work ethos and indian heritage

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Work ethos and Indian heritage:

Work ethos and Indian heritage

Work ethos:

Work ethos can be defined as the principles, values, Norms, required to be followed when an individual is at work. Work ethos

Principle of work ethos:

Discipline Commitment and accountability Honesty Loyalty Responsibility Work culture Principle of work ethos

Indian work ethos:

Karma yoga Yogah karmasu kaushalam Co-operation Duties and responsibilities Individuals Indian work ethos Asoka the great


Respect for hierarchy and status Need for security Simple living &high thinking Karta Internal orientation Cont.. Swami Vivekananda

Work ethos at workplace:

Work ethos can be defined in different levels: Basic level Top level Work ethos at workplace

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Work ethos at basic level is about : Discipline To remain punctuality Behaving properly with superiors, subordinates and colleagues Not wasting time during working hours To do things that are morally right

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Work culture Loyalty Commitment and responsibility Sense of belongingness Protecting the interest of organization No adverse comment about the organization in public

Factors responsible for poor work culture:

Lack of commitment Lack of discipline Poor working condition Outside political interference High rate of absenteeism Factors responsible for poor work culture

Steps for improving work culture:

Higher wages for higher productivity To reduce absenteeism attendance bonus should be introduces Efficient workers should get incentive Workers should be encouraged to participate in management decisions No political interference in the operation of the business Steps for improving work culture

Work ethos at companies:

Microsoft & TCS firm believer in healthy work / life balance Networking giant Cisco Systems believes that retaining the best talent requires listening to employee feedback Work ethos at companies

Indian heritage:

Man’s attitude towards his social existence shifted towards duties , obligation and sacrifices ‘‘ Simple living and high thinking ’’ Indian heritage

Indian heritage in production and consumption:

Production Production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life Consumption The aim should be to obtain the maximum well being in minimum consumption Indian heritage in production and consumption

Role of indian heritage in production & consumption :

Impact of social consideration Role of great economists Increase in per capita income Uses of resources Role of indian heritage in production & consumption

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