Rome seen in seven days part1 (NXPowerLite)

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My trip in Rome 1 day


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Slide 1: 

Rome seen in seven days Part one

Slide 2: 

Via Merulano

Slide 3: 

Oriental Arts museum courtyard

Slide 4: 

Hercules statue

Slide 5: 

Hercules statue

Slide 6: 

Via Labicana

Slide 7: 

One of the seven hills

Slide 8: 

Pines offers an unexspected landscape

Slide 9: 

Cypresses like sentinels

Slide 10: 

Suddenly discover Coliseum

Slide 11: 

Coliseum old and still new to many

Slide 12: 

Coliseum device cypresses

Slide 13: 

Greatness of an old !

Slide 14: 

Serenity of a “green beauty “

Slide 15: 

In the shadow of a giant Coliseum

Slide 16: 

We admire Coliseum or…..

Slide 17: 

Small repairs to a giant

Slide 18: 

Sanitation strike ?

Slide 19: 

Unfortunately ..I must go !

Slide 20: 

I go but I feel that the colossus look at me with dozens of eyes

Slide 21: 

Piazza Venezia with the Vittorio Emanuele monument

Slide 22: 

Basilica Ulpia from the Foro di Traiano

Slide 23: 

Trajan’s column

Slide 24: 

Fori di Traiano,di Narve e di Augustine

Slide 25: 

Via dei serpenti

Slide 26: 

Near Coliseum

Slide 27: 

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