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Lila Poonawalla Foundation Synopsis of Project Progress Report From Year 2011 to 2015

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The Journey. . . The School Project 2Morrow2Gether was started in 2011. Girls from 7 th standard were selected. Started with 5 schools, 1village and 4 city schools with 105 girls 2011 Added one more city school and 151 more girls adding up to 375girls under this program and 7schools 2013 Added 4 more schools, 1city school and 3 village schools and 168 girls adding upto 543 girls and 11 schools 2014 2012 Added one more city school and 119 more girls adding up to 224 girls under this program and 6 schools Added 3 more schools, all 3 village schools and 210 girls adding upto 753 girls and 14 schools 2015 Dynamic Progress will continue with addition of 3 more batches and the program will go on until 2027 2016

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Overview of School Project In 2011, the Foundation took a very big step forward and started with school scholarships. Till now Foundation supported total 753 girls from 15 schools. These girls are selected from 7 th standard and the Foundation will support these selected girls right through their graduation. Every year, minimum 150 to 20 0 new girls will be added. We have started to with 5 schools in 2011, Now we are supporting 15 schools. These girls are not only supported economically for their fees, uniforms, shoes, books etc, but are also  given extra coaching, counseling, as well as the teachers of this class are given special training with the objective of building excellent teaching capacity. The parents of these children, especially the mother, have been given education in health and hygiene as well as overall awareness of their rights, and the importance of girl child education.

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Project Report Details May 2015 – Jan 2016 Last details sent on April,2015

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1 st Batch Lila Juniors Board Exam Result All Lila Juniors of 1 st Batch has taken the admission for colleges in different streams. For Science – 52 For Commerce – 37 For Diploma – 6 For Arts – 8

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Activities & Events in this period Scholarship Award Function for 5 th Batch (2015) Cultural Program Award Function of Batch 1 st (2011) Corporate Volunteers initiative Computer Training for 11 th std (1 st Batch) Training on Board Exam Preparation (2 nd Batch) Computer Literacy Program for 9 th std ( 3 rd Batch) Science Programs Exploratory Program for 9 th std 3 rd Batch Science Remediation Program for 5 th Batch Science Park Camp By Savitribai Phule University for Kamshet and Gawadewadi LJ’s (4 th and 5 th Batch) Initiative taken by Orchid School Maths and English Enhancement Program (for 4 th Batch) Computer Training Program (for 4 th and 5 th Batch) Maths, English and computer Enhancement program for Gawadewadi LJ’s (for 5 th Batch) Science Exploratory Workshop Educational Tour Maths Remediation Program Traffic Awareness Program Diwali Vacation Camp arranged by Counselors Parenting Session for the Parents of Lila Seniors Cycle Distribution for Gawadewadi & Kamshet schools Self Defense Program Details of all programs are in following charts ……

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Celebrated 5 th Scholarship award function. 210 deserving school girls were awarded this year. With addition of 4 more schools from the rural areas school names are Chandoli , Pimpalgaon ,Thorandale and Maval . Educationist Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar (Director, PNES/ Orchid School) and Mr. Fredy Hutter (Executive Director/ Vice Chairman, Bilitema Foundation) graced the occasion as the Chief Guest & Guest of Honour respectively. Also It was on this very day that LPF also released the 3 rd issue of the “2morrow 2gether” school communiqué. Scholarship Award Function of 5 th Batch 2015

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Cultural Program Our own School children performed dance in honour of Mr. Hutter’s visit to Pune. Lila Fellow Ms Devika Daftardar (Renowned Cine Artist and Lila Fellow 2003) was the chief guest of the function. The theme of the event was “ Unity in diversity ”. Parents were also invited for the program.

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Mr. Fredy Hutter Visit in India The month was July, when the Lila Poonawalla Foundation had the pleasure of hosting the ever gracious Mr. Fredy Hutter (Vice Chairman & Executive Director, Bilitema Foundation) on his maiden visit to India. During this visit Mr. Hutter visited the schools (Supported under the “2morrow 2gether initiative) from Pune as well as its surrounding areas such as Kamshet, Gawadewadi, Thorandale, Karanjgaon, Pimpalgaon, Govitri and Chandoli . During the course of the 2 day visit to schools, Mr. Hutter had a chance of interacting with the Lila Juniors as well as their parents; it was during this interaction that he asked the Lila Juniors about their way of life, their habits, interests and much-much more. After the interaction session he monitored the progress LPF had done so far under the school project initiative. This visit also gave Mr. Hutter an opportunity to interact with school staff, counsellors, teachers and principals to discuss new initiatives, to help the girls live a better life. During the Visit Mr. Hutter inspected the sanitation facilities which have been under this program provided to schools by Bilitema Foundation.

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Award Function of Batch 2011 Lila Juniors ,entering to the colleges We started the School scholarship program 4 years back i.e. in 2011 & started supporting with scholarships, Textbooks, Notebooks, Shoes Socks, Raincoat & School Bags, Cycles to 7 th std girls. These were designated as Lila Juniors. All 106 girls of the first batch, passed SSC board examination this year & all of them got excellent results. Most of them are over 70% distinction and some also over 90%. These 106 girls will get scholarship automatically for further education . These LJ’s will now be designated as “LILA SENIORS”. However LPF has organized one grand Award Function for these Lila seniors Ms. Nazura Sattar (Chairperson of Anjuman Complex) has attended the program as a chief gust and Ms. Laxmi Kumar (director of Orchid school) as Guest of Honor.

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Computer Literacy Program for 11 th std (1 st Batch) It is very important that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computers have become as common as the pencil and paper. However LPF had organized computer training program for 1 st Batch LJ’s. The content of the training was Ms Office (Word, PowerPoint & Excel) , Emails & web Browsing & Usage of computer from career perspective. This training will help all these girls as these girls moved for college education

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Training Program on Board Exam preparation for 2 nd Batch Board exams play a vital role in shaping the future career of any student as the grades which a student is able to secure in the Board Exams essentially shape the future prospects for the student. The 10th Board exams are just round the corner. Keeping in this mind we have arranged the training program on Board exam Preparation for 10 th std Lila Juniors. The program was conducted by Barclays Volunteers.

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Computer Literacy Program for 9 th std (3 rd Batch) Computer, just the word itself is so-so fascinating, so much so that any and everybody wants ’ to learn about it. As the technology changes constantly, no longer are we restricted to just using typewriters or fax machines. The computer technology is the answer to all of these equipments. Understanding the need to impart computer knowledge, to its daughters, Lila Poonawalla Foundation in association with the Barclays Technology Centre had organized a Computer Workshop, for us Lila Juniors. Living in a village, where technology never really seemed to be available at our finger tips, this training program was a welcome change. Our training began with lectures about input and output devices and how to differentiate between them. Thanks to this lecture, I got to know that the mouse and CPU fall under the output devices category.

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Exploratory Program for 9 th std 3rd Batch LPF has organized the exploratory program for 9 th std Lila Juniors from all the schools from 26 th May 2015 to 6 th June 2015 when girls have summer vacations. Already we have organized this program for 11 th std & 10 th std. LJ’s from all schools.

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Science Remediation Program We have planned Science and Math enhancement program only for Camp School LJ’s of Std. 7 (Batch 2015). This is in the collaboration with Science Education Initiative Organization. Ms. Priya Kakkar is conducting the program. These classes has started from 18th June, 2015 for the whole year. This program will be on 3 working days in a week and on all Sundays that is four days in a week.

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Savitribai Phule University Camp Savitribai Phule Pune university is establishing the ‘Science Park’. This is the project for rural area girls. however we started this camp with kamshet 7 th and 8 th std girls. after receiving good feedback we sent Gawadewadi Lila juniors of 7 th std.

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Maths and English Enhancement Program Orchid School has arranged Maths & English Enhancement program for Kamshet Lila Juniors this is 3 months program. Orchid school students is only conducting this program. Students are going to kamshet on every Saturdays & Sundays to contact this program. LJ’s learnt English vowels Grammar like nouns, adverb, adjective etc. In Maths addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division etc. LJ’s learnt short-cuts & tools like cut, copy & Paste, Microsoft PowerPoint, How to use internet.

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Science Exploratory Workshop Educational Tour Educational tour to ‘ Know Your City’ Visit to Railway Museum Visit to Indradhanushya Science Park Visit to Sadhu Vaswani Mission for the Exhibition on the Life of Sadhu Vaswani Visit to Ambedkar Museum 7 wonders Park or Yashwant rao Chavan Udyan

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Maths Remediation program We have arranged Math Remediation program for Std. 9 Lila Juniors which has started from 21st June, 2015 for 3 months & only on Sundays. Ms. Manjushree Dhume has conducted the program. In 2 sessions classes we have seen a very positive and encouraging feedback from LJ’s. That Girls are coming forward and asking doubts if they have not followed, They have completed the given homework , They performed very well in the test. The program begun with integers and basic fundamentals of Algebra , basic geometry concepts.

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Traffic Awareness Program Road Safety is an important education for people of all ages. From crossing the road, to cycling to driving a four wheeler everyone should know the rules of the road. Keeping this in mind Lila poonawalla foundation has organized “Traffic Rules Awareness Program” for Lila Juniors of 8th & 9th std. The content of the program is about the traffic rules, why should we follow traffic rules? Importance of road safety & safe driving tips. This program is conducting by Safe Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM) Volunteers.

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Diwali Vacation camp organized by Counselors We had organized some activities for Lila juniors during the Diwali vacations. These activities were conducted by the counselors of LPF. Counselors had organized Antakshari , Mehendi, Best out of waste, Hair style competitions, Rangoli, Essay writing on topics such as Women and Power or The Girl child future of India, Poster Drawing Competition, Science Quiz and sports competitions like Kho-Kho Running. The activities started from 14 th November and went on till 24 th November, 2015. Anjuman Urdu and English Medium school Lila juniors organized a very nice cultural event and they called Firoz dad as a chief guest and Ms. Nazura Sattar (Chairperson of Anjuman Orphanage). They have presented very nice Drama; Dance, songs as well as a bridal Fashion Show. All 7th to 9 th std.

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Parenting Session for the Parents of Lila Seniors While interacting with some of the parents of the first batch (11th std.) Ls' counselor realized that parents are very much anxious as they are finding difficult to handle adolescent age Lila seniors who are presently at very critical age and finding difficult to balance between their freedom of college and studies. Parents in need parenting guidance at this juncture. Also Ls need understanding and support in this age. So LPF planned a workshop for parents and Lila seniors on ' The issues of adolescents and Parenting'. The workshop was for 2 hrs. Interaction session with Parents, followed by 1 hr discussion with Lila seniors. The session conducted by Ms. Rashmi Tamuly who is expert in Family counseling and Parenting issues and practicing from last twenty years in this field.

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Cycle Distribution for Gawadewadi & Kamshet schools We have donated bicycles to Lila juniors of Kamshet who stays far from the schools. Total 44 bicycles donated to the Lila Juniors from rural area schools. These bicycles will be owned by girls only.

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Self Defense Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of yourself mentally, financially, and physically. However for a lot of people, the physical part is just exercise. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance. A reassurance that can only be gained through any form of self defense classes. However LPF has organized Self defense program for 1 st batch Lila seniors. The program is organized on 17 th and 24 th Jan, 2015 at Kalmadi School Hall. Total 86 Lila Seniors attended the program.

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Future Plans for Current Batches Award Function of 6 th Batch LJ’s Corporate Volunteers Initiative Computer Training Program Academic Inputs and Guidance programs for 10 th std and 9 th std Lila Juniors Board Exam Preparation Program for 10 th std LJ’s Career Guidance Program Maths Remediation Program Science Programs for 7 th and 8 th std LJ’s English Enhancement Program for LJ’s English Enhancement Program for Counselors Parenting Sessions for 7 th to 10 th std LJ’s parents Communication Skill Program for 1 st Batch Lila Seniors Programs for 2011 Batch (Lila Seniors) Communication and Soft Skill Workshop Health and Hygiene Spoken English Classes Every Month two programs will be arrange for this Lila Seniors

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