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From My Heart... Vol. No. 46 May 2016 The Foundation Newsletter My Dear Daughters Friends and Well Wishers T he First Quarter of the New Year is over. Time fies and we have so much to do for meritorious and needy girls. This year we will be adding 7 more schools to our School program So the total number of schools supported by LPF will be 21 And by this we will add almost 400 new Lila Juniors this year taking the total to more than 1300 girls under the School program. Lila Seniors are those girls who have done their Board exams. This year the 2 nd batch of LJs will progress to LSs The growth of Lila Girls who are our Undergraduates and who form the backbone of LPF is phenomenal. About 900 girls will be joining the family of LGs this year. 150 new Post Graduate girls called Lila Fellows will join the family as well. Wow Reaching a fgure of close to 1500 in the opening year of the Third Decade is a dream come true. Many of those who are associated with the Foundation have put a lot of effort. Primarily our Advisory Board Members our Trustees our staff our retainers the trainers and the volunteers who work with us and above all the members of the Foundation and their parents. My heart overfows with JOY that together we have all managed such growth. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR PARTNERS WHO HAVE STOOD BY US THROUGH THIS MOVEMENT. MY ONLY REQUEST TO ALL OF THEM IS TO PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE WITH US THROUGH THE THIRD DECADE ENABLING LPF TO KEEP GROWING AND REACHING OUT TO MANY MORE DESERVING GIRLS AND BRINGING ABOUT A CHANGE NOT ONLY IN THIER LIVES BUT IN THE LIVES OF THEIR FAMILIES AND THE COMMUNITIES THEY LIVE IN. My advice to this ever-increasing family is to study well and take active part in all the activities of the Foundation especially in all the training programs workshops visits to factories and business establishments. The girls who have sincerely taken interest in the Foundation’s workshops have benefted tremendously. They exhibit better self-confdence and self-reliance than those who miss out on these programs. We have also noted that these girls can crack the interviews and are better placed in facing the realities of life. These young confdent girls not only get better remuneration but are also selected by very progressive companies. A good education with our additional training inputs gives you limitless possibilities in reaching for the sky. 8 th March being International Women’s Day I was invited by many organizations to address their ladies and to share with them a brief story about my career journey – major roadblocks I faced in being a woman how I conquered them and my thought process in going through it. What were the core values that helped me What were the Dos and Don’ts that I would recommend There can be many answers to these queries and many experiences to share but the one thing that I considered most important in my life right from day one was not to accept that because I was a girl I had limitations. I believed I was a PERSON well-qualifed to do a good job like anyone else or even better. I believed in person power which emanates from your attitude. Here are some empowering attitudes every person must have to achieve success to realise your dreams. Speak up: One of the most important empowering attitudes is to be willing to speak up and be heard especially when it is for a noble cause. No girl should be afraid of exposing her ideas and thoughts whether it be to one person or to a larger audience. A girl who expresses her opinions and is not intimidated by divergent ideas or respectful critique earns respect. Be a Leader: Leadership is not being bossy or feeling superior to others. A good leader inspires and is responsible for bringing a team together. A leader is a group representative who in addition to being a good listener is also a problem solver. Be a good leader and you’ll inspire those around you to look at women in new light. Remember: a leader is not an administrator who loves to run others’ lives but someone who carries water for her people so they can get on with their jobs.

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2 From My Heart... Be Independent: Girls are many times expected to be fragile and dependent which is not entirely a bad thing. However a powerful woman can distinguish which situations require her to be fragile and when she should be independent regardless of whether she is single or committed. Work Hard: It is no secret that success is the result of hard work and every girl should follow her dreams and try her best to achieve anything she wants. Many people will say powerful people have had luck but the fact is that luck plays no role if you’re not diligent enough. So roll up your sleeves and empower yourself. Luck favors those who are bold. Be Confdent: Lack of confdence can easily lead a well-prepared person to failure and sometimes even makes you doubt your own convictions. More important than having an attitude is to be aware of your qualities and be humble in acknowledging your faws. When a girl is aware of her full potential she can achieve much more and naturally becomes a powerful lady. A powerful girl is witty and is thirsty for information. When she dominates a feld of interest she is not only able to share knowledge but is also confdent to debate and stand up for herself. In conclusion I would like to give 6 simple DO’s of life: · Believe happiness is a choice · Rid your life of negativity · Look for the positive in life · Reinforce positivity in yourself · Share happiness with others · And feel the JOY of Giving I have found personally that there is no comparison to the JOY of Giving. Tremendous happiness follows. The more girls who become my daughters the more happiness I get. This kind of community service is of utmost importance for along with your education and the openings you get in good companies you too can thank society for all that it has done for you to make your life a story of success. It is not only about giving money or goods of material values it is about giving of yourself by doing some community service. I am certain each one of you in your own way is already doing some form of service to your community but does not recognize the same. No service is too small. You may be educating a neighbor’s child you may be extending a helping hand at an NGO you could be working towards sustainability of the environment or spending time at an old people’s home or performing for others to bring joy into their lives or such like. We have many records of such activities by our girls. I would be very happy if each one of you sends me a communication of such activities that you have indulged in and are continuing to do so. It will make me proud of all my daughters and enable me to build a family record of the goodness you are all spreading. As I said no service is too small. Those of you who have not yet started on such a movement are also urged to take up some community service to help those who are less fortunate than yourself. It is not about money it is your time that is needed. Experience the happiness you derive from this attitude which makes any other form of trying to get happiness secondary. Wish you all the best. Exams are round the corner so good luck to all of you. Study well study sincerely and be focused and you will achieve success. Good luck and God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers Hello Lila Good to hear from you about your 20 th year celebration. Congratulations to you Firoz and the whole team. It’s an incredible achievement. Wish you success and all the very best for all upcoming endeavors. - Nilesh Sahasrabudhe Country Manager Tieto Software Technologies LPF Partner Dear Lila I do appreciate the work being done by you. You have mothered many young girls who would have lacked the opportunity without you. What is more revealing to me is that you have imbibed a spirit of participating in good work in these girls. When these girls actively contribute to your work they are excellent force multipliers for good work in the society. We need this immensely for the betterment of our society and our country. Kudos for the excellent work done by you both. Regards - Lt Gen M A Tutakne AVSM VSM Retd Friends of LPF

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3 “O ur body changes our mind……our mind changes our behavior……and our behavior changes our outcomes.” The Body Language program was conducted at SKF by Ms. Monika Nair. She has 12 yrs of work experience in areas such as Quality Building Customer Loyalty and Change Management. Body language is nonverbal form of communication where thoughts intentions or feelings are expressed by physical behaviors such as facial expressions body posture gestures eye movement touch…etc. This program helped us to learn various tips and tricks to Feedback Body Language communicate effectively without using words. Ms. Monika taught the girls all the postures of body language which proved to be helpful in day to day life. In her session various games were arranged which helped us understand how body language depicts our way of expressing feelings to others. Ms. Nair also taught us about recognizing the attitude and behaviour of other people through their body language.. Overall this interactive program was a great experience and we all learnt a lot. - Gauri Mishrakoti LF-2014 Physical Checkup and Fitness Program N ow a days women are more career oriented and give importance to self-development and self-improvement. They also want to prove themselves and show everybody that women are no less than their male counterparts. However more and more working women now complain about back pain and other health related problems. Due to the changes in lifestyle they end up gaining weight and eventually become obese which then causes a number of health issues. LPF recently organized a program "Fitness and Consultation" for our Lila Fellows of the year 2012 2013 and 2014 at the SKF Training Center Chinchwad to address these health issues. Dr. Kiran Pandey BPTH MPTH Ortho FOR FSS Founder of Energize Physiotherapy Clinic conducted a session to address these constant issues. This session taught the Lila Fellows to live a healthy and prosperous life. Her session emphasized on the importance of lifestyle modifcation ergonomics health ftness and wellbeing. In the training program Dr. Shweta Bhave a qualifed physiotherapist did a complete body composition analysis which helped understand their body types in a better way. A qualifed Reebok Trainer Ms. Sanjana Dutta Gupta put the girls through a roller coaster Body Conditioning exercise routine which included all the latest exercises such as Bolly-Aerobics Bokwa Strala-Yoga and Zumba. The team carried out a complete orthopedic consultation and helped to resolve problems related to neck back and any joint pain. They advised the girls to take small steps and begin their exercise routine by brisk walking which helps in improving the bone density. Walking is considered a weight bearing exercise which focuses on putting spine hips and lower body to work. Bones respond to the work done by absorbing extra minerals. In recent studies it has been shown that walking can reduce hip fractures by up to 40. It has also been shown that individuals who briskly walk on a regular basis have bones that are 10 thicker than people who do little or no walking for exercise. Becoming physically ft requires a change in life style as well. The girls were advised to incorporate a regular exercise routine in their life and also eat healthier. The Lila Fellows were advised to cut the junk food and fzzy drinks out of their daily dietary requirements. They were also asked to abstain from any form of smoking or drinking alcohol. Apart from this the Lila Fellows were advised to take adequate amount of rest so they remain ft both mentally as well as physically. Lfs were also advised to incorporate biking swimming hiking fshing and spending more time in the outdoors as a form of various recreational activities. The workshop ended with the girls promising to free themselves of the junk food and bad habits leading a healthy stress free life which includes plenty of fresh air sun and most importantly exercises.

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4 “When Health Improves – Life Improves by Every Measure” Feedback Health Treat for Mothers Industrial Visit L PF had recently organized a Workshop aptly titled "Health Treat" for the Lila Fellows and their mothers. 1. Nutrition and diet: Dr. Mansi Patil Dietician conducted this session. 2. Cancer Awareness: Dr. Rakshinda Ansari con- ducted this session on early cancer detection and precautions and preventions 3. Sex Education: This session was conducted by Ms. Freny Tarapore a board member of Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Ex-President of Fam- ily planning Association of India Ex-President of Indian Association for Preschool education Ex- Principal of S.N.D.T College of Home Science 4. Menopause: This session was conducted by Dr. Kalyani Nasery. All the 4 Sessions were like four directions of the earth. Each one had its own importance. The frst Module was Nutrition and diet. The nutritionist explained to us the meaning of a balanced diet and how following it is essential for women at any given time and age. The Third and fourth program was about sex education and menopause. It was a very interactive session. Now a days it’s very diffcult for a parent to educate and create awareness in their children on this topic. But after attending this workshop I am sure it has become simpler for me to educate my daughter about this. It was a great experience for me as well as every Mom who attended this workshop. Finally the hospitality rendered by LPF supporting staff and others was incredible. I salute Mom and Dad and LPF team members for the wonderful service to the society. We are really honoured to be a part of LPF. Once again thank you very much for arranging such a wonderful program for Moms and Daughters. Yours thankfully - Pushpa Sridharan M/o Pushya Sridharan LF-2015 L ila girls doing their graduation look forward to enhance their academic knowledge in their chosen feld with great enthusiasm and many dreams in their heart of getting a good job. LPF arranged a visit to Mercedes Benz India Chakan to know more about one of the worlds most respected car makers most respected car makers and look the inside picture of this well-known brand closely. Mercedes Benz is a German Automobile manufacturing company founded in 1926. Mercedes Benz is known for luxury Cars Buses Coaches and Trucks. It is one of the best known and established automotive and the oldest automotive brands. LGs got the feel of company environment and also gained the practical knowledge. They got a tour of the company and got chance to meet senior executive of Mercedes Benz Company. Girls feel “Mercedes Benz is even bigger than its name and fame. This visit gave us the idea and knowledge on compsnies success stories history little bit about the car production types of cars they manufacture…etc. Plant visit was all about the assembly of the vehicle which are produced at the Chakan plant and the way they manage to give such an awesome and luxurious cars to the customers. Overall the visit was quite good.”

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5 Tieto Campus Connect C 2C Curriculum to career was a workshop organized by Tieto for those Lila Girls studying in the third and fnal year of Engineering TE and BE and aspiring to get placed in corporate industries in the near future. This workshop was organized for eight weeks and dealt with the areas that are immensely important for girls to know the culture and etiquettes of the corporate world and also to understand the necessities for getting recruited. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Subhasis Ghosal Marketing and Communications Manager and Mr. Sarang Dewaikar Director Testing services. This workshop covered topics like corporate culture effective communication presentation skills team building effective group discussion and personal interview latest industry trends application development maintenance and testing. They also evaluated our group discussion interview communication and presentation skills towards the end of the workshop. Industrial visit was also arranged for the entire batch of Lila girls who attended this workshop. I heartily thank LPF for organizing such a creative essential and infuential program which honed our skills and made us feel confdent about ourselves. It also brought light to the latest industry trends that we were not even aware of and gave us a clear picture of the future of the industry and highlighted the areas we should work on. Being a part of this workshop was a great experience in itself. We got an opportunity to meet the Human resource offcer Effective communication trainer Team leaders Employees currently working on technologies like testing IoT Quality control and other disciplines. The people who conducted the workshops were very friendly and they also have been in touch with us through various social media platforms to assist us anytime we need. They appreciated everyone and helped each one of us to overcome our fear of public speaking. They also prepared us for aptitude tests personal interviews group discussions which are essential for any recruitment program. I found myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this workshop It gave me an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the most successful and infuential people from the Tieto who not only inspired us but also groomed us for the upcoming placements. I thank Lila Mom and Tieto for organizing such a wonderful C2C workshop. - Simran Kesari LG-2014 Feedback Curriculum to Career L ila Mom and Dad rightly say that this is an era of technology. They truly feel that we girls should get a well-paid jobs. However the girls lag behind their competitors due to lack of computer knowledge and related competencies. Excel is an application that helps to calculate generate reports tabulate and do lots of other things which makes our work much easier. Sensing the need to educate LFs on this popular tool LPF had organized a Basic Excel Training Program. The program was conducted by Mr. Kaustubh Mhadgut and the team of Tata Technologies. The Basic and Advance Excel programs were very interesting and knowledgeable. The girls came to Excel Training Program know about the various applications and tricks of new Formulas and Functions in Excel that too in suffcient time span. We found techniques such as Pivot Table and V-Look Up very interesting and also enjoyed using it. This training program was very useful as we learnt new techniques and Formulas of Excel such as: Formulae of Countif sum paste special Graphs Charts V look up various arithmetic operations data analysis sorting and fltering text to column concatenations and conditional formatting The entire program proved to be very knowledgeable and helpful. - Nilam Kale LF-2014

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6 Architecture is a feld which is an art as well as science. Bhakti Purandare LF-2008 an architect and much more….. Recipient of several awards not only in the architectural feld but also is one of the quarter fnalist of Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in 2006-07. Let us try to know more about her. Leading Lady B hakti comes from a very closely bonded middle class family she did her schooling from Ahilyadevi High School Pune. Inspired by her cousin sister she decided to pursue architecture from MKSSSs Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati college of architecture. During 4 th year of architecture she won the Maharshi Karve Trophy and Kale award with 1000 cash prize. it was an architectural design competition sponsored by US based Indian architect Mr. Vijay Kale for students. Bhakti had to present her design of fve star hotels with cultural convention facilities before the jury of architects and engineers in fnal round. This award was her “Yes I can do something” moment. After this she has won many architectural awards USGBC’S Natural Talent Design Competition in Illinois Pidilite Awards for Best Design on Optimum Space Utilization Outstanding Performance in Architecture Design Nayan Roda Scholarship at BNCA to name a few. Her intelligence dedication and passion took her the way towards pursuing Masters. Her excellent architectural portfolio along with good GRE TOEFL scores got her selected in Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago - one of the top universities in architecture in USA. Managing the fees of around 60000 and daily expenses was still a question to be solved for her and the entire family. Lila Poonawalla foundation and Bhaktis family friends Dr. Sindhu Shiralkar Mr. Narkhedkar and many more came forward for help. She received the scholarship from the foundation and managed the rest through a loan from bank and family friends. While pursuing masters she did 3 kinds of jobs. Bhakti says “It was a tough time. I used to work in the gift shop for 15 hours over the weekend to keep up with the daily expenses. Weekdays were occupied attending school and managing 2 other part time jobs one in design build engineering frm as an intern and other as an assistant in computer lab.” However in spite of all these scars she scored highest grades in her Masters project with 3.75 GPA. Her advisor Prof. John Durbrow offered her a recommendation letter as he thought the grading system inadequately differentiated the level of her effort and performance as compared to her classmates. She had started her architectural career with Mr. Prashant Deshmukh and Associates in Pune before pursuing her Masters. She worked on several building types/projects including Sahara Ambey Valley city Pancard Clubs Hotel "United In" Mumbai. At the same time she participated in many international industrial/ offce design competitions. While pursuing Masters at IIT Chicago she worked at dbHMS a design build engineering frm in downtown Chicago for 2 years where she gained knowledge of mechanical electrical and plumbing systems and engineering coordination required to make the building work. She feels very fortunate that she has got an opportunity to work with Mr. Vijay Kale Sr. Architect at Waterside Construction and inventor of Kale trophy. She feels she was lucky to land a job at Waterside Construction LLC during peak recession time right after completing her masters. Waterside is a developer oriented frm which has helped her to get a different perspective about architecture. At Waterside she is actively involved in design and development of several multifamily high end high rise residential projects in New Jersey. She started her 1 st project with 650000 square feet of classic style 301 apartment unit building called "Alexander" and has worked on this project since its foundation to completion. Her frm’s next ambitious project is going to be tallest building in NJ approximately 65 stories and she is super excited about it She has also been giving her inputs for our Foundation’s Fili Villa project from an architect’s perspective. Bhakti’s family supported her not only in educational activities but also in her hobbies and other interests as well. She has formal training in Indian classical and light singing from Mrs. Vidya Pendharkar and Mr. Deepak Patekar of Gandharva Mahavidyalay. She has won many singing competitions and has also participated in few reality TV singing shows. Bhakti was one of the quarter fnalists of Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Marathi in 2007. Even today in her busy schedule she fnds time for singing by taking online singing classes from her Guru Mr. Deepak Patekar. She emphasizes the impact Lila Poonawalla Foundation has made on her life. Lila Mom is her inspiration. She cherishes the memories of receiving the scholarship from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at Lila Poonawalla Foundation’s award function. Whenever she visits India she tries to attend the Foundation’s programs. While in the United States she met Lila Mom and Firoz Dad twice and participated in Fund raising program in Houston. She says "When I received this scholarship I felt it wasnt just money but motivation or rather a huge responsibility to transform myself into better professional and person beyond my capacities. Its Leading Lady

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7 really hard to return what the foundation has given me. I will always be grateful and will keep supporting the foundation in whichever way I can". Bhakti mentions that the journey so far has been amazing. She is grateful to everyone who supported and helped her. Her parents always believed in her dreams. The addition is her husband who is very supportive and plays a major role in fulflling her dreams. Her short term goal is to explore her work and take up new challenges however she aspires to run her own successful architectural practice in the future. Leading Lady The message she would like to share with her sisters other Lila Fellows is that “Whatever you want to achieve just believe in it be determined put in all the efforts persevere and things will fall in place”. How true She likes helping students who are interested in pursuing a career in architecture. Bhakti is modest enough not to call herself a “Leading Lady”. But looking at her journey it is very obvious that she is truly leading by example. - Sonali Patwe LF-2009 and PA-2012 “T o discover your true self you have to listen deep down inside you to the rhythm of your own breath” said by Erin. The same has been experienced by our Lila Fellow of 2001 batch and committee member for undergraduate category Pradnya Kashikar. For the past 15 years she has been working as free-lance trainer for many well-known institutes and corporates like BITS Pilani Symbiosis Ferguson MIT and many more. She has even attended many training programs conducted by Lila Poonawalla Foundation. She started planning about designing her own Certifcate Programs and Training Workshops for different age groups with different backgrounds. Always having dreams to start her own training and consulting frm on the occasion of International Women’s Day 8 th March 2016 she fnally acquired a Shop Act certifcate and has bought her own domain name which has got approved. Now she will be delivering her training and consultancy services under ‘TalentPro Consulting Services’ www. talentproservices.com. Congratulations Pradnya The key areas that she will be covering as a part of Training services delivered are as follows: 1. Cyber Security – Cyber-crime is emerging as a serious threat. Worldwide governments police departments and intelligence units have started to react. Initiatives to curb cross border cyber threats are taking shape and awareness about cyber security is mandatory now a days. This workshop is an attempt to provide a glimpse on cyber-crime in India. The learning objectives of this workshop are: Cyber Crimes and their types E-commerce and E-governance IPR – Intellectual Property Rights Crime Case Studies Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security Mechanisms Cryptography Intrusion Detection and Prevention Biometric Authentication Techniques Social Networking Safety Case Studies and many more relevant topics IT Act 2000 – Indian Cyber Laws. 2. UML based Object Oriented Analysis and Design – Unifed Modeling Language or UML as it is commonly referred to represents the evolutionary unifcation of the prominent methodologists’ experience with other industry engineering best practices. It is a general-purpose broadly applicable tool-supported industry-standardized modelling language. It applies to a multitude of different types of systems domains and methods or processes. This workshop is for students and professionals who seek a broad understanding of what UML is and is not and for practitioners engineers and professionals who seek a detailed understanding of every part of the UML including the syntax and semantics of the language and how to apply it to solve problems. The learning objectives of this workshop are Unifed Modelling Language High Level Software Design and Agility Basic Structural Modelling Advanced structural Modelling Basic Behavioural Modelling -1 Basic Behavioural Modelling – 2 Advanced Behavioural Modelling Architectural Modelling case studies. 3. Consulting services will also be proved to help companies develop high level design and working as a solution architect for the domain specifcally Cyber Security. Pradnya’s mother Lila Mom and Firoz Dad are great backbones for her rediscovery. She wishes to thank them for teaching her the purpose of life. - Pradnya Kashikar LF-2009 New Venture Rediscovering Myself

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8 Shining Stars Devika Daftrdar LF-2002: Received prestigious MaTa Sanman for best supporting actress in Marathi flm “Carry on Maratha” Gauri Swakul LF-2002: Received “Sundri Samrat Award” in a function held in name of SundriSamrat Sidrmaji and Pandit Chidanand Jadhav held at Solapur. Priyanka Khopkar LF-2006: Dipika Gautam LG-2014: 1 st prize in the Personality contest organized by TNAI held on 29 th to 31 st October 2015 at Bell Air college of Nursing and also got selected for the national level in which she will be representing Maharashtra in personality contest. Dr. Rajani Panchang Dhumal LF-2000: Awarded with “Mani Shankar Shukla Gold Medal” in recognition of her outstanding contributions in the feld of Micropalaeontology on 1 st of March 2016 at Department of Geology Lucknow University. Sonal Bhagat LG-2014: Received NCQC National Conventionals of Quality Concepts Excellence Award. Received “Shri Surendra Narayan Saxena Award” at the Hands of Prof K. N. Ganesh Director of IISER and Dr. Nita Mawar Former Director-in-charge for NARI for an outstanding worker in the feld of Bio-Medical Science on 23 rd Foundation Day at the National Aids Research Institute. Urmila Tambe LF-2010: Awarded with “Unvas Award IPSCON 2015” by the hands of Shri Govindbhai Pater Minister of Energy and Petro Chemical Science Gujarat. contd.... p. 16

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9 Manogat G ayatri Kshirsagar LF 2012 interacted with Training Manager LPF Ms Pallavi Budgude. Pallavi said “I was at home when I got an unexpected call for the interview I attended the interview not knowing what would happen. I thought the interview would be taken by a HR Manager or some higher level executive of LPF. But to my surprise I came to know that I will be facing Padmashree Lila Poonawalla Ma’am. Throughout my interview Ma’am made me comfortable with her smile and polite nature. I cracked the interview and that was my frst achievement with LPF ” “I joined LPF on 1 st of January 2014 and since then there has been no looking back” said Pallavi. She works with the training department co-ordinating for internal and external programs. Co-ordinating the training programs for Lila Girls is at times diffcult due to non availability of the girls due to their hectic schedules. However she manages to convince the girls to attend the workshops which are benefcial to them. Many girls who have attended the training workshops have beneftted through them and are placed at reputed Organizations. Amongst the girls beneftted by the training programs is Asmita Patil LG 2012 placed in VISA with a package of 1200000. Since the time that Pallavi has been with LPF she has seen remarkable changes in her own personality. Her levels of self-confdence dressing sense and her communication skills too have witnessed a change. Pallavi expresses her gratitude towards Sir and Ma’am as well as the LPF staff members for enriching her personality. “Sir Ma’am and the staff members are truly an extension of my own Family. They were there to support me even when I was bed-ridden for almost three months not knowing whether I would continue be a part of the LPF Family. However my heartfelt gratitude of Ma’am and Sir for supporting me even in my darkest phase of life”. “E verybody is brilliant. It is all a matter of identifying your area of interest and channelizing your energy and time towards it that will help you to stand out from the crowd” says Mr. Suhas Kirloskar Assistant Vice-President Barclays Technology Centre India. He works in the feld of Banking and IT for core banking solutions. Besides this he also conducts various training programs for the girls of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Mr. Suhas has been associated with LPF since the last four years. He lends a helping hand for conducting various programs like Success keys to crack Interviews which includes resume writing facing interviews and soft skill development. ”My experience with LPF is amazing. The foundation is very open to new ideas and the staff is also very much co-operative. Lila Ma’am is a role-model for all the girls and a driving force behind all the activities of the foundation. She is always approachable and welcomes new ideas. This helps us to take new initiatives to make the programs more interesting. We are always eager to learn about more requirements from the foundation and work and grow together. ” Mr. Suhas says “LPF is very unique in its own way. The selection process is very transparent and the deserving girls are identifed after a rigorous interview. LPF not only provides funds for their education but also plays a crucial role in their upbringing. It acts as a supporting pillar for the girls throughout their school and college till they get a job. There are various programs such as soft-skill development self-defence health check-ups counseling sessions that help in personality development and also ensure good health and well-being. This makes LPF stand different from the other NGO’s. ” “Barclays strongly believes in corporate social responsibility and volunteering for various activities to help the benefciaries. LPF acts as a platform wherein the corporate professionals can share their knowledge and experience with the girls pursuing their education. Such programs not only help the girls to enhance their knowledge but also give them a closer look at the corporate world. Besides this Barclays also conducts various programs focusing on communication skills for the students of class 8th and 9th. There are programs conducted for 10th standard students to prepare them for their Board Exams and also provide them with valuable career guidance. “ He continues”Communication skills play a very vital role in surviving in corporate world. These include good listening skills speaking skills writing skills and presentation skills. We must have an inquisitive mind and indulge in asking as many questions as possible to acquire complete information. In this fast changing world it is very important to stay updated with the latest technological trends. Along with this basic knowledge of computers like MS Excel data analysis data warehouse backend systems is the must. Regular reading of newspapers is the key towards attaining this overall knowledge. ” A noted change can be seen in the Lila Juniors Fellows and Girls. The girls reading and spoken English Skills have improved tremendously. Mr Kirloskar ends our interview by advising the girls to practice reading develop an ability to summarize the contents which will help them clear the interviews with passing colours. He advised us to read books on diverse subjects. There are a number of channels for communication which have a lot of information available. How do we make effective use of each channel matters There are a lot of opportunities waiting for everyone we just need to have focused efforts with a positive mindset. - Pranali Tirkunde LG-2013 Staff Partner in LPF Girls Development

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10 b nrS ho EH éMHa AmU ‘hËdnyU© AÞ ómoV Amho. gm‘mÝ` ‘mUgmÀ`m mfoV mobm`M§ Pmb§ Va Mar AWdm ‘oX. Vo Amnë`m earamVrb COm© gmRdyZ RodÊ`mMm EH H|Ð Amho. 1 J«°‘ ‘oXmnmgyZ Odi Odi 9 Hbmo H°barO BVHs COm© ‘iVo. na§Vw Ë`mgmRr Amhma df`H ‘mJ©Xe©Z Hobobo Amho Vo A§‘bmV AmUUo JaOoMo Amho. bnrS ho earamVrb ‘oX draKidUmè`m OrdZgËdmZm åhUOoM E Sr B AmU Ho emofyZ KoVmV. AmhmamVrb Vob Vyn AmU bmoUr ho bnrSMo à‘wI Amhma ómoV AmhoV. aºm‘Ü`o Hmhr ‘wº ‘oXmåb§ HmoboñQ´mob ’moñ’mobnrS AmU Q´m`½brgamob ho à‘wI bnrS AmhoV. bAmobZH Amåb Amo‘oJm -6 ho AË`§V ‘hËdmMo AmU BVa Mar`wº Amåb ZdÊ`mgmRr ‘hËìdmMo Amho CXm: AmH©SmoZH Amåb. Amo‘oJm -3 Mar`wº Amåb nwTrb à‘mUo AmhoV brZmobrZH Amåb EHmognoÝVZmoBH Amåb AmU SmoHmogmhoŠgmZmoBH Amåb DHA . DHA ‘|XyÀ`m AmU Smoù`mVrb nSÚmÀ`m dmTrgmRr A§Ë`§V ‘hËdmMm Amho. hm KQH mimbm OmoSboë`m Zmio‘YyZ AmU mimbm Xë`m OmUmè`m XwYmVyZ ‘iVmo. ømMo gdm©YH à‘mU Smoù`mVrb nSXm goao«b Hm°QŠg `mV AgVo VgoM nwéfm§À`m àOOZ g§ñWo‘Yrb ewH«mUy‘Ü`o AgVo. Oa Hm Vwåhr Mm§Jbo ZarjH Agmb Va Vwåhr HYr ‘m°b qHdm HamUm XwHmZmVrb ImÚ nXmWmªdarb bob nhb Agob Va Vwåhmbm Ë`mV t-F A ZmdmMm KQH oHarVrb nXmWmª‘Ü`o bhbobm Xgbm Agob AmU Oa Vwåhr Ago bob KVbo Zgob Va nwTÀ`m doir Z¸s nmhm. T FA hm KQH VobmMo Ðd ênmVyZ ñWm`yV énm§Va ìhmdo `mgmRr hm`S´moOZ ‘giV AgVmZm V`ma hmoVmo. `m‘wio ImÚVob dmnaÊ`mMr ‘wXV dmTVo. Ë`m‘wio T FA hm oHmar nXmW© Ogo Hs HoH HwHsO AmU aoM Vibobo nXmW© `m§‘Ü`o AmTiyZ `oVmo. T FA qHdm A§eV: hm`S´moOZoQoS Agm gyMH eãX gmhË`m§À`m `mXr ‘Ü`o AgVmo. `m T FA KQHm‘wio LDL HmobogñQ´mob dmTVmo AmU HDL- HmoboñQ´mob H‘r hmoVo `mMm naUm‘ åhUyZ õX`mMo AmOma idVmV. O|ìhm HmoboñQ´mob Mo à‘mU AVOmñV hmoVo AmU öX`mVrb dmhÝ`m§À`m AmVrb mOyda O‘y bmJVo. Ë`m‘wio AW«mñŠboamogg ZmdmMm amoJ hmoVmo. aºmVrb HmoboñQ´mob‘Ü`o HDL- HmobogñQ´mob Amdí`H HmoboñQ´mob AmU Anm`HmaH Ago HDL HmoboñQ´mob Ago XmoZ KQH AgVmV. Ë`mVrb HDL- HmobogñQ´mob ì`Vaº AgUmaè`m KQHm§‘Ü`o LDL HmobogñQ´mob hm EH ‘w»` KQH Amho. HDL-C hm` SopÝgQr brnmoàmoQrZ hm KQH HmoboñQ´mobMo mø CVtHSyZ `H¥VmHSo dhZ HaVmo. VoWo Vmo nÎm ag åhUyZ mhoa nSVmo qHdm dmnamV `oVmo. åhUyZ Ë`mbm Mm§Jbo HmoboñQ´mob Ago åhUVmV. earamVrb ‘oXm Mo à‘mU OmUyZ KoÊ`mgmRr aºmMr MmMUr Hobr OmVo. `mV AmXë`m Xder Xmê /‘Ú godZ Qmimdo. Xwgè`m Xder CnmernmoQr aº VnmgUr Hobr OmVo. Adult Treatment Panel ATP III åhUOoM àm¡T CnMma JQ III ømMo dJuHaU LDL- C EHyU -C AmU HDL HmoboñQ´mob mg/ dL `m‘Ü`o Imbrb Vº²`mà‘mUo Hobo OmVo. ga‘ Q´m`½brgamBS ZmdmMm KQH 150 mg/ dl nojm H‘r Agmdm. XaamoO g§n¥º VobmMo à‘mU ho EHyU COÀ`m 7 Zo H‘r Agmdo. Amdí`H AgUmao ‘moZmogÀ`waoQoS Amåb ho 13-15 Agmdo. Va nm°br gÀ`waoQoS Amåb ho 7 -10 EdTo Agmdo. Amo‘oJm 6 Vo Amo‘oJm -3 ho 3:1 Vo 5:1 `m à‘mUmV Agmdo. XaamoO Amo‘oJm 6 Mo à‘mU -9 J«°‘ `m Xaå`mZM Agmdo. Va Amo‘oJm 3 Mo à‘mU ho 4 - 6 J«°‘ EdTo Agmdo. g§n¥º VobmMo gdm©YH à‘mU ho bmoUr Jm`r Mo ‘m§g ‘|TrMo ‘m§g Sw¸amMo ‘m§g nm‘ Vob Imooaob Vob BË`mXr ‘Ü`o AgVo . MU FA ho åhUOo O¡VyZ ZmdmÀ`m ’imnmgyZ Zdbobo Vob HmZmobm Vob VimMo Vob 40 BË`mXr ‘Ü`o AgVo . Amo‘oJm 6 ho pñZ½Y Amåb HaSB© Vob gw`©’wb Vob gmo`mrZ Vob Hmnyg `mUmnmgyZ HmTbobo Vob BË`mXr ‘YyZ ‘iVo . Va Amo‘oJm 3 ho pñZ½Y Amåb ‘mem§nmgyZ HmTbob§ Vob ‘w»`V : hoq‘J AmU gmë‘moZ ‘mgo AmåmSrÀ`m `m§nmgyZ HmTbob Vob AmH«moS Vob ‘oWrÀ`m XmÊ`mnmgyZ HmTbobo Vob BË`mXr ‘YyZ ‘iVo . åhUyZ AmRdSçmVyZ ZXmZ 2 ‘mgo Var ImdoV. OdgmMo Vob hm Amo‘oJm 3 `m AmåbmgmRr AË`§V Cn`wº 55 Agm ómoV Amho . g§n¥º pñZ½Y Amåb‘wio õX` dHma idVmV Va MU FA AmU PU FA `m‘wio Vo H‘r hmoVmV . VarXoIrb Amo‘oJm 6 AmU Amo‘oJm 3 `m pñZ½Y AmåbmMo à‘mU Iyn ‘hËdmMo Amho. `mV Amo‘oJm 6 Mo à‘mU OmñV AmU Amo‘oJm 3 Mo à‘mU H‘r Health Capsule bnrS - Hm` Imdo AmU Hm` ImD Z`o

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11 Agbobo öX`mg Mm§Jbo Zmhr öX`amoJm§Zm àV§YH Zmhr. Amo‘oJm 3 Mo `mo½` à‘mU ho AHñ‘mV öX` dHmam‘wio hmoUmao ‘¥Ë`y aº JmoRUo aºXm AmU ga‘ Q´m` ½brgamoBS H‘r hmoUo `m§gma»`m hmZHmaH KQZm hmoD Z XoÊ`mgmRr Cn`moJr RaVo. ‘oX ho AmhmamVrb EH AË`§V ‘hËdmMm KQH Amho. Vo Amnbr earamVrb noer‘Yrb EH ‘hËdMm mJ Amho. åhUyZ g§nyU©nUo ‘oX dÁ`© HaUo ho HYrM ’m`ÚmMo Zmhr. åhUyZ `oWyZ nwTo HYrhr ImÚ nXmW© IaoXr HaVmZm Ë`m§À`m‘Ü`o AgUmao KQH VnmgyZ nhm AmU Amnë`m ImÊ`mnÊ`mMr AmdS VnmgyZ nhm. nmofH Im AmU ZamoJr amhm Health Capsule LDL-C nmVir 100 Mm§Jbo 100 - 129 AV Mm§Jbo 130 - 159 YmoŠ`mMr nmVir OmñV 160 - 189 OmñV e 190 Iyn OmñV T-C nmVir 200 Amdí`H 200 - 239 YmoŠ`mMr nmVir ≥ 240 OmñV HDL-C nmVir 40 H‘r ≥ 60 OmñV AZwdmX: Jm`Ìr jragmJa brbm ’obmo 2012 L ila Poonawalla Foundation in association with Tata Technologies recently organized a Skill Development Workshop for girls pursuing their Bachelors in Engineering and for girls admitted directly to 2nd year Engineering. The Workshop gave them an opportunity to learn about employability skills the necessity of knowledge orientation training them on survival scenario exercises providing clarity on careers and revealing the importance of adopting change. In addition to these important learnings participants also took part in the TVW5 Skill Development Smart Genius Lady program. This activity gave them an opportunity to use their learned skills and wit to work through various situations presented in the activity. Five Lila Girls - Heena Gole Ashwini Saste Pooja Development Programs Women’s Value Education Workshop by Tata Technologies Jadhav Rohini Dhavile and Sayali Patil - were given the fnal prize for completing their tasks successfully.

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12 Lila Girls engrossed in playing the bursting balloon games. Lila Mom and Firoz Dad participating with full enthusiasm in the New Year Party. Memorable farewell to 2015 and Welcoming 2016 with great Enthusiasm Lila Girls Enjoying dance in the New Year Party 2016. Lila Juniors enjoying party with Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. Catwalk by a Lila Junior. New Year Celebration Lila Poonawalla Foundation welcomed New Year 2016 with a grand celebration for 8 days having different themes on each day. Lila Fellows with their spouses and children Lila Girls and Lila Juniors along with beloved Mom and Dad enjoyed with great joy and full of enthusiasm. They danced played games like Bombing the City Balloon Bursting and had a graceful catwalk on music beats. The atmosphere was charged with the latest music revolving lights colourful watches blinking lights and cheerful faces. We had a great grand party with scrumptious food. Lila Fellows the party game winners with their spouses and children accepting prizes from Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. Lila Girls having a gala time with Lila Mom.

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13 "S he is a nurturer she is stern delicate yet strong. Someone who has no qualms about turning into Goddess Kali if the situation warrants it. Who is she She is the most complex creation that the celestial beings ever created she is a Woman." “There is no force equal to that of a woman” Doesn’t the quote above describe exactly how women are A woman is strong fearless and most importantly courageous. Laughing in the face of pain and adversity she fulfls all her responsibilities on the home and professional front with equal power and brains. This is exactly the way the Lila Girls and Fellows are. They are intelligent hardworking and sincere and what better way would there be then to honour them on the eve of the International Women’s Day Carrying on with its mission of “Leading the Indian Ladies Ahead” the Lila Poonawalla Foundation recently carried out a “Laptop on Lease Drive” supported by Henkel on Women’s Day for 50 Lila Girls who are currently pursuing their 2 nd and 3 rd year of Engineering. The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour for the occasion were none other than Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar Director PNES/Orchid School and Partner of LPF for Maths Science English and Computer Literary Programs and Ms. Maya Thadani Founding Trustee Advisory Board Member and a long-time friend of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Apart from the “Laptop on Lease Drive” the foundation also helped to launch CARE- Career Acceleration through Remote Education i.e. through Webex. This program was launched under the Guidance of Lila Fellow and Committee Member Mrs. Pradnya Kashikar and Committee Member Ms. Chitra Duvedi. The objective of this program was to reach out to the girls and impart technical and corporate training. The training will be imparted by Senior Lila Fellows and renowned corporate trainers. L PF is constantly trying to help girls to get ready for their future endeavors. Aspire the foundation is arranging a variety of training programs and workshops on preventive health and a bright future. To carry out its mission LPF arranged a workshop “Rubella Vaccination Camp” at Wardha offce for the frst time for Lila Girls in collaboration with Rotary Club Gandhi City Wardha. Rubella also known as German measles or three-day measles is caused by a virus that is transmitted from person to person in respiratory secretions. Rubella is a mild illness indeed it is often asymptomatic. It can spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes or it can spread by direct contact with an infected persons respiratory secretions such as mucus. It can also be transmitted from a pregnant woman to her unborn child via the bloodstream. Rubella is a kind of mild infection. Once youve had the disease youre usually permanently immune. Some women with rubella experience arthritis in the fngers wrists and knees which generally lasts for about one month. In rare cases rubella can cause an ear infection or infammation of the brain. Up to 90 percent of infants born to mothers who had rubella during the frst 12 weeks of pregnancy develop congenital rubella syndrome. This syndrome can cause one or more problems including: growth retardation cataracts deafness congenital heart defects defects in other organs mental retardation. The highest risk to the foetus is during the frst trimester but exposure later in pregnancy also is dangerous. The rubella vaccine is usually given as a combined measles-mumps-rubella inoculation which contains the safest and most effective form of each vaccine. Doctors recommend that children receive the MMR vaccine between 12 and 15 months of age and again between 4 and 6 years of age i.e. before entering school. Its particularly important that girls receive the vaccine to prevent rubella during future pregnancies. Special Feature Celebrating International Women’s Day the Lila Poonawalla Foundation Way Rubella Vaccination Camp Special Feature contd ... on page 15

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14 T he word “Polycyst” means many cysts. Today 1 in 10 females of child bearing age have PCOS. It may occur in girls as young as 13 years of age. It is a common endocrine disorder for females between the ages of 13 to 44 years and causes them to have enlarged ovaries that contain small fuid flled follicles located in each ovary these can be seen during ultrasound sonography. The hormonal changes that lead to PCOS start in early teens. Causes of PCOS are not understood but genetic and environmental factors play a major role. One hormone change triggers another hormone which in turn changes another hormone. This leads to PCOS. Weight gain is the typical symptom of this. It affects the reproductive system and how the body handles blood sugar level. It can also affect the heart. The symptoms of PCOS can vary from patient to patient. Commonly these are 1. Irregular menstrual cycle. 2. Excessive body or facial hair. Women with PCOS have higher amount of the male hormone androgen which leads to certain male characteristics such as excess hair decrease in breast size deeper voice and thinning of scalp hair. 3. Missing periods. 4. Infertility. 5. Weight problems including weight gain around the waist. 6. Skin problems includes skin tags darkening of skin and acne. The main risk factor for PCOS is family history. Your chance of having it is higher if other women in your family already have it or have irregular periods or diabetes. PCOS can be passed from either your mother or your fathers side. WHY DO WOMEN WITH PCOS HAVE TROUBLE WITH THEIR MENSTRUATION AND FERTILITY NORMAL OVULATION: Ovaries where eggs are produced have tiny fuid flled sacs called follicles or cysts. As the egg grows the follicle builds up fuid. When the egg matures the follicle bursts open. The eggs are released and the eggs travel through the fallopian tube to the womb for fertilization. This is normal ovulation. IN PCOS: Ovaries don`t make all the hormones needed for eggs to mature. The follicle may start to grow in build up the fuid but fail to ovulate. Instead some follicles remain as cysts. As ovulation does not occur the hormone PROGESTERONE is not made. Without P a womens menstrual cycle is irregular or absent and the ovaries start making male hormones. DIAGNOSIS: How do I know if I have PCOS There is no single test to diagnose PCOS. Your doctor will take the following steps to fnd out if you have PCOS. A Medical history... Information of menstruation or weight changes. B Physical examination. a BP measurement b BMI weight kg/ height sq.m Normal range 20 to 25 25 to 30... overweight. 30...obese. 15.... underweight. b Waist size. c Areas of increased hair growth. C Pelvic examination... doctor will check your ovaries. D Blood tests: Androgen hormone levels blood glucose levels Thyroid levels Serum insulin levels. E Sonography: To see your ovaries for cysts and endometrium thickness. Health Capsule PCOS-Polycystic ovarian syndrome Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS is a problem in which women`s sex hormones estrogen progesterone are out of balance. It can cause problems with the menstrual cycle and makes it diffcult to conceive. Our very own Gynecologist Dr. Sarika Deore LF-2001 wishes to make us aware about PCOS

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15 TREATMENT: Start with proper Diagnosis. Treatment depends on womens age symptoms and future pregnancy plans. a OCPs oral contraceptive pills to regulate menstruation. b Insulin sensitizing medications. c Ovulation induction for infertility. d Androgen blocking medications. e Other treatment for excessive hair. f Hair loss treatment. g Acne treatment. h Treatment for skin problems. COMPLICATIONS OF PCOS: Reproductive problems encountered are: a Infertility b Repeated miscarriages. c Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy. d Increased Blood Pressure during pregnancy. e Premature delivery. f Precancer of uterine lining Endometrial hyperplasia: This happens when you don`t have regular cycles. In normal cycles endometrium builds up and is cleared every month. But this does not happen in cases with PCOS. g Uterine/Endometrial Cancer: Risk is three times greater in women who have PCOS than normal women who ovulate regularly. h Insulin resistance: Insulin is a hormone that helps your body cells get the sugar they need for energy. Sometimes these cells do not fully respond to Insulin. This can lead to Diabetes. This is seen in patients with PCOS. Excess Insulin leads to high androgen levels which leads to male symptoms as said before. i Sleep apnea j Depressive symptoms. LIFESTYLE AND PREVENTION: Have a healthy lifestyle. Healthy diet low in refned carbohydrates is important as this helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Exercise - helps body to regulate Insulin and shed excess weight. Losing weight can help reduce male hormone levels in body and some women will begin to ovulate naturally Therefore: Proper diagnosis lifestyle changes and PCOS treatment can help women get a relief from it and its overwhelming health problems. - Dr. Sarika Deore LF-2001 Health Capsule S andvik Asia Pvt. Ltd. celebrated International Womens’ Day 8 th March 2016 in a unique way. They have arranged a wonderful program for LPF and also felicitated our senior Lila Fellows who are successful in their respective felds. There was a panel of dignitaries including Lila mom and all of them got a chance to hear them and get inspired. On the same day Sandvik also arranged HR and Employability program for Lila girls. Women’s Day Celebration and Employability Program Special Feature contd.... from p. 13 L to R : Pallavi Gokhale Kausar Mulla Dr. Harshada Babrekar Pradnya Kashikar Lila Mom Gauri Swakul Vandana Belitkar Neelu Nawani Rupali Soni Jyothi Rajesh

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16 Rangoli at Asha Center UK by Rita Shetiya Rita Shetiya LF 2005 Artist in Me Pradnya Kashikar LF 2001 Dr. Nirmala Pandit Trustee LPF

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17 A shwini Laxman Jadhav LF-2012 was born in a village called Pimpalwadi in Ahmednagar district. Youngest in a family of four the value of education had always been impressed strongly upon her. Despite the fnancial constraints in her family she persevered and has attained post-graduation from “Dr D Y Patil school of MCA” Lohegaon. Ashwini’s father is an auto-rickshaw driver and her mother a housewife. Here is what Ashwini says “My father studied only till the eighth standard because of the fnancial problems and my mother is unschooled. She never wanted her children to remain like her and hence always had big dreams for my brother and me. My father too was also very frm on both of us completing our education and made sure that we did not face the problems he had. He did everything so that we could complete our studies easily. It’s like thanks to his support and my mother’s dreams that my brother has completed his graduation and is now working and I have completed my post-graduation studies”. Ashwini wanted to pursue graduation in pharmacy feld after her 12 th class her parents also wanted her to study further however there was no fnancially help coming from anywhere. This is why she decided to study computer science which was a comparatively economical choice. However this option demanded her to take up an educational loan. After graduation she wanted to continue studying further however not all people around supported this many of them felt that being a girl she shouldn’t take up post-graduation which probably was of no use. This was a time when Ashwini’s brother stood by her and pushed family members to support her and let her follow her dreams. Ashwini humbly says “It was my brother who stood by me when needed. However his support wasn’t enough for me to take up further studies mainly because fnancial support was equally required. This is where LPF Lila Poonawalla Foundation made it possible. I think the best thing about LPF is that even though it is such a big organization the people working there are not business minded. I vividly recollect the day I flled out the scholarship form. It was a Saturday I had never heard of LPF prior to that I immediately called up the LPF offce just half and hour before it was scheduled to close. Reaching the offce in 30 mins was next to impossible for me. Had their been some other organization they would have rejected my application there and then but an offce staff member from LPF told me to come on Monday and collect the form. This incident truly shows how dedicated and committed LPF is to cause of girl child education. I extremely fortunate that I have got an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful LPF Family. Ashwini’s introduction to LPF was truly an introduction to a family and not to an organization. Like any other family LPF focuses on developing a girl as an individual and not just treat them like a student who has earned a scholarship. The knowledge Ashwini has gained through her association with LPF is extensive. Her own little family of four set the foundation of her support system LPF family took it one step further. It comes as no surprise that her frst goal in life is to live up to the dreams and ambitions of her family. With all the knowledge she has gained she has now secured a job with Sar Group of Industries. Ashwini states “I have attended many workshops organised by LPF like – warli painting self-defence killing your fears etc. Each workshop is important especially for girls. I know there are so many girls facing fnancial problems in their lives. One day I want to be in a position to extend a helping hand to someone else through the LPF family which adopted me as one of its many daughters. What I have got as part of this family is what I want someone else to get too”. Path Finders M anisha Pramod Kulthe LF-2011 walks us through her journey from getting an internship to a confrmed job at Quickheal organisation. Manisha was determined to pursue Master’s degree in MCS from her own earned money. She mentions “I took a year’s break after graduation so that I could earn suffcient to fund my Master’s program. My uncle who supported me fnancially during my graduation wanted to help me this time as well my family too was pushing me to take up masters course immediately however I humbly told them that I would do my post- graduation using my own money. After graduation I immediately started searching for job opportunities I tried very hard to get a job at several places however each time I was unable to crack the fnal round of interview it was terribly frustrating. Finally I got an opportunity to start working as a teacher and simultaneously started taking tuitions. Both of these jobs put together I began earning enough to save for my Master’s program”. Manisha knew about Lila Poonawalla Foundation during this time and was lucky enough to get through the scholarship. She became Lila Fellow and then new avenues opened for her. “Firstly LPF gave me scholarship to pursue post-graduation. More importantly the entire team encouraged me to learn

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18 new skills. The trainings and workshops imparted to Lila fellows are so useful especially the communication skills and developing interview skill trainings. These courses changed the way I presented myself to a stranger. To my surprise I started getting through job interviews because now I knew exactly how to communicate during the interview process” says Manisha. Manisha proudly narrates the entire selection process of getting a job at Quickheal “I was the frst person from my college to get a campus placement for an internship program here and was the only girl who applied for this job opportunity. The company’s selection process was long thorough and tough for interns and for about six months the company grilled all the 12 candidates who applied for this job. But this time I was far more confdent as now my bag is full of newly-acquired skills and was determined to get through. For six months the organisation made sure we were trained enough after which they would further choose the best candidate for a confrmed job. Their selection process is very rigorous and although we interned from this organisation there was no assurance that we would have a confrmed job at the end. All of us were nervous on the fnal day of selection out of the 12 students 3 of them were selected and I was one amongst those 3 I was so happy I knew that the confdence and skills acquired by becoming a part of LPF had made this dream possible for me to achieve. Thanks to LPF” Manisha knows that working part-time while doing MCS course would be stressful hence she took a years break to work and save. The LPF scholarship made her path smooth. It gave her the chance to concentrate on her studies all the while getting groomed to launch herself in to the professional world. Path Finders P ooja Gursale LG-2010 exudes passion strong ambition and a vibe that leaves you emotional. She has mastered the art of storytelling and she tells her story fearlessly. Life has been tough on her but she believes every experience has made her stronger. It’s hard to believe that someone can emerge so strong and tough even after they have been through rough times. Althogh her family is small they have been there for her physically and emotionally. She is a strong and successful person because of the constant support of her elder brother and mother they run a food mess from their home. Pooja lost her father due to ill health and was mentored by her maternal uncle. Pooja has done her Engineering in Electronics from AISSMS’s College of Engineering. In her spare time she loves to play Chess. “Everyone thought it’s an odd interest to have but for me chess resembles life – no win no loss just every step helps you learn” she quips. This is her charm a girl who is effervescent and jolly but who quickly transforms into an observant wise and a profound woman. Her approach in life is very rational and logical. She is emotional but she uses that to her advantage unlike most people who tend to get bogged down by emotions. While a whole lot of people told her that her decision to choose electronics feld was wrong because the scope of this feld being minimal she calmly made a sound decision by choosing electronics feld and warded off all the cynics by simply telling them “Creating scope is your choice if you want it bad enough you can make it happen”. Busy with a variety of extracurricular activities in college right from badminton chess to technical events and paper presentations she keeps herself in a constant state of learning and growth. “LPF gives us opportunities to attend so many different seminars and workshops that we are never out of options. While most of my friends went out and had fun all through their holidays I spent time going for English improvement classes conducted by the foundation. My time to enjoy and have fun will come when my family is fnancially stable” she says with emotional maturity of a learned adult. Pooja and her brother have to oscillate between job and education as their family can’t afford to have no income at any given time. Her association with the foundation as well as her father’s sad demise has transformed her from a child who lived each day as it came to a woman who has her family’s wellbeing as her frst priority. She talks about the different people who hail from a variety of felds she got to meet through the foundation. The foundation’s work is based on creating an environment that crafts many such dynamic girls like Pooja. The monetary help doesn’t mark the end of their endeavour in fact it only marks the beginning. There is also a surge of joy that is evident in her demeanour when she talks about Lila Mom. “She is my inspiration in life and someday I want to become like her” she says as her voice wavers with emotions. Pooja Gursale is one of those girls who set their goals struggle and make ends meet to achieve those goals. After completing her engineering in Electronics she is now working with TCS. She has also done a project on Automated Perimerty System for the Glaucoma Disease Detection. On behalf of LPF foundation we wish her well in her professional feld

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19 W orking at Oracle Vimal Watwani LG-2011 is now in a position to look back as well as forward in time. Looking back she talks of her family which always encouraged her to keep studying. The eldest of three sisters she is the daughter of a teacher and a homemaker. “We have a shop where my father runs tuition classes I think because he is in the line of teaching he always made us believe that whatever else we compromise we must never compromise on our studies. Whatever we want to study we must study – and to whatever extent possible” says Vimal. Growing up in Dhule Vimal asked well-wishers for advice about what she should do. When people counselled her to pursue IT engineering she took it up as a challenge. She did well in the 12 th class as well as in the entrance exam and went on to study engineering in the prestigious College of Engineering Pune COEP. Vimal says “Many of my friends from COEP don’t have jobs yet. All of us fnished our Bachelor’s in Engineering at the same time 2014. Some fnally got selected by small companies who were looking for graduates without experience. I was lucky I got a good job she smiles But let me tell you that I honestly think that I have reached this stage only because of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation”. Vimal stresses on the fact that she is not working in some small company with little scope for growth. Rather she is a software developer at Oracle and feels that in a company like that only the sky is the limit for her career. Vimal’s growth with the LPF began very early on. In the year when she was awarded the scholarship Vimal was asked to make a speech at a scholarship function wherein Mr. Vijay P. Bhatkar was the chief guest recipient of Padma Bhushan Puraskar. Vimal a young engineering student looked up to the creator of the PARAM supercomputer as a role model. To be giving a speech in his presence was the highest of honours for her and it was just the beginning of a journey that thrilled her time and again. Vimal shares “For many of us in the IT industry Vijay Bhatkar is someone to look up to someone we read about but cannot dream of meeting. To make a speech in his presence ...” Vimal let the sentence trail off before talking of the constant encouragement she received from the LPF. “You know what It is as if functions at the LPF are designed to refll your cup of enthusiasm. Every function and every training programme challenges you in a different way and teaches you something new”. She laughs I attended practically everything From food habits and nutrition to opportunities to express oneself LPF provides each girl with the opportunity to make something of herself. These programmes made us strong they taught us what it means to be strong”. Vimal laughs as she recalls “In my frst year of engineering I was keen to apply for LPF scholarship but somehow it did not happen. In college we have one thing after another happening all the time. Finally on the last date for application I missed my practical work and went to the LPF offce to submit my form”. Vimal feels that her decision to apply to LPF was one of the best decisions of her life. She sees Lila Mom as guiding light not just for her but for all the Lila Girls. “She’s always there for us” says Vimal “Lila Mom is like a lighthouse helping us fnd the way”. When it comes to talking about Vimal future plans she admits that she isn’t sure what she will do. “I do know that MBA is not the next step for me even though many people say I should pursue it. When I have no interest in management why should I do an MBA I would rather prefer to do M Tech. I want to study further that’s for certain and I want to stay in the technical feld”. She shrugs and smiles. “First let me gain some experience after that we’ll see what happens”. On behalf of LPF we wish her well in all her future endeavours. Path Finders In Appreciation Shital Pawar LF 2012 donated Rs 12000/- Sarika Yadav LF 2006 donated Rs 5000/- Pratibha Nerlekar LF 1999 donated Rs 5000/- Olivia Jerome DSouza LG-2015: Won the 1 st prize and a Gold Medal for Electronics Project ‘WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER’ and also a certifcate for presenting PowerPoint presentation on ‘INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEM’ in the event "Tecklogica" in St. Miras Girls College Koregoan Park on 18 th December 2015. contd from .... p. 12 Shining Stars

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20 Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and fnancially deserving girls through scholarships to purse higher education. LPF scholarships are merit-cum-need based scholarships. There are thousands of girls who receive scholarships and are thankful to their Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. Here are some of the feelings of Lila Girls from Bel-Air College of Nursing towards the Lila Family. I wish to thank you Lila Mom and Firoz Dad from the bottom of my heart for accepting me as your lovely daughter. God has blessed me with the Lila Family. I never ever imagined that I will get such a huge scholarship and it has completely reduced my parents’ burden fnancially and personally. You’re Prayers guidance and various programs held in Foundation have motivated me to pass the examination with fying colors. I have made my College Parents and you Lila Mom and Firoz Dad very happy. I was in tears on the day when I received a birthday gift from the Lila Family. It is a great thing that they remember each ones’ birthday and send gifts to them. They are humble people who in return only need our communication and love. Love you Mom and Dad. Ms. Anju Mary Thomas Lila Girl 2014-15 I would like to thank Lila Mom and Firoz Dad for giving us an opportunity to receive the scholarship. Lila Mom and Firoz Dad are like my second parents or I can also call them my “God Parents”. I feel lucky and I realize that receiving this scholarship has really helped me a lot in my academics. No one would give such a huge amount to anybody unless they don’t get something big in return but mom and dad only want me to do better in my studies and they will help in every means they can. I personally feel I’m someone special in both of their lives because whatever they gave to me they gave it out of love. Lila mom and Firoz dad are one of the best things that happened to me and I’m gonna cherish that forever. Ms. Daphy Yooluti Madur Lila Girl 2015-16 I feel secured when I talk to the Lila Family. Mom and Dad are so loving and caring. They also send gifts for birthdays. Lila Poonawalla Foundation is very unique and all the activities are really very interesting. I don’t have enough words to express my love respect and gratitude but I show it through my actions. Ms. Christeena Antony Lila Girl 2015-16 I feel very grateful to be a part of this organisation Lila Poonawalla not just because I am getting a big amount from them but they love me like their own daughter. I feel like I am a blessed child of God because he has given me such a great opportunity to be a Lila Girl. I will try to do my best in studies try to be successful in my Nursing career and make you Lila Mom and Firoz Dad proud of me. Ms. Sylvia Mathew Lila Girl 2015-16 When I took admission for B.Sc. Nursing my mother was tensed about how to pay the fees. Then Fr. Tomy told us about Lila Poonawalla Foundation. I was so happy. I passed my interview and got LPF’s scholarship. My parents are happy and thankful to God for sending angels like Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. They spoke to us in a very loving way and that has motivated me to study well. I would like to thank Our Lila Family for making me a part of their family. Ms. Pritee Shivaji Gole Lila Girl 2015-16 Words of Gratitude “Extract from the magazine – Memorabilia-2016 Indian Red Cross Society BEL-AIR College of Nursing Panchgani” Mr. Firoz Poonawalla Mrs. Lila Poonawalla Founder Trustee Chairperson

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21 Snippets Lila Fellows got together and organized a New Year Trip to Tarkarli Beach with sparkling blue water near Malvan. Trainer Mr. Rakesh Pendre and Lila Girls Posing for a group photo at Wardha during the training for Career Awareness. A token of appreciation to our Staff Member Mr. Balu Borade for his donation towards Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Trainer Mr. Atul Rathod Black Belt in Taekwondo from Amravati gives demonstration of how to defend oneself when someone attacks. Lila Girls listening attentively the techniques of Self Awareness explained by the trainer. LF’s and LG’s performing at Amanora Town Center on the occasion of Women’s Day. contd.... p. 23

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22 Dear Mom and Dad Life without you is like walking in a dark tunnel because of your light I know I can make it through that’s why saying thank you will never be enough for everything you do. May each and every day of yours be renewed with lots of happiness and love Wish you a happy new year Mom and Dad. With love always Samiksha U Belgaonkar LG-2014 Dear Mom A beautiful Woman a great friend and a wonderful mother. You are all this to me and much more...I feel so lucky and proud to have a Mom like you. Happy Womens Day : Prajakta Lombar LF-2011 Dear Mom Thanks a ton for a beautiful gift. It was indeed a big surprise for me. Every time I use it I will think of you and your thoughtfulness. I really appreciate it and everything you have done for us including your time and attention in the midst of your own hectic schedules. Thank you for the sweet wishes and blessings. The best gift I would be getting this birthday is your blessings. I really feel very lucky to be a part of this beautiful family. Thanking both of you once again. Your loving daughter Krishnashree Menon LF-2014 Sentiments Dear Mom and Dad I am Shilpa Darekar LG- 2014. Thank you mom and dad for making my birthday so special l feel so special today because of you. My gift is very very nice I cant say in words its just a god’s gift for me. I missed last year’s New Year party however I was able to make it to this years New Year Party. I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun being with you two at the party. Thank you so much for everything Love and regards Shilpa Darekar LG-2014 Dear Mom Thank you very much for sharing the latest copy of Inspira. I read it starting with your article it’s truly inspiring. Our newsletter will inspire and motivate me to do something. Mom you not only fulfll our fnancial needs but also develop our career and life by arranging different programs like self-defence personality development etc. Mom I feel very great to be a part of this lovely foundation and becoming your daughter. Love you Mom Radha Pachpor LG-2014 Hi Mom and Dad Thank you very much for your lovely birthday wishes and gift. I go speechless to describe the love from you. In spite of your busy schedule you always have time for us. I do remember your words “GOD is the travel agent who has booked the places we land we have to enjoy and do our duty in best ways”. It is just a single line but has a powerful meaning attached. You are not only my Mom but a teacher and mentor to me as well. It is a proud moment for me to see the Foundation complete 20 yrs. I received the saree and will feel proud to wear it. Thanks a lot for your love. Yours Sincerely Jyoti Jadhav-Mhashelkar LF-2005

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23 Dear Mom and Dad I love the way Priyanka calls you ‘Mom and Dad’. It’s so affectionate and caring. Given the fact that Priyanka couldnt receive as much fatherly love from her biological father you both stood for her through ups and downs of her life and we both love you for that. I have read a lot about you and your philanthropy. Your work in areas of woman empowerment and thereby social upliftment has helped thousands of girls like Priyanka to succeed in life with beautiful colours. You are an inspiration for people like us who seek out ways of returning the love we receive from society. People like you are real precious gems. Priyanka talks a lot about you. Although she might not be able to physically participate in Lila Poonawalla Foundation activities post marriage Since we relocated to US we both look forward to stay connected with the Foundation after marriage. We would love to participate in the Foundations programs online and overseas. Warm Regards Shivaji Pawar Husband of Priyanka Eratkar LF-2010 and PA 2012 “To change the world around you you must frst change the world within you." This perfectly suits our dearest Lila Madam. I would like to frst congratulate all LPF members for being a part of this engaging and loving bond. I have been an admirer of LPF work even before I met Pratibha. Though I came to know about the foundation before I experienced how Mr. Poonawalla and Mrs. Poonawalla touched the lives of girls only after I got married. The way they have transformed many lives by connecting with the roots of society is really inspirational. Needless to say that it has been an honour to be in directly a part of this foundation. We both Pratibha and I would like to contribute to the genuine efforts not only monetarily but also in kind that are put in by LPF for the betterment of society. I wish a great success to LPF and I believe that with LPF society is and will be a better place. Thank you and God blessed. Lila Poonawalla always inspired me. My learning is "Do not allow anything to be an obstacle. See everything as a stepping stone to victory" Vishal Shewale Husband of Pratibha Nerlekar LF–2000 Sentiments Industrial Visit and Employability Program by Capgemini for the Lila Girls 2014. Visit to Forbes Marshall for LG-2014 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Snippets Contd. from ... p. 21

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24 Chief Editor : Dr Harshada Babrekar harshada98gmail.com Asst Editor : Rashmi Tare Sunetra Birajdar Prachi Divekar Crusaders : Rita Shetiya Gayatri Kshirsagar Priyanka Eratkar Sonali Patwe Pranali Tirkhunde Offce support: Mayuri Kharche and Tanvi Kuvalekar All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : http://www.lilapoonawallafoundation.com/html/inspira.html Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 www.lilapoonawallafoundation.com www.lilapoonawalla.com Inspira Vol 45 released on New Year eve. Hi Everybody I t gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you all the new and improved Inspira. Another memorable year ends and a new one begins. It is the beginning of a new decade as the foundation successfully completed 20 years and has entered its 21st year of existence. 2016 began with fabulous New Year parties where all the Lila Juniors Seniors Girls and Fellows along with their spouses and children celebrated with equal joy and fervour. Now coming back to the new and improved Inspira quite a bit of re-shuffing has happened at Inspira. Our Inspira has changed quite a bit and for the better I must say. Keeping in mind the growth of the Lila Poonawalla Foundation its ever increasing family and the ever increasing readers the new and improved version of Inspira is a welcome change. Talking about the changes the “From my Heart” section will be giving you a sneak peak at all the happenings at LPF. In the “Shining Stars” section I am pleased to share with you the praise worthy achievements of my fellow LPF sisters on the occasion of the International Women’s day. The “Leading Lady” section features the inspirational tale of our very own Lila Fellow Ms. Bhakti Purandare. Seeing that the daughters of LPF are scattered all across the globe we will be introducing a special column that will focus solely on those LFs who are living abroad. The response to this new addition has been positively over-whelming. Our Lila Fellows Ms. Priyanka Eratkar and Ms. Prachi Divekar who have relocated to USA have promised to send us the articles featuring the LFs who stay overseas. Spreading awareness about Women’s health issues has always been important for LPF. So keeping in- accordance with spreading awareness LPF had arranged a “Health Treat” program for the Lila Fellows and their mothers. The article for which has been covered in this issue of Inspira. Lila Fellow Dr. Sarika Deore has shared with us the informative “Health Capsule” article on PCOS. Training Manager and LPF Staff member Ms. Pallavi Budgude and Mr. Suhas Kirloskar our Trainer Barclays Technology Centre have expressed their point of views about how LPF is now entering a decade of Change in Manogat. I would like to give a special nod of mention to Ms. Roda Mehta Trustee LPF and Lila Fellow Ms. Rashmi Dixit for helping us so extensively to correct our Inspira Articles. Before I conclude my letter I would like to thank Capt. Dass XL Images for his timely co- operation patience and prompt delivery of Inspira. Keep writing and sharing your experiences. I will soon get back to you with another issue of Inspira. - Dr. Harshada Babrekar Editor’s Desk

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