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From My Heart... Vol. No. 43 May 2015 The Foundation Newsletter My Dear daughters friends and well wishers W e are in the second quarter of the New Year 2015. How time fies…. So much has been achieved and so much is yet to be achieved. By the time this issue reaches your hands our 20 th year would have commenced. We started LPF scholarships from July 1996 and in the past 19 years have made good and steady progress adding on many new initiatives on our path of progress. Please see the charts below. So now is the time to celebrate. In the coming year July 2015 to June 2016 we plan to have many programs which will give us an opportunity of being together and celebrating together. Keep watching for regular communications that will come your way. To start with we have the 5 th School award function fxed on 8 th of July. Following this is a cultural program with all performances The Journey. . . 2015 Dynamic Progress Continues. . . 2014 Foundation launched Scholarship program in two new districts of Maharashtra i.e. Amravati Wardha for Engineering Nursing Pharmacy in Wardha and Agriculture in Amravati. Since its inception Foundation has supported around 3000 deserving girls for their education in India Abroad giving approx 5200 scholarships. 2013 Foundation launched additional Scholarship Programs for Diploma to Graduation in Engineering Architecture and Pharmacy. 2012 Foundation launched additional scholarship programs for Diploma in Education Engineering as well as Graduation in Physiotherapy Nursing. 2011 Foundation launched another scholarship program for Graduation in Pure Sciences. School Program called “2morrow 2gether” was started with the objective of supporting fnancially challenged girls from 7th Std. until their graduation. 2010 Foundation introduced Scholarship for Engineering Students for their 4 year program. 2005 Foundation introduced Special Scholarships for Post Graduation. Under this category exceptionally economically challenged yet academically brilliant girls were gifted this scholarship. 1996 The Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF was started in 1996. Girls studying for PG in any stream in India and Overseas were considered.

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2 by our school children. All girls when they apply for scholarships have to submit their statement of purpose. This includes each girl’s aspiration their dreams and what they want to achieve in their life. We thought it to be a good idea to recapitulate these statements and to review the actual developments visa vie the goals set. Thus we plan to send out a copy of this SOP of the frst 10 batches and would be delighted to get a feedback from them of how their lives have changed and request them to send in a new SOP as of present. This will make a beautiful coffee table book. Before the end of the 20 th year we also are planning to pen down success stories of some of our girls creating motivation for the younger generation of the next decade. It is also time to review our work and take stock of what we have done. The model that we have built over the last 20 years requires an audit for the quality of work that has been done and what needs to be changed to ensure that we do even better in the coming decade. We need to evaluate what impact we have had on the individual life of the girl and how their life has affected their families and the communities they live in. These fndings will enable us to set the pace for the next decade. Coming to the present I am pleased to inform you that we have added three new schools to our 2Morrow2Gether school project. This takes the total number of schools we support under this program to 14. What is important to note is that all addition schools added to this program last year and this year are from rural part villages from Maval and Manchar. 50 of our schools are from this area. In these schools we not only take care of all their scholarships including uniforms books shoes etc but also provide sanitation facilities to those schools who do not have good facilities as also computer labs furniture etc. This we are able to do with donations of computers and other materials from corporate. We have built a full fedged training centre at Wardha as also a computer lab so as to be able to provide good training to our Lila girls and are in the process of doing the same at Amravati. As I have said in the beginning so much has been done but yet so much remains to be done. PROGRESS IS A NEVER ENDING JOB. Talking about progress all of you would have fnished your exams. Some moving to the next academic year and some having completed their course and moving onto a complete new life. Either way you have a new challenge to face. I am sure each one of you have some inhibitions some fear of what lies ahead but I also know each one of you will rise to the occasion. Remember F_E_A_R has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. The frst batch of Lila Juniors will complete their 10 th standard and move on to a new life Lila Girls will complete their graduation and move on to fnd jobs or higher take admission for higher academics and my Lila Fellows will complete their Post graduation and move into the corporate world. My best wishes are with each one of you. Do remember “Life is like a Camera just focus on what’s important capture the good time develop from the negatives and if things do not work out take another shot”. Finally I would like to share with you some wonderful experiences from our recent visit to Bhutan. Dad and I had a good fortune of celebrating Dad’s birthday in Bhutan. It is a quaint country and very scenic perched high on the mighty Himalayan range with snow peaks. There are only 700000 people in the entire country and they are very beautiful and happy people. The sacred monasteries the futtering prayer fags that line the high ridges the hundreds of butter lamps the red robed monks chanting their prayers all give this kingdom an aura of another time. They do not believe in GNP but are globally recognized for their adoption of GNH – Gross National HAPPINESS as their guiding philosophy for development. It is the youngest democracy uniquely gifted from the King to the people. We visited 4 cities namely Paro Phubjikha Punakha and Thimpu. In none of these cities there are any traffc lights nor does anyone smoke. There are no fyovers and no tall buildings only beautiful temples hundreds of Stupas thousands of Buddhas high mountain passes and panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain ranges and steep slopes leading into beautiful valleys. We were lucky to participate in the Rhododendron fower festival and also witness a unique cultural program. It was indeed a very enchanting experience. I feel good and happy sharing this wonderful experience with all of you and hope each one of you will get an opportunity to visit Bhutan. Good luck and best wishes. Mom to all Lilas And friend to all readers Lila From My Heart...

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3 24 th March is the World Tuberculosis TB Day. On this occasion our LF Dr. Rajni Shivkar wishes to add certain things about TB. Health Capsule TUBERCULOSIS TB is one of the oldest diseases that affects human and is major cause of death worldwide. It is caused by bacteria Mycobacteri um tuberculosis M. Tuberculosis. When TB affects lungs it is called as Pulmonary TB. But it can also affect tissues other than lungs which can be lymph nodes pleura genitourinary tract bones joints meninges peritoneum and pericardium when it is known as Extra pulmonary TB. Mode of spread of Infection: M. Tuberculosis bacteria are most commonly transmitted from a person with infectious pulmonary TB to others by droplet nuclei these are mode of transmissions in many viruses which are aerosolized by coughing or sneezing. So infected persons should always use handkerchief to cover their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. Signs and symptoms: The signs are in early phase low grade fever Night sweats Weight Loss Loss of appetite Anorexia General malaise Weakness. This is followed by cough which is usually associated with purulent sputum which can be blood streaked. This is called Haemoptysis Blood in sputum. When such symptoms last for more than 15 days and do not respond to antibiotic course sputum examination is needed. Diagnosis: 1 By fnding of Acid Fast Bacilli on microscopic examination of diagnostic specimen as smear of expectorated sputum. 2 Defnitive diagnosis is by isolation and identifcation of M. Tuberculosis from sputum by the culture in the laboratory or 3 The identifcation of specifc sequences of DNA in Nucleic Acid Amplifcation test like Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR. The DOTS Directly Observed Treatment – Short Course strategy along with the other components of the Stop TB strategy impl emented under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme RNTCP in India is a comprehensive package for TB control. The DOTS strategy is cost- effective and is international standard for TB control programmes but adherence to the treatment is most important thing. Modern anti-TB treatment can cure virtually all patients. It is however very important that treatment be taken for the prescribed duration which in every case is a minimum of 6 months and can be extended if patient do not respond to the treatment as monitored by sputum examination and cultures. Because treatment is of such a long duration and patients feel better after just 1-2 months treatment is often interrupted. TB is a contagious disease related to poverty under nutrition and poor immune function. Nutrients are required to regulate body processes and build and repair tissues and thereby promote health and prevent disease. Macronutrients protein carbohydrate and fat and Micronutrients vitamins and minerals work together to contribute to tissue regeneration and cellular integrity. Under nutrition is a state when the nutritional status of the person is suboptimal and thereby health and growth may be limited. The association between TB and under nutrition has long been known. TB makes under nutrition worse and under nutrition weakens immunity thereby increasing the likelihood that latent TB will develop into active disease. So taking adequate healthy diet is very important to maintain health and immunity. Eat Healthy Stay Fit............. - Dr. Rajni Shivkar LF-2012

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4 Manogat What offce staff feels Y ogita was interviewed by Lila Mom in 2012 and got scolded for her English speaking. Yogita lost the hopes of getting selected but one day she received a call from the foundation about her selection as “School project co-coordinator”. She thanked her family in her words “I get full support from my family. There are some events on Sundays but my in laws and my husband never complain about it.” She says “When I joined LPF she couldnt speak English but mom insisted me to join spoken English classes and now I feel I can communicate in better English and the credit goes to Lila mom.” She expresses gratitude for mom and dad. She feels Lila mom and Firoz dad are not only mom and dad for Lila girls or fellows but for staff too. They guide all staff members as parents and staff feels to be lucky to have them as their boss and parents too. M rs. Padmaja senior accountant in Lila Poonawalla Foundation joined LPF in Jan 2008. Before joining LPF she was working with Mr. Firoz Poonawalla for 25 yrs. After interview when she got to know about her selection she felt very anxious to work. She has a daughter who is married and in USA with husband with 2 children. Her family supported her very strongly for her joining. Their support is always a strong backbone for her. She expressed her feelings about LPF as “I am very happy to work with LPF. I have learned so many new things and ideas from Lila Ma’am and sir. They are always been ideal for me. We all are working as a team and everyone is very cooperative and understanding.” K alyani Nanajkar LF-1998 currently works as Manager Operation at LPF. She is working with the foundation since 2005 but had a break in 2008 and re-joined LPF in 2013. Her husband and 7 year old son are very supportive for her job at LPF. She said “My family supports a lot in my job specially during scholarship process.” When she was interviewed by Lila madam Kalyani feels “It was nice experience to have interview once again by Lila mom.” She decided to utilise this opportunity to contribute for the Foundation. About her overall experience with the foundation she says “My work gives me chance to interact with these young girls and their parents. I am enjoying many events and programs as a staff as well. I fnd some of them very enthusiastic and willing to help foundation and staff members.” “The work of the Foundation is a team work so everyone’s role is equally important. We all staff members always keen to follow the principals and examples set by Mr. and Mrs. Poonawalla. I have learnt many things from Mrs. Poonawalla. Actually watching her is also an inspiring and learning experience for me.” 2 012 ‘Ü`o brbm ‘mo‘ Zo `moJVmMr ‘wbmIV KoVbr AmU VÀ`m B§J«Or mobÊ`mdêZ amJmdë`m hmoË`m. `moJVmZo VÀ`m ZdSr Ôb Aem gmoSë`m hmoË`m. nU EHo Xder Vbm Hm`m©b`mVyZ ’moZ Amë`mda VMr School Project co -ordinator ZdS Pmë`m Ôb Hibo. VZo VÀ`m eãYmV VÀ`m HwQw§`m§Zm YÝ`dmX Xbo AmhoV ‘bm ‘mÂ`m HwQw§mMm nyU© nmRtm Amho. Hmhr Hm`©H«‘ ho addmar AgVmV nU ‘mPo gmgy-gmgao AmU Zdam HYrM VH«ma HaV ZmhrV. Vr åhUVo ‘r Ooìhm `oWo éOy Pmbo Voìhm ‘bm B§J«Or ‘Ü`o ZrQ mobVm `oV ZìhVo na§Vw brbm ‘mo‘ Zo ‘bm OaXñVrZo B§J«Or mobÊ`mÀ`m dJm©bm Om`bm bmdbo AmU AmVm ‘bm Ago dmQVo H ‘r è`mn¡Hs Mm§Jbo moby eHVo. ømMo l|` gd©ñdr Ë`m§ZmM Amho. Ë`m§Mo ho CnHma ‘r HYrM dgê eHV Zmhr. Vo XmoKo brbm fellows gmRrM Zmhr Va Am‘Mo nU AmB© dSrb AmhoV. Vo XmoKo Amåhm gdmªMo AmB© dSrbM AmhoV AmU Amåhr gd© ZerdmZ AmhmoV. gm¡. nÙOm øm ’mCÝSoeZÀ` Hm`m©b`mV 2008 nmgyZ Senior Accountant AmhoV. Ë`m§Zm lr ’amoO nyZmdmbm§amoa 25 dfmªMm Hm‘ Ham`Mm AZwd Amho. ‘wbmIVr Z§Va Ë`m§Mo Hm‘ Ham`Mo Z¸s Pmbo Voìhm Ë`m§Zm BWo Hm‘ Ham`Mr CËgwHVm dmQbr. Ë`m§Zm EH ‘wbJr Amho Or A‘oaHo‘Ü`o AgVo. Ë`m§À`m HwQw§r`m§Zr Ë`m§Zm øm Hm‘mgmRr Iyn nmRtm Xbm. Ë`m åhUVmV ‘bm BWo Hm‘ HaVmZm Iyn AmZ§X hmoVmo. ‘bm brbm å`mS‘ AmU gam§HSyZ Iyn Jmoïr eHm`bm ‘imë`m. Vo ‘mÂ`mgmRr Hm`‘M AmXe© AmhoV. Amåhr BWo gJio EHm team ‘Ü`o AmhmoV AmU EH‘oHm§Zm Iyn gmW XoVmo. gm¡. Hë`mUr ZmZOHa hr 1998 Mr brbm ’obmo Amho AmU AmVm Vr LPF ‘Ü`o Manager Operation åhUyZ Hm‘ HaV Amho. Vr BWo 2005 nmgyZ Hm‘ HaV Amho na§Vw 2008 ‘Ü`o «oH KoVbm hmoVm AmU 2013 ‘Ü`o naV LPF ‘Ü`o Hm`©aV Pmbr. VMo nVr d VMm 7 dfm©Mm ‘wbJm VÀ`m Hm`m©gmRr Iyn ghHm`© HaVmV. Vr åhUVo ‘mÂ`m HwQw§`m§Mo ‘bm ZmoHar HaVmZm Iyn ghHm`© ‘iVo deofVm: ñHm°baenMr àH«`m Mmby AgVmZm. Ooìhm brbm madam Zr VMr Om° gmRr ‘wbmIV KoVbr Voìhm Hë`mUrbm dmQbo brbm madam Zo KoVbobr hr Xwgar ‘wbmIV hm EH NmZ AZwd hmoVm. VrZo Radbo øm g§YrMm dmna LPF À`m ‘hmZ Hm`m©bm hmVma bmdÊ`mgmRr Ham`Mm. ’mCÝSoeZÀ`m EH§XarV AZwdm Ôb dMmabo AgVm Vr åhUVo øm Hm‘m‘wio ‘bm VéU ‘wbr AmU Ë`m§À`m nmbHm§er g§dmX gmYÊ`mMr g§Yr ‘iVo. ‘r AZoH Hm`©H«‘m‘Ü`o staff member åhUyZ ghmJr hmoDZ AmZ§X KoVo. Hmhr ‘wbr ‘bm Iyn CËgmhr dmQVmV AmU Ë`m ’mCZSoeZ AmU ñQm’bm ‘XV Ham`bm ‘ZmnmgyZ V`ma AgVmV. ’mCÝSoeZMo Hm`© ho gm§KH Hm`© Amho AmU Ë`m‘wio àË`oHmMo Hm‘ ho ’mCÝSoeZÀ`m EH§XarV Hm‘m‘Ü`o gmaIoM ‘hËdmMo Amho. Amåhr gd© ghHmar Hm`‘M lr AmU gm¡ nyZmdmbm øm§Zr KmbyZ Xboë`m VËdmZo AmU CXmhaUm à‘mUo Hm‘ Ham`bm CËgwH AgVmo. ‘r gm¡ nyZmdmbm øm§MmHSyZ Iyn Hmhr eHbo Amho. IaVa Ë`m§Zm Hm‘ HaVmZm nmhUo ho Iyn àmdV HaVo AmU Iyn Hmhr eHdyZ OmVo. - Gayatri Kshirsagar LF-2012 Jm`Ìr jragmJa LF-2012

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5 The purpose of life is not only to be happy but it should be useful in some way as well. There should be some difference that one has lived and lived well. At the end of the day everyone asks to own mind was there any difference The answer is yes for our LF Uma Kelkar. She is engineer by primary profession and doing paintings as secondary part for living life with difference. U ma Kelkar LF-1999 hails from an education loving family her maternal grandfather was a professor of zoology maternal grandmother was an entrepreneur paternal grandparents were both lawyers father a chemical engineer and mother a chemistry lecturer. She is B.E. Instrumentation and Control from University of Pune and masters in electrical engineer from Stanford University by formal education a watercolor painter by self- education. She used to paint when she was a teenager but in the rat race of grades and college admissions all the hobbies got brushes aside. In 2009 she re-took her hobby of painting as an activity with the purpose of feeding her sole. She says “I am a startup girl – meaning I have worked in the Silicon Valley startup – small private companies - for the past 14 years designing chips for various high speed applications like Ethernet satellite and microprocessors. In such small teams the awards system is absent but gratifcation comes through the way of increased business and responsibilities. Work – life balance is an extremely challenging act in the Valley. On an average an American worker gets the least sleep as compared to similar workers around the world. The situation is further worsened by the valley culture where the competition is so tough that long hours and strenuous weekends are a regular feature. This with commute times and lack of help as compared to India maids and house help if unaffordable puts a strain on every human relation. My husband and I are equal parents and equal adults in a relationship – which is a beautiful thing but it comes with a lot of work. Each of us forgoes having dinner with children 2 days a week so that we can attend to meetings and have one family dinner on Friday. The children see only 1 parent for 4 days of the week but they are never left to tend themselves under a third person. They see us struggle to make time for their karate classes school shows and museum visits and yet fnd time to read to them everyday. We are very hopeful that children will do as they see not what they are told. Mahesh and I wake up an hour before the children and work out together – that is our time together. If life gets too full we arrange for a cooking night together. Cooking with your better half with a glass of wine is divinely romantic. Though we do not or cannot go out on dates and to movies often our routine of hiking with kids gardening together few hours in summer every weekend keeps the family connected.” The time came when she was in the rat race of parenting and job. As being an employee a mother a wife a sister a daughter and playing host to numerous other events and guests there was no time for her self- satisfaction and that was taking a toll on her health. It started off as a healing process and soon it re- ignited the passion she felt for creative arts. Arts and science are very close in fact to her they are the same. In both felds best solutions are always elegant both thrive on disciplined practice and on not giving up From entering state level watercolor competitions in 2010 to getting picked for international watercolor exhibits in 2014 the hobby has become a mental back bone for her. When sick sad or stressed she draws. She even remembered drawing when she was in labor pain. She remembered sketching when the plane I was fying on her way to India lost an engine. She has sought out people who enjoy sharing their knowledge freely by way of art and they in turn enrich her life. Since she cannot make time during the day to volunteer for education she sells prints of her paintings which she paints at night so that profts from the sales go towards education. She has also recently published a book on sketching “Behind the Scenes: The story of Unsung Sketches” and looking into using it for a charitable cause. Uma says “I hope that my engineering and painting continue to give equal support as life progresses. If a lesson is to be drawn here it should be that one shouldn’t ignore ones passions. Cultivating them actually makes one a better person for oneself as well as for the people around. “ Uma was looking at the SSC results being announced. She knew she had the chops to do science but she never worked hard at school so that my overall grades would be the best. The time this was happening her Living Life with a Difference contd... on page 6

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6 Living Life with a Difference family occupied a single room fat – that one room was the living room cum dining room cum bedroom all in one. It was obvious that her ability to be independent was going to be of her doing or undoing The marks of the top students were being announced on in Marathi news that having an innate desire and bend towards science was not enough to get an opportunity in the science stream she accepted the system and decided to beat it. This event is monumental because she took a decision without consulting anyone while believing that she could change the grade card if she willed it and because it paid off within few months – a positive feedback is very necessary for us to push ourselves when we fail initially. When we taste success perseverance feels enjoyable. I moved out the house the next day went to her grandparents place. The strength and conviction of her family lies in never questioning her move. She continues “They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is how the village supported me - Shortly after grade 11 my father passed away. My grades had me enrolled in Instrumentation Engineering on a free seat and yearly scholarships thanks to the sustained report cards I was University ranker every year after the frst met my fees. An uncle paid for admission fees to 8 universities in USA 7 of them accepted me. I got a loan for the frst semester and another uncle signed as a guarantor. The ticket money was still pending. That’s where Lila Poonawalla Foundation helped An anecdote from the interview I recall– during my interview the committee of 5 with Mrs. Poonawalla being one of them were very gracious. I always liked too doodle and had been my college magazine cartoonist. So Lila ma’am asked me to draw a cartoon there and then I remember drawing Lila maam with curly hair and with a dream callout the balloons in cartoons that show dialogues thinking that her money was fying away with every candidate who walked in. I don’t think anyone liked the cartoon but I was smiling More than the money I made friends with Mrs. Thadani – who over years has really become a friend than just a committee member. I remember her going through my VISA application to ensure that I had my papers right She didn’t have to but she did. Over years I’ve met her talked to her more openly than I talk to most. Every person’s life changes – for me from 21 years of age to 38 – these are the most happening years regardless of where and what profession a woman chooses. Being married with children is the biggest change for me. In the feld of study I was so dead set on where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do I don’t envision myself being any different – life throws disappointment and encouragement at you you decide what to interpret it as and make the best of it. Just like I have many more opportunities than other smarter ladies I also have not been privy to options that many other privileged people have. Keeping such a score though is futile as the only cards we can play are the cards dealt to us.” Uma is a professional painter now who is steadily emerging on the national watercolor circuit in USA. The proft from the prints of her paintings goes towards education. Because she fnds her time at a premium she tends to help individual students directly to get most satisfaction out. Because of her job she cannot paint or be part of a larger consortium of painters who paint during day. However to keep her intent alive she supports students directly either through tuition scholarships she fnanced a nurse’s education in Pune have donated money to a children’s school in Pune to install an award for teachers or through local outfts in the bay area. e.g. donation to a farm that provides education to children about nutritional eating growing your own food. She has been fortunate enough to return the scholarship money to the foundation so that one more beftting student avails of the foundations help. In 2005 she conducted a free lecture series on analog circuit design in Pune while on a visit to India. It was a great experience but logistically hard for her family in India who had her with them for only 10 days in two years and then to let me go teach for few hours a day seemed unfair to them. She would like to suggest her sisters and juniors “Do what you love I know you have to be practical too and then stick to it. Perseverance daily practice should become worship. Many a times the unglamorous chores like saying your tables are relegated to things we did when we were kids. We want to become adults but not do the work it takes to be the best. I still say my tables because I didn’t do that when I was a kid when I swim by the way and study math as a tool. Math is a tool – whatever profession you may be involved in – learn your mathematics – it’s an universal language with defnite numbers and clarity that excites you. If you are afraid of mathematics the best way to overcome fear of it is to learn it. It will take a while so what There is no time limit other than one imposed on you by your own world view. If everyday is the frst day of the rest of your life I rather be smarter than today.” - Uma Kelkar LF-1999

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7 Health Capsule M`mnM`H«`oMo AmOma `mbmM X AmOma qHdm BÝgwbZ amoYH AmOma Agohr åhUVmV. M`mnM`H«`oVrb Hmhr g‘yhmVrb KmSm‘wio Aem dH¥V àH«`m hmoVmV. Á`m‘wio öX`mer g§YV AmU ‘wYw‘oh gmaIo AmOma imdVmV. Imbr Xboë`m `mXr‘Ü`o KyZ bjmV `oB©b Hs Ago Mm`mnmMm`mMo Hmhr AmOma AmhoV AWdm ZmhrV. OmoIr‘ Ago AgUmao KQH : l Á`mXm dOZ / ñWybËd : H|ÐV ñWybËd hm gdmªV ‘hËdmMm KQH Amho l gVV EHmM OmJr gyZ Hm‘ HaUo : emaraH hmbMmb ZgUo hm öX`mMo AmOma AmU Ë`m‘wio hmoUmè`m ‘¥Ë`y À`m ‘mJo gdmªV ‘w»` KQH Amho. l dmTVo d` ‘Yw‘oh ho mHsMo Hmhr KQH AmhoV. `m‘Yrb VrZ qHdm OmñV KQH XgV AgVrb Va HXmMV Vwåhmbm M`mnM`H«`oMo AmOma Agy eHVmV . 1 H|ÐV ñVwbËd : H‘aoMm Koa nwéfm§‘Ü`o 102 go. ‘r. nojm OmñV AmU ó`m§‘Ü`o 88 go. ‘r. nojm OmñV Agob Va. maVr` nwéfm§‘Ü`o ≥ 94 go. ‘. AmU ó`m§‘Ü`o ≥ 80 go. ‘r . Ago à‘mU J«mø Yabo OmVo . 2 aºmVrb Ðì` nXmWm©Vrb EH Triglycerides ≥ 150 mg / dL 3 aºmVrb Ðì` nXmWm©Vrb HDL HmoboñQ´m°b nwéfm§‘Ü`o 40 mg/dL AmU ó`m§‘Ü`o 50 mg /dL 4 aº Xm 130 mm Hg gñVmobH AmU 85 mm Hg Sm`ñVmobH . 5 AZm`go nmoQr 8 Vo 10 Vmg HmoUË`mhr àHmaMo AÞ Z ImVm 100 mg / dL 6 nydu Oa ‘Yw‘ohmMo ZXmZ Pmbo Agë`mg H¥n`m Zm|X ¿`m : ‘oX MmMUr AmU ½bwHmoO MmMUr `m XmoZ ‘w»` aº VnmgÊ`m à`moJ emioV HêZ KoUo Oéar Amho Hmhr àV§YmË‘H Cnm` : ñWybËd ho ‘w»` AmOmam§Mo HmaU Amho Ë`m‘wio dOZ KQdUo qHdm Vo AmQmoŠ`mV AmUUo hr àmW‘H JaO Amho. Hobar H‘r HaUo emaraH ì`m`m‘ HaUo haì`m mÁ`m ’io V§Vw‘` nXmW© HSYmÝ` ‘mgo Imdo. VobHQ d OoMo MmoMbo nwadUmao AmMaQ nXmW© H‘r Imdo. bâQ À`m EodOr OÝ`mMm dmna Hamdm. àË`oH Xder H‘rVH‘r 30 ‘ZQ Mmbmdo AmU XaamoO ZXmZ 60 Vo 90 ‘ZQ emaraH hmbMmb Hamdr. amÌr PmonÊ`mnydu ZXmZ 2 Vmg AmYr OodU Hamdo. ZmíVm hm nmoQêZ Agmdm na§Vw amÌrMo OodU nMZmg hbHo Agmdo. H‘rVH‘r 8 Vmg PmonXoIrb ¿`m`bm hdr AmU Amnë`mbm Á`m JmoïrVyZ AmZ§X ‘iVmo Ogo Ho Amnbo N§X AmU BVa hmbMmbr Ë`mV Oêa ghmJ ¿`mdm XaamoO Amnë`m AmhmamV g§n¥º ‘oX 7 OmñVrMo ‘oX eŠ` VodTo H‘rM AmU Hmobómob 200 mg nojm H‘rM hdo. Vwåhr ñWyb AmhmV Hm Vw‘Mm BMI VnmgyZ nhm BMI dOZ Kg/ C§Mr M² BMI Kg/m 2 AmOmam§Mm YmoHm H‘r dOZ 18. 5 --- OmñV dOZ 18. 5 -24. 9 ---- IynM OmñV dOZ 25. 0 - 29. 9 dmTbo ñVyb 30. 0- 34. 9 OmñV ñVyb 35. 0 -39. 9 gdm©YH AV OmñV ñVyb e 40.0 Extremely High Ë`m‘wio gHg AÞ ¿`m AmU ZamoJr amhm. Jm`Ìr jragmJa brbm ’obmo 2012

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8 LPF is of Women and for Women except our Dad who is our backbone for all ladies in LPF. Mom and Dad have groomed and developed us so that all are leading somewhere …someway… Here is our Leading Lady Inspira Crusader and co-ordinator Rita Shetiya. It was a great opportunity for Supriya Satwekar LF- 2010 to interview her close friend Leading Lady R ita is really an unbelievable lady “There is always going to be too much to do and very little time to do it. The only way is to learn to priorities and fnd to do what we have to do” .Very right saying for Rita Shetiya who has big dreams and rightly found out the way of all dark clouds surrounding her to achieve her dreams. Born in an ordinary middle class family in a small village called Lohara in Jalgaon district Rita was the third sibling with one elder brother and elder sister. Her parents worked hard to fulfll their daily needs. Her father had a small shop in their village but it couldn’t earn their growing children basic needs. Her mother took tuitions to support her family. Though fghting the fnancial needs they were satisfed and happy. This happiness soon came to an end as the head of the family was no more. Rita was in 10 th standard and learning to see dreams when her father passed away with a savior heart attack. And once again the life had brought her mother to such and end where she could see no one who would give her a strong support as her husband gave. She was totally broken and was depressed. But then looking at her siblings she thought there were no use of crying and thinking of the past life. She made a strong decision to herself to make her siblings strength and should live for them. Rita knew that she had a strong pillar that would not let their family collapse…. their Mother As her sister and brother had moved to Pune for education. Rita’s mom also decided to settle in Pune for bright future of children. But it was not easy to live life in Pune as it was not as cheap as Lohara. They managed to get a room on rental basis. There were again many fnancial problems as Rita’s mom had to start all over again from beginning. She started stitching work and taking tuitions. “When you are determined to do something and you hold a strong will power nothing ever will stop you from achieving what you want.” She ensured that her children complete their education. Rita says her mother was the one who dreamed all these things for her children. It wasn’t easy for her mother to support the education of three children with just Rs. 4000/- per month. It was very diffcult to manage the house. Rita says “I never seen my mother spending money on her sarees or footwear she never went on any vacation in her lifetime but she collected money for our education. She has made tremendous sacrifces to ensure that we get the best education and family values.” Rita was trying to complete her education and also supported her family by doing a part time job. But because of all the unfavorable environment she couldn’t clear her 12 th exam. She was totally depressed but her mother encouraged her by saying “Failure is the First Stepping Stone to Success.” With strong support from her mother she completed her 12 th examination. Today Rita has completed her post-graduation in economics and journalism and pursuing M.Phil in economics. Rita has brought her mother’s dreams to reality by educating herself to such a level. Rita’s lessons from life “I have learnt from my life that it is a beautiful and valuable gift you have to prove yourself and learn to be optimistic and strong willed. God is always there to help you and show you the way”. Likely God showed her the way to Lila Poonawalla Foundation and giving her an opportunity to be a bright Lila Fellow. This was the turning point in her life when she entered Lila Poonwalla Foundation family. Lila Mom and Firoz Dad not only gave her fnancial support for her education but also the love and support which she was missing after her father’s death Rita says “I have two mothers in my life. One who taught me to fy and the other gave me a security net and the strength to my wings.” After her masters she has worked with S.P. College as lecturer and currently working at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. She is also working as a free-lancer in print media. She is a Peace Ambassador. She also has a working experience with NGOs like Lend a Hand and India Swami Vivekananda center in Pune. She has totally involved her life in social work. She mentions that “Each day I ask myself if I have challenged myself at work done something meaningful for others given back to society for all the things that I have got and if I have done these then I am able to get a peaceful night’s sleep”. After working in various environments Rita proudly loves working as a professor as she thinks Teaching feld is a dynamic where not only you get chance to develop yourself but also give a shape to others life. She is creating a generation and shaping many

slide 9:

9 Leading Lady new blunt stones into beautiful architects by teaching them to live a life with values. She can also see her many unfulflled dreams fulflled through her bright students. The most important thing she has experienced is that “People throw the stones you convert them into millstones.” Rita has always actively participated in foundation programs. We had seen her as a comparer for Parent’s day and Samagam. She has also worked hard in getting donations for the foundation during Samagam. She has also worked in Foundations School projects. She has also written various articles for Inspira as a crusader and now working as coordinator. Working with the foundation she says “I learnt how to work in team time management and how to reach a consensus amidst conficting viewpoints. Team is a group of people who may not be equal in qualifcation experience or talent but equal in commitment to achieve success.” “Rejection to selection and selection to destination” this quote perfectly suits Rita. Rita is also a Peace Ambassador – Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Asha Center UK. Being a Peace Ambassador was not an easy job she had applied three times for the Peace Ambassador but was not selected. But each time she was interviewed she was getting prepared for the best like the carver hammers the stone to create a beautiful statute. She was selected in her third attempt and that was not the end of her diffculty. She did not have visa till the day she had to fy to UK but she didn’t leave hopes she had strong faith in god and her faith turned her dreams true of fying abroad she received her visa just three hours before departure. This was not possible without Mom’s help. When you focus on problems you will have more problems but when you focus on possibilities you will have more opportunities. Rita’s talks about foundation “LPF has given me lot of precious movement which I cannot possibly put in words …Foundation name itself is a LILA - Leading India’s ladies a head” Rita not only has excellent academic and active participation in the foundation’s activities but she also participates in extracurricular activities religious activities and social activities like Goonj Nivara and Jagriti yatra. Writing is one of the Rita’s hobbies and she has written articles for various newspapers and also written two books “Growth and Development” and “Public Economics” which are on the way of publication. Rita has been awarded with various awards specifcally to mention few precious awards are “Nehru Yuva Award” organized by Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs India and Nehru Yuva Kendra 2014 “Ideal Teacher Award” organized by Rotary Club of Pune. 2015 and “Swayamsiddha” award organized by lions club Elite pune2015. Recently she has received “Savitribai Phule Ideal Teacher Award” organized by Gramvikas Pratisthan. And she is member of various committees like Mahila Patrakar Parishad Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana Youth Cell Jain Minority Cell etc. The way which has lead Rita to be a leading lady is the Foundation opened the doors for new hope and dreams helped her to groom herself polished her communication skills programs like parents day and Samagam improved her comparing skills Collecting donations for foundation got her convincing power journalism and crusader for Inspira got out the writer in her Interviewing leading ladies for Inspira she read the diffculties faced by them and got the real motivation and the spirit to keep on facing challenges and kept on moving forward. She said “Every time I feel sorry for myself I look around and see the challenges that other people have to face in their lives every day. Then I feel less sorry for my situation and become more sensitive to the condition of other human beings”. I asked her “If you get a chance to live life with different way … how would you want or expect” She said “If I had the chance to live my life all over again I would do it in the same way all over again. I have no regrets at all. I live each day fully as if it is my last day on this earth”. Rita would like to give message to our Lila Fellows and Girls “We should never forget that our stay on this earth is short our role dispensable and our impact inconsequential. Determination is very important. The biggest temptation of life is not cover dreams into reality but the biggest defect in life comes when we surrender our dreams to reality. Accept what comes your way because what happens is always for the best even though you don’t know it at that point. Life is not rehearsal each day is a new show no repeat and no rewind so give your best shot in all your acts as the show goes on and on. If you fail to achieve your dreams change your ways not your principles. Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations our possibilities become limitless. Leaders must lead you cannot lead unless you are future oriented leadership is about the point of view of the future and it’s about hope.” Rita is thankful to a few important pillars of her life viz. her mother and Father Lila Mom and Dad her Sister and Brother and last but not the least God forgiving perfect way/direction. - Rita Shetiya LF-2005 and Supriya Satwekar LF- 2010

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10 Feelings Dear Mom It feels lucky to have this opportunity of interacting with the most beloved parents in the world none other than you Mom and Dad. You both mean a lot to me. Love you both a lot....... Thank you for the appreciation. Heena Shaikh LF-2012 I liked my birthday gift so much. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making my birthday so special and memorable. Shilpa Darekar LG-2014 Dear Mom and Dad Thanks a ton for the beautiful gift. It was indeed a big surprise for me. Every time I use it I will think of you and your thoughtfulness. I really appreciate it and everything you have done for us including your time and attention in the midst of your own hectic schedules. Thank you for the sweet wishes and blessings. The best gift I would be getting this birthday is your blessings. I really feel very lucky to be a part of this beautiful family. Thanking both of you once again. Your loving daughter Krishnashree Menon LF-2014 Dear Mom and Dad Hope you are fne. I would like to express a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful book you gifted me. This is just what I wanted. I am a vivid reader. This will inspire and motivate me to go ahead in life to achieve my dreams. Thank you. God bless you. Loves Your daughter Kausar Mulla LF-2007 and committee member Dear mom and dad I stood frst in my class and scored 90.56. All this is because of your valuable and precious support. LPF supports us not only to fulfl our fnancial needs but also shapes or career by arranging various training programs like personality development self defence and technical training sessions. This helps us to develop our overall personality. Triveni G. Shinde LG-2012 Dear mom and Dad It was a very special day for me. I was very happy and this birthday became more special for me because of you mom and dad. You sent a gift for me and so my happiness gets doubled. Mom you and dad not only have sent a gift for me but also sent lots of love for me. Mom gift which you sent is very valuable for me and I liked it. Thank you mom and dad from bottom of my heart. I can’t forget this day for a long life. Mom your blessings make me different from others. Thank you so much mom and dad be always with me. Preeti Thakur LF-2014 Hi dear Lila mom Wishing you a very happy Womens’ day. You have always been an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for everything. Loves Priyanka Takawale LF-2007

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11 Feelings Dear Mom I am writing this just to say thank you...for everything you do for us. Today I attended Mind Mapping program arranged by LPF. It was great opportunity for me to learn something new out of that. Thank you so much for giving me something extra that is just priceless. Love you...Take care Mom : : Reshma More LG-2013 Iybo Amg‘mZ ‘o± nV§J hÿ± ‘¡± hWob`mo±‘o± gr bHao± hÿ± ‘¡± `mXmo±‘o± g‘oQr hþB©O±Xmbme hÿ± ‘¡± Ywn ‘| gmW ahZodmbr naNmB©hÿ± ‘¢² Hr Z NyQZo dmbr bV hÿ± ‘¡± Hr ZQwQZo dmbm dœmg hÿ± ‘¡ »dm± wZZo dmbr AmaOy hÿ± ‘¢ Amg‘m± Hmo NwZo dmbr ‘§Orbhþ± ‘¡±² ha EH Hs OrZo Hs XmñVmhþ± ‘¡± nËWamo±Hmo VameZo dmbm amñVm hþ± ‘¡± HwXaV Ho BÝgm’go »emhþ± ‘¡± O±XJr OrZo Hm ZŠem hþ± ‘¡±² ha EH båhmhþ± ‘¡± IwgwaVr Hm g‘m hþ± ‘¡± g‘§XaHs ß`margr bha hþ± ‘¢ IyXmHs Xr hÿB© ‘ohoa hþ± ‘¢² Composed by: your daughter- Shajida K.Pathan LF-2012 With lots of love. Dear Mom I attended the visit to SKF Chinchawad held on 27th Feb. organized by the foundation. It was a mechanical company and I am a I.T. student. It was the frst industrial visit I had. And though I am a I.T. student I understood all the concepts explained by employees there. I could also see and understand functioning of the work practically.Thank you very much for organizing such visits and workshops. Thanks and Regards Rashmi Chaudhari LG-2013 Dear Mom Dad Thank you so much for birthday wishes and gift Letter was also so nice... Mom I am feeling very lucky to be part of Lila Poonawalla Foundation.. New year party was my 1st party I ever attended.. I enjoyed a lot.. I attended all the programs you arranged for us... Change management and self defence programs were very useful... Mom thank you so much for scholarship and all the things you are doing for us With Love Revati Dharmadhikari LG-2014 Dear Mom Thank you for sharing the link. As always I cant wait to read Inspira. Truly inspirational. The Inspira team truly deserves all the appreciation. Thanks Samina Deokar LF-1998 Dear Mom Dad I am lucky to have parents who love endlessly .I just wanted to tell you how much you have meant to me as youve guided loved me. You taught me again again to never give up follow my dreams. I have received birthday gift that is Employability Enhancement series. It is very useful for me to build a successful career. Again thank you let you know that I love you I thank god for the amazing mom dad he gave me. Snehal Phadtare LG-2012

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12 Dearest Mom Through the years I have shared so much with you both bitter and sweet. You have been such a comfort to me helping me in every way and all I want to say today is: Mom I treasure you close to my heart. I just want you to know how special and fortunate I fnd myself to be blessed with a woman as loving caring and wonderful as you. Thank you for making my life so special by your mere presence. Here’s wishing you a very special day and lots of love happiness. I love you so much Happy Women’s Day Dear Mom Regards Farheen Khan LG-2011 Feelings ‘m± h¡ dmo oQr h¡ dmo hZ h¡ dmo Vmo Hr nËZr h¡ dmo OrdZ Ho ha gwI Xw…I ‘| em‘b h¡ dmo eº h¡ dmo àoaUm h¡ dmo Z‘Z h¡ CZ g Zma`m| Hmo OrdZ Ho ha ‘mo‹S no h‘mam gmW XoVr h¢² ‘hbm Xdg Hs YmB© Soniya Borse LF-2009 Dear Lila Maam Thank You for sharing the same. And congratulations for yet another great achievement 1000 girls in a year I am proud to be a part of this foundation. I am thankful for the workshops like Advanced Excel Dreams Self defense etc which gave us an opportunity to have an all round development for me. I have a small achievement to share with you. I am now working as Learning Facilitator for Finance Department at Indira Global Business School. It is a kind of HOD post in other management institutes. : I have also registered for PhD under Pune University under banking Basel III norms. Just thankful to you for all the support Yours Sincerely Shraddha Kokane LF 2007 Dear Mom Thank you for sharing the latest Inspira copy. It is an inspiration in actual and has been well captured too. Congratulations on successful accomplishment of various events for the girls. The enormous planning and execution behind the programs and activities is incredible. It has always been intriguing for me how well you plan everything Mom : : Simply Great. It is pleasure and pride to read of you being appointed as the chairperson of the board of governors of Indian Institute of Technology Ropar. Hearty Congratulations for harnessing this challenge in life and best wishes for the same. Complimenting Dad for his incessant support and the entire team of the foundation closely associated with Inspira and its allied activities. Love and Regards Monali Thakre LF-2004 and PA 2010 Mom How are you I am doing well. I have read the latest copy of Inspira- Volume 42". It is magnifcent. Every time I read it starting with your article it’s truly inspiring. I feel inculcating in me all the elements that led you to success. It feels great to read that LPF and all my sisters are doing well. Also the health capsule manage hypertension is useful for todays world as it has become the root cause for most of the diseases. Reading all the good things from Inspira makes me feel very glad that I am your daughter and part of lovely foundation. Your daughter Tejashree Ghadge LF-2014

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13 Dear Mrs. Poonawalla Thank you sharing Inspira with me. Whenever I get a copy from the offce I always read it cover to cover. There are many interesting and touching stories to read and share with the family. This was especially special as it had Nehas story. Ritaa has done a great job. I also read about Sonal Mohite who taught the girls C and C++ languages. She had attended the spoken English program and is in touch with me. Good to see Gayatri Kshirsagar another student has been contributing to Inspira. Seeing these girls achieve her dreams always bring tears to my eyes. God bless you and Mr. Poonwalla for the work you do. Warms regards always Sangita Belvalkar English trainer and committee member Dear mom How are you I am fne and doing great. LPF has got a lions share in my life to pursue my goal for which I am very grateful emotions are very hard to express in words. Working hours of hospitals are very hectic and being junior most has got so many things to tackle responsibilities to handle. I will come with an invitation card soon to meet you. I know your dads blessings are always there with me. Thanks for the Inspira issue. I am very happy to read my article in the issue. I could do something for Inspira because of my feld knowledge. Rajni Shivkar LF-2012 Dear Mom Congratulations LPF. The increase in number of pages indicates the LPF family is growing. Very happy to see the girls from Amaravati region also getting beneftted. We girls are always with you and pray God that may Mom and Dad continue to work with great enthusiasm for the society. I congratulate you for getting selected as Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Technology Ropar. And also for Life Time Achievement Award. Quality Circle Forum of India. This is what always inspire us. Urmila Tambe LF-2000 Dear Mom I have read INSPIRA. It is really the Herculean Task. am very lucky as I have got opportunity to achieve my goals through LPF. I am inspired by Inspira. I am very proud of you Mom and Dad Shital Mohite LG-2012 Dear Maam How are you and Sir I read about the honours conferred on you in Inspira and thought of congratulating you and the foundation in a quick email. You are a true inspiration to many and I really wonder how you manage so many things with a lovely smile. I envy you for your zeal and hope to have the same strength in me one day. Every time a touch a success milestone I remember you and the foundation. I remember the positivity you triggered in me which has motivated me enough to motivate others. Thanks for being "You". I got one more grant from Sweden this is my third consecutive grant now and I am enjoying the work. This time I will be working on multidrug resistance due to uncontrolled use of antibiotics. I edited one reference book I edited fve journals fled two patents published 6 research papers reviewed two global editions of very reputed books from Pearson education and one of my articles is cited by the world top-ranking journal "Nature Neurology" and now I am liking all this. My research lab is recognized as Centre for Excellence and renamed as "Microbial Diversity Research Centre". I have learnt to multitask remain calm manage stress and balance personal and professional timings and commitments and all this was possible with the dynamism I see in you. Thanks for being there. Good luck for the foundation work and hope to expand and enhance our Lila family. Regards Dr. Neelu Nawani LF-1998 Feelings

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14 A little star in the night sky must be saying “Though the sky is dark I am shining brightly shining whole world to see and becoming happy for each things each day”. Our girls are like this star They have made foundation also happy by their achievements… Pooja Shahane LG-2012: Third prize in Electrovagnza15 competition for a PLC project with domain Automation Prajakta Kadam LG- 2012: Received a trophy in zest hockey and zonal handball Renuka Munnale LG-2012: Renuka along with other team members has been selected to manufacture a racing car at a competition organized by Society of Automotive Engineers of India at Val Tech University Chennai. Funding will be provided by the college. Triveni Shinde LG- 2012: First rank in power point presentation on biomedical monitoring. Shining Stars Donations From Lila Fellows Supriya Kulkarni LF1998 ` 60000 Jyothi Rajesh LF2001 ` 25000 Vidya Rampure Mirajkar LF2002 ` 15000 Sonali Aditya LF1997 500 Gauri Swakul LF2002 ` 5000

slide 15:

15 Snippets On the occasion of Women’s Day Lila Girls from Work- Based mentoring Program got the opportunity to attend Live Panel Session of senior Leaders of Amdocs worldwide India Israel and UK. Ms. Manisha Pathak Head of Engineering PBG RCM and Mr. Saurabh Gour Head of Engineering SIO – OCC were the speakers from India. Interaction session for Lila girls with 2 Global leaders from Amdocs - Ms. Manisha Pathak Head of Engineering PBG RCM and Mr. Saurabh Gour Head of Engineering SIO – OCC . Bel Air college of Nursing sponsored the visit of Nursing Lila girls to their college and hospital in Panchgani Lila girl at Bel Air Nursing College briefs the nursing Lila Girls during their visit to the college at Panchgani. Firoz Dad Interacting with Nursing Lila Girls during the visit to Bel Air Nursing College Pachgani. Donations From Lila Fellows

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16 Snippets Change Management Program By Mr. Vinay Shetty – Capgemini : Lila Girls Interacting with the trainer. Interaction meeting for Engineering Lila girls with Faurecia’s global engineering leader Isabelle VALENTIN-BIANCO Jennifer Fernandes - Country HR Director and Kamlesh Patil –Management Development. Lila girls discussed about their progress future plans and impact of LPF on their life. Interaction Meeting for Lila Girls with Mr.Dileep Thatte Vice President IDRF India Development and Relief Fund Computer lab supported by LPF in Zilha Parishad School Kambre Maval. Computers are donated by KPIT Technologies. Firoz Dad inaugurates the toilet block at Zilha Parishad School Kambre village in Maval Taluka. LPF is committed to provide clean and hygienic toilet facilities at the rural schools with whom they work.

slide 17:

17 Snippets Lila Mom interacting with girls during her visit at Life Coaching Program. Lila Girls enjoyed the musical concert “Who the Devil Did It” with Lila Mom and Firoz Dad Lila Girls enjoying balloon activity during Self Awareness Program by Mr. Rohan Sachdeo Team. Interaction Meeting for engineering girls with Tieto’s Katariina Kravi – EVP HR Finland Nilesh Sahasrabudhe – V/P Country Head Matti-Esko Seppa – HR Consultant. Lila girls discussed about their progress future plans and impact of LPF on their life. Time Management Program: Lila Girls Enjoying Group Activity.

slide 18:

18 Snippets Hands on knowledge of machinery at SKF for Lila Girls SKF visit for LG 2012 2013 Engineering Engineering after diploma category Spoken English Class conducted by Shilpa Vora during Jan2015-March2015. Lila Girls get introduced to Tetra Pak’s day to day business process Tetra Pak visit for LG 2012 and 2013 Engineering and Engineering after diploma category

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19 Lila Girls Enjoying dance with Lila Mom. LFs Enjoying Party with Lila Mom and Firoz Dad Catwalk by Lila Fellows Snippets Lila Poonawalla Foundation welcomed New Year - 2015 with 6 days grand celebration. Lila Fellows Lila Girls and Lila Juniors along with Trustees committee members and especially with beloved mom and dad enjoyed and rejoice. They dance on awesome tune played party games like Bursting Balloons Musical Arm Bomb in the City etc. They enjoyed graceful catwalk on music beats. All enjoy scrumptious food. The atmosphere was charged with latest music tunes revolving lights Deer horns with blinking lights and cheerful faces. We all had blast. Party Game Competition winner accepting prize from Trustee Mrs. Nirmala Pandit New Year Celebration / LPF Family Welcoming New Year 2015 Lila Juniors Enjoying Dance in the New year party

slide 20:

20 Snippets FEEDBACK B eing successful is very important and the frst step to success is “Self Awareness.” LPF conducted the Self Awareness program for LGs. The program was conducted by Mr. Rohan Sachdeva and Wise Willow Team. Mr. Sachdeva himself is a GRID certifed and Dale Carnegie trained Coach and is constantly on the lookout to learn something new. During this training session girls learnt the understanding self-awareness and its importance motivation for the goal self-confdence building and its infuence of attitude and behavior and Understanding Emotional Quotient UEQ and its assessment. Shradha Chavan LG-2013 attended the program and feels it was a nice experience to sit there and to listen such good things. She thanks Mom for such a wonderful experience. She says “I have learnt a lot of things from that and I promise you Mom that I will defnitely apply this things in my future life.” TrainingPrograms F aster self-growth in today’s scenario it is very necessary. One needs to change some way or the other in terms of communication planning time management etc. Lila Girls participated in Training Session on Change Management. The session was be conducted by Mr. Vinay Shetty – Delivery Manager at Capgemini India – Pune Offce. Janhavi Katkar LG-2014 feels the program was amazing and wishes to thank Mom and Dad for arranging such a wonderful program at SKF campus. She wishes to share the gist of the workshop in “The World around us is changing rapidly we have to be aware alert and live in present. There are many surprises all around we have to accept those and get ready to face them. For this it is very important to plan and schedule things in proper manner. Do not let the opportunities go make choice. To change is not mandatory rather it has become essential and so as to walk with the world and for this nourishment of body mind and soul is necessary Thank you Mom and Dad for arranging such a wonderful program. Smiley Faces of Lila Juniors In the New year party 2015. Lila Girls Enjoying Delicious food in the new year party. Contd.. on page 24

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21 Self Defence Lila Girls practicing during Self Defense Training Program. Hemen Lohana and Salil Nadkarni showing Self Defense techniques to Lila Girls. W hat should a woman do if she fnds herself alone in the company of a strange male as she prepares to enter a lift in a high-rise apartment late at night Experts Say: Enter the lift. If you need to reach the 13 th foor press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will dare attack you in a lift that stops on every foor. What to do if a stranger tries to attack you when you are alone in your house run into the kitchen. Experts Say: You alone know where the chili powder and turmeric are kept and where the knives and plates are. All these can be turned into deadly weapons. If nothing else start throwing plates and utensils all over. Let them break. Scream. Remember that noise is the greatest enemy of a molester. He does not want to get caught. Taking an Auto or Taxi at Night. Experts Say: Before getting into an auto at night note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands. Even if no one answers your call pretend you are in a conversation. The driver now knows someone has his details and he will be in serious trouble if anything goes wrong. He is now bound to take you home safe and sound. A potential attacker is now your de facto protector What if the driver turns into a street he is not supposed to – and you feel you are entering a danger zone Experts Say: Use the handle of your purse or your stole dupatta to wrap around his neck and pull him back. Within seconds he will feel choked and helpless. In case you don’t have a purse or stole just pull him back by his collar. The top button of his shirt would then do the same trick. If you are stalked at night. Expert Say: Enter a shop or a house and explain your predicament. If it is night and shops are not open go inside an ATM box. ATM centers always have close circuit television. Fearing identifcation no one will dare attack you. After all being mentally alert is the greatest weapon you can ever have. Tips on Self defence Our Lila Mom is always careful for us in all sense. In today’s era she feels that all her daughters should be independent and self-supportive for which self defence is very important.

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22 Young Achievers A jeeta Khatri LG-2010 a student of Cummins College of Engineering for Women Pune is pursuing her third year engineering degree in the department of Information Technology. She is a brilliant student always procuring distinction in her academics. Ajeeta was born in Amravati and lived there till she completed her Standard XII board from ‘Brijlal Biani Science College. Her schooling was also done in Amravati from ‘Holy Cross English Convent.’Ajeeta has always been a keen student and done well in her academics. She obtained a good score of 84 in her Standard X board only to improve her score to an 87 in her Standard XII board examination. Ajeeta’s family consists of her parents an elder brother a younger sister and herself. Her father Mr Rajkumar Khatri is a well-educated man having done his Bachelor of Arts from ‘VMV College’ in Amravati itself. He now runs a shop of garments in partnership. Her mother Mrs Sumitra Khatri has completed her education till Standard XII and is now a housewife.As a child Ajeeta wanted to become a doctor and her younger sister Simran wanted to do Engineering. But as time did not permit Ajeeta to study for medical entrances she had to take up Engineering. When Ajeeta was in Standard XI her family was going through a time of fnancial instability. Her family took a loan of 50000 rupees from a relative for Ajeeta’s fees. It was here in college where she found out about Lila Poonawalla Foundation scholarship. She immediately applied for it as this would provide her the fnancial help she needed. After joining LPF Ajeeta found herself a new home and family away from her own home. Staying at the Baya Karve hostel of Cummins College was a complete novel experience for her and it made her very home-sick. But she found comfort in the LPF family and Lila Mom became a mother fgure. Her parents fully supported her decision of joining the Foundation as they always wanted their daughter to live a well-educated complete life. They gave her all the guidance she needed to reach this stage in her life. Ajeeta attends all the programmes and workshops held by LPF which help the girls to develop their personality in all spheres. Joining the Foundation has helped Ajeeta deal with her phobia of failure. Before she joined LPF Ajeeta was hesitant to do anything new. She was very emotional and meek. But now she is a strong confdent girl who once makes up her mind to do something will not give up till it’s accomplished. In her earlier days there was a time when she was fnancially unsure of continuing her education. She had established her fate of living the remainder of her life as a housewife. It was at this point where she joined the NCC. The NCC gave her a prospect to explore her adventure-loving side. It was then that she decided to complete Engineering and take up an Engineer’s post in the Indian Army. Ajeeta is also a very innovative person. LPF has channelized all her qualities in the right direction and made her into a well-groomed individual. It has given her the exposure to showcase her talent. Ajeeta is now fulflling her parent’s wishes to get a good professional degree while also following her dream of getting a place in the Army by working hard in her academics as well as on her personality. She quotes“Joining LPF has been a very good decision of mine as it has not only taken care of my education but also helped me to become a confdent person who can live independently and overcome all my inner fears." NOTE : Post writing this story Ajeeta completed B.E. in Information Technology from Cummins College of Engineering. She has done her project on EL Designer and now working with GE Healthcare Bangalore as a Software Engineer EEDP. Have a goal in life Take the challenges of your life. Then you will reach out to your goals. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Our young achievers are stepping towards achievements.

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23 Young Achievers S iddhi Nalam LG-2013 is pursuing her Engineering in the feld of Computers from Sinhagad Academy of Engineering. Recently she had appeared for National Talent Acquisition Test NTAT conducted by Switch Idea and secured frst rank among 6000 students from all over India. National Talent Acquisition Test is Indias frst and one of its only kinds to bridge the gap between the top employers and most deserving candidates. This is the platform which will enable youth of India to channelize their energy towards building their dream careers. NTAT is a proprietary test conducted by Switch Idea which makes hiring interns easy and painless for hiring managers. NTAT tests a student’s understanding of Logic communication Maths Grammar and workplace related Scenarios in order to understand their aptitude and employability. The NTAT scores are then integrated into the student’s Switch Idea profle. Companies which use Switch Idea to hire interns can get access to our database of tested and verifed students easily. Since we verify each student manually when they give the NTAT companies can be assured of their identities college associations and the degrees that they are pursuing.1500+ companies use Switch Idea Database for their Hiring Needs. TCS Wipro Intel HP Oracle Dell Cognizant are some of well know multinational companies. Some medium scale and startup companies also use Switch Idea database. After BE she wishes to work for well-known company such as Persistent Cognizant or Microsoft. But her ultimate aim is to start her own MNC. In her school days she was playing volleyball football baseball throw ball and tug-off war and was captain of the team. She also appeared for competitive examinations like Cyber Olympiads Science Olympiads Mathematics Olympiads during school days. If you are determined to achieve something no matter what hardships you face focus all your energy to that goal and your success is certain. Surekha Gosavi Dambalkar after marriage is an example of determined and ambitious personality. S urekha LF-2009 works as a Technical Assistant Research in National Institute of Virology NIV Pune. She standardizes the diagnostic assays for viral infection. She has completed Masters in Virology. A truly talented girl has also cleared National Eligibility Test NET for lectureship conducted by CSIR. Although her family always believed and supported her though there were big challenges at workplace that Surekha faced to reach to the desired position. She had to do series of intensive experiments for almost 3-4 months just to reduce the non-specifcity of the assay deadline for standardization and evaluation of assay being 6 months. But as its said the continuous efforts and dedication will always yield great results Surekha has been successful in Standardizing ELISA assay a kind of diagnostic test for detection of IgG antibodies against Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever CCHF virus in cattle and sheep. CCHF virus is highly infectious agent with high mortality rate and without any treatment or vaccine. Standardization of ELISA was a part of a large multi-centric study to survey the circulation of virus in cattle and sheep across India. Surekha and her team’s paper for this study is under the review in International Journal “Emerging Infectious Diseases”. A hard-working and honest Surekha is always ready to learn new things and face challenges. Although shy by nature Surekha can get along with team- mates and work enthusiastically to get results. There was a time when she had to stop education with completion of graduation due to lack of fnancial support. Suekha says “If this would have happened I would have not been where I am today. But then foundation came to my rescue.” She expresses deep gratitude to our Lila Poonawalla Foundation. She dedicated her achievements to her parents and our foundation –especially Mom and Dad. Surekha believes and trusts in the Spiritual power also called God. She believes - when one door is closed for us this power always opens ten new doors. We only need to fnd the road that leads to them. - Compiled by Priyanka Eratkar LF- 2010 and PA-2012 and from the offce database

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Chief Editor : Dr Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Prachi Divekar Rashmi Tare Sunetra Biradar Umema Bohri Coordinator : Rita Shetiya | Crusaders : Gyatri Kshirsagar Priyanka Eratkar Offce support: Sangeeta Joshi and Kalyani Nanajkar All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Hi all I am glad to present this issue with few changes which you will defnitely enjoy. The last quarter was full of programs visits and fun at LPF end. The emphasis is given at these fronts. I thank all readers for supporting Inspira time to time which we can know from your Feelings expressed in your emails. Though little late but would like to wish all women readers a very happy International Women’s Day. The work related to the foundation might not get completed without support from offce staff. Mom and Dad and of course trustees play the role but the girls from offce are to play the role. They have expressed their feelings for the frst time in Manogat. As a part of my personal visit I could meet girls from our Amaravati offce. Its too good… offce and the girls. I spent an hour and so and enjoyed discussions with them. They gave the glimpse of the kind of work and I realized once again its not easy to receive the scholarship even at other places. I would like to admit one typographic mistake in an article from last issue in the column Health Capsule on Hypertension. The word serum creatinine has come as serum keratinize. My sincere apology By the time you will receive next issue the foundation will enter in its 20 th year. The year will be full of fun and many things and the forthcoming issues will be more enjoyable. Let us meet next soon - Dr. Harshada Babrekar Editor-in-chief Editor’s Desk Visit to Amaravati offce Inspira Vol 42 Release Children appearing for the test which is part of the selection Interview of the child and her parents in progress Snippets Starting the selection for 20th Year Scholarships with School children

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