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There are many benefits of play school. Little Laureates is best play school in Kolkata. It is the play school brand of Nalanda Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. (NLS). It was our love for the little ones that led us to establish Little Laureates in 2012. Before starting out with our first school in Rishra, West Bengal,we carried out an extensive research on the subject. We found that conventional teaching techniques were still the order of the day here, while the world around was changing drastically. We decided to change the game and brought modernity to preschool education. We framed our curriculum based around our motto of 'Play. Learn. Grow.' We believe that little minds learn better in a playful atmosphere and in the process grow up. Thus our curriculum has the right mix of international methods like Montessori school and Kindergarten school in Kolkata, West Bengal with lots of play and fun time. Each of our schools has special digital classes where the children interact with digital study materials and learn in a more engaging manner. This helps them get accustomed to the digital world at such an early age that they grow up digitally smart. For more information visit website -


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Best Play School in Kolkata with Digital Classes

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What Are The Benefits of Play School?

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1. Play School Helps In Cognitive Development Of Children In play school kids learn alphabets, numerical, colors, shapes and also learn to differentiate between them. This helps in their cognitive development.

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2. Play School Prepares Kids For Higher Studies In play school kids learn alphabets, numerical, colors, shapes and basic communications which prepares them to proceed for their KG classes in higher schools.

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3. Play School Helps in Physical Growth Of Children In play school, kids learn and get to play outdoor games such as cricket, kho-kho , etc. Various exercises and physical education practical training are given to them which helps in their proper physical growth.

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4. Play School Promotes Social And Emotional Development Of Children Kids learn to interact with their classmates and teachers. They also learn to shares their tiffins and help each other with their class tasks. All this teach them ways to socialize with people outside their family background. They also learn manners such as when to say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’.

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5. Play School Builds Sense Of Responsibility In Children Kids learn to keep their belongings such as books, stationaries , uniform and tiffin safe and clean. They learn to complete their tasks on time and to prepare themselves for their exams before-hand. These activites make them responsible.

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6. Play School Builds Self-Confidence In Children Before their exams or sports, kids get so much of training that they feel confident while competing with their batch-mates. Also, during their interviews in higher schools they feel confident because of prior training they have got in their play school.

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7. Children Get To Learn Basic Communication Skills In Play School Play schools teach students to read, to narrate stories and to recite poem in front of their entire class. This is the basic part of communication skills

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