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Vol. No. 1 June 2014 The Foundation’s School Communiqué 2morrow 2 gether ‘mÂ`m gd© à` ‘wbtZmo ‘ bm Iyn AmZ§X hmoV Amho H ‘r Vw‘À`m nwTo brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Mo nhbo ñHyb Ý`wO boQa àñWmnV HaUma Amho. øm ñHyb Ý`wO boQa Mo CËKmQZ ñHyb AdmS© ’§ŠeZ À`m ew XZr Ham`Mo Z`moOV Hobo Amho. ‘m°‘ AmU ‘bm Vw‘À`m Ôb àM§S AmnwbHs AmU ào‘ dmQVo. Vwåhr ’º nwÊ`mMo Zmhr Va nyU© ‘hmamï´mMo AmU nyU© OJmMo dî` AmhmV. Ag åhUVmV Zm EH ‘wbJr eHbr H Vr nyU© HwQw§bm eHdVo. Vwåhr gd© ‘wbr ZdrZ nTrMm Moham AmhmV. ‘mPm Vw‘À`mda àM§S AmË‘dœmg Amho AmU ‘r Zoh‘r àmW©Zm HaVmo H Vwåhmbm Iyn `e ‘imdo. brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Zo AmVm Amnbo n§I AZoH emim§gmRr ngadbo AmhoV VWo ’m¢SoeZ ’HV ‘wbrZm eî`md¥VrgmRr AmYma XoV Zmhr Va Ë`m§À`m HwQw§mbm g‘wnXoeZm À`m ‘mÜ`‘mVyZ ‘XV HaVo. ’m¢SoeZ ejUm nbrHSo OmDZ Vw‘À`m Mm§Jë`mgmRr PQV Amho. Vwåhr gdmªZr ZamoJr ‘mÎma AmU MmUŠ` Zmdo hrM Am‘Mr Vrd« BÀNm Amho. gÜ`m Amåhr 7 ddY emim§Vrb 379 ‘wbrZm eî`d¥Îmr Xbr AgyZ 550 hÿZ AYH ‘wbtZm eî`d¥Îmr XoÊ`mMo `moObo Amho. gmoVM ’m¢SoeZZo Vwåhr Á`m emioV eHVm Ë`m emim§Mr JwUdÎmoV gwYmaUm Hobr Amho. brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Zo nwTmHma KoDZ emiobm n|Q Hobm emioVrb nÌo XbyZ Xbo ’maí`m Xë`m AmU gdm©V ‘hËdmMo åhUOo Aìdb XOm©Mo ñdÀNVmJ¥h m§YyZ Xbo Ë`mM amoa Mm§Jbr gwg‚m Hm°å߶wQa ê‘ m§YyZ Xbr. ejUmgmoV IoiUo h VVHoM åhËdmMo Amho ho OmUyZ ‘¡XmZmV IoiUr bmDZ Xbr. Amåhmbm Vw‘Mo ’º amhUr‘mZ M gwYmam`Mo ZgyZ Vwåhmbm Iyn Cƒ ejV Ham`Mo Amho. Am‘Mo Ago EH‘od ’m¢SoeZ Amho Oo 7 dr nmgyZ Vw‘À`m nXdr AmU nXdCÎma ejUmMr h‘r KoVo. `m 2morrow2gether `moOZoMo ñdên Ago Amho H Vw‘À`m nXdr ejU n`ªV Amåhr Vw‘À`m gmoV Agy. hm My very dear daughters I t is with great pleasure that I address you on this First School Newsletter that has been brought out by Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF. The release of this newsletter is also very auspicious as it will take place during the School Award Function. Mom I have tremendous regards love for you. You are the future not only of Pune Maharashtra and India but that of the World. When a girl is educated it is said that entire family gets educated. You are the face of the next generation. I have tremendous confdence in you I pray you succeed beyond success. LPF is expanding its wings to many more schools where we intend to help support girls and their families not only through scholarships but also through counseling. LPF goes beyond education. It even focuses on your well being. You shall become healthy wealthy wise and that’s exactly what we desire for you. We are now supporting 379 Lila Juniors from 7 schools and we intend to take this fgure upto 550. We have also uplifted the quality of schools where you are studying. We have taken the initiative to paint schools stop leakages change the fooring build excellent toilets and well furnished computer rooms and install good playground equipments. We want to improve your standard of living along with your education. Ours is the only Foundation that gives guarantee of education right from 7th standard to under graduation and till post graduation. We hold your hands and are there with you throughout this process. This is Sharing Happiness...

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2 OÝ‘a QHUmam dgm Amho. AmVm Vwåhr gd© Am‘À`m ‘wbr AmhmV AmU Amåhr Vw‘Mo AmB© dSrb AmhmoV VgoM AmVm Vwåhr `m ’m¢SoeZ ‘moRçm nadmamMm EH hñgm AmhmV. ""’m¢SoeZ EH Amü`©HmaH àdmgmMm nm`m Amho Amnë`m gdmªgmRr Amåhr ’º Vw‘À`m ejUmgmRr ghmæ` HaV ZgyZ Vw‘À`m OrdZmMr JwUdÎmm dmTdV AmhmoV. Am‘Mo ñdßZ Amho H ’º ‘wbtn`ªV Om`M§ Zmhr`o Va Ë`m§À`m nmbmHm§nm`m©V OmDZ Ë`m§À`m g‘ñ`m g‘OyZ KoDZ Ë`m gmoSdÊ`mMm à`ËZ Ham`Mm Amho. AmU ‘r XodmHSo hrM àmW©Zm Haob H Vwåhr `eñdr ìhmdo AmU maVmMo gwOZ ZmJaH Zmdo. XoemMo dî` VwÀ`mM hmVmV Amho. Mm§Jbm ‘mUyg Zm AmU XoemMo Zmd amoeZ Ham. Vw‘Mm S°S a lifelong association. You are our daughters and we are your Mom and Dad and you are now a part of this large family. What a wonderful journey Foundation has for you We will not only support your education but also help improve the quality of your life. LPF dreams to go beyond the school girls and reach their parents. We mentor parents understand their problems try to solve them. I wish you and your family all the best. The future belongs to you. Be responsible citizens of India. Be good and generous human beings. With Love Dad I was extremely delighted when I came to know that LPF is planning to come up with a Newsletter for us and we will be writing articles for the same. And here I get an opportunity to interact with our Principal Mrs. Kalpana Mulgoankar. Mrs. Mulgaonkar has been in the teaching profession for more than 25 years now. She has done her M.Com B.Ed. and D.S.M. Though she looks strict she is a good teacher and we all fnd her very helpful. In 1987 she took up this noble profession. She always says “A teacher can model a child into a doctor an engineer and a lawyer. She believes that education is necessary for every girl because if one girl is educated the whole family will be educated. She also states that “there is a difference in education system today as compared to olden times. The new generation has a wider career opportunity as compared to us.” T alking about her inspiration Mulgaokar madam says that her father was her idol. Her father Mr. Panditrao Chavan was a freedom fghter. Know Your Principal He was against injustice. She never had any problem with her education since her father motivated her to complete her education. She is greatly touched by Mrs. Lila Poonawalla Our Mom her Foundation. Mulgaonkar madam says ‘The foundation is doing a great work. It not only supports a girl child for her education but also supports the girl’s mother. Various activities seminars workshops have been organized by LPF for Lila Juniors along with parents on various occasions which are really memorable’. Mulgaonkar Madam does not have any extra expectation from the foundation as they are doing their level best for the underprivileged girls. She wishes that these girls come out in their fying color in future life and be successful ladies and in return help anyone girl like them.’ We all are lucky to have Mulgaonkar madam as our Principal. - Ms. Mansi Sanjay Kambale Lila Junior 2011 10th Std. Camp Education Society Kanya Shala Sharing Happiness...

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3 ho `wJ V§ÌkmZ AmU dkmZmMo Amho. Amåhr gd© Iyn m½`dmZ AmhmoV H Amåhm§bm maVr dÚm dZ À`m EŠgßbmoaoQmoar gm`Ýg g|Qa bm OmÊ`mMr gwg¨Yr Amåhmbm Xbr. Vo EŠgßbmoaoQmoar gm`Ýg g|QaMo dmVmdaU nmhÿZ Amåhm§bm BWo Hm` hmoB©b `mMr Iyn CËgwHVm AmU Anojm hmoË`m. `m CËgwHVm AmU Anojm À`m AYH Amåhm§bm BWo AZwdm`bm AmU nmhm`bm ‘imbo. X¡pÝX§H OrdZmVrb AZoH Ago à`moJ Oo Amnë`më`m ‘mhV ZgVmV Vo HaÊ`mMr AmU Ë`mM amoa Aä`mg H«‘mVrb AZoH à`moJ ñdV: HaÊ`mMr EH Iyn NmZ g¨Yr BWo ‘imbr. `m dH©em°n Xaå`mZ Amåhm§bm Am‘À`m AZoH àým§Mr CÎmao ‘imbr AmU gmoß`m nÕVrZo JUVo Her gmoSm`Mr `mMr gyÌo eHVm Ambr AZoH Cn`wº Aí`m `w³Ë¶m Amåhm§bm g‘Oë`m. Am‘À`m AZoH àým§Mr CÎmao Amåhmbm Vk ì`ºs AmU emók `m§À`m boŠMg© à`moJ B§QaZoQ MÌ ’Vr `m§À`m Ûmao ‘imbr. VgoM Amåhm§bm Cn`wº AgUmè`m AZoH do gmBQ Mr ‘mhVr ‘imbr. VgoM VWo Amåhr Iyn gmao gm‘mÝ`kmZmMr àý CÎmao Ioibmo AmU dkmZ Hm°ånwQa V§ÌkmZ AdHme g¨emoYZ J«h CnJ«h àXyfU AmU agm`Z emó `m§gma»`m ddY df`m§da JQm‘Ü`o MMm© Hobr. ho dH©em°n Am‘À`mgmRr Iyn ‘hÎdmMr ‘mhVr nwadUmao hmoVo. VgoM hm Hmi Am‘À`m gmRr Iyn EÝOm°` HaUmam AgyZ Amåhm§bm BVa emioVrb ‘wbter ‘¡Ìr HaÊ`mMr g¨Yr `m dH©em°n Ûmao ‘imbr. àrVr OJVmn brbm OwZAa 2011 g|Q ŠboAa ñHyb T his is the age of Science and Technology. We were lucky enough to get opportunity to attend science workshops at BVB’s Muktangan Exploratory Science Center . There was an atmosphere of excitement and expectations. It was totally different and had much more excitement and much more than what we expected. During this workshop we were given the opportunity to carry out various experiments within the school syllabus as well as some other interesting ones too. We were given extra information ideas shortcuts etc. to derive maths formulas. Our doubts were cleared by the professionals and researchers through lectures practices e x p e r im e n ts slideshows and internet surfing. Information on various educational websites was dkmZ emoYmMr J§‘V Exploring Science Is Fun LJs attending seminar at Muktangan LJs trying their hands on in the Chemistry lab

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4 S crabble Club was started in Jan 2014 for Lila Juniors of 2012 and 2013 batch. The aim of this club is through this game learn and improve vocabulary in a fun way. Our very own Lila Junior shares her experience about the Scrabble Club. LPF has given us a great opportunity by starting the Scrabble Club. Our counselor Ms. Amrapali conducts these sessions. Scrabble is an indoor game. It is a pleasurable experience every time for all of us when we play scrabble. It helps not only to improve our vocabulary but also increase our concentration levels. It can be played from 8 years onwards. Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles each bearing a single letter onto a game board which is divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. The name scrabble is a trademark of HASBRO Inc in United States and Canada and Scrabble Club shared. There were Question-Answer sessions and Group discussions on various subjects like Science Computer Technology Space Research Planets Satellite Pollution and Green Chemistry. This workshop was a boom for us as it was interesting exciting and informative. It was also a period of enjoyment as we got a chance to interact with Lab teachers and make new friends from other schools. - Priti Jagtap 10th Std Lila Junior 2011 Batch St. Clares Convent School Lecture in progress…attentive LJs trying to grasp as much as they can dkmZ emoYmMr J§‘V Exploring Science Is Fun has been sold by Hasbro Parker Brothers. One- third of American homes have a scrabble set. I feel parents should encourage their children to play this game. Scrabble helps to develop a competitive spirit and inculcate sharing habit amongst the players. This game also encourages us to use dictionary more often which is very much important for us to develop our English language skill. I would like to thank LILA Mom for providing us with Scrabble board. - Ms. Valencia Rodrigues Lila Junior 2012 9th Std St. Clare’s Convent School Lila Juniors enjoying Scrabble

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5 B ook Club was started in June 2013 for Lila Juniors of 2011 and 2012Batch. The aim of this book club is to inculcate a habit of reading and motivate girls to enhance their confdence levels. Our very own Lila Junior shares her experience about the Book Club. I love to read books. Along with the textbooks I have read many books from my school Books. . . Our Real Friends library. I have even got an opportunity to be a part of the book club started by Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Our counselor Ms. Amrapali gives us story books which are based on Epics Mythology Enchanting tales from I n dia n Literature Fables Humour Visionaries Modern Indian Literature Akbar Birbal Stories Fairytales etc. Looking at the colourful and attractive cover of the books I feel inclined towards reading them. It’s fun to read stories of great warriors and leaders. I have also read books which have magical tricks which can be tried by everyone. These books have become my source of inspiration and help increase my knowledge. I have even started applying few thoughts in my day to day life. I feel these books are like an extra sugar in our tea given by our beloved Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. I want to thank both of them for giving us much more than we already deserve. Reading helps to develop our thinking capacity and gives a new direction to lead a better life. You will never feel lonely if you have a book with you. Books are the key to knowledge and so it said that “A good book has no ending.” I therefore request all my friends to develop a habit of reading. It will help us to become better students. - Ms. Priyanka Mahale Lila Junior 2012 9th Std Camp Education Girls School Counselor Ms. Amrapali along with the Book Club group Girls reading story book during the book reading activity

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6 Am nbo ñdmñÏ` ho Amnë`m ZamoJrnUmMm ‘w»` mJ Amho. ñdmñÏ` Mo ‘hÎd åhUOo Amamo½` nmofU AgyZ `mo½` ‘mJ©Xe©Z ‘imë`mZo `mMr XrKm©`wfr hmoÊ`mg ‘XV hmoVo. ó`m `m g‘mOmÀ`m nmRrMm HUm AgyZ Ë`m§Zm Ë`m§À`m `mo½` d`mV Amamo½`mMo ‘hÎd Hibo H `mMm naUm‘ Ë`m§À`m ì`ºs‘Ëd Va hmoVmoM AmU Ë`§À`m HwQw§mda nU hmoVmo. hoM gJio bjmV KoDZM brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Zo Sm°ŠQa ‘rVm ZmIao d Ë`m§Mr Qr‘ `m§À`m ‘XVrZo gd© 2011 À`m brbm Á¶wZAg© AmU Ë`m§À`m AmB© `m§gmRr ñdmñÏ` AmU Ë`mMr HmiOr Her ¿`m`Mr hm Hm`©H«‘ amdbm. hm Hm¶©H«‘ Imbrb ‘wX²Úm§da AmYmaV hmoVm. l Amamo½` d Amamo½`mMr ñdÀNVm `mMr ‘mhVr l nmofU l aºj` AmU Ë`mMr bjUo l ì`gZ AmU gm‘mÝ` AmOma gm‘mÝ` AmOma `m ‘Ü`o nwai O§V àmXwm©d AZ`‘V nmir narjoÀ`m doirMm VmUVUmd ‘yÌ‘mJm©V mYm Aem ‘wÚm§da ‘mhVr XoÊ`mV Ambr. VgoM XmVm§Mr ZJm AmU Amamo½` `mda h brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Zo era Am`moOV Hobo hmoVo. ho era gd© 2011 2012 AmU 2013 °M ‘Yrb brbm OwZAg© gmRr Hobo Jobo. ho era Sm°ŠQa VÝdra ImZ `m§À`m ‘XVrZo Hobo AgyZ `m ‘Ü`o gd© EHyU 379 brbm OwZAg© À`m XmVm§Mr nmhUr HaÊ`mV Ambr AmU `m Xaå`mZ Á`m ‘wbtZm `mo½` Am¡fYmonMma AmU CnMmamMr JaO AgUmè`m 109 brbm OwZAg© Zm Ë`mM Sm°ŠQam§HSyZ ‘mo’V CnMma nwadÊ`mV Ambo. VgoM `m Amamo½` Hm`©H«‘mV go³g EOwHoeZ hm ‘hËdmÀ`m ‘wX²Úmda EH 5 Vmgm§Mm dH©em°n Vk ì`ºsÀ`m ‘XVrZo H ealth is an integral part of wellness. The importance of health hygiene nutrition and counselling goes a long way. Women are the backbone of the society and if they are made to understand the importance of health from an early age it will refect not only on their own personalities but also on their families. Keeping this in mind a Health Awareness Program was conducted by Dr. Mita Nakhare and her team for Lila Juniors of 2011 batch along with their mothers and teachers during the academic year 2012-2013. This yearlong Health Awareness Program conducted sessions on the following topics: ñdmñÏ` AmU Ë`mMr HmiOr Health Awareness Program LJS from CES’s Kanya Shala waiting for their turn during the Health Awareness Checkup Mothers getting their Health Checkup done • Introduction to Health and Hygiene • Nutrition • Anemia Campaign • Addictions and Common Infections Common Health Problems for example acne worm infestation deficiency diseases period irregularities low morale and esteem dealing with exam stress urinary tract infections and posture problems were discussed. Dental Check-up Camp was organised for all the Lila Juniors for 2011 2012 and 2013 batch during the academic year 2013-2014. This camp was conducted by Dr . Tanvir Khan from the Family Dental Clinic. A total of 379 Lila Juniors were covered during this dental camp. It was observed that 109 LJs were identifed with dental problems. LPF took one more step ahead and at present all the 109 LJs are undergoing the required dental treatment from the same Doctor. To conclude this Health Awareness Program a 5 hours Interactive Workshop on Sex Education

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7 KoÊ`mV Ambm. Oëhm nafX emim JmdSodmSr À`m 8 dr AmU 9 dr Vrb brbm Á¶wZAg© AmU Ë`mÀ`m AmB©`mZr `mV ghmJ KoVbm. øm dH©em°n ‘Ü`o dmTË`m d`mVrb ‘hÎdmMo Xb AmU Hmhr Jmoïr Á`m ‘wbr nmbHm§Zm gmJy eHV ZmhrV Ë`m Ë`§mÀ`m n`ªV Hem nmohMdm`À`m `m da a XoÊ`mV Ambm. `m Hm`©H«‘mMo ‘w»` ‘wÔo åhUOo: l Oa EImÚm ‘wbrgmoV VÀ`m KamVM Hmhr dmB©Q KSV Agob Va VZo Ë`mMm damoY Hg Ham`Mm AmU AmB© bm dœmgmV KoDZ Ë`m Jmoïr Vbm g‘OyZ gm§Jmì`mV AmU AmB© Zo Vbm AmYma Úmdm AmU VMr mOy g‘OyZ KoDZ `mMm damoY Hgm Hamdm l Mm§Jbm ñne© AmU dmB©Q ñne© `m§À`mVrb ’aH Hgm AmoiIm`Mm AmU Ë`mbm damoY Hgm Ham`Mm l earamVrb Hmhr ‘hÎdmMo Xb AmU Ë`mMr HmaUo AmU Ë`m§Mo Amamo½` Hgo amIm`Mo l AmB©`mgmRr 4 Vo 5 ‘wbm§Zm OÝ‘ Xë`mda Ë`m§À`m ñdV: À`m earamda Hgm dmB©Q naUm‘ hmoVmo ‘wbJm AmU ‘wbJr `mV ’aH Hê Z`o hm Hm`©H«‘ Iyn Cn`wº hmoVm nº brbm OwZAg© Zm ZmhrVa Ë`m§À`m AmB©`mZm `m Hm`©H«‘ Xaå`mZ Iyn Cn`wº ‘mhVr ‘imbr. AœZr qgK g‘wnXoeH 2011 LJ of Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao School getting her dental check up done Dr. Freny Tarapore Dr. Raju Inamdar of GGFC addressing the queries of Lila Junior’s mothers. Mothers taking part in the excercies conduted by the GGFC Team was organised by Experts in the feld for std 8th and 9th Lila Juniors their mothers of Zilla Parishad School Gawadewadi. This workshop focused on addressing the issues faced by the girls in their adolescent age bring awareness and knowledge about the subject which is not been openly talked by the parents since its considered as a social taboo. The highlights of the program were: • Explaining dangers that can come from within the family and at such times how the mothers should support and listen to the girls. • E mphasi z i ng on dif f e r e n tia tio n between good touch bad touch and how to communicate such experiences. • Focusing on biological reasons and changes that take place in the body. How to maintain hygiene. • For mothers explaining how important it to have safe sex and dangers of having too many children and its effects on their body. Not to discriminate between girl child and boy child and what role the girl can play in their life. This program was really useful for not only the girls but also their mothers. It helped the mothers to communicate effectively with their girl child. - Mrs. Ashwini Singh Counsellor LPF ñdmñÏ` AmU Ë`mMr HmiOr Health Awareness Program

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"Qy‘mamo QwJoXa `m àHënm§VJ©V brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ `m Aä`mgmV hþema nU AmW©HÑï`m H‘HwdV AgUm©`m JaOy ‘wbtZm B`ËVm gmVdr nmgyZ nXdrYa ejUmn`ªV ‘XV HaVmV. `m àHënmMm ‘y»` CÔoe Agm Amho Hs AmW©HÑï`m JaOw ‘wbtZm CËV‘ ejU ’ŠV AmW©H ‘XV Z HaVm ddY g¨Yr CnbãY HêZ g¨nyU© dHmg HaUo. ‘o 2011 nmgyZ `m àHënmMr gwêdmV Pmbr. EHyU 110 ‘wbtZm åhUOoM brbm Á`wZAg© `m§Mr ZdS ehamVrb ddY Mma emim§‘YyZ AmU JmdSodmSr `m J«m‘rU mJm‘Yrb EHm emio‘YyZ HaÊ`mV Ambr. Voìhm nmgyZ gbJ VrZ °MogÀ`m brbm Á`wZAg© Am‘À`m gmoV AmhoV. EHyU 380 ‘wbtZm 7 doJdoJi`m emioVyZ eî¶d¥ËVr XoÊ`mV `oV Amho. ‘w»`V… A§Ow‘Z Bñbm‘ CXy© ‘SrA‘ emim A§Ow‘Z Bñbm‘ B§J«Or ‘SrA‘ emim H°ån EÁ`wHoeZ gmogm`Qr HÝ`m emim H°ån EÁ`wHoeZ gmogm`Qr CËHf© B§J«Or ‘mÜ`‘ emim Sm° Hb‘mSr HÝZS ‘mÜ`‘ emim g|Q ŠboAg© emim AmU haHUr dÚmb` JmdSodmSr `m§Mm gm‘mdoe Amho. `m dfu åhUOoM 2014 ‘Ü`o AOyZ 4 emim§Mm gm‘doe HêZ 180 ‘wbtZm ‘XV XoÊ`mV Ambr. åhUOoM EHyU 550 ‘wbtMm gm‘mdoe `m àHënmV Pmbm. Amåhmbm H°ån EÁ`wHoeZ gmogm`Qr `m§Mr M¡VÝ` B§J«Or ‘mÜ`‘ emim Oëhm nafX emim Hm§‘«ao Oëhm nafX emim Hma§OJmd Oëhm nafX emim JmodÌ `m ZdZ emim§Mm gm‘mdoe HaVmZm AmZ§X hmoV Amho. g‘wnXoeZ AmU ‘mJ©Xe©Z `m joÌmV XopIb brbm Á`wZAg©bm ‘XV hr g¨ñWm HaVo. "Qw‘mamo QwJoXa `m àHënmMm ‘yi Jmm g‘wnXoeZ AgyZ àË`oH °Mbm EH g‘wnXoeH Amho. àË`oH ‘wbrÀ`m Kar oQ XoUo d¡`pŠVH g‘wnXoeZ AmU Jw«n goeZ hm Ë`m g‘wnXoeHm§Mm Hm`©mJ Amho. àHënmMm mJ åhUwZ AmVmn`ªV QMa QoZ©J Amamo½`mMr ‘mhrVr XoUmao era AmË‘ajU era X§VMHsËgm Smoi`m§Mr VnmgUr AmU b¢JJ ejU `m àHmaMr erao ‘wbtgmRr Am`moOV HaÊ`mV Ambr. AerM eao nwTo XopIb Mmbw amhVrb. hm Za§Va MmbUmam àHën AgyZ ‘wbtZm ghHm`© HaV hm àHën Mmbw amhrb hr ½dmhr. gm¡. O`lr ehmSo Sm`aoŠQa ñHyb àmoOoŠQ U nder the ‘2morrow 2gether’ school project Lila Poonawalla Foundation is providing scholarships to academically promising but economically challenged girls from 7th standard right upto their graduation. The aim of this project is to increase access to quality education for meritorious girls from disadvantaged families by not only providing fnancial support but also providing opportunities for their overall development. This project was initiated in May 2011. Total 110 Girls i.e. Lila Juniors were selected from four city schools and one rural school of Gawadewadi. Since then 3 batches of Lila Juniors have been with us. Around 380 girls have been given scholarships from 7 schools namely Anjuman Islam Urdu Medium School Anjuman Islam English Medium School Camp Education Society’s CES Kanya Shala CES’s Utkarsha English Medium High School Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao Kannda Medium School St. Clare’s School and Hirkani Vidyalaya Gawadewadi. This year i.e. in 2014 we have taken our 4th batch adding 180 girls and with this we intend to take the fgure to 550. We are happy to add 4 new schools namely CES’s Chaitanya English Medium High School Zilla Parishad School Kambre Zilla Parishad School Karanj Gaon Zilla Parishad School Govitri. The Foundation will continue to support counsel and mentor Lila Juniors. Counseling which is backbone of the ‘2morrow 2gether’ project there are Counselors for each batch who make home visits do individual and group sessions with girls. As a part of the project the foundation even takes care of the Teachers Training and has organized Teachers Training Programs. Health Awareness Program Self Defense Dental Check-up Camp Eye Check-up Camp and Sex Education are some of the programs that have been organized for Lila Juniors till now. We intend to continue such programs in future as well. This is an ongoing project and we intend to continue supporting girls and take this project forward. - Mrs. Jayashree Shahade Director - School Project Editorial Chief Editor : Jayshree Shahade Editorial Team : Ashwini Amrapali Y ogita Offce Support : Sucheta Sontakke Lila Poonawalla Foundation ‘Fili Villa ’ 101/102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Near Baner D-Mart Pune - 411 045 India Ph. No. 020 – 27224264/65/66/67 Mobile: 8605861657 / 8888468670

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