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From My Heart... Vol. No. 49 June 2017 The Foundation Newsletter My Dear daughters friends and well wishers W e are now in the midst of 2017. Half year has gone by. Time just fies. We start on 22 nd year of existence. What a beautiful exciting and happy journey it has been LPF offce is humming with activities. All staff is working very enthusiastically preparing for yet another successful year. They need to work SMART and effciently as the work load has increased tremendously. Many girls are coming for their claims from 11 th standard to PG. Our frst batch of 12 th has just got their results. Almost all the girls have passed and many with distinctions. They are now totally engrossed in seeking admissions for various courses engineering medical dentist nursing science commerce biomedical hospitality you name it and they are making an effort to realize their dreams with LPF support and our mentoring and guidance. Around 100 Lila Seniors are moving on to become Lila Girls. We are awaiting the Board Exam results of the third batch of our 10 th standard Lila Juniors. I am confdent that they too will do well and make us proud. We have completed the selection of the 7 th batch of our school program 2Morrow2Gether. Close to 400 additional girls have joined our family. We have also completed the selection of 24 Peace Ambassadors who would be leaving for UK in early August to have value based training not only in wholesome Leadership but in how to meet lifes challenges. They would learn self refection how to identify our unknown unrecognized gifts which we normally take for granted without even realizing that these are special rewards. Developing empathy fostering positive relationships and many life learning lessons so as to return back as more responsible caring individuals understating their role in executing their social responsibilities. They are in the process of making Passports and visas. We are continuously in touch with Mrs. Zerbanoo Gifford as to how we can achieve the best of desired results from our past experiences. The selection process of our UG and PG will start in July 2017. Total number of new girls we have planned to add in these categories would be almost 1200. This will include girls from Wardha Amravati and Nagpur along with Pune district. I must appreciate here the dedication with which the Advisory Board Trustees selection committees school committees and the staff are working to make this foundation a unique one. From our last 21 years of experience we are continuously upgrading and refning our procedures so as to serve the society more effectively. In last issue of Inspira I have stressed on the importance of continuous learning and Training specially training in soft skills behavioral skills self Defense empathy time and stress management etiquettes and communication and many more important and necessary workshops and programs. . I really hope all of you have realized the importance of participation in these. If due to some reason you have not start now. It is never too late. In the last Five months from 1 st January to 31 st May we have conducted 52 workshops/ training programs in 20 different topics and believe me or not we have had almost 1760 participate in these programs. Besides these programs which are for Lila Girls and Lila Fellows we do a number of programs for Lila Juniors and Lila Seniors. Reported in separate newsletter of 2Morrow2Gether. To all those who have completed their courses this academic year let me extend my wholehearted congratulations and my very best wishes to you. I wish you the best of the best in your journey forward and I hope you make a substantial contribution not only to yourself your family including your extended LPF family your community but also to your country and the world at large. You have crossed yet another milestone in your life. What Next You feel a bit restless a bit concerned happy and apprehensive many mixed emotions and in short you can call this excitement the spark within you that makes you feel truly alive. Alive with dreams for tomorrow. What does the world hold for you You are soon going to step into this new world a world full of unexpected happenings. Develop a habit of continuous learning. Constantly ask yourself what new skills and competencies will be needed. Begin working on them. The greatest beneft of your current education lies not only in what you have learnt but working on how to continue to learn. For- mal education is the beginning of the journey of learning. You have to constantly learn about people and how to interact effectively with them. In the world of tomorrow only those individuals and organizations will succeed who have mastered the art of rapid and on-going learning.

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2 From My Heart... Never compromise on fundamental values. Look ahead be self confdent and have the best around you. Be committed to quality and play to win. Have a Vision and ebullience perseverance tenacity and a bias for action. You also need attitude and above all passion speed and imagination. As you continue your journey one thing you can count on the rules of the game are going to change. Make sure youre the one changing them. Remember always that “Winners do not do different things they do things differently". Reminds me of a story which I would like to share with all of you. Many hundreds of years ago in a small Italian town a merchant had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to the moneylender. The moneylender who was old and ugly fancied the merchants beautiful daughter so he proposed a bargain. He said he would forgo the merchants debt if he could marry the daughter. Both the merchant and his daughter were horrifed by the proposal. The moneylender told them that he would put a black pebble and a white pebble into an empty bag. The girl would then have to pick one pebble from the bag. If she picked the black pebble she would become the moneylenders wife and her fathers debt would be forgiven. If she picked the white pebble she need not marry him and her fathers debt would still be forgiven. They were standing on a pebble-strewn path in the merchants garden. As they talked the moneylender bent over to pick up two pebbles. As he picked them up the sharp-eyed girl noticed that he had picked up two black pebbles and put them into the bag. He then asked the girl to pick her pebble from the bag. What would you have done if you were the girl Careful analysis concludes three possibilities: 1. The girl should refuse to take a pebble. 2. The girl should show that there were two black pebbles in the bag and expose the moneylender as a cheat. 3. The girl should pick a black pebble and sacrifce herself in order to save her father. This story should enable you to appreciate the difference between lateral and logical thinking. Read on... Type girl put her hand into the moneybag and drew out a pebble. Without looking at it she fumbled and let it fall onto the pebble-strewn path where it immediately became lost among all the other pebbles. "Oh how clumsy of me" she said. "But never mind if you look into the bag for the one that is left you will be able to tell which pebble I picked." Since the remaining pebble is black it must be assumed that she had picked the white one. And since the moneylender dared not admit his dishonesty the girl changed what seemed an impossible situation into an advantageous one. “Most complex problems do have a solution sometimes we have to think about them in a different way". With this I would like to wish all the best life has to offer you all. Go out into the world stretch your arms and reach out for the stars. REMEMBER YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT TO IF YOU WILL TO. The BEST HELPING HAND IS AT THE END OF YOUR OWN ARM. Good luck and God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers In Appreciation Snehal Hurshad LG - 2012 Rs. 5000 Neha Rohan Rawte LF - 2006 Rs. 10000 Sana Rashid Sayyed LF - 2001 Rs. 20000 Sonal Kailas Mohite LF - 2012 Rs. 15000 Rutuja Sudhir Ladkat LG - 2010 Rs. 10000 Tejashree Ghadge LG - 2010 Rs. 10000

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3 Artist in Me Mr. Navle Nirupama Navle LF - 2004 Rs. 1000 Mr. A.R. Nikumbh Kanchan Nikumbh LF - 1997 Rs. 100000 Aparna Eratkar Priyanka Eratkar LF-2010 PA - 2012 Rs. 8000 Akanksha Pandharkame LG-15 C.E.S Chaitanya Eng Medium School LJs-2014 Kartiki GhanteLJ-2016 In Appreciation - Parents

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4 "B e positive work hard and work smart because that is what will take you a long way. But at the same time have fun and live your life to the fullest and do what makes you happy". This quote perfectly suits our Priyanka Gite LF- 2007. Priyanka is a Software Engineer by profession. She is very passionate about Travelling and exploring new places. She strongly believes that there is a lot to learn from nature and the people around. Priyanka was born and brought up in Navi Mumbai. She lived with her maternal relatives throughout her school life after her parents passed away. She moved to Pune and stayed with her aunt for her graduation. She does not forget to express her gratitude towards her family her aunt and 5 uncles who have treated her like their own. They always believed her and supported her in her education. Two years ago she got married and moved to USA. She loves to cook and travel. She is also a foodie and loves to try different cuisines. Usually she and her husband spend their weekends exploring new hiking trails and fnding new places to eat on their way back home. Priyanka pursued her Bachelors of Commerce Accounting and Taxation from the University of Pune and ranked 3 rd in the University. She also did her Masters in Computer management with 6th rank in the University. Apart from that she also holds a Diploma in German language. Besides academics Priyanka is also an excellent sportsperson. She was a runner-up at the Interschool Badminton Championship and a winner at Interschool Throw ball Championship. Priyanka got associated with LPF when she was pursuing her Masters. She needed fnancial assistance for her education. Her family supported her decision of taking an educational loan. At the same time she heard about Lila Poonawalla Foundation and applied for a scholarship. Soon she learnt that she had missed the deadline. So she tried again next year and received the scholarship. Priyanka says "LPF is the best thing that happened to me in the most important years of my life. The process we go through for receiving the LPF scholarship is wonderful. I remember when I was working on my write-up for the application that was the frst time I thought about what do I want to do in future and how should I shape my career. And all the amazing workshops for Lila Fellows each and every workshop that I attended has made me a more positive person." When it comes to travelling Priyanka is an adventurous person. She along with her husband follow many groups on social media and read lots of articles related to travel food and adventurous activities to get more information. Channel Islands Hawaii The Wave Havasupai are a few of the places that she does not forget to mention. “Channel Islands a National Park comprising 5 ecologically rich islands off the Southern California coast is a delightful break from the congestion and clamour of urban life and a wonderful place to hike camp and even go kayaking or snorkelling. When we think of Hawaii the frst thing that comes to mind is relaxing on a beach sipping your drink. That was my frst impression too until I started searching for the things to do in Hawaii. Hawaii is an archipelago of 8 major islands. I visited Big Island and Maui. Although Maui was beautiful with breath-taking beaches and unique black sand formed by the lava ash we were thrilled about our adventure of swimming with the Manta Rays and hiking up to a lava feld and watching lava up close. The Big Island provides a unique one of a kind experience where they take you out to the sea where they put bright lights under the water which attracts plankton and the manta rays who love to eat planton A 16 feet manta ray swimming around you just makes you realize how beautiful nature can be. On the other hand hiking to the lava feld was a challenge. Hiking into feet deep puddles of mud through a rainforest and you suddenly enter a barren hot feld where you experience how unforgiving and deadly nature can be. It truly was an once-in-a- lifetime experience. “ “One of the most breath-taking places is "The Wave". The Wave is a sandstone rock formation located in Arizona United States near its northern border with Utah. To preserve the area you need a permit to hike in the Coyotes Buttes To the Wave and limits only 20 people per day into this area. We couldn’t be more excited after we got selected in the lottery. Although the hike is not a big challenge but the trail which had insuffcient markers is an easy place to get lost. This was the frst time we couldnt rely on GPS and navigation but were preparing for some traditional hiking with a compass and a paper map learning visual signs to look for. Our most recent hike was to the Havasu Falls Arizona. Havasu Falls is an amazing paradise in the western Grand Canyon and there is truly no place like it on earth. Turquoise waterfalls spill into travertine pools creating this stunning oasis in the desert. This place is under Havasupai Indian reservation which are known for being the only continuous inhabitants of the Grand Canyon and they have lived here for over 800 years. The word Havasupai means “people of the blue-green water. This is a breath-taking hike of 23 miles round trip surrounded by beautiful sandstone canyons with a rich red hue ancient pictographs and the headwaters of Havasu Creek. This was a unique experience away from our digital lives- without internet or network in the valley of blue-green waters. ” Explorer contd on page 6

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5 H ello Friends in continuation earlier series of articles about cyber-crimes and cyber laws our next topic is to know about Intellectual Property Rights IPR which is an integral part of today’s cyber world. WTO – World Trade Organization and WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization plays a vital role in protecting intellectual work and mitigates crimes related to IPR. Intellectual property refers to the right over the intellectual work this work can be either artistic or commercial. The artistic works come under the category of copyright laws while the commercial ones also known as industrial properties are ruled by copyrights trademarks industrial design rights and trade secrets. Copyright laws deal with the intellectual property of creative works like books music software painting etc. Industrial properties cover those created and used for industrial or commercial purposes. As per WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization Convention “Intellectual Property shall include the rights relating to – literary artistic and scientifc works – performances of performing artists phonograms and broadcasts – inventions in all felds of human endeavor – scientifc discoveries – Industrial designs – trademarks service marks and commercial names and designations – protection against unfair competition And all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in industrial scientifc literary or artistic felds.” Major Intellectual Properties Source: D.V. Madhusudan Rao Lecturer - Dept. MBA School of Graduate Studies Jigjiga University ETHIOPIA Types of Intellectual Property: 1. Copyrights A copyright is a right conferred on the owner of a literary or artistic work. It is an exclusive right to control the publication distribution and adaptation of creative works. The right lies with the owner-cum-copyright holder for a certain period of time. You can copyright any of your creative work such as: Books Music Art Film Manuals Photographs Movies / videos Sculpture User Guides Logos if a logo is an expression and used for decorative purposes. Copyright gives right to the unique way to express an idea but not to the idea itself titles names catch phrases and short word combinations are not protectable by copyright. 2. Trademarks A trademark is a symbol which is generally used to identify a particular product which indicates its source. A trademark can be a combination of words phrases symbols logos designs images or devices used by an individual legal entity or business organization to distinguish their products from that of others. For example identifcation of the products of Nike Inc. through the logo this is embossed on the products. Once registered trademarks are protected legally and the owners can sue persons who use their trademarks. A trademark is identifed with a "TM". The common link is that a trademark is used to identify a specifc item product or brand. A service mark "SM" is very much like a trademark except that it identifes or distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product. Trademarks must be registered in each country where the item will be sold. The federal trademark registration lasts 15 years with 15-year renewal terms. 3. Patents Patents are rights related to new inventions. This right is conferred on persons who invent any new machine process article of manufacture or composition of matter biological discoveries etc. In order to grant a patent the invention should ft into the following criteria which may differ from country to country. In general the invention must be new inventive and should be useful or can be applied in industries. The person who receives a patent for his invention has an exclusive right to control others from making using selling or distributing the patented invention without permission. Generally the time limit of a patent is 20 years from the date of fling the application for the patent. Intellectual Property Rights Cyber Security

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6 Through a patent the government gives you the inventor and the right to exclude others from making using or selling your invention from the day the patent is granted. Inventions include processes equipment and manufacturing techniques. One can use own patent to make a proft by selling it licensing it or using it as an asset to negotiate funding. Patents can be Design patents or Utility patents and they do not cover any artistic or aesthetic qualities of an article. Unlike copyrights patents can only be obtained by registration. Criteria: • The invention must be new frst in the world. • It must be useful functional and operative. • It must show inventive ingenuity and not be obvious to someone skilled in that area. Patent must be obtained for protection in each country where owner wants protection. Patents are generally the most expensive forms of IP protection. 4. Industrial Design Rights Industrial Design protects the visual features of shape appearance confguration pattern or decoration or any combination of these features applied to a fnished article of manufacture . You are entitled to produce use rent sell or license a product that incorporates the design. Industrial design must be registered in each country in which the item will be sold. The protection lasts for a period of 10 years from the date of registration. However one must fle an application for industrial design protection within one year after it was frst adopted or else it is considered available for use by the public. 5. Trade Secrets Trade secrets are the designs practice formulae instrument processes recipes patterns or ideas which are used by a company to gain economic advantage over its competitors. The owner of a trade secret does not possess any right over anyone who gains access to that secret independently but he can prevent the use of trade secret by anyone who has learned it through the owner. For example an employer can protect trade secrets through contracts with his employees. It differs from other types of intellectual property because it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the secret and it is not protected through government policies. Once the trade secret is leaked it can be used by any person. 6. Geographical Indication of Goods Geographical Indication GI is an indication which identifes goods as agricultural goods natural goods or manufactured goods as originating or manufactured in the territory of country or a region or locality in that territory where a given quality reputation or other characteristic of such goods is essentially attributable to its geographical origin. GI need not be a geographical name E.g. Alphonso Basmati etc. Goods also include goods of handicraft or of industry and also foodstuff. In India geographical indications have to be registered. Geographical Indications Registry examines and publishes the application before registration. Registration is valid for 10 years but can be renewed indefnitely To conclude this topic I would say intellectual property has encouraged people to come up with indigenous creations as the law protects their right over their respective works. It can also offer some economic aid to the holder of the right through the monopoly of their creations. Thus it is very important to respect these rights and restrain from infringing them. In next few articles of this series we will read about how we can stay safe do’s and don’ts for internet users ways to protect your web access IT Act 2000 and legal provisions and much more Till then stay tuned stay SAFE and protect your innovations Pradnya Kashikar LF-2001 and Committee Member – Undergraduate Section Cyber Security She says “From cooking lunch on lava in Hawaii to capturing photos of Aurora Borealis Northern Lights in -30°C in Arctic Circle I have done lots of fun activities in past few years. I have been fortunate to live the most unique experiences be it swimming with Manta Rays hiking a glacier in Alaska scuba diving in Pacifc ocean kayaking to see ocean caves ride a dog sled or hike to see 200 million year old dinosaur tracks. And still there is so much to see and do. It is an ever growing list. I have had the opportunity to visit more than 25 National Parks in United States. Travelling gave me an opportunity to meet lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds. The Mesmerizing beauty of mother earth has taught me lot of things. I have learned to appreciate life and value of resources. I see many people around me trying hard to protect nature and preserve it for next generation. It has changed my point of view towards life. I remember a great quote from one the articles I read. It goes something like this ‘Travel while you are young. It humbles you enough to realize it’s not all about you’. One valuable lesson I have learned is the keep going no matter what - conditions might not be always be as you want you may be exhausted and tired or even start losing hope. But when you reach the destination you realize that every bit of pain you went through was totally worth it. And I have come to realize that it works every single time - be it a hike or any other milestone/incident/situation in our life." Her message to our Lila Fellows In order to stay happy and achieve a balance in professional as well as personal life she says "Do what you love. We cannot re-live the past or take back our actions. So live every moment and make every day count." Pranali Tirkunde LG-2013 and Rita Shetiya LF-2005 and PA-2011 contd from page 4

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7 Health Capsule Menstruation Hygiene and Management H uman body is a complex structure and there is mechanism behind every biological process. In this article you can learn more about the female reproductive system menstruation cycle hygiene and its management. The Female Reproductive System Every girl is born with two oval-shaped ovaries fallopian tubes and a uterus. These ovaries are present on either side of a uterus womb in the lowest part of abdomen called pelvis. The fallopian tubes are stretched from respective ovaries to the uterus. Both the ovaries contain thousands of eggs which are also called as ova. • This cycle happens almost every month for several years until a woman either gets pregnant or reaches menopause. • Generally the periods last for about the age of 45 to 55 years in women. The common symptoms linked to periods/ menstruation - • During the period/ menstruation most women and girls suffer from abdominal cramps nausea fatigue feeling pale may faint headache backache and general discomfort. • They may also experience emotional and psychological changes e.g. heightened feelings of sadness irritability or anger due to changing hormones. This varies from person to person and can change signifcantly over time. What is menstrual management • The menstrual fow varies from person to person. It might be heavy moderate or low but in any case a sanitary napkin has to be changed at least after 4 to 8 hours. • If one is using a tampon it should also be changed/ decanted at least every 4 to 8 hours. • Women and adolescent girls should use a clean menstrual management material to absorb or collect menstrual blood. Such materials can be changed in privacy and also should be washed with soap or water and disposed safely into the dustbin. • If the blood stained materials are disposed of directly there is risk of infecting others. • Women or girls should wash their hands after changing sanitary napkin or tampons that would avoid the spread of infections What is menstruation • The average age of girls to become sexually mature is 9 to 15 years. It is called as puberty stage. • During the puberty stage pituitary gland releases hormones that stimulate the ovaries to produce other hormones called estrogens and progesterone. These hormones have many effects on a girls body including physical maturation growth and emotions. • In a sexually mature woman a tiny egg leaves one of the ovaries and travels through one fallopian tube towards the uterus. During this time the hormone estrogens stimulate the uterus to build up its lining with extra blood and tissue making the walls of the uterus thick and cushioned. This happens to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. If the egg is fertilized by a sperm cell it travels to the uterus and attaches to the cushy wall of the uterus where it slowly develops into a baby. • If the egg isnt fertilized by sperm cell it doesn’t attach to wall of the uterus which results in to the shedding of extra tissue lining from uterus. These blood tissues and unfertilized egg leave the uterus going through the vagina out of the body. This is a menstrual period.

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8 Health Capsule Why is menstrual hygiene and management essential for girls and women 28 th May is celebrated as world menstrual hygiene day. Let us have a look at the aspects of hygiene. 1. There are high chances of bacterial infections if women or girls use dirty/unwashed clothes/ or blood soaked sanitary napkin/ tampons. Bacteria will start growing and travel through vagina entering to the uterine cavity to cause bacterial infection. 2. The wet sanitary napkin or prolong use of the same can cause skin irritation. Hence it is very important to change pads frequently. 3. Bacteria potentially have easier access to the cervix and the uterine cavity. Hence do not use any unclean material that could spread infection in to the vagina. 4. If girls or women wipe any materials back and forth there are high chances of introducing bacteria from bowel in to the vagina. 5. Unprotected sex would also increase risk of sexually transmitted infections during menstruation. How to dispose a used sanitary pad or a tampon or cotton • The sanitary napkin or clothes should be washed with hot water or soap water. • The sanitary napkin tissue or cotton or cloth should be wrapped into the paper. • Then it should be put into a plastic bag and thrown into the dustbin. How to keep yourself clean during your period • At least twice a day wash your genitals with soap and water. • Keep unused cloths and sanitary napkins clean for further use. • Pat the area dry with a cloth and put a fresh cloth or sanitary napkin on your underwear. - Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 and PA-2016 Q uality is of immense essence when you choose to buy any kind of a service or product. Similarly Quality also happens to be of utmost importance within the Pharmaceutical Industry. However the general meaning for the term Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry goes something like this “A Product that is free of any sort of contamination and delivers the desired therapeutic results as described on the label to the consumer is referred to as Pharmaceutical Quality”. The quality of the drug is measured In Vitro and In Vivo which is in correlation with one another. This comes under Quality by Design. Quality by Design is a critical part of the study of Pharmacology and any knowledge that can be shared on it can give you the much needed edge. Recently Snehal Patil LF 2010 and Research Scientist in LUPIN RD Department conducted a Training Session about this subject for the Lila Girls. The workshop happened to be a much needed booster for the LGs as it gave them an idea about the different aspects of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Trainer Ms. Quality by Design in Pharmaceutical Industry Snehal laid special emphasis on the Quality by Design part and the purpose it serves. The Trainer Ms. Patil had a special knack of explaining diffcult topics in an uncomplicated manner thus connected with the girls on a more personal level. She spoke passionately about the various career options within the industry and how one can go and choose the option that suits them the best. Ms. Patil also taught the girls about minimizing unwanted effects on the fnal products by evaluating risks minimizing other various parameters and synergizing the process. She also taught the girls quality concepts like QTTP and CQA. The girls also got to know about the various job opportunities that where unbeknownst to them. The trainer’s experience in the RD department gave the girls a much needed insight into the practical environment of the industry. She helped girls understand about the R D department and the start to end process till the pharmaceutical product comes into market. She concluded by sharing some precautionary measures one should take before choosing a career. Development Programs

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9 Shining Stars Sharmila Oswal LF-1997: Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi appreciated Sharmila’s efforts to bring about a change in the Digital Literacy scenario in India where she had joined 250 more women to train the people who are unaware of it. Created a Facebook page for those people who are willing to contribute their time and efforts without any monetary benefts. She has garnered a great response for her initiative. Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 and PA 2016 presented her project Saksham A philanthropic initiative to train specially abled and underprivileged kids so that they can become independent and earn a sustainable income as a part of Sandvik Diversity Award. She was given a chance to give a presentation on her project which was preceded by a series of Training Workshops and Elimination Rounds. Out of the 180+ applications featuring a myriad of CSR Activities ranging from Self Defence Hygiene Digital Literacy Gayatri was shortlisted amongst the 24 fnalists for the top prize. Gayatri received praise and appreciation from the Jury comprising of Mr. Parag Satpute MD Sandvik Asia and Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma. As an acknowledgement of her participation she received a token of Appreciation from the great Anu Aga Thermax herself at the Sheraton Hotel. Kashmira Deval LF- 2015: Was awarded the LUPIN RESEARCH PARKS SCHOLARSHIP for the year 2015-16 and has also refunded her 1 st year fees with a certifcate and a memento. Shraddha Gadge LF-2015: Received frst prize in elocution competition at district level won 2 nd rank from Pune District in Bhartiya Sanskruti Exam organized by Vivekanand Kendra Kanyakumari Pune Branch at national level and selected as a Yoga Instructor. She was Awarded a Best Student by her College in the Student Welfare Association. Received a Samaj Bhushan and Yuva Bhushan Award in Pune District. Samiksha More LG-2016: Runner up of badminton matches at college level in Pune. Akshada Todkar LG-2014: Stood 2 nd in National level project and poster competition held on 7 th April 2017 at NBN College of Management and was given a certifcate trophy and medal by Hon. Mr. Arun Firodia. Olivia DSouza LG-2015: Won a prize in the Intra College Competition in Brain Hackers Web Design Betsy S George LG-2013: Has been chosen as an All Rounder Student by her College and currently is a Nursing Intern at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital. Snehal Kakteekar LG-2012 and LF-2015: Secured 1 st rank in the college for her post-graduation Chippy Kumar LG- 2013: "The Best Outgoing Student" award in Pimpri Chinchawad College of Engineering

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10 Snippets Lila Girls performing the activity of raising the particular hand on the alphabet mentioned in the session of “Build a Better you” conducted by the trainer Ms. Meera Natrajan Wishing Mom and Dad a very happy anniversary from Offce staff Mom and Dad pose with the LPF Offce Staff during Dad’s Birthday party at LPF Offce Baner A Senior Training Coordinator headed a Group Discussion on the topic “How to Plan for an Interview” at Infocepts in Amravati Lila Girls from Pharmacy stream and the trainers our Past Lila Fellows – Ms. Archana Ambekar Ms. Kausar Mulla and Ms. Snehal Patil posing for a group picture at Mentorship program held at LPF Offce Baner While the “Orthopedics BMI consultation and ftness program” the Fitness Trainer Ms. Nilima explaining Lila Girls about the different exercise to maintain ftness and to be healthy

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11 Snippets Lila Fellow explaining the dos and donts while presenting their skills and the Trainer Ms. Tanuja explaining Lila Fellows about the concept of “Podium Panic” Few Lila Girls discussing about how to overcome their stress while group discussion while other girls looking over during the Stress Management Program held at SKF campus Chinchwad The Bel-Air girls getting involved in a group activity based on Time- Management by Ms. Monika Nair Due to the demonetization move Financial Literacy in particular has become an urgent need and therefore a 3 days workshop for “Digital Literacy Program” was organized by TATA Technologies for Lila Girls on the occasion of Women’s Day Celebration-2017 Name Year of scholarship Company Dipavali Naphade LG-2014 Praj Industries Nikita Shilimkar LG-2013 Parker Hannifn a USA based Company Chaitali Pawbake LG-2012 Harbinger Systems Pvt Ltd Siddhi Nalam LG-2013 Tata Technologies Placements

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12 Sentiments Dear Mom I would like to express heartfelt thanks for the birthday gift. Mom I feel very lucky to be a part of our Foundation.... LPF supports us not only to fulfll our fnancial requirements but also shapes our career by arranging various training programs like Spoken English Classes Excel Training Personality Development Self-defense Women Empowerment and many more which are very helpful to develop our overall personality..Thank you Mom and Dad. Your lovely daughter Komal Kharabe LG-2014 Dear dad Wish you a very Happy Birthday... Live a long life…. To the one person who is always by my side I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Dad you’re one in million or billion actually one in trillion. In other words you’re one of a kind the best most loving. You’ve taught me to never give up. I owe my success in life to you and mom. Happy birthday Thanking you Your loving daughter Kashmira Deval LG-2012 LF-2015 Dear mom and dad How are you both I hope everything is hale and hearty. I received my birthday gift today as the door bell rang and I saw the courier I knew that it must be a gift from you. I felt so much cherished that you remember this special day and make me smile always. I was so excited to see my gift which was the book A book which will guide and help me in my coming days. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift. Take care of you health hoping to see you soon lots of love Your loving daughter Shraddha Puranik LG-2015 Dear Mom In this entire universe Women are Gods most beautiful creation. I am so blessed there are such women in life like you Zerbanoo mam and my mother whose presence has made my life radiate with love knowledge and sparkle in all the dark times. I thank you for being there in my life and giving me the right direction towards being a good individual. HAPPY WOMENS DAY With Love Aishwarya Deshmukh LG-2014 and PA 2016 Good Morning DAD Happy birthday to the best dad in this world. Thank you for being there for me for urging me to be better and fght harder. I wouldn’t be who I am without your kind words and wise guidance. Happy birthday to the man who taught me everything I know. I am so honored to share in your wisdom. I love you We say that we learn from the ones who love us the most. I am thankful to have been loved by you and for the help to become the person I am today. Happy birthday Dad Yours loving daughter Swarupa Korde LF-2015 Dear Dad Wishing an amazing day and many great things to come to a wonderful person.... That is you my Dad..... Happy Birthday Dad.... Earlier I felt that my family is incomplete since my father is no more but just because of you and mom I feel that my family is complete. I am very much thankful to you and mom for completing my family and also for giving me so many sisters of mine. Thank you so much for everything. Love you Mom and Dad. Once again a very Happy Birthday Dad. Loves Anushka Pusatkar LG-2014

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13 To dear lovely Dad May your birthday and every day be flled with the warmth of sunshine the happiness of smiles the sounds of laughter the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. I hope you have a wonderful day and the year ahead is flled with lots of love many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. May your birthday be flled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. I hope this is the beginning of your greatest most wonderful year ever When the world works right good things happen to and for good people like you and mom. Wishing you all the great things in life hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. On this special day I wish you all the very best all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today tomorrow and the more days to come May you have a fantastic birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY Loves Sunna Shaikh LF-2015 Sentiments Dear Dad Wishing you a happy birthday... You are always there for me supporting me encouraging me listening to me and all those other things that dad do. Celebrate your birthday today. Celebrate being Happy every day. May your birthday and every day be flled with the warmth of sunshine the happiness of smiles the sounds of laughter the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is flled with much love many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday. Your lovingly Rupali Parkhi LG-2015 Dear Dad Wish you a Very Happy Birthday.. Dad you are like the shade of a tree you’re my life’s canopy. Today is the right time for me to say how grateful I am to you for always showing me the way. People rub lamps to fnd genies while I simply call out my dad’s name. Dad you’ve helped me go places and reach heights which have given me some of lifes best views. No gift can ever match the gift of love and affection you have given me all these years. From teaching me how to behave to being cool and suave from teaching me how to keep my conscience clear to living a life without fear… – I owe it all to you. Dad I am your princess and you are my million colors of happiness. There is not a single birthday gift in this world that can ever be worth your contribution in my life. No matter how tall I become I will never be higher than your presence in my life. No matter how many promotions I get I will never be richer than wealth of love in your heart. Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks and Loves Shadab Khan LF-2014 The Seminar on Women’s Safety “She is Strong” was really very excellent where the training objectives were clearly explained and achieved. Our frst speaker was Prof. Madhushree Joshi she enlightened us about laws regarding womens safety what exactly a woman is what are her responsibilities being a major part of the society and what the law says about women. She explained law in simple and understandable language. Second speaker Dr. Meeta Nakhares seminar was one of the most useful and dynamic presentation. She spoke about medical and psychological aspects of sexual abuse. Girls liked her practical advice on how to deal with children in the wake of them being sexually abused. She explained all statistics about sexual abuse in India. She shared her own experiences with us so as how to react when we are in such kind of situations. Third speaker Mr. Anomit Ghosh was an enthusiastic person. He gave lecture on defence techniques for women. He also shared his experience with us. The training was very informative and practical. The speakers were very experienced and were able to answer all of our queries. This seminar is very useful in our day to day life and has helped me to improve my self confdence and knowledge. Feedback WOMEN’S SAFETY SEMINAR

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14 W ith Education and Women Empowerment being the pillars of its unwavering commitment to serve Humanity Lila Poonawalla Foundation had organized a Blood Donation Camp at CES Chaitanya English Medium School LPF supports the school under the Tomorrow Together School Project Initiative in association with the Acharya Anandrishiji Blood Bank Pune. This was done under the Peace Ambassadors initiative. The Peace Ambassadors Project is a joint effort between Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Asha Centre UK. 25 girls were selected for a three week Global Leadership Program in the UK. It was here that the girls were taught about co-existence of different cultures and religions. Apart from this the girls were also taught about giving back to the society and the importance it holds. So as a commitment to give back to the society the 2016 Batch of PAs had taken up this initiative with the Special Feature Padmashri Lila Poonawalla wins the Women’s Economic Forum Award support of LPF. PAs Neha Bankar LG-2013 Priya Takawale LF-2013 Shreya Sarde LG-2014 and Mrudula Deo LF-2013 played a major role in organizing and coordinating this event. The program was conducted primarily to involve the society in a constructive manner in helping others and also spread awareness about the importance of Blood Donation need for Blood Donation the Safety Standards and the signifcance of giving someone in need a new lease on life. Conducted by LPF the Blood Donation Camp witnessed an active participation from the Lila Girls and Fellows Foundation Members and the Friends of the Foundation. Speaking on the occasion Mr. And Mrs. Poonawalla said “Words cannot describe the contentment we feel when we are able to give back to the society by way of Donating Blood for those in need. We are tremendously thankful to the voluntary blood donors for helping LPF in this noble cause and helping those in earnest need”. Pune May 2017: Every year the Women’s Economic Forum WEF is a medium dedicated towards the development and empowerment of Women and Women Entrepreneurs honours women all across the globe for their contributions towards the cause of Women Development and Empowerment. This year too was no different. Amongst the awardees this year was none other than Padmashri Mrs. Lila Poonawalla Chairperson Lila Poonawalla Foundation was awarded as Women of the Decade in Community Leadership and Service for her philanthropic work which is dedicated to the cause of Girl’s Education and Empowerment which she has taken up through the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. The function was held at New Delhi in an Blood Donation Camp international gathering. It is through the Lila Poonawalla Foundation that Mrs. Poonawalla has educated and empowered over 5848 girls with 12220 scholarships. Truly a memorable and momentous evening for Mrs. Poonawalla the occasion was made all the more special with the presence of past Lila Fellows and Girls Post Graduate and Under Graduate Scholarship Awardees from LPF. Col. Rajyavaradhan Singh Rathore Honable Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting presided over the Chief Guest amongst other notable dignitaries a mix of Corporate Social and Bollywood personalities.

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15 Special Feature A New Year... A New Start… And Way To Go.. A beginning… exciting as it seems also comes packed with its share of surprises. Be it a new job a new house a new chapter in your life or even a new year. More often than not brace yourself to expect the unexpected. Carry with you the lessons that 2016 taught you and get started to explore the opportunities 2017 will throw your way. Lila Poonawalla Foundation welcomed New Year 2017 with a grand celebration for 6 days having different themes on each day. Lila Fellows Lila Girls Lila Seniors and Lila Juniors along with the Trustees Committee Members and their Spouses and especially with our beloved Mom and Dad enjoyed and had a lot of fun. Everybody along with their party favors danced and enjoyed to the fullest and also played games like Bombing the city where the winners were distributed with the gifts. With lots of the fantastic things to see and do they had a gala time sashaying down the ramp to the beats of Bollywood and the staff and Peace Ambassadors along with Mom also joined in. The New Year Parties were followed by a special dinner for the daughters and the distinguished guests. The atmosphere was charged with the latest music revolving lights colorful watches goggles with blinking lights wonderful bubbles and foral Tiaras. Years come and go but what remains are the beautiful memories which are spent together. Lila Girls all set for a ramp walk Lila Girls enjoying party with Lila Mom Lila Girls engrossed in playing the Bombing the City Game Lila Fellows the party game winners accepting prizes from Mom Dad Trustees and Committee Members Lila Juniors waiting for the announcement of the city to be bombed Lila Fellows had a gala time sashaying down the ramp to the beats of Bollywood

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16 Anjum Pathan LG-2010 Born and brought up in Narayangaon Junnar district Pune Anjum Pathan LG-2010 has completed her graduation from MES College of Engineering and is now working with Kantar IMRB as a Design-Analytics Executive. She has also worked on the project on Real-time Network Intrusion Detection System using Java language. She lives with her parents elder brother and a twin brother. Her father is a conductor at the State Transport ST while her mother is a homemaker. Both her brothers have pursued their education but she herself was keen to get a proper degree. Due to insuffcient fnances her parents could not educate themselves but this has not stopped them from wanting to educate their children to their best possible efforts. Since childhood Anjum was very active and bright as a result she has won prizes in many different competitions. Since her family’s fnancial condition is not so good they had to turn to their relatives for help to educate Anjum and her brothers. They also took an education loan. The stress burdened Anjum as she knew they had to pay back a lot of money. Another hurdle for Anjum was her community. Educating girls is met with a lot of opposition. Yet despite the condition and taunts from relatives her parents wanted her to get the best education and become independent. At that point after getting admission in Engineering on basis of her CET score she got to know about Lila Poonawalla Foundation Scholarship and applied for it. The scholarship has been godsend for her and LPF has become her strength. Engineering was tough for her and due to her emotional and other diffculties she was struggling throughout. At such a diffcult time she was glad to have Lila Mom who has every time encouraged and supported her. When no one believed in her Lila Mom motivated her to do well. She also introduced her to a counsellor so she could overcome her diffculties. After attending the workshops and programmes through LPF Anjum felt more confdent and independent. She started believing in achieving her goals. She thanks LPF for her overall development. Anjum’s parents have always supported her and now she is looking after them. As she has now achieved her dream of becoming an Engineer she wants to send her parents for ‘Haj’. She is now determined to make her parents proud and become a good successful human being and she is sure she will be able to achieve all this with her hard work and the blessings and support of Lila Mom and LPF. Dipali Jalindar Sukale LG-2011 Working as a Software Engineer at Persistent Systems Ltd Dipali Jalindar Sukale LG-2011 has fulflled her mother’s dream. What began as Mrs. Sukale’s dream slowly grew to be the whole family’s dream for the eldest child of the family and it was a proud moment for Dipali when she completed her degree in Engineering from P.D.E.A.’s College of Engineering in Hadapsar. Dipali looks up to her mother and admires her courage and perseverance. When everyone opposed her Mrs. Sukale continued to be strong and confdent determined to make her daughter Dipali an Engineer. Even today Mrs. Sukale remains Dipali’s pillar of strength and support and the girl was both proud and honored to have fulflled her dream. Dipali is a small-town girl hailing from Khandavi in Ahmednagar district. In their family of fve Dipali is the frst to have completed her graduation and started working. Her younger sister is in the fnal year of her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and her brother is only in class VI. Despite the fact that all three children had to be raised on her father’s income the family has managed all these years without taking any loans. Money was tight because Mr. Sukale was the only earning member and he was just a College Assistant. Managing without a loan yet fulflling Mrs. Sukale’s dream was possible only because of the scholarship Dipali received from Lila Poonawalla Foundation. “When everyone opposed my mother’s ambition for me it became my responsibility to make it happen and prove that I could do it” says Dipali. She also attended as many workshops as she could so that she could prepare herself for the corporate world and for life as a professional. Like many other students of engineering Dipali feels that she was benefted greatly from the mock interviews conducted by Capgemini. “For me anything that helped me to improve my communication skills and my ability to face an interview was extremely benefcial. The Capgemini workshop made me understand what I should do to tackle any given situation and emerge successful. I would say that all the workshops I attended – and I attended nearly everything – made me feel more confdent and hence independent. Focusing on different skills each workshop was useful in its own way.” While Dipali is delighted to have made her mother’s dream come true she has her own dreams to fulfl now. She wants to do M.Tech. from IIT. “I’ll work for a while. Maybe this ambition of mine will take some time to reach fruition but it is in my mind. I will do it sooner or later. And long-term plans … Yes I do have long-term plans that go beyond a salaried job in a good company. I want Path Finders

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17 Path Finders to set up my own company. But that is a distant dream. Right now I will work on getting to a better position within a good company and being satisfed with what I have achieved.” “My father once told me that I should do whatever I wanted to and that he would always be there to support me. He told me to study very hard and become a successful person. These words are the golden words of my life.” Dipali Vetal’s LF-2012 Her father worked as a Mechanical Engineer in Africa while Dipali her mother and her two siblings lived with the joint family in Vambori a small village in Ahmednagar. Dipali studied in a Marathi-medium school but her father wanted a better education for his children. He also wanted his family to stay with him. For three years the family stayed together in Africa. “Life was like heaven in those three years” says Dipali. “My father was the dearest person to me.” Yet after having stayed in a joint family for so long being away from home grew more and more diffcult. “My father could not leave his job in Africa and he did not want us to go back to Vambori because he wanted a good education for us. So in 2000 we moved to Pune. He took so much care of us – we were able to buy a new fat and stay in Pune to study in a good school .” The days of comfort were short-lived though. Diwali of 2001 brought a black day to their lives. Dipali’s father came home from Africa unwell. He was admitted into a hospital and the very next day the family was informed that he had passed away. He had a heart problem for a while which he had kept hidden from his family. Back home for Diwali he suffered a heart attack and died. Dipali’s family was shattered. “I felt that I was a changed person. I used to be the favorite of all teachers because I was hardworking and sincere. Once my father expired I felt as if my life took a U-turn. How would I do anything without him” Dipali’s mother had studied only until the 7 th standard and had no prospects of a career. Some compensation was paid to the family and there were enough savings for the children to complete their schooling but that was about all. The family owned farmland but insuffcient rainfall reduced their harvest to the extent that whatever was cultivated was used at home. Later some of their land was sold to pay for Dipali’s sister’s wedding. The family was left with next to nothing. Dipali studied for the entrance examination but once again felt as if her dreams had been shattered when she did not do well enough to secure admission into the MBBS programme. She hunted for an alternative and found a course in Symbiosis that would train her to be a Respiratory Therapist. The fees were highbut Dipali’s uncle helped pay them. Dipali began to work too teaching young children. Each day was hectic – with college from 8 to 5 and then her private classes from 6 to 9. Dipali’s mother also learned to stitch so that she could help out with the household expenses. After completing her graduation Dipali was frm about taking nothing more from her uncles. They were already paying her brother’s fees besides having their own families to look after. For a year Dipali worked at Hinduja Hospital Mumbai. Once during a conversation with her aunt she spoke about her dream of doing her post-graduation. Her aunt suggested the names of several scholarships but as Dipali went through them she realized that she did not meet many of the criteria. She could not even apply for a loan as she was not having the necessary documents. When she came across the LPF she realized that she met the criteria perfectly. There were just 3 or 4 days left for the deadline and the girl grabbed the opportunity. “From the frst day of flling the form to the last day of the procedure everyone was so helpful. And that was just the beginning of a wonderful journey.” Dipali felt short of words while explaining the help she received from LPF. “I tried to attend many workshops and each one was a milestone in my life. The personality development workshop grooming self-defence painting... Each of them helped us to learn many things that helped us in our everyday life.” As a girl who was shy one workshop that stands out in Dipali’s memory is a workshop on how to be confdent and how to succeed in life. Dipali learned how to overcome her stage fear at a crucial time. “I had a presentation in college two days later and for the frst time I felt confdent ” Another aspect of the LPF that Dipali fnds striking is that each of the programmes – from the induction to the workshops – ws conducted at a fve-star hotel which was just a dream. “Mom can just give scholarships and get done with it. But she doesn’t do that. She cares about each and everything that her daughters will have to face and tries to provide them with all the help and support they need. I really fall short of words to describe her greatness.” Once a Lila Fellow always a Lila Fellow – Dipali knows that. She has given her fnal examinations for her MSc but her association with the LPF will last right through her life. She is currently working as a Respiratory Therapist at Dinanath hospital. Her life has taught her the value of education and she is determined to fulfl each of her dreams. “God may have taken my father to heaven but now he is up there taking care of us. I cannot save my father’s life but I could still do so much.” “Many of life’s circumstances are created by three basic choices: the disciplines you choose to keep the people you choose to be with and the laws you choose to obey”. This famous law quote is my inspiration to live my life.

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18 Path Finders Gargi Paigude LF-2010 a Law student and has recently completed L.L.M. in International Commercial Law from King’s College London and has also done a fall semester in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Harvard Law School USA and is currently working in TCS. Her dreams have always been big and her parents have encouraged her to follow her heart and cross all milestones with hard work and determination. Even though she comes from a family with limited means she was never been made to feel the pressure of not pursuing her higher studies to earn for the family. Her elder sister Kasturi is a Lila fellow too. It is because of her and her respect and enthusiasm towards the Foundation that Gargi chose to apply for the LPF scholarship. “It was till date the best decision that I made. Not only did it relieve my pressure of having to ask my parents to invest all their savings for my future education but also channeled my versatile nature to make me an independent proactive person” says Gargi. “Though I was away for many of the programs and workshops held by Lila Mom the ones I could attend really helped me groom myself. I learnt people skills and the role they play in your everyday life especially when you are away from home. I am at a loss of words at how the Foundation has helped me. Right from the day of the interview Lila Mom and Firoz Dad have been such an anchor of support and a constant source of encouragement for me. They make it a point to stay in touch with me and see how I am progressing towards achieving my goals”. She says “LPF has shown me the practical value of being versatile and encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone to explore other felds as well. A person like me from Law background was given an introduction to cloud computing also a diverse feld. A basic knowledge about felds other than yours always helps you develop your personality and this is one of the mottos of LPF.” Lila Mom is a mother fgure to her. She is just as affectionate to every Lila fellow and takes responsibility for them right from their joining. This is a very inspiring quality and helps to learn from her. “Just like everyone else I want to be a successful human being. With respect to my feld I want to make a difference to the existing scenario regarding Arbitration in India to make people aware that such an alternative exists for them to consider as against the court system. I am working on few projects like Contracting Negotiations and Law Psychology- an Interdisciplinary Approach. I will also be conducting seminars for students in Fergusson College on the latter topic. Since I was given a scholarship to pursue masters in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Contracts I am keen to work on the same front. I believe that with your morals intact and with a never- ending thirst for learning one can always grow better in their feld as well as personally. It is easier said than done but I will take each step as it comes my way and try and make the best of every situation and challenge that life has to offer. No matter where I will be or who I will become down the line I will always be grateful to the people who made me who I am today.” “I t’s not that I can’t eat outdoor stuff I am making the healthier choice of not to. And it’s not that I don’t want to it’s just that it’s not worth. I always believe cooking at home is much healthier than eating. I am a foodie and not only do I love to eat a variety of food I also love to try out recipes at home and serve most favorite among these are chocolates and cakes So just to explore something new from my daily routine I started baking cakes and chocolates at home and I was highly appreciated by my family members. Slowly I started baking those for my friends and relatives and they preferred my homemade bakery products. This was the reason why I started my new venture” says Pragati Nabariya LF-2015 a computer student. Changing her hobbies into a part time business she has built a confdence and also has developed her skills which indirectly supports her family fnancially. She succeeded in her business by preparing chocolate gift boxes and chocolate bouquets. Her mother is her helping hand and strong supporter. Pragati has extended her business in surrounding areas and now also conducts training sessions for the people with similar interest. Preparing good quality healthy and hygienic bakery products for foodie people is the main motto of starting her new venture. For expansion of her business and publicity Pragati is using her computer background for developing her own website. To have one of her creations you can WhatsApp or call her at 7276642470. All menus and prices will be shared over whatsapp or call. New Venture

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19 Pallavi Gokhale LF-2001 is a gold medallist for M.A. in Archaeology from Deccan College with 11 other prizes. She completed her B.Sc. in Geography from University of Pune M.Sc. in Remote Sensing with GIS from University of Greenwich UK. She has also done her CSTE Certifcation in Software Testing from QAI Global Institute. M.A. in Indology from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Pune. Apart from this Pallavi has 8 years experience in Software Quality Assurance at Symantec 4 years experience in GIS RS Aerial Photography at TechniGraphicS and Genesys International in Bengaluru and Mumbai She left her job for her passion and selected a unique topic for her M.A. dissertation Digital Reconstruction and Visualisation of Peshwa Period Water System of Pune. Interactive 3D digital models of these 18 th century underground water supply systems have been built by Pallavee. water supply systems. She has digitally reconstructed the models and conserved the entire system with the aid of Geographic Information System GIS. These models have been built using multiple data sources such as textual references raster source maps and elevation data along with digital data of the aqueduct network created by her. This visualization enables people to experience this system in its entirety. The visualizations are available at . This magnifcent system is a heritage of Pune as much as any other Peshwa era structures in the city. Accelerated urbanization over the last few decades has left many components of this system either abandoned or completely destroyed. In areas where the system is still alive and functional there has been ample clean fowing water. The reason being the sources of these aqueducts have live springs which do not go dry even in summers e.g. Katraj Lake. Compared to cisterns Dipping wells have survived the test of time. This heritage of Pune not just has a showcase value but actually holds a key to daily city need of water. It also gives us a glimpse into the intricate planning that went in designing it. • Majority of the aqueducts are laid parallel to the roads. It made their maintenance a manageable task. • In its glorious days the system was capable of providing drinking water 24x7 to more than 80 of the residential area in the then existing Pune city. • The aqueducts carried few lac gallons of water and despite such load the structure is intact till date. E.g. Karaj aqueduct provided 6 50000 gallons to the city daily. This system is an impeccable example of urban planning and development. The foresightedness shown in planning and the execution in absence of modern day technology is enthralling. Todays urban planners should take a clue from this and if possible conserve this rich heritage. During Peshwa administration due importance was given to the Pune city planning. Water management played a critical role in the development of Pune’s urbanity. The water supply system of Pune during the Peshwa Period is a testament to exemplary Engineering administration and city planning. Regular supply of potable and non- potable water was the responsibility of the ruling administration and we fnd it being executed in a well- engineered manner by the Peshwas. A dense network of cisterns/ reservoirs Haud dipping wells Uchchhwas and underground man-made aqueducts Nal/ Nahar constituted this network. It has worked effciently till date. The system was frst built around 1750 and was fully functional until the middle of the 20 th century. The artifcially built underground channels popularly known as aqueducts carried water from its source to core parts of the city i.e. old Pune making it available in every neighbourhood before being dispensed into the river. Pallavi has taken a lot of efforts to build the interactive 3D digital models of these 18 th century underground New Look Peshwa Period Water System of Pune

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20 Mr. Parag Satpute " B e agile and update your skill set constantly to progress in this competitive world" says Mr. Parag Satpute Managing Director and Country Manager of Sandvik Asia Pvt Ltd. Sandvik is a global Engineering group with a World-leading specialized advanced products and services. It is also a partner of Lila Poonawalla Foundation and is playing a crucial role in the education and overall development of girls. When asked about the reason for choosing LPF as one of its partners for CSR Mr. Parag says "Sandvik being a Swedish company and having collaboration with other Swedish companies there was an awareness about the kind of work Mrs. Lila Poonawalla was doing through LPF. We always wanted to make efforts towards the growth and upliftment of women and achieve gender equality at workplace. When we got an opportunity to interact with LPF and know more about it we realized that LPF is a good platform that can help us achieve our objective as well. Besides this when I got an opportunity to attend an award function at LPF I could experience the joy felt by the girls and their families. After that choosing partnership with LPF was an easy task." Mr. Satpute continues "LPF is unique in its own ways. The qualities that make it stand apart from the other NGOs are the focus towards the upliftment of girls and the rigour with which the entire selection process is carried out. Besides this the Foundation and most importantly Mrs. Lila Poonawalla is also emotionally connected with the girls. The Foundation not only provides fnancial assistance to the girls but also conducts several activities for their overall development. The kind of bond that Mrs. Poonawalla shares with everyone at the Foundation is very special. We are very happy to be a part of this. Apart from realizing that the money we are investing is being used for the right cause there is also an emotional connect. We feel good as individuals that we are contributing towards the betterment of others." Sandvik conducts a plethora of CSR activities for education skill development and gender equality. They are also helping the Foundation in many ways. They not only provide scholarships for the education of girls but also conduct skill development programs for them. The girls get an opportunity to visit Sandvik and interact with the senior leaders there. This gives them a wide exposure to the corporate world and helps them to develop the necessary soft skills. They also get a plant tour at Sandvik to get a closer look at the manufacturing process. Sandvik has also started a new program on the occasion of Womens day. The program named Sandvik India Diversity Awards recognizes individuals and organizations working towards gender equality and increasing the number of women in Organizations. It received a great response in the frst year of commencement with over 170 participants and eight entries being declared as winners. Sandvik plans to continue hosting this event each year and is looking forward to see more girls from the foundation participating in the competition and eventually winning. When asked about the pre-requisites for joining Sandvik Mr.Parag says "Besides competence and intelligence it is the Attitude that you carry that matters a lot the attitude to learn and collaborate with people around. Sandvik has approximately 43000 employees around the world. Therefore you must be able to collaborate and work in teams." Mr. Satpute concludes with a message to our Lila Girls and Lila Fellows "The world is constantly changing and we need to be always prepared to adapt to the changing trends. This will later defne your success in many professional careers. Being agile in identifying and embracing these changes in your working style is a need of the hour" Pranali Tirkunde LG-2014 and Dr. Harshada Babrekar LF-2001 and PA-2009 Man ki Baat Keeping the Benefciaries and the Partners informed Video Editing and Managing Social Media. “My life can be divided in two parts pre-LPF and post LPF. Pre-LPF was a life flled with being impatient and immature and post LPF is a phase where every day has been a learning curve. I still can’t believe I got the job and to work with Padmashree Lila Poonawalla. May 14 th 2015 was my frst working day in LPF. After the initial diffculties of adjusting to a new work place I fnally found myself settling in. My colleagues at LPF are now my family and I wouldn’t have Inspira crusader Sonal Mohite LF-2012 interacted with Tanvi Niket Kuvalekar who is working as an Executive: PR and Communications at Lila Poonawalla Foundation. An only child she was born in Shevgaon Ahmednagar and raised in Pune. She completed B.Com from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University YCMOU and masters in Marketing Management from MERC Institute Pune and also pursued a Diploma in Digital Marketing from NIIT – Digital Media Institute Ireland. Talking about her responsibilities at LPF Tanvi said “My responsibilities as a PR and Communications Executive includes handling School Award Functions and other Events Content Writing Citations Speeches Letters Press Releases and Website Content Editing Write-Ups

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21 it any other way”. Said Tanvi while speaking about her Life at LPF Speaking about the challenges and coping mechanisms she said “Every day is a new challenge it comes with its own set of pressures and issues but working with your thought process intact and talking to someone helps a lot.” Having had the privilege of frequently interacting with both Firoz Sir and Lila Ma’am Every day has been a learning experience for Tanvi. “Working closely with Ma’am has proven to be a much needed confdence booster for me. Thanks to Ma’am I am no longer the shy person I was before I am now someone who is confdent and not afraid to speak up” shared Tanvi. Though she doesn’t interact with the parents of the girls much Tanvi frequently interacts with the girls be it during any event or otherwise. There have been many instances where she has seen remarkable changes in the girls’ pre and post receiving the scholarships. One such example is of the 2016 Batch of Peace Ambassadors. After they returned from UK a vast transformation was evident. The girls are now striving hard to bring about a much needed change in the society For e.g. Helping specially abled children and conducting hygiene camps “Looking back I never pictured myself as someone who would work in an NGO but as fate would have it here I am and there is nowhere I would rather be though I rarely say it but working with LPF is an honour and a privilege and for that I thank Ma’am Lila Poonawalla and Sir Firoz Poonawalla. Seeing the change that it brings in the girls is heartening. To think that I too might have played a small role in transforming their lives gives me the kind of satisfaction that words cannot describe. ” Tanvi concluded. Data by Sonal Mohite LF-2012 Bhagyashree Suryavanshi LF-2013 has completed her Masters in Computer Applications and is presently working as a Software Engineer in Persistent Systems Ltd Pune. When she was a year old her mother passed away. From Ahmednagar she moved to Pune to complete her schooling. Her maternal uncle grandparents nurtured her. New to the city she faced many challenges to adapt herself. She had to try hard to achieve everything in every possible way. Though Bhagyashree comes from a Computer background she is passionate about Social Work. As she suffered in her life she always wanted to contribute to the needy individuals especially the girls like her. LPF scholarship program was an opportunity to pursue her goals. She feels Lila Poonawalla Foundation played an important role in her life. She says “During my hardship Lila Mom supported me a lot she mentored me right from cracking the job interview to my personal issues. This also made me realise my responsibilities as an individual and towards others. So I decided to join a non- government organisation Savali a registered charitable trust working for children affected by cerebral palsy and mental disabilities. Savali provides these children with a home for a lifetime and gives them care with education therapies good living vocational training etc. and thus helping them to become independent". It was in Diwali Bhagyashree helped children from Savali to sell the greetings diyas made by them. She helped them by setting up stalls in multinational companies and selling these handmade items. The money Bhagyashree raises through the sale is donated to Savali for further details about the organization.. Last year Bhagyashree came across an online volunteering appeal by Bangalore based organisation Mentor2Go. They have developed mobile application which can be used to mentor the adolescent girls from rural parts of India. Bhagyashree is currently working on a pilot project by the organisation in which she is mentoring a girl from Velhe village Maharashtra since four months. Her mentee is studying in 10 th standard. Bhagyashree is guiding her in personal issues career guidance and improving English Language and other life skills. In this pilot program all mentors are trained in dealing with mentees their issues while staying connected to their mentee via mobile app so they dont have to go to mentee’s place. So it saves time and also ensures that all the details remain confdential. This helps the mentee to share all her details without any hesitation. Every weekend Bhagyashree calls her mentee and talks to her about various issues. This is quite comfortable as the mentors and mentees have a telephonic conversation but they never meet each other. So such adolescent girls from rural parts are free to discuss their problems without any hesitation or family pressure etc. Mentor2Go organisation is also assessing the impact of mentoring and they found that Bhagyashree’s mentee is now feeling more confdent and now she is aware about her career goals. Bhagyashree feels great and optimistic to see the girl she is mentoring and the positive impact it has had on her life she wants to continue to help other girls who want to pursue their dreams. - Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 and PA-2016 Man ki Baat Joy of Giving

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22 Feedback Advance nursing skill development Journey to Job A program aptly named “Journey to Job” was organized by CAPGEMINI a world renowned IT Company head quartered in France in association with LPF for our Lila Girls. The topic at hand was “How to Crack in Interviews and Group Discussions”. The main objective of this program was to build confdence through Conversational English thereby strengthening the communications skills. The girls who attended the program felt that the “Journey to Job” session was really very interesting and they got to learn a lot through this session. It also gave them information about the overall view of group discussion its preparation and also the importance of self confdence that is required. Lila Girls learnt how to face the interview in a sophisticated manner. They learnt the techniques of how one should present themselves while going for interview their behaviour the way of being confdent what approach to take for Group Discussions GD one’s performance plus do’s and don’ts. They were also taught how to fgure out their mistakes which often take place. Small but important things which have a lot of demand during the GD rounds. In short the key points of how to crack GD were the most important things that we all learnt in the workshop. Body language plays an important role in the GD. The practical session proved to be very important and most useful part of the whole program the topics were rare which made the girls focus and think more on it and then put forth their points in the discussion and the pre- preparation on the topic for the discussion round helped us a lot. Because of the practical session of GD Lila Girls came to know their weak points and the areas where they need improvements specially how to talk or be presentable in front of the interviewer. Thus in short the whole program was very interesting and moreover very helpful for our future. Pursuing a new career can leave you with a lot of questions. One of them being “How can I prepare myself” Fortunately the nursing feld offers many paths and options for those interested in pursuing a healthcare career. Perhaps it relieves some stress knowing there is no shortage of professional nursing job opportunities. But just because the jobs are out there doesn’t mean they give them to just anyone. It’s important to ensure you possess some important professional nursing skills like: Advance knowledge about clinical practical area Pregnancy complications and placenta prevail the issues related to gynaecological problems and tips to tackle them knowledge of stroke and how to identify stroke and how to manage the emergency situation in medical profession Ms. Sarika Zhende who is currently working in Jehangir Hospital conducted a session to help to develop the skills which will be useful for successful career of girls. Ms. Sarika made the program interesting interactive introductive and also effective. By giving theoretical knowledge of stroke pregnancy complications and placenta previa which is mostly practiced and is of great help in clinical practice. With tips shared by Ms. Zhende the girls can increase their skills with additional resources including practice guidelines. Resources focused on all the areas of clinical nursing skills including Drug information patient care nursing communication skills cultural competency critical thinking skills and decision- making skills were also shared. Girls learned many different yet more important topics such as stroke and Absolute Neutrophil Count gynaecology and various diagnostic evaluations which are useful and helpful for future clinical practice in the contd on page 24

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23 Industrial Visit R ecently LPF had arranged an informative Visit to Weikfeld Food Product Plant Lonikand for LGs from Science background and M. Sc. Microbiology. The objective behind this visit was to give the girls a behind the scenes look at the various processes that take place in FMCG Companies. Weikfeld Products Co. India Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in 1956 with the manufacturing of Custard Powder and Corn four. Today the Weikfeld brand is associated with a versatile range of processed food products like Custard Powder Jelly Crystals Baking Powder Drinking Chocolate Cream Caramel Chutneys Sauces and Natural Ayurvedic Health Foods. A consumer centric company Weikfeld’s innovation lies in manufacturing products that meet the demands of today’s conscious consumer. One of the signature products of Weikfeld is something that more than half the world loves to eat “Mushrooms”. Visit to Weikfeld Food Product was indeed a distinct experience as the Lila Girls got to see the demo of various machines used in manufacturing process. The trainers gave information of the FMCG products that are produced in Weikfeld. All the areas of packing and Industrial visit: Weikfeld Food Product Plant Emcure Pharma Visit manufacturing were properly managed. The storing room packing quality control departments RD sections were very systematic as they involved all the machineries. Filtering testing of raw material its processing before its actual use was also very interesting to see. Before the visit started the trainers gave instructions for the visit. Lila Girls got to see in practicality how different processes such as manufacturing take place in Weikfeld. Powdered form of jelly and formation of custard powder was also shown during the visit. Besides these things the green tea packing was very interesting to see. Also there were many other departments like laboratory where the testing of various products was done. The huge machinery in Weikfeld helps during the manufacturing process and also in the packing process of the products. Analysis of the products i.e. fltering of the products was also done. Visiting the RD Department gave more insights. The storing and packing sections helped the LGs gain more knowledge about the manufacturing process. A t visit to Emcure we were introduced to various departments like production QA QC sterile products where we got the knowledge of various pharmaceutical equipment used in capsule production as well as various sections or departments which are involved in the production of pharmaceutical products. The production department of the company was amazing. But before entering to avoid any kind of contamination it was mandatory to wear caps aprons and also the shoes to be covered. The production department comprises of blender rapid mixer dryers compression machine and also the equipments for packaging and labelling processes. In the production department we have learned how the raw materials are received how the sampling is done the various conditions required for production of pharmaceutical products their storage conditions dispensing the raw material and the processes performed for manufacturing the fnal product. With this visit I could co-relate the theoretical studies done in college and the actual working in the industry. Good Manufacturing Practice GMP was explained to us and its importance in drug manufacturing. The store department and the packing department was well explained most likely think that "the manufacturing unit is so serious about sterility and patients health." As name indicates it really makes "Effective medicines for cure." We all personally went to each and every department and saw the manufacturing process. This visit was very useful for enhancing our academic knowledge

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24 Chief Editor : Dr Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Rashmi Tare Prachi Divekar Sunetra Biradar Contributors : Rita Shetiya Gayatri Kshirsagar Pranali Tirkhunde Sonal Mohite Offce support: Mayuri Kharche and Tanvi Kuvalekar All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Hello all The summer temperatures are soaring and we all are waiting for the rain to start. Alas The rains have started and they bring along the quintessential shower of all the latest happenings. On behalf of Inspira team and LFs I take this opportunity to congratulate our dear Mom for her awards and recognition. Wonderful It boosts our confdence as well. Like Mom her daughters are also having footprints on the same path. Stars of LPF are shining very brightly which can be experienced when you see the picture and news of our elder sister receiving appreciation by the hands of PM Shri. Narendra Modi. You can also witness the same in Shining Stars. Parents are supporting their daughters individually for betterment. The hurdles faced by the girls are now a thing of the past since they have now become the daughters of LPF. These aforementioned things are experienced by all of us. Now those daughters are trying to settle in their lives and help junior girls of LPF in many ways. With such motivation their parents have also come forward and wish to pay back to the Foundation which we have mentioned for the frst time in the column In Appreciation. Great The people generally get accustomed to the established order of things and begin to tremble at the very idea of a change. It is this lethargical spirit that needs be replaced by the revolutionary spirit. Let us come and talk. Yes this is the subject which is hardly talked by many. As a part whole world is making people aware about the menstrual cycle and its hygiene. We have also tried to be part of World Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 th May and have brought an article for you in Health Capsule. Inspira is open for all new things suggestions and writers. Participation by covering one article is also welcome. Do write me. Stay tuned. - Dr. Harshada Babrekar Editor’s Desk nursing feld. The girls could understand the importance of Nursing Skill Development. The Seminar on Women’s Safety “She is Strong” was really very excellent where the training objectives were clearly explained and achieved. Our frst speaker was Prof. Madhushree Joshi she enlightened us about laws regarding womens safety what exactly a woman is what are her responsibilities being a major part of the society and what the law says about women. She explained law in simple and understandable language. Second speaker Dr. Meeta Nakhares seminar was one of the most useful and dynamic presentation. She spoke about medical and psychological aspects of sexual abuse. Girls liked her practical advice on how to deal with children in the wake of them being sexually abused. She explained all statistics about sexual abuse in India. She shared her own experiences with us so as how to react when we are in such kind of situations. Third speaker Mr. Anomit Ghosh was an enthusiastic person. He gave lecture on defence techniques for women. He also shared his experience with us. The training was very informative and practical. The speakers were very experienced and were able to answer all of our queries. This seminar is very useful in our day to day life and has helped me to improve my self confdence and knowledge. contd from page 22 Feedback

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25 3 May 2017 11:53 aM D:\CITaDEL\00 CIT aDEL 2017\05 May 2017\PROMO KESHa V\PROMO KESHa V.InDD 1 000 CITaDEL PunE Ma y 2017 B orn and brought up in Pune Jyothi Rajesh did her schooling at St. Felix. Post her Grade 10 she secured admission in Nowrosjee Wadia College. After graduating from Wadia she went onto pursue her Masters Degree in Computer Science from the same educational institution. Starting off the conversation with Jyothi we ask her about her personal life she shares “I am an only child to my parents V.V.A Narayanan and Shantha Narayanan. As for my marriage I am happily married to Rajesh Prabhakaran it’s been 12 years now that we are enjoying the company of each other. Also my son and daughter are two additions to our nuclear family that make our lives really special.” Jyothi became a Lila Fellow in 2001 which has changed her life completely. The scholarship provided to her by the Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF has had a good impact on her career. Not only she has changed professionally but she has also changed personally. After joining the Lila family she became more assertive in her approach and gained a lot of self-confdence. Despite facing trials and tribulations Jyothi was undeterred and went onto pursue her Masters in Computer Science. While at it she applied for the LPF scholarship but couldn’t bag it as she couldn’t submit the form within the stipulated time period. Nevertheless she applied again in 2001 and was granted the scholarship this time. Speaking about the LPF that transformed her life to a great extent Jyothi says “Becoming a Lila Fellow was a turning point in my life as I was narrated inspiring stories that dealt with success and failure. Every individual in the LPF family – Mom Dad Trustees and the girls have inspired me throughout my life. Every time I meet Mom I learn a new essence of being a woman The trainings and the workshops that the LPF conducted taught me to make use of my potential.” Further she enthusiastically adds “There was tremendous warmth in the interactions that the LPF had with the girls in the various get-togethers that were organised. Those formal and stern-looking trustees in the scholarship interview suddenly transform into loving mothers embracing and welcoming the new daughters into the family. All in all it’s a privilege being a Lila Fellow” Moving on we ask Jyothi about her professional life to which she responds “I am a Senior Technical Software Consultant with Parametric Technology CorporationPTC. Prior to this I worked as an intern for Aftek India Pvt Ltd and then subsequently moved onto Veritas Symantec and Vignet. As for my dream my aim is to become the Chief Technical Offcer CTO. Had it not been for my husband Rajesh support and co-operation I wouldn’t have been able to achieve excellence in my profession.” Next Jyothi talks about her contribution to the LPF and the society “I’ll continue to contribute funds towards the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Also I feed food to the hunger-stricken and needy children of an orphanage that is close to my house. I would like to patronage the education of one child who wants to pursue academics but couldn’t do it owing to the lack of funds” says Jyothi humbly. Concluding the conversation we ask Jyothi about the noble cause that Ms. Lila Poonawalla has been championing for years to which she replies “If Mom and Dad had confned themselves just because Lila was a woman there would be no Lila Fellows today. They believed in themselves even if it was unconventional. Giving back to the society is not your luxury but your duty. Besides I frmly believe in the adage ‘Where there is a woman there is magic’” signs off Jyothi. An Inspiring Tale In an exclusive chat with Citadel Jyothi Rajesh one of the Lila Fellows shares her successful life journey and her unconditional love for the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. aDVERTORIaL

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26 29 March 2017 3:37 PM D:\cIT aDEL\00 cIT aDEL 2017\04 aPrIL 2017\00 PrOMO LPF\PrOMO LPF.InDD 2 000 cITaDEL PunE aPrIL 2017 Excerpts from the interview: Tell us a little about yourself… Born and brought up in Pune I completed my post graduation in the feld of Computer Science from the reputed Pune University. Under the patronage of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation I could pursue my Masters that helped me to secure a job in one of the leading IT companies in India. As for my personal life I am happily married having two kids who are 8 and 6 years old respectively. At what age did you become a part of the Lila family After completing my graduation I was keen on pursuing further studies that’s where the Lila family came into the picture. I came to know about the Lila Poonawalla Foundation scholarship programme through some of my friends thereby raising my hopes two-fold of pursuing Masters. After thorough assessment of my academic performance by the Lila Poonawalla Foundation I was awarded the scholarship in 2003 to pursue my post-graduation. How did it change your life Becoming a part of the Lila family was no less than a blessing. It has brought a tremendous change in me as a person. My overall outlook towards life has changed after joining the Lila family. Before receiving the scholarship from the Lila Poonawalla Foundation I used to think that scholarships are mere monetary support given to students but after receiving LPF scholarship my perception about the scholarship concept has changed to a great extent. Particularly LPF scholarships that are much beyond monetary benefts. Joining the Lila Poonawalla Foundation was like becoming a new member of the Lila family wherein I got an opportunity to train learn and become a confident woman. Besides Lila Mom ensures all her girls participate in workshops and trainings conducted by world class trainers to make them able and independent. The LPF sessions are conducted on a grand scale in the de-luxe hotels of the city. Tell us all about the time when the Lila foundation transformed your life... life before and after Before becoming a member of the Lila family I was lacking positivity and self- confdence. I was extremely worried about my future and used to feel low all the time. Thankfully my perception and attitude towards life changed after joining the Lila family. After attending sessions conducted by Lila Mom I was inspired by her positive thoughts and her infectious energy made me a confdent woman. Regarding LPF workshops I vividly remember attending one which was a 6-day program conducted by Tim Munden from Unilever who was then serving as a Director for Transformational Leadership. My life was transformed after attending this enriching workshop as it taught and enhanced my leadership skills and made me future ready for a leadership position at a much younger age compared to my counterparts. Currently what are you pursuing As regards my professional life I am working as a Bid Manager in Tieto – a Nordic based IT Services Company. I have been working here since last 10 years thereby performing different duties pertaining to the post of Team Leader Project Manager and Continuous Service Manager. How are you giving back to the Lila Foundation and the society Honestly I feel you can check with Lila Mom about my contribution as I think I am not doing much. Nevertheless I have started engaging in the LPF activities like participating in the review and selection process of the new batches Mubashshara Khan a vital member of the Lila family has come out a winner fghting all odds. In an exclusive chat with Citadel she speaks about her success story which she owes it to the Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Read on... Living A Dignified Life

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