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Vol. No. 4 February 2016 The Foundation’s School Communiqué 2morrow 2 gether ‘mÂ`m à` ‘wbtZmo br bm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ gmRr ho 2015 df© IaoM Iyn deof Amho nhë`m§XmM brbm OwZAaMr nhbr M ’º moSm©Mr narjm nmg Pmë`m ZgyZ CÎm‘ ‘mH© Zr nmg Pmë`m. VgoM `mM dfu ’m¢SoeZ Zo brbm gZAa h ZdrZ H°QoJar gwé Hobr Á`mV `m nhë`m dfuÀ`m OwZAaMr eî`d¥Îmr h nwTrb ejUmgmRr gwé amhrb åhUOo Ë`m§À`m 11 dr AmU 12 dr VgoM nXdrÎma ejUmgmRr gwé amhrb. bdHaM Ë`m Ë`m§Mo ZdrZ Am`wî`mbm gwédmV HaUma AmhoV Ë`m Hm°boObm OmUma Amho. OWo Ë`m Ë`m§À`m nXdrÎma ejUmÀ`m XeoZo àdmg HaUmam AmhoV. Vwåhmbm ‘mhV Amho Hm H ho df© Hm BVHo deof Amho Am‘À`m gmRr ‘r Vwåhmbm gm§JVmo Amnë`m brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Mo 20 gmdo dYm©nZXZ df© Amho Á`m‘wio Amnbo gd© jU AVe` deof AgUma AmhoV. IaM ho df© Iyn A‘mZmñnX Amho AmnU 2015 À`m Mm§Jë`m AmRdUrgmoV 2016 dfm©V nXmn©U HaUma AmhmoV. AmU hrM doi Amho OWo AmnU gdmªZr gyZ dMma Ham`bm nmhOo H `m dfm©V AmnU Hm` Mm§Jbo Hobo Hm` dmB©Q Hobo VgoM AmnU Hm` MwHm Hoë`m AmU Ë`m Hí`m gwYmam`À`m. ‘r Zoh‘rM dfm©À`m eodQr dMma HaVmo H ‘bm `m Am`wî`mZo Hm` eHdbo AmU Hm` ZdrZ Am°’a Am`wî`mV ‘iUma AmhoV. ‘bm Ago dmQVo H Ibb gd© Jmoïr‘wioM AmnU AmZ§Xr OrdZ OJy eHVmo. gJù`mV nhbo åhUOo Zoh‘r AmZ§Xr amhm Zoh‘r gHmamË‘H amhm AmU Zoh‘r AmemdmXr amhm. AmZ§Xr amhÿZ Vwåhr Hmhr gmoZo Hdm Mm§Xr IM© Zmhr HaV AmhmV. EH Jmoï Hm`‘ bjmV Rodm H OrdZmV n¡go HYrhr ‘iy eHVmV nU AmZ§X hm AmnU HYrhr n¡ñ`mZr dHV KoD Zmhr eHV. åhUyZM Zoh‘r XodmMo YÝ`dmX My very dear daughters 2 015 has indeed been a very special year for the Lila Poonawalla Foundation it is in this year that frst ever batch of the Lila Juniors not only appeared for their board exams but also excelled in it. It is also in this year that the Foundation has started a new category of “Lila Seniors” where the Lila Juniors will get an auto- scholarship for their 11 th and 12 th till the time they graduate. Soon they will start a new chapter of their lives by attending college where they will start their journey towards graduation. Do you know the reason why this year is extra special for us Let me tell you it is in this year that our beloved Foundation is celebrating its 20 th year Anniversary which makes these moments all the more special. Indeed a year to be proud of Here we are standing living our lives as 2015 draws to a close. It is in this time of the year that we should all sit and refect on what we did right and what we did wrong it is now that we should look back on how we could correct our mistakes. Every year at this time of the year I look back on what life has taught me and what it has to offer. Here are the things that I feel would lead you to a happy life. Firstly be happy be positive and be optimistic as being happy doesn’t cost you a penny. One must remember that you may have all the money in the world but it will not buy you happiness. So remember to be thankful to god for all that he has given you. Learn to be a giver and not a taker. Remember “as he who gives to the poor will lack nothing but those who close their eyes will receive many Sharing Happiness...

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2 ‘mZm H Ë`mZo ho OrdZ AmU Oo Hmhr NmZ AmnUmg Xbo Amho. Omo Zoh‘r Jam§Zm XoVmo Ë`mbm OrdZmV AZoH Jmoïr ‘iVmV AmU Omo `m HSo Smoio PmHyZ nmhVmo Ë`mbm OrdZmV Hm`‘ Xw:I ‘iVo. åhUyZ Zoh‘r Úm`bm eHm ¿`m`bm Zmhr. Xwgar Jmoï åhUOo gVV ‘ZmnmgyZ hgV amhm AmU Xwgè`m§Zm hgdm. Amnë`m AmOymOybm AmZ§X ngadm. Vrgar Jmoï ñdÀNVm h AVe` ‘hÎdmMr Jmoð Amho Zoh‘r Amnbo XmV Kmgm ñdN A§Kmoi Ham Amnbo Hog Zoh‘r qdMam AmU ñdN HnSo Kmbm VgoM Amnbo Ka ñdN Rodm. Oa Vwåhr Amamo½`XmB© OrdZ OJÊ`mMr BÀNm HaV Agmb Va `m Jmoðr HSo Xwb©j Hê ZHm. ñdV…bm V§XwéñV AmU CËgmhnyU© RodÊ`mgmRr Z`‘V `moJm ì`m`m‘ Ham AmU Z`‘V gHmir Mmbm`bm Om. Mm¡Wr Jmoð åhUOo Amnë`m XdgmMo doimnÌH Zdm AmU Ë`mà‘mUo Amnë`m Hm‘mbm gwédmV Ham Ago HaUo Vwåhm§bm OrdZmV CËnmXH AmU H¥Vrerb ZdÊ`mg ‘XV Haob. Vw‘À`m bjmVM Agob ‘r ‘mJÀ`m Amnë`m A§Hm‘Ü`o åhUmbmo hmoVmo doi Bg Iyn ‘hÎdmMr Amho åhUyM Amnë`m XdgmMr `moOZm Ham. VgoM ñdV: hmbm doi XoUo ho AVe` ‘hÎdmMo Amho. nmMdr AmU ‘hÎdmMr Jmoð åhUOo XaamoO XodmnwTo àmW©Zm AmU ¿`mZ Ham. `mZo Vw‘Mo bj H|ÐV hmoÊ`mg ‘XV hmoB©b. OrdZ ho Zoh‘r AZwd XoV AgVo HYr Mm§Jbo AZwd Va HYr dmB©Q. Va `mM Mm§Jë`m AmU dmB©Q AZwdmVyZ eHm. ‘r `mdfu EH g§Hën Hobm Amho H ‘r à`ËZ HaoZ H OmñVrV OmñV doim Vwåhm gdm©Zm oQm`bm `oB©b. ‘r Vwåhm gdm©Zm‘oar p¼g‘g AmU ZdrZ dfm©À`m hmX©H ewoÀNm. Vw‘Mm à` SS curses.” So learn to be a giver as that will make you content. Secondly learn to Smile always and from the heart. Spread the joy the cheer and the laughter. Thirdly Remember that Hygiene is of utmost importance if you want to live healthy life. Always remember to religiously brush your teeth take a bath comb your hair wear neatly ironed clothes and most importantly keep your house clean. Take care of yourself by exercising practice yoga and jog as it will help you stay active energetic and ft. Fourthly remember to schedule your day ahead of time as it will help you be productive and proactive. Remember what I had told you in the last issue of 2morrow2gther “Time is of essence” hence plan your day in advance. It is important to give some time to yourself. Fifthly remember to pray and meditate. Praying and meditating will help you stay focused. Remember that life is all about experience some good and some bad. Remember the good and learn through the bad experiences. As for my New Year’s Resolution I would like to ensure that at least in coming years I meet all of you several times. I wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Always Your Loving DAD Sharing Happiness... Algebra and Geometry two subjects that actually make me sweat with nervousness. The concepts are mindboggling and diffcult to understand. No matter how hard I tried I just could not understand them. Realizing that I and many other girls have been facing problems with Algebra and Geometry our counsellors and LPF organized a Maths Remedial Class for us. It was in these classes that the teachers were able to simplify the concepts at hand and teach us by using everyday examples. In these classes we learned about the concepts of variables co-effcient and constants. We also learned about the correct way of measuring in geometry by using a protractor. Thanks to these classes and their way of simplifying concepts I was able to score good marks in algebra and geometry. Thank you to LPF for arranging these classes. - Shaiba I. Shaikh 9 th std. Batch 2013 Anjuman I. Islam Ahmed Peer Mohd. English Medium School Math Remedial Classes

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3 5th School Scholarship Award Function D oesn’t this quote just wonderfully describe what LPF has been doing for 20 long years. It was truly a moment of joy and triumph as our beloved Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF celebrated its 5th school scholarship award function helping transform the lives of 211 deserving school girls. It is under the tutelage of the “2morrow 2gether” school project that LPF extends its support from 11 schools to 4 more schools from the rural areas of Chandoli PimpalgaonThorandale and Maval. The event became all the more memorable thanks to the eminent personalities gracing the occasion. Renowned educationist Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar Director PNES/ Orchid School and Mr. Fredy Hutter Executive Director/ Vice Chairman Biltema Foundation graced the occasion as the Chief Guest Guest of Honour respectively. The function began with the Foundation Theme Song sung tunefully by our past and present batch of Lila Fellows and Lila Girls. The event was inaugurated by the dignitaries present in an eco- friendly manner by watering the potted plant. It was during the opening moments of the award function that Lila Mom welcomed the New Lila Juniors with open arms into the ever growing LPF Family. She thanked the Management of Biltema Foundation the Key sponsor of this project and expressed her gratitude by assuring Mr. Hutter who was representing Biltema Foundation that LPF will work hard at ensuring that the Lila juniors received all the support needed by them to groom into young confdent ladies. Ending her inaugural address Lila Mom asked all the parents present to encourage the girls to complete their schooling and their graduation. She also urged the parents to let their girl child spread her wings and become economically independent. Chief Guest Mrs Lakshmi Kumar spoke about the stark difference between the students of her school and the Lila Juniors. Addressing this issue she said “The students in my school come from somewhat affuent backgrounds and perhaps have little understanding of the problems and limitations that the rural children have. They normally come from educated families and thus have mentoring from their parents and family whereas the Lila Juniors who come from a rather impoverished background do not even have the basic amenities to survive and learn yet they have a gleam in their eyes to survive learn and to succeed in their lives. So by interacting with the Lila Juniors I hope my school children will shed their inhibitions and succeed with the same zeal that the Lila Juniors possess”. It would certainly be a win-win for both. Adding to this our Guest of Honour Mr. Fredy Hutter shared his words of wisdom with the young ones. His advice really came from his Heart. “I encourage the new Lila Juniors to please keep on dreaming go to school learn whatever you want be whatever you aspire to be and just trust LPF they will be here to help you and guide you for the next 10 years and beyond. Encourage your family your parents brothers and sisters to go on and move along with the changing times.” It was on this very day that LPF also released the 3rd issue of the “2morrow 2gether” school communiqué. Shedding a light on the purpose of the school communiqué Mrs. Yogita Chaudhary Manager School Project explained “The school newsletter is aimed to bridge the gap between the Lila Juniors School Principals Teachers Parents and supporters across the globe”. The newsletter spearheaded by Firoz Dad gives the Lila Juniors an opportunity to have their voices heard develop linguistic skills and help build a strong vocabulary. "Educate a woman you educate her family. Educate a girl and you change the future” contd... on page 4

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4 Computer Training Program Pratiksha Bangar Alisha Tamboli Iqra Sayyed and Girsma Kawade shared their excitement on receiving the scholarships and world of opportunities it will open for them. It was a splendid and unforgettable day for the Lila Juniors Parents Teachers Distinguished Guests and the Foundation. The momentous event concluded with a vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem. All enjoyed a sumptuous lunch before departing. The past Lila Juniors Priyanka Mahale Pranali Kailas Watane and Siyona Rohekar expressed their gratitude towards Firoz Dad Lila Mom LPF for giving them the opportunities that they otherwise would not have been able to get. Overwhelmed they also thanked LPF for providing them with an array of school supplies arranging sex education classes health and dental checkups counselling sessions as well as helping and motivating them with extra- curricular activities. The girls promised to excel in their studies and make the foundation proud. Lila Juniors from the batch of 2015 Anuja Gawade Bhakti Ghorapade Uzma Sayyed contd... from page 3 C omputer just the word itself is so-so fascinating so much so that any and everybody wants’ to learn about it. As the technology changes constantly no longer are we restricted to just using typewriters or fax machines. The computer technology is the answer to all of these equipments. Understanding the need to impart computer knowledge to its daughters Lila Poonawalla Foundation in association with the Barclays Technology Centre had organized a Computer Workshop for us Lila Juniors. Living in a village where technology never really seemed to be available at our fnger tips this training program was a welcome change. Our training began with lectures about input and output devices and how to differentiate between them. Thanks to this lecture I got to know that the mouse and CPU fall under the output devices category. Thanks to the computers we are able to write and save documents in one place. Make tables and reports in excel as well as create wonderful presentations using the power. These tools are very much useful for us.After the Input and Output session we learned about making our own PowerPoint Presentations using the MS Offce. The teacher made us prepare a presentation and report of our school and asked us to present it to everybody. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the various animation techniques. Our training program concluded with lessons about the internet. In this session we learned about using Google and Wikipedia to fnd the information we want. We searched about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and the founders of GOOGLE. After the training program concluded the teachers gave us sweet treats to celebrate our successful completion of the program. I thank Mom Dad LPF and the Barclay’s team for giving us this opportunity - Akshada Baburao Thorat - 9 th std. Batch 2013 Hirakani Vidyalaya Gawadewadi

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5 Workshop - Science in Everyday Life L PF as a Foundation has always had the best interests of their daughters in mind. Keeping with the tradition of supporting and nurturing their daughters throughout their education the Foundation had arranged remedial Maths and Science classes for the 8 th std LJ’s of Kamshet. The program about Science in Everyday life had been organized in association with the SPPU. The workshop saw the LJ’S from Kamshet in full attendance. The workshop included various training modules on Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology and Microbiology which is a part of their curriculum. The girls had the opportunity to visit the University campus and get the practical experience by performing experiments observational studies and taking feld trips. Due to this training program the LJs no longer have the fear of Science. They now have taken a keen interest in the subject of science. After interacting with the Kamshet LJ’s we found that they were having diffculties in Maths and English. So LPF in association with the Orchid School started the Remedial Maths and English Training Program. 5 students and 1 teacher from the Orchid School visited the Kamshet LJ’s every weekend for 3 months. After the Science training program at SPPU it was the turn of the Orchid School Students and their Teachers to visit the LJs of Kamshet. The Orchid school students taught them the basic English Language beginning from the Alphabets vowels consonants and pronunciations. It was due to this English Language Classes that the girls are now able to pronounce read and write diffcult words. After the English classes came the Maths Classes where the volunteers from Orchid school taught the girls addition subtraction division LCM fraction and multiplication using real time examples which helped the LJs grasp the basic concepts and hence solve diffcult examples with ease. The girls also learned basic maths terms in English. After the classes got over the 8 th Std LJs from Kamshet have shown remarkable improvement in English and Maths by scoring excellently. On behalf of the Kamshet Girls and School authorities I thank LPF The Orchid School and SPPU for helping the girls prosper. - Manisha Sonne Counsellor of Kamshet Schools An Orchid School Volunteer teaches the Basics of English to the LJs The Orchid School teacher teaching Art using a Newspaper.

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6 Computer Literacy Program L PF with the coordination of Orchid School had organised Computer Literacy Program for 2014 Batch 8 th Std. and 2015 Batch 7 th Std.. The main goal was to introduce LJs with fundamental knowledge of Computer and give them opportunity to operate the computer . First of all I like to give thanks to Lila Mom and Firoz Dad for making available us such a nice journey in the world of computer. I am also thankful to Orchid school to give us opportunity to access their computer lab and taught us very useful information in short period of time. The computer literacy program was about four days. There was two Bhaiyya and one didi to teach us computer. We spent very nice time and had fun with them. Those four days were most enjoyable beautiful and memorable moments of my school life. So many new things we learnt. At frst day they took various entertaining games so that we became very friendly with each other. Bhaiyya and Didi taught us how to operate computer and details of MS word. In MS word we learnt to make paragraphs to change font themes to change font size and its colour and different writing patterns etc. In MS power point we learnt about how to make slide show presentation which is very useful for us in our school life to prepare computer presentation on various issues. I liked Power point the most. In MS excel we learnt to operate different mathematical operations to make tables and charts. We came to know about so many new things for frst time about computer. We also learnt shortcuts to copy paste undo save etc. The information we got during those four days is very resourceful in our life such as in College or at work place to make different projects and its presentation. We also had a tour in whole Orchid school. There were so many classes and I Like primary classes more than others. The atmosphere at school was very nice. The school staff was also nice and cooperative. The travel was arranged for us from CES Chaitanya School to Orchid School by LPF. It was safe and enjoyable journey in bus with CES Chaitanya School. At afternoon we were provided with very nice and tasty food. I made so many friends from other schools. It was very new experience for me. From my real and true heart I again thanks to Mom and dad and all LPF staff who gave chance to be part of wonderful journey of the computer . Love you Mom and Dad………. - Durva Avinash Tambe 7 th std Batch 2015 St. Clare’s School I cried and I cried for a pair of Shoes Till I saw someone who had no feet I cried and I cried for a pair of frock Till I saw a girl who had no clothes I cried and I cried for a pair of story books Till I saw some children who were not allowed to study I thought of change in my life and said: The last cry of my Life I’ll try and I’ll try till I bring the tears of happiness in my MOM-DAD’s eyes by hard work in my study By your lovingly daughter Arslana Dedicated to my beautiful sweetest Lila Mom Firoz dad - Arsalna Naeem Khan 9th std. Batch 2013 St.Clare’s Convent School Orchid Students Interacting with Lila Juniors

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7 Diwali Vacation Camp T he adage” All work and no play makes Jack a dull child” has acquired a lot of signifcance today. This is because today’s kids are told to “Play less and study more”. Kids today are focused only on getting good marks. Come exams and student go through a hell of a time leaving them no time for anything other than studies. The curriculum and syllabus framed is so vast that the children don’t fnd the time to pursue their hobbies seriously. Looking after this Lila Poonawalla Foundation had organized some activities for Lila juniors during the Diwali vacations. These activities were conducted by the counsellors of LPF. Counsellors had organized Antakshari Mehendi Best out of waste Hair style competitions Rangoli Essay writing on topics such as Women and Power or The Girl child future of India Poster Drawing Competition Science Quiz and sports competitions like Kho-Kho Running. The activities started from 14 th November and went on till 24 th November 2015. Anjuman Urdu and English Medium school Lila juniors organized a very nice cultural event Orphanage. They have presented very nice Drama Dance songs as well as a bridal Fashion Show. All 7th to 9 th std. Most of the Lila juniors took part in all these competitions. We are sure that these extra activities benefted all LJ’s to learn enjoy and gain confdence. We observed that the Lila Juniors thoroughly enjoyed these activities. It was due to this program that the interaction between LJs of different batches and schools and Lila Juniors increased they saw each other as partners rather than competitors. The new batch of 2015 got chance to interact with senior LJs of 8th 9th and 10th std. Also we came to know about creativity among LJs. These Diwali activities became a nice platform to explore various skills among LJs. This program helped in identifying leadership quality among LJs. Maximum participation was shown by the LJs who do not have proper place to play or spend time during holidays at home spent time in constructive task and Voluntary participation made LJs more selective to choose particular activity. In future foundation will keep this kind of activities for Lila juniors. • Don’t take rest after your frst victory Because if you fail in second more lips are waiting to say that your frst victory was just luck’ Good Thoughts The LJs put their newly created hairstyles on display at the "Hairstyling Competition" The LJs display the freshly drawn Henna Design during the Camp A Lila Junior poses alongside her "Rangoli Creation" and they called Firoz dad as a chief guest and Ms. Nazura Sattar Chairperson of Anjuman

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8 LPF TURNS 20 WITH A BANG I t is with great pride and happiness that we announce that LPF has entered its 20 th year. Over the course of its 20 year journey the foundation has given over 5000 scholarships to almost 3000 deserving girls supporting them for their various academic pursuits. Not leaving the budding young minds behind LPF also supports the girl child in her academic pursuits under the sponsorship of the school project ‘2morrow 2gether’ starting from the 7 th std till their graduation. To commence our 20 th year celebration with fun and frolic Lila Poonawalla Foundation had organized a Cultural Extravaganza on the 9 th of July 2015 at S.G. Barve Hall Alpa Bachat Sankul . The Cultur al Gala saw the coming together of past and new Lila J u n io r s Lila Girls and Lila Fellows who jointly got together to put up one of the best shows LPF has had so far. You could see one and all enjoy the foot tapping performances put up by the young in house artists. As always the function began with the Past Lila Girls and Fellows melodiously singing the foundation song it then moved on to the eco-friendly inauguration of the ceremony done by way of watering the potted plant. The inauguration ceremony was done by none other than one of our own Lila Fellow Ms Devika Daftardar Renowned Cine Artist and Lila Fellow 2003. It was for the frst time in its 20 year history that a Lila Fellow had graced the occasion as a chief guest. It was a moment of Pride for every Lila Fellow. The theme of the event was “Unity in diversity” and one saw Lila Juniors from all schools performing to a number of songs right from folk to the regional songs from the various states of India. From Kashmiri Folk Songs from the Valleys of Kashmir to the Koli Song from the sea shores of Konkan. Whether it was the soulful Konkani tune from the Sea and Seafood loving Goa to the colourful Garba from the exuberant Gujarat or the Vibrant Gondhal from the Mystical Maharashtra the gala truly had it all. The cultural extravaganza began by worshipping Lord Ganesha a “Ganesh Vandana” was performed by the Lila Juniors of Dr. Kalmadi Shyamrao high school Kannada medium moving on the Lila Juniors from Golden Glades School Ms. Pallavi Ragade sang a melodic song dedicated to Lila Mom Firoz Dad. It was a little further in the show that the audience experienced a visual treat of sorts thanks to the performances put up by the Lila Juniors of Hirkani Vidyalaya Gawadewadi Golden Glades School Kamshet St. Clares Anjuman-I- Islam English Urdu Medium and from Camp Education Society’s Chaitanya and Kanyashala Schools. The extravaganza conceived and choreographed by Ms. Mayuri Joshi L.F 2009 truly had the audience and the dignitaries engrossed. Everyone present was clapping rhythmically to all the tunes including our chief guest. As the event draw to a close the Guest of Honour Mr. Fredy Hutter shared his experience about his frst ever visit to India and to the schools supported by the LPF and he also promised to come back again before biding an emotional farewell to everybody present. The Cultural Extravaganza truly was a beautiful beginning to the 20 th year celebrations of the LPF.

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9 Award Function of Lila Seniors L ila Poonawalla Foundation started the school project under the “2morrow 2gether” Initiative in the year 2011. Under this initiative the Foundation selected a few city schools and some schools in the rural areas of Pune. This initiative was solely meant for girls studying 7 th std and would continue till the time they complete 10 th std. Under this project the girls received school supplies such as shoes school uniforms te x tbo o k s stationery items raincoats bicycles and backpacks apart from the scholarships they received. The girls christened as “Lila Juniors” also were given opportunities to participate in various curriculum and extra-curricular activities that they otherwise would not have been able to get. This year being the 20 th year of the Foundation LPF introduced a new category for these Lila Juniors where the existing batch of Lila Juniors will get an auto scholarship till they complete their graduation. A total of 106 LJs have successfully passed their board exams by scoring more than 90 marks in them. Almost every Lila Junior has scored 70 marks thus securing a distinction. All Lila Seniors has taken admission in colleges. 53 LS’s has taken admission for Science 38 LS’s has taken admission for commerce 8 LS’s has taken admission for Arts and 6 LS’s taken admission for Diploma. To commemorate the achievements of these Lila Juniors now known as Lila Seniors and to award them their scholarships LPF had organized a small ceremony for them at Noorah-Al-Bassam Hall Anjuman-I-Islam Complex the chief guest for the evening was the Ms. Nazura Sattar Chairperson Anjuman Complex and the Guest of Honour for the occasion was Ms. Lakshmi Kumar Director PNES Orchid School. Apart from the s ch o la r s h ip ceremony for the Lila Seniors the Foundation also gifted T-shirts and Sarees to Orchid School Students and their Teachers for volunteering in the English Enhancement and Maths Remedial Classes as well as the Computer Literacy Program in the city as well as village schools. 5 Golden Health Tips  1 apple / Day No Doctor  1 Tulsi Leaf/ Day No Cancer  1 Lemon / Day No Fat  1 Cup Milk / Day No Bone Problem  3 Liters Water / Day No Diseases

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10 Guidance Session for Parents and Lila Seniors on Issues of adolescents and Parenting C ollege Life a phase which is both interesting and tumultuous at the same time. Though this phase may seem like a cakewalk for the child same cannot be said for their parents. This is the time where the parents fnd it extremely diffcult to handle their adolescent child. After a chance interaction with the Lila Seniors and their parents we found out that the girls and their parents were having diffculties communicating with each other thus creating a wedge between their respective relationships. Sensing the need to guide the parents at this crucial stage LPF decided to lend a helping hand to the parents. Taking it upon them to help the parents LPF organized a guidance session on “Parenting Adolescents” on 13 th of December 2015. This particular session saw the Lila Seniors LJs of 2011 and their Parents in full attendance. The session was conducted by Ms. Rashmi Tamuly Family Counselling Expert with an experience of over 30 yrs. The program began with Ms. Tamuly interacting with the Lila Seniors understanding their point of views followed by interactions with the parents where the parents shared their experiences and concerns over raising an adolescent. The aim of this program was to bridge the gap between raging hormones READ ADOLESCENTS and Anger induced parents. The response to this program was refreshingly overwhelming with over 85 of Lila Seniors attending the program with their parents. During this session the parents raised concerns such as the girls hiding something excessive demands constant arguments spending more time with friends and less time at home or on the phone eating less not being able to strike a balance between studies and other activities. Going out in the evenings and spending holidays with a gender neutral group. Ms. Tamuly addressed these concerns with explanations discussions and many interesting pointers. She gave the parents some important tips on how to maintain a smooth and positive relationship with their daughters Lila Seniors Kindly take a look below to know more: • Follow the truth and have trust that your children are genuine. Maintain an honest relationship with them. • Communicate openly remember to have an open dialogue with your child. • Be patient and learn to listen to them. • Be positive and focus on their education. Help them to be self-suffcient. • Believe in yourself be confdent and remember your daughters will always love you. • Be consistent and frm but do not nag or be harsh and strict. • Create an atmosphere full of respect. Never humiliate your child. • Spend some quality time • Please feel free to contact your LPF counsellors in case of a problem. Know that the Foundation will always support you. The parents felt content with the guidance and support they got from the Foundation. Lila seniors were given following tips for smooth transition and positive relationship with Parents • Be focused remember that your education will help you build a strong foundation in Life. • Communicate with your parents be open with your parents. As they are ones to help you and support you through diffcult times. • Trust your parents they Love you the most. • You can make friends boys or girls but never get carried away by them. Focus should to be on your studies. • Attend all the programs arranged by LPF as they will help you develop an Effective personality. • When in need don’t hesitate to call your LPF counsellor and remember LPF is always their support you. All of these guidelines are not just important the parents of Lila Seniors but also to the parents of the Lila Juniors who now stand on the verge of becoming a teenager. Live with an optimistic frame of mind be happy and stay blessed - Ashwini Singh Senior Counsellor

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11 ‘mJ©Xe©Z gÌ -Hemoad`rZ d`mVrb g‘ñ`m AmU nmbHm§Mo ‘V H m°boO OrdZ hm Agm EH Qßnm OWo Iyn ‘Zmoa§OH Ago Xdg AgVmV VgoM hrM doi AgVo OWo ‘wbm§Mm dHmg hmoV AgVmo. h pñWVr ‘wbm§gmRr AVe` AmHf©H AgVo AmU hrM ‘wbm§Mr Hemoad`rZ pñWVr nmbHm§Zm hmVmiUo AË`§V AdKS AgVo. Ooìhm Amåhm§bm g§Yr ‘imbr brbm gZAg© AmU Ë`m§À`m nmbHm§er g§dmX gmYÊ`mMr Voìhm Amåhm§bm Ago OmUdbo H ‘wbr AmU Ë`m§À`m nmbHm§Zm EH‘oHm§gmoV g§dmX gmYZo AdKS OmV Amho AmU h napñWVr Ë`m§À`m ZmË`m§‘Ü`o Xwamdm Z‘m©U HaV Amho. h JaO g‘OyZ KoDZ brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Zo ‘XVrMm hmV nwTo HêZ `m ‘hÎdnyU© df`mda EH ‘mJ©Xe©H Ago Hemoad`rZ d`mVrb g‘ñ`m AmU nmbHm§Mo ‘V goeZ 13 Sg|a 2015 amoOr Am`moOV HaÊ`mV Ambo. `mdoir gd© brbm gZAg© AmU Ë`m§Mo nmbH CnpñWV hmoVo. ho goeZ aí‘r Vm‘wbr HwQw§ g‘wnXoeZ VÁk. hm Hm`©H«‘mMr gwédmV gd© ‘wbtÀ`m AmU Ë`m§À`m g§dmXmZo Pmbr OWo gd© ‘wbtZr AmU nmbHm§Zr Ë`m§Mm ÑïrHmoZ ì`º Hobm VgoM nmbHm§Zr Ë`m§Mo AZwd AmU Ë`m§Mr qMVm ‘wbtgmRrMr gdmªZr ì`º Hobr. hm Hm`©H«‘ RodÊ`mMm ‘ôËdnyU© CÔoe åhUOo ‘wbt‘Ü`o hmoUmè`m `m emaraH AmU ‘mZgH Xbm‘wio hmoUmè`m nmbHm§‘Yrb Xwamdm Xya HaUo. `m Hm`©H«‘mbm brbm gZAg© Mm OaOñV àVgmX ‘imbm. g§dmX gmYV AgVmZm nmbHm§Zr gm§JVbo H ‘wbr Ë`m§À`m nmgyZ Jmoïr bndVmVOmñV ‘mJÊ`m gVV Mo dmX ddmX OmñVrV OmñV doi ‘Ì ‘¡ÌUrZ ’moZ da gmoV KmbdUo OodU H‘r HaUo doioda Z ImUo Aä`mg AmU BVa AºsQrdrQr ‘Ü`o bj Zmhr XoV. ‘Ìm§gmoV gwÅr KmbdUo d g§Ü`mHmir mhoa ’am`bm OmUo `m gma»`m qMVm nmbHm§Zr ì`º Hoë`m. aí‘r Vm‘wbr `m§Zr `m gd© qMVmOZH Jmoïtda AVe` ‘Zmoa§OH nÕVrZo AmU Jm§r`m©Zo ñnï Hoë`m. VgoM Ë`m§Zr nmbHm§Zm AZoH ‘hÎd nyd©H Qrn Xë`m H Hgo gHamË‘H g§§Y Amnë`m ‘wbtgmoV Rodmdo. Ë`m Qrn Imbrb à‘mUo: 1 Z`‘ nmim AmU Amnë`m ‘wbm§da dœmg Rodm 2 ‘moHù`m ‘mZmZo mobm bjmV Rodm H ‘wbm§er Iwbm g§dmX gmYm. 3 ‘wbm§Mr mOy EoHyZ ¿`m`bm eHm 4 gHamË‘H amhm AmU ‘wbtÀ`m Cƒ ejUmHSo bj Úm AmU Ë`m§Zm ñdmdb§r ZÊ`mg ‘XV Ham 5 ñdV: da dœmg Rodm AmË‘dœmgr Zm AmU Zoh‘r bjmV Rodm H Amnbr ‘wbJr Amnë`mda ào‘ HaVo AmU HaV amhrb. 6 Zoh‘r ‘wbm§gmoV gwg§JV nUo dmJm d gVV QmHyZ mobyZ Ë`m§À`mer HRmoa dmJy ZHm. 7 KamV Ago dmVmdaU Z‘m©U H ‘wbo gdmªMm AmXa HaVrb Ë`m§À`mer An‘mZñnX moby ZHm. 8 ‘wbm§gmoV doi Kmbdm. 9 Oa Hmhr àmoãbo‘ Agob Va ’m¢SoeZÀ`m g‘wnXoeHmer ‘wºnUo g§nH© gmYm. ’m¢SoeZ Vw‘À`m ‘XVrgmRr Hm`‘ Vw‘À`m gmoV Amho. gd© nmbH `m ‘mJ©Xe©Zm ‘wio AmU ’m¢SoeZÀ`m ‘XVr‘wio AVe` g‘mYmZr Pmbo. gd© brbm gZAg© Zm Ë`m§Mo Ë`m§À`m nmbHm§gmomVMo ZmVo g§H«‘H AmU gHmamË‘H hmoÊ`mgmRr Imbrb Qrn Xë`m: 1 Zoh‘r bjmV Rodm Hs ejU Vwåhm§bm Vw‘À`m OrdZmMm nm`m ‘OyV HaÊ`mgmRr gX¡d ‘XV Haob Ë`m‘wio Aä`mgmV bj H|ÐV Hamdo. 2 Amnë`m nmbHm§er ‘wºnUo g§dmX Ham AmU nmbHm§gmoV ‘moHio amhm HmaU VoM EH‘od AmhoV Oo Vwåhm§bm Vw‘À`m HRrU àg§Jr ‘XV HaVrb. 3 Vw‘À`m nmbHm§da dœmg Rodm Vo Vw‘À`mda Iyn ào‘ HaVmV. 4 Vwåhr ‘Ì ‘¡ÌUr Zdm nU Ë`m§À`m ‘wio hþaiyZ OmD ZHm Vw‘Mo bj Vw‘À`m Aä`mgmdaM HoÐV Agbo nmhOo. 5 ’m¢SoeZZr Am`moOV Hobobo gd© Hm`©H«‘ Vwåhm§bm àmdr ì`º‘Ëd KSdÊ`mg ‘XV Haob åhUyZ gd© Am`moOV Hm`©H«‘m§Zm CnpñWV amhm. 6 Oa Hmhr àmoãbo‘ Agob Va ’m¢SoeZÀ`m g‘wnXoeHmer ‘wºnUo g§nH© gmYm. dgê ZHm ’m¢SoeZ Vw‘À`m ‘XVrgmRr Hm`‘ Vw‘À`m gmoV Amho. `m gd© Qßg ’º brbm gZAg© AmU Ë`m§À`m nmbHmgmRr M Cn`wº ZgyZ gd© brbm OwZAg© AmU Ë`m§À`m nmbHm§gmRr Cn`wº Amho HmaU AmVm Vw‘À`m h ‘wbr `m Hemoad`rZ diUmdêZ bdHaM OmUma AmhoV. Zoh‘r AmemdmXr ‘mZmZo amhm AmZ§Xr amhm AmU Hm`‘ gwIr amhm - AœZr qgK darð g‘wnXoeH • Obey your Parents Teachers and Elders. • Your Success is determined by what you are willing to sacrifce for it. • Success is not the key to happiness. But happiness is the key to success. • With lies you may go ahead in the world but you can never come back. • Never leave on tomorrow which u can do today Good Thoughts

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12 Interview: Sister Kripa Kannampully Principal: St. Clare’s School T here is no feld that gives to back to the society the way education does. Education is an honourable profession and there is no greater joy that comes from it than that of educating a girl child. Our school principal Sister Kripa does just that with equal grit and élan I may add. Being a multi-tasker she exudes charm and confdence while managing an entire school. She makes it seem so effortless that it makes me wonder how does she do it Let us be a part of this journey and fnd out. What inspired you to choose education as your career Ever since I was a kid I was interested in doing social work. My mother who is my role model encouraged me to follow my heart. So education seemed like the right choice where you are able to steer the young minds into choosing the right path. God showed me the path of education in order to fulfl my desire of serving people and hence to serve lord. How is your experience being in the education feld from so many years I have been a teacher for over 30 years and looking back in time it gives me joy satisfaction and fulflment. Children with a spark in their eyes their naughty faces and their innocence gives me energy to stay dedicated and devoted. How do you manage the variety of students in school Though it’s a tough job I believe that irrespective of where they come from every child has the potential to be unique. A combination of rewards and corrections help the students succeed and become well rounded citizens. Tell us about your association with LPF It has been extremely fruitful. It’s not just how I feel but the parents echo my sentiments as well. LPF is responsible for giving them a new lease on life by not just supporting them fnancially but also help them in their overall grooming and development. I am grateful to god for the noble work Firoz Sir and Lila Ma’am carry out. May God give them strength to build up many lives and may God reward them thousand fold. Do you think that LPF has brought about a change to the St. Clare’s School Yes LPF has brought about tremendous change in our girls. I am very grateful to LPF. The different activities workshops and counselling sessions arranged by LPF help the girls to enhance their personality and create their own identity in society. The girls are true to their school motto “dare the heights”. Before concluding the interview sister Kripa conveyed the message to all girls “to be ready to accept challenges and be courageous in life”. Interview taken by- - LJ Siyona Rohekar St. Clare’s School - 10 th std. 2012 Batch Interview: Sister Kripa Kannampully Principal: St. Clare’s School My mom kept a heart for me She grew lots of values in it And gave it to me To make a new start… She turned my heart into a new hope She always nurtured and pampered me She grew some seeds of self-esteem in me… And when diffculties entered my life She protected me enough and helped me too She always knew that: I will stand before it tough and strong… Her continuous good examples in my life always taught me difference between good and bad… I’m the garden of her heart which always bloom everyday And she always hopes today that her REFLECTION will always be there in me… - Dedicated to my beautiful sweetest LILA MOM My Mom’s beautiful garden

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13 Science Classes M aths Science the two subjects that are often known to send shivers down a child’s spine. I am pretty sure the teachers who teach us these subjects felt the same way when they were our age. I Diksha Gorakh Sonawane feel the same way about it. Thankfully Mom and Dad realized how I and many other girls are scared of Maths and Science. LPF in association with the Science Initiative Academy conducted Maths Science classes for us girls. We had two teachers Payal Di Atharva Dada who taught us about the various concepts of Maths Science. They began with teaching us the basics of Maths and Science where they helped us clear our concepts. After putting our minds to ease they slowly moved on to teaching us about the Equations in Algebra rational numbers fractions and the properties of triangles. Later on they also taught us about living and non living beings natural resources and blood donation. After a couple of days Atharva Dada and Payal Di made us solve various examples from our books. After solving all the examples they used take revision tests on Sunday to see whether or not we have truly understood the concepts or not. It was because of these tests that we truly understood were we could improve ourselves. I felt really sad after the classes got over as they not cleared our concepts but they also helped us be confdent in solving hard sums. Everything that we learned here can also be used in the future. I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Payal Di and Atharva Dada for helping us excel. I would like to end by saying thank you to Mom Dad Yogita Di Counsellors and LPF for giving us wonderful opportunity. - Diksha Gorakh Sonawane 7th Std Lila Junior Batch 2015 Camp Education Society ‘wbtÀ`m ejUmMo ‘hÎd A mYrVa ‘wbrbm Myb AmU ‘wb `medm` Xwga Hmhr ‘mhV ZìhVo. ‘wbJr 8 Vo 10 dfm©Mr Pmbr H VMm ddmh HaV.Ë`mZ§Va ‘mÌ gmdÌrmB© ’wbo d Á`moVramd ’wbo `m§Zr 1847 gmbr ‘wbtgmRr nhbr emim HmTbr. nwÊ`mÀ`m So dmSçmV Á`moVramdmZr ‘wbtZm eHdÊ`mÀ`m AmYr gmdÌr mB©Zm eHdbo. gmdÌrmB© hiyhiy eHë`m d Ë`m§Zr ‘wbtZm eHdÊ`mg gwédmV Hobr. nhë`m Va Ë`m§Zr 1 Vo 2 ‘wbr eHdë`m Z§Va 4 Vo 5 ‘wbr `oD bmJë`m na§Vw bmoH Ë`m§Zm Ìmg XoV. Varhr HYr gmdÌrmB© `m bmoHm§Zm CbQo mobë`m Zmhr. bmoHm§Zr gmdÌrmB©Zm XJSr ‘maë`m Ë`m§À`m A§Jmda eoU’oHbo na§Vw nwTo MmbV amhë`m. Ë`m§À`m `m Hïm‘wio AmU `m Hm`m©‘wio gd© bmoHm§Mm ór ejUm HSo nhm`Mm ÑïrHmoZ Xbbm. AmU åhUVmV Zm EH ‘wbJr eHbr H EH HwQw§ eHVo. ‘wbJr AmB© dSbm§Zm AmoPo dmQVo AmU ‘wbJm AmB© dSbm§Zm gm§miUmam Amho Ago dmQVo. nU AmVmÀ`m HmimV ‘wbJr gwÕm AmB© dSbm§Zm gm§miVo. nwéfm§À`m Im§Úmbm Im§Xm bmDZ AmVm ó`m àË`oH joÌmV Omo‘mZo Hm‘ HaV AmhoV. AmVm EHhr joÌ Ago Zmhr OWo ó`m Zmhr. nU AmAmo dSrb AmU ‘wbJr Agm oXmd Hm HaVmV g‘mOmV ór«yU hË`m Hê Z`o.Ago Hm`Xo HêZ Hm` Cn`moJ J hm Hm`Xm HêZ XoIrb AOyZ bmImo ‘wbtMr hË`m Ë`m OJmV `oÊ`m AmYr hmoV Amho. Oa ‘wbJm hm d§emMm Xdm Amho Va ‘wbJr d§emMr nUVr Hm hmoD Zmhr eHV‘wbJm Hgo dmJbm Var Ë`mbm HmoUr Hmhr mobV Zmhr nU ‘wbr Oa ‘moHù`m ‘mZmZo dmdaë`m Va ‘mÌ g‘mO Vbm VÀ`m AmB© bm g§ñHma Zmhr Hobo Ag mobVmV. nU AmVm åhUVmV O‘mZm Xbbm Amho nU Vgo Zmhr AmO h Hmhr ‘wbr ejUm nmgyZ d§MV Amho. AZoH IoSçmVë`m ‘wbtZm ejU ‘iV Zmhr HmaU VoWrb AgwdYm AmU H‘VaVm. hrM H‘VaVm êZ HmTÊ`mgmRr brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Hm‘ HaV Amho. Ë`m§Zr JmdSodmSr AmU Hm‘eoV `m JmdmHSrb ‘wbtZm Mm§Jbo ejU ‘imdo åhUyZ ‘XVrMm hmV nwTo Hobm Amho. AmU h ‘XV Vo Xhm df HaUma AmhoV. `m Hm‘mgmRr ‘r brbm ‘‘ AmU ’amoO SS `m§Zm aêZ `e ‘imo h àmW©Zm HaVmo. AmU ‘r Ë`m§Mo Amma ‘mZVmo H Ë`m§Zr ‘mÂ`m ‘wbrbm eî`d¥Îmr Xbr. BWo ‘bm Mma Amoir åhUmì`m dmQVmV HmoHim JmVo amZmV AmdmO `oVmo HmZmV ‘wbrÀ`m ejUmMo dmao dmho àË`oHmÀ`m ‘ZmV - lr. àgmX am‘mD IamSo dSrb - lwVr IamSo brbm OwZAa 8 dr M 2014 JmoëSoZ ½boSg ‘mÜ`‘H dÚmb` Ha§OJmd

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14 Bicycle Donation Drive to the Rural Schools D oesn’t the above quote ring true Having a cycle learning to ride it showing off your riding skills in front of your friends wasn’t that something we all did as children The answer to that would be a Yes We all have been there done that and the memories of riding our frst set of two wheels learning to balance on the bicycle falling off of it while learning scr apping and bruising yourself and then fnally mastering the art of learning a bicycle still linger on with a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. We may not remember a lot of our life altering events but the “bicycle one” defnitely manages to hold on. Recently the Lila Juniors from Hirkani Vidyalaya Gawadewadi Zilla Parishad Schools from Karanjgaon Kambre and Govitri got to experience something similar courtesy Lila Poonawalla Foundation. The little Lila Juniors where surely in for a surprise when Mr. Firoz Poonawalla Founder/Trustee of Lila Poonawalla Foundation came bearing gifts or bicycles as in the case of these girls. The donation drive was carried out by means of distributing the cycles to those Lila Juniors who live beyond the 2 kilometres radius of their respecti v e schools. The cycles were distributed by Mr. Poonawalla himself to the 44 Lila Juniors from the above m e n tio n e d schools. The timing of the bicycle donation drive also coincided with Diwali making the Lila Junior’s Diwali all the more special and m e m o r a ble . The happiness and the sheer joy these girls demonstrated was something so unimaginable yet fulflling. After the cycle distribution program the LJs performed a traditional Pooja for their respective cycles and on a parting but teary Happy Tears note the LJs thanked their beloved Mom Dad and LPF for this wonderful surprise. “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of owning a Bicycle” Cycle distribution at Gawadewadi School Cycle distribution at Kamshet School Bicycle Donation Drive to the Rural Schools

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15 Grand Celebration of Wonderful Journey A Glorious Journey of 20 years reaching exciting milestones and achieving many success stories Yes Lila Poonawalla Foundation started its journey in 1996 and today it has so many feathers in its cap We are very delighted to proclaim that this year also Foundation has continued its noble work of educating and empowering academically clever but economically challenged girls largely from rural areas of Pune Amravati and Wardha Districts. In the year 2015 alone Foundation welcomed 1190 additional daughters to LILA Family in 6 grand functions and broke its own record and created history. The 20 th year celebration inaugurated in June this year by awarding scholarships to 210 school girls in September Foundation awarded Auto Scholarship to 106 Lila Seniors originally Lila Juniors who got an auto scholarship up to their graduation in October the Foundation awarded scholarships to 285 girls studying Science Pharmacy Nursing D.Ed Physiotherapy and Post Graduate Studies in November celebration continued by awarding scholarships to 333 girls studying Engineering Diploma Degree and Diploma to Degree courses and Architecture in December celebration doubled by awarding scholarships to 362 girls in two districts i.e. Wardha and Amravati. In Wardha scholarships awarded to the 194 girls studying Engineering Diploma Degree and Diploma to Degree courses Pharmacy and Nursing and in Amravati awarded to the 168 studying girls studying Engineering Diploma Degree and Diploma to Degree courses Agriculture and Nursing. A year so far with grand celebrations in every month and journey towards LPF mission - Leading Indian Ladies Ahead. Scholarship from the foundation is just a beginning of a lifelong relationship as apart from fnancial support foundation also provides them training in various soft skills spoken English academic coaching mentoring by senior executives from various corporate and also health awareness programs to groom the girls to become confdent independent young ladies. In this year alone LPF had organized over 120 development programs for the girls. What was planted as a seed of hope 20 years ago in 1996 by holding hands of 20 girls is now blossoming into a tree by having family of over 4000 girls. A moment to be very proud of A moment to celebrate A moment to shine

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16 UG and PG Scholarships 2 015 a year flled with the happiness and the most specialest of moments. A year so memorable that we at LPF will remember it with tears of joy in our eyes. Continuing with its tradition to award scholarships to those meritorious but economically challenged girls LPF has awarded a scholarships to record breaking 1100 plus girls this year alone. UG Award Function PG Award Function Girls received the scholarships in the feld of Pharmacy Nursing Engineering All streams. The newly inducted Lila Girls and Lila fellows at Pune Amravati and Wardha received their scholarships amidst teary eyes and cheers from the audience. What started out by giving 20 scholarships in its inaugural year has now gone on to support over 4000 plus girls in its 20 year journey. Indeed an achievement to be proud of - Ms. Kalyani Nanajkar LF- 1998 Scholarship Award Function at Wardha Scholarship Award Function at Amravati in the feld of Engineering all streams and Architecture on 15th of November 2015. With the Pune Scholarships successfully awarded it was the turn of Amravati Wardha Districts to have its turn of glory the date was 5th of December 2015 where 168 newly christened Lila Girls received scholarships in the feld of Engineering Agriculture and Nursing. After the turn of the Amravati Lila Girls came the time to induct the Wardha girls into the Lila Poonawalla Foundation Family. It was on 6th of December 2015 that 194 new Lila Another special mention Lila Poonawalla Foundation has also entered its 20th year. Yes 20 the Foundation is 20 years old. Celebrating its 20th year the foundation has added a new category of Lila Seniors Lila Juniors get an auto scholarship up to their graduation. It all began in Pune the day was 30th of October 2015 when LPF awarded Scholarships to those girls studying in feld of Science Pharmacy Nursing D.Ed Physiotherapy and Post Graduate Studies. The newly christened 285 Lila Girls Fellows each received their scholarships by the hands of the Chief Guest Guest of Honour Mr. Mrs. Poonawalla. In continuation with its Pune award function another set of 333 the highest number of scholarships given in a single year girls received scholarships

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18 Bicycle Donation Drive to the Rural Schools Mr. Fredy Hutter’s Visit to India T he month was July when the Lila Poonawalla Foundation had the pleasure of hosting the ever gracious Mr . Fredy Hutter Vice Chairman Executive Director Biltema Foundation on his maiden visit to India. A former military man Mr. Hutter had extensively travelled across the globe. Having a background in the forces Mr. Hutter was very much used to seeing the most harshest of conditions and the worst kind of living conditions in the world. Realizing his true calling after a successful stint in the armed During the course of the 2 day visit to schools Mr. Hutter had a chance of interacting with the Lila Juniors as well as their parents it was during this interaction that he asked the Lila Juniors about their way of life their habits interests and much- much more. The curious Lila juniors too reciprocated by asking him questions about his life abroad his work and his experiences in India so far . After the interaction session the Lila Juniors from Zilla Parishad School Govitri belted out a wonderful performance in his honour. After the interaction session he monitored the progress LPF had done so far under the school project initiative. This visit also gave Mr. Hutter an opportunity to interact with school staff counsellors teachers and principals to discuss new initiatives to help the girls live a better life. After the various interaction sessions came the Scholarship Award Function for Lila Juniors Littlest members of the LPF Family got their scholarship and the Cultural Extravaganza where the Lila Juniors performed on songs from Mr. Fredys interaction with Lila Juniors of Golden Glades School Mr. Fredys interaction with Lila Juniors of Shri Ram Vidyalay Pimplagaon forces and other noted organizations Mr. Hutter fnally came to the Biltema Foundation. Biltema Foundation has been a partner of Lila Poonawalla Foundation since 2010. This is the 5th year of working together in bringing about a change in the life of young deserving girls through the project "2morrow 2gether". Mr . Hutter was happy to see that this project not only supports the academic education of girls but also provides counselling to both the girls and their parents. The counsellors visit the Lila Juniors homes and spend time with the parents specially the mothers. He was impressed with the addtional fascilites such as sanitation blocks computer labs chilrens playground equipments provided to the schools so as to ensure wholesome all round development of children. The extra coaching classes and workshops as also fun activities provided by LPF enable children to become more creative and innovative. It was during this visit that Mr. Hutter visited the schools Supported under the “2morrow 2gether initiative from Pune as well as its surrounding areas such as Kamshet Gawadewadi Thorandale Karanjgaon Pimpalgaon Govitri and Chandoli. different parts of India where Mr. Hutter had the honour of presiding over as the Guest of Honour. On a parting note Mr. Hutter gave a heartfelt goodbye speech where he spoke about his perception of India before the visit and after the visit he also spoke about how getting the LPF scholarship is helpful for the girls to lead a better and prosperous life. Concluding his speech Mr. Hutter bid a tearful adieu to LPF and India but not without the promise of returning back and exploring newer avenues together with LPF.

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Personality Enhancement • Cleaning Grooming Always remember to begin your day by having a bath. Comb your hair wear well ironed clothes and polished shoes. Tie your shoe laces neatly. Remember to wash your face throughout the day to stay refreshed. Put on some face powder. As staying clean and fresh will help you throughout the day. It will help you stay in a positive frame of mind. • Happy Confdent When we start to keep ourselves clean and groomed we feel fresh and happy. Such person will live happy under any situation which will make him confdent and no any deliberate efforts would be necessary to gain the confdence. Fear from mind will disappear and we will ask our life that “I am ready to confront you in any adverse situation” hence let’s be confdent and make surrounding confdent. Confdence is something • Organized Disciplined If the answer is no then read along. Discipline and Organization are two things which should always go hand in hand. One must always remember to be organized and disciplined enough to complete the task at hand in time. Being organized and disciplined will help you take your responsibilities seriously it will also help you succeed. • Control Patience Patience and Control are two things we lack. So we must always remember to keep a check on our expenses eating habits speaking thoughts and mind. We must always remember to control these things. Do I get panicky Do I lack on patience If the answer is yes you must remember to be patient and in control. Because if you let go then the situation can get out of control hence being in control and patient can help you over diffcult situations. Hence remember to stay in control and be patient. • Staying in the present being focussed We are constantly surrounded by people who constantly keep ranting and raving about their past rather than focusing on their future. These are the type of people who like to dream but lack the focus and desire to achieve those dreams. They are also the people who can’t differentiate between dreams and reality. Living your life in such a manner is harmful hence try to stay in your present be focussed and work hard towards achieving your dreams. • Creative Constructive Doing the same old things every day can make your routine mundane and boring thus by doing something creative and constructive or fnding ways to do your work creatively and constructively will help you stay in a positive frame of mind. It will also help you complete your tasks at hand in an effective manner. • Am I responsible and Knowledgeable Often times it so happens that we may not have the knowledge of the specifc subject or issue and when someone asks us about it we tend to turn a blind eye. Even if we lack the knowledge we must remember that it is our responsibility be it in success or failure. So always remember to gather the knowledge and learn to take responsible. • Communicative Effective Effective communication is always the key to success one must always remember to be communicative. By communicative we don’t mean talkative we mean being precise and to the point by speaking effectively. In order to be communicative one must also remember to be sensitive and use the right kind or words. This will help you grow not just in your personal Personality means what and how the person is. People whom we call as role models are examples of a good personality. Our life is infuenced by them. E.g. our lovely Lila mom...accordingly we should also try to enhance our personality. But a good personality requires positive thoughts and those Positive thoughts always start with self-communication. Following are some tips that will help you in communicating with your own self so that you become aware of your personality and you will try to enhance it. contd... on page 20

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20 Editorial Dear Lila Juniors I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the 10 th std. Lila juniors the very best for their SSC board exams and also let me take this opportunity to Wish you and your families a Happy and Prosperous New year. A year has gone by very swiftly. We are pleased to present to you the 4 th volume of “School Communiqué.”As we all know about the School Communiqué- its aims and objectives. It also highlighted e v e n t s activities. I do hope that the communiqué e n co u r a ge s many more LJ’s to use it as a platform to express their creativity. I sincerely hope that this edition makes for an interesting read. Lots of programs have been undertaken by the Foundation with an idea “The heart of education is the Education of the heart.” Study skills are necessary in order to receive satisfactory grades in exams however the counselors had arranged study skill workshops for all LJ’s. To improve the Mathematics LPF had organized Maths Enhancement program which was conducted by Manjushree Dhume. Also with the association with Orchid school LPF had organized Maths English Computer enhancement program for Kamshet Gawadewadi Lila Juniors. This program was very useful for LJ’s. Orchid school students were very committed and sincere. Also during Diwali vacation lots of activities have been taken by the counselors for you girls and you had a great fun. All juniors participated in these activities as well and your mothers too had a great time during these activities. Enjoy every moment you have because in life there aren’t rewind options but only fashbacks. For you we will organize lots of programs in this coming year to bring up an exciting fashback of initiation of your school life. Once again Happy New Year all the best for your exam - Jayshree Shahade 2morrow2gether Director Chief editor - Jayshree Shahade Editorial Team - Ashwini Y ogita Akankasha Bhagyashree Offce Support : Tanvi Kuvalekar Lila Poonawalla Foundation ‘Fili Villa ’ 101/102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Near Baner D-Mart Pune - 411 045 India Ph. No. 020 – 27224264/65/66/67 Mobile: 8605861657 / 8888468670 but professional life as well. • Popular Down to Earth We live in a world where everybody and anybody may admire us be it school friends teachers or someone from our personal life. Though admiration is always a good we should not let it go to our head. We should always ask ourselves do we really deserve it if the answer is yes then we should ask ourselves why we deserve it When you get the answer you want you must not let it go to your head you must try and improve yourself so that more people will look up to you. Though you may not have a happily ever after but at least these questions and their answers will help you channel your thoughts in a positive manner helping you live a positive lifestyle. - Bhagyashree Paygude Counsellor St. Clare’s Convent School contd from... page 19

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