Antoon van Dyck

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Antoon van Dyck Flemish Baroque Painter 1599-1641

Slide 2: 

Van Dyck selfportrait

Slide 3: 

The Brazen serpent

Slide 4: 

Abraham and Isaac

Slide 5: 

Cupid and Psyche

Slide 6: 

Madonna and child

Slide 7: 


Slide 8: 

The lamentation of Christ

Slide 9: 

Charles first of England and Henrrietta of France

Slide 10: 

Studies of a Man’s Head

Slide 11: 

Jupiter and Antiope

Slide 12: 

Painter Snyders and his wife

Slide 13: 

Cornelis van Gueest

Slide 14: 

An Apostle

Slide 15: 

Blessed Joseph Hermann

Slide 16: 

One from Family Balbi

Slide 17: 

Marchese Grimaldi

Slide 18: 

Charles king of England to hunt

Slide 19: 

The capture of Christ

Slide 20: 

Charles king of England

Slide 21: 

Charles king of England

Slide 22: 

Susana and the Elders

Slide 23: 

Prince Charles Louis

Slide 24: 

St Martin dividing his Cloak

Slide 25: 


Slide 26: 

Crowning with Thorns

Slide 27: 

Diana Countess of Oxford

Slide 28: 

Emperor Theodosius Forbidden by St Ambrose to enter in Milan Cathedral

Slide 29: 

Father Jean Charles de la Faille

Slide 30: 

Family portrait

Slide 31: 

Young General

Slide 32: 

Thomas Kiligrew and Lord Croft

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