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Vol. No. 2 January 2015 The Foundation’s School Communiqué 2morrow 2 gether ‘Â`m gd© à` ‘wbrZmo O go Vwåhr gd© EoHV AmhmV H Amnë`m maVmMo n§VàYmZ ñdÀN maVmÔb gVV mobV AgVmV åhUyZ Amnë`m gdmªMr h OdmXmar ZVo H AmnU Amnbr emim AmU eha ñdÀN d ZrQZoQHm Rodm`bm nmhOo. Amnë`mbm HmiOr ¿`m`bm nmhOo Hs Amnbm embo` JUdoe eyO Amnbo X²ßËVa ñdÀN d ZrQZoQHm Rodm`bm nmhOo. Vwåhr HmiOr ¿`m H Vw‘Mo Ka AmU KamÀ`m mOyMm gd© naga ñdÀN Agbm nmhOo. ñdV…Mr ñdÀNVm amIUo ho Iyn ‘hËdmMo AgVo. earamÀ`m mhoarb AmU AmVrb ñdÀNVm AVe` ‘hÎdmMr AgVo åhUyZM Zoh‘r ñdÀN ‘Z AgUo ho Vwåhmbm maVmMo Mm§Jbo ZmJaH Zm`bm ‘XV HaV AgVmo. Ooìhm Vwåhmbm ñdÀN AmU Amamo½`Xm`r eara Mm§Jbo ejU AmU Iyn ‘mhVr ‘iob VoìhmM Vwåhr `m OJmV Mm§Jbo ñdV…Mo ì`ºs‘Îm KSy eHVm. AmU `mVyZM Vw‘À`m Am`wî`mMr JwUdÎmm dmTob. AmU ‘r Anojm HaVmo H Vwåhr gd© brbm OwZAg© Zo `m ñdÀN maV A`mZmV ‘moRçm g§»`oZo mJ ¿`mb. Vwåhr gdmªZr ho bjV ¿`m Hs ñdÀNVm åhUOo Xwgam XodM Amho ho dm³¶ Amnbo amï´nVm Jm§YrOr§Zr åhQbo Amho. ‘r Vwåhm§ gdmªer ‘mJÀ`m ‘mÂ`m boImV åhUmbmo hmoVmo H Amåhm§bm Vw‘À`m OrdZmMr JwUdÎmm dmTdm`Mr Amho. ‘J Mbm AmnU gd© EHÌ `oCZ ho gÎ`mV CVê`m. `mgmRr Amåhr Vw‘À`m emioVrb ì`dñWmnZ g‘Vr er `m df`r mobV AmhmoV. Oa Amnë`mbm maV amï´ gdmƒ amï´ Zdm`Mo Agob Va Vwåhmbm Vw‘Mo e¡jUH AmU Amamop½`H OrdZmMo ‘hÎd dmTdbo nmhOo. HmaU Vw‘Mr nTr hr gd© AmìhmZmË‘H Hm‘ HêZ Amnë`m gdm©Zm nwTo KoDZ Amho. ZdrZ maV VoìhmM Zob Ooìhm ejUmMm AmU JmdmHSrb àJVr hmoB©b. maVmV Odi Odi 60 VéU bmoH AmhoV Oa Ë`m§Zm Mm§Jbo ejU ‘imbo Va Vo maVmMo dî` KSdy eHVmV. ho OmUyZ ¿`m H Aem AZoH ‘wbr AmhoV Á`m§Zm emimHm°boO ‘Ü`o Om`bm ‘iV Zmhr. Vwåhr gd© ‘wbr HVr m½`dmZ AmhmV H My Very dear Daughters T he Prime Minister of India is continuously talking of “Clean India”. This puts on us tremendous responsibility to keep our schools clean tidy. We have to see that our uniforms our shoes books bags toilets are clean. Self cleanliness good hygiene is important. A clean mind will lead to you growing up into very good citizen. External internal cleanliness of our body is a must. Once you have a clean healthy body the education the knowledge you absorb will be of tremendously high value. From this will come the improvement in quality of your life. Your surroundings houses and roads should also be clean. All Lila juniors should get involved in this task of cleanliness and ultimately it will lead to “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN”. Cleanliness is next to Godliness is the words of the father of the nation. I had talked to you in the last issues that we want to improve your quality of life. Let us together make it happen. We will be taking the suggestion from school managements. If India has to become one of the frontline nations then your education and health is of prime importance. You are the next generation of the challenging task that lies ahead of us. New India can only happen if the education and the rural area progresses. 60 of India is of young people and if they get great education then the future is assured. It will be an understatement to say that how lucky you are. Millions o f girls do not go through schools college education. You are given by Gods grace not only a chance to study in schools but you are Lila Juniors. This assures you that Sharing Happiness...

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2 Vwåhmbm emioV eHm`bm ‘iV Amho.AmU VodTo Zmhr Va Vwåhr brbm OwZAg© AmhmV. AmU ho Z¸s Amho H Vwåhmbm ’m¢SoeZ HSyZ Am`wî`a ‘XVrMm hmV ‘iob. ’º EHM AQ Agob H Vwåhr dÚW©Zr AgyZ Vw‘Mo nhbo HV©ì` åhUOo Aä`mg. AmU hrM Vr doi Amho Ooìhm Vwåhr gd© ‘wbrZr Iyn Aä`mg Hê eHVm. ‘wbm§Zm IoiÊ`mMm AYHma Amho ho ‘r AmU ‘m°‘ dgabmo Zmhr`oV. åhUyZM Amåhm§bm Ooìhm Ooìhm O‘ob Voìhm Vw‘À`mgmRr Amåhr ‘¡XmZr IoiUr bmDZ XoD. HmaU ’º ZwgVM Aä`mg Ham`M§ AmU Ioim`M§ Zmhr ho ‘wbtZm Hm`©aV Zmhr HaV. ñdV: Iyn AmZ§Xr d ‘Om HaV amhm. HmaU emioMo Xdg ho Amnë`m Am`wî`mVrb gdmÎm‘ jU AgVmV. Oo Hmhr Vwåhr `m Xdgm§V eHUma AmhV Hdm eHV AmhmV ho nyU© Am`wî`a Vw‘À`m gmoV amhUma Amho. ‘r BÀNm HaVmo H `m dfm© Mr h eodQ gdm©Zm gwIXm`r Omdmo AmU 2014 bm Zamon XoVmo. gd© ‘moRçmMm AmXa Ham`bm eHm AmU gdm©Zm ào‘ Úm. `m g‘mOmV H«ya AmU qhgmMmam bm OmJm Zmhr`o. Oo Hmhr WmoSo Amnë`mHSo Amho Vo Xwg`m©bm Úm`bm eHm. Vw‘Mm S°S you will get a helping hand throughout your life. The only condition is that you are now a student and therefore your prime duty is to study. This is the time when you should study well. Mom I have not forgotten that it is also the childs right to play. Wherever possible the foundation will put up playing equipments in the space available. Since all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. Enjoy yourself. The school days are the best period of your life. Whatever you learn now will remain throughout your life. I wish you all a great year ending and giving farewell to the year 2014. Let us look forward to the New Year with the confdence. Learn to respect one and all with love affection. There is no place in the society for violence anger. Be kind learn to share whatever little we have. Yours with love Firoz Dad How LPF was able to transform life of my Daughter Sharing Happiness... I am a middle class woman. My daughter Zeba Khan studies in St.Clare’s School. As each mother dreams big good for her daughter even I do the same. I am a teacher I have to do all house work my duties towards my children have also to be done then my job. It was little diffcult for me to fulfll my personal and household duties pay School Fees. Mrs. Lila Poonawalla came as an angel and my daughter 17 girls were chosen for the scholarship which will be given by her. She is the one who is helping me fulfll my daughters dream regarding her studies her future plans. Since last three years Mrs. Lila Poonawalla held many program for these girls. She had held a Science exploratory session in the summer vacations. First my daughter never went anywhere alone but after these classes she started going by bus alone. I am happy now she has the confdence of travelling alone by bus. LPF have also arranged for extra coaching classes until 10th Std. They have many more classes they have classes for all subjects for tenth std. They have made the eighteen girls as a group their parents are also as family members now. They all call each other in different functions are happy. I thank Mrs Lila Poonawalla for all she has doen for my daughter all the other girls. And I will always be thankful to her. Thank you Now I feel my daughter can fy as high as she wants with the help of Mrs. Lila Poonawalla. - Article from Mother Mother’s name - Ms. Rukhsana Khan LJ’s name LJ Batch 2011 - Zeba Khan

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3 W e are situated nearly 70 Km from Pune its beautiful village surrounded by lots of greenery and mountains. I am Shruti Kharade. I live in Karanjgaon village. I just wanted to share my village life with you all my Lila juniors. I have been selected for Lila Poonawalla Foundation Scholarship for the year 2014. Village life is very hard. The villagers are extremely poor. Every day the villagers have to fnd new ways of earning money which puts them to great hardship. In spite of their hard work they are not able to earn enough money to provide for their families still whatever they earn is very important for them. Always one question comes in my mind that in village there are no good hospital facilities. Also there are no stationary shops which have lots of different books study material like dictionary etc. If we need anything we have to go to Kamshet or Pune. Why these facilities can not improve in our village I always try to search answers for these but I am not getting the answer . Also the villagers are illiterate. Most of the girls boys study till 8th STD or 10th STD. I don’t know how my village will develop. Some girls boys do not go to the school. They are just roaming around with the cows buffalos. Some students stay very far from the school they have to walk so they don’t come to school. In this condition also some students who stay very far come to school because they love school. In villages if all children will study well then only they can develop their village. The road condition in villages are very bad no facilities of toilets no suitable houses. Water is also big issue in village. The village women get the drinking water from well. Another important issue is Electricity. There is 8 to 10 hrs load shading. Some people work in company but most people do farming. Whatever they grow in farm they sell. A farmer has not got enough money to provide for themselves with even two square meals a day. That’s why village development is a must. Such is the life in my village. In spite of these various drawbacks its better life than city. Because in city there is lots of pollution but in village there is no pollution. That’s why we can enjoy the sweet breeze of the greenery of felds around. We can see lots of birds we can listen sweet songs of birds. “Where knowledge there is is respect where ignorance there is Insult” - Miss Shruti P Kharade LJ – Batch 2014 Zilla Parishad School Karanjgaon. Village Life: Our life in Karanjgaon Village Kamshet “Zilla Parishad School Karanjgoan Rural LJ’s expressed their life through these drawings.

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4 4th School Award Function S cholarships awarded to the 4th batch 2014 of selected girls from 10 schools. The Function was held on 28th June 2014. Scholarships were handed over to all Lila Juniors by Chief Guest Mrs. Chanchala Kondre Honorable Mayor of Pune. This year total 168 girls received the award. Anjuman I. Islam Ahmed Peer Mohamed English Med. School Anjuman I. Islam Peer Mohammed Urdu Medium High School St.Clares Convent School Zilla Parishad School Govitri

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5 4th School Award Function C.E.Ss Utkarsha English Med. School Camp Education Society Girls Marathi Medium High School Zilla Parishad SchoolKaranjgoan C.E.Ss Chaitanya English Medium School

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6 ‘r éIgmZm ImZ ‘mPr ‘wbJr Pom ImZ g|Q ŠboAa emioV eHV Amho Vbm 2011 ‘Ü`o 7 drV AgVmZm brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Mr eî`d¥Îmr ‘imbr. ‘r EH ‘Ü`‘dJu` ór Amho. Ogo EHm AmB©Mr ñdßZ VÀ`m ‘wbm§gmRr Iyn ‘moRr AmU Mm§Jbr AgVmV VerM ‘mPr AmhoV. ‘r EH ejH Amho. ‘bm KamVrb gd© Hm‘ Hamdr bmJVmV AmU ‘mPr ‘mÂ`m ‘wbm§gmRrMr HV©ì` ‘bm nyU© Hamdr bmJVmV ho gd© HêZ ‘bm ‘mPr ZmoHar Hamdr bmJVo. ‘mÂ`m gmRr Ka IM© AmU ‘wbm§Mr ’s aUo ho Iyn AdKS Amho. gm¡ brbm nyZmdmbm EImÚm Xodmgma»`m Amë`m AmU ‘mÂ`m ‘wbrbm AmU VÀ`m dJm©Vrb 17 ‘wbrZm eî`d¥Îmr gmRr ZdSbo. brbm nyZmdmbm øm EH‘od ì`ºs Amho Á`m§À`m ‘XVr‘yio ‘r ‘mÂ`m ‘wbr À`m ejUmMr AmU VÀ`m C‚db dî`mMr ñdßZ nyU© Hê eHVo. Jobo VrZ df© brbm ‘°‘Zo `m gd© brbm OwZAg© gmRr AZoH àmoJ«m‘ Am`moOV Hobo AmhoV. Zilla Parishad School Gawadewadi Zilla Parishad School Kambre 4th School Award Function Hgo nadV©bo ‘mÂ`m ‘wbrMo Am`wî` brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ‘wio Ë`m§Zr gd© brbm OwZAg© gmRr CÝhmir gwÅrV gm`|g àmoJ«m‘ AaoO Hobm hmoVm. ‘mPr ‘wbJr HwRohr EHQr Jobr ZìhVr nU `m gm`|g àmoJ«m‘ ‘Ü`o Vr g Zo EHQr Jobr hmoVr. Amåhm§bm Iyn AmZ§X Pmbm Amho H Vr AmVm EHQr AmË‘dœmgmZo g Zo àdmg Hê eHVo. EdToM Zmhr Va Ë`m§Zr ‘wbrZm B§p½be JUV AmU gm`|g gmRr EŠñQ´m Šbmñgog Mr gmo` HêZ Xbr. ’m¢SoeZ ‘wio `m ZdSoboë`m gd© 18 ‘wbtMm Mm§Jbm JQ Zbm Amho. ’º ‘wbtMmM Ýhdo Va Ë`m§À`m nmbHm§Mm gwÕm Mm§Jbm J«wn Zbm Amho. Amåhr gd© nmbH EH‘oHm§Zm Am‘À`m Hm`©H«‘mZm mobmdVmo AmU Iyn AmZ§XmZo ‘Om HaVmo. ‘r ‘ZmnmgyZ brbm nyZmdmbm ‘°‘ Mo Amma ‘mZVo H Ë`m§Zr ‘mÂ`m AmU BVa gd© ‘wbtMr ñdßZo nyU© HaÊ`mg hmVma bmdbm. Am`wî`a ‘r Ë`m§Mr Ammar amhrZ. AmVm Amåhmbm brbm ‘‘ ‘yio Ag dmQV AgV H Amnbr ‘wbJr nú`mà‘mUo OVH C§M CSVm `oB©b VVHs CSmdr YÝ`dmX EHm AmB©Mo ‘ZmoJV brbm OwZAa À`m AmB©Mo Zmd : gm¡. éIgmZm ImZ brbm OwZAa 2011 : Pom ImZ

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7 Computer Training by Barclays Technology Centre of India T he content of this training are introduction to Computer Windows Elements of Word Processing and Web Browsers how to use Internet. This is three months training program of theory practical sessions. Theory sessions take place in school premises practical session in LPF’s Teaching Curve Computer Lab. As of now we have started with only one school i.e. Anjuman I. Islam Urdu School. After completing this three months they are going conduct the same program for other schools other standard. All Lila Juniors of Anjuman School have liked the computer training. These LJ’s have found all the sessions very helpful. Ms. Tarana Shamsulehaque Shaikh from Anjumna School sharing her experience as follows: “This course is to learn about the internet. I want to use the internet to chat with my friend read latest news. Listen to music research topics that I like and many more things. I want to use computers accordingly for drawing graphs making greeting cards and many more things. I want to learn about internet and e-mail. I want to learn to format page margins justify the paragraph font type use of bullets italic and underlining command and use of left center right alignment. Provide with the opportunity to practice using power point and discuss about the basics of a good presentation. I want to build a learning community and many more commands and icons to learn more about the software. Use of computer processing of data as required by the use of different keys on a keyboard. We also learnt the difference between hardware and software Arithmetic logic unit. Whole sessions were very good .Sir explained very well. I understand very easily.” LJ’s learnt lots of things like information about software hardware uses of computer how to save delete fles make power point presentation how to use paint in computer difference between ROM RAM how to use short cut keys. Most important thing which LJ’s learnt developed is Computer language Binary Language. Lila Poonawalla Foundation has organized computer training for 8 th Std. girls. This is a 3 months course. As of now we have started with only one school i.e. Anjuman I. Islam Urdu School. After completing these three months Barclays will conduct the same program for other schools other standard.

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8 K atraj Milk Dairy Sakal Newspaper Printing Press visit was sponsored by Barclays Technology Centre of India for our 9 th std. Lila Juniors. Total 83 Lila Juniors had got an opportunity to visit these places. The objective of the visit was to understand the functioning of Katraj dairy Newspaper printing press. These junior’s got the chance to understand the process of packing labeling of the milk pouches pasteuri z i ng process. They also understood how the byproducts are made by milk like Curd Ghee Ice cream cream etc. they learnt how the technology has evolved. Lila juniors visited at Katraj Milk Dairy Sakal Newspaper Printing Press The girls had an opportunity to Visit Sakal News paper printing press. Girls were very eager to know the process of printing news paper which is read every day by millions of people. When they visited the press they saw which paper Sakal is using for printing the newspaper learnt how the actual print takes place on the paper after the printing how they packed the bundles of newspaper for selling. The main thing which juniors had learnt is how the workers in the press do hard work to complete their work effciently without wasting time amount of hard work energy required for printing a single newspaper. 9th Std Lila Juniors with volunteers of Barclays Technology Centre of India at Sakal News Paper Printing Press Katraj Milk diary

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9 A nnual Parents Day is a cultural event of our Foundation. Mrs. Vinita Deshmukh senior journalist was the chief guest for this function and Mr. Per Heggenes was the guest of Honor. Such an event gives platform to the girls to showcase their talent. Girls from all schools participated and presented their talent. In this program Lila Fellows and Lila Girls also participated and performed. On this occasion we had invited parents of Lila Juniors. Some of the parents shared their experience with the foundation. Mr. Anand Waghchaure parent of Lila Juniors Ankita Waghchaure 9th std. has shared his experience he said “Lila Poonawalla Foundation not only gives support to our girls but also provides School bag Raincoat Shoes Socks School Fees and also arranges the Health Program Cultural program science programs training program. Besides all Annual Parent’s day these help LPF provides continuous counseling to the girls their parents. Lila mom treats our children as her own children she have affection for our children she is always there as a strong support for our children. Her support encourages our girls to become successful in their life. LPF has supported many unfortunate girls to make their dreams come true. Lila Poonawalla Foundation is making life better for our girls. Now a day we can see that lots of women are working in good positions. As you all know that Savitribai Phule was the frst female teacher of India. Her husband Jyotiba Phule encouraged Sativitribai to get properly educated. With the help of Jyotiba Phule she started the frst school for girls in Pune. As parent here I am promising Lila Mom that whatever support you are giving our children I will never forget in my life in future our children will try to support the foundation.”

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10 Contribution by Barclays Technology Centre - India Mr. Suhas Kirloskar from Barclays Technology Centre of India and his team are involved in educational work of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. These enthusiastic and self motivated volunteers are giving a lot of valuable academic inputs to the 8th 9th and 10th standard Lila Juniors school going scholarship holders of Lila Poonawalla Foundation under their school Project ‘2morrow2gether of Anjuman Islam School Anjuman English Medium School Utkarsha Volunteers from Barclays Technology Centre of India conducted the academic sessions for 10th Lila Juniors English Medium School Camp Education School Dr. Kalmadi Kannada Medium School and St. Clare’s School from Pune city and Hirakani Vidyalaya from Gawadewadi School since May 2014. This team is working under the leadership and the expert guidance of Mr. Suhas Kirloskar. Mr. Suhas is being actively involved since May 2014 in the planning implementation and follow up of these academic sessions where these young girls are being helped to plan and implement their systematic studies of all subjects to appear for SSC exams in March 2015. Annual Parent’s day

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11 V olunteers from Barclays Technology Centre of India are spending two hours on most of the Saturdays and Sundays with these Lila Juniors LJs in their school and help them in academics. Lila juniors are been taught Study and Practice techniques for creative writing for Marathi English language Mathematics and social Sciences. Before this current academic year it was observed and identifed that LJs were lacking academic interest and skills in these subjects. Mr. Kirloskar and his team volunteered to associate with LPF to help these Lila Juniors in their 10th Standard. These sessions were planned with studied approach wherein lot of Sessions were conducted on Communication skills in languages English- Marathi Financial Literacy Numeric skills Computer skills Social Science guidance for Board examination. Because of these methods all the LJ’s got involved in the sessions and learnt/ practiced different study skills with fun. Still LJ’s need many inputs but process has started very effectively. Presently Volunteers from Barclays Technology Centre of India are conducting the sessions on History geography economics and Political Science. These sessions are planned to help LJ’s to develop interest in these basic but important social sciences so that they can score maximum marks in SSC exams. LJ’s have started reading and studying these subjects thoroughly not only for the marks but also understanding these subjects in depth. Overall attempt of these workshops was to create interest in diffcult subjects and to make learning experience more interesting. Mr. Kirloskar even worked actively for 8th and 9th std. together. He took 4 sessions in each above school of Pune city for 2 hrs each on basic reading and writing Language skills and even focus on Mathematics. Lot of Contribution by Barclays Technology Centre - India activities were given to LJ’s. The sessions were interactive. His team had proactively participating in the sessions. The special session with Kalmadi School LJ’s on phonetics was very helpful. Special two days session for Gawadewadi 9th Std. LJ’s was conducted during vacation. This was a remarkable session to understand the LJ’s needs and importance of delivering the session on Language skills. His plan has not limited to particular topics but his future plans are visiting Gawadewadi and conduct special session for 9th and 10th Std. LJ’s. More than 50 workshops were conducted for girls from 7 schools studying in 8th 9th 10th standard. More than 200 girls benefted from all of these workshops. All these sessions and academic inputs have initiated real learning and thinking process among most of the LJ’s. Earlier LJ’s used to concentrate on just temporary rote learning and feel bored while studying but now they are more interested and focused on understanding all the subjects they study. This process is slow but defnitely long lasting. All these efforts will defnitely help LJ’s to score better marks in SSC exams and also will help to achieve their goal of completing higher studies successfully. This was not possible without the selfess service from Mr. Suhas Kirloskar and his team members from Barclays Technology Centre of India. We appreciate these types of sincere efforts and hard work from volunteers of corporate sector. This association of Lila Poonawalla Foundation an educational trust and Barclays Technology Centre of India has proven that coming together is Beginning Being Together is Progress and Working Together is Success. Sessions on How to Plan for Board examination creative writing like English-Essay-Letter-Precise writing speaking.

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12 C ounseling is the most important part in 2morrow2gether project of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. The main aim of this counseling program is Women Empowerment for e.g. to motivate the Lila Juniors LJ to study to reduce their emotional and behavioral problems if any to observe and understand their family environment so that they can focus on their study. Sometimes the Counselor’s take the group sessions and sometimes the individual sessions. While taking the group or individual sessions for counseling purpose I realized that sometimes they fnd it diffcult to understand things which I wanted to explain or teach to the LJs are too diffcult for them to absorb or learn at this age. So I thought over that and feel that the same principles if I could explain with the help of some interesting activities games or day-to-day life examples it will be easy for them LJs. And I started some creative activities for the same purpose which is explained below: 1 To explain the importance of thinking process I usually give the example of a ‘Tree’. The leaves of the tree are like our behavior tree trunks are like our feelings and roots of the tree are like our thoughts. If we want to grow like the tree we should nourish the roots. Just like that if we want to change our behavior we have to work on or modify our thoughts frst. For example if we want to control our fear of appearing for an examination then we should modify our thoughts which leads to that fear. In other words we should fnd the reasons behind our fear and modify it. In this case our facial expressions failure in writing examination papers are like leaves of the tree our fear is like tree trunk and the reasons behind the fear are roots of the tree. 2Concept-“Life is as a circle” - Activity- When the girls look at the picture of the circle they con- sider that at the bottom they are and their goals are at the top of the circle. They have to reach there by touching i.e. experiencing all the sides of the circle life. They cannot jump directly from bottom to top. It means that life is flled with obstacles but we have to face that and reach to our decided goal. 3 The Game – It is based on Positive from negative event it’s written by Dr. Albert Elis. In this method I ask the LJs to narrate any bad or negative event in their life and to fnd out positive things from that event. The LJs who can fnd maximum positive things from the event win the game. I have also suggested practicing this game daily as an exercise. By this game they will start to think positively and it will help them to develop a positive attitude towards life. 4 Thanks Giv in g Exercise- it is based on the concept of “Gratitude J ourna l” in positive Psychology by Emmons Mc McCullough” In this exercise it is taught to give ‘thanks’ to each and every person/object in our life who has contributed even little in our life. This exercise is very useful to cultivate gratitude towards life and people. By this people will develop the ability to focus on only good things. 5 Empty Chair Technique- This technique is used in many therapies like Gestalt therapy. In this technique one empty chair is kept in the room. The LJs are asked to assume that the person with whom he/she wants to speak freely and start conversation is sitting in the chair. This technique is very useful to express individual feelings. As all these techniques have scientifc as well as psychological base they are very benefcial by all means. - Ms. Vaishnavi Kawadkar Counselor of 4 th Batch 7 th std Expressions used in the Counseling Sessions

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13 T he art session was conducted with 10 std. 2011 batch LJ’s of Gawadewadi School. The topic given to them was to explore the goals of their career through art. LJs came out with very productive work in short duration. It was amazing experience for them as they were keenly engrossed in the given activity. The purpose was to express their feelings and goals through art form. Below is the collage created by their productive art work. - Ms. Amrapali Dumbre Counselor of 2nd Batch 9th Std Inspiring Gawadewadi Lila Juniors to explore their goals through Art

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14 Ms. Tanushree Bengale LJs -Batch 2011 St. Clares School has won Gold medal in Boxing at Hyderabad National level Boxing Championship Our Star performer - Tanushree Bengale

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16 Editorial Chief Editor : Jayshree Shahade Editorial Team : Ashwini Amrapali Y ogita V aishnavi Manisha Sonne Akanksha Offce Support : Sangeeta Joshi Lila Poonawalla Foundation ‘Fili Villa ’ 101/102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Near Baner D-Mart Pune - 411 045 India Ph. No. 020 – 27224264/65/66/67 Mobile: 8605861657 / 8888468670 oQ ‘Ü`o Vwåhr mVå`m Hí`m Nmnë`m OmVmV ømMr ‘mhVr ‘idbr. l VgoM maŠb²`oO H§nZr Zo AmUIr EH nmDb CMbbo AmU 8 drÀ`m ‘wbtgmRr Hm°ånwQa ejU Am`moOV Hobo. AmU Mm§Jë`m AZwdmgmRr Amåhr A§Ow‘Z emioMr Hm°ånwQa ejUmgmRr ZdS Hobr AmU VoWrb 8 drÀ`m brbm OwZAg© gmRr Hm°ånwQa ejU gwé Hobo. `m ‘Ü`o à`moJ AmU gÕm§V KoÊ`mV Ambo. à`moJmgmRr gd© ‘wbtZm brbm nyZmdmbm Hm`m©b`mV AmUÊ`mV Ambo. hm 3 ‘hÝ`m§Mm àmoJ«m‘ Amho. l brbm nyZmdmbm ’m¢SoeZ Zo Amamo½` Mo ‘hËd OmUyZ gd© 7 dr Vo 10 dr À`m brbm OwZAg© À`m Smoù`m§Mo VnmgUr era Am`moOV Hobo hmoVo. ho VnmgUr era EM ìhr XogmB© hm°pñnQb V’ HaÊ`mV Ambo. l A§Ow‘Z CXy© emioZo lr. nyZmdmbm `m§Zm emioÀ`m H«sSm Xdg àg§Jr à‘wI nmhþUo åhUyZ mobmdÊ`mV Ambo. `m àg§Jr lr nyZmdmbm `m§Zr gd© ‘wbtZm AË`§V àoaUmXm`r mfU Xbo. Vwåhm gdmªgmRr AmVm Amåhr AZoH ‘OoXma AmU Cn`wº Ago H`©H«‘ ZdrZ dfu amdUma AmhmoV. Ogo brbm ‘m°‘ Zoh‘r åhUVmV ‘Om AmU ejU OrdZ AmZ§XXm`r ZdVo. naV EHXm ZdrZ dfm©À`m ewoÀNm - O`lr ehmSo gave knowledge of the intricacies of printing a newspaper. l Barclays also have come forward to impart Computer training for our girls. On experiment basis we have taken Anjuman Islam school 8th STD girls. This program consists of theory and Practical session which was conducted at Computer Lab set up in the Foundation offce. This is a three months program l Eye check up camp was organized by HV Desai Eye Hospital. Action being initiated on the recommendations of the Doctors. l Mr. Firoz Poonawalla was invited as chief guest in Anjuman School on the occasion of Sports Day Awards distribution. He gave a highly motivational speech to all school girls. Lots of excitement and fun awaits you all in the New Year with many new programs being planned. As Mom always says Fun and Learn makes life enjoyable Once again have great New Year - Jayshree Shahade 2M2G Project Director

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