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Lila Poonawalla Foundation School Project Progress Report From Year 2011 to 2014

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Overview of School Project In 2011, the Foundation took a very big step forward and started with school scholarships. Till now Foundation supported total 551 girls from 11 schools. These girls are selected from 7 th standard and the Foundation will support these selected girls right through their graduation. Every year, minimum 120 to 150 new girls will be added. We have started to with 5 schools in 2011, Now we are supporting 14 schools. These girls are not only supported economically for their fees, uniforms, shoes, books etc, but are also  given extra coaching, counseling, as well as the teachers of this class are given special training with the objective of building excellent teaching capacity. The parents of these children, especially the mother, have been given education in health and hygiene as well as overall awareness of their rights, and the importance of girl child education.

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Statistics - Lila Juniors (School Girls) Our focus is on Primary Education Support for deserving candidates

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Organized Activities & Events for all LJ’s Activities : Monitoring of Academic progress of all Lila Juniors Ensuring support from corporate for volunteering extra teaching classes. Conducted 3 months Computer Training The visit at Sadhu Waswani Mission Pottery Session Science Exploratory Program Motivation & Guidance Program Every year sending a birthday gift to all LJ’s Health Programs : Hemoglobin check up and Sex education Eye Check up Camp Events : LPF Annual program Parents Day Inauguration the School training hall for schools in the villages in Kamshet. Special Support: Repair work & Contraction of Toilet Blocks at Rural areas Donated the bicycles to Kamshet School Lila Juniors

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Lila Poonawalla Foundation School Project Progress Report Jan 2015 – April 2015

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New Activities & Events organized for Lila Juniors Period - January 2015 – April 2015 Pottery Workshop for LJ’s of Kamshet Schools Resealed 2 nd Issue of School Communiqué Preliminary exams organized for 1st Batch (10 th std LJ’s) for subjects Maths, Science & English. Development & study skill workshop for all counselors Visit To Katraj Rescue Centre & Snake park for 4 th batch Good Luck for Board Exam to 1 st batch LJ’s Career Guidance program for 1 st Batch Field Visit at Govardhan Dairy for 1 st Batch Computer Training Program for 1 st Batch Continued Holiday Exercise in Maths, Science and English to 2nd Batch Drawing & Mehandi Competition for all Batches Sent 11 LJ’s to Shantiniketan’s MSPD Camp Inauguration of Computer Room at Zilla Parishad School, Karanjgaon Inauguration of Toilet Block at Zilla Parishad School, Kambre Sr.KG, 1 st std Furniture donated to rural schools

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Pottery Workshop All girls had made the different kind of items from clay. It is a great way to extend the attention span of children. The purpose of behind such a workshop with village girls is to encourage the girls for more experimentation. Such self-initiated activity can be the perfect match for the developmental needs of girls. The clays arts are instinctively motivated to explore its inviting soft and approachable sensory qualities also children’s imaginations are stimulated through the use of clay. They stretch their minds to develop new ideas for things to make and new ways in which to use the clay and tools.   But most importantly working with clay is fun!!! Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) has organized the Pottery workshop for Karanjgaon, Kambre & Govitri Lila Juniors. The workshop was held on 11th January, 2015. Total 35 LJ’s has participated in this workshop. The workshop was conducted trainer.

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Resealed 2nd issue of School Communiqué As LPF has organized the 3 months computer training for 8th std LJ’s. the training was conducted by Barclays Volunteers, after completion of the program these volunteers had organized a small convocation program for Lila Juniors. On this occasion Heads from Barclays had came & We resealed 2nd issue of School Communiqué at the hands of these heads.

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Preliminary Exams for 1st batch (10th std LJ’s) Practice paper are really a pure help and the key to success at this point of time students can revise their studies by practicing the question papers check their study and accuracy. However We had conducted preliminary exams for the students who were studying class 10 th . The exam were taken for Maths & Science subject. Also we had checked the question papers & given the Marks & remarks to girls.

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Development of study skill workshop for all Counselors by Senior Counselor. Conducted development of study skill workshop for all counselors. The content of the workshop was Goal Setting, Planning &Time management, Reading & Learning, Note making, Memory techniques. The purpose behind this was to improve counselors skills.

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Visit to Katraj Rescue Centre & Snake Park with 4 th Batch LJ’s (7 th std) Conducted Visit to Katraj Rescue centre for 7 th std. LJ’s with their Teachers. Total 133 Lila Juniors had got an opportunity to visit this place. The objective of the visit was Fun cum Educational trip for girls. These junior’s got the chance to understand the importance of rescue centers of animals. They also understood how this centre works, how they take care of animals. They learnt many more things like how animals survive what they eat. Girls saw various types of birds & animals. Rescue Centre had given a presentation on animal’s life; through presentation LJ’s learnt how doctor treats animals. Lila Junior’s enjoyed this Fun cum education visit a lo t.

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Good luck for Board Exam to 1 st Batch LJ’s (10 th std) 1 st batch have given 10th std. SSC Board examination. Dad had visited to all schools & given best wishes to all LJ’s for their Board Exams. Dad has also given all the LJ’s a pen blessed by Mom & Dad.

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Career Guidance program for 1 st Batch Career guidance was planned for Lila Juniors including whole class, in the month of April , by Corporate Volunteers. In this workshop they discussed about different types of careers in Arts, Commerce and in Science and what type of scholarships are available and how to apply for the same. Also the volunteers had taken the 1hour session with their parents.

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Field Visit at Govardhan Dairy for 1 st Batch Lila Poonawalla Foundation has arranged a visit to Govardhan dairy & Farm at Manchar. Gowardhan manufactures dairy products like a variety of Cheeses, yogurt ice creams etc. These products are not just 100% natural made only from Cow’s milk, but also lighter and rich in calcium. The milk is procured from their own cow farm which is the largest in Asia. LJ’s had an opportunity to visit this farm and see how the cows are milked automatically with machines also they seen the use of latest European technology in their manufacturing units. Total 47 LJ’s visited the Dairy & farm. this is the Fun cum educational trip for LJ’s of 1 st Batch after their Board exams.

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Computer Training Program for 1 st Batch It is very important that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computers have become as common as the pencil and paper. However LPF had organized computer training program for 1 st Batch LJ’s. The content of the training was Ms Office (Word, PowerPoint & Excel) , Emails & web Browsing & Usage of computer from career perspective. This training will help all these girls as these girls are moving for college education.

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Drawing & Mehandi Competition for all Batches Feedback of LJs- LJs enjoyed the drawing and Mehendi activities in the natural environment of Sarasbag. Many of the LJ’s visited the Sarasbag for the first time so they felt more motivated to take part in the completion. All LJ’s felt special having competition organized specially for them in the Pune’s one of the biggest and popular public park. LJs could express themselves better and enjoyed the art activities more than the result or winning the competition. LJ’s liked the organization of the competition of so many girls all together. This was the best activity they had ever . Purpose of the Drawing Competition- To give Ljs exposure of the natural environment and give the opportunity to express through arts. To explore and appreciate the talent among LJs.

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Sangali Camp There is one camp in sangali for Girls & boys for age group 10 to 20 years. The objective of the camp is to develop "Fully Confident Indian Citizen”. The duration of the camp is 21 days. The activities of the camp will focus on developing emotionally strong, physically fit, culturally aware youth, with charming personality. As we oberserves that there are some LJs, who are weak in academics and they have lack of confidence due to poor family condition, family problems & extreme poverty. However LPF is planning to give opportunity to these girls to attend Sangali camp.

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Inauguration of Computer Lab LPF has built a beautiful well Furnished lab facility with 12 computers at Zilla Parishad School, Karanjgaon This was inaugurated by Mr. Firoz poonawalla Founder Trustee of Lila Poonawalla Foundation on 25 th March, 2015 in the presence of all students, Sarpanch Principal' teachers, Grampanchayat members & Villagers. The principal behind providing computer lab is technology and innovation is an important element in grade school curriculum since it helps create a learning environment in which students are more confident and productive as they engage in projects that empower them to take ownership of their education.

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Inauguration of Sanitation faculties LPF has built a New Toilet block for Boys & Girls. This was inaugurated on 25 th March, 2015 by the hands of Mr. Firoz Poonawalla founder trustee of Lila Poonawalla Foundation in the presence of all students, parents Sarpanch Principal, teachers, Grampanchayat members & Villagers. The programme of construction of toilets in rural areas is linked to making people aware of sanitation standards Schools sanitation is an important component of the programme as it is through principals, teachers and students that the message of clean toilets reach the villages. Teachers and students are also taught how to keep the toilets clean.

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Selection Process & Criteria remain same LPF has added 3 more schools this year from Rural area Schools names are Zilla Parishad School, Chandoli, Zilla Parishad School, Thorandale & Shri Ram Vidyalaya, Pimpalgaon. Panel of School Committee members interviewed the girls and their parents 304 girls were interviewed from 14 schools 215 girls selected from 14 schools Selection Process of Batch 5 th

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Interviews Report –Batch 2015 Sr.No Name of the schools Interviewed Selected 1 Anjuman I. Islam Peer Mohammed Urdu Med. School 40 25 2 Anjuman I. Islam Ahmed Peer Mohammed Eng Med. School 21 16 3 Camp Education Society Kanya Shala 29 21 4 C.E.S's Utkarsha English Medium School 33 21 5 C.E.S's Chaitanya English Medium School 16 10 6 St.Clare's Convent School 42 27 7 Dr.Lt.Kalmadi Shamrao Kannada Med. High School 12 11 8 Zilla Parishad School, Gawadewadi 16 12 9 Zilla Parishad School, Kambre 17 9 10 Zilla Parishad School, Karanjgaon 8 6 11 Zilla Parishad School, Govitri 7 8 12 Zilla Parishad School,Chandoli 14 14 13 Zilla Parishad School, Thorandale 17 17 14 Sri Ram Vidyalaya, Pimpalgaon 32 18 Total - 304 215

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Interviews Photos – Batch 2015

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Future Plans for all 4 batches Exploratory program for 3 rd Batch Award Function for 5 Batch Yearly Cultural event organized by all Batches Felicitation of 1 st Batch LJ’s who will get high percentage in Board exam Appointments of New Counselors New structure for counselors responsibility. Planning to arrange following programs in collaboration with corporate volunteers: English communications skills - Reading skills - Marathi/Hindi/English - Maths skills - Financial Literacy -Bank-Saving-Budget - study techniques - Computer education - Sessions for 10th standard - Sessions on low scoring subject Computer Training organized by Orchid School for Rural schools

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