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Lil' Zekes Bail Bonds expert Bail Bondsmen help you simplify the Bail Bond process. We go the extra mile to help you locate your Bail Agents case number, court dates, bail amounts, trial dates, and more. When you or a loved one are arrested, we help guarantee release in Van Nuys. Address : 14507 Sylvan St Suite 202 Van Nuys, CA 91411 USA Phone : 866-545-9353 Visit My Website :


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About Lil Zekes Bail Bonds Lil Zekes Bail Bonds is a Van Nuys Bail Bonds Agency that has been in the business of handling Bail Bonds for all of Los Angeles and the major Nationwide Cities and since 1985.

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Bail Agents What is a Bail Bond Bail is a payment to the court with the understanding that the defendent will be released from jail on the promise to return for trial or else they forfeit the bail amount. A Bail is a way of avoiding jail while you wait for your trial. A Bail Bond is a surety bond provided by a Bail Agents. The Bail Agents agrees to pay the court your Bail should you not have sufficient funds to afford your Bail amount in full.

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With thousands of defendants released through our Bail Bonds each year we are one of the top marijuana bail bonds in Van Nuys and Los Angeles County. We offers instant approval and over the phone Bail Bonds Service. We take pride in working ceaselessly to help our clients through this difficult time. Address: 14507 Sylvan St Suite 202 Van Nuys CA 91411 USA Phone: 866-545-9353 Visit My Website:

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