnership between two people mentor and mentee normally working in a similar feld or sharing similar experiences. The highlight of this program was the comfortable relationship shared by the Mentors and Mentee. Apart from the relationship aspect of a work culture the girls also got to know a host of other things such as the difference between a student’s life and a corporate life. The Mentor’s weekly session on empathy and sympathy was flled with real life instances and will stay with the girls for as long as they live. The Mentor’s gave a lot of valuable insights on their professional as well as personal life. The girls were also given information about placement activities project implementation academics as well the information about university syllabus exams and MS degree. The valuable pointers the Mentors gave were about dealing with the hindrances and how to overcome from the same dealing with the issues thrust upon in our daily life and differentiating between our personal and professional issues and dealing with it accordingly. Apart from these pearls of wisdom learning about the art of reacting behaving expressing how to get the things one has yearned for in life and how to best focus on studies. The overall training was full of enthusiasm not just that but it also presented a refreshing take on the professional as well as personal aspects of life. The training program turned out to be immensely benefcial for the girls looking to learn the ropes of a workplace. The program was well worth every second spent. Girls learned to Strive to be the best in whatever feld they choose to succeed in. Excel in their studies tackle the hindrances with great self-confdence and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Girls are eternally grateful to LPF for giving this opportunity. The Amdocs Mentor Together Program really was a wonderful learning curve for all. The Amdocs Mentorship Program Snippets ‘

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27 Snippets Industrial Visit to Hoerbiger at KoregaonBhima and Kondhapuri Plant Shikrapur organized for the engineering Lila Girls Ms. Anupama a member of the Wise Willow team giving the Lila Girls some pointers to think about Self Motivation Assessment in the Self Awareness Program Industrial Visit to Volkswagen at Chakan Plant sponsored by Barclays Company for the engineering Lila Girls The Lila Girls posing with “Ordinary to Extra Ordinary” Author and Trainer Mr. Minocher Patel at the conclusion of Motivational Etiquettes and Grooming program Lila Mom enjoying with girls in the camp organized by Science Park Savitribai Phule Pune University Lila Fellows got together and organised a picnic at Tikona Vitandgad a dominant hill fort in Maval in Western India

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28 Snippets Ms. Roma answering the queries raised by Lila Girls during the English Enhancement Course sponsored by the Faurecia Company at Symbiosis ELTICS Centre Lila Juniors and the team of Science Park SPPU posing for the snap Chief Editor : Dr Harshada Babrekar harshada98gmail.com Asst Editor : Prachi Divekar Rashmi Tare Sunetra Birajdar Umema Bohri Coordinator : Rita Shetiya | Crusaders : Gyatri Kshirsagar Priyanka Eratkar Sonali Patwe Pranali Tirkhunde Offce support: Radhika and Mayuri Kharche All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : http://www.lilapoonawallafoundation.com/html/inspira.html Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 www.lilapoonawallafoundation.com www.lilapoonawalla.com Editor’s Desk H elloooooo....... LPF has entered in 20 th year Wow... great... unbelievable So many years have passed but it still has same liveliness. This is just because of our Lila Mom Firoz Dad and the people who are involved directly or indirectly. Since 14 years I am associated with the foundation. I have observed and witnessed the growth of the foundation and the girls. Like our biological parents our Mom and Dad are committed towards our overall development and growth in many aspects. They are nurturing us by conducting various programs/ workshops. Even they give us platform to meet renowned delegates as well. The programs by Barclays and Amdocs defnitely make changes in our lives. Even Health Capsule guides us for keeping body ft and fne for development and progress. From this issue we are introducing new column ‘Making of Next Generation’. It will be focusing the kids of the girls of LPF. This column will defnitely boost kids to do best ahead. Everything went on well in last quarter except sad demise of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I do remember I was in few selected girls who visited Rashtrapati Bhavan in 2010 he was President on India then. His pat for my work in the area of defence is unforgettable. Another meet with him in Pune is memorable. May his sole rest in peace. Show must go on Let us have enjoyable year of the foundation. I would like to say girls ‘do participate in large number in various events.’ Let us together make the best. With so many things to report in Inspira we also have to work constantly. Yes we will and will do it Till next issue we will be in contact through various events..... - Dr. Harshada Babrekar Chief Editor

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